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Best Charcoal Grills - 2011 Top Choices Here is what many would think of as a much wanted group - the barbecues that folks are choosing a lot more than others for their outdoor cooking in 2011 - the best charcoal grills, the top choices of consumers this year. For the year of 2011, below is a list of just what are apparently the three best selling charcoal grills: Weber One Touch Kettle Grill - This specific alternative for charcoal grills gets rave reviews - and lots of them! It's the top selling charcoal grill up to now this season, possessing a classic kettle design and is obtainable in both the gold and silver models. It has a variety of qualities that consumers appreciate including materials which withstand decay and a simple clean-up of ashes. Weber Smokey Joe Grill - This grill is a more mobile style from Weber, and is also getting outstanding reviews overall. It like the Weber One Touch includes a curved kettle style, which is much better in terms of smoking and preparing flavorful food. Go Anywhere Charcoal Grill from Weber - Yes, an additional grill coming from Weber tops the list of the extremely popular charcoal grills for the year. This grill has a different shape compared to the 2 in the above list, having a rectangular design. Even though the Weber Smokey Joe grill is portable, this particular one may be regarded as more transportable with legs that fold straight down in order to prop up the barbeque grill then flip up as soon as finished cooking to lock the lid in place. It's evidently an excellent grill for taking camping, to the beach or tailgating. Even though you can find additional picks among the list of the best charcoal grills this year that has the familiar Weberr name, additionally, there are barbecue grills from Char-Griller, Meco and Big Steel Keg. A mention about Weber barbecue grills - If you have ever studied testimonials with regard to practically any of the Weber brand of grills - charcoal or gas - you will likely understand how they're receiving such good critiques and precisely why they are so well liked - their top quality is known to be far above other brand names, lasting for years and years without a problems. More info - Click here to find the top 10 charcoal grills for 2011

Best Charcoal Grills - 2011 Top Choices