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Get down to earth with these hemptastic products

Earth Friendly Goods

Man’s best friend just got a little more eco-conscious thanks to the good people of Earth Friendly Goods and their 5-foot long hemp dog leash. What a difference! I put the soft fleece lined handle around my hand and was off. I really enjoyed the softness, warmth and stability this handle provided. My grip was firm and my hand stayed warm, something I cannot say for my current leash, which slips from my hand when wet from rain or snow as my dog chases squirrels. This eco-friendly leash can easily stand-alone or be coupled with any of Earth Friendly Goods’ matching hemp dog collars, which come in five different colors. Also, the leashes and collars are naturally dyed 100% hemp, which won’t upset a stomach if accidentally chewed on. To top it off, each leash and collar are machine washable which is something I cannot do with my synthetic retractable rope leash. Earth Friendly Goods has it all covered with these great products. Not only do they support the smaller businesses that produce unique consumer products, they actually test every product to ensure our 100 percent satisfaction and have a customer loyalty program. So, need a last minute holiday gift for a canine lover or maybe for yourself? Just visit their website to purchase and never go back to that hard, cold unforgiving retractable dog leash. I already put mine into the recycle bin.

Colourful Grass Hemp Shoes

Strolling around the streets all day in Colourful Grass’ hemp shoes proved to be a rewarding purchase. The Canadian company hails from Vancouver Island in British Columbia. With a relaxed, island-feel design these shoes made me feel like I was walking along the boardwalk in Aruba instead of the streets of Denver. As one prone to needing more arch support, this shoe lacks a little in that department, but with a quick addition of an arch support, I was back to pounding the pavement in comfort. In addition to the non-slip properties, I loved how the recycled rubber sole curved up a little at the tip of my toes to prevent rapid wear of the material. The all around feel was very comfortable and I didn’t need to break them in. The frayed look and hemp/canvas blend works great with various outfits and seasons. The entire shoe line is constructed from not only hemp, but also other eco-friendly materials such as recycled rubber, coconut shells and organic cotton. Colourful Grass has an amazing mission for a more sustainable future. Because of their keen sensibility towards wildlife preservation they are proud supporters of Fur Bearer Defenders and its involvement with PETA. Great company. Great shoes.

14 December/January

The Hemp Connoisseur, December/January 2013 - Issue #5  
The Hemp Connoisseur, December/January 2013 - Issue #5  

The Hemp Connoisseur Magazine, featuring hemp bio-fuel, the Kestral car, and meditation.