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4 Year Anniversary Issue!

Issue48 February 2017

Blair/PCC Graduate John Singleton sets standard in Urban Filmmaking Cover Songs from Pasadena's 1st Black Mayor Discovered (circa 1973) Why Washington BL. in Pasadena, CA is Targeted for Historic Street Name Change to Robinson Blvd

GARFIELD HEIGHTS Janet W. of Garfield Heights gives us a Tour through Pasadena’s 2nd Oldest Landmark District

"We Here Now" music video by Bizzle (Crowns And Crosses) Watch Video

DJ Kay Slay Takes Action on Ignorance in Hip Hop Read More

DJ Reggie Ward on Alaskan Hip Hop "We're forgotten about up here" Read More

How Cities Are Transforming Street Photography Read More

Stevie J Questions the Motives of Record Company Executives Watch Video Keith Sweat on today's R&B: "Not the R&B

that I know it to be" in Exclusive Interview Read More

WilsonBlock100 Certified Artists 1) 2-Hye 2) AJ tha DJ 3) Andre Hardin 4) Andrew (The Letters 5) 6) 7) 8) 9) 10) 11) 12) 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) 19) 20) 21) 22) 23) 24) 25) 26) 27) 28) 29) 30) 31) 32) 33) 34) 35) 36)

Home) Anthony Stone Armen Art (El Sereno) Big Montana Billy Coat s Bing Bing Bill Bogaard Black Rose Black Sant a Blak Axx Brandin Bruce Brooke Jean Calvin Banks C. Carter Chuck Daggers (IWIL ONE) Chuck Dollaz C.O Chosen One Crooked Noize Disco Ministries D. Haile DOMINANCE (Dominic Poole) DPone Eddie G Eden Allegra Young Epidemic EYE (Zarkhi) Gangsta Ric GL Moody Hax Imagine (SGV) Imani Akil iMu

37) Infant Head

79) Otto Evans

38) Jay Reese

80) Paco Swart z

39) Jangles (Jay Blue)

81) Phil Phree

40) J. Byrd

82) PokeyLo

41) J. Real

83) Polygraph Symptom

42) J. Rell

(210West) 84) Ramon Barajas 85) RD Peace 86) Reina Mora 87) Relly 2euce 88) Rey Avalon 89) Rollie Robles 90) Roscoe Lee Owens 91) Rose Crown 92) Rose Robinson 93) Rough City 94) Royal Mitchell 95) Ryan Aderréy 96) Samantha Church 97) Scribes One 98) Sea One 99) Sobukwe Toure 100)Sparkydog & Friends 101)Speaker Creatures 102)Stephen Baldry 103)Sweet Tee 104)Taffey Champion 105)Tee Ran 106)Tobi Hero 107)Tone Grizzard 108)Top of the Jecks 109)Usolosopher 110)Wadada 111)Warrior Richardson 112)Watchyatone 113)windchILL 114)XL Middleton 115)YG Chief 116)Zoneiak McGee 117)Zyto Crowns

43) Jason Hardin 44) Jay Mays 45) Jeanine Narcisse 46) Jennifer Thompson

47) Joey Tripp 48) Jon2 49) Justin Miller 50) Key Lewis 51) King Duey 52) Khriz- Z 53) L3 (Gamble) 54) L Boogie 55) Larry McZeal 56) Latoya Rhodes 57) LEJ (Lemat iq) 58) Lovey Elise 59) MACA 60) Magic Mike Z 61) Mak Boss 62) Manyang Reath Kher 63) Matt Lewis 64) McSteezy 65) Meddie Lanes 66) Mina Wildcard 67) Minal Zaman 68) Moe Grams 69) Mogul Miles 70) Moniquea 71) Mos Hi 72) Mr. McSt range 73) Mya Vat 74) Mystah GT 75) Neffy 76) Nino Rose 77) Noy 78) Ol Sol

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Publisher / Editor Mistah Wilson Content Creator Mistah Wilson Percy Johnson Dominic Poole Photographer Percy Johnson Journalists Mistah Wilson Public Relations Mistah Wilson Percy Johnson Butch Thompson Event Coordinator Mistah Wilson Dominic Poole Advertising Manager Mistah Wilson Dominic Poole

Mistah Wilson meets with Pasadena Councilman Victor Gordo in District 5

Mistah Wilson, publisher of ThaWilsonBlock Magazine, briefly met with Councilman Victor Gordo of P a s a d e n a ' s D i s t r i c t 5 . Pe rc y J o h n s o n s aw M r. G o r d o w a l k i n g t h e n e i g h b o r hood campaigning for re-election on M a rc h 7 t h , 2 0 1 7 . Jo h n s o n i n t ro d u c e d M i s t a h W i l s o n t o G o r d o a s t h e y s p o ke about local landmark districts, Rose Bowl renovations, and the upcoming music & arts festival coming to B ro o k s i d e P a r k .

