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“Never be afraid to raise your voice for honesty and truth and compassion against injustice and lying and greed. If people all over the world...would do this, it would change the earth.” ― William Faulkner

It strikes me as ironic that during the month we celebrate our nation’s independence we have two articles essentially focusing on the illusion of our rights. On top of that we just had a landmark decision by the Colorado Supreme Court that chose the rights of a corporation over a medical cannabis patient. In our Pot-litically Incorrect op-ed this month (page 50) DJ Reetz colorfully points out how we are number one in incarceration rates in the world. In our piece on the POTUS raids (page 46) it is apparent that the promise made by Amendment 64 of treating cannabis like alcohol has missed the mark by a long shot. And then we have the Coats v. Dish Network decision that was handed down on June 15th. For those of you not familiar, Brandon Coats is a quadriplegic who had been working for Dish Network until he tested positive for THC in a random drug test in 2010. Coats has been a legal medical cannabis patient since 2009. The argument his lawyers used in the lawsuit was that under Colorado state law, it is considered discriminatory “for an employer to terminate the employment of any employee due to that employee’s engaging in any lawful activity off the premises of the employer during nonworking hours.” Coats claimed he never consumed cannabis during working hours and there was no information that contradicted his claim. What is disturbing about the ruling is that the Colorado Supreme Court chose to focus on the federal law as opposed to the laws of Colorado in regards to medical cannabis usage. Furthermore this ruling points out the fact that while we may celebrate certain freedoms in the U.S. we still have to contend with rules that are placed on us by our employers. Coats worked as a customer service representative on the phones for Dish. He wasn’t operating heavy machinery, just the wheelchair in which he is confined and a telephone. If it is considered essential that in his position at Dish he not be allowed to consume the medicine that provides relief from his muscle spasms, then shouldn’t the executives from Dish Network be subjected to random drug screenings as well? One could argue that they are the most essential employees of Dish Network and therefore it is imperative that they are held up to just as high a standard as their customer service reps. In this day and age it is hard for the average citizen to feel that he has much power in the legislative process. While I still believe that we must always show up at the voting booths to make our opinions known, our leaders constantly put the needs of corporations over the needs of the people. So where can one show his or her disdain for injustices such as this? Being that we are a consumer society it is through our spending that we can make an impact. So here is what I propose; if you are a Dish Network customer, call up the customer service rep (unfortunately it won’t be Brandon Coats answering the phone) and ask to speak with their manager. Then tell them that you want to cancel their service. When they ask you why, tell them that you cannot support a company that will fire their employees for what they choose to do in their free time. Refer to the fact that you don’t want the money you give them to go to lawyers to defend a case that takes away rights we have fought for in this state. I almost wish I were a customer of Dish just so I could do this myself.

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The GREEN Scene

E V E N T S 14 July 2015

July 11th-12th INDO Expo’s Hosts Jobfair @ Denver Mart 451 E 58th Ave Denver, CO July 17th-19th Cannabis World Congress & Business Expo @ New York City - Javits Center New York City, NY 201-580-2050 August 1st Bong-a-Thon 720-432-6188 August 7th First Thursday Reggae Night @ Grow Big Supply 4501 Wynkoop Street Denver, CO August 15th The Clinic Charity Golf Classic @ City Park Golf Course 2500 York Street Denver, CO September 19th Victory For Hemp Fashion Show @ Smoke Studios Event Center Aurora Art District Aurora, CO Septmeber 29th - 30th BIG Industry Show -B2B Event @ Miami Beach Convention Center 1901 Convention Center Drive Miami, FL www.bigindustryshowcom October 12-14 National Cannabis Summit @ The Sheraton Downtown Denver 1550 Court Place Denver, CO

Good Reads reviewed By DJ Reetz

At every junction of social change a generation will find itself in need of authors to articulate the culmination of its progress and ideals, giving voice to the ideas that have previously been held secret or perhaps not existed at all. This book may not quite be that profound of an expression of the shifting attitudes toward marijuana, but it is a witty, occasionally insightful telling of one millennial’s experiences with lady cannabis. With a verbosity some would mistake for eloquence, author H.T. Yim takes readers through her early experiences stumbling through “green outs” as she struggles to figure out the proper level of consumption for herself. The book recounts her teenage romances, and how her young lovers imparted an understanding and appreciation for the plant upon her. After describing her early, not always pleasant experiences, the book shifts to a series of insights that the author gleaned while, as the title states, high out of her mind. Drawing simple analogies from everyday life, Yim finds insight and the occasional profundity, assisted

by the conscious altering effects of cannabis. The book imparts on the reader the benefits of this slight skewing of consciousness but also at times serves as a warning, often citing studies that show the detriments of cannabis use on developing brains and the like. At times I found myself resenting the author for her privileged experience, her down sides to a youth spent experimenting with cannabis never including the sketchy situations, robberies, exclusion and fear of law enforcement that made up my own low points, but then again, she is Canadian, and surely there are people who had it much worse than I. At just over 150 pages, this book is a quick read, great for a weekend, or as primer for someone who may look distastefully at cannabis use. It might not have the generation defining power of Jack Kerouac or Hunter S. Thompson, but it can be insightful, and it does give a solid contemporary look at the benefit of recreational cannabis use. 15

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In the Spotlight Products ProductsWe WeLove Love Removable custom cap


wUniversal spout

The Jug Grinder Funnel The Jug is a great little assistant for the grinding and packing process that goes along with getting a bowl ready to smoke. The grinder part contains an extra strong magnet and tough metal teeth that get the job done. The ‘universal spout’ area is made of polypropylene, which is considered to be the safest of all the plastics so don’t worry about your product getting infiltrated with BPA or other toxins found in plastics. The ‘custom cap’ comes out and turns into a poking device to help cash out previous bowls. Here’s a little step-by-step of how The Jug Grinder Funnel works. Simply put cannabis in the grinder part. Grind, grind, grind. When ready, tip the jug over by grabbing the cute, tiny handle so the spout is pointed downwards into whatever piece you are loading up. Remove the custom cap to allow the product to flow through it into the bowl. The flat side of the custom cap can even be used to tamp down the bowl. Notice how the keef static clings to the sides of the jug. When ready to use that, simply turn the jug spout side down and tap the sides, or unscrew from the grinder area. Voila! You have a nicely grinded and packed bowl with as little mess as possible.

wMetal grinder

Sore Muscle Hemp Salve by Nature's Root This local product contains hemp oil grown on their hemp farm here in Colorado! It is also free of parabens, dyes and synthetic fragrances, making it easy on sensitive skin. The ingredient list is simple and pure, and all components are organic, vegan, eco-friendly and ethically sourced: Shea butter, cocoa butter, almond oil, Arnica-infused olive oil, Camphor (which helps to penetrate the muscles deeper), hemp-infused coconut oil, menthol crystals, emulsifying wax, and peppermint essential oil. Simply apply a small amount to troubled area (avoiding eyes) and let it go to work. I first tried it on my sore neck and shoulder muscles, the root of all my pain. The salve is soft and goes on nicely. In just moments after applying, a nice cool feeling came over the area and I felt almost immediate relief. I also used the Sore Muscle Hemp Salve on a jammed finger that was causing me pain, which it also soothed. Based on the ingredient list alone, I will buy this again, but it’s nice when a product just works. Check out to see other wonderful products from this Colorado company.

18 July 2015


This funky piece of equipment conjures a vibe of ‘70s sci-fi. While the piece might seem like the kind of thing that Dr. Who or Captain Kirk would dab off of, the functionality competes with even the most modern of e-nails. The heating element sits inside a glass tube that acts as a giant carb cap, and a hose protruding from one of the three selectable outlets draws smooth vapor hits whether you are using concentrate or flower. After allowing the piece to warm up (I found this took a bit longer than the advertised five minutes, though not by too much) you must carefully pilot your dab through the small hole in the top of tube. The low temperature of the heating element is not adjustable, but that shouldn’t be a problem either, and hits are smooth even without the cooling effect of a water diffuser. The Cloud Chamber also works with flower by simply placing a nug on top of the heating element and closing the chamber, though this may require you to flip your vaped nug halfway through. Flower can also cause problems when it comes to extricating your spent nugs, which will begin to singe and produce a light smoke if left on for too long. Removing your spent flower requires either the removal of the surrounding tube or careful removal of the heating element with a beefy set of tweezers. Despite this shortcoming of design, I found the flower vaped well in the chamber. I was enjoying rich, flavorful vapors for multiple hits per nug, though I

will most likely be using the Cloud Chamber for concentrates just for the ease.

The Cloud Chamber claims that the tube containing the heating element creates a vacuum, and while this isn’t technically true, it does seem to have some effect in creating rich vaporous hits that swirl in the light of the LED power indicator inside the tube. The heating stays at a fairly low temperature as well (slightly below the 420 degrees advertised, which is just fine with me) allowing the full flavor of your dabs to come out and ensuring you won’t ever be gasping for breathe after sucking down an overscorched dab. The tube also means you won’t risk accidentally burning yourself in a careless moment, as you can when leaving a 500 plus degree e-nail running on your coffee table. With inputs for up to three hoses, this piece could become the center of a social dabbing session, or serve as a vapor hookah. Extra hoses sell for $19.99, so even fully equipped the price remains competitive with most e-nails on the market. If you’re looking for something to replace your worn out e-nail, or just looking for your first concentrate rig, you could do a lot worse than the Cloud Chamber. The Cloud Chamber retails for $239. 19 Hand-Made Soaps These soaps are too cute! Soap-a-Dope is a Colorado-based novelty soap company. Each soap is hand-made with hemp oil, along with other soapy ingredients, and molded into squares with a cannabis leaf shape on the front. These bar soaps really make a statement in a guest bathroom. It says to your guest “Yeah, I support hemp and cannabis legalization but I also like my guest to wash their hands with fancy soaps.� They come in a variety of scents. I had the pleasure of trying Wake-n-Bake (Oatmeal, Milk and Honey) and Lemon Sour Diesel (Lemon Eucalyptus). Both scents smell delicious and will leave you feeling super clean. The Waken-Bake version has oats in the bar, great for sensitive skin or a light exfoliant. After using these soaps my skin felt soft, clean, and somewhat moisturized. The scent from the soap lingers on your skin for quite a while so everyone around you will also know how clean you are. Check out the fantastical soap variety at

The Nail Crown by Cruz Culture We have featured Dab Crowns in the past but they have new options for you and we wanted to tell you all about it. These handy dab accessories are now available in glow-in-the-dark and color changing options that change color when heat is applied. This is a very useful tool if you are someone that often burns yourself on your nail. The Nail Crown will save you from yourself and in such stylish color options. It is also great for holding your dab tools and even your cell phone if you are one of those people that like to share every dab with your online minions. You can find them at

20 July 2015

Dabomizer™ Bullet Proof Vape Pen by Santa Cruz Vape This vape pen is a heavy hitter with a classy feel. Dabomizer Bullet Proof Vape is easily one of my personal favorites. The pen feels very sturdy in your hands and has some weight to it; you can really feel the quality of the construction. It also hits like a champ. The Bullet Proof Vape Pen comes in several colors and has several quality features including a double TITANIUM medical-grade heating coil, single barrel metal chamber, 650mAh lithium-ion battery, battery life indicator, and a hidden micro USB charger. I have been using this pen for three days now and have yet to need to charge it. The chamber holds a small amount of concentrate and the unique design prevents spillage from happening, no dabs wasted. The mouthpiece/chamber/heating element comes apart in five pieces for easy cleaning and loading. The heating element is easy to remove for replacement if necessary and the charging port is on the bottom of the pen hidden by a silver end cap, love that. There are so many cool features on this pen. For more information visit

PreGro Plant Sprayer This is a very effective sprayer for your gardening needs. The PreGro Plant Sprayer consists of an atomizer canister on top of a glass bottle, the atomizer pulls whatever liquid you place in the bottom bottle and turns it into a fine mist. It works great as long as you make sure the top atomizer is securely fixed to the bottle. If not, the can will sputter and leak where they are joined. It was a learning curve for me; once I figured out I needed to check that connection it worked every time I sprayed it. This sprayer can be used to spray the garden with nutrients or for pest control, since you can mix whatever you need and put it in the bottle. It also works great as a personal mister, with plain water of course, to beat the 100 degree heat of the summer. My son is begging me to bring it to Elitch Gardens with us. While I most likely won't be doing that, I will be using it in my garden all summer. For a long list of uses and more information in general go to 21

22 July 2015 23


by Caroline Hayes


& MantraWorks Glass

I had the pleasure of meeting DIET at this year’s BIG Industry Show. His booth was set up next to an artist who we had featured previously who introduced us.

our true essence as makers, we have the ability to not only provide works of great aesthetic and technical admiration, but vessels that encompass greater benefits on deeper levels.

What I saw from DIET’s glass was that it is exciting, colorful, and playful, with a great balance of form and function. We chatted for a few and lined up an artist feature for an upcoming issue of THC Mag. When I swung back by to get his info, he gave me a beautiful pendent (shaped like the one on the next page), as a token of his generous spirit.

THC: What other hobbies do you have?

With that said, this month I introduce to you DIET of MantraWorks Glass.

DIET: My “LightCycler” series and the “Divine Nature” minitubes are the favorites at the moment.

THC: Where are you based? DIET: Philadelphia, PA.

THC: How long have you been blowing glass?

DIET: Eight years all together. I started with bead work, followed by a few years of exploring the medium through furnace work. I was then able to land myself on the torch full time in an environment that increased my technical skills and knowledge of the industry exponentially. THC: What kinds of mediums do you use to create your glass? DIET: Up until this point I have stayed inside of the realm of borosilicate for creative purposes. However, my most recent body of work, “Divine Nature Series,” has given me the opportunity to incorporate high-frequency stones. This addition amplifies the conceptual and functional nature of the work, providing greater benefits to the user.

DIET: I enjoy climbing rocks. THC: What piece is your best seller?

THC: If you could do one thing to save the world, what would it be? DIET: Continue to create from a conscious perspective. THC: What should our readers know about DIET and MantraWorks Glass? DIET: One of the goals of MantraWorks and my work as an artist is to be in a position to contribute to a cause that is greater than myself and immediate surroundings. Currently, a portion of all proceeds are donated to the World Wildlife Federation to assist in the conservation of the world’s endangered wildlife species. I am constantly on the lookout for ways to give back, both monetarily and energetically. THC: Thank you for your time, DIET! Follow him on Instagram @dietglass.

