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2 June 2014 3

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4 June 2014

Cancer Nausea Pain Sleeplessness Spasms Seizures Nervous System Disorders Psoriasis Crohn's Disease Inflammation Bone Deterioration Rheumatoid Arthritis Appetite Increase Appetite Decrease Muscle Tension Bacterial Infection Fungal Infection Anxiety Diabetes Poor Blood Circulation High/Low Blood Pressure Many Forms of Dementia

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A LETTER TO OUR READERS “You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there.” ― Edwin Louis Cole June is National Cancer Survivor’s month. We felt it was fitting for us to point our focus towards cannabis as a cancer treatment and dare I say it … a cure. Officially we cannot say that cannabis cures cancer because medical science has not done enough studies on the matter to allow it to earn that official designation. Researchers have been way too busy for decades trying to find negative side effects of cannabis usage. With their reefer madness blinders on, they haven’t been able to see what has been right in front of them all along. That said, there is enough anecdotal evidence that many of us have seen over the years that we feel the potential of cannabis as a cure for many forms of cancer should be shouted from the rooftops. The American Cancer Society estimates that the number of new cases of cancer in the U.S. we will see this year at 1,665,540, and the number of deaths at 585,720. That works out to a mortality rate of 35 percent meaning 1 in 3 people who have cancer won’t make it. I don’t know about you but I am not okay with this. The National Institutes of Health estimates that the cost of cancer will reach $158 billion by 2020. Cancer is a big money industry. In a true capitalist society why would anyone give up that kind of money? Radiation and chemotherapy are expensive treatments, so why would the medical community give up those money-makers for the much cheaper treatment of a plant that a patient could grow themselves? All I’m saying is don’t hold your breath for the medical community to jump on board the cannabis bandwagon. As Dr. Melamede states on page 52 if he knew he had cancer he would first try cannabis as a treatment then the more traditional methods if that didn’t work. That’s a reversal in what we have seen and heard in the cancer treatment scenario. I have heard over and over stories of cancer survivors who tried the very taxing approach of the traditional treatments only to be left with a death sentence. That’s when they felt they had no other approach but to turn to cannabis as a treatment and before they knew it they were going back to their doctors months later to show them their cancer was in remission. Let’s be clear, we are not trying to recommend you skip your doctor’s advice. You as a patient are responsible for the decisions you make in regard to your treatment along with your doctor. But, when applicable, doesn’t it make more sense to try a non-invasive treatment that doesn’t kill your healthy cells in the process first instead of last? Radiation and chemo treatments don’t discriminate between cancer and healthy cells. Cannabis on the other hand has been shown to target the cancer cells, which makes for an exponentially more comfortable treatment. Depending on the cancer and its progression you can always go back to radiation and chemo if it doesn’t work.

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As a journalistic source we are not supposed to say it is a cure until the medical community “proves” that it is. But if it looks like a cure, smells like a cure and it acts like a cure, then … well just ask Tommy Chong. We did. This issue is dedicated to all those who have suffered or had family members who suffered from cancer. Our hearts go out to you.

David Maddalena Editor-in-Chief 6 June 2014

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The design is minimal, the experience is not. A single button with many functions. A single button of many colors. A single button to activate, select, and control five temperature levels for pure vaporization. All for the single best experience. Learn more at

10 June 2014 11

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June 2nd - 8th 5th Annual Hemp History Week Nationwide June 7th Hemp Seed Revival 11:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Avogadro’s Number 605 Mason Street Ft. Collins, CO June 11th Budtender 101 Clarification Hosted by Cloverleaf University 4:00 p.m. King Center - Auraria Campus 855 Lawrence Way Denver, CO Tickets:

June 24th Cannabis Carnival presented by National Cannabis Industry Association and Open Vape 8:00 p.m. - 2:00 a.m. Cervantes’ Masterpiece Ballroom 2637 Welton St. Denver, CO

14 June 2014

June 24th - 25th First Cannabis Business Summit Colorado Convention Center 700 14th St. Denver, CO 80202 July 3rd - 6th South Park Music Fest Various Artists American Safari Ranch 1484 South Park County Road 7 Fariplay, CO August 1st - 3rd Denver County Fair Denver, CO Pot themed vendors, live music and blue ribbon cannabis competitions August 2nd 31st Colorado Invitational Bong-a-Thon South Park, CO 80440 Order tickets at: August 16th 5th Annual Clinic Charity Classic City Park Golf Course Denver, CO Register now at any Clinic location or online at 15

What if Cannabis Cured Cancer, A film by Len Richmond reviewed by Caroline Hayes

Rarely do I see a documentary that conveys such strong points. What If Cannabis Cured Cancer is an extremely informative, educational film that could open the eyes of so many people.

film explains that cannabis edibles are “never toxic or lethal and that the symptoms will disappear within a few hours.” So those few deaths that have the media swirling, trying to pin it on edibles, might be a cause of something else such as mental illness or underlying physical conditions not related to cannabis or the consumption of it. If cannabis can be such a positive treatment for seriously ill people, why would it cause a man to shoot his wife? It’s not likely. (As a journalist, I know that many media outlets reach far and wide for a reason to support their story, however, that’s not what we are doing here at THC Mag. We want to provide our readers with the truth, never lies, no matter what it may be.)

This documentary takes the viewer back to caveman times, saying that cannabis may have enhanced the brain functions of early humans. The film explains that Queen Victoria used cannabis to treat her menstrual symptoms. Even the Holy Anointing Oil used by old testament Hebrews contained THC. The point here is that cannabis has been around for a long time, used by many different people, from various time periods. The narrator, Peter Coyote, explains when cannabis’ reputation turned bad in the early 1920s because of the introduction of chemical prescription drugs. The pharmaceutical industry didn’t want competition, so a federal law was passed prohibiting doctors from prescribing pot to people. How horrible is that? It’s been known for decades that cannabis has extremely useful medical benefits, yet it’s been a denied treatment for so many, however, we have seen an upswing in the past two decades thanks to California, Washington, Colorado and other states attempting to put legal or medical cannabis on the bill.

Anyway, the film then takes the viewer into some scientific breakdowns of how cannabis reacts with the exisiting endocannabinioid system in the body. Coyote explains how the endocannaboinoid system plays a big role in the function of the body and that it’s our bodies own form of cannabis, so it only makes sense that we are designed to “fundamentally respond to cannabis.” Humans are cannabis’ “perfect partner.”

A slew of experts, made up of doctors, scientists, professors and growers provide a very convincing argument that cannabis can be a successful treatment for cancer. They also disprove myths such as that cannabis causes cancer itself because of the tar when smoking it, that “cannabis can affect memory and movement but only temporarily,” and “research has also shown that past claims of brain damage from cannabis failed to hold up under scientific scrutiny.”

“All in all cannabis is very low risk. The long history of the human use of cannabis also attests to its safety. Nearly 5,000 years without a single documented death.”

Now, I don’t want to spoil this whole film for you. I strongly encourage watching this not only for your personal knowledge, but to educate the nonbelievers; parents, grandparents, friends or anyone who just many not know. I learned so much from this film and feel confident that with the steady use of cannabis, I may be able to live forever! Just kidding, but I feel like having this knowledge on my side better prepares me for life’s physical, and even mental, misfortunes.

To touch on the new reefer madness that’s been happening in Colorado, the

This documentary can be purchased on Amazon.

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Or tasted this great! Try our new gummy GUMe’s! Each pack includes two 50mg activated THC infused gummies with 100mg vitamin C

Voted Best Edibles Denver 2014

16 June 2014

Available in recreational and medical. Look for them at your favorite dispensary.

NEW! 17

In The Spotlight Products We Love

This is one of the most helpful smoking accessories we have ever had the privilege to try. The Toker Poker is an ergonomic lighter sleeve that fits a full sized Bic lighter. It has a poker and tamper, both of which are stainless steel. If hemp wick is your thing, the Toker Poker also has a space to wrap up to five feet of hemp wick. Being lightweight and portable makes it perfect for anyone on the move. It could also be a great gift for any smoker you know who already uses their lighter to pack down their bowl, we have all done it at one time or another. This is an inexpensive “smoking sidekick” that everyone needs.

Dino-Clean Gardners Hand Cleaner for Tough Plant Saps and Resins

If you’ve ever trimmed anything, you are familiar with that sticky resin that is so hard to get off your fingers, and regular soap and water just don’t do the trick. Dino-Clean works wonders! Simply apply Dino-Clean directly to the sticky area, rub hands together until all the resin has dissolved. Do NOT wet hands before. Rinse with water or wipe clean with a rag. Did you wear your favorite shorts to trim in and now there’s resin on them? No problem! Rub a little Dino-Clean on the stick and wash as you normally would wash clothes. It comes in a nice big 14-ounce tub that will definitely last for quite some time. It’s made in the USA from biodegradable, non toxic materials.

Kushley Organic Products Gift Starter Kit

Includes: 2 ounce Kushley lotion, 4 ounce Kushley fine mist spray, Kushley soy candle Kushley products are all natural, contain a premium quality blend of organic botanical extracts, and are hand crafted in the USA. The purpose of these products is to eliminate odors. Kushley claims to eliminate 99.6% of every airborne, body or embedded organic odor. They most certainly hold up to their claims. All Kushley products are non-toxic and environmentally friendly. We used each product to test out their odor eliminating power. They all successfully mask the odor of recently burnt cannabis. The scent of Kushley products is fresh and somewhat citrusy. They smell very natural and clean. The fine mist spray permeates a much stronger scent than burning the soy based candle but both are effective at eliminating airborne odors. The lotion can be used on your hands, face, and body. It is safe for sensitive skin and successfully eliminates odors on the skin, such as garlic, cigarette smoke, or fish. Kushley lotion is PABA, petroleum and paraffin free, and contains olive, sunflower and avocado oil, organic herbs, botanicals, shea butter and essential oils. Kushley is terrific in our opinion, and at a $19.95 for this gift set you can affordably find out for yourself. Check out this great product line on their website and read about the many useful ways to utilize the fine mist spray.

18 June 2014

Cloud Evo with Swagger Sidecirc from VapeXhale The Cloud Evo from VapeXhale is an award-winning product that will have you switching to vaporizing as soon as you try it. This groundbreaking product won best product at the High Times Cannabis Cup Seattle 2012 and Los Angeles 2013. Once you see it in action and have used one, you will see why. The heating and glass components produce the thickest, tastiest, and smoothest vapor that you will ever experience. The VapeXale Evo Cloud is pricey. It sells for $449.99, but it is worth every penny. Not only is this an extremely well-designed and made product, you will be enjoying your cannabis in a healthier way. Here’s what you get in the box: one VapeXhale Cloud Evo, two EZ load bowls, power cord, your choice of Hydratube, and user manual. The EZ load bowls are made from fine stainless steel mesh and can fit a good amount of shredded herb. They do have an oil attachment for those who prefer concentrates. VapeXhale offers several different options for the Hydratubes ranging in price from $29.99 to $444.99. When you order online you can get their basic glass mouthpiece for free ($29.99 value) if you are on a budget. All of them are handmade glass that act as the delivery method for the vapor. They fit on top of the Cloud Evo unit and connect to the all glass vapor path. They can be filled with water to diffuse the vapor for an even smoother vaporizing experience. For this review we tried out the Swagger Sidecirc. One thing I really like about the Hydrotubes is that they bring a familiar ritual that you don’t get with most vaporizers. VapeXhale has a glass stand that you can slide your Hydratube into while you are not using it. This is a great add-on to keep your piece safe and it displays it quite nicely. The Perputuheat heating system and all-glass pathway that VapeXhale has created is what really sets them apart from any other vaporizer. The Cloud Evo is the only vaporizer that I have seen that has an all-glass pathway. Having all glass brings out the different flavor profiles of the flower and concentrates unlike any vaporizer that I have tried. Add in the water from the Hydratube and you have some of the best quality vapor a product can produce. You will be shocked at how much vapor you will pull from just one hit. Luckily if it’s getting too milky for your liking, you can lift the Hydratube off the base and clear it like a bong rip. The heating system delivers constant heat control despite changes in airflow, for the thickest vapor every time. When you turn on the Evo, a light at the top of the unit will turn red. VapeXhale lets the user have full control of the temperature with a dial located on the front of the unit. It only takes a few minutes to warm up to your desired temperature. While you are waiting for it to heat up you can get your herb shredded, and fill up your Hydratube. By the time you are done with that the red light will have turned green and you are ready to vape. Once you see the green light you can place the EZ load bowl or VapeXNail into the glass joint on the top of the unit. The VapeXNail is the oil attachment that is the perfect alternative to an oil rig setup. No torch needed and the glass-on-glass delivery system with a Hydratube produces an extremely smooth tasty vapor. It’s easy to see why VapeXhale is an award-winning company. They have a truly phenomenal product. Since receiving this for reviewing, it has replaced most of my glass collection as my go-to smoking device. Vaporizing is the healthy alternative for anyone who enjoys smoking cannabis. If you are new to the concept or a seasoned vapor vet, the Cloud Evo is a must have. You can find more information on the VapeXhale website and make sure to check out all of the sweet Hydratubes they have available., 19

Little Eddie

One Hit Wonder by Scientific Inhalations

The recyclability, low cost, small size, and added filtration are all huge improvements over commonly sold “concert pieces” and disposable pipes. The quality of the build make up for the overall lackluster appearance and slightly undersized bowl. Overall, Little Eddie is a good quality, health-conscious, earth friendly and practical device, especially for someone in need of a disposable pipe.




