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城市漫步珠三角 英文版 12 月份

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that’s PRD 《城市漫步》珠江三角洲 英文月刊 主管单位 : 中华人民共和国国务院新闻办公室 Supervised by the State Council Information Office of the People's Republic of China 主办单位 : 五洲传播出版社 地址 : 北京西城月坛北街 26 号恒华国际商务中心南楼 11 层文化交流中心 11th Floor South Building, Henghua lnternational Business Center, 26 Yuetan North Street, Xicheng District, Beijing 总编辑 Editor in Chief of China Intercontinental Press: 慈爱民 Ci Aimin 期刊部负责人 Supervisor of Magazine Department: 邓锦辉 Deng Jinhui 编辑 : 梁健 发行 / 市场 : 黄静 李若琳 广告 : 林煜宸 Editor in Chief Tom Lee Deputy Editor Jocelyn Richards Shenzhen Editor Sky Thomas Gidge Web Editor Matthew Bossons Editorial Assistants Tristin Zhang, Ziyi Yuan National Arts Editor Andrew Chin Contributors Lena Gidwani, Oscar Holland, Edward Kim, Injun Kim, Noelle Mateer, Dominic Ngai, Betty Richardson, Dominique Wong, Tongfei Zhang

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Editor's Note


I love the end of the year. Even though in many ways it’s an arbitrary concept, I like the idea of starting fresh, with new New Year’s resolutions, even if I only stick to them for a week – as is the case with my annual vow of teetotalism. (Living in China means you also have the opportunity for a do-over: fall at the first hurdle, give it a second whirl from Spring Festival.) New Year is a chance to inspire yourself to great deeds like starting a brand-new career, or even small steps like speaking to grandparents more often. I’m not normally one for sappy sentimentalism – some have even called me a tyrannical cynic – but there’s just something about transitioning from one digit to the next that inspires me: bye-bye 2015, hello 2016! It’s also the chance to review what’s been accomplished. Did you stick with the K2Fit challenge and become a beefcake? Have you ticked off anymore items on your bucket list, like plunging off Baiyun Mountain tethered by nothing more than a bouncy rope? Can you at last speak Cantonese fluently enough to return the haranguing volleys of the opinionated old biddy next-door who almost certainly waits at the peephole all day just so she can catch you at the exact moment you emerge from your apartment, the degree of her chattiness inevitably in proportion to how late you are for work? As with every year, the December issue is one where we take a look back at the last 12 months and remind our readers of what exactly happened in China. Which runway looks were fab and which were just plain absurd? What were the latest horrifying food scandals to turn our stomachs? How many brilliant inventions came out of China this year, and how many billions of dollars is Weibo now worth? Whether you consider your passion to be fashion, arts, technology, food and drink or a mixture of all four, relive the top moments of 2016 and have a good laugh over the absurdities of life in the 21st century. Toodle pip!

Tom Lee Editor in Chief

WIN WIN WIN In Guangzhou, a pair of tickets to the Three Famous Chinese Sopranos Concert (p36), a pair of tickets to magic show Magical Christmas Night (36), a pair of tickets to Blooming Oriental Flowers by China Oriental Song and Dance Troupe (p36), a pair of tickets to the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra Concert (p37), a pair of tickets to the Traditional Chinese Music Concert (p36), a pair of tickets to the Claude Monet Exhibition (p37), a pair of tickets to play Drama Love Song: Rhyme for You (p76), a pair of tickets to the New Year Concert by National Symphony Orchestra of Ukraine (see website events) and a pair of tickets to the Christmas Concert by Guangzhou Symphony Orchestra (see website events). In Shenzhen, a pair of tickets to the ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra New Year’s Concert (p36), a pair of tickets to pianist Ivo Pogorelich (p37), a pair of tickets to chamber group Platform K+K Vienna (p37), a pair of tickets to A Christmas Concert by the Hollywood Film Orchestra (p37), a pair of tickets to folk band Humbert Humbert (p74), a pair of tickets to rock band All Shall Be Well (p74) and five RMB20 vouchers for Congwang Mian (p84). To find out how to win one of these fabulous prizes, simply message our official WeChat (Thats_PRD) with the name of the prize you would like.

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What was hot and what was not in the past 12 months.

The stories behind Shenzhen's roadside manicurists.

12 DAMA DRAMA Why do people hate China’s dancing grandmas?

17 THE CHRISTMAS LIST Our snazzy selection of fabulous gifts.

22 LIVE LIKE A KING Alternatives to the Forbidden City.

26 ARTS 27 GUETTA BLASTER EDM superstar rings in 2017.





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Moonstruck P10


CLIPPINGS AND COLORS Roadside Manicurists By Sky Thomas Gidge


hy would you ask a question like that?” Xue pauses, the nail polish brush in between the bottle and a customer’s hand. “Of course I like my job.” Xue looks stylish, if a little tired, with brown highlights in her hair and a black face mask that matches her shirt and shoes. The Guangdong native is one of about a dozen that sit beneath roadside tents every evening from about 5pm, buffing and decorating until customers dry up around 11pm to midnight. Six or so nail painting stations are set up beneath the tents, with two women working at each. A UV nail drying light, a small table, a scattering of chairs and a tackle box full of nail polish and clippers is all these girls need to do business. “We came here and rented the space ourselves. We have a lot of freedom, no one really manages us,” Xue says. “Before this, I did so

many different jobs. One time I even worked as a secretary.” The street-side nail girls are chatty. So chatty, it’s one of the rare interviews that goes better if questions aren’t asked. A rotating cast of well-dressed young women pull up seats beneath the open-sided tent before leaving minutes later. The selfsufficient manicurists joke, talk about which store has the best cakes, recite celebrity gossip or just vent about work. A girl with pink hair and a pleather-banded wristwatch approaches and lets out a loud sigh. “The customer got angry when I was putting shapes on her nails! But it really takes so much time,” she says, before disappearing into the next tent. They each take in about RMB250 a night, according to Xue, but it isn’t their only source of income. “We also work on the fourth floor of a spa, where we” – she nods at the girl sitting next to her – “rent a studio for 20,000 yuan a

month.” The only interruptions to business seem to be bad weather and the occasional street inspection. Despite being registered and paying RMB2,600 monthly to a local committee, it appears their tents might be considered an eyesore. “Sometimes when the leaders are coming, the management will tell us we can't be here, but that only happens once or twice a year,” says Xue, before turning her gaze to the street, looking for her next customer.


Monthly salary: RMB6,200 Days per week: 7 Hours per day: 6

Man on the Street is a monthly feature where we talk to someone doing an everyday job, in order to get an insight into the lives of normal Chinese people.




What Is a Supermoon?

Wang Chenrui

Hometown: Meizhou City Claim to fame: New Singing Sensation


Wang Chenrui Even if you didn’t see it for yourself, you probably had at least one friend gushing to you about last month’s supermoon – you may even have been treated to some stunning (albeit suspicious) photos of the phenomenon. But what exactly is a supermoon, and how rare is it? More technically called perigee-syzygy, it is when a new or full moon is “at or near (within 90 percent of) its closest approach to Earth,” according to the man who coined the term, Richard Nolle. What does this translate into? A moon that can appear as much as 14 percent bigger and 30 percent brighter than it does when it is furthest from Earth in its orbit. Some believe that the occurrence triggers natural disasters, such as earthquakes and tsunamis. While this has never been confirmed, it is true that when the moon is at its perigee (closest in its orbit to the Earth), it exerts a greater force on tides. Supermoons are actually not uncommon – this year will see three – but the one observed on November 14 happened to be the closest to our planet since 1948. There will also be a slightly less impressive example in the sky on December 6. Fortunately, if you missed November’s landmark supermoon you won’t have to wait 68 years for another of the same caliber. One will be along in 2034. Pencil it in the diary early!


While China’s edition of The Voice may have changed its name to Sing! China, the quality of the singers showcased hasn’t altered a bit. This year, one singer from Guangdong amazed audiences and judges with her flawless vocal skills, a touching selection of songs and graceful orchestrations. Wang Chenrui (汪晨蕊) is a name that has topped search lists on Baidu, Sohu and Youku this summer. A 25-year-old who hails from Meizhou, Guangdong, Wang studied music as a child. In 2011 she was admitted to the Xinghai Conservatory of Music, where she perfected her expertise as a pop singer. Co-founding Resound, a Guangzhou-based a cappella band, Wang embarked on a professional career as the band’s lead vocalist, going on to win many awards in various singing contests and ultimately reaching a nationwide audience on the stage of China’s most watched singing contest. Resound has been actively performing on stage throughout China but mostly within Guangdong, so you might even have already heard the moving voice of this month’s melodious PRD VIP.

QUIZ CORNER History: On which date this month was Chairman Mao Zedong, the founding father of the People's Republic of China, born?

Current Affairs: Pizza the polar bear was moved to a new zoo last month after gaining global attention over his living conditions at which Guangzhou mall?

Sport: Which international snooker star beat Stuart Bingham 10-7 last month in the final of the new Evergrande China Championship?

Food and drink: The second annual Shenzhen Craft Beer Festival took place last month on which dates?

General knowledge: How many autonomous regions does China have? Last month’s answers: 1. 1980 2. Steven Spielberg 3. Andy Murray 4. Tapping the index finger on the table 5. Canton Tower

E D I T O R . P R D @ U R B A N A T O M Y. C O M


A Haunted History Type the Zhongyin Building’s name into Baidu and the website automatically suggests one more word be added to the search: haunted. So prevalent are rumors of haunting in the building – and websites detailing it – that even China’s premier search engine has taken notice. Located in Futian’s thriving CBD, rental prices are weirdly depressed in Zhongyin, with a two-bedroom apartment going for RMB2,500 a month less than a comparable apartment in an adjacent building, a fact some pin on renters’ fears of ghosts. The building, finished in 1997, was constructed as a business and residential building, its facade a rather bizarre hue of reflective gold and pink – a feature some have surmised is a feng shui-inspired method of warding off the unhappy spirits that haunt the area, which used to be an execution ground, according to local lore. There are anecdotal reports of cursed companies going bankrupt months after moving in, though a more worldly explanation would be that competitors spread rumors about anyone who dares to set up shop in the Zhongyin

Building. Questioned about the rumors, a security guard insists the area is phantom free. The truth is out there. Zhongyin Building, 5015 Caitian Lu, Futian District, Shenzhen 深圳市福田区彩田路5015号



“I’ll need a drink if I’m going to deal with their noise”


DRAMA Why Do People Hate China’s Dancing Grandmas?

By Sky Thomas Gidge


ew have less reason to dance than the older women who flood China’s parks, pavilions and parking lots daily, occupying public spaces with shimmying bodies and ear-ringing music. They are what one researcher termed “the first generation of lonely mothers” in China’s history; products of economic reform, social change and the one-child policy. They are left with few social outlets, a limited family circle and no employment, while living in a nation radically different from the one they grew up in. But to tech worker Vanessa Wu, 28, they are mostly just annoying. Wu doesn’t enter her bedroom until 10pm, when the music finally stops. It begins again in the morning, sometimes as early as 6.30am, echoing from the small square across the street where groups of women dance in front of speakers they wheel in twice daily. “I get it. It’s their way of keeping up with friends,” says Wu. “It just doesn’t need to be so noisy.” In the apartment building’s common room, Wu’s words are met with nods from other middle class 20-somethings. The music and the dancers, estimated at 100-million strong by state media, rattle windows and nerves across China every day. Often depicted as surly and self-centered, the dancers are mocked, disparaged and sometimes physically attacked. Yet they dance on.




round 7.30pm, up to seven different dance troupes arrive in Huanggang Park in central Shenzhen. Filling the park’s wide pavilion, badminton games are slowly pushed into the street while the groups raise the volume of their speakers in a battle to be heard. Security guards look on. “I’ll need a drink if I’m going to deal with their noise,” Nancy Lin, 23, says as she walks towards the park. “The dancers have become a sort of symbol. They represent retired women with money and nothing to do, while the rest of us are working hard, but have nothing.” Lin found a job with HSBC in Guangzhou after studying in Oklahoma, the United States. About 235 million Chinese people are in the middle income bracket, according to a 2011 Pew Research Center study, and Lin will likely join their ranks. The divisions between dancers and despisers are often economic, according to Wang Qianni, the author of a study on the phenomenon. “The middle class care about their private rights, such as wanting private space without others intruding. They also prefer quieter spaces. The dancers just think loud music is a happy thing,” says Wang. “It’s a matter of taste, and taste is related to one’s class, age and life experience. They are dif-

ferent from each other in these aspects. So the dance becomes a battlefield.” Back at Wu’s place, she and her neighbors are clearly bothered by the nightly noise pollution, so why not just ask the dancers to drop a few decibels? “You can’t really ask them peacefully to turn it down,” Wu says. “They will gang up on you.” The square across from Wu’s apartment is about the size of a soccer field. About 12 dancers stand in formation, all facing towards a speaker and going through the same dance moves. After the group begins to disperse, some remain chatting with a plump 50-something woman in a red dress who has been leading them. When we ask her why she dances, she gives the same guarded responses we will hear from all the other people we interview: it’s a hobby. It’s healthy. It’s innocent fun. It’s that simple. “There just isn’t much to say,” the woman concludes. Her answers sound practiced and calm, but the smile drops from her face when we ask if the music could be affecting the neighbors. The mood of the group changes; some women walk away, but one steps forward and begins shouting. “If we want to do something, we do it. If you don’t like it, you can f*ck off.”




ass dance in China can be traced back thousands of years, likely beginning as a folk ritual and sometimes making appearances in royal courts. But the seeds of today’s tensions may have begun in the mid-90s, when a perfect storm of societal changes hit the nation. The World Bank estimates that only 19 percent of Chinese people lived in urban areas in 1980, but by 1995 that number jumped to 30 percent, a migration of 183 million people – or 40 million more than today’s Russia. As cities across China filled, a restructuring of state-owned enterprises began in 1995, seeing an estimated 40 million jobs axed over seven years; that combined with a retirement age of only 50 years old for women. In the past, these women would have dedicated their time to taking care of large families, but by the mid-90s the one-child policy had already been in effect for 15 years, leaving many single children with four people to care for them: two parents and four grandparents. In short, there were a lot of idle, unemployed, middle-aged women adapting to life in cities. “In the United States you have book

“I think that we, as foreigners, tend to look at it with a kind of bemusement and think it’s quite funny and everything. It actually needs people to take it seriously” 14 | SZ | DECEMBER 2016 | WWW.THATSMAGS.COM

clubs, religious activities,” says Wang. “While in China we have a dance culture.” According to Wang’s research, many women grew up with dance in one form or another and cite a desire to exercise and socialize as a reason to begin again, but she also found that there are deeper forces at play. The woman are asserting their existence in a society they are losing touch with, while confronting Confucian norms that have reemerged since Reform and Opening Up began. “Dancing in public challenges a persistent expectation – even more prevalent in rural areas – that females ought to focus their attention on household matters,” writes Dr. Tom McDonald, in an article on “These attitudes persist and influence where women can go and with whom they can socialize.” McDonald is an assistant professor at the University of Hong Kong and performed 15 months of research in rural Shandong Province, where he documented a dance troupe forming. Speaking with us on the phone, McDonald explains that though superficially it might seem like a communal pastime, his study unearthed much more was at stake. “In my case, they felt they were bringing


he mass migration to China’s cities has continued – the majority of Chinese citizens now live in urban areas – along with a growth of the middle class, who often have a very different idea of what a city should be than the generation before them. With the two disparate groups increasingly inhabiting the same space, the chance for conflict rises, with news reports regularly featuring stories about rows between the dancers and people who want to use the public space or simply live nearby. Two of the most striking and widely reported incidents involving the dance troupes took place in 2013. In one, a man on the outskirts of Beijing, irritated by the noise, blasted his shotgun in the air before setting his Tibetan mastiffs on the dancers. In another, dancers were allegedly pelted with feces in Wuhan.

something new and cosmopolitan into their village, and they feel that it is shifting the gender rules,” he says. “I think that we, as foreigners, tend to look at it with a kind of bemusement and think it’s quite funny and everything. It actually needs people to take it seriously. There is a lot of power and politics that goes on in these squares.” Along with getting the women out in public, the dance had the unexpected effect of getting them onto the Internet, which became an integral part of the dancers' lives. “One of the real things that came out of my ethnographic research was these women were using QQ to find and download music,” he says. “[The Internet] also helped them form a subtle support network. Sometimes if there are household problems, they can talk about it online, when it might be difficult to do it during their daily lives.” A Baidu search for public square dancing videos turns up more than 20 million results (a search for tai chi videos turns up less than two million). Many of the videos are instructional or produced by independent troupes to show off their routines. Clearly, public dance has become an integral part of these women’s identities.

Despite the tensions, this November more than 50,000 Chinese dancers asserted themselves like never before in history, reportedly setting a Guinness World Record as they performed simultaneously in 14 cities across China, including Shenzhen, Shanghai and Beijing. Images of the dancers, the vast majority women, show a tidal wave of matching red tracksuits, meant to draw attention to the health and welfare of retirees in China, according to the organizer, a company called Red Dance. Back in Huanggang Park, a dancer, who asks not to be named, says she has been dancing for more than a decade and has no plans to stop. “Of course we’ll be dancing in 10 years – it’s a hobby, just exercise. Nothing more.”





STYLE Re-Cycle

Get on board with the city's new bikesharing craze


Palace Walks P22

Our Snazzy Selection of Fabulous Gifts

By Ziyi Yuan








With Christmas just around the corner, are you struggling to find the perfect present for your loved ones? Let us inspire you with this festive selection of gorgeous, fashion-forward gifts.



















Mobike Curious why everyone is suddenly riding around on the same silver and orange bike? Welcome to the age of Mobike: the world’s first station-less bike-share service. With the app, you can pick up a bicycle anywhere in the city, rent it for just RMB0.5-1 per half hour and drop it off wherever you end up. Renting the bike is simple: first, download the Mobike app (摩拜单车). Next, register: you will be asked to provide your phone number, name, a photo of your passport’s information page and a photo of yourself holding your open passport next to your face. It could take a couple of days to a week for your information to be processed – keep an eye out for a notification via text message. Once cleared, you’ll need to make a fully refundable RMB299 deposit via WeChat or Alipay, which you can retrieve anytime you want. After that, renting a bike is only RMB0.5 (for Mobike Lite) or RMB1 per half hour – unless you take the bike out of the designated city zone, at which point the fee increases to a steep RMB100 per half hour. Locate a bike near you on the app’s map and select ‘reserve.’ You then have 15 minutes to walk to that bike and unlock it, which is done by scanning the QR code located behind the bike seat with the Mobike app. The lock should click open automatically – you’re all set to ride! When you’re done riding, park the bike on a sidewalk or in another easily accessible location that does not obstruct traffic. To end your session, simply pull down the lever that snaps the lock back into place. If you run into problems (your ID is rejected, the lock doesn’t open or you don’t know where your city’s zone ends) refer to the FAQ section of the Mobike app. See you on the road! Mobike is available on both iOS and Android devices.





Blinging in the Rain With the unpredictable December weather tossing in showers at random, it behooves one to carry an umbrella. Why not turn that into a fashion statement by grasping a sunshade that says something about you? The dazzling accessory by Alexander McQueen layers on the bling with a leather skull handle and golden sparkles on top, while the slightly simpler, more low-key BlackLemon umbrella makes a fun statement with its eye-grabbing black and yellow contrast.


Portable Projector Projectors are by no means a new technology, although in recent years their size has decreased considerably and, for those of us who know how to navigate Chinese shopping websites, they are cheaper than ever. While there is no shortage of brands that specialize in mini-projectors, the Kcalo T6S portable projector stands out due to its excellent picture quality, coupled with small size, price point and five out of five Baopals rating. It also comes with a handy tripod stand, which allows you to easily adjust the direction and angle of your projection. Launched by Cacacol in 2016, this projector is roughly the size of a smart phone and boasts a brightness of 1,200 lumens and a color range of 16.77 million colors. The video-viewing device can be connected to a laptop or computer by an HDMI cable or synched up with all manner of devices via Bluetooth. The Kcalo T6S also has an internal memory of 8, 16 or 64 gigabytes (depending


on the model) so that you can watch videos directly from the device. Purchasing a projector had never really crossed our minds previously, but since acquiring one it has become indispensable – allowing us to watch Planet Earth II on our office ceiling in incredible definition. The best part about mini-projectors is undoubtedly the convenience: they can be effortlessly moved between work and home, as well as easily stored in a drawer or backpack when not in use.