THC: What or who is your biggest inspiration? DIET: The conceptual aspects of my work are drawn from personal experience and my understanding of the surrounding world. Aesthetically, artists and designers who create work that speak to a high degree of form, function, and innovation have inspired me to be the maker that I am today. THC: What do you hope to achieve through your talents? DIET: I hope to achieve the ability to live a highly philanthropic lifestyle while creating and doing what I love. THC: Where do you see yourself in 5-10 years? DIET: Broadly stated, I see myself continuing to do what I do now on a larger scale and with an impact on the global audience. THC: Is there something you have experienced in your life that has made you view the world differently, either good or bad, and in turn influenced your art? DIET: In my younger years I had the pleasure of experiencing the darker aspects of the world we live in. These valuable experiences have allowed me to view our existence in its true nature, solidifying a larger view of the work that we, as functional glass artists, have to offer the community. In

24 July 2015


“Syriantra Pendent”

DIET x Yomi “Yomi”

DIET x ZachP “Idiot Clock”

“Divine Commune”

“Minverva” 25

26 July 2015 27

Tasty Meds

Reviews of Colorado’s finest medicated products Headcase Nectar by Urban Dispensary Extracts reviewed by Monocle Man Usually when you hear headcase a negative connotation follows. Not with this cornucopia of cannabis characteristics. This is a Sativa heavy blend of Lg13/G13w/Strawberry/AK, all extracted into a pure head rush. Urban Dispensary is located in the Highlands off of 38th and Clay. If you haven’t had the pleasure of checking out their shop, get in there. They have been processing their in-house cannabis and producing some quality concentrates. A couple dabs of this Headcase was like an energy shot to jump start the day. Each dab was smooth and had a great full-flavor taste similar to flower. This run was extremely terpy, it had a very unique smell with all the different strains lending their features. If you have ever smoked Urban’s AK you know that it is an anxious, motivating Sativa that will have you clean your house or anything else to keep you busy. Headcase is very similar, all though the G13 Widow does bring undertones of Indica with a relaxing body high. This is something you can smoke on throughout the day without the need of a dab nap. Do yourself a favor and get into Urban Dispensary and tell them Monocle Man sent you.

Lemon Tangistan Nectar by Preferred Organic Therapy and TerpX reviewed by Monocle Man Medical and recently turned Recreational shop, Preferred Organic Therapy has been growing some of Colorado’s finest cannabis since 2009. Preferred Organic Therapy is conveniently located on Colorado Blvd just North of I-25. You can find a fine selection of flower, edibles and concentrates including this Lemon Tangistan Nectar processed by TerpX. The consistency on this sample was much more sappy with a brown, amber hue like honey or maple syrup. You will need to use a dab tool because concentrates like this can be sticky. The terpene levels were off the chain on this one. A strong lemon scent stimulates the senses. While looking over the packaging I noticed it was labeled as high CBD. This being high in CBD seemed to help mellow me out after an intense safety meeting I had just concluded before the dab. It took away the anxiety I was feeling from the Sativa joint and felt like it had cleared my head. This led to a functional, creative high that made for an enjoyable experience. Usually when you can get a concentrate that is high in CBD and other cannabinoids it makes for a well-rounded high and doesn’t lean too heavily on a head or body high. Next time you are stuck in traffic on the highway, get off on Colorado Blvd and head to Preferred Organic Therapy in Denver. (coupons in back of magazine).

Cherry Pie Live Resin by The Lab reviewed by Monocle Man July is when we celebrate our nation and what’s more American than cherry pie? Cherry Pie Live Resin dabs. Why? Because ‘Murica. This fine specimen was processed by the talented team at The Lab. The Lab is a division of The Clinic and is one of the most awarded concentrate companies in Colorado. Cherry Pie is a Hybrid of Grand Daddy Purple and Durban Poison cross. Just like it sounds, the Cherry Pie had a sweet smell with hints of berries, citrus, and pine. It had a comparable taste together with tranquil effects. This was a heavy hitter at first and definitely leaned more on the Indica side. Eventually the Indica fog lifted and the high became much more euphoric. It wasn’t a couch locker but a perfect strain to de-stress and put a smile on your face. I did find myself zoned out playing video games for hours after a session with this tasty terpy treat. Get yourself a slice of Cherry Pie Live Resin and other runs of The Lab’s concentrates at all The Clinic locations along with many other centers across the state. Check out their website to see where you can pick some up and their list of awards including a few in our THC Championship.,

28 July 2015

Incredibles Extracts Review, Fresh Frozen Jilly and Headband ’11 reviewed by Monocle Man From the crew over at Medically Correct, makers of Incredibles, in comes Incredibles Extracts. I tried both their Fresh Frozen Jilly and Headband ’11. They start with their own organically grown flower then they flash freeze it to trap as much of the terpene profile as possible. The flower then goes into their own Incredible Extractor. The result is impressive.

The Jilly had a translucent golden amber glow when you held it up to the light. The aroma made me think of citrus and eucalyptus. The flavor profile held up to the aroma with an added splash of honey. I found the effects to be very heady with mild body relaxation. The heady effect was everything I want from a Sativa; active, cerebral and positively vibing with the universal flow. Yeah, it was like that. Try the Jilly when you want to change your perspective. The Headband ’11 had more of a yellow gold shimmer to it. It smelled like a forest after a mountain shower, with a hint of lemon to it. Once again the flavor delivered on the aroma’s promises. The headband’s effects were very balanced and strong. While my muscles became pure Jell-O I found my mind racing from one place to the next. I found it hard to focus unless I was engaging with the people around me. I would recommend this one for a backyard BBQ with your closest friends, or going to the movies. Incredibles doesn’t disappoint with their edibles and based on my first sampling of their extracts they continue that trend. You can check out everything Medically Correct is up to at or

Headband Wax by The Giving Tree reviewed by Monocle Man The Giving Tree located in the Highlands has been a favorite of patients for years. Winning the Talk of the Town’s Excellence in Customer Satisfaction for six straight years. It’s easy to see why with the friendly staff and great product to choose from. The Giving Tree recently started making their own concentrates and we were excited to give them a try. We tried out the Headband Wax for this review and were glad we did. The wax was a light golden brown and smelled of lemon peel. Wax is easy to work with and can be great for people new to concentrates for that reason. This OG Kush and Sour Diesel cross was more on the Kush side as far as effects. It wasn’t the full knock out punch of an Indica but I wasn’t getting much done after this one. If you are looking for something to help with stress and mild pain this would be a great option for you. We are excited to see what else The Giving Tree has in store with its in house concentrates. It’s hot out there, head over to The Giving Tree and get your Headband on. (coupon in back of magazine).

Perfecto Disposable Vape Pen by Bhang reviewed by Monocle Man The first thing I thought when I looked at the Bhang Perfecto is it looks just like the Blu e-cig without the detachable cartridge. This makes it perfect for discreet vaping. I found I needed to take about five good pulls to get the dose I needed for the next 3045 minutes. The Perfecto gave a smooth vape. Flavor wise you could tell Bhang uses a natural oil (most likely coconut) instead of any glycol, along with the CO2 extracted cannabis oil. I tested both the Sativa and Indica pens. They both delivered on the packaging. I found the sativa to be very functional and mellow throughout the entire day. The indica definitely had a relaxing melt-into-the-couch-with-abucket-of-popcorn-and-a-marathon-of-AmericanDad vibe. To check out everything Bhang has to offer from their line of vape pens to their deliciously crafted chocolates go to 29

Featured Concentrate

Kosher Kush When the most awarded cannabis strain in history is processed with cutting edge extraction methods specifically geared towards maintaining the highest possible levels of terpenes, The Lab’s Kosher Kush Live Resin Batter is the result. This terpene-rich concentrate recently took home 1st Place BHO Extract honors at the 2014 The Hemp Connoisseur Championship.

it smells like you’ve just been dropped into a dense jungle of live Kosher Kush plants ready for harvest, with a pungent bouquet of sharp lemon-fuel and pine assaulting your olfactory receptors from all directions. Upon inhaling the dense fog of vapor released when a dab of Kosher Kush Live Resin Batter touches down on your nail, your pallet is besieged with mouthwatering true OG Kush flavor.

In order to preserve the highest levels of the robust natural terpenes found in the plant as possible, Live Resin is made by flash freezing freshly harvested flowers, then keeping the plant material below freezing throughout the entire closed loop extraction process. This raw Live Resin extract is then purged to ensure no residual solvents are left behind. All of the extra effort taken during these processes pays off serious dividends in the aroma and flavor departments, with live resin containing significantly higher terpene levels than typical extracts made from dried plant material. The end product looks like a glowing golden resin with a custard like consistency that readily adheres to your dab tool of choice.

The Lab is now offering Live Resin extract processing services for all Colorado Marijuana Centers, so if you’d like to see some Live Resin on the shelves of your favorite local dispensary, please let them know about these services provided by The Lab Infused Products (www. If you’d like to experience Kosher Kush Live Resin Batter for yourself, head to any of The Clinic Marijuana Center’s six Denver area locations (www., and grab yourself a gram or two of this exquisite cannabis extract delicacy.

Open up a small gram sized container of Kosher Kush Live Resin Batter, and

1st Place


30 July 2015 31

Hemp Eats

Cold, Creamy Avocado Summer Pasta Serves 4 Ingredients: 12 ounces cavatapi noodles (can use gluten free) 2 ripe avocados, insides scooped out ½ cup fresh basil leaves 2 Tablespoons fresh lemon juice 2 garlic cloves 2 Tablespoons hemp seeds Salt and pepper to taste 1/3 cup hemp oil 1 cup heirloom cherry tomatoes, halved or quartered 1 ear of corn, grilled and shaved off the cob optional: shaved parmesan Directions: Cook noodles according to package directions and place in a serving bowl. In a blender or food processor, combine avocados, basil leaves, lemon juice, garlic, hemp seeds, salt and pepper. Add in hemp oil 1 Tablespoon at a time until a nice creamy consistency is reached. Add to noodles and fold to combine. Top the pasta with cherry tomatoes and grilled corn (and shaved parm if using). Serve immediately.

Black Bean Salsa Makes one big bowl of goodness Ingredients: ½ cup hemp oil ½ cup vinegar ½ cup coconut sugar 2 cans black beans, drained and rinsed 2 cans shoepeg corn, drained ½ bunch of cilantro, chopped 1 -3.5oz container of crumbled feta cheese 2 Tablespoons hemp seeds Directions: Put black beans and corn in a large mixing bowl. Add in cilantro and feta cheese. In a small mixing bowl, combine hemp oil, vinegar and coconut sugar. Pour over the bean and corn mixture. Top with hemp seeds. Refrigerate for at at least an hour to allow flavors to set up, overnight is preferred. Serve with tortilla chips.

32 July 2015


The single-button control of the Indica vaporizer is not only ™

precise, it’s perfected. Engineered to quickly reach and consistently maintain exact temperatures, you are only moments from an ideal, sustained experience. · ©2015 Indica, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Patent pending. 33

Hot Spots

Black Hawk & Central City

Hilltop View of Black Hawk

Here in Colorado, very few things are as welcomed as summertime is. The onset of warm weather here in the Rockies means wildflowers, longer days, bike rides, happy hours on patios, hiking and more. But with these warm weather perks comes heat. The heat of the city can be quite intense at times. Instead of retreating indoors to veg out couch potato style, you might want to consider heading to the hills. Black Hawk and Central City offer a nice retreat from city life, and at about 50 minutes out of Denver, this is the perfect day trip. Heading west on Highway 6, winding through beautiful Clear Creek Canyon, you can start to feel the freshness of the cool mountain air. From 6, you turn onto Highway 119, which leads you directly into Black Hawk. On the way up, stop at Clear Creek Canyon Park to enjoy the rushing creek and snap some shots of Colorado’s majestic foothills. Upon entering the town, one is fronted with casinos upon casinos, but not Vegas-style. Picture old mining-town, rustic-looking buildings. Old, quaint lodges, new shiny mega hotels – there’s something for everyone’s gambling taste. Not into gambling? Just up the way from the casinos is a main street that

34 July 2015

contains restaurants, art galleries and cute little shops. Even farther up the way into Central City is one of the country’s most historic theaters, Teller House, which has a lot of history not to be missed while visiting. What once was a mining town is now bustling with gamblers, artists, hippies, families, you name it – Black Hawk and Central City welcome everyone. There are a few dispensary options up in Black Hawk and Central City if you forgot your meds or need to pick up some more. Black Hawk has Rocky Mountain Organics and Mountain High Apothecary. In Central City one can find The Annie’s (a Strainwise dispensary), Green Grass and Mother Lode. The 7 Healing Stars Oneness Center in Black Hawk is a fabulous collective of artists, healers, musicians, spiritualists, yoga instructors, leaders and more. From bicycle tours, to gold mining to gambling, these historic mountain towns offer an entertaining and historic retreat from Denver. Definitely put this on your to-do list this summer.

Clear Creek in Clear Creek Canyon

7 Healing Stars Oneness Center 440 Gregory Street, Black Hawk

Mardi Gras Casino 300 Main Street, Black Hawk

Teller House 120 Eureka Street, Central City

Ameristar Casino 111 Richman Street, Black Hawk

RMO Dispensary 120 Eureka Street, Central City 35

Cannabis News by DJ Reetz

Colorado Supreme Court Rules Against Cannabis Users In a shocking ruling for marijuana consumers, both medical and recreational, the Colorado Supreme Court ruled unanimously that employers have the right to terminate employees for off the clock marijuana use. The ruling in the Coats v. Dish Network case comes roughly five years after quadriplegic Brandon Coats was fired from his customer service job at Dish Network when a drug test showed the presence of marijuana in his system. Coats uses medical marijuana to help treat muscle spasms, and there were no allegations that he was medicating while at work.