Mistah Wilson meets with Pasadena Councilman Victor Gordo in District 5

Mistah Wilson meets with Pasadena Councilman Victor Gordo in District 5

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Apartment Jam 2) The Meeting's in Session (feat. Bones & Souljah 100) 3) Spread the Word 4) 'til Your Eyes Roll Back (feat. Coco Avenue) 5) 2-Hye to Miss the Moon 6) It's Sealed (feat. Bing Bing) 7) The Shoe Fits (feat. S.G, Mos Keys & Gabe Kessell) 8) Inhale Exhale (feat. Mos Keys) 9) Breather Break (Skit) 10) 626-818-5150 (feat. Big-E & Patrick Antonian) 11) An L.A. Second (feat. Laura Espitia) 12) A Million and a Half (feat. Abo Yerkanyan) 13) Amen 1)

Tha Courageous

23mile Walk for Courage San Pedro to Downtown Los Angeles July 20th, 2016 Straight up Figueroa Street Conceptual Street Sign Photography collection by Mistah Wilson Photography

Why We Don't Hear From Sinbad Anymore Watch Video

Afroman talks being a Crip and Moving to Rival School Watch Video

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How Doctors are using digital photography in rural healthcare Read More

Chance the Rapper: "I Never Wanted to Sell my Music" Read More

RA The Rugged Man:"I'm Not a Big Fan of the Beatles" Watch Video

Pasadena rapper Bing Bing debuts first original feature on 2-Hye's new album "The Conference of the Council” Pasadena rapper 2-Hye has been one of the most noticeable consistent artists on the local music scene. After releasing "Back 2-Hye School" EP featuring artists like Major James and Bones, 2-Hye is back with a full

length LP "The Conference of the Council". This song stands as Bing Bing's first feature on an original album. And he's definitely got the bars!

Listen to “It’s Sealed” by 2-Hye ft. Bing Bing

Pasadena Gospel Musician Magic Mike Z postperformance Interview @ Old Oak Cellars Mistah Wilson and ThaWilsonBlock Magazine recently caught up with gospel musician Magic Mike Z after a performance at Old Oak Cellars Open Mic in Pasadena, California on 1/13/17 for an exclusive interview to catch up since his last feature on the local music scene. In this brief interview, Magic Mike Z talks about recently getting married, performing for homeless people in the park during community meals provided by local churches, and shoe shining at King King's (Rest in Peace) barbershop back in the day. He also brings us up to speed on his latest efforts getting back on the open mic circuit and performing again.

Pasadena Hip Hop Pioneer 'Paco Swartz' talks Music, His Detroit Roots, and How He's Managed to Stay focused through Adversity... By Mistah Wilson

Today's local music scene in Pasadena, California is alive and well. Mistah Wilson caught up with Pasadena Hip Hop pioneer Paco Swartz for an exclusive interview about Music, His Detroit Roots, and How He's Managed to Stay focused through Adversity. In this interview, Paco touches on how his spot was the 'dojo' for a lot of the Pasadena artists from his generation. Giving Glory to God for still being here, Swartz also speaks on growing up in Pasadena and attending Washington Middle School. Paco mentions the adverse conditions of students who attended Washington Middle School, or the "Thunder Dome" in comparison to schools in different districts who didn't have that obstacle.

Download This Interview

Paco Swartz pays homage by crediting Pasadena rapper GrinCH for taking him under his wing and encouraging him to play sports as oppose to getting caught up with the streets. Paco reveals that he is "classically" trained in music when singing, arranging, and performing. He learned from popular opera singer Versie Mae Richardson who ran the Boys Choir at Alkebu-lan Cultural Center . Paco honors Versie Mae for being a great influence on his life. Paco describes his work with Pasadena Vet G Laf on his latest project and how they go all the

way back to the Boys Club. He also talks about working with artists like Mike Towns, S Claz, Black Santa , Hardway, Riko DENAro, Tone Grizzard, Harold Blu, and a whole lot more. Paco talks about how he and Pasadena artist Noy grew up in the same neighborhood and the latest update on "Da League", a group consisting of Paco Swartz, Ethan Avery, & 12 Sinatra. What makes this interview special is the fact that Paco is a true product of Pasadena. Many Pasadena artists of today are people Paco went to school with. And a lot of them you actually see on the forefront of the scene. In this exclusive interview with Paco Swartz, we drop "Wake Up" by Paco Swartz ft. Tommy Bunnz "Energy" by Paco Swartz" "Can't Let Go" by Paco Swartz ft. Kampaign "Shots Rang" by Paco Swartz

Drake Speaks out against Donald Trump Watch Video

Local Artist Finds New Life through her Art After Multiple Sclerosis Diagnosis Read This

Prince Ea explains Why he’s Happy Trump Won" Watch Video

Why Washington BL. in Pasadena, CA is Targeted for Historic Street Name Change to Robinson Blvd By Mistah Wilson

Jackie Roosevelt Robinson. A figure who has greatly inspired the generation of today to live up to their potential. In Pasadena, California, you see his monuments almost everywhere. From Robinson park and Rec Center to City Hall, John Muir High School to Pasadena City College, Robinson has definitely earned more than just a name for himself. But even after The 4.2-mile stretch of the 210 from Gould Avenue to Orange Grove Boulevard was renamed the "Jackie Robinson Memorial Highway," there are still a few spectators who still aren't satisfied. I mean, it's cool having a portion of a freeway named after you. But, that was something that could've came after Robinson Blvd. After watching the movie "42" about the life & career of Jackie Robinson, Mistah Wilson was struck with inspiration and soon thereafter had a vision of seeing Robinson Blvd in real life. After ample research and thinking it through, Mistah Wilson soon found out that there was no ma jor thoroughfare named after Robinson. Wilson felt (Continued on page 38)

as though Robinson should have at least one ma jor thoroughfare honoring his legacy. So, he started the "Robinson Boulevard Initiative", an initiative to ultimately change Washington Blvd in Pasadena, CA as we know it to the nation's first ever (Jackie or Mack) Robinson Boulevard. Before we get into the specifics, let us remind you that Jackie Robinson was a true product of Pasadena, Califor-

nia. Although he was born in Cairo, Georgia, Robinson attended 3 Pasadena educational institutions and soared as an athlete in multiple sports, earning letterman in varsity ranks. By the time he was

approached by Branch Rickey, owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers at the time, Robinson already demonstrated his

capacity for cultural diversity by attending public school and playing sports at UCL A.