L IF E & S T Y L E | T R AV E L


Alternatives to the Forbidden City By Tom Lee

The Forbidden City is rightly one of China’s most famous landmarks. However, it is also so well known that even your ancient grandmother has probably heard of it. Here, we’ve selected a couple of other royal residences that aren’t as widely visited but are definitely worth a trip. 22 | SZ | DECEMBER 2016 | WWW.THATSMAGS.COM

Shenyang Imperial Palace Aside from the Forbidden City, this is the only imperial Chinese palace still extant. Construction was started in 1625 by Nurhaci, the Manchu ruler who set the stage for Qing control of the entire Middle Kingdom by successfully invading Liaoning. It was on the site of today’s Shenyang that Nurhaci began erecting his imperial mansion, as both a symbolic and practical powerbase in the region. Wandering through the quiet alleyways that connect the courtyards, feet crunching on crisp snow, the scene is very reminiscent of the Forbidden City, though the design also contains distinctive Manchu elements, notably in the brickwork. Just like Beijing’s palace, today one can see a variety of museum exhibits inside the numerous halls, including the swords of several Qing rulers, copper cannons and porcelain treasures. The oldest portion of the palace – dating to Nurhaci’s reign – is found to the east. Dominating the view, the ornate, doubleeaved Dazheng Dian (commonly called the Hall of Great Affairs in English) stands at the head of a courtyard. It was in this octagonal building that the early Qing emperors ascended the throne – the intricately decorated chair can still be seen inside. Flanking this structure are the Ten Kings Pavilions, where important personages would gather to meet the emperor. The architecture and layout are meant to recall tents erected around a central meeting place – an homage to the Jurchen heritage of the Manchu people. Along the central axis are the extensions built by the second Qing emperor, Hong Taiji,

among them the impressive Phoenix Tower, once the tallest thing in Shenyang. The west contains the newest additions, including a striking green edifice that contrasts with the predominantly red-hued walls and once housed a library of sorts. At around 60,000 square meters, the Mukden Palace (as it is also known) is onetwelfth the size of the Forbidden City. Though the Qing emperors moved to the larger residence after conquering Beijing, early rulers continued to pay regular visits to the former seat of power, honoring the place where almost four centuries of Manchu domination began.

Price: RMB60 While you’re in town: Pay your respects at one of the imperial mausoleums. Zhaoling Tomb (RMB30 November-March, RMB50 April-October), inside Beiling Park, is much easier to reach and houses the remains of Hong Taiji, but Fuling Tomb (RMB30 November-March, RMB40 April-October) honors the big man, Nurhaci. Both date to the mid 1600s.

T R AV E L | L IF E & S T Y L E

Chengde Mountain Resort While the Mukden Palace is dwarfed by the Forbidden City, the Chengde Mountain Resort is much, much larger – 2 square kilometers bigger, in fact, than the extensive Summer Palace. Built as a summer getaway for the royal family when the heat of Beijing became too much, its construction began in 1703 and took an incredible 89 years to complete. Entering from the front gate, one comes first to the main palace, which exhibits the same quintessential features of imperial Chinese architecture as well as a smattering of relics. It is modest compared to the examples in either Shenyang or Beijing, however, and if you’ve already seen either of those you’ll be far more interested in the vast attached grounds. A total of 72 scenic spots were identified by successive emperors, but don’t worry about seeing all of them – some no longer exist, others are barely worth registering. That said, there is still an enormous distance to cover, and an entire day spent here is ideal if you want to traverse the whole area. The park is loosely divided into three parts. Closest to the palace buildings is the

lake district, offset by whimsical bridges, restful pavilions and artful rockeries. Amongst the most popular spots here is the beautiful Tower of Mist and Rain, set on its own island and made in imitation of a similar structure in Zhejiang Province. It is one of a number of famous replicas dotted about the Mountain Resort – there’s even a miniature Great Wall framing it all. Further in, water features give way to yurts and grasslands, where horses were once paraded and raced for the pleasure of the emperor. Forested slopes complete with pagodas round out the attractions. Climb to the top of one of these hills for views of the entire Mountain Resort in all its extravagance.

Price: RMB90 November-March, RMB145 April-October While you’re in town: Surrounding the resort are the so-called Outlying Temples, a series of eight religious retreats, each displaying a different architectural style. Perhaps most interesting is the Putong Zongcheng Temple (RMB60 NovemberMarch, RMB80 April-October), which bears more than a passing resemblance to Tibet’s Potala Palace.

The Langham, Shenzhen’s

Platinum Afternoon Tea at Palm Court

The Langham’s dazziling Palm Court is introducing their Platinum Afternoon Tea experience; the perfect weekend indulgence. Executive Pastry Chef Kevin Lee brings his artful touch to a range of delicate and wonderful desserts. A delicious strawberry and kiwi iced tea opens proceedings, refreshing your palate for the flavors to come. In a nod to tradition, the new menu includes classic plain and raisin scones, served

with Devonshire clotted cream. Fresh Ancelin oysters with vinegar and lemon, exquisitely balance the sweetness of the desserts, while the acorn-fed Iberian ham, aged 42 months, is a strong and delightfully smoky addition. Another remarkable item is the foie gras mousse, prepared with radish, frisée, and an apple and walnut brioche. The No.1 Bari Caviar harbors a delicious and creamy taste, while the exotic passion fruit and cherry me-


ringue lollipop, will certainly leave your taste buds tingling. The highlight of this menu has to be a combination of fruit, candy and cream, crafted in the shape of a miniature fruit basket. With flowers made from white chocolate, and the entire piece resting elegantly on a light cream, this dish truly is a work of culinary art. Your food comes with a choice of tea, coffee, or freshly-squeezed juice. A glass of Perrier Jouet Champagne can be purchased for RMB100 to compliment the stunning and sophisticated atmosphere at Palm Court. Though Langham’s traditional afternoon tea menu remains, the Platinum Afternoon Tea experience offers a creative and exciting alternative, guaranteed to impress. RMB688/set plus service fee and VAT.



COUNTDOWN TO A NEW HOME The 411 on Mansion One Serviced Apartments By Ziyi Yuan

Essential Facts

At first glance the Mansion One Serviced Apartments appears to be a normal residential building. Before entering the lobby, you’d never guess that it’s the location of 269 rooms with access to some of the best service in Shenzhen. Rented by month, rooms come in three different sizes, so you can choose the one that feels right for you. Even the smallest one, at 71 square meters, has a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and two bedrooms – one with a king-sized bed. A step up, the 88-square-meter apartment sports a space that can serve as a study or a cloakroom. For a growing family, the 110-square-meter option is probably the best fit: it has a living room, a kitchen, two bathrooms and three bedrooms. Lilin Park and Nanshan Mountain are both nearby, should you fancy an adventure in the big outdoors.


Notes on Location


If the kitchen isn’t your favorite room at home, Mansion One Serviced Apartments has a downstairs restaurant ready to whip up a hearty breakfast or an evening feast. The public games room is a perfect place to socialize or spend family time over the foosball table or in front of the Xbox. For the health conscious, there is a swimming pool, fitness room and yoga area.


Entering the apartment, the wooden furniture immediately sets a cozy tone. In contrast to other serviced apartments that aim to impress with decorations, Mansion One Serviced Apartments chooses function over fad. High-quality Philips electronics and Zwilling cookery ensure both the tech-savvy and the enthusiastic home chef will be satisfied. Every living room has a balcony overlooking Shenzhen Bay, so you can stare into nature’s glassy depths.


Shuttle buses to Shuiwan Subway station depart from the lobby and run reliably and regularly. Hidden down a bustling Shekou street, Mansion One Serviced Apartments is both private and not far from the action.

Awesome Amenities


Design Touches

1 Final Thought

“Every day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.” -Matsuo Basho

ARTS Marley and Me

Groove to the reggae-influenced tunes of Chinese band Long Shen Dao

Our Gifts to You P30 26 | SZ | DECEMBER 2016 | WWW.THATSMAGS.COM

Hoochie Coochie Gentlemen P32


GUETTA BLASTER EDM Superstar Rings in 2017 By Andrew Chin

Few DJs encapsulate the mainstreaming of electronic dance music like David Guetta. A veteran of the French underground, the producer has been catapulted into superstardom thanks to anthems like ‘Where Them Girls At’ and ‘When Loves Take Over.’ The two-time Grammy Award winner is back on the mainland with his first China arena tour, ready to welcome 2017 with help from fellow DJ Mag anointed top 10 DJ, Oliver Heldens.

pared to other nights. Everyone is so excited because of the time of the year. I performed in Dubai last year and that was a memorable night. I feel like China is going to be just as good!

You must’ve had a lot of offers for these end of year parties, why choose China?

You’ve been described as the ‘Godfather of EDM.’ How do you feel about that title?

China is just an amazing country, and they really know how to throw down a New Year’s Eve party. Chinese fireworks are colorful and I can’t wait to see it!

New Year’s Eve is a big party night. As a DJ, do you notice there’s a different energy? New Year’s Eve definitely feels magical com-

You’ve had numerous anthems. Is it something that you know is going to be a huge hit after you make the beat? You never know how the audience will react to a song; all I can do is test it at my shows. It’s great to see that a lot of my songs are still being played. I’m honored to be part of this evolution in electronic dance music. I didn’t expect this genre to become so big in just a couple of years.

Your last album, Listen, was quite a departure for you musically. Is that a path you want to pursue for your next album?

I was really pleased with the result of Listen. All of the collaborations were simply great to produce. I’m currently working very hard to put out new music and I want it to be as diverse as my previous releases and to feel even better. I’ve been spending a lot of time in the studio lately, so keep your eyes open for more releases in the upcoming months! Personally speaking, what music are you digging these days?

I’ve always liked hip-hop and R&B. Besides that, I’m very interested in the evolution in electronic music right now. A lot of DJs are adopting more creative ways of producing, and I think Martin Garrix is a pioneer in this.

Fri Dec 30, 8pm; price TBC at time of print. Automorr, Shenzhen Bao’an International Airport 国 际车窗, 深圳宝安国际机场 (400 610 3721,

Offering a wide range of apartment options from studio, one, two, three and five bedroom penthouses. All apartments have been fitted out and decorated to the highest standards, complete with internet access, international satellite TV and fully equipped kitchens with regular housekeeping services. Residents can enjoy the extensive Clubhouse with a fully equipped gym, yoga and aerobic rooms, Lounge with full restaurant service, meeting rooms and the indoor cinema. Our younger residents have their own special Clubhouse also. Savills Residence Daxin Shenzhen Bay is a private serviced residence offering space, security and comfort with style. For reservations or enquiries visit or call: (86 755) 8785 2399 Savills Residence Daxin Shenzhen Bay: 1168 Houhaibin Road, Nanshan District, Shenzhen WWW.THATSMAGS.COM | DECEMBER 2016 | SZ | 27



Wu Xiubo

Tap Factory

Raised in Beijing by his mother, a pharmacist, and father, a career diplomat, it’s no wonder that Wu Xiubo has great on-screen chemistry and enough charm to end wars. It’s just a surprise it took so long for his talents to get noticed. Wu started his acting career in 1988, joining the China Railway Art Troupe, where he remained until 1995. When he became tired of reprising the same stage roles, he made a decision that looks bizarre on the resume of one of China’s most bankable stars: he took jobs singing in popular Beijing bars. Crooning well-known Chinese ballads and original work until 2000, Wu has referred to that time as the happiest of his life. In spite of the small-time bliss, he was coaxed back into acting in 2002 for detective thriller Crime Investigate, his TV debut. By 2011 he was one of the highest paid actors on Chinese television, paving the way for his ascent to the big screen in 2012’s People Mountain People Sea and 2013’s smash hit Finding Mr. Right, a romantic comedy which grossed 798 million yuan worldwide. To cap it all off, PETA named him Asia’s sexiest vegetarian celebrity in 2014.

A show created and directed by French choreographer Vincent Pausanias, Tap Factory is like a mash-up of Stomp, Tap Dogs and the Blue Man Group, only sexier – much sexier. The toned, all-male cast presents a gripping assortment of urban tap dance, break dance, aerial and floor acrobatics, improvisational comedy and whatever other spontaneous routines happen to inspire them that night. Fierce percussion on drums, barrels, buckets, stepladders and even the soles of tap shoes serve as a musical interlude between acts, keeping audiences on the edge of their seats for the entire one-and-a-half-hour show. Though Tap Factory covers quite a wide variety of genres, tap is still at the heart of the production, and Pausanias has brought together four of the world’s greatest tappers for this international tour. The fusion between the dancers, musicians and other entertainers creates diverse energies that collide into a show lauded for being unique every time. After touring nearly every major city in

China, Tap Factory will perform on stage in Guangzhou between December 14-18, after which the cast and crew will head to France and Germany to kick off their world tour in January 2017. If you’re a fan of drums, dance or dudes, you won’t want to miss this one.

Wed-Sat Dec 14-17, 8pm; Sat-Sun Dec 17-18, 2.30pm; RMB80-480. Guangdong Performing Arts Centre, 1229 Guangzhou Dadao Zhong, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 广州市天河区广州大道中1229号 广东演艺中心大剧院 (020-3727 6300)


Hao Months after its grand opening, Shanghai Disney has broken ground on an extension. Toy Story Land is expected to open in 2018 and will be designed like Andy’s backyard, with guests feeling like they’ve been shrunk down to the size of their favorite Toy Story characters. There will be three new attractions and an area to meet characters.

Bu Hao

Kind of like: Robert Downey Jr.’s style crossed with George Clooney’s charm Famous for: being the veggie hunk of meat that everyone wants to take a bite out of See him next in: TV series Luxury Era 28 | SZ | DECEMBER 2016 | WWW.THATSMAGS.COM

Netflix has waved the white flag on its efforts to launch a China service. Citing a “challenging” regulatory environment, the company has shifted focus to licensing their shows to the country’s existing online platforms. In related news, Amazon launched its Prime subscription service in China but have stripped off its online music and video options.

E D I T O R . P R D @ U R B A N A T O M Y. C O M


Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children




After wooing Shanghai this summer with a massive art retrospective, director Tim Burton is set to charm the country with his latest film. Praised as a return to the inventive gothic form of past favorites like Sweeney Todd, Burton brings to life Ransom Riggs’ 2011 best-selling young adult novel. Eva Green stars as the titular Miss Peregrine, who can manipulate time and transform into a peregrine falcon. She must assist the 16-year-old Jacob (Asa Butterfield) as he discovers this mysterious world and protect it from the shape-shifting Samuel L Jackson.

Academy Award-winning director Clint Eastwood follows his 2014 mega-hit American Sniper with a biographical look at Captain Chesley 'Sully' Sullenberger. Tom Hanks stars as the titular pilot who became a national hero following his emergency landing of a passenger jet on the Hudson River, where all 155 passengers and crew survived. Despite the rapturous praise that followed the incident, Sully depicts the pilot’s subsequent struggle with PTSD and his battle against the National Transportation Safety Board’s attempt to discredit him.



THE THAT’S CHRISTMAS GIVEAWAY! Savor a Bit of Culture This December By Tom Lee

To get you into the holiday spirit, we’re giving away tickets to a whole load of Christmas and New Year shows. If you want to get in on this cultural smorgasbord, simply email editor.prd@ or message our official WeChat (Thats_PRD) with the words ‘All I Want for Christmas’ and the show you’d like to go see. Happy Holidays! Three Sopranos

A trio of award-winning artistes performs a melange of Western opera arias and Chinese folk ballads. Wang Xiufen, Ma Mei and ‘Chinese lark’ Me Hong use their distinctive voices to charm audiences with oriental and occidental classics, accompanied by Zhang Jialin on piano.

Sun Dec 18, 8pm; RMB80-880. Guangzhou Opera House, 1 Zhujiang Xi Lu, Zhujiang Xincheng, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 广州市天河区珠江新城珠江西路1号 (020-3839 2888,

Magical Christmas Night

When American illusionist David Copperfield made a 7-ton jet disappear in front of live and television audiences back in 1981, jaws dropped. You can have the same surreal experience here in Guangzhou this December. Renowned Singaporean magician Lawrence Khong, who is a levitation illusion master, will astound you when he makes his female assistant vanish, only to appear beside you. Admittedly, said assistant does not weigh 7 tons, but still, we dare you not to be impressed!

Tue-Wed Dec 27-28, 8pm; RMB180-680. Friendship Theater, 696 Renmin Bei Lu, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou 广州市 越秀区人民北路696号 (020-8666 8991)

Blooming Oriental Flowers by China Oriental Song and Dance Troupe

Not interested in concerts? How about a lively performance featuring some wonderful, tradition-inspired choreography from a group that has over 60 years of history? China Oriental Song and Dance Troupe was created to bring Chinese culture to the world, and director He Lishan has staged extravaganzas in America’s Kennedy Center and Russia’s State Kremlin Palace, as well as overseeing a segment of the enormous annual CCTV Spring Festival Gala. Expect colorful costumes, flower-themed dance numbers and perfect synchronicity – and possibly old ladies in the audience nodding sagely and proclaiming: “好美, 好美” (beautiful, beautiful).

Sun Jan 1, 8pm; RMB80-880. Guangzhou Opera House, 1 Zhujiang Xi Lu, Zhujiang Xincheng, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 广州市天河区珠江新城珠江西路1号 (020-3839 2888,

ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra

Weber, Ravel and Richard Strauss will all be making an appearance at the Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra's concert, in addition (of course) to Vienna's favorite musical son, Johann Strauss the Younger. Expect such much-loved classics as The Blue Danube and the overture from Die Fledermaus. The orchestra will also show off some of the contemporary classical flair that it is known for with a more modern piece by Gerhard E. Winkler. Mon Jan 2, 8pm; RMB380-1,880. Shenzhen Poly Theatre, 33 Wenxin Wu Lu, by Haide San Dao, Nanshan District, Shenzhen 深圳市南山区文心五路33号保利 文化广场 (0755-8637 1698)



Traditional Chinese Music Concert

Ivo Pogorelich

Claude Monet Exhibition

Sat Dec 31, 8pm; RMB280-1,280. Xinghai Concert Hall, 33 Qingbo Lu, Ersha Island, Yuexiu District, Guangzhou 广州市越秀区二沙岛晴波路33号 (0208735 3869)

Tue Dec 6, 8pm; RMB180-680. Shenzhen Concert Hall, 2016 Fuzhong Yi Lu (Shao Nian Gong metro station), Futian District, Shenzhen 深圳市福田区福中一 路2016号(地铁少年宫站) (0755-8284 1888)

Daily until Dec 25, 10am-10pm; RMB50-149. 2/F, Winter Plaza, GT Land Plaza, Zhujiang Xincheng, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 广州市天河区珠江新城高 德置地冬广场2楼

Talented soloists display the wonders of China’s homegrown instruments, including the pipa, the erhu and the suona. No idea what any of these are? There's no better way to find out than to see them in action! Accompaniment will be providing by the Guangdong National Orchestra.

Often described as provocative and controversial – at least in classical music circles – this Croatian pianist has earned praise and condemnation in equal measure for his often eccentric playing. See him here performing works by such great piano composers as Chopin, Schumann, Mozart and Rachmaninoff.

Turning the gorgeous paintings of Monet into performance art, this exhibition uses music and 3-D mapping to provide a unique viewing experience of some of impressionism’s most beloved works. Nine galleries, each with a different theme, create a world of sensual splendor in which to immerse yourself.

Vassily Sinaisky and the City of Birmingham Symphony Orchestra

Russian conductor Vassily Sinaisky leads one of Britain’s most distinguished orchestras in a weirdly diverse catalogue that is sure to pique the classical music lover’s interest. Beginning with a smattering of Glinka and Tchaikovsky, the program touches on the very English Enigma Variations of Elgar and gypsy airs by Pablo de Sarasate, before finishing with the stirring sounds of Dvorak’s New World Symphony.

Fri-Sat Dec 30-31, 8pm; RMB280-2,280. Guangzhou Opera House, 1 Zhujiang Xi Lu, Zhujiang Xincheng, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 广州市天河区珠江新城珠江西路1号 (020-3839 2888,

Platform K+K Vienna

This group is a bit like if you and your friends got together and thought it would be fun to start a band – if you and your friends were highly skilled instrumentalists who played for some of Vienna’s most prestigious orchestras, that is. Violinist Kirill Kobantschenko (K+K) heads the chamber music ensemble, which will perform pieces by Mozart, Dvorak, Schubert and Piazzolla alongside original world music pieces. Sat Dec 10, 8pm; RMB100-380. Shenzhen Concert Hall, 2016 Fuzhong Yi Lu (Shao Nian Gong metro station), Futian District, Shenzhen 深圳市福田区福中一路 2016号(地铁少年宫站) (0755-8284 1888)

Christmas Concert by the Hollywood Film Music Orchestra

Spend Christmas Eve with the movie greats, as this American orchestra whisks audiences away to Middle Earth, Peron’s Argentina and the deck of the Titanic. Music from some of cinema’s greatest hits such as Forrest Gump, Indiana Jones, Schindler’s List and The Sound of Music will be combined with film clips into a fun audiovisual evening.