Before booking a trip to Oregon however, it is important to note that the beginning of legalization does not mean legal sales have started. Most estimates as to when adult-use sales will begin put the date sometime in late 2016. In the mean time, some members of the state legislature are working to allow medical marijuana dispensaries the ability to sell to adult-use customers, which could go into effect later this year. The likelihood of this actually happening seems slim, as this scenario would go into effect prior to the regulatory and more importantly tax framework have been put in place.

Delaware Decriminalizes Cannabis

Coats’ attorney argued that his medical use of marijuana was protected under Colorado’s Lawful Activities statute, which prevents employers from firing employees for engaging in lawful activities while not at work, such as political activism and cigarette smoking. However, the Colorado justices ruled that the federal definition of legality supersedes the legality of the Colorado constitution as outlined in amendments 20 and 64, which legalized medicinal and adult-use cannabis respectively. Perhaps most shocking is the lack of a single dissenting opinion in the court’s decision.

Delaware has decriminalized possession of up to an ounce of cannabis thanks to a recent measure signed into law by Gov. Jack Markell. The measure was approved along clear party lines in the state senate, with Democrats supporting the measure while Republicans opposed it.

The reach of the precedent set by the case can’t be fully understood at this point but will likely be sweeping.

“The governor remains committed to reducing the number of people entering the criminal justice system and refocusing resources where they are needed most and House Bill 39 supports these efforts,” said Markell’s spokeswoman Kelly Bachman at the bill’s signing, according to

Canadian Supreme Court Rules Medical Marijuana Legal in All Forms A ruling by the Supreme Court of Canada will allow Canadian medical marijuana patients to consume their medicine in forms other than smokable flower. The unanimous ruling means that Canadian patients will now be able to make and consume edibles, tinctures, concentrates and any other marijuana derivatives without fear of facing possession or distribution charges. The ruling comes after a protracted legal battle stemming from the arrest of a member of a Canadian medical marijuana club who was caught with 200 marijuana-infused cookies and 26 jars of liquid marijuana product in 2009. Not everyone is happy with the court’s ruling, chief among them being Canadian Health Minister Rona Ambrose, who doesn’t seem to view marijuana as a valid treatment option as it is not recognized by Health Canada, the government body responsible for national public health. Ambrose has vowed to continue the fight against the plant saying, “We will continue to combat it. We will continue our anti-drug strategy, we will target youth with the message that marijuana pot is bad for them,” according to CBC.

Legalization Takes Effect in Oregon July 1 signifies the beginning of legalization in Oregon. Adults 21 and over will now be able to possess up to an ounce of marijuana on their person, possess up to eight ounces in their home and grow up to four plants at home.

36 July 2015

Residents of Delaware will no longer have to worry about criminal charges resulting from personal possession, though selling cannabis remains a crime and police are still authorized to confiscate any marijuana they come across.

Dispensary Workers Join Food Workers Union Employees at a Tacoma dispensary have voted to join the United Food and Commercial Workers Union. All eight employees of the currently medical only Cannabis Club Collective voted to join the union, giving them paid off time, healthcare benefits, a pension plan and standards for safety and filing grievances. In exchange for the perks and the added muscle of union representation, the workers are expected to have to pay $80 per month in union dues. The UFCW represents around 1.3 million workers and the addition of cannabis workers is the first of its kind. “We can move forward and have our families be able to be taken care of – insurance and medical coverage and sick leave and vacation time to be able to be with our kids and our families more – you, know, paid for that time,” said store manager Tim Moisio according to

Maine Legislature Overrides Veto to Allow Hemp Farming A bipartisan coalition of legislators in Maine’s House of Representatives and Senate has overturned a veto by Gov. Paul LePage that would have prevented the growing of industrial hemp for commercial and research purposes due to federal restrictions. Maine had previously legalized hemp, but wording in the statute prevented farmers from growing the plant without action from the federal government to remove hemp from the definition of marijuana or

Across the Globe express permission from the U.S. Department of Justice. The veto by LePage was aimed at an amendment removing this requirement. The amendment also contained an emergency clause that strips the usual 90-day period for a law to take effect and allow farmers to start growing hemp immediately. “I simply cannot support inadvertently putting Maine’s hard working farmers at risk of violating federal criminal laws, which is the practical effect of this bill,” said LePage in a statement explaining his reasoning for the veto. LePage, who has been described by Politico as “America’s craziest governor,” also said in his statement that there likely wasn’t a market for hemp products, making it not worth the cost for farmers to grow.

Representatives advanced a measure that would prevent legal sales of cannabis from occurring in Washington D.C. until at least 2017. While the measure would prevent sales from taking place, it does not repeal the overwhelmingly supported Initiative 71, meaning that possessing, growing and exchanging cannabis remains legal in the nation’s capital provided no money changes hands. Washington D.C. has no voting representatives in Congress, making the decision something that residents had no control over, though the 70 percent approval of the legalization measure would seem to indicate that residents are in favor of legal sales as well.

Medical Cannabis Research Made Slightly Kentucky Hemp Seed to Be Destroyed Before Easier it Can Be Used The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has removed one of the hurdles for researchers hoping to investigate the efficacy of cannabis as a treatment option for sick patients. Researchers will no longer have to submit their proposals for a review from a Public Health Services board, removing one step in the cumbersome process necessary for cannabis trials, which has been the only type of medical trial that requires this extra step. Cannabis trials will still need the approval from the FDA, a permit from the DEA, and the actual cannabis will still have to come from the single federally approved source at the National Institute on Drug Abuse, all historically difficult obstacles to marijuana research. “I think it’s a sensible change; but people are being delusional if they think this will result in a flood of research on the drug,” said anti-marijuana activist Kevin Sabet of Smart Approaches to Marijuana, according to the Washington Post.

South Dakota Indian Tribe Legalizes Cannabis Cannabis may soon be legal on the Flandreau Santee Sioux Indian Reservation in South Dakota thanks to efforts from the tribe that followed recent federal guidelines granting tribal sovereignty on the issue of cannabis legalization. The tribe plans to open a facility that will sell marijuana one gram at time to adults 21 and over, and offer medical marijuana to younger patrons with a doctor’s referral. The plan also includes a provision for a three-member marijuana control commission to handle regulation, and purchase would require a registration card. The Flandreau Santee Sioux have previously legalized casino gambling on the reservation, and tribal leaders are drawing the comparison to marijuana legalization. If all goes according to plan, the sale of cannabis on the reservation could begin as early as this fall.

Marijuana Sales Outlawed for Two Years in D.C.

After a hard-fought battle to import hemp seed, Kentucky hemp growers may lose more than three tons of seed as a result of a German seed exporter’s inability to properly fill out the necessary paperwork. The hemp seed represents roughly a quarter of the seed bound for Kentucky’s research crops, but may actually represent only five percent of the total acreage since it was destined for smaller projects. The lacking paperwork is not exclusive to the importation of hemp, and is standard in ensuring that imported plants and seeds meet health standards outlined by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

Congress Votes to Protect State Cannabis Laws, Restrain DEA As part of a vote on the Fiscal Year 2016 Commerce, Justice, and Science Appropriations bill, members of the U.S. House of Representatives voted to remove federal interference in state medical marijuana and hemp laws while stripping money from the DEA marijuana eradication program. A series of amendments to the spending bill will prohibit federal agencies from interfering in state-sanctioned medical marijuana programs, protect CBD only laws in states that have passed more limited measures, and protect state hemp laws. While many of these measures were approved last year, the reauthorization comes with wider support from House Republicans this year, and a notable inclusion strips funding from the DEA’s marijuana eradication efforts, relocating $9 million for police body cameras. Another notable amendment also removes the legal authority of the DEA to collect bulk electronic communication while investigating drug cases. “Congress dealt a major blow to the DEA by ending their invasive and offensive bulk data collection programs and by cutting their budget,” said Bill Piper, director of national affairs for the Drug Policy Alliance in a press release.

As part of a budget bill last month, Republicans in the U.S. House of 37

Run Bernie Run

Vermont’s idealist senator is bidding for the Oval Office Bernie Sanders is a blustery Brooklyn ex-pat who might remind you of a Berkeley-tinged political science professor: rumpled suit, hair every-whichway, tie askew. Like that old professor, he doesn’t much care what you think, he’s going to tell you what he thinks and you’re going to like it. Bernie is running for President of the United States, throwing his beat-up fedora into the ring with the sleek, meticulous, and carefully haberdashed beret of Hillary Clinton. Former Maryland Gov. Martin O’Malley has also declared as a Democrat along with Rhode Island’s former Gov. Lincoln Chaffee, but most prognosticators say the fight for the nomination will boil down to Sanders and Clinton. Since the advent of the television era, when the young and dashingly handsome JFK trounced the jowl-cheeked Nixon in the first televised debate with his good looks alone, it seems Americans like to elect the prom king as president; someone who is attractive, likeable, and athletic. Bernie Sanders is no prom king; he’s the guy with the flask in his pocket spiking the prom punchbowl. Elected to the House of Representatives in 1990 then Senate in 2006, Sanders represents Vermont, and though he identifies as an Independent, he caucuses with the Democrats. In most elections since then, Bernie has handily defeated his opponents. His political beginnings go way back to the early ‘70s when he joined the anti-Vietnam War Liberty Union Party, a non-violent socialist party. During that era, he ran for and lost several elections, but in 1981 he finally won, beating a six-term incumbent to become the new Mayor of Burlington, where he stayed until 1989. New York Magazine recently wrote, “To know why we may soon be living in a however unlikely Bernie Sanders moment, it is useful to know the state of Vermont, the state Sanders has represented in Congress for 24 years.” Vermont was its own nation with its own Constitution signed in a tavern on a stormy night in 1777. “The Vermont Constitution forbade slavery and guaranteed suffrage to male non-land owners. In other words, it offered more freedom than the famous document promulgated by the vaunted U.S. Founding Fathers and ratified in 1789.” Sanders enjoys rock star status in his home state, and Vermonters turn out in large numbers at the polls to keep him in Washington. Politico says that “he won 71 percent of the vote in 2012, his most recent election. That’s better than President Barack Obama fared in the state.” Sanders says he is a democratic socialist and also a populist; he wants the people of this country to have their voice heard over the din of the grinding machinations of Washington. Sanders rattles off how “46 million Americans are now in poverty, some 40 million Americans still don’t have

38 July 2015

by Erin Hiatt

health insurance. Did you know that the top 25 hedge fund managers in the country make enough to pay the salaries of more than 425,000 public school teachers? Is anything likely to change?” He laments that “60 percent of the people don’t vote, 75 percent of low-income people don’t vote, and 80 percent of people between 18 and 21 don’t vote.” Ah, yes, getting voter turnout, a never-ending Sisyphean task heavy with apathy and helplessness. Anecdotally, young voters turn out on election day when there are issues on the ballot that they care about, and polls show that both Republican and Democrat millennials support the legalization of marijuana in a big way. Troy Smit, Executive Director of NORML Long Island believes that “popular opinion has pegged the War on Drugs as a complete failure in our country. There is no doubt in my mind that we are now fighting a downhill battle with momentum and public support on our side.” If what Smit says is true, then Sanders’ views are in step with what Americans want. outlines Sanders’ positions on all things drugs: he voted “no” on military border patrols to battle drugs and terrorism and “no” again to subjecting federal employees to random drug tests. He cosponsored the States Rights to Medical Marijuana Act, which would protect people from federal prosecution and interference where medical marijuana is legal, and co-sponsored and signed the Industrial Hemp Farming Act, which excludes hemp from the definition of marijuana. Recently, Sanders indicated that “he supported his home state of Vermont’s decision to decriminalize small of amounts of personal pot,” wrote Politico. He compellingly went on to say that “Colorado has led the effort towards legalizing marijuana and I’m going to watch very closely the pluses and minuses of what they have done.” Clinton’s view on drug policy is decidedly more judicial yet passive in scope, focusing more on sentencing and harm reduction, specifically in regard to cocaine. She, at best, seems ambivalent about marijuana reform. In fact, Clinton still likes to trot out the old “gateway drug” pony, a trope long-ago corralled for its sepia-hued rhetoric. If anything, she will leave things as they are and let the states sort things out. Or, as Allen St. Pierre, Executive Director of National NORML observes about Clinton, “She is so politically pragmatic, if she has to find herself running against a conservative Republican in 2016, I am fearful that when it comes to this issue that she is going to tack more to the middle. And the middle in this issue tends to tack more to the conservative side.”

Smit says that “in terms of policy, there are many items on our causes agenda that both of these [sic] have failed to satisfy.” He continues, saying, “Sanders’ views, especially on the War on Drugs, lean more left than Clinton’s” For Sanders, possibly legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana is only one item on his progressive to-do list, and far from being, as Congressman John K. Delaney opined in a Washington Post op-ed piece, “The last thing America needs; a left-wing version of the Tea Party,” Sanders has big plans for change that Americans largely support, all spelled out on his webpage, rebuild our decrepit infrastructure, directly attack climate change, reform tax law, protect poverty-stricken Americans, make sure all Americans have healthcare, smash up the big banks, enact trade policies that benefit American workers, ensure that women are given equal pay for equal work, make the minimum wage a living wage, create worker co-ops, grow the trade union movement, and overturn the Supreme Court’s campaign finance reform destructor Citizens United. Sound too good to be true? Former Rep. Joe Moakley (D-Mass) said that Sanders is “out there wailing on his own. He screams and hollers, but he is all alone.”

Bill Moyers wrote for Salon that, “The progressive agenda isn’t ‘left wing.’ The progressive agenda is America’s story. At their core, the New Deal, Fair Deal, and Great Society programs were aimed at assuring every child of a decent education, every worker a decent wage, and every senior a decent retirement; if that’s extreme, so are the Declaration of Independence and the Preamble to the Constitution.” Steve Hendricks noted in the Columbia Journalism Review that “Hillary Clinton’s ‘corporatism,’ wed to her social liberalism and her imperial hawkishness appeals to those in the moneyed Second and journalistic Fourth Estates who would embrace Republicanism but for its misogynistic, homophobic, racist, science-denying core.” Both Sanders and Clinton are drawing large crowds at their appearances, and though national polls show that Sanders is trailing Clinton by a very large gap, in the Wisconsin Straw Poll, Clinton only grabbed an eight percent win, which may be a little close for comfort. A man known only as Tom in Manchester, New Hampshire exclaimed, “Bernie Sanders for President? Are you frickin’ kidding me? He’s a Commie. Is that even legal, a communist President?” We shall see.