To forward this initiative, Mistah Wilson organized an ambitious 42mile walk effort demonstrating Love, Peace, & Unity in honor of the late great Jackie Robinson. The walk took place on January 31st, 2015, from East Pasadena to Leimert Park on a tailored route. This was Wil-

son's first step in pushing the initiative. And he knew he was going to be in it for the long haul. Mistah Wilson also emailed the Mayor's office to share his ideals about Robinson Blvd. Bill Bogaard, former Mayor of Pasadena, promptly replied with statistics detailing the Pasadena community's effort to change Hammond Street to Robinson Street. The report

showed how the run was short lived and that it failed. Most people said no and the others were not home to

comment. There was simply not enough homeowners who voted yes. Even though the report wasn't prom-

ising, Wilson was still encouraged. "Robinson deserves a ma jor thoroughfare, just like Martin Luther King. I feel his character and image was just as significant," explains Mistah Wilson. "And what better place to start than Pasadena, California?" Here's the deal. The Robinson Boulevard Initiative is meant to ultimately change Washington Blvd in Pasadena, CA as we know it to the nation's first ever (Jackie or Mack) Robin-

son Boulevard. Below is a list of reasons why Jackie Robinson deserves a street named in his honor and why Washington Blvd in Pasadena is being targeted for the historic name change:

such a mission, who knows what impact he can have on future generations. Jackie Robinson's character stood for love, peace, unity, hard work, and dedication. Perfect for the di-

Jackie Robinson was culturally unbiased. He embraced people of different ethnic backgrounds and didn't allow racism to be a determining factor of his life and story.

It's no secret that

Why Jackie Robinson Deserves a Street Named in his Honor: 

This is a community initiative that gives us a positive, progressive African American movement. If Jackie Robinson could inspire us 42 years after passing to embark on

rection we should go as a community.

Jackie Robinson contributed to the Civil Rights movement of the mid-1900's. He fulfilled the dream of Martin Luther King by defeating social/racial barriers and being the first African American professional athlete to successfully break through. 

Being the first African American baseball player in the major leagues, the first Afro-American inducted in the MLB Hall of Fame, and having his number "42" retired across all teams makes Jackie Robinson worthy of being honored by a major street in Pasadena, California.

Jackie Robinson inspired the entire team as a rookie and made his teammates better.

The fact that Jackie Robinson graduated from college represents the power of an education. This is a good quality message we want our youth to be influenced by.

With his education, Jackie Robinson was also an American business man.

Jackie Robinson received an honorable discharge from the United States military. Jackie Robinson starred in his own movie!

Why Washington Blvd in Pasadena, CA is being targeted for historic street name change to Robinson Blvd. 

Not to discredit George Washington for all the great things he's done for the USA, but he has no immediate relevance to the City of Pasadena as Jackie Robinson does.

There is a Washington Blvd 10 miles and several different directions. The change wouldn't be drastic.

Because we feel Robinson deserves a major thoroughfare, it makes sense to target Washington Blvd because surrounding streets like Orange Grove, Fair Oaks, or even Woodbury Rd. are already unique to the City of Pasadena. Furthermore, most North/South bound streets touch different cities like Alhambra and South Pasadena. We want to avoid this so that we may not be presented with additional challenges during the process.

Because Jackie Robinson stood for cultural diversity justifies why Robinson Boulevard should be able to run through the East Washington Village, an Armenian-American community.

No one in the world living today took part in the actual naming of Washington Blvd. in Pasadena, CA.

Rose Robinson opens up about Life in Pasadena, Her Father's Legacy, & Overcoming Cancer thru Obamacare By Mistah Wilson

Rose Robinson, youngest daughter of Olympian & Silver Medalist Mack Robinson, opens up about Life in Pasadena, Her Father's Legacy,

and Overcoming Cancer through Obamacare.

Rose was going to have her tonsils removed when

to shop her song around and share the inspiration she's received with other cancer patients.

she received news that she had cancer. Shortly after receiving Obamacare, her insurance covered treatment. And through her recovery, Rose wrote a beautiful song to President Barack Obama thanking him for blessing her with Obamacare and giving her a 2nd chance at life. Rose wrote a letter to President Obama and he responded with a message of encouragement. Rose is now looking

Listen to the exclusive interview to hear her compelling story and beautiful song entitled "Thank You President Obama". Follow Rose on In-

stagram to keep up with her latest updates

Blair/PCC Graduate John Singleton sets standard in Urban Filmmaking By Mistah Wilson

Born during the peak of the civil rights era, Film Director John Singleton has served as a prime example for making it out the hood, while not forgetting about the hood. Singleton had a vision for cinematography and pursued it. Having attended Blair High School (Class of 86') in Pasadena as well as taking classes as Pasadena City College, the Boyz N the Hood director was on a path to greatness. He got his start interning on the Arsenio Hall show in 1991. Meanwhile, he was writing the script for Boyz n the Hood, a movie that went on to be recognized in the National Film Registry as being "culturally significant". (Continued on page 46)

We t o o k a l o o k b a c k a t J o h n S i ng l e t o n ' s c a r e e r and from a millennial's perspective, he's directed some of our favorite movies over the past 20+ years. Being an alumni of two Pasadena-based institutions, we are inspired by the life and career of Fi l m Di re ct or Jo hn S i ngle to n. We li st a fe w po i nt s and movies directed by John Singleton that we believe helped set the standard in urban filmmaking.