20 June 2014



This piece is apparently crafted with a good quality glass, probably necessary to give it the extra strength needed to contrast it’s very compact size. The quality of construction is also quite impressive given the shelf-life of only 50-100 hits per Eddie. The feel is sturdy and the length allows for a good grip and distance from the flame. The shape of the bowl is designed to burn everything at once.

Although the filtration on this mini-bat may not be immediately recognizable on the palate, the quick collection of extra resin on the inside of the pipe is remarkable. I load another hit, then another.Trying to smoke multiple hits in a row heats up the bowl quickly. I finally decide to cache the bowl straight into the tube and I realize the filter prevents any flaming embers or ash from dropping through the pipe. No flaming scooby-snacks is a big plus for a one-hitter.


Touted as “The Amazing One Hit Wonder,” this glass bat is just slightly longer and wider than a cigarette and fits snugly, next to a lighter, in the fob pocket of my jeans. The mouthpiece is a flattened disc, above which a tuft of cotton provides a seat for the activated carbon. The majority of the central chamber is filled with unified granules of carbon. At the top, a pinch point seals it in and becomes the base of a tiny funnel bowl which holds barely 0.1g, or about one small hit. The design is simple, with no aesthetic embellishment besides the unique appearance of a filter inside the clear tube and a small logo.

I take a hit. Any filtration that’s happening isn’t noticeable in the smoke, however, I notice the hit is much cooler than is characteristic from such a small smoke chamber and short pipe. The results of the filtration are clearly visible after the first hit, and every hit thereafter shows more and more captured elements in the filter’s layers as the inner-tube “resinates” and blackens.


photos and review by Ian Williams So, you tell me you’ve finally arrived in the Mile High City and you’ve procured a carefully crafted bouquet of high-grade Colorado Cannabis. Now what? Well, you’re going to need something to smoke it out of, and that’s where ‘Little Eddie’ comes in.


Polo Shirt by HoodLamb

55% hemp, 45% organic cotton waffle knit A summer essential! HoodLambs’ Polo Shirt is made from hemp and organic cotton. It feels great to wear and lets your body breath freely. Bonus stash pocket inside. Fit is regular. Comes in mojito, indigo (pictured), white and black.

Sutra Short by PrAna

53% Hemp, 44% Recycled Polyester, 3% Lycra These stripes are so fun and look even better in person. A casual drawstring makes these perfect for summer fun. Deep front pockets to stash goodies in. These are so lightweight that he might not even know he has them on. Wide leg, relaxed fit will allow him to look good and feel comfy all at the same time. Comes in curry (pictured), raisin, black, espresso and khaki.

Father's Day Gift Ideas Help dad spruce up his style with these fashionable hemp clothes

Furrow Short by PrAna

53% Hemp, 44% Recycled Polyester, 3% Lycra The Furrow short is a good looking, functional and perfect for everyday wear. The hemp, polyester and lycra blend makes for a very soft feel. This five pocket short is great for those summertime barbeque, hikes or road trips. Comes in black (pictured), espresso and khaki.

Pick Pocket Hemp Sidewalk Surfer by Sanuk

Sanuk is the Thai word for happiness. At Sanuk they say their name is also their mantra. It is easy to see how they live up to their name when you put on a pair of their sidewalk surfers. Of course I ordered their Pick Pocket Hemp surfers for this review. I first have to say that these are now my favorite summer shoes. They are super comfortable. The hemp breathes wonderfully, keeping my feet cool even without socks on. The Pick Pocket Hemp surfers have quickly become my go-to summer shoes, replacing my flip flops with a more stylish and functional summer shoe. Equally great for a night on the town or lounging at a barbecue, I find myself wearing these shoes whenever possible. Something about these shoes makes me want to slow down and imagine I am chilling on a beach without a care in the world. These shoes are made from vegan materials, so my feet are able to be comfortable literally and spiritually. My feet have found nirvana in a pair of Sanuk shoes. 21

Featured Artist by Caroline Hayes

NathanAdami Adami Glass Designs

22 June 2014

Peoria, Illinois’ Nathan Adami is making moves, and not just to Colorado. If you could do one thing to save the world, what would it be? Solar roadways. Replacing all of our roads with solar panels could generate way more power then our population consumes. Do you have any other talents? I enjoy skate boarding and snowboarding when I’m not behind the torch. Mayo or miracle whip? Miracle Whip Biggest inspiration? I’m inspired by the world around me. My girlfriend is a huge inspiration too. Behind every good man is a great woman. Beach or mountains? Mountains. We’re looking forward to moving to Colorado later this year. Favorite place to create art? I work from a home studio. What do you hope to achieve through your talents? I would love to continue on this path that I’ve started. Grow more as an artist. Explore diff concepts and ideas along the way. One day to have a gallery showing of my own. Favorite musician? Tupac but currently I’ve been on a Riff Raff kick. Silliest thing you have ever done? I’ve done a few silly girls in my day. Does that count? Best/worst job you have ever had? Making art is the best job for me. I love the freedom of being my own boss. My worst job would have to be bussing tables at Bob Evans when I was 16. Thanks Nathan! Best of luck to you and we will see you out here in Colorado. 23

Tasty Meds

Product reviews of edibles and concentrates

Mimosa Truffle 10mg from Infuzionz reviewed by Hazy Cakes

Mmmm this is one tasty edible! Do you like savory, sweet, chocolaty, melt-in-yourmouth goodness? If so, this is definitely the treat for you. This truffle has a hard chocolate shell with a creamy inside tasting of orange. Sea salt decorates the outside of the truffle and tantalizes your taste buds, complimenting the chocolate superbly. At 10mg per truffle and one per package, you can control your dose very nicely. I only ate one but it was enough to relax me just enough to forget the day’s troubles and sleep wonderfully, without waking up with an edible hangover. The effect was very pleasant and mild feeling. This is one of the finest edibles I have tasted in a long time. Have a high tolerance? Grab a few packages. At under $3 per package, they are very affordable. This is an edible that you could take during the day and still function on. Available exclusively at Green Solutions.

303 OG Nugrun Live Resin Budder from The Clinic Reviewed by Ian Williams

The yellow, puffy hash is true to the name budder for both its appearance and texture. The flakey boulders of oil are easy to manipulate; slicing dabs off the parchment or out of a silicon jar is a breeze. Unlike most budders, this “live resin” easily sticks to the dabber without priming. The oily sheen glistens in the light, making the attractive sample sparkle under the sun. The texture does make dosing a breeze, but when I attempt to load some into a vape pen I notice the texture works against me. The air pockets seemed to insulate the loaded sample, preventing the heat from the coil from melting it down into the chamber. The aroma is strong, with an assaulting tinge of chem and hash that rampages through my nose. It can be picked up from a good distance away as well, permeating the nearby air. I did not notice any tones of Kush, OG, or anything else. I take a hit. The smoke is thick and heavy. The dab melts quickly and cleanly onto the nail. The slight, sweet taste is marked by a warm, hash flavor. While the smell is quite opulent and bold, the simplicity of the palate does leave something to be desired. A moderate expansion in the lungs and a clean hash aftertaste, the sample tastes good, if not of anything in particular. The effects are immediate and immense. Within minutes a heavy wave crashes through me. The feeling surges through every extremity in an eccentric pattern. Within ten minutes my eyes are half-mast and my thoughts have drifted to a happygo-lucky realm of euphoria. The effects are pronounced in the body more than the mind, and my thoughts are clear and energized while my limbs drift deeper into relaxation. Twenty minutes in, my world has melted into a calming landscape of inspiring thoughts and engulfing repose. Duration is strong, with dominant effects receding slowly after two and a half hours. The unique texture, strong smell and amazingly potent effect of this 2014 Cannabis Cup winner easily supersedes its trite flavor. This formidable sample is sure to please oil aficionados across

24 June 2014

Key Lime Kickers 150mg from Sweet Mary Jane reviwed by Monocle Man

Our loyal readers need to be familiar with the Key Lime Kickers. Sweet Mary Jane won first place edible in The Hemp Connoisseur Championship last year. These delicious bitesized treats are 150mg per package and available in Sativa, Indica, or Hybrid. With most edibles being a Hybrid, it’s great to see an edible company that has that option for its customers. For this review I tried the Sativa Key Lime Kickers. Each package contains four truffles that will be around 37.50mg of THC. For the edible novice just having a half of one of these would probably be good to start. It’s hard to resist having just one bite because these things are some of the best-tasting edibles around. The Key Lime Kickers are a white chocolate truffle with key lime oil and rolled in graham cracker crumbs. If you like Key Lime Pie you will absolutely love these. The flavoring they are using is superb. For my first serving I had just one of the kickers. After an hour I was feeling mild effects of body high and munchies so I had one more. The body high remained at the same level but I noticed more of a cerebral high with a serious case of the giggles. This turned out for a fun evening watching movies. Two of the kickers were the perfect dose for me. It’s pretty easy to see why our Championship judges voted so highly on the Key Lime Kickers. You can find out more information on these and the rest of Sweet Mary Jane’s product line on their website. 25




Where Your Buds Are 2045 Sheridan Blvd

303-274-6495 9 am - 7 pm Daily

26 June 2014

HEMP EATS Treat dad to a little bacon on Father’s Day

BLTA Turkey Hemp Seed Burger Serves 6 Ingredients:

1.5 lbs. 98% lean ground turkey ¾ cup Parmesan cheese ½ teaspoon minced garlic ¼ teaspoon onion powder ¼ teaspoon Himalayan salt ¼ teaspoon cayenne pepper 1/3 cup hemp seeds lettuce tomato slices cooked bacon slices avocado slices


Preheat grill to medium-high heat. Place turkey in a bowl. Add Parmesan, garlic, onion powder, salt, cayenne pepper and hemp seeds combine thouroughly with clean hands. Press into patties with hands. Cook on grill until internal temp of burgers is 165°F. Grill buns for one minute. Top turkey burger with lettuce, tomato, cooked bacon and avocado.

Bacon Wrapped Creamy Stuffed Dates Serves 20


50-60 pitted, Deglet dates 1 lb. bacon, cut crosswise into thirds 8 oz. package cream cheese ½ cup Parmesan cheese ½ cup shelled hemp seeds Bacon salt to taste Toothpicks (optional)


Preheat oven to 400°F Take each date and cut a lengthwise slit in each.

In a medium size bowl, combine cream cheese, Parmesan, hemp seeds and bacon salt. Combine ingredients. Take cheese mixture and stuff into opening in dates. Wrap each stuffed date securely with bacon, placing seam side down on baking sheet. If necessary, use toothpick to keep them closed. Bake for 35-40 minutes, until bacon looks crispy.

Chocolate Dipped Bacon Ingredients:

1 lb. cooked bacon ½ lb. milk chocolate chips ½ cup hemp seeds wax paper


Spread wax paper over cookie sheet. Melt chocolate in a double boiler on medium heat. Spread hemp seeds out on a plate. Take cooked bacon and cut in half, creating half strips of bacon. Dip one side of bacon in melted chocolate, then press onto hemp seeds. Lay each piece on wax paper. After all bacon is dipped, place in fridge for 20 minutes or until chocolate is cooled. 27

Cannabis News by John Schroyer

Kentucky, DEA Clash Over Hemp Seeds Though Congress approved a farm bill that included provisions for states to cultivate industrial hemp, the Drug Enforcement Administration picked a fight over the issue recently when it confiscated several hundred pounds of Italian hemp seeds bound for Kentucky. Kentucky immediately sued to get its seeds back from the federal government, and the DEA backed down after a short but noisy standoff, which included Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer asking a federal judge for an injunction against the DEA. “It looks like we’ve won this round,” Comer said in a statement. “The DEA completely reversed course … I think we just needed to get their attention.” That led Tom Vilsack, the U.S. Secretary of Agriculture, to take a conciliatory stance and assure interested parties that he wants to find a solution so it doesn’t happen again. “We’re going to figure it out,” Vilsack said, according to The Associated Press. Vilsack also acknowledged that hemp could potentially be a major source of income for farmers and the nation. A band of Army veterans known as The Growing Warriors group will have the honor of sowing the first hemp seeds in Kentucky.

To demonstrate that hemp is not intoxicating, Massie then ate some hemp.

identifiable as marijuana-infused, even when they’re unwrapped.

“I’ll be fine. I’m gonna be able to complete the segment. This is rope, not dope. It’s food, it’s oil,” Massie said, to laughter from the Fox News host.

The second bill forces the State Licensing Authority to come up with standards for marijuana concentrates and retail marijuana products equal to an ounce of marijuana. Previously, each dispensary was forced to figure out such equivalency on its own.

Colorado Legislature Approves Financial Co-op for Marijuana Businesses Colorado marijuana companies will be able to operate like traditional businesses for the first time later this year, thanks to a bill pass by the Colorado Legislature to set up a cannabis credit union.

