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September ‘09

An insider’s guide to the REAL Riviera

To work or to play? We show you how to do both!

Autonomous Universities: friend or foe?

Restaurant guide & reviews Discounts on wine & watersports Introducing THE finest roof top terraces in town!

Blue Whales Pub/Bar Open until 4.30am! Happy hour 6.30pm-12am Pool table Big screen TV’s Live Music every night Late night music bar 1 rue Mascoinat, Vieux Nice 04 93 62 90 94

Introducing Nice’s Only Gastronomic Pub Open 12pm-12.30am Kitchen open until 11pm Guinness & Kilkenny 4.50€ pints all day Happy Hour 8pm-10pm Fresh Tapas Menu daily Live Sports Corner of 22 rue Droite & 5 rue Rossetti 06300 Nice/Tel: 04 93 80 43 22 2

Editor’s Welcome For some people, September is a sober reminder that sum-

As a special treat this month, we review a restaurant favoured among the rich and famous, La Chaumiére. We also take a look at the new American restaurant Blast.

First of all, we take you to the best roof top terraces in the city for a cocktail, a swim and some of the best views of Nice! Our friends at Blue Beach Water Sports are again offering readers a 20% discount, so be sure to head down and have some fun parachuting. Then, we jet set out of France to a little island called Malta off the coast of Sicily. As we discovered, Malta is a virtual open-air museum with a history that even dates before the Egyptian pyramids and the UK’s Stonehenge.

Now that’s just a taste of what you will find in this edition of That’s Nice magazine. We hope you enjoy everything on offer, and see you next month!

mer can’t last forever. For others, it is a welcome reprieve from over crowded streets, ridiculously busy beaches and soaring temperatures (the heat wave in August didn’t help). We, at That’s Nice, think September is probably one of the best months of the year! So, if you are a little down about returning to work or school, we have loads of great ideas to help keep that summer feeling alive and well.

If you are interested in investing in the Riviera, then you’ll appreciate our Real Estate guide and tips on buying property in France. Meanwhile, the feature article this month examines one of the biggest shake-ups universities in France have ever seen, and how staff and students are coping with the transition to autonomy. And we support our local artists with information on the best CD releases by Riviera musicians.

Cassandra Tanti, Editor

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PUBS, BARS & CLUBS 5 SEPTEMBER CALENDAR 11 REAL ESTATE This month’s best buys PLUS some advice on buying property on the Riviera!


We look at how the transition from government-run to autonomous universities is affecting students and staff.


Introducing new wine bar IN VINO.

20 GIG GUIDE Find the hottest bands at the best live music bars in Nice.


22 RECIPE OF THE MONTH Scallops wrapped in smoked salmon with caviar & beurre blanc.

23 WINES & COCKTAIL OF THE MONTH Offering a 20% discount to readers!



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Bar/Restaurant Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner

Yes... we do make Pancakes!

Open 7/7 Service non stop Terrace Open air cocktail bar Happy Hour: 8pm-10pm everyday Authentic American Menu Live Music

Good old American Hospitality on the Cours Saleya! 8, place Charles Felix 06300 Nice Tel: +33 (0)4 93 80 00 50

After party bar

Bulldog Pub/Pompei

Smoking room Happy hour 8-10pm Open till 4 am Air conditioned

Live Music every night till late! GET IN EARLY BEFORE THE CROWDS! 16, rue de l’Abbaye, Nice +33 (0)4 93 85 04 06 4



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Chateau Grimaldi became “Picasso Museum” on 27 December 1966. Picasso stayed there from mid-September to mid-November 1946 where he produced a great deal of work and donated 23 paintings and 44 drawings to the town of Antibes. From 1952 onwards, many donations and purchases, including donations from Jacqueline Picasso in 1991, have greatly enriched the Picasso collection in the museum. Work by Nicolas de Stael, Hans Hartung, Anna-Eva Bergman and important artists of the 20th century is also on display. A remarkable collection of sculpture by Germaine Richier and work by Miro, Bernard Pagès and Anne and Patrick Poirier is on permanent view on the terrace. Open every day except Monday Closed on January 1st, May 1st, November 1st and December 25th Opening times • September 16th - June 14th: 10:00 - 12:00 / 14:00 - 18:00 • June 15th - September 15th: 10:00 - 18:00 Ticket office closes at 17:30 Ticket office closes at 19:30


Pub Crawl Starts in Wayne’s @ 9pm

Monaco Ironman Triathlon

Picasso Museum


Pub Crawl Starts in Wayne’s @ 9pm

Pub Crawl Starts in Wayne’s @ 9pm

Pub Crawl Starts in Wayne’s @ 9pm

Massena Museum The two floors above ground level trace the history of Nice in chronological order. On the first floor there are three main galleries devoted to: Nice from 1792 to the fall of the empire in 1814; Nice under the Restauration Sarde; Nice from 1860 to 1914. Rooms radiating out from the galleries are devoted to Masséna, the urban development of Nice, the daily life of the Niçois and the Carnaval. The second floor is devoted mainly to temporary exhibitions plus rooms honoring the artistic life of Nice, including the musicians, writers and painters who lived and worked in Nice. Note that all explanations are in French only. Opening Hours April 1 to May 31: 9am to 7pm June 1 to September 15: 9am to 8pm September 16 to September 30: 9am to 7pm October 1 to March 31: 9am to 6pm The museum is closed Tuesday, January 1, Easter, May1 and December 25. Palais Masséna 65, rue de France 06000 - Nice

Musée Picasso, château Grimaldi, 06600 Antibes, Tel: 33 (0)4 92 90 54 20



Chagall Museum

A special museum was built in 1972 in Cimiez to accommodate the largest collection of Marc Chagall’s work (1887 to 1985), donated by the artist. The centrepiece is the “Biblical Message” including 17 paintings, with additional gouaches, etchings, sketches, sculptures and a large mosaic.

Opening Hours: May-October : 10am-6pm November-April : 10am-5pm closed on Tuesday, 1st of January, 1st of May and on the 25th of December

Avenue Docteur Ménard 06000, Nice Tel : 00 33 (0)4 93 53 87 20

A day in Nice ROOFTOP TERRACE ANYONE? Thankfully, Nice is not a city of high rises. There are, however, fantastically tall hotels offering an amazing view of the city and beyond. It truly is a treat to seat yourself 50 metres above the crowds with champagne in hand, capturing a refreshing breeze and catching up with friends. Our search of the best roof top terraces in Nice has delivered us Boscolo Plaza, The Aston and Le Méridien. These, as we discovered, have a somewhat cult-like following of locals. And with good reason. Le Méridien has undoubtedly the most dramatic views of the Mediterranean Sea and along the Baie des Anges. Located on the Promenade des Anglais and near the popular Zone Pietonne, it is easy to regard Le Méridien as simply another grand hotel. However, it’s roof top bar and restaurant are famous among locals and visitors alike. The bar area offers a comfortable space with lounge chairs and quality service ... amidst an invitingly blue pool and sun lounges. The pool was, for decades, a fantastic escape for residents, who would joyfully park themselves by the waters edge and sip cocktails while admiring the 180-degree view of the Mediterranean Sea.

public. The Hotel Aston offers guests a gorgeous little terrace with a good-sized pool, 28 sun beds and a spectacular view over Vieux Nice and the sea. There is also a bar offering fresh fruit cocktails and a small restaurant delivering food from around 10am to 6.30pm.