#1 John Singleton's vision had a lot to do with empowering others. With movies like Boyz N the Hood, Poetic Justice, and Hustle & F l o w, m o t i v a t i o n f o r much of Singleton's work came from wanting to help his fellow colleagues advance in their careers. He wanted to help his p e e r s t e l l t h e i r s t o r y. And although he credits his parents for keeping him away from the streets, he was a living testament to the rough lifestyle his peers lived growing up in South Central. #2 Hip Hop is arguably among the most influential genre of music in the world. And Singleton is known for featuring Hip Hop artists in his movies. John gave Hip Hop Legend Ice Cube his (Continued on page 47)

debut leading actor role in Boyz N the Hood and has went on to cast artists like Busta Rhymes, QTi p , And r e 30 0 0 , Ty re se G i b s o n, L ud ac r i s , a nd ha s e v e n w o r k e d w i t h t h e l a t e g r e a t Tu p a c S h a k u r. I n short, Singleton is responsible for many movies that we actually wanted to see in our life like Baby B o y, 2 F a s t 2 Furious, & Four Brothers. #3 John Singleton has a clear love and passion for filmmaking. Judging by his work, you can tell he's applied what he's learned to bring his vision to life. Singleton is proud to have attended Pasadena City College and credits them for helping him realize his dream citing,"PCC is very important to me because without PCC I never would have gone onto film school and eventually become a filmmaker and realize my dream,� Singleton said. “The arts are the savior of any society and to have a great new facility where resource access is available for students w o u l d j u s t b e a p h e n o m e n a l f o r t h e c o m m u n i t y. "

Boyz N’ the Hood (1991) Boyz n the Hood was a movie directed by John Singleton that went on to be very successful. It was essentially the most accurate narrative on gang life in South Central Los Angeles that Hollywood put out. It showed both sides of the fence, and how even those who didn't belong to any gang were still targets. Guilty by affiliation. For a young black man, it was hard living in South Central LA. Everyone is your enemy...including the cops. Singleton, who wrote the script for this movie, was already familiar with gang life having grew up in South LA. He had great insight into real -life gang scenarios, activity, and behaviors. Singleton was able to convey the Crips and Bloods with a transparent approach, allowing the viewer to tell who was who by the colors they wore, not by the title of their gang. As far as commercial movies detailing the lifestyle of street gangs in Los Angeles, Boyz n the Hood is definitely in the conversation. Singleton worked with Cuba Gooding, Jr., Laurence Fishburne, Nia Long, and Angela Basset on this film. The movie also birthed new film careers for Ice Cube and Morris Chestnut. For Boyz n the Hood to be congressionally recognized and listed in the National Film Registry, it sends a clear message to aspiring directors of the millennial generation that their vision can come to life. Singleton was the youngest person ever nominated for Best Director and the first African -American to be nominated for the award.

Poetic Justice (1993)

In an exclusive interview with Essence Magazine, Singleton wanted to help give a voice to young African American women by giving them a lead role. Ice Cube reportedly turned down the role because he claimed he wasn't at a point in his career to do romance movies. So, the role was given to Hip Hop Legend Tupac Shakur, who's memorable appearance remains among his fan's most treasured projects of him. John Singleton having worked with Tupac means everything today. In this movie, Singleton worked with many great African American talents. What really caught young viewer's attention was the Hip Hop element of the film. And if you know any better, Hip Hop is among the world's most influential genres of music. Singleton was soon becoming a resource for Afro American talents in Hollywood. And rightfully so, because it was a prime example of being the change he wanted to see by empowering others. This movie was an impactful romance for young audiences everywhere.

Higher Learning (1995)

In this 1995 crime drama, Singleton sought the likes of Omar Epps, Ice Cube, Michael Rapaport, Tyra Banks, Busta Rhymes, Laurence Fishburne, & Regina King to highlight issues surrounding racism on a university campus. A key message from this film suggests educating ourselves for the sole purpose of self-empowerment as oppose to simply trying to pass a class or course. Meanwhile, when the different cultures clash, they realize that education comes at a much bigger cost. Higher Learning definitely goes down as a movie that common people can relate to. Especially those who've actually experienced such things while attending college. It shows different cultures and the pressures that they face while trying to create a better life for themselves. High profile critics had a lot of 'not so good' things to say about this legendary film, however, as a user mentioned on IMDB, "Maybe I'm crazy, but the exact things that everyone seems to find wrong with the movie are the things that I think makes it good."

Baby Boy (2001) Everyone and they mama wanted to see this film! At the time of it's release, I was just an 11 year-old foster kid who went to Magic Johnson Theaters to see something a little more appropriate. This movie reminds me of Waiting to Exhale in the sense that it was a movie that kids wanted to see...because of the explicitness. Singleton starred Watts native Tyrese Gibson in Baby Boy as Jody, a role we felt he played great! The movie reflects the life of an irresponsible young man who's reached an adult age but still lives at home with his mom. This movie brought a lot of what audiences wanted to see from gang violence and hip hop stars to baby mama drama and fights. John was a genius for casting talents like Tyrese, Taraji P., Omar Gooding, Ving Rhames, Snoop Dogg, Tray Dee, Goldie Loc, & Mo'nique. Baby Boy definitely goes down as one of the most influential films of the 2000's. Again, that is as far as Generation Y is concerned.