In January and February, Colorado pulled in $6 million in tax revenue from marijuana sales. That’s largely thanks to adult-use marijuana sales, but also includes taxes from medicinal marijuana.

Though House Bill 1398 faced stiff political opposition from various special interest — including the powerful banking lobby — it was passed by the House and Senate. Gov. John Hickenlooper has said he will likely sign it into law.

An employee at Medicine Man Denver, which sells both medical and retail marijuana, said business has grown by 300 percent since January 1, when retail sales became legal.

Many marijuana dispensaries and growers have had to operate on a cash-only basis, without access to bank accounts and lines of credit, because banks often balk at doing business with those who trade in plants that are still illegal under federal law. It’s a problem that many legislators at the state and federal level have been trying to solve for years. “It’s not a final solution,” Hickenlooper told The Denver Post. “But it gives us a greater chance that we may be able to do something.”

GOP Congressman Eats Hemp on Fox News

One of the biggest last-minute political sticking points of the bill was the inclusion of hemp farmers. “The array of veto requests is almost like stars in the sky,” Hickenlooper said.

In an unusual demonstration of support for industrial hemp, a Republican congressman devoured hemp seeds while appearing live on the Fox Business News show “The Independents.”

Colorado Has New Marijuana Edibles Safety Law

On May 19, Kentucky U.S. Rep. Thomas Massie talked about the conflict between his state and the Drug Enforcement Administration, which had confiscated a shipment of hemp seeds bound for his state’s farmers. The Kentucky Department of Agriculture is suing to get the seeds back.

28 June 2014

Colorado Reaping Millions in Tax Revenue From Marijuana Sales

Following a string of incidents involving marijuanainfused edibles, Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper signed two bills into law aimed at protecting kids from accidentally eating treats that will get them stoned. The first bill requires regulators to figure out new rules that will make edibles more readily

“We have a serious case of plant overload right now,” Elan Nelson told WNCN News. “We’re actually expanding onto the other side of this building to an additional 20,000 square feet.”

Colorado Marijuana Growers Warned Not to Use Federal Water The U.S. Department of the Interior said in May that it plans to report marijuana growers using federal irrigation water to the Department of Justice. But it’s unclear as to what that may mean in a practical sense for cannabis growers. “We’re not an investigative agency. We’re an agency that provides water to irrigation districts,” a spokesman for the Bureau of Reclamation told The Associated Press. “The limit of our proactive stance is that if asked, we’re not approving it, and if we become aware of it, we report it.” The bureau doles out irrigation water in 17 states across the country, including the two states with legal retail marijuana - Colorado and Washington. One marijuana grower in eastern Washington told the AP that she uses federal water, and will continue to do so until the government shuts off the tap.

Across the Globe Confusion Over Cannabis Laws Leads to Arrests, Fines in Massachusetts Even though Massachusetts’ medical marijuana law is a year-and-a-half old, patients are still getting nailed with citations and criminal charges, even though they have the backing of licensed physicians.

New Mexico Business Must Pay for Medical Cannabis In a landmark ruling, a New Mexico appellate court has ruled that an automotive worker injured on the job must be compensated by his employer for medical marijuana used to treat chronic pain.

According to The Boston Globe, at least 12 patients have had legal problems related to marijuana possession, even though they had thought they were within their legal rights.

New Mexico’s Court of Appeals in May upheld an earlier verdict from a workers’ compensation judge who held that a mechanic shop in Santa Fe was liable for the cost of medical cannabis prescribed to Gregory Vialpando after an on-the-job accident in 2000 left him with debilitating chronic back pain.

In one instance, a man’s marijuana was confiscated and he was given a $100 ticket. In another, a man was arrested for growing marijuana in his basement. In both cases, the cops ignored doctors’ notes recommending marijuana to treat anxiety.

According to Vialpando’s attorney, the injured man is no longer able to work due to the accident, and his former employer should be liable. The appellate court agreed, and said medical marijuana was “reasonable and necessary medical care.”

The problem, according to The Globe, is that Massachusetts hasn’t issued a standard physician letter form, and so cops can’t easily verify that a doctor’s note for marijuana possession is legitimate. And when in doubt, cops often lean towards writing tickets or pulling out the cuffs.

Uruguay to Sell Marijuana Tax-Free

“Right now, it’s a guessing game, and that’s an unfair place to put a police officer in,” Jack Collins, attorney for the Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association, told The Globe.

NPR Poll Finds Huge Support Nationwide for Medical Cannabis Just under 80 percent of Americans support medical cannabis in one form or another, according to a recent poll by National Public Radio and Truven Health Analytics. Forty-three percent of Americans were behind full legalization for adult use. An overwhelming majority — 91 percent — supported age restrictions for access to marijuana. Just 16 percent said they were concerned about marijuana being addictive, and 12 percent said they worried about marijuana being a gateway drug, while 15 percent said they “had no concerns.” The poll included 3,010 Americans and was conducted in mid-March.

In a move to subvert the cannabis black market, the Uruguayan government announced recently that it will not tax marijuana, in order to keep prices as low as possible.

According to a report in The Wall Street Journal, FBI Director James Comey conceded that the agency may have no choice if it wants to keep up with cyber criminals. Currently, the FBI has to reject the most promising candidates who apply because of its no-tolerance standard for cannabis. Congress has authorized the FBI to add 2,000 personnel this year, and many of those new recruits will be assigned to tackle cyber crimes, a growing priority for the agency. And that’s a problem, Comey told the White Collar Crime Institute, an annual conference held at the New York City Bar Association in Manhattan. A lot of the nation’s top computer programmers and expert hackers are also fond of marijuana. “I have to hire a great work force to compete with those cyber criminals and some of those kids want to smoke weed on the way to the interview,” he said. Mr. Comey said that the agency was “grappling with the question right now” of how to amend the agency’s marijuana policies, which excludes from consideration anyone who has smoked marijuana in the previous three years, according to the FBI’s website.

Uruguay in December became the first country in the world to fully legalize marijuana. Cultivation and sales will be closely controlled by the federal government. According to a decree signed by Uruguayan President Jose Mujica in May, residents will be able to purchase up to 10 grams a week. Prices will be between 85 cents and a dollar per gram. “The principal objective is not tax collection. Everything has to be geared towards undercutting the black market. So we have to make sure the price is low,” Felix Abadi, a consultant working on Uruguay’s tax structure, told Reuters.

FBI Considers Change In NoMarijuana Policy The FBI may change its drug policy so it can hire marijuana-consuming hackers to beef up the nation›s cybersecurity. 29

20ish Questions with

Tommy Chong by Skyler Cannabaceae

30 June 2014


n 2012, Tommy Chong announced during a CNN interview that he had prostate cancer. He made headlines again when, about a year later, he posted on a cannabis website that he is cancer-free and it is thanks to his treatment with high doses of cannabis oil.

it out if he tasted sugar, but he would smoke cannabis. I had a lot of good role models to look up to.

Chong is best known for being one half of “Cheech & Chong,” the stoner comedy duo that includes Richard “Cheech” Marin. Together, the comedians made 12 movies and seven comedy albums from 1971 to 1990.

TC: I’m no longer with the cancer doctor. I’m just with Neil McKinney and I’m due for a blood test now.

The first movie, “Up in Smoke” turned these funny stoners into cannabis counterculture icons. Now there’s talk of a last Cheech & Chong movie. Two decades after the last sequel, Chong ingratiated himself to another generation, playing the role of the lovable old hippie stoner Leo in Fox’s hit comedy “That 70’s Show.” Unfortunately, he missed two seasons of the show during which he was tried and convicted of selling marijuana paraphernalia over the Internet, which is a crime in Pennsylvania. Now he’s back and he’s busy. In a recent phone interview, THC Magazine talked to Tommy about the cancer and his treatment of it. We also discussed his relationship with Marisol Therapeutics cannabis dispensary, a new Cheech and Chong movie in the works, and how he helped Jordan Belfort, better known now as “The Wolf of Wall Street,” while they shared a jail cell. The Hemp Connoisseur: You were diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2012. How did they find out? Tommy Chong: I was going to go on a growth hormone regimen - HGH - and before you can do that, you have to be screened for any kind of cancer. I got a routine blood test and my PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen) numbers were kinda high. THC: What treatment options did they offer you at that point? TC: The cancer doctor put me on Avodart - gave me some options of how I could go to Mexico and there’s a radio wave treatment [performed there] that’s not legal in the States. It’s only legal in Mexico and Canada and it costs $25,000. So then I went up to Canada and met with Dr. Neil McKinney and he’s a Naturalist. He put me on a diet, took me off the Avodart and my [PSA] numbers went down drastically. THC: And cannabis oil was part of that diet?

THC: Are you still having regular treatments?

THC: Do you still regularly use cannabis? TC: Well, I’m not a big pothead - by no means. I use it very sparingly. I just take one or two hits and I’m fine. But medically, when I dosed myself [with cannabis oil], I dosed myself so much that I was literally in bed for two days. THC: What’s your favorite method of consuming cannabis? TC: I’m old-fashioned, I make little pipes. I’ll make them and then I’ll test them. I’ll christen each pipe and that’s really my stress-reliever hobby.

“Well, I’m not a big pothead - by no means. I use it very sparingly. I just take one or two hits and I’m fine. But medically, when I dosed myself [with cannabis oil], I dosed myself so much that I was literally in bed for two days.”

TC: Dr. McKinney didn’t prescribe it. I dosed myself with heavy doses of THC oil, then when I went to get the blood test my numbers were low enough to say that I didn’t have cancer. THC: What made you decide to try cannabis oil to treat your cancer? TC: I saw the Rick Simpson video, “Run from the Cure” and I got inspired because I’ve always been a cannabis guy and it’s helped me stay healthy. I was a pretty avid bodybuilder for years. I got to know a lot of the bodybuilders and I got to know professional athletes. There were guys who were at the top of the game, like Kareem Abdul-Jabar. He played eight years longer than he should have and I credit his cannabis use for that. Same as Michael Phelps, you know, the most decorated Olympian in U.S. history and the only substance he would do was pot. Arnold Schwarzenegger, “The Governator,” if he drank a Diet Coke, he’d spit

THC: Can you tell me about your new relationship with Marisol Therapeutics in West Pueblo? TC: Well, when they [started retail sales] they paid me a lot of money to come down, just to attract attention to the store, and we became good friends. [Mike Stetler, the owner] is such a sweet and caring grower and he’s so wise. He’s into the therapeutic side of cannabis, like so many other cannabis growers in Colorado. They’re very knowledgeable, very sweet and very generous. And very spiritual, [what] I’ve found in common is that they all have a very spiritual outlook on life. THC: Are you worried about the water shortage situation? TC: No, not worried about anything. Our store is half Native American and so they’ll do a rain dance and there’ll be no problems. THC: Do you have any advice for people who are trying to start their own cannabis-related business? The ganjapreneurs? TC: Be very wary, because any time there is money around, there’s a lot of con men and so really inspect any kind of venture you’re going to get into.

Do your research if you want to be in the business. I get requests all the time, “Hey Tom, I wanna get into the business.” Well, do your research. Read up on everything and really know your business. You’ll find there are different ways of getting into the business without becoming a grower or even owning a store. All you need is a piece of paper and a pencil, or a computer, and an idea. THC: People are worried about how legalization is affecting the children in Colorado. How did you handle the issue of cannabis with your own kids? TC: Well, I wouldn’t let my kids smoke cigarettes. I discouraged it and I wouldn’t let them drink and drive. I discouraged their alcohol use, although, ya know, they all went through that phase, but I encouraged their cannabis use. I look at what happens to the little kids with epilepsy and how cannabis reduces their number of [seizures] from a lot to practically none. I really believe that cannabis is a medicine for all ages. 31

THC: What do you think about the states that are passing CBD-only laws, where cannabis can be used for medicinal purposes, but must have virtually no THC? TC: That’s really silly - like people trying to regulate [cannabis] like alcohol. It’s a medicine and it’s an individual medicine. It works differently. I think what’s going to happen is we’ll really learn to regulate our own industry. We don’t need any alcohol lobbyists getting in the way and passing stupid laws. If anything, they should decriminalize it, period, and that’s the end of it. THC: Some time has gone by since your 2003 stint in jail for selling bongs on the Internet and shipping to Pennsylvania. Do you have anything to say to the people who put you there? TC: I’m thinking of naming a strain of weed after [U. S. State’s Attorney] Mary Beth [Buchanan]. It’s the kind of weed that makes you stupid and I’d like to call it the Mary Beth strain. But seriously, I had forgiven those guys the day I was sentenced. They were just pawns. That was my attitude right from the beginning. I went to jail to bring more attention to the problems we were having and my career took off. Once I went to jail, my visibility - everything rose to where it is now, which is through the roof. It was a good thing for me to go to jail, so I don’t feel any animosity toward anybody. THC: Was your time in jail when you got more into activism? TC: It pushed me into it, yeah. It really did. I’d been smoking pot up until I went to jail. I’ve been smoking pot non-stop for over 50 years. When I went to prison, I really had to stop. And I proved to the world that you can quit pot. I quit pot and there were really no withdrawal symptoms. No problems whatsoever. In fact, my body said, “Okay, we’ll take a break, no

32 June 2014

problem.” I used prison as a retreat; a religious retreat, a spiritual retreat. A lot of good things happened. THC: I heard that you were a cellmate of Jordan Belfort, whom the world now knows as The Wolf of Wall Street. TC: Yeah, he credits me for helping him with the book. We were “cellies.” He just looked at my routine. I would work out, then I’d work in the garden for a while, then I’d come in and I’d write. I was writing a book. So he got into the same routine and I helped him out, gave him some good advice, but more than anything I inspired him to be more than a stock manipulator. I showed him a way to help people instead of hurt people. His stories were so motivational, so funny that they turned it into the hit movie that it is. The only thing I really did was I led by example. THC: That’s always a good way. TC: Yeah, the only way. THC: Do you have anything big coming up that our readers should know about? TC: Well, Cheech and I are working on a movie. We’re just trying to get a deal. A new Cheech & Chong movie. In fact, probably the last Cheech & Chong movie. That’s what I think I’ll call it. We had the “Next Cheech & Chong Movie” and now we’ll have the “Last Cheech & Chong Movie.” My son and I have been working on our podcast. We’ve been on hiatus, but we have a podcast on the net called the “Chong & Chong Show.” THC: You’re going to try to get that going again? TC: Oh yeah, we’ve been on hiatus, but we’re gonna crank it up again.