Sat Dec 24, 8pm; RMB180-680. Shenzhen Concert Hall, 2016 Fuzhong Yi Lu (Shao Nian Gong metro station), Futian District, Shenzhen 深圳市福田区福中一 路2016号(地铁少年宫站) (0755-8284 1888)



HOOCHIE COOCHIE GENTLEMEN The Beijing Blues By Andrew Chin


hina’s indie music scene may mainly be the realm of the wenqing (artistic youth or hipsters), but a self-described dashu (uncle) band has struck a chord. With a sound rooted in classic blues, the decidedly old school Hoochie Coochie Gentlemen has won Chinese Golden Music Awards, infiltrated hit CCTV competition shows and are bringing their annual national tour to the south this month. “It’s very fun to go to different places, see friends and eat different things,” says the group’s frontman Chen Yafei. “Taking a break from our everyday life is always exciting.” With his raspy voice and Great Depression era uniform of suspenders and newsboy caper, Chen channels the spirit of a seasoned blues man who somehow has found himself in Beijing. “Like most of my peers, I grew up listening to music from Hong Kong and Taiwan. However, I was really hit hard with the rock bug when I discovered bands like Nirvana and Guns N’ Roses,” he explains. Spending much of his 20s in rock and punk bands, Chen credits his blues conversion to a Beatles compilation. “I heard some of their blues rock covers and went back to the store to buy a Buddy Guy record,” he says. “Immediately, I was fascinated. This was the first time I heard music that fit my ideas.” Taking their name from Willie Dixon’s blues standard, ‘Hoochie Coochie Man,’ Hoochie Coochie Gentlemen formed in 2009, mixing blues with jazz and folk elements. “As you get older there will be a lot of changes in the world,” Chen notes. “The way you express your opinions will naturally change. That will affect your music.” The group found instant critical acclaim. Their 2012 albums Sky Blue and Sadly Dying With You won Chinese Golden Music Awards for Best Blues and Jazz Musicians. Their hard-touring work ethic and budding acclaim brought the group to the attention of CCTV’s hit reality competition show, Sing My Song – a show designed to spotlight songwriters in which Mongolian

fusion innovators Hanggai took home the top prize. “As a band, we discussed it and thought it was a good way to promote ourselves,” Chen recalls. “It wasn’t that fun. We wanted to sing ‘Black and White’ but the program didn’t think it was suitable. In the end, we performed a song we spent about an hour on. But we met many friends during the process.” The title song of their 2015 album has managed to find a sizable audience. Sales for the disc have been strong for a Chinese independent band, and Chen fondly recalls selling out of copies following an impromptu street performance on Chengdu’s famed Kuanzhai Alley. “We found that audiences really dug into the album and listened to all of the songs,” Chen smiles. “Most importantly, we are very fond of it.” With the band’s growing profile, Chen proudly notes: “There are more and more blues bands, which we are very happy to see.” However, they’re not content to rest on their laurels. Following their 13-city national tour, Chen says the group plans to “write more songs, then write some more.” While he teases that Hoochie Coochie Gentlemen’s next album is still in the songwriting phase and may not come out “for another 17 years,” Chen finally relents with some details. “We will likely add more brass because there are a lot of great musicians like China Philharmonic Orchestra trumpeters Lu Xiaolin and Zang Tianshuo, as well as saxophonist Hu Zhiliang who are interested in collaborating with us,” he says. “But as is our custom, we will play the new songs to see the audience’s reactions before deciding whether to add it to the album.”

“I went back to the store to buy a Buddy Guy record. Immediately, I was fascinated. This was the first time I heard music that fit my ideas”


GZ: Sat Dec 10, 8.30-10pm; RMB80 presale, RMB100 at the door. T:union, 361365 Guangzhou Dadao Zhong, Yuexiu District 越秀区广州大道中361-365号东方花 苑1层 (020-3659 7623); SZ: Sun Dec 11, 8.30-10.30pm; RMB80 presale, RMB100 at the door. B10 Live, North Side of Building C2, North District, OCT-Loft, Wenchang Jie, Nanshan District 南山区华侨城创意文化园北区C2栋北侧 (0755-8633 7602)


LONG SHEN DAO Tai Chi Reggae Masters By Andrew Chin

Chinese reggae may seem like an oxymoron, but for nine years Beijing’s Long Shen Dao has been spreading the good word of Marley and friends. While their reputation has spread abroad, they’re hitting the road for their longest national tour yet, stopping off at B10 Live on December 3.


here’s quiet a lot of similarities between reggae and traditional Chinese music in terms of mood and spirit. While they take different approaches, they both achieve the same results on the listener’s soul,” says singer Guo Zhen. While he admits that it can be difficult mixing native instruments like the guzheng with the established sounds of reggae, Guo shrugs about the challenges. “Music, like life, always needs to keep developing,” he says. “The new supersedes the old. So let’s just start and do it, then promote it.” That attitude led to the formation of Long Shen Dao in 2007. Comprised of veterans of Beijing’s rock scene, the six-member group realized there was not a single reggae band on the scene and rushed to fill the musical void. “We weren’t really digging what was popular, and as we began performing, we gained more fans and friends interested in understanding reggae,” Guo says. “Over the years, we’ve received a lot of support from other musicians encouraging us to do something so few people in the country were doing.” With a name that can be translated as 'Tao of Dragon God,' the group instantly struck a chord. Their first show in Beijing eight years ago was sold out, and critics were eager to dub them “China’s first authentic reggae band.” Their 2012 debut Tai Chi Reggae nabbed them numerous domestic music awards and touring opportunities abroad. While the band may instantly make an impression to international audiences with their long dreadlocks, Long Shen Dao earned respect by delivering the musical goods.


“We’re playing Africa’s largest reggae musical festival next year,” Guo exclaims. “It’s going to be great being in an environment with so many cultures interacting with and appreciating each other.” The singer credits the touring experience for helping the band evolve on their sophomore album, Freedom. “From playing so many shows, we’ve tightened up our rhythm and have new understandings over arrangements and lyrics,” Guo says. Released this year on China’s largest independent label, Modern Sky, Freedom sees the group collaborating with Dutch DJ crew PartySquad and UK producer Vibronics. Guo also notes, “I wanted to delve deeper into my feelings,” while hoping the album “paves the way for even more growth on the next album.” While the band were among the headlining acts of this year’s Strawberry Music Festival, they’re eager to embark on this 21-city tour of China.

“Music, like life ,always needs to keep developing. The new supersedes the old” “When you tour in a foreign country, there’s a sense that everything is fresh,” Guo says. “We hope we have that same relaxed happy mood on this national tour. We look forward to bringing reggae fusion to the country and showing the world where all these different styles of dance fit perfectly.”

GZ: Fri Dec 2, 8.30-10pm; RMB100 presale RMB120 at the door. Le Fu, Area A, Party Pier Beer Culture and Art Zone, Yuejiang Xi Lu, Haizhu District 海珠 区阅江西路珠江琶醍啤酒文化创意艺术区A区包装车间; SZ: Sat Dec 3, 8.30-10pm; RMB100 presale, RMB120 at the door. B10 Live, North Side of Building C2, North District, OCT-Loft, Wenchang Jie, Nanshan District 南山区华侨城创意文化 园北区C2栋北侧 (0755-8633 7602)


Over 600 years of brewing heritage and we’re still leaving a mark. 六百年 匠心酿就时代传承

Be Legacy

6 1 0 2 w e i v e R n i r a e Y e tth w e i v e R n i r a e Y he


The Dish

food and the PRD in r a e ad to y u s t we h e nged this A lot cha cene: no longer m ious meal or huds c bevera ge for a health-cons beer bar to get g n ft o cra e reHong K e solitar y w top chefs in th n o d n u 16: dle aro re’s ho nds of 20 hops. He our fill of ed up the food tr e m gion sum hy,’

, be healt t healthy g rains. In a ‘e s a w tr end s and ore seed r the food local “T his yea ic products and m re more organic have a n a to re rg e before with o iall y, th per than ou espec and chea nt.” r Guangzh ie s a e it’s ura farms, so ucts in your resta Irish Pub, GZ s d y’ ro le p aw e s cC e M th d z, chef at le za n o uickly an G Rodrigo ge very q have n a h c s tomers le’s taste that. Cus hen, peop at they “In Shenz plays a big part in nd they know w h food a the media w, they are pick y wards Cantonese y.” ic no d to tr aveled o wa n t s p ’ve move 2016, we h style. People als ez Vous, SZ In t. n a w c h in a Fren and chef at Comme C prepared er of n w -o co , g e Buda Huan nge in th 5 a big cha 2 2 w a a s li e u o o G h bles at Guangz a T te in a g 6 m e 1 li V 0 c 2 with pened “For me, tr end. I o occupied e getarians. I d re o p fo re y o h ing m healt with v ple can I'm becom share tasty food itted peo because m to m t o n c a l, w nd htfu change a ll g roup of thoug a m s a e p o h Tables, GZ e world.” ef at Veg change th under of and head ch g, fo s Chris Huan rs, steak for oyste g g n in ti k a o e lo le p le ore peop ere this year. Peo redict m d n a p h ore “I saw m g atmosp something new. I er and g d drinkin o o ig o ls b g a t a u is b d n m r, a mediu xt yea e d n e k e o u o n c ti steak ill con tr ends w an, SZ the same quality.” Shark Futi er tive chef at u ec ex with bett li, o reg cardo B Mattias Ric

nd inllenging a y good a h c re o ame m sfied b ustr y bec tomers aren’t sati xpect more d in B & F Cus ays e “T he this year! d only – they alw amic food and o teresting yn fo d , ty ts s n for all of nd ta l eve d reason service a racted by specia o o g a is .” tt is and are a ays of eating. T h and achieve more w r e r v ie o h disc healt harder to us to work ef at Social & Co, GZ d ch y Li Yan, hea bars reall er. Brew d e n b a ft ty ra e c ri year for ality, va s a g reat rd in terms of qu ere, the a “2016 wa ve been h imI' rw s fo th s n g o in m to th 2 pushed . In the 1 pening continues perience o nzhen.” guest ex taurants s re be in She , SZ f new quality o an exciting time to tin Shenzhen Nanshan es 's W It e . e th v at pro utive chef , exec Paul Dodd


R.I.P It was a sad year for fans of these Shenzhen institutions. Here are our obituaries. The Green Room A Caesar salad that couldn't bring in the green.

Cheers Gan Bei

Sports bar dried the glass and shut the door.


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Hotel bar got a renovation reset.


No doubt Luna will get the last Laffa.

Captains Bar

New construction sunk this ship.

Lou Palacio

Handmade pizza that couldn’t find enough mouths.

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Lock ‘Em Up

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Emergency pensioner slide Pensioner Zhou Miaorong was worried about how he and his elderly neighbors would escape their apartment block in an emergency. So the spritely Shanghai septuagenarian, who lives on the 35th floor, built an emergency slide that can take residents to safety at the breakneck speed of 0.33 floors per second.

PRO Smog-eating tower The quantum satellite

Passenger drone

We’re struggling to explain this in just a few sentences. So, let’s hand over to the Xinhua news agency: “The satellite is designed to establish ultra-secure quantum communications by transmitting uncrackable keys from space to the ground […] It could also conduct experiments on the bizarre features of quantum theories, such as entanglement.” Got it?

The world’s first passenger drone was unveiled by a Chinese firm this year. And while it may look like any old quadcopter, the Ehang 184 is an autonomous aerial vehicle. This means that passengers simply enter a destination and they’ll be whisked away by the drone. Let’s see how the testing sessions in Nevada go before getting too excited.

$11.35 … was how much Weibo was worth in October, when its value finally exceeded that of Twitter – the service it most closely resembles.

Anti-smoke device




… is the number of followers that scientist Stephen Hawking gained during his first eight hours on Weibo.


Another year, another unlikely device for battling smog. But could this be the one to go beyond headline-making? The 7-meter tower cleans 30,000 cubic meters of air an hour and is already being tested in Beijing. The tower’s Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde hopes to collect the pollution particles and use them in jewelry. Good to see he’s got his priorities sorted.

Fed up with secondhand smoke in his dormitory, one Guangxi student took matters into his own hands. The resulting contraption uses trash bags and a cardboard box to pump fresh air directly towards his face. The young man uploaded pictures to Weibo alongside a chart to explaining how the device works (for the benefit of other frustrated room-sharers).

DIY Scarlett Johansson robot Hong Kong graphic designer Ricky Ma based his lifelike robot on a famous Hollywood actress, though he wouldn’t reveal which one. But his USD50,000 investment paid off, as it is evidently Scarlett Johansson (right?). The humanoid, named Mark 1, can move its arms and legs, turn its head, bow and respond to complements – just like Johansson. Uncanny.


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Baidu NuoMi


DianPing Meituan Waimai Mogu Streeet XianYu

13.3 12.1 11.5

Baidu WaiMai

Source: Trustdata mobile data platform,

PingAn Doctor





JuanPi ZheKou




Dang Dang


Huawei Mall

Urban Family Day Shenzhen 2016 – 2nd Edition Enjoy a day of fun, activities and more !

Date and Time: Sunday, December 4, 2016, 11.30am - 4pm Location: Jing Shan Villas Football Pitch, 1007 Nanhai Boulevard, Shekou, Nanshan, Shenzhen 地址:深圳市蛇口南山区南海大道 1007 号鲸山别墅 足球场

Special Thanks


BaoBao Tree


Mobile e-commerce top 20 by MAU (M)


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Taobao ave doesn’t h ol y a monop ee on mobil e. c r e comm ot But it’s n f. fa r o f


国 际 学 校

深 圳 蛇 口

Shekou International School

Urban Family WWW.THATSMAGS.COM | DECEMBER 2016 | SZ | 41


Top 3 Movies

The Mermaid RMB3.39 billion

Hong Kong comic legend Stephen Chow smashed the record for China’s highest grossing film of all time with this sci-fi romantic comedy which he directed, co-wrote and co-produced. Chow may soon repeat the record-breaking feat, as a follow-up to his 2013 adaptation of Journey to the West is slated for release next year.

“Disney shouldn’t have entered the Chinese mainland. We have a strategy – one tiger is no match for a pack of wolves”

R E K L A T SMACK R A E Y E OF TH After years of anticipation, Shanghai Disneyland opened in June – and China’s richest man was less than impressed. Despite being spotted there in October on a mission to “inspect and learn,” Wanda Dalian boss Wang Jianlin talked plenty of smack about Mickey and Co. in an interview with CCTV. He then boasted about his company’s plans to open 15-20 Wanda theme parks across China.


RMB1.53 billion

Following a same-day release in China and the US, Zootopia grossed RMB500 million more than Kung Fu Panda 3. In doing so, it became Disney’s biggest financial success – and the seventh highestgrossing film in China to date. Widespread hatred of Batman vs. Superman (also released in March) undoubtedly helped.


RMB1.47 billion

While America was less than charmed with Warcraft (which only grossed USD46 million on its opening day), the movie struck a major chord here thanks to a marketing push from its Chinese backer, Wanda. Despite negative reviews, the film edged out Avengers: Age of Ultron to be China’s most popular action film of the year.


Scandal of the Year

#WangBaoQiang Divorce

Actor Wang Baoqiang broke the Internet by posting plans to Man sells fish wife at Hujialou subway station that he’s caught at divorce on Weibo. The Lost in nearby park Thailand star accused wife Ma Rong of adultery, “destroying the family,” and hiding and transferring property. The plot thickened when Ma filed a defamation case against him. According to Weibo, 47 percent of netizens were Team Wang.

Film China’s ce fi Box Of

Chines Sci-Fi


Matt Damon

he US ertake t a will ov in h lm C fi t t s a t th bigge s predic e world’s quota h t lm e Analyst fi m n o d foreig r to bec e a s e a y re ters. t s c x ne lockbu to an in 2017 b thanks d t e e t a rk ip a ic m f ant umber o and a n ugo at the H r China fo re s tu s e ra c suc sci-fi lite as more lette minent e e v o re p N There w t ’s s e world won Be th g , n s fa rd g a Aw eijing. n Hao Jin Folding B es, whe ter tale accolad h g u a d therfor her fa

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At the tender age of 73, Huang Yanzhen mesmerized Chinese netizens after photographs of her posing in black leather with a Harley Davidson went viral. She has since made several appearances on TV and served as a special guest at Xiamen International Fashion Week. Here, she tells That’s how 2016 changed her life. On being a wanghong (internet sensation)… I was traveling when the photos went viral, and when I returned I was surprised to find out how popular they’d become. It was a bit nerve-wracking at first. But I’m happy to have received so much positive feedback from people saying how deeply moved they were by the photos, and how I’ve become an inspiration to them. My life is a lot busier now, as many media outlets want to talk to me. But I’m glad it hasn’t affected my daily life and family too much.


On what fashion means to her… I think fashion has a much broader meaning than just what you wear. It’s about maintaining a young state of mind. On Chinese designers… China’s rich culture and history make the country’s fashion unique. We see Western designers using more and more Chinese elements in their work now. We used to say foreign designers are better or whatnot, but I think Chinese designers are making their marks in the industry now too. On her fashion icon… Peng Liyuan [President Xi Jinping’s wife]. She’s elegant and has a heart for social welfare. That’s what a true fashion icon should be. On xiaoxianrou (boyish pop stars) and K-pop culture… I don’t like xiaoxianrou, they all look fake to me and they have no substance. Korean pop culture is not to my liking either; I prefer watching news and Chinese soap operas. 杰西 Jesse Photo: 小野


Because you’d look like a mermaid engulfed by flames

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Because it looks like someone sewed together candy wrappers

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d Ice ken anith Fashion c i h C d w Frie Collide Cr eam ve much

Because the tan lines from that hat will look mad funky

ha usually lFC don’t is year they co K d n a d CJ Magnum fashion, but th n a ia X ith Leaf to do w ghai esigners at Shan d with d e s t w o ra h o s b y la nds a ra w b n h ru t two s of bo t n e s, Yao for m n le io ollect Week. E to the c the in Fashion y d b e t d ra e orpo inspir were inc ded handbags clu in h ic h w et. ily buck KFC fam

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Because it looks like your jacket has permanently slipped


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COMM UNITY Row, Row, Row Your Boat Develop your strength and stamina by taking up one of China's most iconic sports

College Conundrum P50 46 | SZ | DECEMBER 2016 | WWW.THATSMAGS.COM

Crack Your Back P51


A WAY OF CONNECTION Sharing Time and Space at The Salon Text by Jocelyn Richards, photos by Anthony Rowley


ery rarely in life do two wholly compatible strangers cross paths. Though it might happen in an instant – on a plane or in line for coffee – the ripples of impact are felt for a lifetime. For Ariana Lombardi and Anthony Rowley, it was the city of Guangzhou that connected them amid a population of 13 million. “It was kind of like this serendipitous thing, because we started with the same company at the same time, we had the same days off, we were both artists and lived near each other,” recalls Lombardi. The two even share the same favorite number: 22. Back in the US, both had a history of planning creative events: Lombardi held salonlike gatherings in Santa Fe, while Rowley planned live photography events and fashion shows in New York City. When the two met in China last October, their distinct experiences fused, making way for a new venture: The Salon. Initially a small gathering held once a month at Tristan’s CalMex Restaurant and Bar, The Salon soon grew into bimonthly occasion packed with expats and locals from all walks of life. But what exactly happens at a salon? “People always say this: ‘what’s gonna happen?’ That’s our new slogan,” laughs Rowley. “We gotta keep that air of mystery!” Lombardi jokes, adding that if people knew exactly what would happen each time, it would be an ‘event,’ not a ‘salon.’ Participants’ curiosity is not unfounded, however: earlier this year, a Reddit thread titled ‘The Salon Shut Down by Cops’ attracted

widespread concern from almost everybody in the community – except those present when it happened. On the night of the Black Lives Matter themed salon, a group of about 40 stood outside the Guangzhou Opera House steps, sharing songs, poetry and words of encouragement. A few cops approached shortly after, making their voices heard only to those on the outside of the circle. “They were great… they never said ‘leave,’ they just suggested it,” recounts Lombardi. “They’re like: ‘you should go inside, we prefer if you weren’t here, we don’t want people to get the wrong idea…’” The 30 or so remaining adults – many of them newly acquainted – then walked in unison down the avenue to The Strand, where they continued The Salon privately inside at the officers’ request. “It was a success to me,” asserts Lombardi. If anything, she claims the controversial Reddit thread drew fresh attention to the group that had for so long relied solely on word of mouth for publicity.

Unlike Lombardi and Rowley, the majority of salon attendees don’t describe themselves as artists but as people looking for an outlet – a safe space to interact with others and come to grips with life abroad, or life in general. “You can cut through all the bullsh*t and expat small talk at The Salon and have deeper conversations with people you just met,” said a Toronto native after participating in The Salon’s ‘Silent Conversation’ this past November. Most walk away feeling like they genuinely connected with those they meet, instead of merely knowing their answers to questions like ‘how long have you been in China?’ and ‘what do you do?’ “We don’t connect in person as much as we used to because we don’t have to, but it’s important to just be in a room with other people and talk to them,” says Lombardi. “It’s a very human thing. We think we don’t need it but we do – we crave it – and I think that’s why people like The Salon.” Though she and Rowley will head back to the States later this year until next March, Lombardi hopes to hold a few crosscultural salons while she’s home to connect Guangzhou with communities overseas. “I think it would be good for people here to see that it’s happening in other places and that there is a potential to connect with other cities through this,” she says. “The Salon is a component of home – it could be wherever you are.”

Want to know ‘what’s gonna happen’ at the next salon? Check for upcoming salons or contact Ari Lombardi on WeChat at: arilombardi. The Salon is free and welcomes everyone.



