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2011 5 Best Kiddie Pools The 5 best kiddie pools 2011 are a collection which includes good options for children of virtually any age including babies from a year old on up to pools which function very well for entire households. All of these have one thing in common - they are available from the wellknown label in swimming pools of Intex. For 2011, listed here are the top 5 kiddie pools when it comes to purchaser popularity and general rankings: Intex Swim Center Family Pools: There are some different versions of the Family Swim Center pools from Intex; it can be purchased in a rectangular shape, a rounded shape or an unusual shaped square. They work for youngsters age six and up, and are also a great choice for the entire family because of the bigger dimensions. Paradise Lagoon Kiddie Pool: This is yet another larger sized Swim Center pool which is large enough for family members to spend free time with each other in, but includes a cute lagoon pattern printed on the outside. It is an excellent pool for kids aged six and up. Play N Learn Kiddie Pool: This kids pool appears to be the very best choice for babies of 1 year and up. It is a more compact wading pool which has suspending gadgets and also playthings attached to the side for babies to play with. Ocean Reef Kids Pool: This is a great choice in pools for youngsters 6 years and up, and is particularly the ideal choice for families because it is sufficient to allow for children and adults while seated. It has adorable fish and a general ocean deep sea setting on the exterior and it is available with a easily-removed sun shade. Intex Sun Shade Pool for Kids: This pool is an excellent choice for kids about toddler age, the recommended age group being 3 years and up. As it would seem, it has a detachable sun shade that comes in handy for children to enjoy more time outside the house playing without risking overexposure to the sun. Additional pools among the list of the best kids pools for this year consist of 2 additional versions for babies and toddlers as well as other great alternatives for children and families also. For more information visit: Top Ten Kiddie Pools:

2011 5 Best Kiddie Pools