THC: What do you think of how they are handling legalization in Colorado? TC: Well, ya know, they’re finding their way. In Colorado, they have these local weed laws and you’re supposed to track each plant. That’s gonna go by the wayside so fast, especially when the rest of the country starts legalization. The biggest problem with cannabis has always been that the law was against it. It’s just like telling you how much water you can drink. You can’t do that with people. It’s the same thing with cannabis. People who need it will find a way to get it. You leave people to their own devices, because you can’t make one law fit everybody. It seems like every cannabis-related business is looking to Tommy to be a spokesperson or endorse their product. Chong is the stoner of the people with his long gray hair, “yeah, man, totally” attitude and charisma. He was a counterculture icon for his comedy that spoke to the recreational cannabis user for decades. With his medical cannabis experience and enthusiasm bolstering his drive, the new face of cannabis may be none other than the old familiar one. 33

Where To Enjoy A Rocky Mountain High

By R. Scott Rappold

Valley View Hot Springs

Summer is here, and where better to enjoy a Rocky Mountain high than, well, high in the Rockies? That oneness with nature, the peacefulness and tranquility that come with the enjoyment of marijuana, are all amplified while hiking in the wilderness or relaxing in a remote backcountry campsite. The wind talks to you. The birds call your name. Jagged peaks make artwork to rival that of the finest painter. The mountains are a symphony for the senses. But unless you want to find yourself in federal court, you’ll need to get away from the crowds and forest rangers. Despite legalization in Colorado, marijuana remains banned on federal land, which makes up the vast majority of the places Coloradans go to play in summer. Officials will issue citations that can carry up to a $5,000 fine and six months in jail. Just ask the 205 people cited in Colorado national forests in 2012 and the first eight months of 2013, the most recent dates for which statistics were available. Fortunately for cannabis connoisseurs who love the outdoors, the mountains are vast, wilderness rangers are few, and all you have to do is hike up the trail to find a safe spot to enjoy your public lands in your own way. With that in mind, here are 10 ideal spots to enjoy the Rockies this summer away from prying eyes. Most are best enjoyed as an overnight backpack trip, though some can be reached on long day hikes. A couple are accessible by four-wheeldrive vehicles.

34 June 2014

Just be sure, in case fire danger is high or fire bans are in place, to bring a vaporizer or edibles. A forest fire started by a marijuana smoker would be a black eye for us all. Lost Creek Wilderness, Pike National Forest A moderate drive from Denver or Colorado Springs will take you to this majestic wilderness, known for isolated valleys and bizarre rock formations. There are many points of entry, but for the most solitude and least uphill slogging, drive around to the Lost Park trailhead on the west side. For a day hike, wander through a pleasant valley on the Wigwam Trail. For a great overnighter, turn south from Wigwam on the Goose Creek Trail, then west on the McCurdy Park Trail and camp where Lost Creek comes out from under the mountain. Make a loop by hooking up with the Brookside-McCurdy Trail to return to Lost Park. Gore Lake, White River National Forest The jagged, imposing wall that is the Gore Range dominates the view from the front side of Vail Mountain. Those who visit in summer, which is brief in these mountains, will find a hidden paradise up every drainage. Gore Lake, a 6-mile uphill trek from Vail, is one of the loveliest. Backpackers will find bucket-list camping and mountain scenery. Take Interstate 70 west from Denver to the East Vail exit (Exit 180) and turn left at the bottom of the ramp. Take another left onto Bighorn Road to the trailhead after 2.5 miles. Follow the trail through wildflower meadows for 4 miles, then turn left for the final, lung-busting climb to the lake.

Pikes Peak, Pike National Forest

Chihuahua Gulch, Arapaho National Forest

Some 500,000 people a year visit Colorado’s most famous mountain, just minutes from the state’s second-largest city, but solitude abounds close to home for those willing to work for it.

Greys and Torreys peaks, both rising above 14,000 feet and a stone’s throw from Interstate 70 in Clear Creek County, are some of the most crowded mountains in Colorado. But approach these mountains from the Summit County side and you’ll find peace and quiet in a stunning setting.

Barr Trail is the 13-mile superhighway of a trail that runs from Manitou Springs to the summit. Turn off onto one of the many side trails, including Elk Park, French Creek or Bottomless Pit to get away from the crowds. For an easier way up the peak, buy a one-way hiker ticket on the Cog Railway and get off at Mountain View, halfway up. Great campsites or smoke break stops can be found on sandy knobs off to the right of the trail. Then hike down Barr Trail back to Manitou. Never Summer Mountains, Rocky Mountain National Park This busy park is the last place you’d expect to find summer solitude, but the spine of the Never Summers on the western edge is an exception. Trails are less cluttered and backcountry camping permits easier to obtain than on the east side. Most valleys have hidden campsites. Try Skeleton Gulch to feel like you have the wilderness all to yourself. You probably will. Browns Lake, San Isabel National Forest

From the Keystone Ski Resort, take Montezuma Road 4.7 miles and turn onto Forest Service Road 260, which is rough but passable for passenger cars. The Chihuahua Gulch trailhead is 2.25 miles up, although four-wheel-drive vehicles can go up 2 more miles. Look for great camping in the trees along this rough road. Emerald Lake, Weminuche Wilderness, San Juan National Forest Deep in Colorado’s largest wilderness area, in southwest Colorado, lies Emerald Lake, the state’s third-largest natural lake and one of its most stunning yet seldom visited. It’s a long, long drive from the Front Range, and another 9 miles of hiking or horseback riding to reach the lake, which keeps day hikers and other solitude intruders away. Start at the Pine River trailhead near Vallecito Reservoir and follow the Los Pinos River for 6 miles, then turn off on the trail to the lake. Continue another steep 3 miles uphill to this hidden gem.

This stunning lake near Buena Vista isn’t easy to reach, 6 miles and a boatload of climbing, but solitude will be your reward. Presided over by the rocky knobs of the Sawatch Mountains, its waters are cool and inviting, and you’ll be glad you brought a tent to park there for the weekend.

Valley View Hot Springs

It also makes a fine, if long, day hike. For a shorter hike, visit the high waterfall halfway up that is a rushing torrent in early summer. Reach the Browns Creek trailhead on Chaffee County Road 272.

Wander among a dozen natural pools scattered on the hillside, where clothing is optional but relaxation isn’t. You haven’t lived until you’ve enjoyed some Indica while soaking nude in 104-degree water that wells up from far beneath the ground.

Lakes of the Clouds, San Isabel National Forest These aptly named lakes sit near timberline in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains near Westcliffe; three equally stunning alpine lagoons each ringed by phenomenal campsites. The hike is 4.5 miles and 2,000 feet of climbing each way, certainly doable in one day. But why not bring a tent and spend a weekend in this gorgeous setting? From Westcliffe, take Hermit Road west to where it ends at Sampson Ridge Road, nearly 6 miles, to County Road 172. Turn left and continue to the trailhead. The last 1.5 miles require a high-clearance vehicle.

Not on federal land, this rustic resort in the San Luis Valley offers some of the best hot springs camping in Colorado.

If camping isn’t your thing, rooms and cabins are also available. Smoking is allowed only in your vehicle and a designated smoking shack. Visit for more information. Your tent, anywhere, Colorado That’s right. This is Colorado, after all, so if you find yourself camping with close neighbors or getting the eye from a passing forest ranger, just go into your tent to light up. Yeah, ignore that tag about open flames in the tent. These are your public lands, after all. Enjoy them legally in your own way. 35

Get Outside!

10 Amazing Colorado Day Hikes to Enjoy This Summer by Caroline Hayes

36 June 2014


on’t be one of those Coloradans who isn’t taking advantage of the life this amazing state offers, especially if you moved here from say, Indiana or somewhere equally as boring. The beauty that exists here is unreal and unlike anywhere else in this country, so get out there, be one with nature, see some beauty, get some exercise. Almost everyone can hike, so it’s a great group activity. Hiking is something fun to do (that doesn’t require drinking) and it’s a relatively cheap sport. Things you will need for your day hike. I call the following list “The Crucials” because these are the items every hiker needs to have, every time. Weather patterns can change instantly in the Rockies, so being prepared is a must.

“The Crucials”

1. Navigation – Map and compass 2. Protection from the sun –Sunglasses and sunscreen 3. Protection from the weather – Waterproof jackets/extra clothing/ponchos/ 4. Lights - Headlamp/flashlight 5. First aid kit 6. Fire - Matches/lighter/fire starter 7. Tools – Knife, rope, plastic bags for trash 8. Water - Lots of it 10. Food – Items that are easy to carry and consume 11.Garbage bags - Can double as an emergency shelter if need be. 12. Hiking Poles – This item on the list is much more optional, however, hiking poles make coming down the mountain much easier and provides relief to tired knees.

Bear Lake Trail in Rocky Mountain National Park near Estes Park Roundtrip distance: 1.2 miles Skill level: Easy Dogs: No Bikes: Yes Elevation gain: 45 feet Bonus: Handicapped accessible, but trail is not paved; easy for little ones

Plymouth and Meadowlark Trails at Deer Creek Canyon Park in Littleton

Roundtrip distance: Approximately 2 miles Skill level: Easy to moderate Dogs: Yes with leash Bikes: Yes Elevation gain: Steady 10 percent gain Bonus: Close to Denver, beautiful views of the foothills and great picnic sites.

Barney Ford Trail - made up of the Moonstone Trail, Carter Park Trail and Barney Ford Trail – In Breckinridge Roundtrip distance: 4.8 total miles Skill level: Moderate Dogs: Yes with leash Biking: Yes Elevation gain: 780 feet Cool fact: The Barney Ford is a tale about a slave seeking freedom and riches, which he achieved when he got to Colorado.

Gem Lake in Estes Park

Roundtrip Distance: 3.3 miles Skill level: Moderate Dogs: No Bikes: No Horses: Yes Elevation gain: 1100 feet Bonus: Beautiful Gem Lake is waiting for you at the top of the trail and trails are nicely maintained.

Bonus: Views of beautiful Red Rocks and the city, and there’s a cool old cemetery as well. Columbine Lake Trail in Arapaho National Forest Roundtrip distance: 5 miles Skill level: Moderate Dogs: Yes Elevation gain: 980 feet Tip: Be sure to make a right at the Caribou Pass Trail to head towards Columbine Lake. Conundrum Creek Trail in White River National Forest near Aspen Roundtrip Distance: 17 miles Skill level: Moderate to Strenuous Dogs: Not allowed past second stream crossing at Silver Dollar Ponds Elevation gain: 2500 feet Tip: No groups over ten people; please educate yourself with the Wilderness Ethics before going. Bonus: Conundrum Springs awaits you at the end of this great hike! Hanging Lake in Glenwood Canyon Hike time/distance: 2.4 miles Skill Level: Difficult because of steepness Dogs: No Biking: Yes No swimming or fishing Elevation gain: 936 feet Attraction not to miss: Spouting Rock Cool Fact: From 1940 to the late 60s, and before the construction of I-70, there was a resort and café tourists could visit. Herman Gulch Trail near Loveland Ski Area Roundtrip distance: About 5 miles Skill level: Moderate to difficult Dogs: Yes Bikes: Yes Horses: Yes Elevation gain: About 1600 feet Tip: Follow signs west to Herman Lake Cool fact: Part of the Continental Divide King Lake – Hessie Trailhead – Indian Peaks Wilderness Roundtrip distance: 10.8 Skill level: Moderate to strenuous Dogs: Yes Bikes: No Horses: No Elevation gain: 2421 feet Tip: Upper King’s Lake can be snowy and muddy well into the summer, so be prepared with warmer clothes. This list of trails is by no means exhaustive. Please do your research before heading out and always check the weather before you go. Another good tip is to go in the morning. Not only do you avoid crowded trailways by going earlier, but weather is usually calmer in the morning than in the afernoon. Always tell someone where you are going. Most of all, have fun! Check out this helpful website,

Matthews Winters Park Morrison Slide in Morrison Roundtrip distance: 4.5 miles Skill level: Moderate Dogs: Yes Biking: Yes Horses: Yes Elevation Gain: 1295 cumulative (lots of ups and downs) 37

A Sour Note Denver Challenges CSO Cannabis Series by Skyler Cannabaceae

38 June 2014


ou’ve just consumed a cannabis treat, smoked a bowl, or did a dab. The orchestra revs up and starts playing a beautiful piece to take you away to a world of music, far from your worries and cares.