Too Close for Comfort Dear Jamie, I met this online friend and we’ve been really close since. When I first met him I started giving him life advice because I wanted to help. But now he relies too much on my opinion and comes to me with all his problems. I have asked him to solve his problems by himself and blocked his number on my phone, but he still continues to contact me through WeChat. At first I liked that he sees me as his life guru, but it’s gone too far. Now he even asks for my opinion when he can’t decide between two restaurants. I threatened to block him on WeChat if he didn’t stop, but he continued to pester me with his questions. I finally blocked him, but he flew from Qingdao to find me the NEXT day asking me to unblock him, claiming that he needed my advice desperately. Now he tells me that he wants to move to Guangzhou so he can be near me. He is a really good friend and person; how do I keep him as a friend without cutting all points of communication with him? -Remorseful Yoda Dear Yoda, There are three possibilities here. One is that your friend is a convicted stalker. The second is that your friend is an unconfirmed stalker. The third is your friend has an unhealthy obsession with you and is about to make you his first stalking victim. If this friend really is a good person as you say, they should respect your need to block people who pester round the clock. The kindest thing to do is introduce him to someone else that can give him good advice – say, a therapist – and be firm in breaking off contact if his overzealous attentions persist. Sometimes in life you’ve got to be like the humble rock: firm and unyielding. -Jamie Have a question to ask Jamie? Email



Guangzhou International Dragons When the Guangzhou International Dragon Boat Team was founded in 1998 as a consulate union, it comprised mostly consular staff and kayakers, a rookie team by all account. But the motley crew started to grow with the joining of Cantonese fishermen, Scottish bartenders, Colombian smugglers, American executives and other colorful characters. Today, its rowers hail from China, Australia, France, Britain, Jordan, Malaysia and Thailand, to name a few of the constituent countries. The dragon boat team is a regular in races in Guangdong around Duanwu Festival, while also being invited to international competitions held in Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand and South Korea. “When competing overseas, we’re often the only team flying the flag of China, even though we’re a mixed bunch of international paddlers,” says the team’s manager David Butler, who feels honored to represent the Middle Kingdom, where dragon boat racing originated, in competitions abroad. “The social side of dragon boat racing is important,” he adds. “After the races, we usually have a banquet or celebration and

hold a performance, like a dance or short skit. Months before the competition, we’re on the water regularly to perfect our technique. And then, a few days before the race, we get together again to rehearse our dance routine as well." For Butler and his teammates, dragon boat racing is a comprehensive exercise that develops one’s strength, stamina and fitness. It also allows expat members to explore the Pearl River and surrounding region, which has inspired them to raise awareness about the water pollution.

For more information, add David Butler’s WeChat contact: DavidDub or visit


News from the PRD's Consulates and Chambers There has been a spate of event cancelations recently, accompanied by dark mutterings that organizers are concerned about trouble with local authorities. Among the casualties: last month’s Melbourne Cup at the Park Hyatt and the AmCham Winter Ball. Is it just gossip or is there something more nefarious afoot? At least one event went ahead as planned: the Italian Consulate General's Italian Cuisine Week. Part of a worldwide initiative that took place in more than 100 countries from November 21-27, the event celebrated the delicious food of bella Italia. While its popular winter event may have gone the way of all flesh, the American Chamber of Commerce in South China did have itself a US Presidential Election Day Party on November 9 (though we’re not

sure the mood could be termed ‘celebratory’ after Trump jumped into the lead, en route to winning). Everyone went away with a souvenir – though some attendees might rather forget the whole thing ever happened On the upside, lots of Christmas celebrations, both big and small, taking place this month. First up, the China-Italy Chamber of Commerce Christmas Gala Dinner on December 3, taking place at the Four Seasons Guangzhou and with all the Italian top brass scheduled to attend, including the Italian ambassador to China. Get in touch with your own consulates general and chambers of commerce to find out more about what’s in store – contact info can be found on our website and via our app.

E D I T O R . P R D @ U R B A N A T O M Y. C O M


YouTube Vlogger Winston Sterzel After 10 years of vlogging about Shenzhen, Winston Sterzel recently stepped into the wilds of making his YouTube videos a full-time job. Often appearing in a suit and drinking a beer, his video repertoire of city guides and interviews on taboo topics have earned more than 15 million views, making him the unofficial face of Shenzhen in the Anglosphere.

film using my cellphone, but I'm not allowed to use my camera.

Some of the comments on your videos can get pretty rough, how do you deal with that?

Why did you start filming videos for YouTube and did you expect it to become what it is now? I wanted to show friends and family back home that China wasn't as horrible as the media usually paints it to be, and that it is a really fun, interesting and friendly place. I did not ever expect it to become my full-time occupation. Out of all of the cities in China, why stay in Shenzhen? Simply because it's the best city. I've been to all the first-tier cities and hundreds of other smaller cities and towns during my 10 years here. Shenzhen is young, energetic, all about technology and the best part is that it's full of

migrant workers. You get to meet people from all over China and there isn't a stigma towards outsiders, as you'll find in Beijing or Shanghai. What's the most unexpected response you’ve ever gotten while filming?

To be honest, as long as I'm polite and friendly I've never had any negative or unexpected responses. I've had plenty of police and security guards chase me off, but probably the most puzzling thing is being told – on more than one occasion – that it's okay for me to

I simply ignore the trolls for the most part. There have been instances of very vindictive trolls who have overstepped the line by going after my family. Those people are just absolute scum, but it comes with the territory. You simply can't put any energy into the trolls and haters or they win. Has wearing a suit ever gotten you in trouble?

I'm convinced I was mistaken for a spy once. I'm sure a real spy wouldn't be dressed in a suit, I guess the people who called the security guards on me for filming in the street had watched a little too many 007 films.

A recent motorbike odyssey by Sterzel was turned into the documentary Conquering Southern China and is available on Vimeo. Sterzel posts under YouTube account SerpentZA.



GETTING INTO AN AMERICAN UNIVERSITY Why It’s Getting Tougher for Students Around the World By Edward Kim


he competition for getting into American universities is only growing, so what can you do to stand out from the crowd? I have been speaking to parents and families at dinner tables and convention halls all over the world, and one of the questions I get the most is: “Is it really going to be harder? I hear from (insert any source here) that it’s impossible to get into good universities!” While it may be difficult, it is normal to be concerned about whether your child can get into a good university or college or not. This year there were 1.2 million – yes, million– applications for the top 25 schools in America. To put this into perspective, read this: the admission rates for students applying to Princeton University this past year, for students who had a perfect score of 2,400 on the SAT, was just 13 percent. Sure, we’re only talking about one variable of the academic core (GPA and test scores) but that’s the point: the higher up you go on the most competitive school list, everyone who is accepted is within that top 5 percent of test scores. This phenomenon is caused by a number of reasons, one of which is population growth. There are simply more children coming of age and applying to university compared to 20 years ago. However, the number of students a college or university can actually take in has not increased all that much. From an administrative standpoint, the school’s growth in student intake must be proportional to the number of dorms and classroom space available; hence matriculation numbers do not change much from year to year. And, as cruel as it sounds, good schools are only good because they have a limited number of spots per year and diversity quotas to fill. So, applicants must do something to stand out, other than just do the SAT. While test scores are quite important when 50 | SZ | DECEMBER 2016 | WWW.THATSMAGS.COM

it comes to initial judgments by schools, the final decision also depends on other factors. You need extras such as the IB (International Baccalaureate) programs or AP (Advanced Placement). The IB program was designed by the Swiss as set courses, ending in an internationally recognized diploma that would allow students to earn college credit early. To earn an IB diploma, you have to go to an IBapproved school and meet the requirements, including taking classes in the six subject groups, passing their exams and completing three additional core requirements. Its popularity is simply phenomenal: as of October 17, 2016, there were 5,890 programs being

offered worldwide, across 4,537 schools around the world. The AP program, on the other hand, is a program in the United States and Canada created by the College Board. It allows high school kids to take college level curricula and examinations so that the students could skip certain courses in college by preparing all year under a difficult curriculum. In May, students take the AP test and will receive scores of one to five. The AP is based more on freedom of choice and proving skills on tests, while the IB is based on heavy college level writing and research through a progression of set classes and grades.

Even though the IB was not created in the United States, American colleges will still consider that as rigorous as a typical AP load of courses and will not doubt your collegelevel academic skills. But to get into the best schools, more or extra distinction is required. I encourage students taking the IB Diploma to take AP courses as well, by registering with authorized online or distance learning course providers. If a student enrolled at an IB World School wants to study an IB course that is not offered at their own school, it can be taken through Pamoja, the only authorized online diploma program course provider. This can be coupled with AP courses via the College Board. Why? Competition. Now the obvious question is this: Why does any of this matter to me? I have no real choice in this matter. If I attend a particular international school, I am limited to the courses that my school will allow for me to take. But not anymore. In the new modern era, there are institutions that have the same WASC accreditation as private high schools who are able to run courses that issue college-accepted grades. Today, we live in the age of ‘blended learning.’ For the first time, students are not bound by the limitations of school systems or physical classrooms, and can have the freedom to plan IB and AP courses and tests starting from the onset of their senior years, maximizing the time they have before submitting applications. My message to all families, regardless of school system is this: You live in a new age of hope and freedom. If you want, and if you plan, you do not have to be limited physically to your school and its options, rules and availabilities. You can study, achieve and show off whichever masteries you wish. This article is taken from the recently released Winter 2016 edition of Urban Family.



How Proper Chiropractic Care Can Improve Quality of Life By Dr. Injun Kim


any patients seek chiropractic care to alleviate pain and other health-related symptoms. Chiropractics is the only profession that is dedicated to finding and correcting vertebral subluxations (also known as spinal misalignments). These misalignments can lead to the lower back pain that many experience. Although there is not a specific specialty as a lower back pain chiropractor, many doctors like Brock Van Dyke have had great success with one of the many condition that chiropractic patients seek relief from, consistent lower back pain. Chiropractics has been shown to be very effective at finding the source of your pain and correcting it. What Causes Back Pain?

The back is a complicated structure of bones, joints, ligaments and muscles. You can sprain ligaments, strain muscles, rupture disks and irritate joints, all of which can lead to back pain. While sports injuries or accidents can cause back pain, sometimes the simplest of movements – for example, picking up a pencil from the floor – can have painful results. In addition, arthritis, poor posture, obesity and psychological stress can cause or complicate back pain. Back pain can also directly result from disease of the internal organs, such as kidney stones, kidney infections, blood clots or bone loss. How Does a Chiropractor Treat Back Pain?

The type of treatment a chiropractor uses

to relieve back pain depends on the specific situation as well as the chiropractor. The first thing a chiropractor does is take a detailed medical history and perform a physical evaluation. Many times, they will also run lab tests and use imaging techniques, such as X-rays or MRIs, to identify the extent of the damage and determine if chiropractic care is an appropriate treatment for the issue causing you pain. Once a course of treatment has been decided upon, you’ll undergo one or more chiropractic manipulations to move joints in the spine back to their natural position. Chiropractors manipulate the joints with their hands using sudden forceful movements that restore order and improve the range and quality of your movements. Spinal manipulation also helps relieve pressure that misaligned bones place on nerves and pain receptors. It’s

possible that pressure being placed on a nerve somewhere along the spinal column is causing your lower back pain. Releasing the pressure on the nerve is necessary to reduce the pain you’re experiencing. Side Effects and Risks

Reviews have concluded that spinal manipulation for lower back pain is relatively safe when performed by a trained and licensed chiropractic practitioner. The most common side effects are generally minor and include feeling tired or temporary soreness.

Dr. Injun Kim is doctor of chiropractics at Bellaire International Clinic, No. 601, 6/F, Times Square, 28 Tianhe Bei Lu, Tianhe District, Guangzhou 广州市天河北 路28号时代广场东座6楼601 (020-2899 3911, 020-3891 0511,,


CITY SCENES Urban Family Oktoberfest Halloween Carnival

Together with China Hotel, A Marriott Hotel, That’s PRD and Urban Family combined the magic of Oktoberfest with a two-day family-friendly Halloween Carnival on October 29 and 30. The event brought out local and expats families to enjoy two days of incredible Halloween- and Oktoberfest-themed games, activities and edibles. A merry-go-round and bouncy castle, as well as booths divided into three sections: flea market, crafts and dining were provided. Talented kids from international schools gave their brilliant performances on the stage.

That’s Appreciation Party at Happy Monk

The Sixth OCT-Loft Jazz Festival (Supported by )

Professionals in the PRD gathered in the Happy Monk on November 16. Socializing on the patio at the Guangzhou institution’s Happy Valley location, invitees dined on an array of finger food, from delicious cheese sticks and chocolate cup cakes to healthy fresh fruits.

The Sixth Oct-Loft Jazz Festival ended to the beautiful melodies of Sebastian Schunke on October 23. During this 15-day festival, bands and musicians from 17 countries brought unforgettable performances to Shenzhen. The Oct-Loft Jazz Festival has attracted jazz musicians from all over the world to Shenzhen for the past six years.


2016 Shenzhen British Day (Supported by +


Shenzhen’s British Day was held on Sunday, October 23, at the Shenzhen Shekou International School. Over 2,000 guests were welcomed to the sunny grounds of Jingshan Villas to enjoy the afternoon festivities. Guests won fantastic prizes through lucky draws, including fitness club memberships, a one-night stay at a five-star resort and two roundtrip tickets to London courtesy of British Airways. Mr. Barry Wilson (Chairman of the Shenzhen Branch of the British Chamber of Commerce Guangdong), Mr. Matthew Rous (HM Consul General of the British Consulate-General Guangzhou) and Mr. Fang (Representative from Age 6000) gave speeches. Guests enjoyed plenty of authentic British treats like fish and chips, pies and sausage rolls.

Shenzhen Premier Youth Football League Opening Ceremony (Supported by ) About 300 kids in four age groups gathered to play their first league match after a one-day typhoon delay. Following registration, kids, coaches and parents gathered in front of a stage after taking team photos. Mehrdad Sadraei, the league founder, welcomed the teams and spoke about the league. He thanked sponsors and partners for helping to get the league up and running. After the speech, the teams went to their respective fields. Urban Family supported the event.

Movember Party at Shark Shopping Park (Supported by )

Beaujolais Nouveau 2016 (Supported by

The annual Shark Shopping Park’s Movember Charity Event was held on November 5. The event was a big success, turning out to be one of the largest events ever organized by Shark Shopping Park. The Movember event allowed attendees to learn more about the Movember foundation, hopefully making a lasting impact on the face of men’s health in the future.

The French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Guangzhou, in partnership with the General Consulate of France in Guangzhou, celebrated the arrival of Beaujolais Nouveau on November 18 at the Shangri-La Hotel, Shenzhen in Luohu. The red wine, made by George Duboeuf and presented by Jointek, a wine company, was presented to more than 400 guests in a convivial and atmosphere.





n the evening of October 27, Shark Sea World held a VIP dinner for select guests. The dinner featured exquisite Mediterranean dishes paired with excellent wines. With such gourmet delights on offer, it was not surprise that everyone enjoyed a delightful evening.



he British School of Guangzhou was visited by Juilliard alumna and worldrenowned cellist, Andrea Lee, as part of their collaboration with The Juilliard School, New York. Lee demonstrated the unique curriculum that BSG students are learning in music and provided a workshop for parents.



press conference for Bangkok Airways was held at Guangzhou Marriott Hotel Tianhe on November 8, announcing the launch of direct flights from Guangzhou to Ko Samui in Thailand. From January 21 on, passengers can easily reach sandy beaches, coral reef and coconut trees.

o-hosted by Sun Yat-sen University, the 4th Foundation for Australian Studies in China (FASIC) Conference was held at Sofitel Guangzhou Sunrich on the evening of November 17. The occasion brought together scholars and students who showcased their research on Australia.



ooperating with Palta Hass Avocado Committee of Chile, the Consulate General of the Republic of Chile in Guangzhou hosted a cooking show entitled “Discover the Taste of Hass Avocado” at Mezzo on November 16. Internationally renowned Chilean chef Ricardo Gonzalez created fabulous dishes. 54 | SZ | DECEMBER 2016 | WWW.THATSMAGS.COM


hinese fashion promoter Liber China held its International Fashion Week at Winter Plaza in GT Land Plaza on November 8. Laying great stress on originality, it includes a fashion show and a design contest, both functioning as platforms for fashion design talents and creatives.

ellaire International Clinic recently announced the grand opening of its Zhujiang New Town center, making it the brand’s flagship in Guangzhou. Comprising highly experienced doctors, the brand-new center will be providing professional services in many medical specialties.

ponsored by The Canton Place – and supported by the Consulate General of France in Guangzhou – the 2016 Music of the World Season has been illuminating The Canton Place with global beats for the past two months and came to a successful end this December.


n November 11, Torres China held a wine tasting dinner at The Ritz-Carlton, Guangzhou which saw the attendance of 23 of Torres’ VIP guests. The dinner was an opportune occasion for attendees to learn about Meerlust Winery Wine Estate, one of South Africa’s most prominent wineries.

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Shenzhen tunes into the sounds of classical music's contemporary twist

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What's On in December The Grapevine New Restaurants New Bars

A monthly insert for December 2016






















Shenzhen Concert Hall p74

Shenzhen Concert Hall p74



Qiaocheng Beiqw p74

B10 Live p74



OCT Art and Design Gallery p76



DRINK Spice Up the Holidays

Gather your friends around a steaming homemade hot pot this winter

Meat Feast P66 58 | SZ | DECEMBER 2016 | WWW.THATSMAGS.COM

Star Power P68


Want to see Chef Mattias Riccardo Bregoli in action? Scan the QR code below and follow along as this juicy picanha roast is prepared right before your eyes.

Visit for more Home Cooking videos!

BRAZILIAN BARBECUE Marinated Picanha Roast Text by Sky Thomas Gidge, photos by Shumin Li


ow that a decent oven costs less than RMB1,000 on Taobao, aspiring chefs have little excuse for avoiding the roasts, bakes and cakes that many of us left on the other side of the ocean. This month we’re bringing you a Brazilian recipe so simple, your hardest task will be tracking down the ingredients, in particular the picanha, or rump cover (though Metro usually stocks it). The key to giving it that Latin flavor is all in the spices, so don’t skimp on the seasonings.

Ingredients 1kg of rump cover (picanha) 6 cloves of crushed garlic 1 red onion, sliced Paprika powder Chili powder Black pepper Sea salt Extra virgin olive oil

Method 1. Make incisions across the whole picanha a few centimeters apart. 2. Lightly sprinkle the picanha with the powdered ingredients, salt and black pepper, before applying a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil over the surface and massaging it in. Repeat the process for the other side. 3. Place half the red onion and garlic in a pan, then add the meat and cover with the other half of the onion and garlic. 4. Place the pan in the refrigerator and allow the picanha to marinate for 24 hours. 5. Remove the beef from the pan, separating it from the garlic and onions. 6. Preheat a nonstick grill pan before grilling the picanha on all sides, reaching a solid brown color. 7. Place the meat in an oven set at 180 degrees Celsius for 20 minutes per kilogram. 8. Remove the picanha from the oven and allow it to rest for 10 minutes before serving.

This recipe is courtesy of Chef Mattias Riccardo Bregoli at Shark Futian, Shop 133, Block B, Coco Park, Fuhua Lu, Futian District 福田区福华路购物公园B区133号 (8203 1999)



We’re digging…

Baia’s burgeoning business basically extending to all the hippest hot spots with the opening of Baia Da Marco at Coastal Rose Garden; Luna’s luscious meat menu meeting well-earned praise; the shortsleeve weather that extended through November; ‘DJ Supper Club’ Mojo’s soft opening making WeChat waves; the crack down on green cabs' crooked meters!

We’re done with… Metro Miguel’s panhandling ways returning to the underground; international media’s coverage of the Hi-Tech Fair’s robot rampage that wasn’t; the first reports of Shenzhen thieves setting their sights on Mobikes.

HH Gourmet Bagel shop HH Gourmet is so synonymous with everyone’s favorite anti-donut, just saying ‘the bagel place in Shekou’ will likely get you there. “I grew up near New York City, so I grew up with bagels,” says Matt Klein, sitting in the Rose Garden area shop he runs with his wife. “I want this to be a place where you can get a homemade meal that is not just something bought at Metro, thrown into a deep fryer and served.” To that end, HH Gourmet serves chicken parmesan sandwiches (RMB43), corned beef sandwiches on rye bread (RMB68) and a bevy of other homemade dishes that push the restaurant into artisan New York-style deli territory. But freshly made bagels are the business’ heart and soul. Each bagel goes for RMB10. With 15 options on the menu, and the ability to turn out 23 types if ordered ahead, it’s safe to say they can make your favorite. Made in house, we recommend the pumpkin spread. It uses pureed pumpkin, nutmeg, cinnamon, some ginger and a bit of vanilla extract to create a buttery rainbow of flavors perfect on a plain bagel. Though cream cheese is bought elsewhere, HH Gourmet ‘enhances’ it, creating original and classic mixes like garlic and herb as well as walnut (both RMB29 on bagel). A great wintery treat, the pumpkin spice

latte (RMB32) will be served until the end of December and is made with baked pumpkin, pumpkin spice, homemade vanilla extract and a touch of brown sugar. Pieces of pulp meet your lips as you sip the drink, which, thankfully, is not overly sweet. Sold by the bag, HH Gourmet bagel chips are made by cutting bagels with a meat slicer, before brushing them with olive oil, adding a bit of seasoning and turning them crispy with a few minutes in the oven. HH Gourmet has also cultivated a familyfriendly community that’s hard to find outside of Shekou. On its front window are posters of rescued animals up for adoption, and hanging on the walls are paintings by local children and framed pictures of friends. Don’t live anywhere near Shekou? Or Shenzhen? Orders placed via their website ( or WeChat (helloherro) by 2pm during the week will arrive in vacuumsealed packets anywhere in Guangdong by the end of the next day. Shop 43B, Nanhai Rose Garden II, Gongyuan Nan Lu, Nanshan District 南山区公园南路南海玫瑰园二期43B商铺 (2683 9259)


Long Island Iced Tea It’s no secret that Long Island iced teas pack a punch. We’re all familiar with the drink’s ability to lead to a great time at night and a missing cellphone in the morning. The solution? Drink at home! Gather up these rather easy-to-find ingredients, call your friends over and get sloshed at your place. If your iPhone is missing in the morning, check between the couch cushions.