Sanders indicated that “he supported his home state of Vermont’s decision to decriminalize small of amounts of personal pot...Colorado has led the effort towards legalizing marijuana...” 39

High Urban Hikes by DJ Reetz

With so many cannabis related companies and events popping up around Colorado these days, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. Trudging through the mountain of supposedly “420 friendly” things to do can get a little exhausting, especially when those events all come with the caveat that consumption is strictly prohibited. For marijuana enthusiasts, finding an entertaining way to spend an afternoon while nicely toasted can be overwhelming in concept, yet paradoxically underwhelming in practice. I was lucky enough to attend one such event in the form of a beta hike put on by High Urban Hikes, a new walking tour of Denver that is promoted as a historical romp for those under the influence of THC. The hike began outside the Brown Palace Hotel, the long-standing center of Denver’s socialite circle, where the upper crust used to come for clandestine liaisons with ladies of the evening afforded them by a subterranean tunnel connecting to what used to be a brothel that still stands across the street (though it no longer operates as such, at least to my knowledge). It was at this cultural landmark that the small group coalesced around tour guide and HUH founder Amy Rohrer, a small, eccentric woman with a passion for cannabis as well as the cultural and artistic history of the city with a zesty attitude to match. “Legalization is patriotic,” says Rohrer from behind star-shaped American flag sunglasses, a reference to the title of this particular hike, the Pot is Patriotic Tour. It’s not just a love of the city that has brought this group together, it’s a love of the social progress around cannabis, and it’s influence on the ever developing culture. Rohrer says she first got the idea for the hike after a stoned stroll of her own. After reacquainting herself with cannabis and finding today’s smokable flower too strong for her liking, an edible-enhanced walk set Rohrer’s curiosity ablaze so to speak. “There were just these little gems everywhere I went,” says Rohrer, and with cannabis opening her mind’s eye in new and interesting ways, she began to absorb the myriad cultural and artistic beauties that populate the city. “I started to get to know the people,” she says, getting a more attuned knowledge of the city she had lived in as a young woman and grown reacquainted with upon moving back in 2011. “The marijuana just made it all the more better,” she says. “It truly made me feel better about everything.” The experience was eye opening, prompting a newfound connectedness with the city, she says, and stirred the idea of HUH. “How can I have the high of being a tourist in my own town?” posits Rohrer. The answer: a stoner-friendly walking tour. Now a certified international tour director, Rohrer led our group around some of the iconic parts of downtown. After interrupting high tea at the Brown Palace, the tour took us south to the Kit Carson monument at the corner of Broadway and Colfax, replete with facts about the historical origins of the city and the statues, architecture and people that made it happen. From here, the group hopped the 16th street mall ride down to Union Station, touring some of the revered drinking establishments. Along the way, Rohrer would stop to ask trivia questions, with a correct answer

40 July 2015

While smoking up on the hike is discouraged — a pre-hike email warned “Any obvious consumption on the hike may draw peace officers!” — I went, as usual, unharassed as I puffed away on my portable vaporizer as I walked around the city. For the time being liability issues prevent Rohrer from offering dosed treats to hikers, so pre-consumption is the recommended course of action. The hike is a return to the boosterism that Rohrer is keen to point out played such a large roll in the foundation of the city and the state, and her passion for it shows through in her bubbling enthusiasm. It’s not just about marijuana, and it’s not just about the rich history of Denver, it’s really about the marriage of the two. If a jaded townie like myself can enjoy an afternoon walking around like a tourist, then there is definitely something worthwhile to it. Check out for a list of upcoming tours.

earning a random prize ranging from marijuana swag to dried geckos (still not sure what I’m supposed to do with them besides freak my girlfriend out). The tour concluded with a walk past the Museum of Contemporary art along Cherry Creek to the Denver Center for the Performing Arts before ending at the Convention Center’s iconic blue bear. 41

Lupus and Medical Marijuana 42 July 2015

by Dr Nicola Davies


estimonies from people claiming that smoking a joint or taking hemp extract has helped their symptoms of lupus abound in the media with some users elevating the healing qualities of the cannabis sativa plant to almost magical status.

While authorities worry about the psychoactive properties of the THC content of cannabis sativa, researchers are honing in on the nonpsychoactive components of the plant, particularly cannabidiol (CBD). Compounds within cannabis and their effect There are two types of cannabis sativa, one with more THC and the other with very small amounts. Usually the plants with less THC contain higher levels of CBD. As a medicine CBD is of great value, as it does not produce the side effects associated with plants with high THC levels. This substance is attracting more attention as doctors discover new effects on the human immune system. The cells of our central nervous system contain type 1 cannabinoid receptors (CB1) and these are located mainly in the brain. Type 2 cannabinoid receptors (CB2) are spread around the body in the peripheral nervous system, together with some CB1 receptors. THC may interfere with CB1 to produce the high and giggles associated with the use of marijuana, whereas CBD does not interfere with the user’s psychological and psychomotor functions. Both substances, however, reduce the pain and inflammation associated with lupus, which is why some sufferers like to smoke a joint or use hemp extract to alleviate their symptoms. To date, research has focused mainly on animal studies and has indicated that CBD has the following effects: it reduces nausea, suppresses seizure activity, combats tumor and cancer cell growth, combats inflammatory disorders, has anti-oxidant properties that help in neurodegenerative disorders and helps in cases of anxiety and depression – all good news for lupus sufferers.

How lupus affects the body

Cannabis can help Research has shown that both THC and CBD work by changing critical molecules of epigenomes called histones. A complete set of DNA in a cell is called an epigenome and it tells the cell what to do by encoding for certain proteins – basically if it is a skin cell it must behave like a skin cell. Histones are spool-like proteins that wrap the DNA molecules into chromosomes that are inside the nucleus of the cell. Certain chemicals can change how tightly the histones wrap the DNA. If too tight they can prevent the gene encoding a protein within the cell – effectively turning the gene off. If loosening occurs, due to the chemical attaching onto the tail of the histone, then a formerly inactive gene may be turned on. This alteration leads to reducing inflammation in the body, and it is this reduction that can help people cope with lupus.

Heart, lungs and kidneys can be affected With lupus, the pleura and pericardium tissues that cover the lungs and heart respectively can be inflamed; however, it is uncommon for the organs themselves to be affected. About 33 percent of people with lupus develop kidney inflammation leading to protein and blood leaking into the urine. Again this does not cause problems unless the lupus is very severe. As with most debilitating illnesses, depression can follow but it is not usually caused by lupus itself.

Effect on the brain Because lupus results in general inflammation the brain is not exempt. Lupus patients may experience headaches, dizziness, even seizures and psychosis where the patient may have delusions, paranoia and hallucinations. Roughly 50 percent of people with lupus find it difficult to concentrate, struggle to remember things and are sometimes confused. Although this may not be noticeable to others, the person to whom this is happening will realize that things are not quite right. It is important to establish whether this is caused by the lupus or whether there is another cause.

Normally, the body’s immune system creates proteins (antibodies) in order to fight off viruses and bacteria by identifying another type of protein (antigens) on their surfaces. Lupus confuses the immune system so that it cannot tell the difference between the antigens on viruses and bacteria and its own healthy tissue. The immune system then attacks and kills both the invaders and the healthy cells resulting in inflammation, pain, and longterm tissue damage. This is why lupus is called an autoimmune disease – the body’s immune system is attacking its own healthy cells

Relief provided by cannabidiol

People with lupus have symptoms varying in severity. Most suffer from fatigue, weight loss and a slightly raised temperature. They may develop joint pains and stiffness that is worse in the morning. Usually the many small bones in the hands and feet are more severely affected. The pain also tends to move from area to area but fortunately, although a little swelling may be experienced, it does not usually lead to arthritis. Sufferers will find skin exposed to the sun, like hands and face, are often sensitive to sunlight and the cheeks and nose develop the red butterfly rash typical of lupus.

According to scientific studies, regulating inflammatory responses in lupus may be achieved through what is known as the peripheral cannabinoid receptor (CB2) coupled to G protein receptors primarily in immune cells. It is possible that when CB2 are stimulated, they induce leukocytes (cells within the blood and bodily fluids), to migrate to the sites of infection and inflammation thus playing a role in regulating the inflammatory response.

Systemic lupus erythematosus (SLE) patients will usually have joint pains, skin rashes and tiredness. Impaired kidney, heart and brain function can occur in severe cases. Discoid lupus results only in skin rashes and the typical red butterfly marking across the nose and cheeks.

Women more likely to suffer from lupus Women are ten times more likely to develop lupus than men and it typically occurs in women between the ages of 20-40 years, although people of all ages can be affected. Reasons for the onset of lupus are unclear but it is thought that it may be triggered by some medication, infection and even sunlight. Hormonal changes in women are also thought to play a role, which might explain why the prevalence is higher in women.

Relief from pain and inflammation can be achieved by taking capsules containing CBD but these are not easy to find. Hemp extract can be high in CBD but contains negligible THC and can be taken daily. Some people even juice the leaves of their CBD rich plants to obtain relief. It is reported that the cannabis allows them to regain their appetite and improve food digestion.

CBD does this through activating RHoA GTPases, which are a small group of G proteins. The G proteins act as molecular switches. A ligand is a signaltriggering molecule that binds onto a target protein at a particular site. The peripheral cannabinoid receptor (CB2) ligands may have a role to play in regulating the excessive inflammation of the body when lupus is present, causing the cells not to be so hyper responsive. There is a need for more scientific research to be done on the effects on humans. Lupus patients in search of a cure, however, cannot wait for long-term studies to be completed and have been going ahead with selfmedication if the country in which they live bans all products derived from cannabis sativa. In more enlightened countries they are able to buy medical marijuana products specifically for medical use. Users are reporting that they are getting relief from the symptoms of their disease. Certainly they have a better quality of life. Meanwhile, research is on-going into whether, in addition to providing relief, the CBD in cannabis can actually cure lupus by causing cells to change the way they function. 43

The High and the Mighty by Loring Green

44 July 2015


seriously doubt there are any kids out there that when asked what they wanted to be when they grow up said, “I want to be a volunteer activist.” Although I had some good examples in my family, it wasn’t high on my list. I wanted to be a hero, a cowboy or a policeman, at least until I was old enough to appreciate what a tough job being a cop is, especially a good, disciplined one. Take for instance, the Federal Air Marshals I spoke to last October in Los Angeles. These guys call themselves FAMS and fly on our commercial passenger flights all over the world to protect us from possible future 9/11 events, and so far so good.

FAMS are recruited from other law enforcement agencies such as the ATF, FBI, DEA and the military. They must be dead-on, expert marksmen with a handgun to make the cut. Every day, in every city in the U.S. and abroad, these guys come to work with their bags packed knowing that they may have to take a life or lose theirs to save a plane full of passengers from becoming a captive weapon against the homeland. This is a tough, silent, anonymous, breed of law enforcement that train intensely, then sit stoically and focused so the rest of us can sleep safely while flying to visit mom and dad for the holidays. All of that training, however, could not have prepared these heroes for what they would encounter on that fated October morning on the far side of the Los Angeles airport. Little did they know that they would be held hostage by the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC), a rather obscure organization by and for Federal Employees that promotes philanthropy for various charities, such as Wounded Warriors, Pets for Vets and my own cause, the Multi-disciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). Indeed, they were my captives that morning, and my “mission impossible” was to reeducate them about using Schedule 1 drugs for healing before asking them for their money. What’s so hard about that? As usual, I arrived just in the nick of time to encounter my first victim, Jason, a Supervisory Federal Air Marshal at the Los Angeles Field Office. The snarling beast I anticipated was actually quite amiable, handsome, and impeccably dressed. With his standard issue ID badge hanging loosely around his neck, Jason ushered in a weary-eyed group of spokespeople up an elevator and down a long gray hallway lined with photos and plaques honoring the FAMS for their marksmanship and other feats of endurance. Eventually we were led into a large, fluorescent-lit room full of toned, able-bodied men, casually chatting and slurping up coffee. Half a dozen charities were being represented that morning. Instead of my usual rant about the virtues of cannabis, I was there to speak on behalf of M.A.P.S. and their “infamously” successful MDMA trials for treating PTSD around the world. For those of you who don’t know, MDMA is similar to but (if pure) vastly different than the outlawed street drug “ecstasy,” a Schedule 1 drug wrongfully condemned by policy makers and the DEA. Since FAMS are recruited from law enforcement, including the DEA, they know what MDMA is, or at least they think they know. I could have flipped over the proverbial apple cart with a clash of information and cultures, detailing that MDMA increases both serotonin, associated with happiness, and oxytocin, otherwise known as the “love hormone,” but I kept reminding myself that I was there to build bridges not walls. I didn’t know much about FAMS prior to that day. All I knew was that I would be addressing a room full of cops who may or may not appreciate this new information, and having been forcefully arrested out of my own home (naked no less) for two joints while on a powerful psychedelic at twenty years old, my own PTSD was lurking in the background. Already edgy, I really didn’t need that second cup of French roast that was now coursing through my veins. What I needed was a hit off of a joint, a nice sativa hybrid to keep me calm and alert. So what was I doing there, am I masochistic with a death wish? No, not quite, but from a healing standpoint, if there’s no pain, there’s no gain. You know how it goes. Maybe what I really needed was to just “be here now” and