You immerse yourself in the music with the assistance of cannabis and the orchestra gains another patron. That was the idea when the Colorado Symphony Orchestra collaborated with the cannabis industry. Cannabis users know that music sounds better with a little THC. The CSO used this knowledge to make its first foray into the world of cannabis with their unique “bring-your-own-cannabis” series, “Classically Cannabis: The High Note Series.” Its first event was on March 23 at the Space Gallery in Denver, but it almost didn’t happen. The city has been shutting down events through intimidation since retail cannabis was legalized, citing that the law does not allow “public consumption.” What public consumption actually means is a hot topic of debate between the city and cannabis advocates. Since the warning letters started going out, activists, business owners and cannabis consumers have been trying to discern what the city considers public. The City of Denver hand-delivered a warning letter to the orchestra on May 8. The letter said that if the concert series went forward, participating business owners and event organizers will be legally responsible for any violations. The letter had a warning for patrons as well. “We are also ready to hold individual attendees responsible for any violations of City ordinances or state law prohibiting public consumption of marijuana.” Stacie Loucks wrote. Loucks is the director of the Denver Department of Excise and Licenses. The CSO responded publicly in a statement the same day. “When the Colorado Symphony accepted support from the legal cannabis industry — as a means of supporting our financial operations and connecting with a culturally diverse audience — we believed we did so in full compliance with the law,” it said. It went on to point out the event was to be held in a private gallery, as opposed to museums and theaters, which are normally considered public places for purposes of discrimination law. The orchestra was down, but not out.

Jane West, Organizer of Edible Events Martinez approved the plans and the CSO held their event on May 23 without incident. It was sold out to a capacity audience of 200, according to a CSO representative. The music plays on with the next event in the series slated for July 18. Denver officials haven’t clearly defined what is and is not public consumption. If cannabis users want to continue to gather in peace at events, the city needs to respect the will of the people. Cannabis users are not second-class citizens.

McF inn ’s O rigi nal

A Healthier, Happier High!

The following day event organizer Jane West of Edible Events Co. announced that the series would go on. “This is a grey area of the law and we hope that we can find a way to collaborate and make this work,” said West in her statement. “It is important to note that cannabis is not sold at these events, nor are donations related to whether one chooses to use cannabis or not.”

City Scott

Filter/remove carcinogens Cut down on unhealthy tars Reduce harmful particulates Decrease lung irritation

• • •








Denver Attorney

Maintain high smoke quality:*


“This is a grey area of the law and we hope that we can find a way to collaborate and make this work,” said West in her statement. “It is important to note that cannabis is not sold at these events, nor are donations related to whether one chooses to use cannabis or not.”

The CSO announced its updated plans on May 13. Under the agreement devised with the city, all ticket purchases for the event were refunded and the event became invite-only. It wasn’t immediately clear who would actually be invited, but soon enough there were message posts on Facebook from cannabis company gofers posting offers to their followers.


Your Health is Your Wealth *For a full analysis, see The Werc Shop report at or 39

Vaporizing Basics

The Healthier Way To Consume Marijuana by DJ Reetz

Got a case of the black lung? Slow it down there smokey, maybe try vaporizing instead. For most marijuana consumers, the act of smoking means inhaling particulate matter, particles that may or may not have an adverse effect on lung health. For the technologically savvy smokers, a vaporizer can mean less junk in the lungs while still getting the much-needed cannabinoids. According to a 2007 study published by the University of California at San Francisco, vaporizers can offer the same medicinal benefits as smoking without the added potential toxins that come from the combustion of plant material. We here at THC Magazine are committed to the health and well being of all of our readers, and in that pursuit we offer you this quick and easy guide to vaporizing. The vaporizer market seems to be exploding these days, especially here in Colorado where a seemingly ceaseless flow of entrepreneurs are flooding the market with new technology. While this can seem intimidating to the uninitiated, the plethora of vaporizers on the market really just means more options for consumers, and that’s definitely a good thing. While truly bad vaporizers are hard to find, you will want to make sure your vape meets the minimum requirements of heating your herb or hash without going over the threshold and into combustion range. THC vaporizes at 315 degrees Fahrenheit, CBD at somewhere between 320 and 356 degrees, and CBN at 365 degrees. This means you will need to adjust your temperature based on your desired effect. No matter what you are doing, you’ll want to ensure you don’t heat your flower to the point of combustion, or 446 degrees Fahrenheit. So maybe you don’t have a laser thermometer handy. Well, a little experimentation may be in order. Properly vaped flower will have a brownish hue to it when you’re finished. However, if your flower is looking blackish, you probably want to crank that puppy down a few notches. Taste can also bee a good indicator. Vapor should maintain at least some of the terpene profile of the flower, so you should be getting a clean taste free of the burnt flavor. Keep in mind that terpenes vaporize at a lower temperature than cannabinoids (258.8 degrees Fahrenheit) so if you don’t have your vape’s temp

40 June 2014

set high enough you’ll get the flavor without any of the effects. For this reason it is advisable to err on the side of higher temperature, as it is easier to tell when you are burning your flower and you are sure to be getting all the cannabinoids in your inhale. Be aware that you may cough pretty hard when vapor hits your lungs, and this is not necessarily a sign of overheated herb. If you’re using flower, make sure you are grinding your herb before you put it in the vape. This allows for more even distribution of heat among the plant matter and for less waste. If you are using water-extracted bubble hash, grind it up as well for this same reason. For other types of concentrate you can generally just load it in straight, but check your vape’s instruction manual before you do. Not all vaporizers are made to handle sticky hash. As for which vaporizer to choose, that’s really a matter of preference and budget. Vapes run the gamut in cost, from small pocket vapes you can score for less than 30 bucks to free-standing vapes like the Volcano that can run over $400. Generally, pen vapes require hash or oil, and in some cases only function with specific, pre-made cartridges, so make sure you know what you’ll have to buy to refill your vape before you walk out of the door with it. Free-standing vapes are generally used with flower, though many function splendidly with different types of hash as well. Make sure you read the instructions before you throw hash in it. Some are not made for hash. If you really want to be hip, dabbing is another option for vapor hounds. This system involves heating a surface – often a titanium nail – and touching a small amount of hash (a dab) to it. The process usually involves the use a butane torch for heat, and can therefore be a little daunting to newcomers. For the best experience, use a full dabbing rig. It’s an apparatus similar to a bubbler with a nail in place of the bowl. The cost of a solid dabbing rig can be pretty high though, so you may opt for a more simplistic method. Be careful when inhaling. Dabs are notorious for expanding in your lungs, so a little will go a long way. If you’re interested in vaping, you can start by looking at the vaporizers promoted in this magazine. Compare them. Stop by your local marijuana vendor. The folks there will be sure to help you sort it all out. Shop around and make sure you’re getting a vape that matches your needs. 41

Shame On You Denver’s Public Servants Aren’t Serving Anyone When it Comes to Marijuana by DJ Reetz When the citizens of Denver voted almost two-to-one in favor of legalizing marijuana, they may not have counted on the people they had already elected doing everything they could to keep marijuana in the shadows. Despite the fact that the overwhelming majority of shops open for adult use in the state lie within the city, city officials continue at every opportunity to try and keep marijuana out of the public eye, and mired in stigma. It’s an unfortunate reality that city officials have forced down the throat of a citizenry that seems eager to treat marijuana with the respect it deserves. Several city council representatives, the city’s district attorney, and even mayor Michael Hancock have all shown a surprising ignorance of the realities of marijuana. It can be as simple as an ignorant comment about the dangers of marijuana, or as involved as introducing idiotic legislation into the city council. Some gems to come from the city council have included ordinances fining people for the smell of marijuana, fining them for smoking on their front porch, or even ticketing them if they can be seen by passersby while in their own homes when smoking. Fortunately, none of these made it into law. Recently, however, city officials have kicked up their war on commonsense marijuana regulation by attempting to shut down any event at which marijuana is likely to be used. You may have noticed some of these threats, such as the most recent attempt to prevent the Colorado Symphony from raising much-needed funds via a series of marijuana-themed concerts, or the shutting down of THC’s own Marijuana Madness event. But it’s really nothing new. AJ Hashman knows this all too well. After successfully hosting a medical marijuana “Meet and Greet” for four years without incident – the last two years working in close conjunction with city officials – when adult-use sales began he started to run into problems.

If it seems like the city is attempting to crack down on unlicensed events, well, that’s probably because they refuse to issue licenses for events such as these. “It’s something that needs to be available,” says AJ. “It’s a public safety issue.” But the city has made its opinion on the matter clear: If you want to light up, you better be smoking cigarettes. Several area bars have received threats for simply looking the other way when patrons (whose age has been verified at the door) get stoned in their outdoor smoking area. It’s a threat that many local businesses feel, and it unfortunately means that residents and visitors are without a place to communally enjoy marijuana.

After successfully hosting a medical marijuana “Meet and Greet” for four years without incident... when adult-use sales began he started to run into problems.

The event was flooded with threats from the city, including a letter from the city attorney’s office on behalf of the Department of Excise and Licenses threatening the liquor license of any venue that would have him, and threatening to fine those in attendance for public consumption, even going so far as to fine those responsible with violation of the Clean Indoor Air Act. Uniformed police began showing up to shut down the events, threatening to show up “in force,” he says. But was this because of the rowdy and lawless nature of the events? “Literally every venue I’ve ever worked with has told me it’s the nicest, most polite crowd and it’s a pleasure to work with us,” Hashman says.

When the meet and greet went underground, law enforcement followed. Hashman would try to organize events through Facebook as group hangouts, but found he was being pursued on the social media site at every turn and the police were always aware of the next location. “It’s ridiculous,” he says. “It’s a harassment issue now.” Still, he says these threats weren’t originating with the cops, rather with the mayor himself. “Denver PD doesn’t want anything to do with this,” he says.

42 June 2014

“They know it’s an asshole move.”

Terri Robnett of the Cannabis Patients Alliance has seen her share of this kind of bullshit. As a consistent advocate for patient rights, Teri knows how the city handles marijuana, and how the mayor feels about it. “He is a huge prohibitionist,” she says. “Mayor Hancock is a party boy, but he hates marijuana.” But why does the city have such a problem with it? Mayor Hancock told Colorado Public Radio (in a segment that emphatically demonstrated that the state’s image is not suffering due to legalization) that “Denver and Colorado are not Amsterdam, we will never be Amsterdam.” Clearly, Hancock doesn’t want anyone smoking in a manner that doesn’t reek of shame.

Hancock’s motivations for his ignorant beliefs are his own, but with the clear majority of the city wishing for marijuana to be treated like alcohol he better start thinking about what the electorate actually wants. The same goes for city council members who consistently vote for ass-backward approaches to marijuana; council members such as Jeanne Robb, Debbie Ortega, Jeanne Faatz, Judy Montero, and Charlie Brown. In case you think this is just a one-sided diatribe, I reached out to the mayor’s office as well as the city council members I mentioned above for an explanation as to why they don’t think marijuana should be treated like alcohol. All declined to even give me the time of day. Guess these guys think they don’t have to explain the ignorance behind their actions, but people who act without thought seldom do. Until we can we have government representatives who base their decisions on evidence and facts, rather than the stupid shit their grandmother was duped into thinking, we will have to keep marijuana in the margins. But I for one encourage all our readers to push these boundaries. Treat marijuana the way you feel it should be treated and recognize the threats from the city government as what they are: the braying of prohibitionists trying their hardest to prevent the world from moving forward without them.

Too Much, Too Soon Don’t Rush It With Cannabis Infused Edibles by Skyler Cannabaceae

“I have seen firsthand what happens when you don’t start small. The vomiting and disorientation,” said Wayward Bill, a cannabis tour guide for Colorado Rocky Mountain High Tours. Wayward Bill deals with the problem of over-consumption of cannabis products on a regular basis. With tourists and visitors coming from around the country to be immersed in the great cannabis culture of Colorado, it is important to remember that most of the country is not so experienced with cannabis. National polls show that not only are people in favor of legalizing cannabis, but that many have used it themselves. This is especially important when it comes to professionally made edibles and concentrates; cannabis products that are not as available in states where cannabis is still illegal. Even pets are thrown into the mix. “I have a friend visiting from out of town [who] came home this afternoon to find a dog [that] had just finished a 100 mg edible and is now very, very stoned,” Matt Brown, co-founder of My 420 Tours, told THC. “He’s drooling a ton, super dizzy. I feel bad for him. Not like ‘my dog is going to die,’ but more like a parent of an infant that gets the flu.” On April 2, the Associated Press reported that a Wyoming college student fell to his death from his hotel balcony after eating a cannabis-infused cookie. While the cannabis community dismissed this as the inevitability of accidents happening on spring break, it brings attention to an important issue. With so many tourists flocking to Colorado to try new, legal cannabis products, they need to know what to expect. The potency of many edibles and smokeable concentrates is much higher than it was 20 years ago. A known and common side effect that new, over-indulging cannabis consumers encounter is the dreaded paranoia. Will paranoia kill you? No. But it will certainly ruin that high that you spent your time and money to enjoy.