Ingredients: 1/2 oz vodka 1/2 oz rum 60 | SZ | DECEMBER 2016 | WWW.THATSMAGS.COM

1/2 oz gin 1/2 oz tequila 1/2 oz triple sec 1/2 oz sweet and sour mix (fresh lemon juice can be used) 1 lemon wedge Cola (to top up the glass)


1. Mix vodka, rum, gin, tequila, triple sec and the sweet and sour mix together over ice in a glass. 2. Give the mixture one brisk shake in a shaker. 3. Strain into a chilled collins glass filled with ice. 4. Add a splash of cola and garnish with a lemon slice.

D I N I N G @ U R B A N A T O M Y. C O M


Sichuan Peppercorn Sichuan peppercorns are not merely ‘pungent.’ In the words of American food scientist Harold McGee, they “produce a strange, tingling, buzzing, numbing sensation that is something like the effect of carbonated drinks or of a mild electric current (like touching the terminals of a 9-volt battery to the tongue).” If you’ve ever accidentally chomped down on one of the tiny red beads, you know the feeling. According to McGee, the compound ‘sanschool’ found in Sichuan peppercorns acts on several different kinds of nerve endings at once, inducing sensitivity in places that are not used to stimulation. General neurological confusion follows, manifesting itself as that unmistakable tingling sensation on the tongue.

In Chinese cuisine, ‘dried prickly ash’ – as it’s better known in the West – is typically used in conjunction with star anise and ginger, and finds its way into countless Sichuan dishes like mala (麻 辣) hot pot. Abroad, innovative chefs use the numbing peppercorns to make cocktail syrup, infused honey, spicy marinade and even baked goods with a kick. In Guangzhou, craft beer bar Bravo has incorporated the peppercorns into a zesty prickly ash ice cream! Want to get your hands on this electrifying spice? You can purchase Sichuan peppercorns at any Aeon store (look for a small bag labeled ‘Pricklyash Peel’), in Chinese supermarkets and on Tmall by searching Sichuan huajiao (四川花椒).


Sichuan Dry-Fried Green Beans 干煸四季豆 Potent and delicious, Sichuan dry-fried green beans rank up there with mapo doufu when it comes to dishes worth mastering while you’re here in China. This recipe broils the beans instead of deep-frying, leaving them more vibrant and juicy when cooked. Be sure to discard all shiny black seeds and stems before using the Sichuan peppercorn, and feel free to substitute minced kimchi and capers for the Sichuan preserved mustard if you don’t happen to have a jar lying around. You can also purchase some at any Chinese supermarket under the name Sichuan zhacai (四川榨菜).

Ingredients: 1 tsp toasted whole Sichuan peppercorns 3 tbsp vegetable or canola oil 6 whole dried small hot chilies 4 medium cloves garlic, minced 1 tbsp minced fresh ginger 3 scallions, white and pale green parts only, thinly sliced 3 tbsp finely minced whole or shredded Sichuan preserved mustard stems (四川榨 菜) 1lb (0.45kg) green beans, trimmed Kosher salt Freshly ground white or black pepper 2 tsp sugar

Method: 1. Crush half of the Sichuan peppercorns into a rough powder. 2. In a medium skillet, heat two tablespoons oil, remaining whole Sichuan peppercorns and dried chilies over mediumlow heat, stirring frequently, until sizzling and aromatic (about two minutes). 3. Add garlic, ginger, scallions and mustard root, stirring until aromatic (about one minute). Remove from heat and set aside. 4. Adjust rack in oven to as close as possible to broiler and preheat to high. In a large bowl, toss green beans with one tablespoon of oil and season with salt and pepper. 5. Arrange in a single layer on a foil-lined rimmed baking sheet or broiler pan. Broil until beans are blistered and very lightly charred (two to five minutes depending on strength of broiler). Return beans to bowl. 6. Using a spatula, transfer Sichuan peppercorn mixture to a bowl with the beans. Add sugar and remaining crushed peppercorns. Toss to coat the beans thoroughly in the mixture and season to taste with more salt and pepper if desired. Serve immediately. WWW.THATSMAGS.COM | DECEMBER 2016 | SZ | 61


HOT STUFF Text by Jocelyn Richards and Tristin Zhang, photos by Claire Zheng

Hot pot: the one Chinese food all foreigners can agree to love. This month, we’re introducing four classic varieties and sharing a few cooking tips so you can partake in some steamy DIY action at home this winter. SPICY SICHUAN Numbing peppercorns? Excruciatingly hot chilies? Yes please. Sichuan – or Chongqing – hot pot is easily number one in our hearts, and it’s a good thing too, because the broth is damn difficult to make. Start by frying four cloves of garlic in peanut oil (you can do this directly in your hot pot) and then add dried chili peppers, a spoonful of Sichuan peppercorns (四川花椒), large scallions, Sichuan bean paste (四川豆酱), star anise, fennel seeds, a piece of rock sugar, ginger and salt. Add in filtered water gradually and, if the mixture isn’t as potent as you’d like, toss in half a pack of pre-made Sichuan hot pot mix, which generally contains soy sauce, bean paste, animal fat and spices. Once your broth is bubbling nicely, consider adding another spoonful of Sichuan chili powder and salt to taste. As with Beijing mutton, you can pretty much dip whatever you want into Sichuan hot pot without affecting the overall flavor of the broth.

For a dipping sauce, use sesame oil (not paste), minced garlic, chopped coriander, scallions and chili peppers. A pinch of MSG and salt will elevate your dip to niubi status.

AMBITIOUS COOKS SHOP HERE: wet markets and Aeon’s spice and hot pot aisles. LAZY FOODIES EAT HERE: GZ: Sifang Jiuge Chongqing Hot Pot, 2/F, Yi’an Plaza, Jianshe Liu Malu, Yuexiu District 越秀区建设六马路宜安广场二 楼, 四方九格重庆火锅 (020-3881 5762) SZ: Chongqing Yuwei Xiaoyu Hot Pot (featured in the documentary A Bite of China), Shop 2-A, West area, Xiangmihu Dujia Cun, Futian District, 福田区香蜜湖度假村西面南侧2-A, 重庆渝味晓宇火锅 (0755-2399 0096, 0755-2399 7658)



BEIJING MUTTON Ah, old Beijing mutton: northern China’s soothing, foodbaby-inducing hot pot. The broth is generally clear and seasoned with sheep bone stock, but you can get by with store-bought bone broth (in the hot pot aisle) or chicken stock and some shallots, ginger, mushrooms, Chinese red dates and goji berries in boiled water. The quality of the lamb will make or break this dish – look for prime cuts of finely sliced lamb sourced from northern China (anything from Xinjiang or Inner Mongolia should do the trick). You can find pre-sliced, frozen meat for hot pot in most Chinese supermarkets. In terms of ingredients to dip, Beijing mutton is probably one of the more forgiving broths. Feel free to toss in greens like spinach or bok choy, beef, daikon, tofu, winter melon, noodles and vermicelli. As a general rule, meat, tofu and root vegetables are cooked first and leafy greens last to preserve the flavor of the broth.

For your dipping sauce, combine sesame paste, scallions, minced garlic, sliced red chili peppers (to taste), coriander and a touch of soy sauce. AMBITIOUS COOKS SHOP HERE: any supermarket, wet market or at a local butcher to find high-quality lamb and bone broth. LAZY FOODIES EAT HERE: true foodies would fly to Beijing to taste the real thing, but if they had to eat in the PRD, they’d go here: GZ: Old Beijing Mutton Hot Pot, Shop 271-282, 2/F, Zhongren Shangye Cheng, Shahe Lu, Tianhe District 天河区沙 和路中人商业城2楼271-282号老北京涮羊肉(沙和路店) SZ: Leyan Lao Beijing Tong Hot Pot, 105 Pengsheng Nianhua, Meishi Jie, Bagua Yi Lu, Futian District 福田区八卦一路美食街鹏 盛年华105号, 乐宴老北京铜火锅 (0755-2546 6465, 0755-2593 5148)


CHAOSHAN BEEF Chaoshan, an area in southeastern Guangdong, is famous for its characteristic beef hot pot that became popular in the 1940s for its freshness and farm-to-table beef. A rich shacha dipping sauce – made of shrimp, brill, garlic and soybean oil – is also a key element in the meal. The texture of meat from various parts of a cow tastes significantly different, so head to your local butcher to see if you can get your hands on some chuck steak, which covers the area from the neck to the ribs and is considered to be the best for hot pot. On top of fresh, thinly sliced beef, meatballs are another irreplaceable element of classic Chaoshan hot pot. Beef balls produced in this area are made by striking the meat into a fine paste using a club and then shaping the paste by hand. Traditionally, only a few types of vegetables are consumed alongside, including daikon, lettuce and corn.

While some prefer pure water for the broth to taste the original flavor of beef, others like to spice it up by adding cloves of garlic and chopped scallion.

AMBITIOUS COOKS SHOP HERE: Tiyu Xi Hengjie in Tianhe District or other wet markets. You can purchase shacha dipping sauce (沙 茶酱) at any supermarket – look for the brand ‘Bullhead.’ LAZY FOODIES EAT HERE: GZ: Huangniu Hotpot, 119 Shuiyin Lu, Yuexiu District 越秀区水荫路119号, 皇牛火锅 (020-3763 5228) SZ: Yuan Niu Dao, 2/F, Haiwang Yinhe Bldg, Keji Zhong San Lu, Nanshan District 南山区科技中三路海王银河大厦2楼, 原牛道牛肉火锅( 海王银河店) (0755-2267 0471)



COCONUT CHICKEN Though not a classic variety of hot pot by strict mainland standards, coconut chicken is delicious any time of the year and is enjoyed all the way from China’s southernmost tip to the northern city of Harbin. What makes the broth so popular is, of course, coconut water, which gives a sweet, juicy taste to anything you toss into the pot. To make the broth, we recommend you fill the pot with an equal amount of filtered water and coconut water, several slices of coconut meat and bony chicken cuts. Popular ingredients to cook inside include Chinese cabbage, squid balls, bamboo fungus (竹笙), enokitake (a type of mushroom), Chinese yams, tofu sheets, lotus root and water chestnuts.

Don’t skimp on your dipping sauce – great coconut chicken hot pot relies on a peppy side sauce, which you can make yourself using diced scallions, ‘facing heaven pepper’ (指 天椒), mashed galangal (沙姜), soy bean sauce, chopped red chilies, crushed peanuts and lime. You can also add coriander and garlic to your liking. AMBITIOUS COOKS SHOP HERE: any wet market – just ask for Hainan or Wenchang chicken. LAZY FOODIES EAT HERE: GZ: Fengyuan Yezhen Coconut Chicken Restaurant, 34 Tianhe Nan Er Lu, Tianhe District 天河区天河南二路34号, 凤园 椰珍椰子鸡主题餐厅 (020-8550 9397) SZ: Runyuan Siji Yezi Ji, 4/F, eastern market at the intersection of Xiangshan Dong Jie and Shantou Jie, Nanshan District 南山区香山东街与汕头街交界处东 部市场4楼, 润园四季椰子鸡 (0755-2912 8886, 0755-8268 7799)

You can buy a hot pot at your local supermarket or on (try Super, Joyoung or Midea brands) for RMB100-200. Spicy and plain mixes for broth are also available at most supermarkets, just ask for huoguo di liao ‘火锅底料.’ Finally, if you want to enjoy hot pot at home but are too lazy to make it yourself, order in! Authentic Chaoshan Beef Hot Pot, available on Mazing app, delivers a pot, ingredients and broth to your door and picks everything up the next day, saving you valuable time and a greasy cleanup job. WWW.THATSMAGS.COM | DECEMBER 2016 | SZ | 65



The Cow Jumped Over the Moon By Sky Thomas Gidge


isten, I love food, but in Shenzhen it’s just too hard to find a decent steak,” says Luna co-owner Kim Lee. Sensing a shift in local tastes, Lee believes high-quality beef will follow wine and coffee as China’s next acquired taste – and he is doing his part by leading the charge. “The beef is good, so good you don’t need sauce,” Lee says before pausing. “I will not serve it with sauce.” Serving the meat on Luna’s carcass-heavy menu well done is another thing on Lee’s list of ‘will nots.’ In fact, Lee is treating his meat like a business secret by not revealing the specific beef supplier, saying he plans to benefit from his culinary crusade through months of unsatisfactory cuts before settling on a source of Australian wagyu beef. With so much emphasis on the meat, does the steak stack up? Yes, yes it does. The rib-eye (RMB320) is where Luna shines brightest, with a soft, almost buttery feeling when chewed. Lee is right in saying it’s


a quality of meat difficult to find in Shenzhen. It’s a quality of meat difficult to find in many places. The flavorful chuck steak (RMB195) comes in thin slices as part of Luna’s meat platter (RMB550 to RMB650), but despite a narrow cut, the seasoning

isn’t lost. The oven-cooked ribs are sticky and on the sweet side, a nod to local preferences. Our serving is a bit low in the meat department, making them a great – if steeply priced – snack for two at RMB120. The drink menu is extensive, including whiskeys and other classics like the bloody mary and Long Island iced tea. Both are RMB50, as is the house special, the dragon’s breath, made with a mixture of dragon fruit, lime, soda, pomegranate syrup and vodka. The alcohol is masked by a sweet and sour balance, though the edible seeds tend to clog the straw. It needs to be said: the quality of the food, and attentiveness Lee invests in its preparation, is at odds with Luna’s atmosphere as a nightlife hotspot. An intoxicated

college student won’t be dancing their way into your meal, but it’s hard to square chewing on such fine fare as billiard balls clack in the background. In the end, Lee’s foray into fine cuts is a success, but the bigger question remains: if he cooks it, will they come? Price: RMB300 Who’s Going: steak lovers, Shekou foodies Good for: getting your drink on while eating fine beef 1/F, 1 Kangle Lu, Shekou, Nanshan District 南山区蛇 口康乐路1号 (6430 8144)


KABIR’S INDIAN RESTAURANT Curry on Down! Text and photos by Ziyi Yuan


henzhen has few Indian restaurants, and out of those, even fewer are worth visiting. But Kabir’s Indian Restaurant has managed to make a name for itself quickly, its reputation growing largely by word of mouth. People living in Shekou are likely familiar with the former outlet on Haichang Lu. Kabir’s new outlet is a step up, bringing the restaurant to a second-floor location in the trendy Sea World area. The rooftop seating provides the perfect place to catch a cool breeze while digging into some hot eats at Kabir’s, which is after the owner's son. Along with the name, an Indian identity has been embedded into every detail of the restaurant, from the deep-red decor to the dishes that can be cooked to four levels of spiciness by Indian chefs. “Come to our restaurant and give it a try. If you don't like the food, I will sing a song for you,” says manager Dave Pechay. Challenge accepted.

We begin with the vegetable salad (RMB68), a colorful mix of yellow pepper, red pepper and broccoli. It is served with crushed nuts on the top and is a clean, fresh starter. Next we bite into deep-fried cheese spinach cups (RMB68), served with a green sauce made from yogurt, chili and ginger. It’s a strange range of tastes, but Kabir’s manages to make it work. Lamb chops (RMB88) are cooked in curry sauce and served with fresh vegetables. Pair them with cheese naan (RMB25) or vegetable pulao (RMB30), an Indian rice dish. To cool down after the hot eats – you’ll need it if you opted for the spiciest option – Kabir’s drink selection focuses on in-house specials, including a beverage simply named ‘special’ (RMB50). It is served in many flavors, including a zesty strawberry number that comes in a glass rimmed with sweet, pink sugar. The Tokyo iced tea (RMB50), like its Long Island cousin, is strong enough to skip you through several steps on the road to inebriation. Spirited live music is played every day except Monday by the Philippine house

band, so Pechay really could have busted out in song if his food wasn’t up to snuff. But we leave, begrudgingly, satisfied. Perhaps Pechay will sing another day. Price: RMB100 Who’s going: Indian food buffs, family meals Good for: spicing up an evening, challenging the boss to karaoke

2/F, Bldg.2, A District, Sea World, Nanshan District 南 山区海上世界A区2号楼2层 (3857 8279)



L’ÉTOILE A Star Is Born By Ziyi Yuan


nlike most new spots that initially make an impact with their menu, L’étoile has lit up the Shenzhen food scene with their events, which have seen some of the highest quality imported ingredients ever served in the city. When we visit it’s a black and white dinner party, complete with a saxophone player’s notes echoing around a restaurant that almost glows with luxury. What makes it so luxurious? A wine room, stocked by sommelier and owner Michel Weiss, appears to have about a thousand bottles housed on climate controlled shelves. Outside of the main eating area, meals are also served in rooms that range in theme from Versailles-like opulence to recreations of dining beneath the Eiffel Tower. Even the bread is imported from France, according to marketing manager Jimmie Lu. While a 10-hour bread flight verges on the absurd, it shows the seriousness (or perhaps severity) with which food is treated. Chefs rotate and dishes change according to the night, but from what we’ve seen the sky-

high quality never wavers. On the first night we visit, Chef Christian Tetedoie is in the kitchen. In true French style, a bit of patience is required, as the meal plays out over about four hours through five dishes, all served with delicate presentation. On the heavy side, the goose foie gras (RMB188) is served on a sweet baked apple, balancing the liver’s rich taste. Mildflavored codfish and spring vegetables (RMB248) doubles down on freshness with a green vegetable sauce. The main dish is a 120-gram beef tenderloin and potato tartlet (RMB358). The juicy steak alone is reason to plan another visit. Most food is paired with wines carefully chosen by Weiss, who says that L’étoile may not be a Michelin-starred restaurant, but is likely to stand the test of customers and time. Ultimately, however, the question remains the same as it has for other expensive, ambitious gambles: does Shenzhen desire this level of luxe? Price: RMB360 Who’s going: moneyed couples, French foodies Good for: impressing a date, proposing, a four-hour French vacation

Shop 302-303, Bldg A, OCT Ecological Square, Nanshan District 南山区华侨城生态广场A栋302-303 房 (8166 8111)




Not So Old fashioned By Sky Thomas Gidge


ad Men ad man Don Draper would hate Mad Bar. One can imagine his wide-shouldered, bespoke suited figure suddenly halting as questions play out across his face. ‘Why is the bar shaped like my 1962 corvette? Why is a huge painting of me on the wall? Why is a quote from my exwife emblazoned on the menu?’ The point is, Mad Bar is not a recreation of the late 1950s boozy haunts featured on the television series, it’s a theme bar, and it goes for the theme hard. To the chip chip chip of ice cubes being hand carved, water is set down in front of us. The service is uncomplicated, fast and friendly – possibly because Lavo founder and Mad Bar proprietor Raymond Kiu is hosting us. Then we smell it. Something burning. It’s a pleasant smell, but still burning. The gin skim (RMB95) appears, garnished with a lit lavender sprig and loaded with strawberry


A Place to Warm Up Text and photos by Ziyi Yuan


hiskey, like a beautiful woman, demands appreciation. You gaze first, then it's time to drink,” wrote Haruki Murakami. Often favored – and passed over – for a Nobel Prize, we can understand why Murakami drinks. After our trip to Chill, we better understand why he chooses whiskey. When we visit the Software Industrial Park, it’s rainy and silent, with only the occasional window lit by fluorescent light. Chill’s dimly lit yellow logo stands out like a beacon, sporting a jigger in place of an ‘i.’ No doubt the bar’s floor-to-ceiling glass entrance is meant to tempt stressed-out programmers after a long day of coding. Entering Chill, we find a haven from the terrible weather; viewing their back-shelf stock, our spirits also begin rising. The twofloor layout offers plenty of space for customers, explaining why cubicle dwellers have welcomed the lounge with such zest. Bartender William Zeng smiles, chatting away in fluent English as he begins serving


syrup, lemon juice and egg white as the drink’s foamy top. The No. 3 London Dry Gin is expertly masked, making a dangerous – and delicious – combination. More complicated (and far less successful) is the off-menu clove old fashioned (RMB88). Maker’s Mark, clove syrup, maraschino syrup, and two different bitters are a twist on the original recipe – a twist in the wrong direction. Perhaps Mad Bar’s main allure is allowing you to try drinks favored by characters on the spirit-laden TV show. The gimlet (RMB90) enters stage right. Favored by Draper’s exmodel ex-wife, the pink drink employs only Hendrick’s Gin, lime juice and rose syrup. This glass of grog isn’t trying anything fancy and

hits the mark with its floral flavor. The premium spirits sitting on the threetiered, backlit shelf mostly justify the prices of around RMB100 a glass, but with the bar’s second-floor location in high-rent Coco Park, prices could even be considered low. When we visit, modern jazz plays at a decibel that would spell the death to the quiet conversations that indirect lighting and low, window-side seating seem to invite. With off-menu mishaps and a soundtrack that could use some modulation, Mad Bar is clearly still finding its footing, but Kiu has enough experience with food and drink that we believe these hiccups will be burped out. Mad Bar would not be Draper’s favored cocktail lounge, but it is worth a visit for fans of the television show and anyone interested in a new character on Shenzhen’s craft cocktail scene. Price: Around RMB100 Who’s going: Mad Men fans, cocktail kooks Good for: craft drinks, rating Don Draper’s paramours

2/F, Coco Park north area east elevator entrance 福田 区购物公园北区东电梯入口 (6956 4002)

our drinks. The Pina Isla (RMB98) flows across the palate, with a distinct fruity tang, created by a mix of gin, lemon juice, simple syrup and grilled pineapple. Asking for a stronger drink produces the Mafia (RMB98), a tart mix of rye whisky and an artichoke-based bittersweet. Each sip packs a bite. If one favors their tipple straight, a glass of the clean and sweet single malt Yamazaki 10 (RMB180) will loosen even the tightest white collar. Will Huang, the co-owner of Chill, says that the bathroom is stocked with Aesop

brand hand sanitizer, something he feels is a selling point. Mentioning this semi-chic cleaning fluid is very important to him. Very important. With fairly price cocktails, a cozy ambiance and a selection of alcohol much needed in the relatively dry industrial park, there’s little doubt Chill will be attracting the employees of some of Shenzhen’s hottest startups. Price: About RMB150 Who’s going: fans of Compass, IT dudes, overseas returnees Good for: cozy ambiance, chilling out and warming up

1/F, Bldg 6, Shenzhen Software Industry Base, Haitian Yi Lu, Nanshan District 南山区海天一路深圳市 软件产业基地6栋1层 (8672 0870)


BUDWEISER PRESENTS Lili Marleen Going Strong Five Years On By Ziyi Yuan

In Shenzhen so many bars come and go, but Lili Marleen has been around for years. How do you manage to stay so popular? As far as I know, eight bars and clubs shut down between 2015 till now. Our secret is our service.