appreciate how the tables have turned from my front row seat. Luckily, the event kicked off with one of the other charities, Pets for Vets. Their speaker brought a small, friendly, black and white pooch with floppy ears that warmed up these early morning warriors with a wagging tail, a wet tongue, and a warm belly. The stage was now set for the headliner. Suddenly, it was my turn to speak the unspeakable. As I approached the podium, I boldly greeted the crowd with a loud “heads- up!” and tossed a half dozen small blue rubber “stress” balls into the now smiling mob. Their quick reflexes were evident as barely a ball hit the ground. I calmly setup my cracked iPad and began to tell them about a young Iraqi war veteran named Tony Macie. Tony is a Sergeant in the U.S. Army who served a 15-month tour in Iraq in 2006 and 2007. Upon his return he was diagnosed with PTSD, and was heavily self-medicating. Deemed “treatment resistant” after trying different therapies to no avail, Tony got his lucky break when he qualified for an alternative treatment using MDMA in conjunction with psychotherapy. Such trials have been approved by federal authorities to determine whether MDMA could help patients with PTSD. Tony’s trials worked so well that he stopped taking all other medications and began to lead a life no longer affected by PTSD. Now Tony is healed and sharing his story at other CFC meetings around the nation. As I relayed Tony’s story, I scanned the crowd and noticed some eyes pop and jaws drop. I was greatly relieved when I reached the part of my speech that revealed that our trials are FDA approved, so there would be no need to put me on a watch list, I pleaded. There were a few chuckles which helped relax me and melt the tension in the room. But the humor was short lived, as the subject is a deadly serious one. With 22 veterans a day committing suicide this is no laughing matter. And using psychedelics to treat them was a new twist that they weren’t expecting to hear so early in the day from this very guarded erudite activist from the Multi-Disciplinary Association of what? Psychedelic Studies! Yes, I said it out loud. Now there was blood in the water. Some of these cops have probably arrested dozens of folks like me for possession of psychedelics and now I’m telling this heavily indoctrinated room full of cops that this substance can actuality heal and has little to no downside or risk when used appropriately. Then came the pitch: Please donate to M.A.P.S. so that we may continue these trials. The irony was not lost on me, and at that point all I wanted to do was cuddle up with that puppy. Fortunately I was armed with good, hard, relevant, peer-reviewed, scientific data confirming that in over 900 documented cases of the use of MDMA there has only been one drug related “serious adverse event” from which the patient fully recovered. I enunciated every word like it was my last hope of getting out of the room alive. But my urgency to retreat to my car and find my own personal happy place was trumped by the urgency of this cause. Currently $1.5 million is spent over a single veteran’s life to ineffectively treat PTSD. M.A.P.S. hopes to push MDMA into a prescription medicine by 2021 but sooner is so much better. With today’s death rate of 22 suicides a day on average, the number jumps to over 48,000 suicides—that’s 48,000 veterans who might be saved by a more effective and cheaper solution! I suppose a good activist can expect a few nasty glares if he or she is doing their job right. But what I wasn’t expecting was the enthusiastic applause my speech received. I was deeply touched. Clearly either I had made an impression or there were already many believers in the audience. Either way, the morning left me with hope that I may live to see the end of America’s war on drugs. Hopefully none of these guys will ever endure PTSD, but in this world, what are the chances? And as for my PTSD, it was a good start, but I still need one of those puppies. 45

Can POTUS Rise Again? Fighting for the rights that A64 promised by DJ Reetz

On the afternoon of April 18 the city of Denver was alive with the excitement of Cannabis. It was 4/20 weekend, the legal celebration of cannabis was in full effect, and all over the city cannabis enthusiasts congregated to bask in the revelry. The city pulsed with excitement, having earned the status as a marijuana Mecca after being the first place in the nation to allow recreational sales the year before.

By the end of the ordeal, six people were taken in handcuffs to DPD headquarters for questioning. Only three of them were charged. Jetter and another budtender with misdemeanor distribution of less than four ounces, and Jetter’s partner Ed Couse, who was charged with operating an unlicensed marijuana business. The doorman was also cited for acting as a business guard without a license.

But not everyone was celebrating. As the clock approached 4:20, a coalition made up of the Denver Police Department’s Marijuana 90s task force, vice unit, gang task force, excise and license and the Special Crime Attack Team were waiting near a rather innocuous building on west Alameda in Denver. Their target: POTUS, or People of the United States, a marijuana club that had been open for less than two months.

The scene was all too familiar. Slightly over a month prior on March 11 a similar bust had occurred when two undercovers infiltrated the club and purchased marijuana from Jetter. That day had also ended with a misdemeanor distribution charge for Jetter, while Couse was cited for violating Colorado’s Clean Indoor Air Act, though that charge was later changed to one of operating an unlicensed marijuana business. Rivera was one of the undercovers in the March sting, and had seemingly gained access the second time using the same membership he had signed up for during the first operation.

Inside the club over a hundred people were enjoying the festivities. Within POTUS the open consumption of marijuana was allowed, unlike nearly everywhere else in the city. A selection of glassware was available for use by all in attendance, members who had filled out extensive membership application forms and verified that they were over the age of 21. The interior of the club was laid out similarly to establishments that serve alcohol. Tables set up around the room offered patrons a place to sit as they passed their bongs, dab rigs, blunts, bowls and joints. There was even a bar where those who came unprepared could acquire cannabis through a reimbursement model similar to that used by clubs in Colorado Springs and other, less restrictive areas. The building, formerly a swingers club, even had more private areas upstairs for smaller groups. This particular Saturday, the club was at its busiest, packed with cannabis enthusiasts glad to have a private venue in which they could celebrate their safe, legal intoxication. But there were two partygoers in attendance who were not enjoying the scene. Jason Rivera and Chad Kendall, two undercover police officers there to conduct a sting. Rivera, already a member of the club at the time, and Kendall, who filled out the extensive membership process the day before in order to gain access, approached the bar and each separately asked for $60 worth of reimbursed marijuana. In his report, Rivera would later detail asking for several different varieties such as Bruce Banner and Girl Scout cookies before settling on Maui Apple. Behind the bar, Chris Jetter, one of the club’s operators, was happy to oblige. The men, audio surveillance equipment discreetly hidden by their clothes, gave the signal, they had completed the purchase. At roughly 3:45, less than an hour before 4:20, there was a powerful knock at the door. The young doorman opened to find a gaggle of uniformed police officers waiting to storm the premises, in possession of a search warrant they were reluctant to show to those inside.

46 July 2015

The March 11 sting had come just weeks after the club had opened its doors for the first time in late February, and the promptness of police interest in the club may have been tied to the efforts of Couse for transparency. Couse had previously founded MJ Proper, a marijuana growers collective that had operated a delivery service that functioned under the same reimbursement model used at POTUS by which marijuana is given to adults of age with the expectation that the cost of production will be reimbursed to the person providing it. Couse had been charged with misdemeanor distribution as a result, and when prosecutors dropped the case due to the fact that Couse’s actions were technically legal under Amendment 64, he was warned that he would have to find a brick and mortar location if he was to continue to serve 21 plus adults in such a manner. He took the warning to heart, and he and Jetter began looking for a suitable location, eventually settling on an old swingers club that was already zoned for the mixed commercial/residential and assembly requirements they would need. Couse was to handle the memberships and maintain the establishment, while Jetter’s non-profit Blue Mountains would provide cannabis for reimbursement. Just to be sure he wouldn’t attract any unwelcome heat, Couse sent out several certified letters notifying city officials of his intent, one to the City Attorney, one to the Assistant City Attorney, one to the prosecutor who had handled his previous case, and one to the judge on his previous case. It was an attempt by Couse to ensure that the legal intention be known by authorities, and potentially give them an opportunity to object before things really got started.

“Criminals don’t send out certified registered letters,” says Jetter. “If you have criminal intent you’re not looking to notify public officials as far as what you’re doing, when you’re doing it and how you’re doing it.” “The model was really scrutinized for legal reasons before we ever entered into it, in fact we had been looking at this model for the better part of two years to make sure that we could maneuver properly,” he says. “We did everything legally. We did everything according to code, we did everything according to Amendment 64, we did everything within the scope of the law, and we even put the officials on notice. It’s definitely disheartening when you do all of those things and for your efforts you get undercover cops [shutting down your business] and ultimately charged [with a crime].” After the first raid yielded only misdemeanors and the seizure of the cannabis on hand, Jetter and Couse felt they had a case they could beat given Couse’s earlier success defending the MJ Proper charges. But while the charges stemming from the raid on 4/20 were identical to the earlier raid on POTUS, the intent of law enforcers this time was much more clearly an attempt to drive a stake through the heart of the club. This time in addition to seizing the larger amount of cannabis and cannabis products that was on hand for 4/20, the police ransacked the property, taking the $160 out of the cash register, slightly over $600 from two cash boxes behind the bar, over $7,000 from a safe, and a dozen computers that

introducing a measure for approval by Denver voters — dubbed for the time being the Limited Social Marijuana Consumption Initiative — that would allow for clubs such as POTUS and the Grassroots Break Room to exist, and even expand consumption of marijuana to designated areas at adults-only establishments such as bars, provided they are shielded from public view. Tvert, who many consider the face of Amendment 64 and serves as communications director for the Marijuana Policy Project, says he sees the measure as a codification of the promises made in Colorado’s historic amendment. While 64 includes language barring open and public consumption of marijuana, the intent of the amendment was always to allow business owners to make the decision as to whether or not to allow marijuana consumption on their property. “The goal is to really clarify the law,” says Tvert. “It shouldn’t take a business owner being treated like a criminal.” The attitudes reflected by these overreaching enforcement actions are not in line with Denver voters, says Tvert, and so the initiative aims to take the discretion that city officials have thus far been misusing away from them and definitively allow a place for marijuana users to consume, be they locals, or tourists who currently find themselves without a place to do so. “Denver city officials did not take action and really dropped the ball,” says

At roughly 3:45, less than an hour before 4:20, there was a powerful knock at the door. The young doorman opened to find a gaggle of uniformed police officers waiting to storm the premises, in possession of a search warrant they were reluctant to show to those inside. were used to register new members. But the damage wasn’t just in taken money and property, the damage to the piece of mind of members was something that might be harder to recover. “People are afraid of the police, people don’t want to be in the position that I’m in, people don’t want to be prosecuted, they don’t want to have to get up and go to court dates and face judges and lawyers,” says Jetter. “I don’t like doing it either.” In addition to the criminal charges and confiscations, the city also filed a nuisance abatement claim, effectively banning any of the club’s operators from returning to the premises. It was the final blow, and POTUS was finally shut for what may be the last time. But the raid at POTUS wasn’t the only enforcement action that seemed to target celebrations on 4/20 weekend. On April 19, police also shut down the Break Room at the Grassroots store in LoDo. Here operators had been offering a private members-only area for the consumption of cannabis by adults over the age of 21, unlike POTUS however, there was no reimbursement model, making it a strictly BYO bud venue. That didn’t mean much to law enforcement, who charged the business owners with operating a marijuana business without a license and violating the clean indoor air act. The Grassroots store now faces eviction from the building. If the situation in Denver seems bleak, a new proposal aimed specifically at allowing consumption of marijuana in something resembling a public manner may offer some hope. Marijuana activists Mason Tvert, in conjunction with the cannabis lawyer Brian Vicente, is in the process of

Tvert. While other parts of the state have either directly addressed the issue of marijuana consumption, such as Pueblo, or tacitly allowed it the way Colorado Springs has, Denver refuses such action that would undoubtedly benefit its tourism industry. “It’s really irrational and just part of this antiquated point of view that we think the voters in Denver don’t support,” says Tvert. The proposed ordinance is still currently in the developmental stages though, with potential for changes during the review and comment hearings that the city clerk mandates before an initiative can begin collecting signatures. But if all goes well, the collection of the 4,700 signatures required for the ordinance to be brought in front of voters this November could begin soon. Hopefully, the precarious situation cannabis users in Denver find themselves in will soon be resolved in their favor, and cannabis will take one step closer to actually being treated like alcohol as was promised when voters passed Amendment 64 in 2012. In the mean time, Jetter and others like him face a treacherous legal battle that has no guarantee of victory, despite all assurances. “If and when Mitch Morrissey and the District Attorney’s office drops this case and/or we get an acquittal through a jury, well, we’re planning on going right back into the model,” says Jetter. “And anybody else that needs assistance in propping up a cannabis bar in the city of Denver or anywhere else in Colorado for that matter, give us a call and we’ll provide a legal avenue for you to do that within the constitution.” 47


Ventilation Part 2 The Stealth home system

Wattup Colorado! Hope everyone is having an awesome summer and whoever was growing outside did not get killed by the crazy hailstorms we’ve been having. I know one person for sure lost most of his crop during one of our previous hail storms. Sorry Bro…you know Bubba loves you! I am very lucky to have good bubbas and smart people around me. I like people that can do things better than myself because it forces me to always improve my systems and gives me new ideas to build. My friend that designed the system I am about to show you really did it right for a home grow. I will walk you through this stealth home ventilation system that he built in this issue. I hope it gives you a lot of ideas too. The system I’m about to show you is a beefed up basic system with a few added doodads for ultimate smell and sound protection. I have made a diagram that should be easy enough to follow. I have also included pictures of most of the major parts needed for this installation. Be sure to measure everything out as to make sure everything will fit firstly. After measuring, gathering all your duct tape, tools and equipment, it’s time to build and get bloody. I always cut the shit out of myself doing major ductwork so wear a good pair of mechanic’s gloves. They have the best protection and enough sensitivity to pick up small things like screws. Let’s start with the line that will exhaust your lights and also assist in the buffer room. Start with hanging the ionizer in the buffer room. Exhaust from an ionizer is not safe for humans and animals to breath for any real amount of time. It’s not going to kill you if you are around the exhaust for a minute or so, but don’t hang around the outlet where you exhaust. Fortunately, it does dissipate quickly when mixed with outside air. Also remember to always pull air over your lights so no ozone will leak into the buffer room with this assembly. You will be safe if it goes into the garage as long as you don’t hang out in there for too long. Your buffer room serves as a source for fresh air to circulate through the room. Run the duct through the buffer room to your light. Attach duct to the light and run the other side back through the buffer room to a muffler. The muffler will prevent noise pollution in the direction you want to block sound. Hence place the muffler on the side of the fan you want to disguise the noise. You can see where we place all the mufflers on the diagram and as we build the rest of the system. The muffler is attached to a fan and then to another muffler thus blocking sound in both directions. (See picture B). Then we run the duct to the best place you can find to exhaust that is closest to outside. If outside and of course possible, it is preferably toward the back of the house. Do Not Use a room inside the house! This is easy so far, right? Let us push on. You want to be able to recirculate your room with fresh air from buffer room. Pulling outside air will cause you many problems such as temperature changes, humidity control, bugs,