Boscolo Plaza 12 ave de Verdun

Hotel Aston 12 ave Felix Faure

As seems to be the case with hotel service throughout Nice, the staff are particularly friendly and accommodating. Hotel Aston offers a special deal for 24€ that includes a sun bed and towel, 1/2 litre of water and a sandwich (valued at 15€). Alternatively, a sun bed and towel will set you back 17€. We think it’s a good deal considering you can spend all day here without being bothered by crowds or the pebbly beach. Drink prices are very reasonable with a glass of wine at 5€ and Heineken for 4.50€. We recommend you book a sun bed in advance to avoid disappointment. The atmosphere is turned up a notch every Wednesday night with a DJ delivering tunes on both the roof top terrace and the bar below. This second bar is also worth visiting, offering the same view, a balcony, large bar and contemporary decor. Boscolo Plaza has probably the largest space of all, with an impressive bar, tables, chairs, lounges and restaurant. It also affords a breath taking view Le Méridien 1 Promenade des Anglais

Boscolo Plaza

of the old town of Nice and the calming mountain ranges beyond. The decor is warm and welcoming, and again the staff here are more than accommodating. If that isn’t enough, the Plaza, as locals know it, also has a Happy Hour every night between 6pm and 8pm. And happy you will be, with a 50% reduction in the cost of wine and cocktails, bringing the price down to just 2.50€ and 7€ respectively. There is also a luxurious gastronomic restaurant. I recommend the Wasabi Salad, with fresh prawns, tofu, Asian vegetables and Thai dipping sauces. Simply a delight. So there you have it! Whether you are looking for a refreshing swim, an escape from the hustle and bustle of the city, or a little bit of luxury, these are three of the best roof top escapes in Nice!

Don’t miss out on your chance to receive a 20% reduction @ Blue Beach Water Sports. Show this ad to claim your discount!

Unfortunately, it became so popular that it has just recently been reserved for hotel guests only. Still, it adds a cheery summer ambiance to the Boscolo Plaza roof top terrace and an exotic “I’m on holiday (even if you’re not)” kind of attitude. Dining at Le Méridien is a treat as well, with recipes that harmonise the taste of the Mediterranean Sea and spices from far away places. La Terrasse du Colonial Café is open every day from 12pm-2.30pm and 7pm - 10pm. On Thursday evenings, patrons can be entertained by a DJ.

Blue Beach Water Sports

Open 7/7, 8am-7pm Promenade des Anglais opposite the Negresco Information & Reservations Ask for Charly: 06 10 27 03 91

Now, we have managed to find one of the last remaining roof top pool’s in Nice that is open to the


Film epic ‘Troy’ was filmed on the island

Travel Hotspots

MALTA This month we take you beyond the borders of France to a tiny island off the coast of Sicily. But be in no doubt: Malta is not a mere extension of Italy or a relic of colonial Britain. It is a microcosm of the Mediterranean, an archipelago saturated in thousands of years of history. From prehistoric temples to the famous Knights of Hospitaller ... a visit to Malta is a leap back in time. The Republic of Malta is made up of seven islands and is all of 316 square kilometres in size. Yet somehow this country manages to pack in such a concentrated history, architecture, culture and scenery that is unparalleled in Europe. As early as 5200 BC, Malta had its inhabitants. Their legacy can be found in some of the oldest existing, free standing man-made structures in the world - the megalithic temples. Malta made history again thousands of years later in 1530, when the islands were handed to the Order of Knights of the Hospital of St John of Jerusalem for perpetual lease. The knights, alongside the Maltese people, withstood a full-blown siege by the Ottoman Turks in 1565, who were at the time the greatest naval power in the Mediterranean. It is quoted by Voltaire that “Nothing is more well known than the siege of Malta”. Proud and triumphant, the knights went on to increase fortifications and complete many architectural and cultural projects, including the construction of new cities and the introduction of new academic and social resources. The impact of the Knight’s reign can be felt throughout the whole island. The artistic heritage of Malta blossomed under the Knights of St. John, who brought Italian and Flemish Mannerist painters to decorate their palaces and churches of the islands. The majority of the population in Malta - 98% - is Roman Catholic, making it one of the most Catholic countries in the world. There is one church for every 1,000 residents and the church is the architectural and geographic focal point of every Maltese town

Upper Barrakka Gardens, Valetta

and village. Local village festas are a spectacular celebration of the patron saint of each parish with marching bands, religious processions, special masses, fireworks and other festivities. A trip to Malta should be scheduled around at least one of these festas. The Knight’s reign ended when Napoleon captured Malta on his way to Egypt during the French Revolutionary Wars in 1798. Napolean asked for safe harbour to resupply his ships then, once safely inside Valetta’s harbour, he turned his guns against his hosts. The Maltese rebelled and, supported by Britain and the Kingdom’s of Naples and Sicily, the French forces surrendered in 1800. Maltese leaders requested to become part of the British Dominion and in 1974 Malta became a republic. The bravery of the Maltese was recognised again during World War 2, and the second Siege of Malta. Malta played such an important role in the war that HM King George VI awarded the George Cross to Malta “to bear witness to a heroism and devotion that will long be famous in history”. A replica of the George Cross now appears in the upper hoist corner of the Flag of Malta. So with such a rich history, one can understand that Malta itself is a virtual open-air museum. Every village offers an insight into the prehistoric, medieval, or military moments in history in great detail and authenticity. Beyond the bricks and mortar, the Maltese people themselves are also an attraction. With the majority of the population speaking English, the Maltese are particularly accommodating and friendly. They embrace the typical european culture of food and wine, and their cuisine is quite unique and tasty. While many dishes are native to the island, some popular Maltese recipes reflect Sicilian and Southern Italian as well as traces of Tunisian cuisine, Spanish, French and British influences. Still, there are many unique, distinctive and popular local dishes such as pastizzi (green pea or ricotta cheese filled pastries) traditionally served with

GETTING THERE: Flights to Malta can be expensive, so be sure to shop around. Flying Air Malta, which departs from Marseille Airport, costs as little as 56€ each way (depending on the day of the week). Trains travel to Marseille regularly and cost around 30€ each way.


tea for breakfast; rabbit stew cooked in a rich tomato sauce with peas, carrots and potatoes; bigilla - a dip made from broad beans, mixed with olive oil and seasoned with salt and pepper; beef olives - thin fillets of beef rolled and filled with minced meat, herbs, eggs and spices - cooked in a tomato sauce; and octopus simmered in garlic and wine. Malta’s busses have also become a tourist attraction in their own right. The old, yellow and orange busses are the primary method of public transport for the islands, are cheap (48 cents a ride) and offer frequent service to many parts of Malta and Gozo.


We based ourselves in Valetta, the official capital of the island and one that is rich in baroque architecture and culture. Located on the north-eastern shore of Malta, Valetta was built by the Order of St John after the Turks of the Ottoman Empire invaded the island during the 1565 Siege of Malta. It is now a UNESCO world heritage site, which declared it ‘one of the most concentrated historic areas in the world’. The city overlooks the impressive Grand Harbour to the southeast and Marsamxett Harbour to the northwest. Things not to miss: National Museum of Archaeology, National War Museum, The Upper Barrakka Gardens, Sacra Intermeria, St Johns Co-Cathedral and Museum, ‘The Malta Experience’ - a 45 minute multivision show on the complete history of the Maltese islands.


Upon entering Mdina one understands instantly the reason behind it’s nickname “The Silent City”. Fortified for over 3000 years, Mdina is the oldest city on the island and is one of the few great architectural treats in Malta that did not result from the activities of the Knights of St John. Mdina remains to this day the essence of beautiful living, once reserved for nobles now home to the lucky. There are number of palaces and museums to visit in Mdina. Rabat is the town centre outside the walls.


On the other side of the Grand Harbour from Valetta are the historic fortified towns referred to as the three cities. Vittoriosa, Cospicua and Senglea were built by the Grandmaster Fra Nicholas Cottoner. These cities were home to the first knights of Malta, with Fort St Angelo, built around 12th century AD, the headquarters of the Knights until Valletta was built.


This is where local kids and tourists flock, among the growing number of high-rise hotels, apartment blocks, shops, restaurants bars and nightclubs.