Everyone seems to know Lili Marleen in Shenzhen, how did the club make a name for itself?


hen talking about clubbing in Shenzhen, there is no escaping the name Lili Marleen. Over five years, Lili Marleen has become a Shenzhennightlife icon, keeping the party going while others shut their doors. That’s sat down with Lili Marleen Luohu branch manager Kenji Shan to ask what keeps clubbers coming back.

I have to say that it’s not only in Shenzhen— Lili Marleen is well known all over the country. I think it’s because of our attitude. We’re doing a business we love. That definitely helps. How do you decide what drinks to put on the menu to keep you customers happy? We buy all alcohol from big companies, like Budweiser. They have stable quality.

ent ages, so we redecorated our interior last year. I think it’s a challenge for a five-yearold club to change, but we did it. Sometimes, you just have to change. Otherwise, the market will knock you out.

How will Lili Marleen keep being the first place clubbers choose in the future? We will continue doing what we are doing right now. We treat every customer like a friend, and we do our best to make them happy.

2F, 32 Taizi Lu, by Wanghai Lu, Nanshan District 南山 区太子路32号海上世界广场2楼 (2682 9105)

How has the club changed over the years? We’re catering to customers of a lot of differ-


Lolita 洛丽塔音乐餐吧 By 9pm, every day Hoegaarden, RMB 48/glass, RMB 288/keg 福佳生啤:48元1杯 288元1桶 Tel 139 2384 3811 Bar street, Coco park, Fuhua Lu, Futian District 购物公 园酒吧街

福佳 45元 Tel: 135 1093 1461 Address: Bar street, Hai Ya Mega Mall, Baoan District 宝安区海雅缤纷城酒吧街

The Brew By 5-7pm, Monday to Friday Stella Artois RMB 55/glass, buy one get one free

D CUP By 9:30pm, every day Beck’s: RMB 498 / 2 kegs

时代啤酒:55/杯 买一送一 Corona: RMB 40/ bottle, buy one get one free 科罗娜:40元/瓶 买一送一

贝克;498 元2桶

Hoeggarden RMB 50/bottle, buy one get one free

Hegaarden: RMB 568 / 2 kegs

福佳50元/瓶 买一送一

福佳;568 元2桶 Tel 189 9668 6677 Address地址:Bar street, Coco park, Fuhua Lu, Futian District 购物公园酒吧街

Address: South gate, Centre Walk, Fuhua Lu, Futian District 福华路怡景中心城南大门 Tel 186 6532 2246

The Tavern Sport Bar 致盛餐厅

Samuel Bar 森美尔酒吧

By 8-10pm, every day

By 9:30pm, every day

Stella Artois RMB 35/glass

Budweiser, All bottle beer is buy one get one free;


Draft beer RMB 100/keg, 百威 所有支装啤酒买一送一; 生啤 100元一桶, Corona RMB 35 科罗娜 35元 Hoeggarden RMB 45

Hoeggarden RMB 50/glass 福佳:50元/杯 Corona RMB 25/bottle 科罗娜:25/瓶 Address: Blog 306, Zone B, Sea World, Shekou District



蛇口海上世界酒吧街 Tel: 2669 1939

One Da Bar 一喜酒吧 By 10pm, every day

All bottle beer is buy two dozen get one dozen free 所有支装啤酒买2打送1打 Hoeggarden RMB 400/dozen福佳 400元一打 Corona RMB 380/dozen科罗娜 380元一打 Address: Bar street, Hai Ya Mega Mall, Baoan Distric 宝安 区海雅缤纷城酒吧街 Tel: 135 1099 0912

Vita Bar 味塔餐吧 By 9pm, every day

Hoeggarden RMB 338 RMB 50/glass, RMB 40/bottle 福佳338元/桶,50元/杯,40元/支 Beck’s RMB 40/glass RMB 268/ 贝克40元/杯,268元/桶 Corona RMB 35/bottle 科罗娜 35元/支 Stella Artois RMB 35/bottle 时代 35元/支 Tel:2512 0666 /8332 4000 Address: 4/F, Bar street Coco Park购物公园酒吧街

HEAR Blue Skies by Lenka Concert

Ivo Pogorelich Concert

All Shall Be Well Gig The Australian singer-songwriter Lenka is bringing her indie pop songs to Shenzhen. Her love of nature began with a blissful early childhood in the Australian bush and comes through in her lyrics. Wed Dec 14, 7.30pm; RMB180680. Shenzhen Concert Hall, 2016 Fuzhong Yi Lu, Futian District 福田区福中一路2016号 (8284 1888)

Talented Russian pianist Ivo Pogorelich will perform in the Shenzhen concert hall at the beginning of December. Pogorelich’s performances have often been controversial, with his interpretations well received by concert audiences, but not by some critics. Tue Dec 6, 8pm; RMB180-680. Symphony Hall, Shenzhen Concert Hall, 2016 Fuzhong Yi Lu, Futian District 福 田区福中一路2016号 (8284 1888)

win! We have two tickets to this concert to give away. Message our official WeChat account (Thats_SZ) before Dec 3 with the subject ‘Ivo Pogorelich’ and why you should win. Please include your full name and contact number. WeChat feed: Thats_SZ

ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra New Year’s Concert The ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra is one of the world’s top orchestras. While defining itself in the Vienna orchestral tradition, it is known for its exceptional, bold programming that includes combining nineteenthcentury repertoires with contemporary pieces. Their programming often places Romantic era classics in unexpected contexts. Mon Jan 2, 8pm; RMB380-1,880. Shenzhen Poly Theater, 33 Wenxin Wu Lu, by Haide San Dao, Nanshan District 南山区文心五路 33号保利文化广场 (8637 1698)


Platform K+K Vienna Concert

We have two tickets to this concert to give away. Message our official WeChat account (Thats_SZ) before Dec 29 with the subject ‘ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra New Year’s and why you should win. Please include your full name and contact number. WeChat feed: Thats_SZ

With its optimistic name, All Shall Be Well is bringing their energetic stage act to Shenzhen. Originally from the Netherlands, the band is known for telling stories via song while introducing unsuspected harmonies into their music. Fri Dec 16, 8.30pm; RMB90 presale, RMB120 at the door. B10 Live, North Side of Building C2, North District, OCTLoft, Wenchang Jie, Nanshan District 南山区华侨城创意文化园北区C2栋北侧 (8633 7602)

win! We have two tickets to this gig to give away. Message our official WeChat account (Thats_SZ) before Dec 12 with the subject ‘All Shall Be Well’ and why you should win. Please include your full name and contact number. WeChat feed: Thats_SZ

A Christmas Concert by the Hollywood Film Orchestra Concert

Humbert Humbert Gig

The name K+K is an allusion to the founder of the platform, Kirill Kobantschenko. Influenced by musical styles ranging from classical to jazz to electronic music, Kirill Kobantschenko has gathered friends and colleagues who share his interests. The ‘platform’ refers to the artistic mobility and flexibility of instrumentation that the chamber music ensemble is trying to create and preserve. Sat Dec 10, 8pm; RMB100-380. Symphony Hall, Shenzhen Concert Hall, 2016 Fuzhong Yi Lu, Futian District 福 田区福中一路2016号 (8284 1888)

win! We have two tickets to this concert to give away. Message our official WeChat account (Thats_SZ) before Dec 7 with the subject ‘Concert by Platform K+K Vienna’ and why you should win. Please include your full name and contact number. WeChat feed: Thats_SZ

Founded in 1998, this Japanese band is known for its eclectic mix of folk and Celtic music. This time, they are bringing their new album Folk to Shenzhen, offering up cutesy songs complimented by harmonic voices. Wed Dec 14, 8.30pm; RMB180 presale, RMB230 at the door, RMB430 VIP. B10 Live, North Side of Building C2, North District, OCT-Loft, Wenchang Jie, Nanshan District 南山区华侨城创意文化园北区C2栋北侧 (8633 7602)


win! We have two tickets to this gig to give away. Message our official WeChat account (Thats_SZ) before Dec 10 with the subject ‘Humbert Humbert’ and why you should win. Please include your full name and contact number. WeChat feed: Thats_SZ

The Hollywood Concert Orchestra, an ensemble of America’s finest musicians, has become one of the premier pops ensembles in the world. The orchestra is best known for its special musical arrangements of both current and classic movie themes. The orchestra has performed movie music dating back to the early 30s, as well as songs from current hits like The Lion King and Mission Impossible. Come review the classic songs for a meaningful Christmas Eve. Sat Dec 24, 8pm; RMB180-680. Symphony Hall, Shenzhen Concert Hall, 2016 Fuzhong Yi Lu, Futian District 福 田区福中一路2016号 (8284 1888)

win! We have two tickets to this concert to give away. Message our official WeChat account (Thats_ SZ) before Dec 20 with the subject ‘A Christmas Concert by the Hollywood Film Orchestra’ and why you should win. Please include your full name and contact number. WeChat feed: Thats_SZ


Pop-up Barber Bar Nightlife

Dinning in a bar is normal enough, but how about a haircut while you’re getting a drink? A01 is trying it out at their Sea World location. Enjoy an expertly mixed cocktail while going under the clippers. Daily all month, 6pm-late; free entry, RMB180 for a cut. A01, 1/F, Enrich Business Service, Sea World, Shekou, Nanshan District 南山区蛇口海上世界英 瑞商务楼一侧 (2161 5180)

Shenzhen’s First White Collar Fight Night Pre Conference Party

White-collar boxing is a way for the business finance and tech elites of the city to get together for a friendly scrap. Shark Futian will be holding the Pre Fight Press Conference and the following party. There will be a DJ, drink promotions, a lucky draw and lots of fun. Don’t miss out! Sat Dec 10, 9pm-late; free entry. Shark Futian, Shop 133, Block B, Coco Park, Fuhua Lu, Futian District 福田区福华路 购物公园B区133号 (8203 1999)

Shenzhen’s First White Collar Fight Night Boxing

Digital Photography Workshop

Businessmen and tech workers are finally being given a chance to beat each other—and you can watch or get in the ring, for a fee. Only amateur fighters will be accepted. Sat Dec 17, 7pm-12pm RMB5,500 to fight; RMB450 presale to watch, RMB500 at the door, Hilton Shekou, 1177 Wanghai Lu, by Gongye Yi Lu, Nanshan District 南山区望海路1177号 深圳蛇口希尔顿南海酒店 (2161 8888)

Develop your eye to compose your ideas. This course is designed for photographers at all levels. You will study different kinds of natural light and learn about the creative methods that go into composing an image. Sun Dec 4, 4-7pm. Qiaochengbei, Nanshan District 南山区侨城北 (139 2464 2478)


APPortfolio House Collection Exhibition Home Cinema Exhibition

SEE Burn the Floor Dance

This generation’s contemporary art breaks rules and limitations linking art and life. The Asian Youth Platform, APPortfolio is committed to promoting contemporary art in all its different forms. Through cross-border cooperation in catering, sports and other lifestyle fields. Works by Jeff Koons, Gary Baseman, Hikari Shimoda and Shepard Fairey will be shown during the exhibition. Daily until Dec 15, 10am-8pm; RMB50. TOK 5, MH Mall, Guanlan, Longhua Xin District 龙华 新区观澜湖艺工场五栋 (2802 0888) A truly magnificent dance show bringing together waltz, cha-cha, samba and many other varieties, Burn the Floor is a must-see show to warm up for an exciting New Year. Since 1997, it has been performed in over 130 countries and on Broadway. Crafted by Australian choreographer Jason Gikison, its production pushes dance boundaries into new territory, and is bound to fire up the city this December. Wed-Thu Dec 21-22, 8pm; RMB180-880. Shenzhen Great Theatre, 5018 Shennan Dong Lu, Luohu District 罗湖区深南东路 5018号 (2559 6043)

Gabez Theatre Stage Gabez is coming to Shenzhen with their dance and silent comedy, a combination of non-verbal theater, dance and acrobatics. Their deliriously funny physical comedy has become even funnier with new acts! Fri Dec 9, 8pm; RMB188-488. Nanshan Culture & Sports Center, 62, Nantou Jie, Nanshan Da Dao, Nanshan District 南山区南山大道南头街62号 (400 185 8666)


Christmas Dinner Buffet at Kempinski Hotel Shenzhen Christmas Dinner

Christmas Celebration at Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai Christmas Dinner

With the popularization of smartphones, filmmaking has become possible anytime, anywhere. The audience has been given the tools to become potential film producers and publishers. This exhibition looks at how smartphones have changed the way we consume and produce images, increasingly boosting the creativity and productivity of imagery. With video installations by artists hailing from different countries, the exhibition will showcase digital videos, allowing attendees to probe this burgeoning model of art creation. Daily until Jan 3 (closed on Mon), 10am5.30pm; RMB15. OCT Art and Design Gallery, 9009-1 Shennan Dadao, Nanshan District 南山区深南大道9009-1号 (3399 3111, 3399 3222)

Claude Monet Exhibition

Come and feast on this display of impressionist works, featuring paintings by Claude Monet. The exhibition is made up of nine galleries, each with a different theme, carried out through modern technologies like 3D mapping and infused with music, creating an unprecedented experience. Daily until Jan 3 (closed on Tue), 10am10pm; RMB49-150. OCT Harbor, 8 Baishi Dong Lu, Nanshan District 南山区白石东 路8号 (6682 6682)

Swan Lake Tchaikovsky Ballet Dance

Enjoy a joyful Christmas Dinner featuring traditional Christmas specialties while listening to a live band. Christmas songs will be performed by a choir in anticipation of Santa’s visit. Prizes will also be given out, including an iPad and a one-night stay at the Kempinski Hotel Shenzhen. Sat-Sun Dec 24-25, 5.30-10pm. RMB598 per person plus service fee and VAT on Saturday; RMB468 per person plus service fee and VAT on Sunday. Kempinski Hotel Shenzhen, Hai De San Dao, by Hou Hai Bin Lu, Nanshan District 南山区后海滨路海德三道 (8888 8888) 76 | SZ | DECEMBER 2016 | WWW.THATSMAGS.COM

The Hilton is going all out this Christmas with a family oriented event that includes traditional roasted turkey, imported oysters, a whole tuna cut on site, assorted seafood and Christmas cake. There will also be a performance by clowns, a choir, a live band and Santa Claus! There is a chance to win an iPhone 7 and a presidential suite room coupon! Sat Dec 24, 5.30pm; RMB988 for per person plus service fee and VAT. Open, Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai,1177 Wanghai Lu, by Gongye Yi Lu, Nanshan District 南山区望海路1177号深圳蛇 口希尔顿南海酒店 (2162 3013)

Famously adapted from Russian folk tale, the ballet Swan Lake’s footprint is truly global now. This Christmas you will have a chance to enjoy this fabulous piece of art in Shenzhen. Sun Dec 25, 8pm; RMB80-880. Shenzhen Poly Theater, 33 Wenxin Wu Lu, by Haide San Dao, Nanshan District 南山区文心五路 33号保利文化广场 (8637 1698)


Hong Kong French Film Festival, various times; various venues. Check details at Every year, the Alliance Française de Hong Kong takes the challenge of bringing you the latest and very best of French Cinema. The festival always promotes and accompanies the evolution of French cinema, from the prominent and influential new wave period until today. Each festival is a new challenge for the team to bring you the continuing renewal and invigorating diversity of French cinema, from first works to multi-awarded movies, making the program accessible and truly representative of what French cinema is today.


Wicked, various times; HKD4451,095. The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts-Lyric Theatre (www. Wicked has captivated 50 million theater goers of all ages, and is already one of Broadway and the West End’s most celebrated, spectacular and successful musicals of all time. Discover a colorful fantasy world of wizards, witches, sorcery and magic and experience in an enchanting story of two unlikely friends – the blonde and popular Glinda and the


green-skinned outcast, Elphaba. Don’t miss this incredible original production, as it flies into Hong Kong for a special limited engagement.


The 15th Classics For Kids Christmas Concert, 2.15/5pm; HKD295. The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Hong Kong Jockey Club Amphitheatre ( This is the most interactive and fun classical music concert in Hong Kong tailor-made for young children. Children get to have close encounters with the orchestra and learn about different instruments and musical concepts, so that they can be inspired and fall in love with classical music.




IU Concert 24 Steps in Hong Kong, 8.15pm; HKD680-1,480. Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre-Hall

Running for 35 years (pun intended), the Macau Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon encourages runners from various cultural backgrounds to join in the competition. Runners have the option of participating in the mini marathon (5.5km), half marathon (21.0975km) or full marathon (42.195km).


Park Bo-gum Asia Tour Fan Meeting in Hong Kong Park Bo-gum, 6pm; HKD680-1,380. AsiaWorld-Expo-Arena ( Park Bo-gum, one of the most famous South Korea male actors, will hold a fan meet up on December 17 at the Arena. Park will share stories with fans as well as interact with the audience.

Step On My Stage, 2.45pm; HKD180 for adult, HKD95 for students and children. The Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, Drama Theatre (www.

specific programs, visit ( The International Film Festival and Awards encourages the use of art as a tool to stimulate dialogue among diverse cultures. It also aims to raise awareness and promote the various aspects of Chinese language, East Asian and international cinema, while educating the public on the history of cinema.


Macau Light Festival, 7-10pm. Go to to learn about different venues and fun games. Featuring glamorous 3D architectural projections and mapping technology, light installations and various interactive games, tourists and locals alike can enjoy scenic sights on this journey of lights.


1st International Film Festival and Awards, MOP50, MOP80 (3D). CCM, Galaxy, Venetian, Macau Tower. For


Wanna go over the classic stories that you loved when you were young? This is a good chance to review your childhood. Step on My Stage will present you a wonderful musical theater and dance performances of Peter Pan, The Lion King, the Three Little Pigs, Candy House Adventure and Alice in the Wonderland.




DECEMBER 8-12 2016 Macau Galaxy Entertainment International Marathon. For more information, please visit



DECEMBER 6-31 Jan Lamb Canton Standup in Macau, 8pm; MOP280-1,280. Cotai Arena, Venetian Macau (www.macauticket. com) A top Hong Kong stand-up comedian, Jan Lamb is also a successful singer-songwriter, actor, director, designer and screenwriter. Comedy enthusiasts can expect hilarious one-liners based on the pop culture of both Cantonese language and Cantopop music.

5BC ( Popular Korean singer IU made waves in the music world with her soulful voice. She will sing and play guitar, bringing her special style to the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.

T-Pain, 10pm till late; MOP300-400. Pacha Macau, Studio City Macau ( An American rapper as well-known as Kanye West and Jamie Foxx, T-Pain’s second album Epiphany reached number one on the Billboard 200 chart in 2007. The Grammy-Award winner’s most successful feature so far, however, was on Flo Rida’s debut single ‘Low.’ Slated to perform live at Pacha Macau, T-Pain is sure to present a sensational show. Get your tickets now at

Yoshiki Classical Special with Orchestra-Hong Kong, 8pm; HKD5801,280. AsiaWorld-Expo-Arena (www. Hong Kong welcomed a classical concert led by musician Yoshiki Hayashi in 2014, where his sold-out performance earned a standing ovation. He performed classic versions of X JAPAN songs and popular rock tracks with a string sextet live on stage, as well as some traditional pieces.



Annual Concert by Macau Cultural Centre Children’s Choir, 3pm; free. Small Auditorium, Macau Cultural Centre ( With a solid lineup of familiar international songs and young talents, this annual concert is perfect for families visiting Macau during the holidays.


The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by Japanese Theatre Hikosen, 3pm/7.50pm; MOP100-180. Macau Cultural Centre ( This Christmas, join Dorothy, her dog Toto and friends Scarecrow, Tin Man and the Lion on their way to meet the powerful Wizard of Oz. Japanese Theatre Hikosen’s colorful play will take you on an enchanting adventure from Kansas to the Emerald City and back again.


