The Hemp Connoisseur, July 2014 - Issue #19

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Cannabis Spotlight:

The Clinic on Capitol Hill by Skyler Cannabaceae

“It’s the people that I meet.” That’s Chad Larrabee’s favorite part of his job as Store Manager for The Clinic’s Capitol Hill dispensary. “When you have those repeat people — the fact that I have people come in to get away from their life. I have people who are like, ‘Oh god, my house is so stressful, I figure I’d just come over and hang out with you for a while.’” Larrabee spoke to THC Magazine about his four years of experience working for The Clinic. Before he took a job in the cannabis industry, Larrabee was a massage therapist, trying to incorporate massage as another healing option for the dispensary. The massage idea was tossed, but he obviously made an impression on the owners of The Clinic. They offered him a job. “I jumped at the chance,” Larrabee says. “They moved me to a management position, I think it was about six months after I started.” He took the promotion about three-and-a-half years ago and has been with The Clinic ever since. Asked about trends in the cannabis industry, Larrabee says that concentrates are very popular these days. The Clinic is known for some very tasty and potent budder and shatter. The price of everything goes down if you become a member.

Membership benefits Have you ever thought about signing your plants over to a dispensary? If you look at the dispensary system in Denver, most have some kind of membership program with discounts if you make them your primary caregiver. Originally, this was important because dispensaries needed to be assigned as caregivers to patients in order to increase the number of plants they could grow. However, since the dispensaries are not required to reduce their plant count when a patient leaves them, caregiver assignments to dispensaries are often used as loyalty membership programs. I recently made the decision to sign up with a dispensary and sign over my plant count in June, after living in Denver for eight months and trying out over 20 different dispensaries. The benefit? In addition to lower prices, patients who sign up to a commitment of as little as a month receive a $100 store credit.

Exclusive concentrates “The Clinic has great $30 to $40 grams of their traditional extracts,” says Giddy Up, creator of the Emotek Obe-Dos extraction system and supplier of concentrates for The Clinic. Giddy Up also told THC in a phone interview about his new addition to the concentrates market: live resin. “Your traditional extract is made from cured material, but just like if you sell your weed to a person, it has to be cured first. When you cure it, you dry it. The water-soluble terpenes that were there leave during the cure. With live resin, they extract the plant the same day as it’s cut down. That gives you a taste closer to what the plant smells like during growth, as opposed to what your sack of weed smells like after cure. The color and palatability of live resin is improved, as well as the taste. It’s truly the best extracts on the market.” The Clinic has six locations; four in Denver and two in Lakewood. I researched the Capitol Hill store to write this article, but I have also been to the main location at 3888 E. Mexico Avenue, The Clinic Highlands, and The Clinic on Colfax as a medical patient. The Mexico Avenue dispensary is the only one that caters to the adult-use market. I’ve received consistently good service from knowledgeable people behind the counter at each location. If you want to find out more about The Clinic, check out the company’s website at With a detailed virtual strain book and a Marijuana 101 section, everyone can benefit from it.

32 July 2014