Restaurant Reviews: La Chaumière & Blast

La Chaumière 384 BLD DE L’OBSERVATOIRE Nice, France 06300 04 93 01 77 68

La Chaumière As a special treat this month, we were guests at the exclusive restaurant La Chaumiére. Nestled in the hills above Nice near the observatory, La Chaumiére is more than just a restaurant; it is a part of history. Frequented by the likes of Bono, Christina Aguilera, Sting and Sylvester Stallone (to name but a few), La Chaumiére has been guided by the same family in Nice for over five decades and, as we were to discover, to sheer perfection. Contrary to what one might imagine such a restaurant to look like, La Chaumiére is more reminiscent of a mountain retreat than a trendy A-list eatery. Stonewalls lined with copper pots and porcelain plates, garlic and greenery hanging from the ceiling, wicker lights and a large open fireplace all compel the customer back in time. Pink polka dot tablecloths and large cane baskets overflowing with fresh vegetables finish this classic French kitchen flavour. Their philosophy, “we will never change”, is evident down to the most minute detail, especially the menu. Set at 85€ per person, La Chaumiére delivers up a feast from the farm. There are no fancy sauc-

es, no artistic presentation or fanfare ... just the most flavoursome produce that I haven’t tasted since my days on the family farm in Tasmania, Australia. First is an array of cold entrées, including the finest Parma ham, juicy melon, perfectly seasoned eggplant caviar, cream crudités, deliciously sweet cherry tomatoes, hard boiled eggs and bread toasted in the wood fire. It felt as though we had been transported to past days when fresh food was actually rich in flavour. For the main dish, there is a choice of meats (side of beef, rump steak, chicken, lamb chops and leg of lamb) cooked on a wood fire grill served with whole potatoes cooked under ashes. Again, the concept is simple, but the cooking method and seasoning is a fully-fledged art. Our lamb and beef were exceptionally tender and delicate. Now, I am not a beefeater, but this was cooked so perfectly rare that not a drip of blood descended on to the plate, yet the meat was still pink and juicy. I couldn’t help but indulge! The wine list is extensive and, like the produce, of very high quality. Most

wines are Grand Cru or Cru Classé, and start from 55€ per bottle. If you are in the mood to splash out, try the Château d’Yeni ler Cru de Sauternes for 1,300€. The desserts are classic - apple pie, chocolate mousse, crème caramel and stewed fruit. But my favourite part was the large tub of freshly churned cream that is plopped on the table and generously spooned into your bowl. By the end of it all, your taste buds are on such a high you feel slightly drugged (or was that the wine?). Though seriously, there is no question why this restaurant is a favourite among the rich and famous. And one is inspired by the fact that La Chaumiére is a real family affair. Where once the grandfather stood cooking meat over the wood fire grill now stands the grandson. Three generations of the Verger family continue to run their restaurant with pride and cheer. I would happily sacrifice three different meals at average restaurants for one superb meal at La Chaumiére, and we suggest you do the same! Keep in mind, booking’s are essential. Cassandra Tanti.

Open Mon to Fri 8am-12.30am

Closed Sat night & Sun

Fresh Tapas Menu changed daily Kitchen open from 12pm - 11pm Corner of rue Droite & 5 rue Rossetti 06300 Nice

9 rue Fodéré, 06300 Nice Port Tel: 04 92 04 83 83

Tel: 04 93 80 43 22


Blast American Restaurant bacon and avocado; and there’s a fish burger with béarnaise sauce. All are well priced at 9.50€. Pizza’s include the ‘Alaska’ with white dill sauce, smoked salmon, onion and capers; and the ‘Mexican’ with grilled chicken, bell peppers, onions, cilantro and jalapeno’s. Anyone have a hankering for macaroni and cheese? Get it freshly prepared from the Blast kitchen, together with Fajita’s, BBQ pork ribs and juicy T-bone steak. Blast specialties average around 15€. To top it all off, they have the best selection of desserts - cheesecake, apple crumble, chocolate cake and bread pudding. Throw in a milkshake and you might as well be the U.S! The bar is quite extensive and offers a good variety of local, American and Mexican beers. Similarly, one can choose a wine from the USA to compliment their meal, or there’s the popular Côte de Provence and Côte du Rhône on offer. Spend as little as 12€ for a bottle of house wine, or treat yourself to a Chablis Bichot from Bourgogne for 38€.

American Restaurant and Bar Blast made its impact

on Nice’s famous Cours Saleya early this year, livening things up with a funky exterior bar, American themed menu and that good old western hospitality. It’s added a nice alternative to a traditionally French section of the city, and its influences of LA are evident in everything from the breakfast menu to the wine list.

Overall, the Blast experience is fun, satisfying and different. We love new international restaurants in Nice, and thankfully these guys have pulled it off superbly!

The Cours Saleya is popular for it’s large open terraces and Blast is no exception. Located at the eastern end of the pedestrian zone with a view of the serene Château and baroque architecture, this restaurant affords sunshine all day and an open space in which to dine.

Cassandra Tanti

Of much pride to the owners is the fact that they make pancakes ... American style. A stack of pancakes, smothered in maple syrup and butter will set you back just 5.50€. It wouldn’t be a true American restaurant without bagels, so there is also a sesame New York bagel filled with smoked salmon, real cream cheese and capers for 4.50€. Also on offer is the omelette, scrambled and fried eggs, and of course the classic French croissant. Breakfast is served until noon daily.

Blast 8, place Charles Felix 06300 Nice Tel: 04 93 80 00 50


The rest of the menu is also typically western, and includes a great array of salads including the Chicken Ceaser Salad and the Blast Salad, which is an interesting mix of salad, onion rings, guacamole, marinated seafood, nachos and tomato. The salads range from 10.50€-14€.

Service non stop 7pm-midnight


Tired of Panini’s and baguettes? Well, Blast serves up a gourmet sandwich with salad and fries. Choose from the B.L.T; vegetarian sandwich with grilled vegetables, sprouts and pesto; house made tuna salad served on toasted bread; Cajun chicken sandwich and Manhattan bagel. Now, Americans would be lost without their burgers and pizzas, and Blast offer a unique twist to these classic favourites. The Chilli burger includes, surprisingly, chilli con carne; the Texas burger has

65, Rue Milton Robbins Nice Tel: 04 93 85 85 65


Indian Restaurant Open Everyday

10am-2.30pm & 6pm-11.30pm

Take Away 4, rue de l’Abbaye - 06300 Vieux Nice Tel: 04 93 01 45 68



Hotel Hôtel Busby

38 rue Maréchal Joffre, Nice An authentic Belle Epoque setting, coupled with a friendly atmosphere assures and enjoyable visit. This three-star hotel is fully airconditioned and soundproofed. There are 80 rooms with bath, shower, wc, telephone and satellite tv. Located in the hotel is a bar and lounge. Peacefully situated in the heart of the city, within walking distance of the pedestrian area, the casino, Promenade des Anglais, beaches and parking. A double room in high season is 150€ & 130€ in low season. Single rooms start from 80€. Tel: 04 93 88 19 41

NH Hotel

Bed & Breakfast Le Dortoir

Hostel Villa Saint Exupéry

There are 3 independant suites in a residential building in the heart of NICE. Don’t expect a reception hall, room service or 24-hr services, but you are welcomed individually by appointment. Reservations can be made by phone or on “The Dortoir” is located on the most beautiful street in the centre of Nice. The quiet, pedestrianised “Rue Paradis” will amaze you with its splendid luxury shops. From your suite, the exceptional view takes in Mont Boron, the Place Magenta and the sea, which is only 100 metres away. Suite from 140€ in high season & 100€ in low season Tel + 33 (0)4 93 88 93 63 or

Sociable and stylish, the Villa is a converted Monastery situated within a private park. It has been ranked in the top ten Hostels world wide and is Author’s Choice in the Lonely Planet guide. There’s the legendary all-you-can-eat breakfast for free and a great bar with drinks from €1. Free internet (12 computers) and WIFI. Free bus pick-up. Detailed tourist information, no curfew & no lock-out. Trams run every 6 mins to the hostel from 4:30am - 2am. Dormitory: 30€, Rooms: 70€ Per person & per night Tel: +33 (O)4 93 84 42 83

Carré d’or, 11, rue Paradis, Nice

22 Avenue Gravier 06100 Nice, France

Private Beach: Paloma Beach Paloma Beach 1, Route de St Hospice 06230 Saint Jean Cap Ferrat 04 93 01 64 71

Nestled in one of the most spectacular bays on the Riviera with its jaw-dropping views of the Moyenne Corniche, Eze and Beaulieu, is Paloma Beach. This large, private beach offers everything from the freshest seafood to a pontoon for the kids. Located just beyond the divine little town of Saint Jean Cap Ferrat, Paloma Beach is simply a treat for all the senses! Owned and run by the same family for 28 years, Paloma Beach offers superior hospitality and service. And while it has played host to numerous celebrities throughout the years (Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes and Shane Warne were spotted here at James Packer’s pre-wedding party), it is also well within everybody’s budget. One of their 150 sun beds will set you back just 16€ for a full day. For an umbrella, add an extra 4€. There’s a lovely lounge area and a

2-4, Parvis de l´Europe. 06300 Nice France Walking distance from the old town and the port, NH Nice is perfectly located and easily accessible. NH Nice is one of the best places to explore the area. Facing the hotel is the shopping district called ‘’Republique’’, a bowling hall, night life and beautiful architecture.Thanks to the tramway in front of the hotel all the city of Nice is on our doorstep. This is a valuefor-money 4 star hotel.

