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“Listening to you by radio has been such a blessing to me in helping me to see the changes in the world around me and become equipped to address those changes biblically.” ~ Thomasine, VA

“Love listening to the radio broadcast and knowing that what I hear is the truth.’ It’s very hard nowadays to hear the plain truth.” ~ Krishna, TX “I really appreciate the weekly challenge to raise the bar in our relationship with Christ and encouragement to become a more informed, and more refined Christian through your exceptional programs. Keep it up!” ~ Kimberley, OK

Dear Friends of The Christian Worldview, Even though we live in a challenging world, one that mostly rejects God and His Word and is marked by conflict and sin, for the follower of Christ, each day is an opportunity. An opportunity to draw near to God (James 4:8), to love our spouse and neighbors (Colossians 3:19; Matthew 22:39), to raise our children in the “discipline and instruction of the Lord” (Ephesians 6:4), to share the gospel (Romans 1:16), to disciple or encourage another (Matthew 28:19), to do good in Christ’s name (Galatians 6:10).

Paul wrote to the church in Ephesus about opportunity when he said, “Be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil” (Ephesians 5:15-16). The days are evil. There is great division in our country and increasing compromise in the church. And yet God desires that believers make the most of our time to live for and glorify Him … and we are promised that He gives us the ability to do that (Philippians 2:13). My mother, who just turned 85 and has made a deep spiritual impact on me, often reminds me that The Christian Worldview is an opportunity. It’s an opportunity “to sharpen the biblical worldview of Christians and to share the good news that all people can be reconciled to God through faith in Christ.” That is our mission. It’s about impacting both believers and nonbelievers with the life- and eternity-changing truth of God’s Word. We pursue this mission through producing a weekly radio program and podcast that is heard by listeners across the country and even around the world. We also select and send out biblicallysound resources for adults and children, provide content on our website and social media platforms, and organize conferences and events. As an all-volunteer organization, we are often pressed trying to keep up. We get tired and sometimes weary. But then we are reminded what an incredible opportunity it is to spur on ourselves and others to “think biblically and live accordingly.” ...continued on back


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David Wheaton is the radio host of The Christian Worldview, an author, speaker, and former pro tennis player. His books are My Boy, Ben: A Story of Love, Loss, and Grace and University of Destruction: Your Game Plan for Spiritual Victory on Campus. Born and residing in Minnesota, David is married to his lifelong best friend, Brodie. They are the parents of a son...and two Labrador retrievers.

Men’s Bible Study event

TCW Dinner Event interview

Nebraska Christian School LIVE broadcast ...continued from front


Many of you remind us of this great opportunity. The letters, comments, and gifts we receive each week encourage us to keep on keeping on. And by God’s grace we will, for as long as He allows.

We are excited to announce a NEW element of the ministry called TCW Short Takes. These are bitesize audio clip highlights of the most recent broadcast of the radio program.

It was quite a year of topics and guests on the radio program. At the beginning of the year, we did three programs on creation and why an accurate interpretation of the first part of the Bible is critical to how the rest is interpreted.

Some aren’t able to listen to the full program, so we are hopeful TCW Short Takes will make the radio show accessible to more people.

We spoke with Costi Hinn, the born-again nephew of “faith healer” Benny Hinn, about the errant movement known as the New Apostolic Reformation, which is leading Evangelical churches and people away from sound doctrine.

You can hear TCW Short Takes when you subscribe to our free podcast or visit our website, Facebook, or Twitter pages.

We did two programs on “Is the Bible Really the Word of God?” The short answer is, yes, and thus it can be trusted as the foundation for all issues of life and faith.

We spent several programs examining the dangers of the social justice and “gay Christian” movements which are making inroads into the church. And it was an election year, so we discussed what is driving the great worldview divide in our country. Guests included Ken Ham, John MacArthur, Greg Gilbert, Todd Friel, Cal Beisner, Mike Gendron, Janet Mefferd, Nancy Pearcey, Soeren Kern, and many others. You can hear past programs on our website or subscribe to our free podcast.


And be sure to take advantage of the resources on the accompanying page. Any of them would be enriching for your family, friends, and church.


In closing, on behalf of our board and staff, thank you for your prayer, encouragement, and support of The Christian Worldview. We are coming up on our 15th year of ministry and we know that would not be possible without God’s grace, your support, and our radio station/network partners. There is sizable expense to reach people through this media ministry and so we appreciate your consideration in that regard. All gifts are tax deductible to the amount allowed by U.S. law.

Save the date!

Please save Monday, September 16, 2019 at Woodhill Country Club in Wayzata, MN. You are invited! Registration opens Spring 2019. Tune in to the radio program for more details.

May your Christmas and the new year be centered on Jesus Christ, who came to die for our sins so that we might live forever with Him. Let’s remember that each day is an opportunity to glorify Him!