Marco Polo Shenzhen The fifth Walk for Millions Charity Event in Shenzhen

On November 19, associates from Marco Polo Shenzhen Hotel participated in the annual Walk for Millions 2016, one of Shenzhen’s signature charity events organized by the Shenzhen Project Care Office, Care Foundation and the Special Zone Daily. More than 2,000 participants gathered early in the morning to start the charity walk, which lasted around 40 minutes and covered a distance of approximately 3 kilometers. “It is always a pleasure to take part in the Walk for Millions charity event to support the local community,” said Christoph Hoeflich, general manager of Marco Polo Shenzhen Hotel. “I would like to thank all our employees for participating in this humanitarian event again this year.” Since the debut of Walk for Millions in 2012, over RMB13 million has been raised and used to help almost 4,000 people from the local community. Contributions went to various sectors, including the city sanitation department, support for scientific research, disaster relief and care for senior citizens.

Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai Eden Garden Re-launched

The Ritz-Carlton Sanya, Yalong Bay Annual Nothing Ordinary Food and Beverage Festival

The Ritz-Carlton Sanya, Yalong Bay is hosting its second Nothing Ordinary Food and Beverage Festival with eight international celebrity chefs presenting an extraordinary extravaganza for discerning diners and guests on China’s southern tropical island of Hainan from December 8 to 11. Star chefs from the United States, France, Australia, South Korea, Singapore, Vietnam and Costa Rica will converge on the exclusive beachfront resort for one of the highlights of the holiday island’s gastronomic calendar. The star-studded lineup includes French-American chef Hubert Keller, renowned for restaurant Fleur by Hubert Keller in Las Vegas, Nevada, and recognized by Food and Wine magazine as one of the ten best chefs in America; Charles Phan, the inventor of modern Vietnamese cuisine in America and owner of San Francisco’s Slanted Door family of restaurants; South Korean celebrity chef and ‘Cooking King Korea’ judge Edward Kwon; dessert artist Andres Lara, a veteran of two of the World’s Best Restaurants, El Bulli in Spain and Noma in Denmark; and multi-award winning Peter Van Es, a protege of 3 Michelinstarred Michael Roux at the UK’s top restaurant, the Waterside Inn, Bray.


Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai held the relaunch party for Eden Garden, the rooftop bar on the 16th floor of the hotel on October 28, 2016, hosting hotel and corporate VIP guests, as well as the owners and local media. They all gathered for the long-awaited special moment. Eden Garden has spectacular 270 degree views of Shenzhen Bay and Sea World, as well as the new Prince Port, making Eden Garden great for feeling a sea breeze while taking in a sunset. Whether it’s for relaxation or business, pre parties or after parties, a simple gathering or a theme celebration, Eden Garden is the perfect venue. Both indoor and outdoor VIP rooms are also perfect for small parties. The diversity themed re-launch party included five different theme areas, which offered authentic Chinese, Latino, American, Japanese and French food. The culinary journey showed guests that Eden Garden is a place for fun with live music, drinks and snacks. Eden Garden, as Shekou’s top indoor and al fresco lounge bar, offers a relaxing and fashionable place to enjoy a drink.

The 11th Oktoberfest at The Venice Raytour Hotel Shenzhen A smashing success!

The Venice Raytour Hotel Shenzhen held the 11th Oktoberfest, sponsored by the German Chamber of Commerce, and lasting November 3 to 12, continuing a joyous tradition. The Oktoberfest has gotten better and better during its 11 years. Every night was fully occupied with guests from all over the world. This year, a total number of 6000 guests were received over 10 days. Giant tents ensured a passionate atmosphere, while traditional Oktoberfest tables and Bavarian checker pattern tablecloth made guests feel like they were attending the real Munich Oktoberfest. The Best quality of beer was guaranteed and raw products were imported from Germany. Our energetic Oktoberfest Munich band got everyone excited and showed the spirit of Oktoberfest! For over a decade, Oktoberfest has been an integral theme activity in The Venice.

Marriott Shenzhen Cluster Charity Gala Dinner 2016

Marriott International Shenzhen cluster hotels hosted a charity gala in support of the Yao Foundation, in order to raise funds to support education projects for underprivileged children in rural China. The Marriott Yao Foundation Charity Events have successfully been held in Shanghai, Beijing and Shenzhen. They continue to raise money that helps to provide sports and educational programs for Chinese youth. The Gala was held in the JW Marriott Hotel Shenzhen Bao’an and jointly organized by a cluster of four Marriott Hotels in Shenzhen. The other three participating hotels are the Shenzhen Marriott Hotel Nanshan, JW Marriott Hotel Shenzhen and MEA The OCT Harbour-Shenzhen. The event saw the attendance of more than 100 corporate guests and individual sponsors. All proceeds generated from ticket sales and the evening’s charity auction will be used for the further development of the Marriott-Yao Foundation Hope Primary Schools.

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Haide San Dao, Houhaibin Lu, Nanshan District (8888 8888)

卡尔顿酒店 1 楼

Shenzhen Kitchen JW Marriott Hotel Shenzhen Bao'an No 8 Baoxing Lu, Bao'an District (2323 8888)

福田区深南大道 7888 号深圳朗廷酒店

四季西餐厅 , 南山区后海滨路海德三道凯宾斯基酒 店2楼


Silk 2/F, The Langham, Shenzhen, 7888 Shennan Dadao, Futian District (8828 9888)

福田区深南大道 7888 号深圳朗廷酒店 2 楼

Social 96/F, St. Regis Shenzhen, 5016 Shennan Dong Lu, Luohu District (8308 8888 ext.1832)

秀餐厅 深圳瑞吉酒店罗湖区深南东路 5016 号

Element Fresh 1/F, Zone B, Sea World, Shekou, Nanshan District (2681 4848) 南山区蛇口海上世界广场B区1层

BUFFET Café Chinois JW Marriott Hotel, 6005 Shennan Dadao, Futian District (2269 8230)

万豪西餐厅 , 福田区深南大道 6005 号金茂深圳 JW 万豪酒店

Café Pavilion 1/F, The Pavilion, 4002 Huaqiang Bei Lu, Futian District

廷韵咖啡厅 , 福田区华强北路 4002 号圣廷苑酒店 1 楼廷韵咖啡厅

Café Zen 1/F, Futian Shangri-La, Shenzhen, 4088 Yitian Lu, Futian District (8828 4088)  鲜 Café 福田区深圳福田香格里拉大酒店一楼

Café Zentro 1/F, The Venice Hotel Shenzhen, 9026 Shennan Dadao, Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan District (2693 6888 ext. 8117,

南山区华侨城深南大道 9026 号深圳威尼斯酒店 1 楼

Coffee Shop 1/F, Grand Mercure Oriental Ginza Hotel, Zhuzilin, Shennan Dadao, Futian District (8350 0888 ext. 88605)

Coffee Shop 西餐厅 , 福田区深南大道竹子林东方 银座美爵酒店 1 楼西餐厅

Flavorz 2/F, The Ritz-Carlton, Shenzhen, 116 Fuhua San Lu, Futian District (2222 2222) 全日餐厅, 福田区福华三路116号深圳丽思


Foo 6/F, Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen, 138 Fuhua San Lu, Futian District (8826 8700)

馥餐厅 , 深圳四季酒店 深圳市福田区福华三路 138 号6楼

Fusion Café 1/F, The Pavilion Century Tower, 4014 Huaqiang Bei Lu, Futian District

菲苑咖啡厅 , 福田区华强北路 4014 号圣廷苑酒店 世纪楼一楼菲苑咖啡厅

乐厨 , 罗湖区宝安南路 1881 号 深圳君悦酒店 32 楼

CAFE Wagas 1) No. 1881 South Baoan Lu, Room 103; 2) No.1 Zhonghang Lu, L2 Unite51-55

1) 罗湖区宝安南路 1881 号万象城芮欧百货 1 楼 103 室 ; 2) 福田区中航路 1 号华强北九方购物中心 L251-L255 单元

Café Marco 1/F, Marco Polo Hotel, Fuhua Yi Lu, Futian District (8298 9888 ext. 8358) 马高 , 福田中心区马哥孛罗酒店 1 楼

The Drawing Room 96/F, St. Regis Shenzhen, 5016 Shennan Dong Lu, Luohu District (8308 8888 ext.1468)

南山区蛇口半岛城邦二期 1 号商铺

Fix Deli 1/F, The Ritz-Carlton, Shenzhen, 116 Fuhua San Lu, Futian District (2222 2222)

Fix 美食屋 , 福田区福华三路 116 号深圳丽思卡尔 顿酒店 1 楼

Seasons 2/F, Kempinski Hotel Shenzhen,

迪街咖啡 , 南山区南海大道学府路荟芳园商业内街 1 楼 101-1

FRENCH Belle-Vue 37/F, Grand Hyatt Shenzhen, 1881 Bao’an Nan Lu, Luohu District (2218 7338) 悦景餐厅, 罗湖区宝安南路1881号深圳君


La Maison Shop 108, Rose Garden I, Wanghai Lu, Shekou, Nanshan District (2685 7030) 南山区蛇口望海路南海玫瑰园一期108号 L'epicerie No. 35, Phase 2, Nanhai Rose Garden, Wanghai Lu, Shekou, Nanshan District (2668 7246) 南山区蛇口望海路南海玫瑰园二期35号铺

Pipette 1/F, InterContinental Shenzhen, 9009 Shennan Dadao, OCT, Nanshan District (3399 3388 ext. 8581)

深南大道 9009 号华侨城 , 深圳华侨城洲际大酒店

GERMAN Baodenburg Brauhaus 1/F, Jinyuelai Hotel, 2 Xieli Lu, Longgang District (2890 7122) 龙岗区中心城协力路2号金悦来酒店1楼

Bierhaus No. 117, Sea World Plaza, Taizi Lu, Shekou, Nanshan District (2669 9591) 德瑞坊啤酒餐厅, 南山区蛇口太子路海上

La Piazza 1/F, The Venice Hotel Shenzhan, 9026 Shennan Dadao, Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan District (2693 6888 ext. 8113)


Lobby Lounge 1/F, Futian Shangri-La, Shenzhen, 4088 Yitian Lu, Futian District (8828 4088)



大堂酒廊 , 福田区深圳福田香格里拉大酒店一楼

The Lounge 33/F, Grand Hyatt Shenzhen, 1881 Bao’an Nan Lu, Luohu District (8266 1234)

旅行者,罗湖区宝安南路 1881 号深圳君悦酒店 33 楼

Old Heaven Books Shop 120, Bldg A5, Phase II, OCT-Loft, Nanshan District (8614 8090)

Q咖啡, 罗湖区深南东路1003号丹枫白露酒店首层

Street D Café 101-1, 1/F, Business Street, Huifang Garden, Xuefu Lu, Nanhai Dadao, Nanshan District (2606 6797)

Emily's Cafe Shop 1, Phase 2, Peninsula City, Shekou, Nanshan District (2689 3469)

Mercado InterContinental Shenzhen, OCT, 9009 Shennan Dadao, Nanshan District

Q Café Restaurant & Bar G/F, 999 Royal Suites & Towers, 1003 Shennan Dong Lu, Luohu District (2513 0999 ext. 33703)

知味全日餐厅 , 南山区深南大道 9028-2 号深圳益 田威斯汀酒店 1 楼

闲逸廊 深圳瑞吉酒店罗湖区深南东路5016号96层

The Lounge JW Marriott Hotel, 6005 Shennan Dadao, Futian District (2269 8220)

广场咖啡厅 , 深南大道 9009 号华侨城深圳华侨城 洲际大酒店

Seasonal Tastes 1/F, The Westin Shenzhen, 9028-2 Shennan Dadao, Nanshan District (8634 8411,

The Show Kitchen 32/F, Grand Hyatt Shenzhen, 1881 Baoan Nan Lu, Luohu District (2218 7338)

Grand Kitchen 3/F Wyndham Grand Shenzhen Hotel, 2009Cartian Road, Futian District Shenzhen, Guandong(8299 8888) 趣味自助餐厅 福田区彩田路2009号3楼

Palm Court The Langham, Shenzhen, 7888 Shennan Dadao, Futian District (8828 9888)


旧天堂书店 南山区华侨城侨城创意文化园北区 A5 栋 120 铺

Onyx Lounge 1/F, The Ritz-Carlton, Shenzhen, 116 Fuhua San Lu, Futian District (2222 2222)

Onyx 大堂酒廊 , 福田区福华三路 116 号深圳丽思


Haxnbauer L1C-055B, 1/F, Coco Park, Fuhua San Lu, Futian District (8359 2080)

Lowenburg Deck 5-7, Minghua Cruise, Sea World, Shekou, Nanshan District (2689 2668) 南山区蛇口太子路明华轮5-7层

Paulaner Brauhaus C-005, Huanchuan Square, Sea World, Shekou, Nanshan District (2668 7230) 南山区蛇口海上世界环船 广场C-005

ITALIAN Baia B301, Sea World, 8 Wanghai Lu, Shekou, Nanshan District (2681 8836)


Azzurro Shop 133, Block B, Coco Park, Fuhua Lu, by Yitian Lu, Futian District (8316 7994) 福田区福华路购物公园B区133号 Blue 3/F, Venice Hotel Shenzhen, 9026

Shennan Dadao, Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan District (2693 6888). 南山区华侨城 深南大道9026号深圳威尼斯酒店3楼`

Elba 99/F, St. Regis Shenzhen, 5016 Shennan Dong Lu, Luohu District.(8308 8888)

欧尔巴 , 罗湖区深南东路 5016 号深圳瑞吉酒店 99

La Terrazza 1/F, Grand Hyatt Shenzhen, 1881 Baoan Nan Lu, Luohu District (2218 7338) 罗湖区宝安南路 1881 号深圳君悦酒店 1 层

Oggi Trattoria Pizzeria No.3-14, Golden Century Road, Complex of Coastal Rose Garden III, Shekou Harbor, Nanshan District (2689 0118)

南山区蛇口南海玫瑰园三期(金世纪路 3 ~ 14 号)

Paletto Italian Restaurant 2/F, The RitzCarlton, Shenzhen, 116 Fuhua San Lu, Futian District (2222 2222)

福田区福华三路 116 号深圳丽思卡尔顿酒店 2 楼



Introduces Chongqing Specialty


Prego 3/F, Crowne Plaza Hotel & Suites Landmark Shenzhen, 3018 Nanhu Lu, Luohu District (82172288) 罗湖区南湖路 3018号深圳富苑皇冠假日套房酒店3楼

VIETNAMESE pho nam 1) Shop B26C, Link City Passage (near Coco Park), Futian District; 2) B1 floor, B1-04, Zhuoyue Plaza, Shangmeilin, Futian District

Willy's Crab Shack 18 Shiyun Lu, Shekou, Nanshan District (8827 8002)

LATIN AMERICAN Amigos Restaurant and Bar 1) Shop E6, G/F, Carriana Friendship Center, Renmin Nan Lu, Luohu District (6133 9993); 2) 1/F, Honglong Hotel, Sea World, 32 Taizi Lu, Shekou, Nanshan District (2683 5449)

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Shark 1) Shopping Park B, Mintian Lu, Futian District (8203 1999) 2) West of Bar Street, Sea World Squae, Shekou, Nanshan District (2602 9569) 鲨鱼餐吧 1) 福田区民田

La vie A2-39, Poly Cultural Plaza, Houhai, Nanshan District

美奈小馆,南山区南海大道 1086 号花园城中心第 2 楼 219 号铺 ( 蛇口沃尔玛对面 ) ; 福田区福华三 路 Coco Park L2-203


1)福田区福华三路皇庭广场B1楼65号铺; 2) 南山 区文心三路9号中洲控股金融中心B座二楼

路购物公园B区一楼 2) 南山区蛇口海上世界西侧 国际酒吧街

Muine No. 219, 2/F, Garden City, 1086 Nanhai Dadao, Nanshan District (2681 7828); Shop 203, L2/F, Coco Park, Fuhua San Lu, Futian District (8693 7310)

Shop 117, 2/F, Jianhua Yi Lu, Bao'an District 宝安区建安一路2—117 (2806 2022)

Burger & Lobster 1) Shop 65, B1/F, Wongtee Plaza, Fuhua San Lu, Futian District (8252 4694); 2) 2/F, B Block, SCC, 9 Wenxin San Lu, Nanshan District (6190 3010)

越小品 , 1)福田区连城新天地 B26C 商铺 (8255 7048);2)福田区上梅林卓悦汇 B1 楼 B1-04,

越鼎记 , 南山区后海保利文化广场 A2-39 (8628 7826)

The popular TV show A Bite of China has put local delicacies on the national map, but finding these native dishes in Shenzhen is never easy. This winter, Congwang Mian will be serving up Chongqing noodles, cooked according to a secret recipe. Said to be so spicy that some people shout when they eat them, attracting others to order a bowl themselves.


欧蜜戈墨西哥餐厅 1) 罗湖人民南路佳宁娜广场 1 楼 E06 商铺 2) 南山区蛇口 3 号太子 路海上世界 鸿隆公寓首层

Latina 001-C004, Zone C, Sea World Plaza, Shekou, Nanshan District (2667 7697) 南山


南山区蛇口新街 石云路18号 (www.

PIZZA Kiwi Pizza 1) B14 Underground Commercial Street, Coco Park, Futian District (8329 2299); 2) No. 8 Outlets Minkang Lu, Longhua District; 3) No. 125, Area A, North Park, Shopping Park, Mintian Lu, Futian District 纽奇比萨 1) 福田区购物公园负一层地铁

商业街B14铺; 2) 龙华新区民康路八号仓奥特莱斯; 3) 福田区民田路购物公园北园A区125

NYPD Pizza 1) Shop FL1015, Central Walk, Fuhua Yi Lu, Futian District (8887 6973); 2) No. 26, Haichang Jie, Shekou, Nanshan District (8887 6973)

纽约批萨1) 福田区福华一路中心城FL1015商 铺; 2)南山区蛇口海昌街海尚国际裙楼26号铺 ( 近新一佳)

Pizza Express Shop 568, 5/F, the MixC, 1881 Bao'an Nan Lu, Luohu District (2215 9036) 罗湖区宝安南路1881号万象城5楼

Senor Frogs No. 57, Rose Garden Phase 2, Sea World, Shekou, Nanshan District. (2667 1155) 南山区蛇口玫瑰园二期57号 Tequila Coyote Cantina Shop 113, Sea World, Shekou, Nanshan District. (2683 6446); 2) No. 152, Coco Park, 138 Fuhua Lu, Futian District (8295 3332)


仙人掌餐厅 1) 南山区蛇口海上世界商铺 113 号 ; 2) 福田区福华路 138 号购物公园 152 号


BÄCKEREI THOMAS Introduces Christmas Set

Deli Leisure Shop 5-6, L1/F, Wongtee Plaza, Fuhua San Lu, Futian District (8252 7135)福田区福华三路皇庭广场L1层5-6号商铺 Doors Chillout Lounge 6-21 Xuefu Lu, Nanshan District (8630 8114) 南山区学府路6-21 号 (近深圳大学西门)

Grange Grill 25/F, The Westin Shenzhen Nanshan, 9028-2 Shennan Dadao, Nanshan District (8634 8431)

威斯汀扒房, 南山区深南大道9028号-2深圳益田 威斯汀酒店25层

Grape 1 Yanshan Lu, Shekou, Nanshan District (2668 7777).

pho nam 1) Shop B26C, Link City Passage (near Coco Park), Futian District; 2) B1 floor, B1-04, Zhuoyue Plaza, Shangmeilin, Futian District

The Grill 2/F, Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai, 1177 Wanghai Lu, Shekou, Nanshan District (2162 8888)

Sambal B102, Century Place, Shennan Lu, Futian District (2264 1000)

葡逸餐厅 , 南山区蛇口沿山路 1 号

南山区望海路 1177 号蛇口希尔顿南海酒店 2 楼

The Grill & Bar 2/F, Four Points by Sheraton Shenzhen, 5 Guihua Lu, Futian Free Trade Zone, Futian District (8358 8662)

扒房·酒吧 , 福田区保税区桂花路 5 号深圳福朋喜 来登酒店 2 楼

The Kitchen No. 144, Coco Park, 138 Mintian Lu, Futian District (2531 3860)

现 场 厨 房 , 福 田 区 民 田 路 138 号 城 建 购 物 公 园 144 号

The Lounge 33/F, Grand Hyatt Shenzhen, 1881 Baoan Nan Lu, Luohu District (2218 7338) 罗湖区宝安南路 1881 号深圳君悦酒店 33 层

Mama’s No. 110-111, Sea World, Shekou, Nanshan District. (2686 2349) 南山区蛇口海上世界 110-111 号商铺

Wish someone a Merry Christmas with the Bäckerei Thomas Christmas surprise boxes, which include Christmas snacks like nut macaroons and ginger bread, making it a perfect holiday gift for your loved ones. Get your Christmas surprise box now for only RMB368. 112, 1F, Nanshan Haoting, 136 Honghua Lu, by Nanxin Lu 南山区红花路136号南山豪庭112号商铺 (8660 3247) 84 | SZ | DECEMBER 2016 | WWW.THATSMAGS.COM

McCawley's Bar & Grill Shop 109, Bldg 7, Phase 3, Rose Garden, Shekou, Nanshan District (2667 4361). 南山区蛇口南海玫瑰园三期 7 号楼 109 号商铺

McCawley’s Irish Bar & Restaurant Shop 118, Sea World, Shekou, Nanshan District (2668 4496)


越小品 , 1)福田区连城新天地 B26C 商铺 (8255 7048);2)福田区上梅林卓悦汇 B1 楼 B1-04

桑芭桑芭 福田区深南中路世纪汇商场负一层 B102号

Thai up No.108, 1/F, Tianli Mingcheng, Haide Er Dao, Nanshan District (8667 5585) 南山区海德二道天利名城一楼108号

NIGHTLIFE LUOHU Champs Bar & Grill  2/F, Shangri-La Shenzhen, Luohu Dist. (8396 1366)  罗湖区香格里拉大酒店 2 楼

Decanter 100/F, St. Regis Shenzhen, No.5016 Shennan Dong Lu, Luohu District (8308 8888-1459/1455) 品酒阁 深圳瑞吉酒店罗湖区深南东路5016号 100层

Face Club,4/F, MixC Mall Phase II, No.1881 Bao'an Nan Lu, Luohu District(8266 6699).