Long before I had any idea that John Singleton directed this movie, it stood as my favorite installment in the Fast & Furious series. I mean, it was action packed. Urban. Rich. When they showed the scene from the helicopter view of all those cars coming out of the g arag e making it difficult for the cops to pinpoint their suspects, I jumped out of my seat! If you ask me, Singleton single handedly directed the best movie in the Fast and Furious franchise. Ag ain, it contained ever ything we wanted to see as a young audience. Not to mention the memorable soundtrack with Ludacris's "Act Fool". The music video was a g reat spinoff of the movie. I can't say other F&F movies weren't g ood, but 2 Fast 2 Furious was the last g reat original before taking it to Tokyo. I liked how Singleton showed a ton of action but kept it revolving around cars and racing. Once it turned into cops & robbers with the later versions, I beg an to lose interest.

2 Fast 2 Furious (2003)

Four Brothers (2005) An exceptional movie. Singleton knows how to keep audiences on their feet with urban action crime dramas like Four Brothers. Ag ain, Singleton looked to Hip HopAn forexceptional a high calibermovie. perfor mance with Andre 3000 and Tyrese Gibson. Mark WhalbergSingleton was the quintessential talent knows how to keep for the role of Bobby Mercer, the brother who lead the pack and kept it tog all feet thosewith audiences onether their years. Ter rance Howard also played a g reat cop. Four Brothers urban g ave usaction an ideacrime of what we dramas would do if our mother was wrongfully murdered. The scenarios in this movie are g reat. Whallike Four Brothers. Again, berg's character is ever ything we expect from him. Rough, r ug g ed, and ready to brawl. I reSingletonI've looked Hip Hop member wanting to see Four Brothers simply based off the commercials seen. to And I was for a high caliber performance not disappointed. with Andre 3000 and Tyrese Gibson. Mark Whalberg was the quintessential talent for the role of Bobby Mercer, the brother who lead the pack and kept it together all those years. Terrance Howard also played a great cop. Four Brothers gave us an idea of what we would do if our mother was wrongfully murdered. The scenarios in this movie are great. Whalberg's character is everything we expect from him. Rough, rugged, and ready to brawl. I remember wanting to see Four Brothers simply based off the commercials I've seen. And I was not disappointed.

Being the first African American Film Director to win an Academy Award, Singleton has pioneered a vision in film that inspired a generation of artists and potential film directors. We took a look at his box office numbers to the aforementioned movies and they all did very well...making nearly double the money back from their respective budgets. The Pasadena, California community simmers with developmental talent waiting for the right time to be purposeful. And African American Film Director John Singleton set it off.

Cover Songs from Pasadena's 1st Black Mayor Discovered (circa 1973)

reelected. District 3, predominantly African American at the time, would not hold Glickman forever. She went on to become Vice Mayor then eventually Pasadena's

By Mistah Wilson

Now, for Pasadenans that have been around for a few generations may already know about Loretta Thompson Glickman, Pasadena's first African American Mayor. And for those who know even more are aware that she was a traveling Jazz/Pop musician before getting involved in politics. As her music career came to a close, she wanted to start a family. Born in 1945, Loretta Thompson Glickman was a Jazz singer who toured with The New Christy Minstrels, an American large-ensemble folk music group founded by Randy Sparks in 1961. She also perfor med the show "London Fog" LIVE at The Gold Rush on December 8th, 1973 with Keith Thomas, Dianne Thomas, Br uce Eskovitz, Steve Rawlins, and others. Keith Thomas has made the "London Fog" cover perfor mance songs available for free download (below). Glickman was encouraged to get into politics by her colleagues. She began campaigning in Pasadena's Northwest District 3 where she would win and eventually be

first ever African American Mayor. It was reported by Ebony Magazine's 1982 August Issue that this was 'something to boast about', as is the annual Tournament of Roses and Rose Bowl game. It took some research, but we were able to find actual music (Continued on page 56)

by Loretta Thompson Glickman. Although these are not originals, they are her actual lead vocals. She's covered hit songs from Stevie Wonder and Roberta Flack to Aretha Franklin and Gladys Knight. You won't find this infor mation of Loretta Glickman on her Wikipedia page. Musician Keith Thomas took the initiative to publish audio from cover songs they did as "Loretta and London Fog" LIVE at the Gold Rush off Sepulveda Boulevard in Mission Hills, California in 1973. For the first African American Mayor of Pasadena, we find it cool how she already had a career as a musician. Of course, she wasn't super major, perfor ming at local jazz bands. But, for the local music scene, it is seen as a vital piece of Pasadena music heritage worthy of historic preser vation. Loretta's accomplishments are a great model for young women, especially African American girls, to follow. Not necessarily to pursue

the exact same career as her, but to reach and possibly beat the standard she set.

I Can See Clearly - Johnny Nash Daniel - Elton John Phoenix - Glen Campbell Sunny - Bobby Hebb Listen to the Music - Doobie Brothers You Are the Sunshine - Stevie Wonder The Morning After - Maureen McGovern Me and Mrs. Jones - Billy Paul Watermelon Man - Herbie Hancock If Lovin' You is Wrong - Luther Ingram Joy to the World - Three Dog Night

Love Train - O' Jays I Don't Want to be Lonely - James Taylor Are You Ready - Pacific Gas and Electric Jesse - Roberta Flack Grazin' in the Grass - Hugh Masekela Midnight Train - Gladys Knight and the Pips Shambala - Three Dog Night

Ashes to Ashes - Fifth Dimension Natural High - Bloodstone Superstition - Stevie Wonder So Very Hard to Go - Tower of Power Killing Me Softly - Roberta Flack Long Train Runnin' - Doobie Brothers