David Wheaton, host The Christian Worldview

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever. Hebrews 13:8

The Christian Worldview is directed by The Overcomer Foundation, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

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The God Who Speaks

Death of Discernment


Mystery Spiritual Babylon



Two 45-min messages from Mike Gendron: Death of Discernment and The Best Kept Secret. (90 mins)

The evidence of the Bible’s authority through interviews with some of the world’s most respected biblical scholars. (90 mins)

Why Evangelicals Reversing...

Drunk in the Spirit



Two 45-min messages from Mike Gendron: Mystery Spiritual Babylon and Roman Catholicism’s Drift into Apostasy. (90 mins)

EXIT: The Appeal of Suicide

Mike Gendron gives seven key reasons why the Reformation should never be reversed. (120 mins)


Ray Comfort’s documentary that shines light on the darkness of suicide and offers hope to those who think they have none. (40 mins)

Documentary on the New Apostolic Reformation’s growing influence on the church. (67 mins)

Books Defining Deception $13

Six Days

Costi Hinn pulls back the curtain to reveal the truth behind the New Apostolic Reformation. (198 pg softcover)

Ken Ham shows how compromise in Genesis has infiltrated churches and families. (192 pg softcover)

Quick Answers to Tough Questions



Concise answers to the tough questions that are often posed to believers. (87 pg softcover)

TCW Gifts

Social Justice $5

Liberty to the Captives $10

Cal Beisner explains “How good intentions undermine justice and gospel.” (44 pg booklet)

Australian pastor, Mark Durie, writes about Islam and how to respond to it. (132 pg softcover)

TCW Backpack



Before The Throne

Joni Eareckson Tada and Steve Estes explore why our suffering matters to the Almighty. (248 pg softcover)



TCW NASB Thinline Bible

When God Weeps $10

“Have a Little Faith” $12 Notecards (10-pack)

$12 This album is a collection of old and new hymns in fresh arrangments by tenor, Philip Webb. (47 mins)

Standard print size with debossed “Think Biblically Live Accordingly” on the two-tone Leatherex cover.

Think Biblically Live Accordingly Wristband Green

Share the message of “Think Biblically, Live Accordingly” at your school or office with this red backpack.

How Great Thou Art

Classic hymns and gospel songs in a symphonic setting with operatic tenor, Philip Webb. (47 mins)


$19 $16

My Boy, Ben (ebook) $9.99 $7.99

“A beautifully written and engaging story about a man and his dog that will touch every part of you.” Dick Van Patten, Actor and Founder, National Guide Dog Month

“A beautifully written and engaging story about a man and his dog that will touch every part of you.” Dick Van Patten, Actor and Founder, National Guide Dog Month

oy , Ben My B

oy , Ben My B





Joni Eareckson Tada helps us find comfort and encouragement by focusing on the One who leads and guides us every day.


If you would like David’s books personalized, write your request here:

David Wheaton’s Books: Special Year-end Prices! My Boy, Ben

A Spectacle of Glory (Devotional)





University of Destruction $14 $12

Children’s Resources The Proud Chicken $12

A Special Door $12

A retelling of the parable of the Prodigal Son through the character, Chadwick. Ages 4-10. (32 pg hardcover)

15 interactive “doors” on Noah’s Ark reveal truth about Jesus as our only door to salvation. Ages 4-10. (32 pg hardcover)

Theo Coloring & Activity Book $5

The Good Rat $12

A retelling of the parable of the Good Samaritan, through the character, Wigglesworth. Ages 4-10. (32 pg hardcover)

Theo 5-pack DVD Bundle $50

Adam Raccoon 8-book Set

Fun activities and coloring pages of your favorite Theo characters. Ages 4-10. (64 pg softcover)

Donation of $80 or more

The Adventures of Adam Raccoon is an eightbook set by legendary Disney animator Glen Keane. Each book is hardcover, 48 pages, and beautifully color-illustrated. Children love these stories and learn Biblical truths! Ages 2-8 [retail $103.92]

Theo Vol 1 DVD $10

Adam Raccoon Forever Falls

Donation of any amount Forever Falls is the first volume in the 8-volume set of The Adventures of Adam Raccoon and is available for a donation of any amount [retail $12.99].

The entire 15-episode animated series teaches children key doctrines of the faith, capturing their attention with humor and engaging animation. [retail $64.99]

Features the first 3 episodes in the series. Each episode is about 10 minutes.

48 pages, color-illustrated, hardcover, Ages 2-8



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2018 Year-End Letter from The Christian Worldview  

Dear Friends of The Christian Worldview, Even though we live in a challenging world, one that mostly rejects God and His Word and is marked...

2018 Year-End Letter from The Christian Worldview  

Dear Friends of The Christian Worldview, Even though we live in a challenging world, one that mostly rejects God and His Word and is marked...