Rooms from 117.41 EUR Tel. +33 (0)4 92008000

Pick of the Month

cocktail bar offering one of the best strawberry mojito’s around! They even have the classic vestiers for those who are a little uncomfortable about changing in public! The restaurant is open all-day and evening and specialises in local fish with Jon Dory, Sea Bass, Royal Sea Brim and Scorpion Fish all on offer. Their selection of wines is also impressive. For the adventurous, you can jump off the pontoon, rent a pedalo or a jet ski. Otherwise just sit back, enjoy the scenery and the service! It is always advisable to book, even in the quieter month of September. Weekends are perpetually busy, so visits during the week are perfect if you’re looking for some serious relaxation and ‘time-out’. Getting there: Saint Jean Cap Ferrat is a short distance east of Nice. You can catch a bus from Gare Routiere in Nice to Saint Jean Cap Ferrat as no trains stop there. Paloma Beach is located about 5-10 minutes walk from the port. From the port, walk south and up the road past La Voile d’Or, go straight past the hotel Brise


Marine, to the junction of Ave Claude Vignon. Turn left towards “Chapelle St. Hospice” and walk for about 300 metres. By car: Similarly, drive to Saint Jean Cap Ferrat and head towards the port. Once there, turn right and follow the signs to Paloma Beach. Be aware that when it is too busy, a boom gate will prevent cars from getting through. But just ask nicely and you should be fine in September!

Your English speaking real estate agent, specialising in residential properties in Nice and Cannes and New Builds all along the Riviera, from Menton to St. Tropez. Visit our offices in Nice centre, just behind Nice Etoile shopping mall at 18 Rue Lamartine! Nice Port

Juan les Pins


Immaculate large 1 bedroom 62m² with balcony and lateral port view. Beautiful Niçois building right on the port.

Panoramic sea views for this 2 bedroom apartment on the sea front in Juan les Pins. South facing terrace and undergournd parking. Swimming pool and concierge.

Presitgious new development in Cannes Californie with panoramic sea & city views. Large terraces and luxury interiors. 1 - 4 Bedrooms

Ref: K974A

Ref: K988A

Ref: NBWA310



Nice Promenade

Juan les Pins

Prices from 380,000€ Nice TNL

Stunning 2 bedroom apartment on the Promenade. 94m2 and just by the Meridien Hotel, with a wonderful terrace and gorgeous sea views. Fully renovated.

New apartments with terrace & parking on a quiet street a few minutes walk from the beach and centre of Juan les Pins. Perfect for holidays! 1 - 3 Bedrooms

Unique new building with roof top pool! On the tram route close to Place Garibaldi. Studios – 3 bedrooms.

Ref: DWA307

Ref: NBWA168

Ref : NBWA252

790 000€

Prices from 199,000€

145,000 €

Attika International : 18 Rue Lamartine, Nice AND 13 Rue Pasteur, Cannes 04 93 16 95 81

Investing in Nice With long hot summers and mild winters, Nice is a perennial favourite with holidaymakers and investors alike. Just as it was the first choice of the aristocracy in Queen Victoria’s day, now the jet set wouldn’t be seen anywhere else! However, the myth that the Cote d’Azur is just for the fantastically rich is not true. There are still some bargains to be found along the coast and most particularly in Nice. There’s a huge choice of apartments and a wealth of architecture to suit all tastes and budgets. The majority of overseas buyers looking for apartments favour the areas around the Old Town, the Port, the Carre d’Or and the Musiciens where you can find properties starting at around 100 000€ for a small studio. Prices for fully renovated properties with a balcony can reach over 8000€ per m2 in some areas of Nice. So how do you go about investing in a French property? If you can prove your income, then generally mortgages are fairly easy to obtain in France, and there are plenty of English speaking banks to help you out. As a non-resident, you can usually borrow up to 80-85% of the property price.

In France, agencies advertise the property including agents’ fees, however there are legal fees of around 7.5% on a resale property and 2.5 – 3.5% on a new build. Quite often the bank will ask you to pay this yourself, but speak to your agent as they should be able to put you in touch with a bank who will include your notary fees in your mortgage meaning that the only cash you need to find is the 15-20% not covered by the bank. Now the fun part - visiting properties! It is usually best to appoint just one agency to act for you as all the agencies have multiple listings. When you have found your perfect property, be aware that the financial crisis has not hit France in the way it has in other countries and you won’t often get more than 5 or 10% maximum knocked off the price. For a fully renovated property in a nice location you might not even get that. Once a price has been agreed upon you need to sign a contract - “compromis de vente” -, which is sent to your home address together with a host of “diagnostiques”. If the diagnostics show major anomalies you can pull out of the sale. After you receive the compromis and diagnostics by


registered letter it becomes binding after 7 days. You now need to make a 10% deposit to hold the property also (5% on new builds). After the 7 days have elapsed, you are then bound to buy the property unless you cannot obtain a mortgage at which point your deposit is returned to you with no penalty. About 2-3 months later on a date agreed by all parties, you will go to the notary’s office and the rest of the price will be paid by you and your bank. The paperwork “acte de vente” will be signed by all parties (a very French affair that should be ended in a hearty glass of champagne!) and the handing over of the keys will take place. You now own your Place in the Sun! If you’d like to visit some properties and discuss mortgages please contact us on +33 (0)4 93 16 95 81 or pop in and see us at 18 Rue Lamartine, Nice 06000 just behind the Nice Etoile shopping centre (tram stop Jean Medecin)! Claire Healy, Attika International.

Pubs, Bars & Clubs Authentic Irish Bar/Restaurant Vieux Nice

Vieux Nice 2 rue Saint François de Paule Tel: +33 (0)4 93 80 23 87

Nice Port 5 Quai de Deux Emmanuel Tel: +33 (0)4 92 27 07 88

Pub Quiz Mon @ 8pm Open 10 am every day HH Acoustic Wifi, terrace Live Music every night

Nice Port

Pub Quiz Thur @ 8pm Jazz Sunday’s 9pm Wifi Terrace Live Music New HD 63” Tv’s

Food served all day, Happy Hour: 5-9pm

International Bar

15 rue de la Prefecture, Nice

Live bands every night 10.30pm-2.00am Jam Session/Open Mic every Sunday Terrace Happy Hour: 5-9pm everyday Bar snacks

English Bar/Restaurant NEW CREDIT CRUNCH LUNCH Cheeseburger, fries & beer/wine for only 10€ 15 rue de la Prefecture, Nice

Food served all day Live international bands 10.30pm-12.30am DJ 12.30-2am Terrace, Wifi Happy Hour: 5-9pm everyday

Cocktail Bar Happy Hour all day Tues & Sat: Salsa night Live music Bar Food Wifi, Terrace

DE KLOMP Dutch Themed Bar 6, rue Mascoïnat 06300 Nice

Bulldog Pub Pompei 16, rue de L’Abbaye, Nice


Open 5pm-2.30am Live Music Happy hour 5.30pm-9.30pm Tues: Happy Hour all night Thurs: Cocktail night Special: 1.8L Cocktail 30€

After Party Bar Rock memorabilia Happy hour 8-10pm Open till 4 am! Smoking room Live music every night!