48 July 2015

by Bubba Kush

molds, mildews and possibly pollen from the guy growing next store whose crop has hermed. I am sure I missed a problem or two but even with painin-the-ass filters systems, I prefer a buffer room to avoid any of the above possible infections or fluctuations in my grow. First, locate a spot for your incoming fresh air circulation system from the buffer room. Run a duct through the wall and attach to another muffler to prevent sound going back to the buffer room. Attach the circulation fan to the muffler blowing in the direction to blow fresh air into the room. Next, we will run the outgoing scrubbed or filtered air circulation system. We want to scrub or filter the air going from the grow room into the buffer room. Attach a carbon filter in line with a fan and a muffler. (See diagram and picture A). Make sure all components are blowing in the direction into the buffer room. Almost done… We want a freestanding carbon filter that is stand alone and unvented. This will pre-scrub the room and keep the airflow in your room circulating evenly inside the room. This is basically a fan and a carbon filter. It is best to hang in the most centrally located position in the room. Well there you have it. A super stealth home grow ventilation system. When I had a grow like this running, you could sit in any part of the house or anywhere outside the house and wouldn’t be able to smell even the gnarlyist, stinkiest fresh-cut Kush crop at all. The way the system is set up, you are creating a negative pressure so all air is pulled from the rest of the house, buffered through the buffer room, scrubbed and exhausted. Very clean. The house was also super quiet. Not too many people know about the mufflers but they are sent from the Heavens. If you want to be super covert and clean, this system is for you. With all the pictures and diagrams, I am afraid I will run out of space for the ending stupid Bubba Story. This will be about venting as well. So one of my best and dearest friends, Jonathon Gruber, who still surprisingly loves his Bubba for all the trouble I almost got him in and the stupid story I told at his wedding…sorry Bubi… He was writing his first blockbuster, The Butterfly Effect, and I was going to design the costume. I moved into the space underneath his loft. The space was about 1,500 square feet and was just dirty. It was an old building under a bridge. We were all friends with the homeless people under the bridge especially a voluntary homeless mechanic who watched and took care of our cars. This was before Little Tokyo and downtown LA was cool…Nothing like downtown LA today. The artist district was not even properly named yet. My place had old factory wood floors littered with missing chunks and holes and was impossible to clean. The place was just waiting for me to put a fake wall up and start growing. I never really had done any major dry wall work let alone frame a wall 30 foot long with 20 plus foot ceilings. Needless to say, the wall was a piece of work that could only be described by a Scottish carpenter as “BLOODY SHITE.” It was a miracle it even passed as a wall. But hey…it passed and I was quite

proud of my first attempt at framing and carpentry. Honestly, I still suck at it…Ha…well mostly. I am a lot better but never will be as good as the guys who I work with. Anyway, there was only one real problem: venting. Solution: drill a 12-inch hole through my ceiling into Jonathon’s room above me and run the duct through to the roof. The duct and the hole were like a speaker line from my room to his room. Not vice/versa fortunately for me. He could hear everything I did down there and I could hear him laughing at me through the floor above me doing whatever I was doing and there was always a crazy loud girl involved with beds breaking and furniture falling over…Definitely some interesting morning stories at brunch. Love you guys and hope I put a smile on your face and helped you out a bit. Follow me on IG and I’ll try to answer anything I can keep up with answering. I apologize in advance if I am slow to respond. I am not super IG man. Ha. Enjoy the month and until next time my bubbas. @theebubbakush






Buffer Room



Garage or Outside




Available at both locations: 1355 Santa Fe Dr Ste. F 7289 Hampden Ave Denver, CO 80204 Denver, CO 80224 720-842-4842 720-382-5950

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Pot-litically Incorrect

Welcome to the land of the free by DJ Reetz

Number one in incarceration! 50 July 2015

by DJ Reetz


ndependence Day. What a great time to reflect on the freedoms won through the great patriotic act of killing other human beings. Eleven score and 19 years ago, when our founding fathers decided to loose themselves from the yoke of oppression at the hand of other wealthy white men, they also loosed some grand articulations on the ideas of freedom. Ignoring for a second the shockingly high number of these freedom-loving patriots that actually owned other human beings, one must wonder if in the modern era of mass incarceration we are truly living up to these ideals. Today, the United States has the highest rate of incarceration in the world. According to, in 2014 the U.S. incarcerated its citizens at a rate of 716 per 100,000 people. Now, having nearly one percent of your total population in prison might just seem like justice functioning as it should, keeping the criminally inclined off the streets, but then again, perhaps not. By comparison, liberal hippie countries like China and Iran failed to keep pace with the U.S., incarcerating people at a rate of 121 and 284 per 100,000 respectively according to this same data. But hey, that’s probably because those places are backwards right? They aren’t the shining beacons of freedom and democracy that the U.S. and her allies are right. Well, to round out this perspective we can look at the same data to see where our NATO allies stand, and no surprise here, America just kicks their ass at locking people up. The United Kingdom is our next closest competitor with an incarceration rate of just 147 per 100,000 and bringing up the rear of the NATO pack is Slovenia with a rate of just 66 per 100,000. So the U.S. is out incarcerating both the third world and our first world allies. It really makes you wonder as to why American exceptionalism is so manifest in this one particularly ugly facet of life. The answer should shock no one: It’s drugs.

offenders held in state facilities to increase by a factor 13 since the 1980s. So while drug offenses are clearly the most prominent target of federal law enforcers, we can’t discount the effort of state law enforcers to follow suit. It all really begs the question as to just what the hell went wrong in this country. The founding fathers proclaimed that freedom was worth dying for, and 200 years later were shitting all over that to keep people away from inanimate substances and in many case just a fucking plant. Well, there’s an answer for that too: money; dirty, blood-soaked money bathed in human misery. The freakish upswing in incarnations that was a result of President Reagan’s anti-drug policies just so happened to coincide with the rise of the private prison industry. How nice it is of these generous, profit-driven, publicly traded corporations to step in and pick up the slack from our overburdened public prisons. It’s even nicer of them to step in when legislators are having trouble figuring out just how severe punishments should be for minor drug offenses and repeat offenders.

According to the most recent federal data, 48.7 percent of all federal prisoners are inside for drug related offenses. That’s more than the number of inmates locked up for the next six types of crimes combined... the next largest group of federal inmates is made up of people incarcerated for weapons, explosives and arson charges, whom make up just 16.2 percent of federal prisoners.

Yup, we love to incarcerate the shit out of drug offenders. For evidence of this we turn to the Federal Bureau of Prisons. According to the most recent federal data, 48.7 percent of all federal prisoners are inside for drug related offenses. That’s more than the number of inmates locked up for the next six types of crimes combined. By contrast, the next largest group of federal inmates is made up of people incarcerated for weapons, explosives and arson charges, whom make up just 16.2 percent of federal prisoners. It wouldn’t be too far fetched to infer from this data that the federal government thinks drugs are more dangerous than guns and explosives, as they seem to be doing a more rigorous job of incarcerating people for using and selling drugs than for manufacturing and possessing shit that is literally intended to kill people. Now, you can point out that most serious, or actual, criminals are generally incarcerated in state rather than federal facilities, as crimes like murder don’t usually violate federal law. But that doesn’t change the fact that the feds are out of their goddamn minds when it comes to drug incarcerations.

On the state level things aren’t much better. According to The Sentencing Project, the escalation of the war on drugs has led the number of drug

Come to think of it, that’s not that nice, it actually sounds undeniably like corruption. And that’s the kind of shit these greedy bastards do. Thanks to private lobbying efforts and organizations such as the American Legislative Exchange Council, prison industrialists like Corrections Corporation of America have a direct line to politicians. If that isn’t troubling enough, ALEC has in the past created “model legislation” in conjunction with sitting legislators that is nearly verbatim enacted into law. These laws include mandatory minimum sentencing for drug offenders and the “truth in sentencing” laws that ensure the length of a sentence is the actual length of time served so an inmate can’t get out early for good behavior or any other reason.

So prison profiteers sit down with elected lawmakers behind closed door (after all, ALEC meetings aren’t a government function, and aren’t open to the public) and get to craft “model” legislation. One can only assume that what comes out of these closed sessions is something that is crafted in the interest of the public good and not specifically designed to fill prison beds in private facilities, right? Well, call me cynical, but it seems that the rising incarceration rates that accompany the emergence of these private prisons on the political scene seems to stink of something slightly more immoral than getting high. Now, private prisons may just be one blatant piece of shit in this shitty puzzle. The rest could possibly be attributed to ignorance on the part of voters who support these bought-and-paid-for politicians who let these snakes stick their forked tongue so deep into their ear it starts to fuck with their brain, and a generally idiotic thought process that views drug abuse as a criminal rather than health issue. Hell, there’s probably even more to it than that, but while we all celebrate the great American freedom, we would be remiss if we didn’t reflect on just what the fuck we’re celebrating. 51



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As the cannabis industry continues to grow and become legitimized there is a need for a collective consumer voice to ensure regulations are being created to put the consumer first. The need for this was recently brought front and center after several Colorado cannabis businesses had their plants put under quarantine for pesticide use violations. This issue pins the interests of cannabis consumers against the interests of the industry, and presents an opportunity for the two to work together to develop consumer-centric best practices and a win-win situation for all stakeholders. Cannabis is consumed in a manner unlike any other commonly used plant, fruit, or vegetable. While there are some similarities, we need to be ensuring that pesticides and fungicides, and over-all growing and manufacturing, are done to new standards that reflect the vast array of uses and consumption methods. We also need to consider the numerous cannabis consumers and their diverse reasons for consumption. Cannabis consumers need to be confident that what they are consuming is safe.

The Cannabis Consumers Coalition’s leadership has a long history in the cannabis industry and culture, and we work hard to see that the industry is working in the best interests of the cannabis consumers. We do this by: • • • • • • • • •

Educating consumers and industry players on consumer-centric bestpractices. Upholding standards that cannabis consumers first.


Holding industry to organic and natural standards. Ensuring that people are put before profits. Informing cannabis consumers on public health issues and fighting to address them.

The cannabis industry is brand new, and together we have the chance to create an industry that is better than any other industry before us. Consumers create a demand, and businesses develop to meet those needs. The Cannabis Consumers

Coalition is here to ensure that cannabis consumers have a say in how these new businesses develop so that together we create a paradigm for other industries to follow. As a member-based organization, members play an active role by attending meetings and receive benefits such as products to do product reviews, and discounts on products and services from our merchant partners. Businesses can join as merchant partners and brand themselves as consumeroriented organizations. Together, businesses and consumers work together in creating standards for the new cannabis industry. Merchant partners also learn about the true needs of consumers, without bias, directly from the cannabis consumer. There will be more issues that impact consumers like the pesticide issue in terms of quality and public safety, and now is the time to be building those relationships. To find out more information, or to become a member, visit www.cannabisconsumer. org, email us at info@cannabisconsumer. org, or call us at 720-460-0152.

w w w. c a n n a b i s c o n s u m e r. o r g 53

54 July 2015 55

Has the Cannabis Revolution Spread to Washington D.C.? by David Bush, esq.

It is said that revolutions begin in the streets, not in ivory towers. Popular acceptance of cannabis did not start with the federal government, but in spite of it. Twenty-three states, along with the District of Columbia, have legalized medical marijuana, while 13 others have legalized limited cannabis extracts for specific therapeutic use. Four states and the District of Columbia have legalized recreational marijuana. Twenty-two states have enacted laws regarding industrial hemp. Over a dozen of them have authorized or intend to authorize commercial hemp production. We are in the midst of a revolution where state governments are telling their citizens that they may engage in conduct that is still federally illegal. The feds continue to view cannabis, all forms of cannabis, as Schedule I Controlled Substances, the worst of the worst. For all intents and purposes, America is facing one of the greatest continuing acts of mass civil disobedience for the greater good since Paul Revere tattled on the British and ruined their police action to subdue the colonies. It is taking time for the folks in Washington to catch up with the rest of us. But what is cannabis, anyway? What does it have to do with marijuana and industrial hemp? Marijuana and industrial hemp are the same plant. Both are cannabis. The Genus cannabis finds expression in three nominal species, or sub-species, respectively called sativa, indica and ruderalis. What we commonly refer to as “marijuana” and “industrial hemp” are merely variants of these subspecies. Marijuana varieties tend to have higher concentrations of delta-9tetranhydrocannabinol (THC), the stuff that gets people high. Industrial hemp does not. The most well known chemical constituent of cannabis other than THC is cannabidiol, or CBD. Because CBD is non-psychoactive, it is commonly associated with industrial hemp. But CBD can be extracted

56 July 2015

from any variety of cannabis, regardless of THC content. Most of the current legislative initiatives at the federal level are directed towards legalizing either industrial hemp, or cannabis used for medical purposes. Medical cannabis products are popularly referred to as either “medical marijuana” or “therapeutic hemp,” generally depending upon whether they are used primarily for the benefits of THC or CBD. Federal law makes no distinction between varieties of cannabis. Under the current version of the Controlled Substances Act, all varieties of the genus cannabis are considered “marihuana,” without regard to THC content. Certain parts of the cannabis plant that lack significant concentrations of THC and are incapable of propagation are excepted. They include sterilized seeds, oil pressed from seeds, seed residue (“cake”) and mature stalks. But because the cannabis plant itself is still considered a controlled substance, its cultivation is still prohibited, even to make legal products. The current annual value of the hemp industry in America exceeds $500 million and expanding. Almost all of that value derives from raw materials imported from enlightened foreign countries, where hemp cultivation is not only permitted, but encouraged. Congress is facing increasing pressure to allow a home-grown cannabis industry, at least for industrial and medical purposes. The first crack in the federal legislative armor appeared in 2014, with enactment of section 7606 of the Farm Bill, codified as 7 U.S.C. § 5940, and aptly named “Legitimacy of Industrial Hemp Research.” The Farm Bill authorized state departments of agriculture and institutions of higher education to conduct “agricultural pilot program[s]” and “other agricultural or academic research.” But it permitted research only where the cultivation of hemp was already allowed under state law.

The simplest and undeniably the most radical proposal currently before Congress is HR 1940, called the “Respect State Marijuana Laws Act of 2015.” The bill would render the Controlled Substances Act inapplicable to “any person acting in compliance with State laws relating to the production, possession, distribution, dispensation, administration, or delivery of marihuana.” It would effectively force federal recognition and acceptance of any state law legitimizing recreational marijuana, medical marijuana and industrial and therapeutic hemp. HR 1940 has 11 cosponsors, six Democrats and five Republicans.