“A good general rule with edibles is to start with a small piece about 5-10 mg and wait an hour before eating more.” Susan Squibb, a.k.a the Cannabis Maven said. “Have other munchies available to snack on so you’re not tempted to eat more of an edible just because it tastes good.” As for smoking and using dab concentrates, Squibb advises not to hold in a dab hit. Many cannabis consumers follow the old standard rule for smoking flowers that you hold the hit in. In the case of dabs, the consumer is inhaling the dab straight into their lungs. By the time a person finishes inhaling the dab vapor, the concentrated cannabinoids have already been absorbed. Holding in will only result in more of the residuals in your body, which can lead to a nauseating experience. The name of the game is temperance and caution. It’s true that cannabis is nontoxic and over-consumption will not result in death. It’s also well known by any regular cannabis user that if you take on more than you are ready for, you might end up with an unpleasant high. This is especially true for edibles since they can have very high concentrations of THC, but are so easy to eat, with longer lasting effects. Just because some people have bad experiences doesn’t mean that everyone should have to change their habits or that strong edibles and concentrates should not exist. For some cannabis consumers, especially people with chronic medical conditions that require daily use, it is very important to have a high concentration of cannabinoids. Their tolerance has been built up so much that a simple bong rip won’t do it for them anymore. The most important thing to remember is that cannabis tends to affect different users in different ways. If you are new to marijuana, you should always take it slow. 43

44 June 2014

Reefer Madness...? ?

or? Marijuana Badness ? Colorado Fatalities Intensify Debate About Infused Edibles by DJ Reetz

Two recent deaths dubbed “marijuana related” by media in Denver have sparked the ire of people on both sides of the marijuana debate.

by police indicated that her husband had earlier consumed a 101-milligram edible candy and had been taking his prescribed painkillers as well.

The first, the falling death of 19-year-old college exchange student Levy Thamba Pongi at a hotel in northeast Denver, allegedly followed his consumption of an edible cookie. The second is the shooting death of 44-year-old Kristen Kirk allegedly by her husband Richard Kirk in Denver’s Observatory Park neighborhood.

Media outlets both local and national pounced on the two incidents for their alleged ties to the newly legal marijuana marketplace, and justified or not, both were indelibly tagged as “marijuana related”.

The two deaths have spurred a storm of controversy from both prohibitionists and marijuana advocates, as each side rushes to advance their claims. For prohibitionists, the deaths are clear-cut evidence of the dangers of marijuana and the mental instability that accompanies its use. For those on the other side of the issue, the two deaths represent a gross exaggeration of reality and demonstrate a strong anti-cannabis bias. As the two parties bicker over the telling of events, the issue heads to the state legislature where the debate around the potency and packaging of edibles will no doubt seesaw between both viewpoints. But the question remains, did the news media give these incidents a fair shake? The first case, that of Pongi, a Congolese exchange student, was instantly determined to be marijuana related. Pongi had been visiting Colorado with his friends from Northwestern College in Wyoming for spring break with the express purpose of trying marijuana, according to media reports. The group had rented a hotel room on the fourth floor of the Holiday Inn at 3333 Quebec Street. Though Pongi was under the legal age to purchase and consume marijuana, it is reported that a friend gave the edible to him. Allegedly, the young man ate the dosage recommended by the vendor, roughly one-sixth of the 65-milligram cookie, but after thirty minutes he decided he had not felt the desired effect and consumed the rest. Some time after this, reports indicate that Pongi became irritated, throwing things around the room, and allegedly saying, “This is a sign from God that this happened, that I can’t control myself.” The police report also alleges Pongi further stated, “It’s not because of the weed.” Shortly after this, Pongi left the room and fell into the hotel atrium, dying on impact. A report from the medical examiner found marijuana was the only intoxicant present in Pongi’s system at the time, and this was likely the young man’s first experience with marijuana. The medical examiner concluded that Pongi’s death was accidental, but that marijuana was a contributing factor. The second incident was much less clear cut, both in its cause and reporting. Kristen Kirk called 911 to report her husband acting strangely and hallucinating. He reportedly asked her to shoot him. The roughly 12-minute phone call concludes abruptly with her screaming and the sound of her husband allegedly shooting her in the head. On the phone, she indicated that her husband had smoked marijuana and that she believed it was the root cause of his deranged behavior. Further investigation

But how true is this? Undeniably, both incidents involved the consumption of marijuana, and most definitely the overconsumption of marijuana. While the activist crowd is quick to cry “reefer madness,” the truth is both men in question had been consuming, and both men had allegedly exceeded the recommended dosage. Readers of this magazine have probably had their own experiences with edibles, and likely have had an experience or two that goes beyond what they would prefer. Those same experiences shed light on how these overindulgences usually play out, most likely cloistering yourself in your house and falling into a deep sleep only to awaken many hours later in a groggy, cannabis hangover. Readers of this publication will probably agree that a supposed overdose of marijuana, while uncomfortable, will almost never result in a life-threatening situation. The local media’s coverage is a regurgitation of the official story. In the case of Pongi this includes the troubling claim made by the medical examiner that marijuana was a contributing factor in his death, a death that was ruled accidental and not a suicide. This fact was perhaps most vocally repeated by CBS 4 News, which also made the point that the 7.2 ng/ml of THC in Pongi’s system was “well above” the limit for driving. However, while some media outlets were quick to recite the claims of those in the law enforcement community, the Channel 9 news team made a point to distance itself from this type of causality. Political reporter Brandon Rittiman even went so far as to lead off his report on the two incidents by stating, “The first thing we need to acknowledge […] is that you can’t say pot caused either of these deaths and there are other factors to consider.” Certainly, there appears to be some bias in the reporting of both incidents, but if that bias originates anywhere it is in the official report of police and medical examiners. On one hand, the contradiction of labeling the death of Pongi an accident due to consumption of marijuana and on the other hand charging Richard Kirk with first-degree murder for an action that was allegedly due to his consumption of marijuana seems to indicate this. While it is easy for those of us who love marijuana to cry foul over these media reports, it is best to understand just how this sort of reporting comes about. Perhaps marijuana does occasionally unhinge an already unstable mind. Rather than seeing these fatalities as further evidence of the stigmatization of marijuana, we can agree that neither side is absolutely correct. Marijuana is not the cause. But perhaps some people should not consume it, especially if they don’t understand their proper dosage. 45

An Upside Down World Conservative Republican Paul Broun Defends Medical Marijuana by Rick Macey

There are times when a real-life story is so completely WTF that nobody would have made it up.

“Doctors all across the country should be able to prescribe this drug, like any other drug,” said Broun, who is a rare political animal in another way.

Those unbelievably true stories titillate the voyeur and scintillate the skeptic. They are reminders of how ridiculously absurd - and rather gratifying - reality can be.

He is a practicing physician, an old-style country doctor who, for the last decade or so, has only made house calls. There is nobody else in Congress quite like him. In some ways, that’s not a bad thing.

As improbably far-fetched as it may seem, this is the true story of an ultraconservative Republican Congressman from Georgia who recently appeared side-by-side with California liberal Sam Farr in defense of medicinal marijuana.

Broun says evolution is a satanic conspiracy directed against true believers of the faith, who apparently are a small group. That’s because Broun also insists that nearly all mainstream Christians are doomed to everlasting damnation.

They stood next to 70-yearold Larry Harvey, a cannabis patient confined to a wheelchair, and Steph Sherer, executive director of Americans for Safe Access, at a press conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. last month.

There but for the Grace of God goes God.

Broun and Farr, a progressive Democrat, support pending legislation that would prevent future federal raids and arrests of medicinal cannabis users. With cannabis acceptance growing faster than a hemp plant in a time-lapse video, it was only a matter of time before Congress considered reigning in destructive Drug War tactics. It’s gratifying to witness the strong support that’s building for marijuana all across the political spectrum, from the far left to the far right, which is where we find Congressman Broun. It’s nifty that the cannabis world is now creating world-turned-upside-down tales. That’s a sure sign of progress. From the perspective of, say, 10 years ago, this scenario would have been regarded as a yarn so improbable, it might have been easier to believe God is a hamster. Broun, who is now campaigning for a soon-to-be vacant seat in the Senate, does not think the Almighty is a rodent. He does have some other eyebrow-raising opinions. More on that in a minute.

Aside from being a selfappointed final judge of the fate of our souls, he is a member of the House Committee on Science and Technology despite believing Earth was actually created in six days and is only about 9,000 years old. He insists that global warming is a “hoax.”

He also has voiced his suspicion that President Barack Obama is a socialist tyrant conspiring to enslave the American people, comparing Obama to Nazi Germany’s Adolf Hitler and the Soviet Union’s Joseph Stalin.

Consider that Broun is regarded by many of his Republican colleagues as a bit too far right, even for them; that his college-age son was arrested for marijuana possession a few days after the press conference; and that the patient, Mr. Harvey, faces a minimum of 10 years in prison even though marijuana - medical and adult use - is legal in his home state of Washington.

46 June 2014

He thinks it’s totally cool to give away assault weapons as a campaign freebie to attract voters. He reportedly did not include ammo. He also has voiced his suspicion that President Barack Obama is a socialist tyrant conspiring to enslave the American people, comparing Obama to Nazi Germany’s Adolf Hitler and the Soviet Union’s Joseph Stalin. He later said he didn’t mean to offend anyone but he refused to apologize for his remarks. Is there a more unlikely champion of medicinal cannabis? As mind-numbingly hilarious - or disturbing - as that may seem, the much more important questions is: Why in the world are the feds still targeting medical marijuana patients, especially in states like Washington, where cannabis is legal and regulated?

After all, Attorney General Eric Holder issued guidelines less than a year ago instructing U.S. district attorneys not to bring charges for nonviolent drug offenses that carry mandatory minimum sentences. If there’s a situation where that discretion should have applied, it’s the Harvey case. Living in a rural community closer to the Canadian border than to Spokane,

where his trial got underway in mid-May, Harvey was charged with growing more plants than the 100 allowed in collective gardens under state law. He was arrested along with three members of his family and a friend. They have been popularized in Washington media as “The Kettle Falls Five.”

We’re almost there, fellow cannabis travelers.

What federal agents confiscated in the August 2012 raid didn’t exactly add up to the assets that would be expected from a dangerous drug dealing operation. The haul amounted to a car, an ATV, $700 in cash, legal firearms, 44 plants, and 5 pounds of marijuana. In terms of asset forfeiture, the seizure won’t even pay the expenses of the raid. Washington legalized medical marijuana in 1998. In the 15 years since then, the Kettle Falls Five case stands out as one of the most notorious and inexplicable acts of persecution by the FBI and Drug Enforcement Agency in the state. That’s reason enough to welcome Congressman Broun to the cannabis civil rights movement. That he was giving the middle finger - figuratively - to the DEA in defense of medicinal marijuana, well, that’s priceless. As for the arrest of his college student son, Paul Broun III, at the University of Georgia in Athens for misdemeanor marijuana possession? It adds poignancy to the story. And it has not subtracted from his dad’s poll numbers. Political analysts expect Broun to win the Republican nomination to represent Georgia in the Senate. There’s one other reason why Broun’s embrace of cannabis rights is so noteworthy: It’s a clear, unmistakable signal that marijuana reform is now politically all-encompassing, and therefore, unstoppable.

********** 47

Promises, Promises

Marijuana Is Not Being Treated Like Alcohol

Way back in 2012, citizens in Colorado came together and collectively made a move toward sanity. We all weighed our options and decided it was time to end the prohibition of marijuana. Motivations were varied. Some wanted to reduce the social and monetary costs of marijuana enforcement. Some wanted to expand access to medicine. Some just wanted to get stoned in peace, and some were just tired of dictatorial laws based on uninformed idiocy. Together, we acknowledged that, yeah, weed’s not bad, and certainly not as bad as keeping it illegal. The passage of Amendment 64 carried with it one clear idea: We’re not treating marijuana like some blight on the world, we’re going to do the reasonable thing and regulate it like alcohol. Almost two years later and what progress we’ve made; a highly regulated and monitored market, tax dollars flowing into state and local coffers, and nobody going to jail for enjoying a harmless plant.

by DJ Reetz

consumption. When 64 passed, the state didn’t descend into a massive smokefest as closeted stoners ran into the streets to blow shotgun hits into the faces of nearby infants. Instead, things proceeded much as they had in the past. Dispensaries sold marijuana, and smokers slunk home to smoke their dirty grass in secluded shame. So we all decided that marijuana should be treated like alcohol. Does that mean we should continue the trend of stigmatization? There are lots of places were you are likely to run into “open and public” consumption of alcohol. Just stop by Washington Park on a sunny afternoon. However, if you want to smoke weed, your options are limited to private clubs where often the actual act of smoking plant matter is barred by the Clean Indoor Air Act.