Rock Steady - Aretha Franklin Rainy Night in Georgia - Brook Benton I'll Take You There - Staple Singers Proud Mary - Tina Turner Right Place - Dr. John Stormy - Classic IV Circles - Billy Preston

3 Pasadena-based Clothing Brands that Represent the City's True Essence Ask around. Pasadena, California is the place 'you want to live' if you're in Los Angeles County or Southern California. It's location sets it apart from any other city. Even Altadena and South Pasadena feel different. As the generations came and went, traditions were born and leaders were made. Today, the pride & culture surrounding the Pasadena / Altadena area is very strong and tight-knit. It's like Compton. Everybody knows everybody. And for those who don't, they still know somebody who knows somebody who knows everybody. (Continued on page 60)

There are a lot of things that make people fall in love with Pasadena. Although everyone has their own reasons why they love the city, there's one common thing that gives natives a sense of belonging. DENA. Quiet as kept, Pasadena has birthed great people. From Jackie Robinson to Michael Cooper. Van Halen. It has also been a place where greats have established themselves like famous R&B singer Teena Marie. On today's scene, the artists and entrepreneurs of Generation X and Y have their own businesses and brands that represent the true essence of life in Pasadena / Altadena. And we've taken the initiative in listing 3 unique & local clothing brands that currently represent Pasadena / Altadena culture in it's truest form.

Obvious Giant Clothing Company Obvious Giant has been the premiere clothing brand in the streets of Pasadena / Altadena being worn by local rappers and musicians at popular events which include the Yardnic & Nic@Nite. The brand helped create a unifying bond between Pasadena and Altadena, considering everyone went to school together. Obvious Giant has been one of the biggest local clothing brands worn by actual natives of Pasadena / Altadena over the past 10 years. You can see their gear in many local music videos, promotional footage, and events. The makers of this brand are products of Pasadena / Altadena making it one of thee top most authentic apparel lines in the city. You can find Obvious Giant (DENABOY/DENAGIRL) by visiting Dorothy's Boutique at 2057 N Los Robles Ave #11, Pasadena, CA 91104 or Call (626) 817-9777

Pasadena-ish Created by G Marcus, Pasadena -ish ("ish" standing for 'I Stay Hustling') rooted in 2013 and has since grown into a well known local clothing brand. Pasadena-ish has made appearances in a lot of local music videos and has even been

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Exclusive Interview

Garfield Heights “The things that drew us to Garfield H e i g h t s a r e t h e d i v e r s i t y, t h e h i s t o r i c character of the neighborhood, and the f r i e n d l i n e s s o f t h e n e i g h b o r s .�

Janet W. of Garfield Heights Neighborhood Association gives us a tour through Pasadena’s 2 nd oldest landmark district.

Mistah Wilson: Greetings, Jan e t ! We a r e h o n o r e d a n d v e r y excited to have you here with us for this exclusive interview with ThaWilsonBlock Magazine as a representative for Pasadena’s Garfield Heights Neighborhood Association. How are you? Janet (GHNA): I’m great, Mistah. Thank you so much

for contacting our neighborhood association to find out more about Garfield Heights. What makes Garfield Heights exciting is that much work during the peak of the Arts & Crafts movement (1890-1920) was being done in this neighborhood, amongst various places around the country. What led locals to the for-

mation of the GHNA? Janet (GHNA): I think the neighbors in this district realized what wonderful historic resources they had in the houses in this area, and wanted to make sure they were protected for future generations . It’s the same thing that motivates most (Continued on page 65)

historic preservationists – the hope to preserve and protect our architectural heritage. On the tour you and Steve hosted us on, we learned that Los Robles Avenue was unsuccessful in formally being a part of the neighborhood. What happened? Janet (GHNA): Unfortu-

nately, this was before we moved to Garfield Heights. From what I understand, in 1998 the residents undertook a very intensive effort to contact property owners for all the streets in the proposed district. Some of the proper ties , like the ones on L o s R o b l e s a n d Wa s h i n g t o n , are predominantly multi-

family rental units; and it was difficult to reach the property owners directly to explain the benefits of having their property included in the landmark district. In addition, some property owners specifically did not want their property included in the district. Because the formation required approval by 51% of the property owners,

properties on Los Robles were not included in the district. In comparison to surrounding landmark districts, GHNA welcomes renters and homeowner s alike . What type of things does GHNA do to welcome new residents in the (Continued on page 67)

neighborhood? J a n e t ( G H N A ) : We a l l ke e p a n eye out for home sales and new people moving into the neighborhood. Our Board of Directors has a dedicated committee that prepares a “ We l c o m e B a s ke t � f o r n e w residents, which includes information about Garfield Heights and discount coupons for local businesses. Commit-

found on which streets? J a n e t ( G H N A ) : We a r e e x tremely lucky that in the Garfield Heights Landmark District, every street has homes with historic signific a n c e . Tr a v e r s i n g t h e s t r e e t s in the district, one will find hundreds of homes built between 1880 and 1925, with a variety of architectural styles includin Craftsman, Victorian,

tee members personally deliver these baskets to new residents to welcome them to the neighborhood, encourage them to take an active par t in the GHN A, and take advantage of the activities and programs we sponsor.

Spanish Colonial Revival and Classical Revival.