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Respect State Marijuana Law Act

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Like the Industrial Hemp Farming Act, the Charlotte’s Web Medical Access Act (HR 1635) and the Therapeutic Hemp Medical Access Act (S 1333) aim to carve industrial hemp out of the Controlled Substances Act. But they coined a new term for industrial hemp by calling it a “cannabidiol-rich plant.” Curiously, the term is defined in the same way that industrial hemp is defined in the Industrial Hemp Farming Act, without any reference to CBD concentration. “Cannabidiol” is defined as CBD extracted from a “cannabidiol-rich plant.” Any CBD produced from marijuana varieties continues to be considered a Schedule I Controlled Substance. The bill would effectively grant industrial hemp growers a monopoly in the rapidly growing market for CBD products.

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Therapeutic Hemp (Charlotte’s Web) Medical Access Act


The Industrial Hemp Farming Act was introduced in both the House (HR 525) and Senate (S 134). It seeks to create an exception under the Controlled Substances Act for industrial hemp, which is defined as cannabis with a THC concentration of not more than 0.3 percent on a dry weight basis. HR 525 has 56 co-sponsors, including 37 Democrats and 19 Republicans. S 134 has six co-sponsors, two Democrats and four Republicans.

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Industrial Hemp Farming Act


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Federal Appropriations

The bluntest instrument that Congress can wield in the struggle to reform cannabis laws is simply to prevent them from being enforced. Three initiatives recently approved in the House of Representatives would deny funding to the Department of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration to interfere with state-legal cannabis activities. The initiatives came in the form of amendments to H.R. 2578, an appropriations bill for the Departments of Commerce and Justice for the 2015-2016 fiscal year. The first amendment protects state-legal industrial hemp farming. The second guards industrial hemp research and development carried out under the Farm Bill. The third prohibits federal interference with the possession, distribution or use of CBD in states where it is legal. These measures do nothing to change the legal status of cannabis and, if signed into law, would last only as long as the fiscal year. But they are a step in the right direction.

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There is a growing movement in Congress to do more. Several proposals have been introduced that will either remove all federal restrictions on industrial hemp, or in the alternative, prevent the federal government from interfering in state-legal industrial hemp activities. Some initiatives extend to marijuana. Four such proposals are discussed below.

None of the legislative measures described above have been scheduled for hearings in the committees to which they are assigned. Prospects for passage of any them in the 114th Congress are low, but the mere fact that they have been introduced with bipartisan support and multiple cosponsors is cause for optimism and hope. The federal government has not yet caught up with the rest of America in declaring its self-destructive drug wars at an end. Legitimate cannabis industries in this country are still in their infancy. Reform of our oppressive, illogical and anti-business drug laws still has a very long way to go, but change is coming. Stay tuned. 57

58 July 2015


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Get Your Purple Card At Home In Your Pajamas! 6650 S Vine Street Suite L50 Centennial, CO 80121

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Hemp Farming in Colorado by Rebecca Chavez

60 July 2015


n the months and years since the passing of Amendment 64, much has been made of the cannabis “green rush”. There’s money in weed, or so we’ve been told, but while many investors focus on recreational uses for marijuana, the hemp industry is struggling to find a foothold with less infrastructure and many of the same restrictions.

The first hemp harvest was over a year ago, but that doesn’t mean that one can walk into a store and find products made with Colorado hemp. The majority of the hemp that we use in the United States is imported from Canada, where they have the processing plants that we need to propel the hemp industry forward in Colorado. Once this integral infrastructure exists, Colorado hemp is poised to be one of the biggest industries in the United States. Until then, hemp farmers have to improvise and forge their own path to commercial success. One of the unlikely farmers doing just that is Bill Billings. Before the legalization of hemp, Billings was on a different side of the farming industry. He worked as a middleman, moving produce around the country for farmers and retailers. It was this position that helped him build relationships with the farmers around Colorado that would become incredibly important after the passing of the farm bill in 2013. Billings almost immediately saw the benefits of hemp. He didn’t just go after the obvious market of clothing and paper, but wants to ensure that hemp is a part of the growing medical market. He started the Colorado Hemp Project with the help of Jim Brammer, a farmer out of Sterling, Colorado. Brammer and Billings are vastly different from the majority of cannabis entrepreneurs. They aren’t interested in the high. In fact, the association of hemp with cannabis almost scared Brammer off of the business. Fortunately, the Sanjay Gupta special aired right around the time that Billings approached Brammer and, with this in mind, Brammer offered Billings two acres in Yuma as a sharecropping opportunity, and their first hemp harvest quickly followed.

a machine that separates out the different parts of the hemp plant. This gives him the ability to pull out the fibers that are important when it comes to making clothing and papers. These are items that are high in demand, but that no one can create just yet. As many rush to cash in on what is being called the “green rush” so many people are ignoring the possibilities of hemp. Conventions and expos have booth after booth of companies eager to help dispensary owners create a better product but there are very few options connected to the hemp market. We’ve all heard about what hemp is capable of, but the minimal processing of recreational and medical marijuana creates a market with a much faster return and a much shorter turn around. The machinery necessary to create the hemp products that we’ve heard so much about in the past few years isn’t in the state yet. Without the capital to build the infrastructure, Billings and other hemp farmers have a long road ahead of them. Fortunately, the hemp farming community is strong. Instead of the investors hoping to make a quick buck that cannabis has seen, many hemp farmers in the state of Colorado are long-time residents who have turned to hemp as a compliment to their many other crops. The plant is good for the soil and easy to grow, making it a tempting crop for anyone who has been farming for a long time. Billings told me that though the hemp farmers aren’t working together, they are all looking out for one another. The community is supportive enough to share ideas, but everyone appears to be innovating on their own. What this means for hemp in the future is that there is sure to be a wide array of products from different sources. Billings and The Colorado Hemp Project are on the forefront but, at this point, the possibilities of hemp belong to whoever is willing to invest in the infrastructure to bring the dream of the plant to a reality.

The medical aspect of hemp is one of the biggest draws for Billings. His passion is surprising at first, but quickly grows on nearly everyone he meets. While many look to hemp as a solution for paper or clothing, Billings really sees it as an opportunity to provide hope to people who may not want the high that comes along with the majority of medical cannabis. Though the first harvest was small, Billings is already thinking of ways to put hemp to use in the medical market. He wants to create CBD oils and tinctures that help medical patients. He’s already experienced a lot of health benefits thanks to hemp, and he’s hoping to pass that on to others. Though hemp is different than what many people typically think of as medical cannabis, Billings is testing hemp strains that may have medical benefits. The difficulty comes from getting enough THC in the hemp plant to create an entourage effect. All hemp grown in the state must have less than 0.3 percent THC, a far cry from the medical marijuana plants that can contain upwards of 20 percent. While Billings is passionate about the possibilities with hemp, the real problem quickly became apparent. There is no infrastructure available to process and distribute the plant. Hemp can’t be sent out of state for processing, and with no obvious options, The Colorado Hemp Project took matters into their own hands. Dani Billings, Bill’s daughter, started Nature’s Root, a company that makes hemp based beauty products. Right now the line is fairly small with a few scrubs, a lip balm, and a soothing salve, but there’s plenty of room to grow as the market expands. Bill Billings also worked out a deal with some local natural grocers to carry whole hemp hearts in their stores. This relationship will likely grow as hemp expands, and expansion is on the horizon. Billings recently acquired

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DENVER 66 AMA, Advanced Medical Alternatives 69 The Clinic 66 The Giving Tree of Denver 66 The Health Center 66 Infinite Wellness 66 LivWell 67 MMD of Colorado 68 Northern Lights Cannabis Company 67 Preferred Organic Therapy 67 Rocky Mountain Organic Medicine 67 URBA 67 Walking Raven

COLORADO SPRINGS 66 LivWell 67 Original Cannabis Growers

NORTHERN COLORADO 66 Infinite Wellness 66 LivWell

BOULDER 66 LivWell 65

Advanced Medical Alternatives 1269 Elati St. Denver CO. 80204 303.993.4547

AMA has been serving the medical marijuana industry since 2009 and offering recreational sales since February 2014. We pride ourselves on offering organically grown quality cannabis, concentrates, edibles and many other infused products. Our knowledgeable staff will ensure an AMAzing experience on each visit. Awards: • 1st place 710 Cup (Best sativa 2013) • 3rd place HighTimes Cup (2014) • 1st place 710 Cup (Best Sativa 2014) • 1st place 710 Cup (Best Indica 2014) • 1st Place 710 Cup (Best Taste 2014) • 1st place Secret Cup (Best wax 2014)

The Giving Tree of Denver

The Health Center


The Health Center is a top notch cannabis dispensary with two convenient locations in the heart of Denver.

2707 W. 38th Ave. Denver, CO 80211

Established in 2009, The Giving Tree of Denver continually strives to be a leader in the Colorado Medical Marijuana Center industry. Today we boast the largest edible selection in the city. We serve the particular needs of licensed medical marijuana patients in our comfortable, safe and friendly atmosphere. In addition to our generous membership program, we offer a 10% discount on every purchase for Veterans, HIV/AIDS, cancer patients, students and ***MMJ industry staff.

*Early bird & 4:20 specials daily 8am-9:30am and 4:20pm - 5:30pm (Sunday 10am- 11:30am)

Infinite Wellness Center 2 Locations

We believe in the infinite possibility of total wellness and in the infinite modalities to achieving this wellness within and without. We offer our patients a dignified environment with friendly compassionate staff here to facilitate the needs of our patients. It is one of our goals to help dispel the negative press, thoughts and attitudes toward utilizing marijuana as a multi-beneficial medicine. We have set a standard to provide quality medical marijuana and edibles in a wonderful variety while upholding the laws set forth by both state and local governments. We plan to participate in fund raisers and charity events to engage in the needs of our community. It is our intention to bring light and awareness to a fresh view of well being and peace.

66 July 2015

2 Locations

Boasting upwards of 70 varieties of award winning strains at any given time, the individuals who comprise the THC team pride ourselves on offering the best variety, potency and effectiveness of any cannabis in the region. Not only is The Health Center focused on cultivating the finest quality medicine, but also employing the finest quality staff. Each time you visit, you will be greeted with knowledgeable, friendly associates who take pride in working with you to find the best available options to meet your medical needs.


9 Locations Colorado’s Price Leader since 2009 LivWell dispensaries are your one-stop cannabis shop, offering a wide range of high quality concentrates, edibles, premium flower strains, glass and cannabis accessories.

Our mission is to provide outstanding cannabis to our customers at the most competitive price, with excellent service. We offer Colorado Cannabis at 9 front range locations; in Denver, Lakewood, Boulder, Garden City, and Colorado Springs. Please note: medical patients visiting our Broadway and Larimer locations must be aged 21+. All other medical locations are 18+. .


Original Cannabis Growers 2625 E St Vrain St Colorado Springs, CO 80909

Simply the best cannabis for less. We’re the first and oldest Center in our Platte Ave. neighborhood in Colorado Springs. Call for mature guidance for your personal needs from growers with over 15 years experience. We offer Happy Hour 4p.m. to 6p.m. Every day. Our friendly staff will be happy to assist you with all your medical cannabis needs.

Rocky Mountain Organic Medicine 511 Orchard Street Golden, CO 80401

RMOM offers an extremely professional atmosphere, knowledgable staff and always top quality, organically grown medical cannabis. If you are ready for a better dispensary experience, come visit our facility at the base of the Rockies in Golden. Meet John, the owner of Rocky Mountain Organic Medicine. The road that lead him to start RMOM was an unfortunate one. In February of 2009 John’s wife was diagnosed with colon cancer. She went through surgery followed by eight months of aggressive chemotherapy and radiation. As an alternative to the anti-nausea medication, she used cannabis to ease her discomfort. When John visited many of the dispensaries open at the time, he didn’t find one that he would feel comfortable sending his wife to by herself. They were all seedy in some form or another, and he knew there had to be a better way. In September 2009 he opened RMOM and brought a new level of professionalism to this industry.

Preferred Organic

1569 South Colorado Boulevard Denver, CO 80222 Preferred Organic Therapy & Wellness is a medical marijuana center that empowers quality-minded patients with a revolutionary approach for treating the mind and the body. Together, the staff ensures that their patients are the most well-informed in the state of Colorado. They do this by combining patient-driven strain testing that breaks down the distinct properties of each strain, as well as its unique effects, with visual educational aids and enhanced strain titles. Their second-to-none selection of additional treatment products are made even more valuable given that they are combined with the ability to browse detailed information at a leisurely pace. Come see why Preferred Organic Therapy & Wellness patients are raving about them.

URBA at MMD of Colorado

Walking Raven

2609 Walnut St. Denver, CO 80205

2001 S. Broadway Denver, CO

A recreational store and a medical marijuana center serving individuals 21 and up.

NOW OPEN TO THE PUBLIC 21+, NO MEDICAL CARD REQUIRED. Walking Raven Retail and Medical Marijuana Center is one of the first dispensaries in Denver. Our mission is to provide high quality products and care at an affordable price. All prices are out the door and we have different tier levels of bud quality. We also offer a range of edibles, concentrates, and novelty items. We take pride in our organic and meticulous cultivation process; we do not cut any corners and give our cultivators access to the best nutrients and equipment for their hand trimmed buds. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff is trained to assist you in finding a specific products for your desires. Walking Raven MMC is home to the Hong Kong Diesel, our top selling hybrid. Never settle, only shop PREMIUM QUALITY!