罗湖区宝安南路 1881 号万象城第二期卡地亚楼上 四楼

Malt 100/F, St. Regis Shenzhen, No.5016



SHARK FUTIAN New Winter Menu

Shark Shopping Park’s winter seasonal menu has arrived! Available from December, this new menu features great options to celebrate winter holidays such as Christmas and New Years – as well as comfort food to brighten even the greyest of winter days! Shop 133, Block B, Coco Park, Fuhua Lu, by Yitian Lu, Futian District 福田区福华路购物公园B区 133号 (8203 1999)


White truffles are considered by some to be as precious as diamonds and they command premier prices. Only a true gourmet chef can transform these jewels into fine delicacies, as Chef Stefano Nicodemo will. He is launching a white truffle menu this November at the award-winning Paletto restaurant at the Ritz-Carlton, Shenzhen. The best white truffles come from the Piedmont region of Italy and appear only from November to the end of December. 2F, The Ritz-Carlton, Shenzhen, 116 Fuhua San Lu, by Jintian Lu, Futian District 福田区福华三路 116号深圳星河丽思卡尔顿酒店二层 (2222 0088) Shennan Dong Lu, Luohu District (8308 8888-1459/1455) 天吧,深圳瑞吉酒店罗湖区


The Penthouse 38/F, Grand Hyatt Shenzhen, 1881 Baoan Nan Lu, Luohu District (2218 7338) 罗湖区宝安南路1881号深圳君悦 酒店38层

The St. Regis Bar 96/F, St. Regis Shenzhen, No.5016 Shennan Dong Lu, Luohu District (8308 8888-1468)

瑞吉吧 深圳瑞吉酒店罗湖区深南东路 5016 号 96 层深圳瑞吉酒店罗湖区深南东路 5016 号 99 层

FUTIAN Club Viva No. 140, Fuhua Lu, CoCo Park, Futian District (137 9825 6176) 福田区福华路城建购物公园 140 号

Craft Head Nano Tap House West Shop, Bldg 161, Crossing of Huanggang Gongyuan Yi Jie and Shuiwei Ba Jie, Futian District (136 6229 2253) 福田区皇岗公园一街与水围


Curv Bar 1/F, The Ritz-Carlton, Shenzhen, 116 Fuhua San Road, Futian District (2222 2222)

福田区福华三路 116 号深圳丽思卡尔顿酒店 1 楼

Duke’s The Langham, Shenzhen, No. 7888, Shennan Dadao, Futian District (8828

9888) 福田区深南大道7888号深圳朗廷酒店 Evening Show 4-5/F, Building 2, Huanggang Business Center, Fuhua San Lu, Futian District (8270 8888; 8278 3999;137 2435 3542). 福田区福华三路卓越世纪中心 2 号楼裙楼 4-5 层

Frankie’s No.33-34, Building 3, Gui Huayuan Garden, Fenghuang Dao, Guihua Lu, Futian Free Trade Zone (8271 9220)

福田保税区桂花路凤凰道桂花苑花园 3 栋一层 33-34 号铺

La Casa No.139 Coco Park, Fuhua Lu, Futian District. (8290 3279)

悦坊 福田区福华路城建购物公园 139 号

Lavo Bistro & Lounge 1M/F, Room 1B, Tower 3, Kerry Plaza, No 1, Zhongxin Si Lu, Futian District (8899 9676; 8255 7462)

福田区中心四路一号嘉里建设广场 T3 栋 1M 层 1B 室

McCawley’s Irish Bar Shop 151-152, Coco Park, Futian District. (2531 3599) 福田区购物公园 151-152

Pepper Club, 2/F, Shopping Park, Fuhua Lu, Fustian District (8319 9040). 福田区福华路购物公园二楼

Xpats Bar & Lounge FL1016 & FL1017 (next to NYPD), East Side Walk, Central Walk Shopping Mall, Fuhua Lu, Futian District (8280 1352) 福田区福华路中心城东面





Yi Bar & Lounge 6/F, Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen, 138 Fuhua San Lu, Futian District (8826 8900) 逸廊吧 深圳四季酒店6楼, 福 田区福华三路138号

NANSHAN Volfoni Bar&Grill  Shop 32, Coastal Garden II, Wanghai Lu, Shekou (2688 3381)

蛇口望海路南海玫瑰园二期 32 号

Cheers Gan Bei Bar Shop 60, Coastal Rose Garden II, Wanghai Lu, Shekou (2683 2864) 蛇口望海路南海玫瑰园二期 60 号商铺干杯酒吧

CJW OCT BAY No.15 Qushui Bay, OCT BAY, No.8 Baishi Lu. Nanshan District (8639 5266) 欢乐海岸CJW南山区白石路东8号


Club Viva International Bar Street, West of Seaworld Square, Shekou, Nanshan District. (2669 7365)南山区海上世界广场西


南山区蛇口太子路 8 号碧涛中心 2 楼

Viva Dental L2/F, Galaxy Center Shopping Mall, No.5, Zhongxin Lu, Futian District (2361 8563;2361 8565) 福田区中心五路星河

QSI International School of Shenzhen (Futian) A1, TCL Science Park, No. 1001 Zhongshan Yuan, Nanshan District (8371 7108) 中山园路1001号TCL 科学园区A1栋

Dental Bauhinia 9/F,Block B,Shenzhen International Chamber of Commerce Tower,138 Fuhua Yi Lu,Futian District,(8371 1696, 8371 2696) 紫荆齿科 福田区福华一路138号

Shekou International School Jingshan Villas, Gongye Er Lu, Shekou, Nanshan District (2669 3669).



Victoria Dental Room 1510, Tower 3A, Excellence Century Center, Fu Hua San Lu, Futian District.(8837 3300) 维港齿科, 福田区

福华三路卓越世纪中心3号楼 A座1510室

INTERNATIONAL MEDICAL C-MER (Shenzhen) Dennis Lam Eye Hospital 1-2/F, Shengtang Bldg, 1 Tairan Jiu Lu, Chegongmiao, Futian District (4001 666 120, 3322 7188) 福田区车公庙泰然九路一号


The George & Dragon The quintessential British pub; good draft beers, ales, stout, cider, hearty pub food with BBQ's, screening non-stop sports, secluded beer garden. Your home away from home. com. Email: George & Dragon British Pub Shop No.3, Back of Taizi Hotel, Taizi Lu, Seaworld Plaza, Shekou, Nanshan District (2669 8564).

南山区蛇口海上世界太子路太子宾馆一楼后排 3 号 商铺

Eden Garden Rooftop Bar 16/F, Hilton Senzhen Shekou Nanhai, 1177 Wanghai Lu, Nanshan District 伊甸园屋顶酒吧,南山区望海路1177号蛇口希尔 顿南海酒店16楼

Laffa 12pm-2am, G/F, Fuzon Hotel, No.1 Kanle Lu, Shekou, Nanshan District (2682 7888) 南山区蛇口康乐路 1 号金銮富众酒店地下

McCawley’s Irish Bar Shop 118, Sea World, Shekou, Nanshan District (2668 4496) 南山区蛇口海上世界广场118号 Penny Black Jazz Cafe Shop 134, Building A5, OCT Loft Phase II, Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan District (8609 8585).

黑邮票爵士咖啡,南山区华侨城创意文化园北区 A5 栋 134

2/F Bitao Center, 8 Taizi Lu, Shekou,Nanshan District (2667 6031).

Distinct Clinc 1) Shenkou Medical Center,Room 5B, 5th Floor, Tower A, Wanrong Building, Gongye Si Lu, Nanshan District (8666 4776) 2) Diwang Medical Center, G4 (N), Office Tower, Diwang Commercial Center, No.5002 Shenzhen Dong Lu, Luohu District (2220 1852) 3) Exhibition Center Clinic, Room 0219-0220,Int’l Chamber of Commerce,168 Fuhua San Lu, Futian District (8347 9801) 4) Coastal City Clinic, Room 1012, Coastal City West Tower, Haide Sandao, Nanshan District (2167 7955) 5) Well Child Center, Room 5A, 5th Floor, Tower A, Wanrong Building, Gongye Si Lu, Nanshan District (26816760) 6) Specialty & Surgical Center, Room 5C, 5th Floor, Tower A, Wanrong Building, Gongye Si Lu, Nanshan District (2682 8205) 1) 南山区

工业四路万融大厦A座5层5B室 2) 罗湖区深南东路 5002号地王商业中心商业大楼北翼G4层 3) 福田区 福华三路168号国际商会中心裙楼0219 4) 南山区 海德三道海岸城西座写字楼1012室 5) 南山区工业 四路万融大厦A座5层5A室 6) 南山区工业四路万融 大厦A座5层5C室

HarMoniCare Women & Children's Hospital 12018 Shennan Dadao, by Nanshan Dadao (3339 1333) 深圳和美妇儿科医院 南山区深南大 道12018号

Far-east Women &Children Hospital 5/F, No. 2097, Shen Nan Dong Lu, Luo Hu District ( 8261 3384) 深圳市罗湖区深南东路2097


Shenzhen Women& the Children’s hospital 12018 Shennan Dadao, Nanshan District. (3391 9122) 南山区深南大道12018号 Raffles Medical Shenzhen Clinic No.6 Nanhai Avenue, Industry Mansion (East Annex), Shekou, Nanshan District, (26693667)

环宇一家综合门诊部 . 蛇口南海大道 6 号工业大厦 附楼 .

Vista-SK International Medical Center Lvl 4, Bldg 4C, Shenzhen Software Industry Base,Xuefu Lu, Nanshan District (3689 9833) 南山区学府路软件产业基地4栋C座裙楼4层

RMK (Rumaku) No.4 B-10 Shenzhen Software Industry Base, Haitianyi Lu, Nanshan (137 5113 1489)


南山区海天一路深圳市软件产业基地4栋B座裙 楼10号

Snake Pit Shop 20, Phase 2, Rose Garden, Wanghai Lu, Shekou, Nanshan District. (130 4883 7140) 南山区蛇口望海路南海玫瑰

南山区蛇口海上世界广场 B 区 306

The Terrace Above Starbucks, Seaworld Plaza, Shekou, Nanshan District (2682 9105)

南山区蛇口海上世界广场 2 楼星巴克楼上

X-TA-SEA 1/F, Cruise Inn, Sea World, Shekou, Nanshan District (2686 7649) 南山区蛇口海上世界太子路明华轮酒店 1 楼



Green Oasis School  No 4030, Shennan Middle Road, Tianmian, Futian District. (8399 6712) admission@ 福田区田面村深南中路 4030 号

International School of Nanshan Shenzhen A Canadian school accepting application for Pre-Grade 1 through Grade 12. 166 Nanguang Lu, Nanshan District (2666 1000, 2606 6968). www. 南山区南光路166号 Peninsula Montessori Kindergarten the Peninsula one, Jin Shiji Lu, Shekou Nanshan District ( 2685 1266) 半岛城邦国际幼儿

Hotels with the sign of a golden key are members of the Golden Key Alliance.

南山区南光路 166 号


Shenzhen Oriental English College Bao’an Education City, National Highway 107 (Bao’an Airport North) Bao’an District (2751 6669).

Crowne Plaza Shenzhen Longgang City Centre 9009 Longxiang Avenue, Longgang city centre, Longgang District. (3318 1888)

Shen Wai International School 29 Baishi San Lu, Nanshan (8654 1200,

Crowne Plaza Hotel & Suites Landmark Shenzhen 3018 Nanhu Lu,Luohu District (8217 2288)

宝安区 107 国道宝安教育城 ( 宝安国际机场北 )

深圳外国语学校国际部南山区白石三道 29 号

The Child-loving Pre-school (Shenzhen) Education Center 1)16 Jingtian Dong Lu, Xiangmi San Cun, Futian District (8391 0751, 8390 5242) 2) Jian Xin Yuan, Xin Xin Garden, Shixia Er Lu, Futian District (8345 1123, 8345 1146) 1) 福田区香蜜三村景田东路

16号 2)福田石夏二路新新家园建鑫苑

UP We maximize infants & toddlers learning abilities. Rm 307 A/B/C, 3/F, East Pacific Square, Hongli Xi Lu, Futian District (8339 0166; 8339 0266) www.upchildren. com 福田区香蜜湖红荔西路东海城市广场三楼 307A/B/C

LANGUAGE TRAINING Cotalk Chinese 1) A1912, Reith Center, Exit C1 of Window of the World metro station, Nanshan District (159 1974 6086); 2) No. 5C-508, Seascape Square, Exit D of Sea World metro station, Shekou, Nanshan District. (139 2746 5084) 1) 南山区沙河世纪广场

瑞思中心A1912; 2) 南山区蛇口海上世界D出口海 景广场5C-508

I Mandarin Chinese School 1) 1F, West Wing, Xincheng Building, 1027 Shennan Dadao, Futian District. (2598 7982) 2) Rm 8, 2/F,Youran Ju,Liuzhou Zhiye Center,Nanhai Dadao,Shekou,Nanshan District. (2682 8811) 3)Rm1706, Main building of Golden Central Tower, No.3037,Jintian Lu,Futian District.(15811815474) 爱玛德 1) 福田区深南中路1027号新城大厦西座1F 2) 南山 区蛇口南海大道和工业八路交汇处六洲置业中心 悠然居2楼 3)福田区金田路3037号金中环商务大 厦主楼1706

Jiahua Language School 1) Unit3106B The Modern International Fuhua Lu,Futian District (2396 0365 / 2396 0363) 2)12/F, Block B, New Energy Building, No.2239 Nanhai Dadao, Nanshan District (400 6089 228) 1) 福田区福华路现代国际大厦31层3106B


深圳龙岗珠江皇冠假日酒店 龙岗区龙岗中心城龙翔 大道 9009 号

罗湖区南湖路 3018 号

Futian Shangri-La Hotel Shenzhen No.4088 Yitian Lu, Futian District (8828 4088). 福田区益田路 4088 号福田香格里拉大酒店

Four Seasons Hotel Shenzhen 138 Fuhua San Lu, Futian District (8826 8888)

深圳市福田区福华三路 138 号

Grand Hyatt Shenzhen No.1881 Baoan Nan Lu, Luohu District (8266 1234) 罗湖区宝安南路1881号 Hilton Shenzhen Shekou Nanhai 1177, Wanghai Lu, Nanshan District

深圳蛇口希尔顿南海酒店 南山区望海路 1177 号 (2162 8888)

Hilton Shenzhen Futian Town B, Great China International Finance Centre, 1003 Shennan Dadao, Futian District (2130 8888) 福田区 深南大道1003号大中华国际金融中心B座

InterContinental Shenzhen 9009 Shennan Dong Lu, Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan District (Exit C at the Huaqiaocheng metro station) (3399 3388) 南山区华侨城深南东路9009号(地铁 华侨城站C出口)

JW Marriott Shenzhen No.6005 Shennan Dadao, Futian District. (2269 8888) 福田区深南大道 6005 号

JW Marriott Shenzhen Bao’an 8 Baoxing Lu, Baoan District (2323 8888) 深圳前海华侨城 JW 万豪酒店 , 宝安区宝兴路 8 号

Kempinski Hotel Hai De San Dao, Hou Hai Bin Lu, Nanshan District (8888 8888) 南山区后海滨路海德三道

Marco Polo Shenzhen Fuhua Yi Lu, CBD, Futian District (8298 9888). www. 福田中心区福华一路 Mission Hills Resort No.1 Mission Hills Dadao, Bao’an District.(2802 0888)

观澜湖酒店集团 宝安区观澜湖高尔夫大道 1 号

Shangri-La Hotel East of the Luohu Train Station, Jianshe Lu, Luohu District (8233 0888).

TLI (Taipei Language Institute) 1209A, Building C, Ming Wah International Convention Center, Seaworld, Shekou, Nanshan District (2161 8221) 南山区蛇口海上世界明华

Shenzhenair International Hotel Shenzhen 6035 Shennan Da dao, Futian District (8881 9999).

2) 南山区南海大道2239号新能源大厦B座12楼



深圳深航国际酒店,福田区深南大道 6035 号 .

Sheraton Shenzhen Futian Hotel Inside the Great China International Exchange Square, Fuhua Lu, Futian District (8383 8888) 福田区大中华国际交易广场内

LIFE & STYLE BOAT CHARTERS Sky Sea World 3E-2, Seaview Bldg, 18 Taizi Lu, Shekou, Nanshan District (2680 7666, 2681 2999, 南山区蛇口太子路18号海景大厦3E-2

Sheraton Dameisha Resort 9 Yankui Lu, Dameisha, Yantian District (8888 6688) 盐田大梅沙盐葵路 ( 大梅沙段 )9 号

St. Regis Shenzhen No.5016 Shennan Dong Lu, Luohu District.(8308 8888) 深圳瑞吉酒店 罗湖区深南东路 5016 号

The Langham, Shenzhen, No. 7888, Shennan Dadao, Futian District (8828 9888). 深圳朗廷酒店,福田区深南大道 7888 号

The Ritz-Carlton, Shenzhen 116 Fuhua San Lu, Futian District (2222 2222)

福田区福华三路 116 号

The Westin Shenzhen 9028-2 Shennan Dadao, Nanshan District (2698 8888) www.


园 南山区蛇口东角头金世纪路1号半岛城邦一期

Quality Schools International


Shenzhen (Nanshan) Concord College of Sino-Canada 166 Nan’guang Lu, Nanshan District (2656 8886).

INTERNATIONAL SCHOOLS American International School, No. 82,Gongyuan Lu, Shekou,Nanshan District (8619 4750)

深圳源合森哲房地产投资管理有限公司 南山区蛇口 太子路1号新时代广场329



The Tavern Sports Bar 3/F, Sea World, Shekou, Nanshan District (2669 1939,

Times Plaza, 1 Taizi Lu, Nanshan District (2667 3013, 135 6071 0609,

Executive Real Estate Shenzhen Rm 329,

南山区深南大道 9028 号 -2

The Venice Rarytour Hotel Shenzhen No.9026, Shennan Dadao, Overseas Chinese Town, Nanshan District (2693 6888)

深圳威尼斯睿途酒店 南山区华侨城深南大道 9026 号

CLASSIFIEDS JOBS OFFERED Mobile Game company business development position. A NASDAQ listed Shenzhen based mobile game company iDreamSky is looking for an expat for one business development position, native English speaker and fluent in Mandarin a must, well versed with mobile games or business negotiation experience a plus. Responsible for looking for Western games suitable for the Chinese market and contacting the game developers. Our office is located in NanShan district, Shenzhen. If interested, please send resume to Evan at email: evan. Copy Writer Seeking native English speaker with at least 3 years of marketing writing experience or related fields. Responsible for researching technical specifications, identifying selling points and writing advertising/marketing content targeting

various markets for consumer electronics products. Our office is located in Futian CBD, Shenzhen. Please send your application to: Recruitment HOME Women's and Children's Hospital currently is looking for international physicians and paramedics to work in our hospital. Current openings include: OB/GYN, Internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Cosmetology, etc. If interested, please contact:0755-339109125 Wendy Peng

BUSINESS SERVICES Virtual Offices & Virtual Workshops Office Staff from $713/month Factory Workers from $2.86/hour

Infrastructure, Manpower & Management for your China project. ASIABS & B.STRING Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai 1) Setting-up HK, BVI and other offshore company 2) Setting-up WFOE, JV, Representative Office in China mainland 3) Accounting, Taxation, HR, Visa & Trading service Tel: 852 8102 2592    86 21 58362605 Website: www.Stringbc. com E-mail:

MOVING & SHIPPING AGS Four Winds is leading international moving company offers a full range relocation, moving, and storage services. Our global network of over 300 offices worldwide plus 40 years experience in the moving industry, we know your concerns and have the ability to serve you anywhere

in the world. We are FAIM & ISO 9001-2008 accredited, members of the FAIM and FIDI. Contact us for FREE survey and quotation: Tel: +86755 2665 6139 / +8620 8363 3735 Email: manager.guangzhou@ Website: Rayca Moving & Transportation Services With 10 years experience, Rayca provides international, domestic, local moving services & pet relocation service. We can effectively move you anywhere at competitive prices! You move, you save! Service hotline: 400-048-9099 Email:



Budweiser Halloween 2016 @ Coco Park Bar Street, Oct 30


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