Irish Disco Bar

Check Point

DJ Every night Wi Fi Live Sports/Sky TV Monday: Ladies night Happy Hour: 4pm-9pm everyday (on Tuesday & Thursday all night long) Wednesday: 2€ Shots Sunday: Cocktail Night Live Music every week end

2, rue Desboutin 06000 nice 04 93 13 96 92 Open 4pm-2.30am

American Bar/Restaurant

8, place Charles Felix 06300 Nice Tel: +33 (0)4 93 80 00 50

Open 7/7 Service non stop Terrace & open air cocktail bar Happy Hour: 8pm-10pm everyday Authentic American Menu Live Music


Open everyday 12pm-12.30am Kitchen open until 11pm 4.50€ pints all day & Happy Hour 8pm-10pm Fresh Tapas Menu changed daily Corner of 22 rue Droite & 5 rue Rossetti 06300 Nice Tel: 04 93 80 43 22

Nice by night

a’s Kevin in M


Don’t look so scared! Great service in Blast

ayne’s Kisses in W


Miss King election



Rev Heads!

Salsa @ Le Sansas


R. Va n Loo



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Aub erge de Jeu nes se Hos tel




More than 120 different Sushi available Delivery within 45 min in the city Order online or by phone Eat in or take-away THE BEST PRICED SUSHI IN TOWN

4, rue Bosio, 06300 Nice Tel: 04 93 80 03 34



DELHI DARBAR Indian Restaurant


Place Massena

cĂŠen s


R ao u l

des R ue De sb

P R ue

Rue Va n Lo o


B o s io


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Ph o




Feature Article AUTONOMOUS UNIVERSITIES FRIEND OR FOE? Unions say it will lead to higher fees, inequality and domination by business - the government says it will result in a more transparent education system with an emphasis on results.

The controversial reform law, which started tak-

ing affect at the beginning of this year, gives universities autonomy in spending their state-allocated budgets. Previously, universities had 25% control of their budgets. For the first time, universities and not the state, are able to decide which academics and researchers to recruit and how much to pay them. Previously, recruitment took a minimum of 18 months, now it takes 6 months. The universities will also be allowed to own their buildings and create foundations in partnership with companies to generate extra funding and promote project-oriented public research. All university governing boards will now have a total of 30 members ... half the size of the body they are replacing. The boards will comprise representatives of teaching and non-teaching staff, students and external interests, including companies. On average, about 2 in every 3 board members are new appointees, with an increased proportion of outsiders. While universities will be autonomous with their money, they will have to abide by 3 strict principals in order to achieve their maximum amount of funding. Here are the differences: - 20% of funding will be dependent on performance rates as opposed to just 3% now. This includes the time it takes for students to enter the workforce after they gain their diploma, quality of management and the percentage of students who actually achieve a diploma. - 80% of funding will depend on activity. 1) Training how many students actually present themselves to the exams as opposed to simply registering for the exams as was previously required. 2) Research - The number of teachers and researchers who have their work published.

So how much is it costing to fund the transition to autonomy? 200,000€ will be allocated by the state to finance professional training and consultancy. 50,000€ will be used to pay for staff transfers and wages of those directly involved in the transition process 1,000,000€ will be assigned to help universities streamline the process of university management - ie president, vice president, human resources etc.

“knowledge, research and innovation are the key to our growth, the key to our prosperity and the key to our children’s employment”. Valérie Pécresse, Minister of Higher Education and Research, says her reasons for change are simple - to give hope to students that going to university does increase the chances of employment. It also makes French higher education and research internationally competitive. She said “knowledge, research and innovation are the key to our growth, the key to our prosperity and the key to our children’s employment”. What opponents say: Jean Fabbri, Secretary-General of Snesup, the biggest union representing academics, said his union was “sounding the alarm on the ransacking of public service, the guarantor of equal access to education, degrees and qualifications”. Concerns include: - the fact that university presidents will have too much power in the decision making process - the simplification of the role of teachers and researchers and the impact this will have on career development - the feared loss of democracy in decision making as the university board shrinks from 60 to 30 members, with a larger proportion of outside interest - the replacement of permanent posts with contracts - Changing the way lecturers are paid: from a wage based on 50% training and 50% research, the reforms give university presidents the power to decide who should do more or less research or teaching - the introduction of full-scale managerialism, with a focus on profitability and private funding Protests against the reform have been widespread over the past 2 years. In 2008, teachers and students took to the streets in fear the new law will disadvantage


universities and change the value of their diplomas. In 2009, as reforms were being implemented, demonstrations continued from teachers, students and administrative staff calling for the re-establishment of the jobs that had been lost already and an overhaul of the reform. The impact: President Nicolas Sarkozy refuses to back down. After 4 months of protests this year, many universities were forced into closure for more than 10 weeks. Exams either went ahead regardless or were delayed for a month. In many cases, at least one extra week of university was scheduled so that the students could catch up on weeks of absent attendance.

FACTS (France): * 50% of students fail their first year of university * 90,000 students leave university each year without gaining their diploma * 53% of students who gain a 4+ year diploma are still looking for work a year later Is it enough? The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development says the reforms have laid the initial groundwork for university autonomy, but more needs to be done, such as letting institutions fix their own tuition fees and select their students. In a positive move, the new reform requires universities to send prospective students advice, steering them towards programmes in which they would have the greatest chance of success. However, the OECD is calling for a raise in tuition fees to reflect the cost of the various courses (despite university autonomy, tuition fees remain regulated by the state). Then, the Introduction of a nationwide system of student loans with provisions for income-contingent repayment through the income tax system (a new student loan has already been launched, offered at market interest rates with deferred repayment). Universities in Nice are scheduled to become autonomous in January 2010. Information sourced from The Department of Higher Education and Research and University World News.

Cassandra Tanti

A French Experience melier (trained professional) and her passion for sharing her selection is infectious. In Vino is perfect for a date or a catch-up with friends. The almost romantic ambiance acts in tandem with the after-work vibe.


This month, we uncover the latest wine bar/restaurant to hit Nice. In Vino is a delightful little place where you can enjoy local and natural wines in comfortable, somewhat traditional, surroundings. It also specialises in dishes that complement the wonderful array of wine on offer. The Venue The decor on the terrace is relaxed and casual, and affords a lovely view of the beautiful government building opposite. It is a relatively quiet street with only a small amount of traffic. Further in, the bar/restaurant morphs into a chic modern layout, with a centre bar, dark wooden shelves housing numerous wines and an open ‘country-style’ kitchen. Copper pots on the walls and hanging sticks of salami all add to the “welcome to our home” kind of ambiance. In fact, that is exactly what the owners were going for! The Atmosphere In general, the atmosphere at In Vino is relaxed and friendly. People sit and chat while enjoying a glass or bottle of wine, munching on socca or sampling something from the menu. The clientele generally consists of a more mature, professional crowd. The owner is a Wine Som-

The Wine The owner, who says she knows 90% of all her suppliers personally, handpicks the Wines.And the wines are sourced from small, independent wineries, not large, common establishments. The majority of wines - 80% - are organic. There is a good selection of wines by the glass, which are all very reasonably priced. Our pick is the deliciously bold Graves Rouge, Château Montravier 2005 at just 4.50€ a glass. Our host recommends the following by the bottle: White Bourgogne Vire Clessé, Domaine de la Bongran Tradition j.Thevenet 2003, 33€ Côte de Provence Château Les Valentines Caprice de Clementine 2007, 19€ Red Baux de Provence Domaine Milan 2005, 29€ Vin de Pays des Alpes Maritimes Lou Vin d’Aqui 16€ Rosé Côte Varois en Provence Château Margui 2008, 25€ Côte de Provence Château Ferry lacombe Haedus 2008, 16€

The Final Word In Vino combines atmosphere with an indepth knowledge of wine, topped off with a classy menu. Their wine selection is unique and it feels good to know you are supporting small, independent wineries. It is the perfect place to immerse yourself in French wines, culture and good food!