But did we really accomplish our goal to treat marijuana like alcohol? Let’s look at some of the ways that cannabis is being treated worse than the more dangerous intoxicant of alcohol.

Denver has even gone so far as to try and shut down any venue that tolerates marijuana consumption. So if you find yourself at an establishment that strictly limits entry to adults (e.g. a bar) and decide that stepping outside for a smoke is a good thing, you better be sucking down the carcinogenic toxins of a cigarette; otherwise you could be jeopardizing the safety of those around you, and of course we can’t have that.

Public consumption

No consuming where you buy

Amendment 64 legalized but didn’t specify. It had no provision for public

So this one may be pretty closely tied to the point above, but it definitely

48 June 2014

bears repeating. While lawmakers and law enforcers have no problem with establishments selling alcohol to patrons who wish to consume it on site with their friends, when the idea of doing this exact same thing with marijuana is raised it suddenly becomes an issue. Dispensary owners are liable to lose their license if someone so much as hot boxes nearby. If you’ve ever been sternly asked to leave the premises after trying that, that’s why. For some reason, the socially acceptable standard set by Amsterdam over the last 40 years terrifies lawmakers here. As a result, you have to buy your weed at a dispensary and then take it home or to a club that requires another purchase for entry. So why is it such a problem to buy and consume marijuana in the same place? Well, maybe because lawmakers learned their lessons from the dangerous behavior that originates at bars. Or maybe it’s because they’re hypocritical jackasses. Access to legal counsel According to the Colorado Supreme Court, lawyers who provide assistance to a marijuana business may find themselves in violation of state ethics rules. They could face some pretty serious professional ramifications for helping a local entrepreneur arrange a lease or negotiate a contract. Why’s that? Well because doing so would technically be assisting a criminal enterprise - according to the feds. The state Supreme Court defined legal ethics based on federal standards. The result is well-intentioned entrepreneurs being denied acces to lawyers who could help them navigate the labyrinth of red tape that surrounds a successful marijuana business. But when it comes to starting a business selling or producing alcohol, no such ethical caveats exist. Losing your job This really is more of social contrivance than a legal screw up, but you can lose your job for smoking weed. That’s pretty outrageous. Colorado’s status as a right-to-work state more accurately means a right-to-fire-your ass state. Employers in Colorado can fire you for any reason they see fit, and that includes engaging in safe and legal methods of relaxation in your free time.

Schedule 1, meaning it has a high potential for abuse, it has no accepted medical use, and it cannot be used safely even under medical supervision. For a little bit of context, this means the Drug Enforcement Agency views marijuana as more harmful than Schedule 2 substances such as cocaine, methamphetamine, morphine, opium, and phencyclidine (or as the kids call it, PCP). These drugs, according to the DEA and Department of Health and Human Services, all have accepted medical uses in certain circumstances. Just imagine that doctor’s visit playing out: You: “Hey doc, I’ve got this problem. I always seem to be clothed and not screaming incoherently.”

Walking out of the store with a bottle of peach schnapps doesn’t warrant the extra cost of purchasing a childproof container. You don’t even need a bag.

The real problem here is with drug testing. THC remains in your system much longer than other, more harmful substances (i.e. alcohol, cocaine, speed ) and therefore gives you a much higher probability of messing up your piss test. Perhaps it’s time to reevaluate how we test, but in the meantime try and find a job where you’re not working for assholes. Purchase and carrying limits Amendment 64 had strict rules about how much weed a person could legally purchase and possess. For residents, this is one ounce for both purchase and possession. Compare this to alcohol. It’s inconceivable that a police officer would have a problem if he pulled you over with a full keg in the back of your car just because it seems like that’s more than a single person would need. You also wouldn’t likely see problems purchasing enough alcohol from the liquore store to kill yourself several times over. Yet the idea of a person with more weed on them than they need for a smoked out afternoon is somehow infinitely more threatening to law and order. Scheduling So this one’s not really the fault of our local representatives, but it’s just so damn stupid. Under the Controlled Substance Act, marijuana is designated as

Doctor: “Hmm, I think I’ve got a solution for your problem. It’s called PCP, and I can write you a prescription for it right now.” Where is alcohol on this schedule? Maybe it’s under Schedule 3 as a substance less harmful than marijuana and cocaine. Well, it’s not on the list at all. I guess it has no medical benefits and no risk of abuse either. See the hypocrisy? Containers If you’ve been inside an adult-use dispensary, you no doubt had to shell out a couple extra bucks so you could leave with your weed in an opaque, childproof container. We are all in favor of keeping marijuana out of the hands of kids, so keeping it our of sight makes sense. But our society doesn’t seem to have a problem with allowing them to see and easily access liquor. Walking out of the store with a bottle of peach schnapps doesn’t warrant the extra cost of purchasing a childproof container. You don’t even need a bag. When the drug of choice is marijuana, which couldn’t possibly kill a child, regulators suddenly lose their goddamn minds. DUI/DUID limits We’ve beaten this dead horse a lot, but it’s still worth a few more strokes before we finally make it to the glue factory.

Colorado’s DUI limit is a paltry .08 percent blood-alcohol content. Given there are roughly five liters of blood in the average human body, that’s four milliliters of alcohol in your blood. Multiply this by the density of ethanol (alcoholic drinks) of .789g/ml and you need only 3.156 grams of alcohol in your blood stream to land in the clink. This number seems low until you compare it to the limit for THC. To get a DUID, you’ll only need 5 nanograms of THC per milliliter of blood. That equates to .000025 grams of THC in your entire blood stream to get yourself locked up. Now, this “scientific” analysis is admittedly complete bullshit as it doesn’t account for the different rates at which these substances metabolize. It doesn’t account for the degree to which different drugs affect cognitive abilities. But it’s still significantly more thought than went into the establishment of the DUID limit. When you consider that THC will remain in your blood long after the high has worn off in a way that alcohol does not, and the significant differences in how these two substances impair drivers, you really get to the heart of why this limit on THC is bullshit. So there you have it, a list of the ways in which marijuana is most egregiously not being treated like alcohol. There are certainly more points to add and not enough space in this magazine for them all. Maybe someday we can pass a law that will actually regulate marijuana like alcohol. 49

Corporations Profit From Cancer

As Patients Go Broke

by DJ Reetz

For people facing a cancer diagnosis, the reality of battling the insidious disease can be terrifying. Battling a condition in which the body is literally killing itself can be daunting beyond belief, the grim prognosis creating a feeling of utter helplessness. If the medical reality of fighting back against something so awful wasn’t bad enough, the economic realities of treatment can further the despair. The cost of survival can be astronomical in nearly every way imaginable. A 2011 report from Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, a division of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, found that cancer patients were more likely to face higher cost burdens than those with other chronic conditions. With the cost of treatment at times exceeding $100,000 a year, the report found that costs might be deterring some from seeking treatment. The report centered on non-elderly patients, finding that those with private non-group insurance plans, those between the ages of 55 and 64, blacks, the unmarried and widowed, those with low income, less education, and those living outside of a metropolitan area, all faced higher out of pocket costs for cancer treatment. Treatment of cancer is a multi-billion dollar industry, with drug manufacturers and for-profit hospitals capitalizing on the high cost of drugs and surgeries. The added advantage that most cancer patients are elderly and covered by Medicare means that more often than not these enormous bills are paid by the government. Recognizing this, these hospitals and drug manufacturers – organizations driven by profit, and not by a desire to heal the sick – are shown a clear incentive to focus on treatment rather than prevention of cancer. In a 2006 poll of cancer patients and their loved ones, roughly a quarter of respondents reported spending all or most of their savings on treatment, and it was reported that patients spent on average $18,000 out of their own pocket.

largest manufacturers of cancer medication share interests with chemical manufacturers; the same ones that pump out carcinogenic chemicals for manufacturing and pesticides. Pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca was born from the merging of Swedish Astra AB with a division of the British Imperial Chemical Industries, known as Zeneca (Zeneca itself was born of the separation of ICI’s agrochemical and pharmaceutical businesses). In 1999 the companies came together to form what it is still only listed as the seventh largest pharmaceutical company in the world, with an estimated outstanding share value of over $66 billion. Dr. Samuel Epstein, founder and chairman of the Cancer Prevention Coalition and a professor of occupational and environmental medicine at the University of Illinois, said to the Sierra Club of the merger: “This is a conflict of interest unparalleled in the history of American medicine. You’ve got a company that’s a spinoff of one of the world’s biggest manufacturers of carcinogenic chemicals, they’ve got control of breast cancer treatment, they’ve got control of the chemoprevention [studies], and now they have control of cancer treatment in eleven centers – which are clearly going to be prescribing the drugs they manufacture.” AstraZeneca (or the pharmaceutical branch of Imperial Chemical Industries, as it was known at the time) was even part of the founding of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month in 1985 in conjunction with the American Cancer Society – an organization that routinely shares talent with the pharmaceutical industry. To this day AstraZeneca remains heavily involved with the campaign to raise awareness through cancer screening; an admirable goal if perhaps it also involved prevention and not just detection of breast cancer. The conventional treatments of cancer make money, plain and simple. What is significantly less profitable is cancer prevention.

In an op-ed article published by the New York Times in 2007, Shannon Brownlee, a fellow at the New America Foundation and author of “Overtreated: Why too Much Medicine is Making America Sicker and Poorer,” described the apparatus through which hospitals make money on cancer:

For prevention to take hold, more industries would have to be held accountable for the carcinogens they allow to be propagated through consumer products and environmental pollution. That however is notably absent from much of the seemingly well-intentioned drum beating surrounding cancer research.

“Cancer makes money for hospitals in a couple of ways. First, it’s a disease of aging, and that means the majority of people who get it are covered by Medicare, which always pays its bills. Second, many treatments for cancer patients are particularly profitable, especially compared to those for other diseases.”

Conspiracy theorists are marginalized for speculating that possible cures for cancer are suppressed by moneyed interests. With the close relationships between these massive corporations and those supposedly tasked with healthcare (as well as the massive amounts of money to be made) it’s no wonder such speculation exists.

But out-of-control cost is just one piece of the cancer puzzle. Some of the

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Is Cannabis A Cure For Cancer? Evidence Points To Yes, But Research On Humans Is Lacking By Rick Macey

52 June 2014


oes cannabis treat cancer? Does cannabis kill cancer cells? Does it cure cancer?

In one of the most recent preclinical studies, cannabis was also found effective against colon cancer.

THC Magazine posed those questions, in that order, to one of the most knowledgeable people on Earth: Dr. Robert Melamede, a University of Colorado biology professor and world-renowned cannabis researcher.

Researchers outside of the U.S., notably in Spain and Israel, are apparently confirming that cannabinoids destroy cancer cells in humans. Similar research on people has been impossible in America since the 1970 Controlled Substances Act, which classified cannabis as a Schedule I drug with no known medical use and a high potential for abuse.

We also painstakingly reviewed dozens of preclinical studies on cannabis. Our goal is to understand whether cannabis could be the kiss of death for cancer, a panacea for the most feared diseases on the planet. There is no question that marijuana treats cancer symptoms, such as pain, inflammation, and nausea. The database for the National Institutions of Health has more than enough peer-reviewed studies to support this conclusion. So let’s move on. Life is short. No need to beat around the bush. In studies of lab tissue cultures, and preclinical trials with animals, particularly mice, the NIH medical publishers database also offers plenty of evidence that cannabis kills cancer cells while protecting normal cells. Now for the Big Question: Does cannabis cure cancer in people?

A Miracle Cure? “I’ve seen cures occur,” Dr. Bob said. “The most obvious ones are with skin cancer,” notably two types - basel and squamous cell carcinoma. Here, however, is where the NIH pub-med database fails. There’s not one clinical trial of cannabis and skin cancer. Or cannabis and any other cancer. No surprise that the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has not approved cannabis for the treatment of any known medical condition. “Topical application of Rick Simpson oil, basically, on a variety of skin cancers is very effective,” Dr. Bob said. “Once you see that happen a few times, you don’t particularly care if its gone through a clinical trial, especially if you’re one of those persons.” Clinical studies on cannabis and people for decades focused on the potential dangers, and only more recently, the plant’s ability to treat cancer symptoms, but not the disease itself.

So is it possible to know if cannabis is a potential miracle cure? There is a compelling puzzle to this piece. It’s called the endogenous cannabinoid system - more commonly referred to as the endocannabinoid system, which exists in all animal life.

Regulating The Body’s Regulator

THC and CBD act directly on cancerous lesions and tumors, causing the death of abnormal cells by disrupting their mitochondria and choking off blood supply. CBD also inhibits the enzyme that breaks down anandamide, so more of the body’s natural defenses can get in on the action.

One of the most profound advances in human health occurred in the late 1980s when researchers discovered the endocannabinoid system. Furthering our understanding of it could lead to cures for all forms of cancer. “It literally regulates everything in your body,” Dr. Bob said. “So when you’re able to regulate that which regulates everything, you have profound outcomes. Outcomes like people leaving hospice care because they’re not dying anymore. When you see and experience enough of these stories, you’d be stupid not to believe it.” Cannabinoids attack cancer cells by preventing inflammation in surrounding tissue, by causing cell death, by blocking cell growth, by halting the growth of blood vessels that supply tumors, and by boosting the immune system with antiviral activity. The human body strives to maintain a stable balance within our cells, tissues, and organs. This is called homeostasis. Our endocannabinoid system resists and, if necessary, corrects changes that threaten this balance. How precisely does it do that? By internally creating cannabinoids - anandamide and 2-arachidonoylglycerol (2-AG). These molecules bind with receptors on the surface of cells throughout our bodies.

