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Senior Project Term Opportunities

Interested in traveling? Information about each trip is available on our website ( and in flyers distributed in classes. Please feel free, however, to contact any of the trip organizers directly (see chart on back page). Some financial assistance is available. In these cases, students should write a brief note to Mr. Koskores explaining their interest in the trip. The school will then follow up directly with parents. If you are interested in being a host family to one of our guests, contact Jim Pickel.

Costa Rica Foreign travel is essential to

the mission of Thayer Academy,

as it enriches the educational experience for all who participate. Moreover, the need for true global citizenship is more important than ever.

Questions? Contact:

Along with a fresh outlook on their own education, students report a marked growth in self-confidence, an overall increase in sophistication, and a degree

Jim Pickel Coordinator Learning Through Travel Programs

: 781-664-2217 :



Lycee Stanislas Programme d’Echange Cannes, France

French Students 12th Graders

Darah Smoot, Aidan Rooney 781.664.2213

Community Service Trip Peru

12th Graders

Jake Diamond 781.664.2212

WeiYu School Shanghai, China

12th Graders (Preference to those taking Chinese)

Ted Koskores 781.664.2210

Summer Travel Opportunities PROGRAM



La Culture Quebecoise Quebec City, Canada (Odd years)

French Students 8th Grades

Angela Toussaint 781.664.2320

Cultural/Environmental Experience Costa Rica (Odd Years)

Spanish Students 7th & 8th Graders

Alllynn Lodge 781.664.2297




Artists in Residence Program - Cortona, Italy (Even Years)

Art Students

Karen Koskores 781.664.2204

Classical World Italy (Odd Years)

9th - 12th Graders

Deanna Mellican 781.664.2233

Art & Archaeology Greece (Even Years)

12th Graders

Deanna Mellican 781.664.2233

Northampton School for Boys Northampton, UK

9th - 12th Graders

Jim Pickel 781.66a4.2217

Spanish Language Immersion Program

Spanish Students 10th - 12th Graders

Marc Rando 781.664.2283

Chirec School Hyderabad, India

9th - 12th Graders

Jim Pickel 781.664.2217

of language acquisition far exceeding what is possible in the classroom alone.

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This brochure provides a catalogue of Thayer’s Learning Through Travel opportunities, both for the Upper School and the Middle School.

Faculty Exchange &  Professional Development Faculty professional development is an important element of the Learning Through Travel Program. Frequent administrative and faculty contact between sister schools builds relationships to benefit all segments of the community. Short-term teacher exchanges, during which teachers can observe markedly different practices, enriches their perspectives on teaching and learning.



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thayer academy travel opportunities





Upper School

Middle School

Travel Opportunities  Lycee Stanislas - Programme d’Echange Cannes, Paris - France An intensive immersion program of classes, excursions and homestay aimed at providing students with an appreciation of French culture, language and history. This four-day exploration of Paris and its environs, followed by a nine-day sojourn in Provence and the French Riviera, promises enrichment opportunities both exciting and educational. The homestay occurs in Cannes during the famed Cannes Film festival. Offered every year in May as a Senior Project opportunity.

 Exchange Program - WeiYu High School Shanghai - China Thayer Academy commenced a sister-school relationship with WeiYu High School in Shanghai China in 2009. The program is open only to seniors, with preference given to students taking Chinese. Students will have a home-stay experience in Shanghai and will also visit Bejing and sites close by. Offered every year in May - Chinese students come to Thayer in the fall.

 Exchange Program - Chirec School Hyderabad - India Thayer’s relationship with the Chirec School started in 2010 and includes both student and faculty exchanges. Thayer typically hosts its visitors from India for two weeks in the fall, then sends students and faculty to India for two weeks in the summer. Offered every year.

 Exchange Program - Northampton School for Boys Northampton, London - UK This well-established relationship, open to all Thayer students, is advantageous for students from both schools. Co-ed student groups (notwithstanding the traditional name) learn about another way of life and a new educational system while enjoying the cultural sites that lie within an hour’s drive of both schools. Thayer students spend four days in London hotels and eight days with families in Northampton. Offered every year in June - British students come to Thayer in October.

Travel Opportunities  Spanish Language Immersion Program Madrid, Vigo, Toledo - Spain This 12-day program offers students of Spanish an opportunity to learn about the cultural heritage of one of Europe’s great countries and perfect their language skills through immersion. The trip begins in Madrid with visits that include Las Ventas, the famed bull fighting stadium, the Prado Museum, El Retiro Park, and Bernabeu, home of world soccer power Real Madrid. A day trip to Toledo and stops in Segovia, El Escorial, the Valley of the Fallen and Salamanca are followed by a homestay period in Vigo. While with families in Vigo, students visit Santiago de Compostela, a UNESCO World Heritage site where the cathedral has been for a thousand years the destination of the famous 9th century medieval pilgrimage route. A short visit across the border into Portugal completes the itinerary. Offered annually in the summer to sophomores, juniors, and seniors studying Spanish.

 The Classical World Rome - Italy This exploration of classical Roman sites builds upon the classroom experiences of our Latin and history students. Students visit the sites of gladiatorial fights in the Coliseum; the chariot races of the Circus Maximus; the Ciceronian orations in the Forum; the imperial palaces of the Palatine Hill; the homage to gods and goddesses at the Pantheon; and the bustling vitality of Pompeii and Herculaneum, towns buried in ash by Mount Vesuvius in 79 A.D. Offered during odd numbered years.

 Peruvian Service Project Machu Picchu - Peru An eleven-day homestay in Peru, including service work in the fields with Peruvian families and volunteer hours in a school. Students do historical and cultural research before departure and report on their experiences upon return. The program also includes a visit to the Incan ruins at Machu Picchu. Offered every year as a Senior Project opportunity.

 La Culture Québecoise Quebec - Canada A five-day excursion in early July to Québec City and its environs. Students stay in a modern hotel and visit many historical sites and natural areas including the falls at Montmorency and a nature preserve. Opportunities to hear and speak French abound with the professional guide and with “les habitants de Québec.” Offered during odd numbered years.

 Cultural / Environmental Experience Parismina - Costa Rica

 Artists-in-Residence Program Cortona - Italy The goals of this program are to enable student artists to study and appreciate some of the world’s greatest works of art and to nurture their own talents with field and studio work under close supervision of both Thayer Academy faculty and Italian instructors. This experience complements Thayer’s painting and drawing curriculum for art students. Offered during even numbered years.

 Art & Archaeology Tour Greece Open to any senior with an interest in Archaeology, Greek Art, History, Architecture, Anthropology, Travel, and experiencing new cultures. Explore modern cities and villages in Athens, Nauplio, Pylos, and Delphi. Visit current excavations and talk with real archaeologists as they work in the field (Corinth and the Agora in Athens). Offered during even numbered years.

This biannual trip provides Middle School Spanish students with many exciting experiences in the tiny Caribbean town of Parismina. In addition to gaining increased fluency in Spanish and an understanding of Costa Rican culture, students perform service work, explore the sea coast and tropical rainforest, and work along side members of the community on town projects. Past projects have included beach maintenance and the release of Leatherback sea turtles. Students live together in communal housing right on the beach and interact with local students in activities such as soccer. Offered during odd numbered years. See the video of the 2009 trip at

“ My experience in Peru was one of cultural enlightenment, the birth of

a new perspective of looking at the world, and the satisfaction of

helping those in need. It was an adventure I’ll never forget

Thayer Alum, Class of 2006

Learning Through Travel  

Thayer Academy's Study-Abroad Opportunities