Overall, there are 85 wines available. The Food While the wife is front of house, her husband is in the kitchen cooking a fine selection of

French Phrases

Good morning/afternoon Good evening Good night Hello Goodbye Excuse me! Excuse me (pardon) Sorry Please Thank you Do you speak English? I don’t understand What time is it? A beer & a glass of white wine please

dishes prepared with fresh local produce. Entrees include foie gras with figs and truffle oil (15€), tartare of Dourade with a tomato confit (11€) and a plate of cured meats from the southwest of France (13€). Main dishes consist of octopus fricassee (17€), risotto of mascarpone and scallops (18€), lamb confit (17€) and duck breast with fresh figs (17€) to name but a few. In Vino is also a great place for an aperitif, offering a number of tapas at 5€ to enjoy with your wine. On the list this day were grilled artichokes, marinated baby octopus, anchovies and sardines, and snails.

Bonjour Bonsoir Bonne nuit Salut Au revoir Excusez-moi! Pardon Desolé S’il vous plaît … Merci Parlez-vous anglais? Je ne comprends pas Quelle heure est-il? Une bière et un verre de vin blanc s’il vous plaît

In Vino 2, Rue Hôtel de Ville 06300 Nice, France +33 4 93 80 21 64

Do you know a good restaurant? How much does it cost? No thanks

Connaissez vous un bon restaurant? Combien ça coûte? Non merci

In the post office: 2 stamps for England I have been waiting for an hour!

Deux timbres pour l’Angleterre Cela fait une heure que j’attend!

In a restaurant: A table for 2 The bill please Rare Medium Well done What is the dish of the day? It was very good/tasty 2 coffees please

Une table pour deux L’addition s’il vous plaît Saignant A point Bien cuit Quelle est le plat du jour? C’était très bon Deux cafés s’il vous plaît


Art & Culture

This month we highlight two fantastic artists that we, at That’s Nice magazine, have been lucky enough to meet. Introducing rock photographer Sarahphotogirl and the unique work of Nathalie Ligvoet ... new worlds the next. “Some photographs are captured instantly just by knowing when to press the shutter, others are complex creations taking weeks to build”, she says. Sarahphotogirl’s work has appeared in a wide range of magazines including the NME, Q , Mojo and Photoicon as well as appearing on CD artwork and in numerous books. She exhibits regularly in the Uk and abroad.

Ricky Wilson

Her photography is unique and highly inventive. She can also be commissioned for weddings/ commercial work and portraiture. Hollywood Housewives

PHOTOGRAPHY Sarahphotogirl Best known for her rock portraits, Sarahphotogirl has photographed the who’s who of the music industry - including Paul Weller, Pete Doherty, The Kaiser Chiefs, Madonna, Gwen Stefani and Sugababes. She has also worked in the film industry taking her all the way to Hollywood and beyond. Her work is as varied as her clients, as she manages to capture simple candid moments one day, then create whole

Paul Weller

Milkshake Memoirs

Mamac Nice

Every Day 10am-6pm except on Monday Musée d’Art Moderne et Musée d’Art Contemporain

ROBERT LONGO Rétrospective

27th June 29th November Nathalie Ligtvoet


Nathalie Ligtvoet What looks like an innovative cut and paste design at first glance, soon becomes an intriguing and complex piece, delivering a delightful take on the obvious and a remarkable

projection of reality. The work of Natalie Ligtvoet is quirky, sophisticated and fun. One can imagine her floor scattered with torn alcohol labels as she re-creates an animated character by brush. Studying “Arts Plastiques” at the academy of Nice, Natalie’s influences include artistic movements COBRA and Pop Art, and masters Miro, Magritte, Indiana, Warhol and the great Impressionists. Nathalie is based in Saint Raphael. For more paintings, including portraits, visit


Cinema New movie releases this month

“District 9”

“Taking Woodstock”

Action/Sci-Fi movie directed by Neill Blomkamp With Sharlto Copley, Jason Cope, Nathalie Boltt

Comedy directed by Ang Lee With Henry Goodman, Edward Hibbert, Imelda Staunton Out on the 23rd of September

Out on the 16th of September


Monaco Open air Cinema

“The Hurt Locker”

Action/Sci-Fi movie directed by Mark Neveldine & Brian Taylor With Gerard Butler, Michael C. Hall, Milo Ventimiglia Out on the 9th of September

Action War movie directed by Kathryn Bigelow With Jeremy Renner, Anthony Mackie, Brian Geraghty Out on the 23rd of September


“The Informant”

“The September Issue”

Comedy/Drama movie Directed by Steven Soderbergh With Matt Damon, Melanie Lynskey, Clancy Brown

A documentary chronicling Vogue editor With Anna Wintour, Jean Paul Gaultier Out on the 16th of September

Check out the program on Tel: 00377 93258680

Out on the 30th of September

“Mary and Max”

“The Proposal”

Animation/Comedy Movie directed by Adam Elliot With Toni Collette, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Eric Bana

Comedy directed by Anne Fletcher With Sandra Bullock, Ryan Renolds Out on the 23rd of September

Out on the 30th of September

DVD Releases

Watch fims in english with french subtitles on the largest Open-Air Cinema screen in Europe & under the stars

Original Version Cinemas: “Rialto” 4, rue de Rivoli, Nice “Mercury” 16, place Garibaldi, Nice

CD Releases - Go Local!

Check out these new albums from Nice’s fave artists


David Zincke “Call It What You Want”

Directed by Zack Snyder In an alternate 1985 where former superheroes exist, the murder of a colleague sends active vigilante Rorschach into his own sprawling investigation, uncovering something that could completely change the course of history as we know it. Cast: Malin Akerman, Jackie Earle Haley, Patrick Wilson Released on the 9th of September

From the critically acclaimed band “Merla”, winners of “Local Heroes Best Breakthrough Act” and “Battle of the DAVID ZINCKE Bands” at The Rock Garden London, David Zincke is CALL IT WHAT YOU WANT now embarking on a solo career with his debut EP “Call It What You Want”.

Medi & The Medecine Show: “At Last”

Frost Nixon

Directed by Ron Howard A dramatic retelling of the post-Watergate television interviews between British talk-show host David Frost and former president Richard Nixon Cast: Frank Langella, Michael Sheen, Sam Rockwell Out on the 22nd of September

Released on June 16th, the EP is already creating a stir amongst music lovers. With Medi’s vocals being likened to Stevie Wonder and the band drawing comparisons to Cream and Lenny Kravitz, Medi and the Medicine Show are well on their way to taking the music scene by storm!

The Boat That Rocked

Komä “Somewhere”

Directed by Richard Curtis A period comedy about an illegal radio station in the North Sea in the 1960’s. Cast: Bill Nighy, Kenneth Branagh, Philip Seymour Hoffman Out on the 22nd of September

French Rockband Komä release their first EP with record label Monte Carlo Records. Available on i-Tunes etc... You can also find them playing live as ‘Waste’. For dates check out our gig guide


Arcane Classic “Sound Control”

Directed by Alex Proyas A teacher opens a time capsule that has been dug up at his son’s school; in it are some chilling predictions. Some have already occurred, others are about to, leading him to believe his family plays a role in the events that are about to unfold. Cast: Nicolas Cage, Chandler Canterbury, Rose Byrne Released on the 23rd of September

The sound has firm electronic roots with the essential colour of acoustic instruments. Similarities with bands such as Air, Zero7 and Beck are recognisable in the music and production style.

The Great Flow “Isolation everyone”

The Day The Earth Stood Still

Directed by Scott Derrickson A remake of the 1951 classic sci-fi film about an alien and his giant robot counterpart who visit Earth. Cast: Keanu Reeves, Jennifer Connelly, Kathy Bates Released

The music is composed, performed and produced by David Leese, mixing electronic sounds with acoustic instruments, and all sorts of vocals to create a music that can be intimate, rich and epic.