In GHNA, most homes with historic significance can be

Who are some respective architects responsible for most historic sites in GHNA? Janet (GHNA): Some of the prominent architects who built homes in the Garfield (Continued on page 69)

Heights Landmark District are Sylvanus B. Marston, Alfred Heineman, Roehrig & Loc ke (Freder ic k Roehr ig was the architect of the Castle Green in Pasadena), and Ar thur B. Benton (who also designed the San Gabriel Miss i o n P l a y h o u s e ) . We a l s o h a v e a home built by Henry M.

mark distr ict, GHN A’s Bloc k Par ty has come some way! Wo u l d y o u m i n d t e l l i n g u s more about the Block Par ty and how it is organized differently each year? Janet (GHNA): The GHNA sponsors a neighborhood Block Par ty ever y year in June. The party is free to neighborhood residents (thanks to the many sponsor-

Greene (of Greene & Greene) in 1924, as well as a Greene & Greene home that was moved onto a lot in our historic district in 1999.

ships we’ve cultivated), and features music , games, food, and informational booths from our community partners a n d C i t y d e p a r t m e n t s . We ’ v e had our local Fire Station show up with their engine, which is always a hit with the kids; and the Pasadena

L e t ’ s t a l k B l o c k P a r t y ! To b e Pasadena’s 2nd oldest land-

(Continued on page 71)

Police Department is also r e p r e s e n t e d . To k e e p t h i n g s interesting, we have the Block Par ty on a different neighborhood block each year. That way, we get to involve different areas of the neighborhood in this annual event. What would a Landmark District and Neighborhood Asso-

ciation be without a recurr ing home tour? Unlike other local districts, GHNA hosts t h e i r H o m e To u r e v e r y o t h e r year. Why is this? Janet (GHNA): Ask anyone who has ever worked to put t o g e t h e r a H o m e To u r ; i t ’ s a BIG effor t. Last December, GHNA hosted its 10th Home

To u r ; a n d i t w a s a h u g e s u c cess, drawing 450+ attendees. Guests came from as far away as Palm Springs , San Diego, and Santa Barbara to tour six different homes in t h e d i s t r i c t . We h a d a h a rd working committee who spent close to a year planning this event, securing the homes to be open for touring, develop-

ing a printed program, recruiting docents for the houses and publicizing the event. In order not to burn out our volunteer committee, we have c h o s e n t o h o s t o u r H o m e To u r ever y other year, with the next tour scheduled for 2018. (Continued on page 73)

W h a t i s G H N A ’s r e l a t i o n ship with Pasadena Heritage and how do you work together for the common cause of the community? Janet (GHNA): Many of our residents are also active

members in Pasadena Heritage, as we have shared goals in historic preservation. Pasadena Heritage was supportive in the formation of our Landmark District, and has also provided advocacy for individual preservation projects within the district. We h a v e p u b l i c i z e d Pasadena Her itage’s annual C ra f t s m a n We e ke n d a n d p ro grams, and they have helped p u b l i c i z e o u r H o m e To u r . T h e educational programs provided by Pasadena Heritage on preservation incentive pro-

(Continued on page 74)

grams like the Mills Act have been invaluable to helping our neighborhood residents learn how to successfully apply for this program. In what ways have GHNA worked with Grandview Foundation to help create a healthy relationship in the community? Janet (GHNA): The Grandview Foundation provides residential recovery services for men suffering the effects of alcoholism and drug addiction. One of their sober living homes is in the middle of our Garfield H e i g h t s n e i g h b o r h o o d . We ’v e formed a wonderful working relationship where they host our quarterly General Meetings in their historic Crafts-

man home. Their residents have also been a huge help to us in preparing and moving equipment for our Block P a r t y a n d H o m e To u r e v e n t s . We f e e l t h a t w e h a v e a g r e a t partnership, and have been able to educate our residents about the good works that Grandview does in our community. So our audience can gain a clear understanding of typical neighborhood association functions, what are some key responsibilities of GHNA as a Landmark District? J a n e t ( G H N A ) : We ’ v e o u t lined the key purposes of the association in our By-Laws: a. Preserve the historic and (Continued on page 76)

architectural integrity and identity of the neighborhood known as Garfield Heights; b. Foster an inclusive community that reflects and promotes the economically and ethnically diver se make -up of our neighborhood; c . Encourage residents to improve the quality of life in our neighborhood, including the safety of people, animals

sues important to the Association; f. Monitor adherence to the zoning regulations and design guidelines in the Garfield Heights Landmark District; and g. Pursue the beautification of our neighborhood.

and property; d. Provide a forum for communication among residents of Garfield Heights with adjacent residential and business communities and with officials of the City of Pasadena; e. Provide a means for residents to be represented in city government based on is-

volunteers who work on the various aspects such as Safety and Crime, Beautification and Preservation, and Social E v e n t s . We h o s t a n A n n u a l Block Par ty to bring neighbors out for a fun event and get them interacting with e a c h o t h e r. We h o s t t h e b i e n n i a l H o m e To u r a s a f u n d r a i s -

The Board pursues these aims via standing committees, with

(Continued on page 78)

ing event, and to showcase the homes preserved by our r e s i d e n t s . We a l s o h a v e s o cial events like Movie Nights , Happy Hours and a Holiday Cookie Exchange to bring neighbors together. On a regular basis, we host educational meetings for our residents on important issues within the city, preservation incentive programs, and na-

mentation on each individual home. If listed individually, homeowners would need to adhere to the more restrictive Secretary of the Interior Standards for any rehabilitation or restoration work. While residents may always under take the process to have their own homes listed on the National Register (thereby accessing Feder-

tive plant landscaping.

al tax incentives), it would be very difficult to get the hundreds of historic homes in Garfield Heights listed as a complete “distr ict� (like the way the commercial district of Old Pasadena has been listed on the National Register). It would also require City Council action, and ap-