Without any clinical trials, the evidence that cannabis cures cancer in people is almost entirely anecdotal, stories from medical marijuana patients who insist they benefitted from the plant.

Two cannabinoid receptors have been officially identified, CB1 and CB2. There are reportedly at least two more being investigated. CB1 is found primarily in the nervous system, organs, glands, and connective tissue. CB2 is predominant in the immune system. Many tissues have both of these protein molecules.

“There are over 900 peer-reviewed articles showing that cannabinoids, in one form or another - phyto from the plant, endo from within, synthetics - that these cannabinoids have cancer-killing capacity,” said Dr. Bob.

Cannabis contains phytocannabinoids - phyto because they come from a plant. The most relevant to cancer are delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD).

How significant are those preclinical studies with tissue cultures and lab animals?

THC and CDB are known to be interchangeable with anandamide. That’s a crucial reason why cannabis is highly effective medicine. Ingesting those two cannabinoids strengthens our endocannabinoid system. But that’s not all.

“How much evidence do you need to suggest that this is powerful stuff?” Dr. Bob asked. “Instead the morons around the world and in our government say, “Oh, we can’t study it properly,’ or ‘It’s too dangerous’ or ‘What about the children?’ … “I’ve seen cannabis treat leukemias, lymphomas, stomach cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, brain cancer, lung cancer. But it doesn’t mean it works on all of those all the time. I’ve seen successes with those various cancers, and I’ve also seen failures,” he said.

THC and CBD act directly on cancerous lesions and tumors, causing the death of abnormal cells by disrupting their mitochondria and choking off blood supply. CBD also inhibits the enzyme that breaks down anandamide, so more of the body’s natural defenses can get in on the action. This is really important stuff when considering cannabis as a potential cure for cancer, but it’s also important to overall health. 53

Dr. Bob Melamede

Cannabinoids are involved in controlling activities in the brain, which has implications for memory and degenerative neurological diseases such as Alzheimer’s; and in nerves, metabolism, the circulatory system (especially heart function), and in reproduction. The antioxidant properties of cannabis may even slow the aging process. But June is Cancer Awareness Month, so let’s get back on topic. Currently, cannabis extracts that are high in CBD have created a medicinal marijuana buzz in mainstream America, which is being fueled by the media. Since CBD does not get anyone stoned, why not load up on that cannabinoid as a cancer cure? Not so fast, Dr. Bob said.

Don’t Dismiss THC Melamede said that the most effective cannabis cancer treatments, like those advocated by the Phoenix Tears Foundation, strike a balance between CBD and THC. “From what we’ve seen, there’s always THC in there.” “Based on the activity of the CB1 receptor and of CBD, I can see circumstances where high levels of CBD could be detrimental,” Dr. Bob speculated. In his experience, the most effective extracts have 80 percent THC and around 5 percent CBD. There are ways to counteract THC’s high, he said.

“First thing I would do - if I had time - I would go on cannabis alone and see if that worked,” he said. If it didn’t work, he’d add chemo and perhaps radiation treatment along with cannabis.

“I’ve seen cannabis treat leukemias, lymphomas, stomach cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, brain cancer, lung cancer. But it doesn’t mean it works on all of those all the time. I’ve seen successes with those various cancers, and I’ve also seen failures,” he said.

Dr Bob also pointed out that cancers can be divided into two basic types; “drugsensitive cancers that can be killed, and drug-resistant cancers that kill you.” “It looks like cannabis can kill both types, which is what makes it so powerful and unique,” he said. “It gets very complicated explaining precisely why cannabis can kill those cancers that kill you.” He said it has to do with its influence on the underlying energy-producing mechanism of the cancerous cell. “There are whole lot of biological issues going on here, but the bottom line is that cannabis can get rid of a number of cancers very effectively and painlessly.” Dr. Bob said that people using conventional treatments, like chemotherapy, should add cannabis to their medical regimen for its “health enhancing and protective nature.”

54 June 2014

And what if Dr. Bob had cancer?

“Cannabis has neural protective properties, which could be very important if, for example, you’re getting your brain irradiated,” he said. “It’s a healthpromoting herb.” When CB1 receptors are removed from mice - knockout mice, they’re called - those rodents become ill and die prematurely. Clearly cannabinoids are necessary for good health. “On the other end of the spectrum, when [anti-cannabis researchers] wanted to show how bad THC was, they fed mice really high quantities for years. It turned out the mice lived longer and had fewer tumors,” Dr. Bob said.

The endocannabinoid system, which is most evolved in humans, gives vertebrate species an advantage over other life forms - insects, for example - when it comes to Darwinian adaptation. And that ability to adapt, said Dr. Bob, extends to human consciousness. Cannabis alters human perceptions and behavior, often promoting creativity, humor, and receptiveness to new and different ideas. “Open-mindedness,” said Dr. Bob. “And the fact that it’s an anti-aging drug, and inhibits cancers, that’s reality. I didn’t make up the science and that’s how I see the science.” Can Dr. Bob see a future where all cancers are curable, and ultimately preventable? “I think as we learn more about what life is and what health is, as people increase their endocannabinoid activity through diet, for instance with omega fatty acids and fish oil, they’re going to supplement with the plant,” he said. “And the consequences are going to be profound.”

Cannabis Medicine Jack Quinn Is Winning The Fight Against Skin Cancer

by Rick Macey

In a strict medical sense, Jack Quinn’s war with skin cancer began nearly 40 years ago. Yet the 66-year-old knows it actually started much earlier.

from Stage 4 cancer of the esophagus. Medicinal cannabis wasn’t a part of his nephew’s paradigm and he never did try it.

As a fair-skinned, blue-eyed Irish kid from the Bronx, Quinn sought a bronze tan every summer. It was the late 1940s and early ‘50s, a time before sun lotion was marketed according to its sun protection factor.

“In doing all that research for him, I realized I could’ve done this for my skin cancer,” he said. “So I decided to do something.”

“Back in those days there was a common belief that you needed to get sunburned a few times before your tan would take,” he said. “We used to use baby oil and iodine to magnify the sun’s effect on our skin.” His family would stay at a seashore bungalow during the summer months. As a teenager, he worked as a lifeguard. He loved the sun. “I did get a fantastic tan,” he said. “To see me now,” Quinn continued, “I’m covered with scars. Any part of my body, you name it, I’ve had skin cancer there.” He feels lucky that of the three prevalent types of skin cancer, he’s fought with the least deadly two - basel cell and squamous cell carcinoma. In 1974, Quinn had his first skin cancer tumor removed. It was a lump under his left eye. Since then, he’s had more than 300 lesions and tumors cut off or frozen off with liquid nitrogen. “Cut and burn,” he said. The older he got, the more frequent the trips to the doctor became: Every two or three years at first, until every three or four months as he reached age 60.

“The results, frankly, were amazing. I did a high CBD program. After three months, I went back to my skin doctor and there was not a single thing to cut off or to freeze off.”

That something was to try CBD oil, Rick Simpson style. He went to River Rock Wellness, where Tony Verzura kept telling him that he had a better product. “I didn’t believe him,” Quinn said. “Then last March [2013] I went on Tony’s program. The results, frankly, were amazing. I did a high CBD program. After three months, I went back to my skin doctor and there was not a single thing to cut off or to freeze off.” But then to the concern of Phyllis, his wife of more than 40 years, Quinn lapsed in his treatment. Sometimes River Rock didn’t have the oil he needed. Sometimes he simply couldn’t afford it. By December 2013, four new cancers appeared. After that, he reconnected with Verzura. He’s back on a similar program at River Rock. He consumes a two-thirds CBD and one-third THC mixture with the addition of other nutriceuticals, including enzymes and extracts from berries. He’s also treating the lesions topically with the cannabis oil on band-aids. Quinn has other health issues which often leave him chronically fatigued. He said he has more energy since he started the latest regimen, which is now just raw juice and capsules.

And the cuts and burns took a toll on his skin. He’s even missing part of an ear. “It looks like Mike Tyson bit the top half off,” he said.

He has words of advice for folks who still doubt the healing power of cannabis. “Try it. You’ve nothing to lose,” he said.

Quinn discovered medicinal cannabis trying to help a nephew who was suffering

“I was amazed.”

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41 Canna Caregivers 41 The Canna Center 58 The Hemp Center 60 LivWell 26,58 Northern Lights Natural Rx 51 The Organic Seed 09 Preferred Organic Therapy 11, 55 River Rock 9,62 Southwest Alternative Care Pre-Order Medication 41 Canna Caregivers 41 The Canna Center 58 The Hemp Center 51 The Organic Seed 09 Preferred Organic Therapy 11, 55 River Rock 9,62 Southwest Alternative Care Seeds 5, 59 The Clinic 60 LivWell 11, 55 River Rock Senior Discounts 58 The Hemp Center 26,58 Northern Lights Natural Rx Signature Concentrates 5, 59 The Clinic 41 Essential Extracts 76 LivWell 11, 55 River Rock Signature Edibles 15 Dr. J’s Hash Infusion 58 The Hemp Center 16 Incredibles 25 Julie & Kate Baked Goods 60 LivWell 16 Medically Correct 25 Mountain High Suckers 26,58 Northern Lights Natural Rx 51 The Organic Seed 11, 55 River Rock Signature Strains 04 Botanacare 41 Canna Caregivers 41 The Canna Center 5, 59 The Clinic 58 The Hemp Center 60 LivWell 26,58 Northern Lights Natural Rx 51 The Organic Seed 09 Preferred Organic Therapy 11, 55 River Rock 9,62 Southwest Alternative Care 03 Walking Raven 65

THANK YOU TO OUR ADVERTISERS 44 Beverly Hills Cannabis Club 33 Bison Soil Solutions 13 Bong-a-Thon 04 Botanacare 41 Canna Caregivers 41 The Canna Center 26 Cannabase 47 15 The Cannasseur 5, 59 The Clinic 07 The Clinic Charity Classic 68 Cloud Penz 17 Dr. J’s Hash Infusion 41 Essential Extracts 67 EZ Trim 17 Green Cross Couriers 41 Healthy Choices Unlimited 58 The Hemp Center 47 16 Incredibles 10 Indica Vape 25 Julie & Kate Baked Goods 60 LivWell 13 Medically Correct 51 Mile High Media 25 Mountain High Suckers 61 NCIA 26,58 Northern Lights Natural Rx 51 The Organic Seed 09 Preferred Organic Therapy 63 Relaxed Clarity 11,55 River Rock 39 Scientific Inhalations 39 SI Pipes 9, 62 Southwest Alternative Care 02 The Trimmer Store 03 Walking Raven 66 June 2014

Smoking Accessories 68 Cloud Penz 10 Indica Vape 39 Scientific Inhalations 39 SI Pipes

Denver Downtown 60 LivWell

Specialty Glass 04 Botanacare 41 Canna Caregivers 41 The Canna Center 26,58 Northern Lights Natural Rx 51 The Organic Seed 11, 55 River Rock

Denver Highlands 5, 59 The Clinic

Specialized Treatment Programs 5, 75 The Clinic 11, 55 River Rock Topicals 04 Botanacare 41 Canna Caregivers 41 The Canna Center 5, 59 The Clinic 58 The Hemp Center 26,58 Northern Lights Natural Rx 51 The Organic Seed 09 Preferred Organic Therapy 11, 55 River Rock Trimming Accessories 67 EZ Trim 02 The Trimmer Store Vegetarian 15 Dr. J’s Hash Infusion 16 Incredibles 25 Julie & Kate Baked Goods 16 Medically Correct 25 Mountain High Suckers Veteran Discounts 58 The Hemp Center 26,58 Northern Lights Natural Rx 55 The Organic Seed 11, 55 River Rock Boulder 60 LivWell Colorado Springs 41 Canna Caregivers 41 The Canna Center 58 The Hemp Center 60 LivWell 51 The Organic Seed Denver Central 5, 59 The Clinic 60 LivWell 11, 55 River Rock 9,62 Southwest Alternative Care

Denver East 5, 59 The Clinic

Denver North 11, 55 River Rock 02 The Trimmer Store Denver South 5, 59 The Clinic 60 LivWell 09 Preferred Organic Therapy 11, 55 River Rock 03 Walking Raven Denver Southwest 9,62 Southwest Alternative Care Edgewater 26, 58 Northern Lights Natural Rx Garden City 60 LivWell Lakewood 60 LivWell Littleton 58 The Hemp Center Northglenn 04 Botanacare Pueblo 15 The Cannasseur 67

68 June 2014

The Hemp Connoisseur, June 2014 - Issue #18  

Tommy Chong Answers 20ish Questions, Is Cannabis a Cure for Cancer? an Interview with Dr. Robert Melamede, Get Outside! 10 Amazing Colorado...

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