Gig Guide

Nice is one of the few cities in the world to offer quality live music every night of the week. So be sure to catch the Riviera’s best live bands at the hottest bars in town! To learn more about the performers read their details at the bottom of the page. You can even pay them a visit on the web!


Happy Hour Acoustic + Bands Tues 01 Wed 02 Thurs 03 Fri 04 Sat 05 Sun 06 Mon 07 08-09 Thurs 10 Fri 11 Sat 12 Sun 13 Mon 14 15-16 Thurs 17 Fri 18 Sat 19 Sun 20 22-23 Thurs 24 25-26 Sun 27

Skydog + Partenope D-Gas + Partenope D Gas + N’Goi Frances + Spoon Dids & Scott + Highwood D-Gas + Highwood Dids & Scott D-Gas + Skydog D-Gas + N’Goi Frances + Bliss Dids & Scott + Bliss D-Gas + Karma Dids & Scott Skydog D-Gas + N’Goi Frances + Steal Yard Blues Dids & Scott + Steal Yard Blues Rune + Steal Yard Blues Solea N’Goi X-Y Rune

WAYNE’S 01-06 07-13 14-20 21-27 28-30

Breathe Uncles of Funk Lucas Sweet Black Angels Breathe

CHECK POINT 04-05 11-12 18-19 25-26

Any House 222 Any House 222


BLUE WHALES Tues 01 02-05 Sun 06 Mon 07 Tues 08 16-17 18-19 Sun 20 Mon 21 Tues 22 23-26 Sun 20 Mon 28 Tues 29 Wed 30

Aquarella The 222 Millionnaire Whiskey Finger Aquarella B-Siders Nutopia The Millionnaire Whiskey Finger Aquarella Number 9 Millionnaire Whiskey Finger Aquarella Running Birds

Tues 01 Wed 02 Thurs 03 04-05 Sun 06 Mon 07 08-09 10-12 13-14 Tues 15 16-17 18-19 Sun 20 Mon 21 Tues 22 Wed 23 24-26 28-30

Tony + Breathe Kim + Breathe Jo + Breathe TBC Solo Acoustic + Breathe Tony + Breathe Solo Acoustic + Breathe Acid Rain Solo Acoustic + Breathe Kim + Breathe Solo Acoustic + Breathe Fucking Machine Solo Acoustic + Breathe Tony + Breathe Solo Acoustic + Breathe Kim + Breathe Cabine 13 Solo Acoustic + Breathe

KING’S 01-02 03-05 06-07 Tues 08 09-10 11-12 Sun 13 14-15 Wed 16 17-19 Sun 20 21-22 23-24 25-26 28-29 Wed 30

Fuckin Machine Running Birds Mike Nothing Spyglass Waste Mike Alex Cross Road Karma Jam Session Doogle Beasty Boop Fox Aeven Flo

DE KLOMP 01-02-03 Brunello & Nobo 04-05 Cabine 13 07 Max 08 Nils 09-10 Big Lips 11 Amori Silliard, Nadia N’Goa, Jean Luc Dana, Jean Marc Jafet 14 Max 15 Nils 16-17 House Band 18-19 Akram Quartet 21-22-23 House Band 25-26 Four Soul & Gaëlle Novaresio 28-29-30 House Band

SANSAS Live Music every Wednesday, Thursday & Friday night. Salsa nights every Tuesday & Saturday.

MA NOLAN’S PORT 04-05 Sun 06 11-12 Sun 13

Syl N’Goi X-Y Mellow Swing

Learn more about the bands! Running Birds: Rock band Kim Cao: Solo Acoustic Jake Hall Band: Duo & 4 piece acoustic Partenope: Duo acoustic N’Goi: Duo & 4 piece acoustic Mocambo: Duo & 4 piece acoustic Number 9: Duo & 4 piece acoustic Woodface: Pop/rock duo Medi & the medecine show: Rock/Soul/Garage Invitraux: rock Funky Monks: Funk Four Soul: Funk/Soul/Pop Big Fat Mama: Rock Nutopia: Rock Beasty Boop: Rock


Spyglass: Pop Rock Tony Ruth: Solo acoustic Cabine 13: Rock band Waste: Pop Rock Karma: Rock band Reset: Rock band Ani Mals: Rock band Millionnaire: Rock band Aquarella: Rock band Whiskey Finger: Rock band Fuckin Machine: Rock band (search) fuckin’machine Breathe: Rock band (search) breathe-waynes-nice D-Gas: Duo acoustic Bliss: Rock band Wide Way: Soul, Funk, Latino

To include your band’s info email

Riviera Events 6th September

12th September

Monaco Ironman Triathlon The Principality of Monaco hosts the most exclusive Ironman event on the circuit. Regarded as the Formula 1 of triathlons, the event follows the legendary Monaco Grand Prix circuit and into the Nice hinterland. It includes a 1.9km swim, 90km cycle and 21.1km run. For more details contact Triangle events on 377 93 50 29 11

Sporting Festival 8th September European Professional Women's Network, "How to Brainstorm", Sophia Antipolis 6.30-10pm, Hotel Mercure Led by Innovation Management Consultant Wendy Buckley, this workshop is aimed at giving women some new creative tools to generate and distill the ideas for change in work, spare time or family life. For more info visit:

Grape Harvest Festival, Place du Safranier Antibes As tradition dictates, the people of Safranier invite the public to celebrate the grape harvest in the picturesque Place du Safranier. Volunteers tread and press several kilos of grapes to extract their juice, which is then offered to the public to taste. Don’t worry, we’re sure it’s all very hygenic!

12th September

9-14th September

Lou Festin dou Pouort - The Harbour Festival, Nice Port This is the 6th event of its kind and is this year themed “Sustainable Development and Astronomy”. The harbour area is closed to traffic for the evening as live performances by musicians, actors and dancers celebrate the theme on stages set up along the quays. Festival program includes 7pm: Marching parade to mark the opening of the festival. 7pm-10.30pm: Live performances, entertainment for children, a light show on the water and cookery demonstrations. 10.30pm: Fireworks display. 10.45pm: “La Fiesta dou Pouort” - an open-air dance with live music from a host of singers and groups.

Festival International de la Plaisance The Cannes Leisure Boating Festival is one of the biggest and most prestigious events of its kind in France. There's over 350 exhibitors showcasing an array of sailing and motor boats between 10 and 45 meters long. New creations will also be on show. Potential buyers can take the boats for a spin in the best "try before you buy" deal around.

19-20 September Paul Freulon Memorial, Cercle Nautique de La Napoule A sailing regatta.

Markets NICE Tues-Sun – Fruit, vegetable & flowers, Cours Saleya. Mondays – Antiques, Cours Saleya Mon-Sun – Fish market, Place St François. Tues-Sun – St Roch

Festival of the Trades of Yore, La Colle sur Loup A presentation of traditional crafts and trades, together with local produce, in the streets of the village.

19-22 September

10-16 September Cirque Arlette Gruss La Cité de circue This year's show by the Arlette Gruss Circus is entitled Circhus City! The circus takes you behind the scenes to show you hidden secrets that normally take place backstage! Experience the circus as a thriving, bustling city, an actual open environment you can wander throughout and explore. Certainly sounds like your aboveaverage circus experience!

13th September

16-20 September Monaco Classic Week A gathering of collectors' sailboats and motorboats. Ph: 377 93 10 63 00 for details or email

19-20 September XTerra European tour Mandelieu-La Napoule This is where the final of the XTerra European tour triathlon takes place.

Les Etoiles de Mougin - Mougin Gastronomic Festival, Mougin World class chefs gather in the quaint and legendary village of Mougin over the course of three days to exchange ideas and trends, while defining their visions of the gastronomic world. Here is the chance to meet Michelin Star gourmet chefs from France and Italy, together with key stakeholders, lecturers and media, at one of the region's most respected food festivals. There are interactive workshops where people can be selected to cook with the chefs, as well as tastings and direct sales. Open on Saturday from 10am-8pm & Sunday from 10am to 7pm.