What has kept GHNA from being formally listed in the National Register of Historic Places? Janet (GHNA): Listing an entire district of homes on the National Register of Historic Places would require more comprehensive docu-

(Continued on page 80)

proval from the State Historic Resources Board. In Pasadena, we have found the preservation tool of forming a landmark district to provide a sufficient level of preservation protection. GHN A resident, writer, monologist and KPCC Public Radio host of "The Loh Life" Sandra Tsing Loh, had

her home featured on GHN A’s 2 0 1 0 H o m e To u r , a n d w r o t e and performed this amusing episode "Don Booties" about the experience. J a n e t ( G H N A ) : We a r e l u c k y to have Sandra Tsing Loh as a resident of Garfield Heights. Not only did she

open her home for the 2010 H o m e To u r , a n d s e r v e a s t h e Emcee for several of our annual Bloc k Par ties , she’s raised the profile of Garfield Heights on her radio show. In June, 2016, her one-woman show “The Madwoman in the Vo l v o ” w a s p e r f o r m e d a t t h e Pasadena Playhouse . As a

neighborhood activity, we were able to get group tic kets for our residents to attend a performance, and have a special reception with Sandra.

There has been an increase (Continued on page 81)

in drought-tolerant yards and landscapes in Garfield Heights. Has it become part of GHN A’s conser vation plan? Janet (GHNA): Landscaping is not included in the GHNA Conservation Plan; we leave those choices up to the individual residents. But in an effort to explore landscaping options and provide educational tools for our residents, GHNA did sponsor a program in December, 2015 with a representative of the Theodore Payne Foundation who spoke on California Native Plants and Planting a Native Garden. Following that program, and with the drought conditions that existed last year, we did see an increase in landscaping changes to native and drought-tolerant plantings throughout the dis-

trict. We w e r e v e r y h o n o r e d t o learn about the history behind 1143 Los Robles Avenue. Can you tell us how the home got the name “Adelaidia”? Janet (GHNA): My husband and I purchased our home in 2004, fulfilling a long-held dream to live in an historic home. And doesn’t every good historic home have a name? As a housewarming gift, our realtor gave us a “House Bio g r a p h y ,” w h i c h w a s r e searched and written by Tim Gregory, The Building Biographer. This introduced us to the home’s fir st owner, Adelaide Mahan, who was an 18year-old student in 1912, when she first lived in the (Continued on page 82)

home with her mother and younger brother. But the house was in her name; which we found very unusual for that time period. So we decided to honor the home’s first owner, and call it “ A d e l a i d i a .” We ’v e d o n e a l o t more research on Adelaide s i n c e t h e n . We f o u n d s h e w a s a graduate of Pasadena High School, and rode on the

lived in Pasadena, but never knew the location. They shared photos of Adelaide and her family members with us. A few years after they visited, they came across a photo of the home, circa 1912-1917 when Adelaide lived here, and sent that to us . It’s a par t of the house history we treasure, along with an intact liquor bottle

sc hool’s float in the 1911 Rose Parade with her high school sweetheart, whom she would later marry. And through researching her family on, we were able to connect with Adelaide’s grand -nieces , who live in Long Beach, and have been out to see the home. They knew their “Aunt Ad” had

from the Melczer & Company Wholesale Liquor and Wine Merchants in Los Angeles. This was found when we restored the front porch foundation. Further research has indicated this company was in business in 1912 when the home was built. (Continued on page 83)

What would you say are three of your most favorite things about the Garfield Heights neighborhood? Janet (GHNA): The things that drew us to Garfield H e i g h t s a r e t h e d i v e r s i t y, the historic character of the neighborhood, and the friendliness of the neighbors. These qualities are in

abundance in Garfield Heights; and we’ve found it to be the most welcoming place we’ve ever lived. Where can people go to learn more about Garfield Heights, Historic Preservation, and how they can get involved? J a n e t ( G H N A ) : To l e a r n more about Garfield Heights,

our Neighborhood Association, how you can get involved in our committees and activities, how to be on the mailing list for our next Home To u r , o r v i e w p h o t o g r a p h s o f our many, lovely historic h o m e s , g o t o o u r w e b s i t e . To learn more about historic preser vation, contact Pasade-

na Heritage –City of Pasadena – Design & Historic Preservation Section. Janet, taking about really

thank you so much for this time to tell us G a r f i e l d H e i g h t s ! We enjoyed the tour and (Continued on page 85)

i n t e r v i e w. We l o o k f o r w a r d t o attending the upcoming block party as well. If there are any references, or shout outs J y o u ’d l i k e t o m e n t i o n , l e t ’ s hear it! Janet (GHNA): I’ve been honored to serve as the spokesper son for this inter view; but the efforts and successes of Garfield Heights

are really attributable to our dedicated Board of Directors, and the many volunteer residents who help us with our projects. Our nine-member Board meets monthly to plan, direct and manage the activities of the Association. Without their commitment of time and financial resources, this

neighborhood would not enjoy the prominence it does. If y o u ’d l i k e t o c o n t a c t a n y o f our Board members with your comments or ideas, you can drop us an e-mail at:

Garfield Heights


Neighborhood Association 

Grandview Foundation

(1230 N. Marengo) residential recovery services  

Pasadena Heritage

Heritage Housing Partners (develops affordable housing projects around historical properties)

GHNA Board Members (left to right) Ryan Kuper, Jessica Torres, Cristina Torrez, Anne Davis, Jura Slattery, Lisa Mann, Janet Whaley, Jamie Cota and Jennifer Delaney.

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