Located in the River North Neighborhood of Denver, Colorado. In compliance with Amendment 20, Amendment 64 and all subsequent rules and regulations. Our goal is to provide excellent marijuana in a comfortable, inviting environment. Our staff is dedicated to aiding in the best health and wellness possible for our customers. Our marijuana is grown in an environment that produces the best product, in the healthiest manner knowing our customers only want the best. We know you will find we have the best prices. Best quality. Best staff. 67

E D G E W A T E R January 1 2014, at 8 AM the first legal cannabis sale took place here at Northern Lights Cannabis Co, one of only 24 retail stores to open that day for recreational sales! The history made that day continues to resonate with every legal cannabis transaction, including yours. Shop with us and make history! 2045 Sheridan Blvd. Suite B Edgewater, CO 80214 303-274-6495 9:00am-9:00pm Daily

Our staff is friendly and our knowledgeable budtenders will guide you to the perfect product. No pre-packaged here. Your purchase comes from the jar you sampled. Our shop has provided the finest Medical Cannabis since March 2010. Today we provide that same quality Medical and Recreational Cannabis to adults 21 and over from around the world. Coco grown, our frosty genetics are provided by TGA Sub Cool Seeds, DNA Genetics, Paradise Seeds and other reputable producers. Stop by and discover “Where Your Buds Are”!


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6868 July 2015 May 2015 68 July 2015 The Clinic is an award winning marijuana center with five Denver metro locations. The Clinic is Denver’s premier medical marijuana center having won over 20 awards for both it’s high quality cannabis, concentrates and charitable contributions! The Clinic’s staff is extremely knowledgeable and friendly while the atmosphere at their locations reflect the immense amount of care that they provide to their patients as well as their medicine. The Clinic is also a long time supporter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, as it’s a cause that directly affects their patients, friends and family. As such, The Clinic has raised more than $100,000 for the Colorado-Wyoming Chapter of the National MS Society since they first opened their doors in 2009. The Clinic has remained at the forefront of the medical marijuana movement by raising the standard for medical marijuana centers everywhere, not only through their patient driven mission but through their dedication to the community! Make sure to stop by The Clinic and see why their mantra holds true: Our Patients Live Better.


Kosher Kush 2012 High Times Cannabis Cup (Denver) Patient’s Choice Winner Stardawg Guava 2012 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup (Denver) 1st Place Best Sativa Grape God Bud 2010 CO Caregiver’s Cup Triple Crown-winner and 2nd place 2011 Aspen Cannabis Crown, this is the hottest indica in town. Raskal OG One of the most visually appealing and potent OG kushes around with a distinct diesel fuel aroma. 2012 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup (Denver) 3rd Place Best Hybrid Ghost OG THC Champions Cup 3rd Place Overall Hybrid & Patients’ Choice Hybrid. 2013


High Times US Cannabis Cup 3rd place best hybrid winner Fall ‘97 This indica-dominant strain is a sweet tasting cross between OG Kush and Purple Urkle. Skywalker OG This clone only pheno of OG Kush has quickly become a patient and staff favorite. Super Lemon Haze Winner of the 2008 and 2009 Sativa High Times Cannabis Cup Tangie 2013 High Times US Cannabis Cup 1st place best sativa winner Pre ‘98 Bubba Kush 2011 High Times Denver Medical Cannabis Cup highest CBD strain winner

Beverages CannaPunch, Dixie Elixirs, Keef Cola, Green Dragon, and MarQaha

Seeds 58 February 2014

Cherry Pie GDP and F1 Durban cross that won 3rd Place Medical Sativa at the 2014 US Cannabis Cup Durban Poison A classic landrace sativa from Africa that is mouth watering and known for it’s soaring cerebral effects. Phishhead Kush This strong indica was named 2nd best strain of 2014 by famed cannabis connoisseur William Breathes. Jack Flash A classic strain that was recently awarded Connoisseurs’ Choice Adult Use Hybrid at the 2014 THC Championship.

The Clinic Colorado 3888 East Mexico Ave., Ste. 110 Denver, CO 80210 303-758-9114 The Clinic Highlands 3460 West 32nd Avenue Denver, CO 80211 303-997-7130 The Clinic on Wadsworth 3600 South Wadsworth Blvd. Lakewood, CO 80235 303-484-8853 The Clinic on Colfax 4625 East Colfax Avenue Denver, CO 80220 303-333-3644 The Clinic On Jewell 12018 W Jewell Ave Lakewood, CO 80228 303-997-9171


9:00am - 7:00pm Daily


Budder, Shatter, & Live Resin The Clinic carries the full line of concentrates, including Live Resin Batter, produced by our award winning marijuana infused products division, The Lab.


2014 High Times Cannabis Cup 1st Place US Cup Concentrate - 303 OG Nugrun Live Resin Budder 3rd Place Medical Sativa - Cherry Pie 2013 High Times Cannabis Cup 1st Place Sativa - Tangie 3rd Place Sativa - Stardawg Guava 3rd Place Hybrid - Ghost OG 2012 High Times Medical Cannabis Cup 1st Place Best Sativa - Stardawg Guava 1st Place Patient’s Choice - Kosher Kush 2nd Place Best Concentrate - Strawberry Cough Nectar 3rd Place Best Hybrid - Raskal OG Pre ‘98 Bubba Kush High Times Cannabis Cup: Highest CBD Strain Grape God Bud Spring 2010 Colorado Caregiver’s Cup Winner: Patient’s Choice, Best Aroma, Most Photogenic 2011 Aspen Cannabis Crown, 2nd Place Overall 2013 The 710 Cup 2nd Place Best Sativa Shatter - Tangie

1st Place Best Sativa Shatter Terps Tangie The Hemp Connoisseur Championship 2012 2nd Place Indica and Connoisseur’s Choice Kosher Kush 1st Place Sativa and Patient’s Choice - Stardawg Guava 3rd Place Hybrid and Patient’s Choice - Ghost OG 1st Place Concentrate and Connoisseur’s Choice - Earth OG Nectar The Hemp Connoisseur Championship 2013 1st Place Indica, Connoisseur’s Choice and Best Tested - Kosher Kush Patient’s Choice Hybrid - Grunk 2nd Place Shatter and Patient’s Choice- Tangie The Hemp Connoisseur Championship 2014 1st Place - Concentrate - BHO Extracts - Live Resin Badder Kosher Kush Connoiseur’s Choice - Concentrate - BHO Extracts - Live Resin Badder Bubba Kush People’s Choice - Adult-Use Sativa - Cherry Pie Connoisseur’s Choice - Adult-Use Hybrid - Jack Flash

Baked Goods/Candies Sweet Grass Kitchen, Julie & Kate Baked Goods, Mountain High Suckers, The Growing Kitchen, Mile Hi, Incredibles, and Cheeba Chews.

The Clinic offers the full line of cannabis seeds from The Bank Cannabis Genetics (formerly Reserva Privada Colorado), including the recently released Phishhead Kush series. 69


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LivWell Boulder Medical Only 3000 Folsom St Boulder, CO 80304 720-389-4920

COLORADO SPRINGS The 710 Club Medical Only 1605 South Tejon Colorado Springs, CO 80905 719-358-7708 Canna Caregivers Medical Only 3220 No. Academy Blvd., Ste #4 Colorado Springs, CO 719-597-6685 Canna Caregivers - West Medical Only 1914 W. Uintah St Colorado Springs, CO 80904 (719) 637-0420 The Canna Center Medical Only 2306 N. Powers Blvd., #100 Colorado Springs, CO 719-597-9333 Healing Canna 3692 E Bijou Street Colorado Springs, CO 80909 719-637-7645

DENVER - CENTRAL Advanced Medical Alternatives Medical & Adult Use 21+ 1269 Elati Street Denver, CO 80204 303-993-4547 The Clinic Capitol Hill Medical & Adult Use 21+ 745 E. 6th Ave. Denver, CO 80203 720-536-5229 The Health Center Medical & Adult Use 21+ 1736 Downing St. Denver, CO 80218 303-622-3787 LivWell on Larimer Medical & Adult Use 21+ 2863 Larimer St Denver, CO 80205 303-484-1662 URBA @ MMD of Colorado Medical & Adult Use 21+ 2609 Walnut Street Denver, CO 80205 720-328-2227

DENVER - EAST The Clinic on Colfax Medical Only 4625 E. Colfax Ave. Denver, CO 80220 303-333-3644


LivWell on Murray Medical Only 570 N Murray CO Springs, CO 80915 719-574-8443

The Clinic Highlands Medical & Adult Use 21+ 3460 W. 32nd Ave. Denver, CO 80211 303-997-7130

LivWell on Nevada Medical Only 3234 N Nevada Ave CO Springs, CO 80907 719-622-6652

The Giving Tree of Denver Medical & Adult Use 21+ 2707 W. 38th Ave. Denver, CO 80211 303-477-8888

LivWell on Tejon Medical Only 1414 S Tejon St CO Springs, CO 80905 719-634-0420

URBA @ MMD of Colorado Medical & Adult Use 21+ 2647 W. 38th Ave. Denver, CO 80211 720-389-7911

The Organic Seed Medical Only 2304 E Platte Colorado Springs, CO. 80909 719-465-1845


Original Cannabis Growers Medical Only 2625 E Saint Vrain St Ste A Colorado Springs, CO 80909 路 719-475-9333

The Clinic Colorado Medical & Adult Use 21+ 3888 E. Mexico Ave Denver, CO 80210 303.758.9114

The Health Center Medical & Adult Use 21+ 2777 S. Colorado Blvd Denver, CO 80222 303-622-3787 LivWell on Broadway Medical & Adult Use 21+ 432 S Broadway Denver, CO 80209 720-428-2550 Preferred Organic Therapy Medical & Adult Use 21+ 1569 S Colorado Blvd Denver, CO 80222 303-867-4768 Walking Raven Adult Use 21+ 2001 S Broadway Denver, CO 80210 (720) 327-5613

DENVER - WEST LivWell on Evans Medical & Adult Use 21+ 2193 W Evans Ave Denver, CO 80223 720-361-2981

EDGEWATER Northern Lights Cannabis Co. Medical & Adult Use 21+ 2045 Sheridan Blvd. Edgewater, CO 80214 303-274-6495

FORT COLLINS Infinite Wellness Medical & Adult Use 21+ 900 N College Ave. Ft. Collins, CO 80524 (970) 484-8380

GARDEN CITY LivWell Garden City Medical & Adult Use 21+ 2647 8th Ave Garden City, CO 80631 970-616-6007

GOLDEN Rocky Mtn. Organic Medicine Medical Only 511 Orchard Street Golden, CO 80401 720-230-9111

LAKEWOOD The Clinic on Jewell Medical Only 12018 W Jewell Ave Lakewood, CO 80228 303-997-9171 The Clinic on Wadsworth Medical Only 3600 S Wadsworth Blvd. Lakewood, CO 80235 303-484-8853 Compassionate Pain Management Medical Only 11950 West Colfax Lakewood CO, 80215 303-232-3620 Infinite Wellness Medical & Adult Use 21+ 1701 Kipling St. #104 Lakewood, CO 80215 720-458-0277 LivWell Lakewood Medical Only 5660 W Alameda Ave Lakewood, CO 80226 303-922-9479

LOUISVILLE Compassionate Pain Management Medical & Adult Use 21+ 1116-7 W. Dillon Rd. Louisville CO, 80027 303-665-5596

NORTHGLENN Botanacare Medical & Adult Use 21+ 11450 Cherokee St. Unit a7 Northglenn CO 80234 303-254-4200


BIG Insustry Show Bong-a-Thon Indo Expo


INDUSTRY GROUPS Cannabis Business Alliance 73


66 AMA, Advanced Medical Alternatives 55 7 Leaf Marketing 49 Best Buds 04 BIG Industry Show 11 Bhang Chocolate 31 Bong-a-Thon 53 Cannabis Consumers Coalition 27 Cannabis Network Radio 55 Cannaflage Designs 39 CannaQual 07,69 The Clinic 64 The Clinic Charity Classic 61 Colorado Pot Guide 17 Dr. J’s 05 Edipure 27,66 The Giving Tree of Denver 63 Healing Canna 16,66 The Health Center 70 The Hemp Connoisseur Championship 47,60 High Country Cannabis Tours 13 Incredibles 33 Indica Vape 26 Indo Expo 10,66 Infinite Wellness 12 Julie’s Natural Edibles 58 22,66 LivWell 23 Mahatma 68 Mary’s Medicinals 59 Medeval Clinic 13 Medically Correct 67 MMD of Colorado 09 Mountain High Suckers 62 National Cannabis Summit 68,76 Northern Lights Cannabis Co. 09,67 Original Cannabis Growers 75,67 Preferred Organic Therapy 57 Premier Adventures 67 Rocky Mountain Organic Medicine 59 Smoke Studios 03 The Trimmer Store 67 URBA 52 Victory for Hemp 02,67 Walking Raven

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Cannabis Consumers Coalition


Colorado NORML

Amerimed 2257 S Broadway Denver, CO 720-532-4744

NCIA Marijuana Policy Project

INDUSTRY SERVICES 7 Leaf Marketing Best Buds Cannabase Cannabis Camera Cannabis Network Radio Colorado Pot Guide iCannabis Radio Leafbuyer


CannaQual 6795 E. Tennessee Ave., Ste #175 Denver, Colorado 80224 303-690-4882 Medeval Clinic 6650 S Vine St, Ste L50 Centennial, CO 80121 720-744-2010 Relaxed Clarity - Broomfield 1006 Depot Hill Rd. Suite 100 Broomfield, CO 80020 970-412-5955 Relaxed Clarity - CO Springs 3133 North El Paso Street Colorado Springs CO 80907 719-645-5955 Relaxed Clarity - Pueblo 503 Avocado Street Pueblo, CO 81005 719-354-5445


Bhang Chocolate

Cannaflage Designs 530-426-5213

Canna Creations 720-483-8228


Canyon Cultivation

Indica Vape

Dixie Elixirs


Dr. J’s

Scientific Inhalations


SI Pipes



Julie’s Natural Edibles

Premier Adventures


Cultivating Spirits

Medically Correct

High Country Cannabis Tours

Mountain High Suckers



The Trimmer Store 800-429-6034

Legal Shield





303-274-6495 2045 Sheridan Blvd

Where Your Buds Are 9am - 10pm Daily

Medical 76 July 2015



The Hemp Connoisseur, July 2015 - Issue #31  

America - #1 in Incarceration, Cloud Chamber Vaporizer, Cannabis News, Hemp Farming, and much more...

The Hemp Connoisseur, July 2015 - Issue #31  

America - #1 in Incarceration, Cloud Chamber Vaporizer, Cannabis News, Hemp Farming, and much more...