19-20 September

19-20 September

Menton Half Marathon The Water Sports Centre organises the Menton half marathon (7 nautical miles) as well as an "open" double kayak beach race (1.5 nautical miles).

European Heritage Days, various museums This year's theme is "A heritage accessible to all". It is a unique opportunity offering special open days, exhibitions and special events in the region's museums.

Antibes: Tues-Sun – Cours Massena Beaulieu-sur-Mer: Mon, Tues & Sat – Place Général de Gaulle Beausoleil: Mon, Tues & Sat – Boulevard de la Republic Biot: Tuesdays – Place de Gaulle Cagnes-sur-Mer: Tues-Sun – Cité Marchande Cannes: Tues-Sun @ Forville Market & Place Gambetta Cannes La Bocca: Daily – Place de la Poste, Sat – La Bocca Golfe Juan: Fridays – Place de l’Église Grasse: Tues-Sun – Place aux Aires Eze: Thursdays – Place Colette Mandelieu-La-Napoule: Wed – des Termes; Thurs – re du 24 Août; Sat – Organic foods @ Capitou


Menton: Daily – Gare Routiére & Port; Sat – Près de Port Roquebrune Cap Martin – Daily – Quartier Carnoles Saint-Laurent-du-Var: Sat – Flower market @ Promenade des Flots Bleus; Sun – Esplanade du Levant; Tues & Fri’s – Agri-Bio @ Cap 3000. Tourrettes sur Loup: Tuesdays @ Place de la Libération Valbonne: Tues & Thurs – Place Belmond; Fri’s – food & clothes @ Place des Arcades & old town streets Vallauris: Tues-Sun @ Place de l’Homme aux Moutons; daily – fish market in the Old Port Vence: Tues-Sun @ Place du Grand Jardin; Tues-Sun Fruit & veg @ Place Surian Villefrance-sur-Mer: Saturdays in the Jardin Binon Villeneuve-Loubet: Weds & Sat’s Agro-Bio in the village

Recipes from the Riviera Scallops Wrapped in Smoked Salmon with Caviar and Beurre Blanc Scallops and salmon are in season this month, and are a great source of protein, vitamin B-12, omega-3, magnesium and potassium. Scallops have such a wonderful flavour and should always be served simply so as not to overwhelm the taste of the scallop. This recipe is very easy to prepare and is definitely worth sharing with friends!

METHOD Wrap each scallop with a strip of the smoked salmon and secure with a wooden toothpick. Refrigerate, covered, while you prepare the Beurre Blanc. Beurre Blanc: Combine the vinegar, lemon juice, shallots, salt, pepper and 1 tablespoon butter in a small, non reactive saucepan and boil over medium-high heat until reduced to about 1 tablespoon. INGREDIENTS (Serves 4 people)

Remove saucepan from the heat and whisk in a few pieces of the chilled butter until it blends in creamily. Return the saucepan to the heat and, over a low heat, add the remaining pieces of butter, one piece at a time and whisking constantly. The sauce should be creamy and pale. Season with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Keep warm.

12 large scallops, muscles removed 12 strips of smoked salmon, approx 1-inch x 3-inches 1 tablespoon unsalted butter 1 teaspoon lemon zest, finely chopped Brought to you 1 tablespoon chives, finely chopped by the 1/2 teaspoon red caviar Riviera’s favourite chef Beurre Blanc Tania Tanti. 1 1/2 tablespoons white wine vinegar

Sauté the scallops in butter for about 2 minutes on each side. To assemble: Ladle a tablespoon of Beurre Blanc on to each plate, swirling to create a nice effect. Remove the toothpicks from the scallops and place 3 in the centre of the plates. Scatter with the lemon zest, chopped chives and top with a small amount of caviar. Serve immediately.

1 1/2 tablespoons lemon juice 2 teaspoons shallots, finely minced 1/4 teaspoon salt Freshly ground white pepper 1 tablespoon butter for the reduction PLUS 4 ounces chilled unsalted butter, cut into 8 pieces

Champagne Poached Peaches METHOD INGREDIENTS (Serves 4 people) 4 peaches POACHING LIQUID: 2 cups of champagne 1 cup of water 1 cup of superfine sugar 1 clove

Bring a pot of water to the boil, deep enough to submerge all the peaches. Using a sharp knife put a cross into the top of each peach. Place into the boiling water just long enough to loosen the skin; then gently lift from the pot using a slotted spoon and immediately place into cold water to cool. Peel off the skins. Place all the poaching liquid ingredients in a pot and bring to the boil. Reduce heat until the water is just off boiling point. Add the peaches so they are submerged; then cook very gently for about 8 minutes. Using a slotted spoon, lift the peaches from the pot and allow to cool to room temperature. Refrigerate the poaching liquid until cold. To serve: Place a peach in the centre of a bowl/plate and pour over the chilled liquid. Finish with a dollop of thick cream and garnish with a few mint leaves.

Bon Appétit! 22

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Côté Vin Buying wine can be just as fun as drinking it! And Côté Vin offers a fantastic array of over 700 different wines, champagnes and spirits to choose from. Make the most of the friendly, professional staff to help choose a wine that suits your palette, while learning a little about the wine you’re drinking too! And buying wine from a cellar can be just as cheap, if not cheaper, than buying from a supermarket. The difference is, you actually know what you’re getting!

Bourgogne: Santenay, Pommard, Gevrey Chambertin, Vosnes Romanée, Nuit Saint George, Chablis, Puligny, Montrachet, Corton Charlemagne... Côtes du Rhône: Château neuf du Pape, Vaqueyras, Gigondas, Saint Joseph, Condrieu... Coteaux du Languedoc: Saint Chinian, Pic Saint Loup... & many more.

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Côté Vin has over 700 different wines and products available. Their staff will happily offer advice according to your taste and budget.

Cocktail Experience Pina Colada In the blender: 4 cl white Rhum 6 cl pineapple juice 2 cl coconut cream or milk Ice cube Blend for 30 seconds and pour into a glass. Garnish with fresh pineapple and two cherries on a stick, and finish with two straws. Cocktail brought to you by Barman Frédéric Méyère.

Enjoy !!!


Live Sports Tri-Nations fever has hit with Australia, New Zealand and South Africa battling out the first four games. The fight to claim the Ashes continues as Australia clash England for the coveted prize. Meanwhile, it’s a jam-packed month in football with the first of the season’s Premiere League games, and the 2010 World Cup Qualifier kicks off with Norway v Scotland. Catch all your favourite live sports on big screen TV’s at the best bars in town, found right here in That’s Nice magazine! CYCLING 23-28


UCI Road World Championships Sun 06 Sat 19 Sun 20

CRICKET Tues 01 Fri 04 Sun 06 Wed 09 Sat 12 Tues 15 Thurs 17 Sun 20 Thurs 21 25-30

England v Australia, 2nd Twenty20 International England v Australia, first ODI England v Australia, first ODI England v Australia, third ODI England v Australia, fourth ODI England v Australia, fifth ODI England v Australia, sixth ODI Enlgland v Australia, seventh ODI ICC Champions Trophy , Pakistan ICC Champions Trophy, Pakistan


Sat 05 Sat 05 Wed 09 Sat 12 Sunday 13 Sat 19 Sun 20 Sat 26 Mon 28 29-30

2010 World Cup Qualifiers Scotland v Macedonia FYR Cyprus v Rep of Ireland Poland v Northern Ireland International Friendly, England v Slovenia 2010 World Cup Qualifiers England v Croatia Scotland v Holland Wales v Russia Northern Ireland v Slovakia Spurs v Manchester United 5.15pm Birmingham City v Aston Villa 12noon Fulham v Everton 4.15pm Burnley v Sunderland 12.45pm West Ham v Liverpool 5.15pm Manchester United v Manchester City 1.30pm Chelsea v Tottenham 4pm Portsmouth v Everton 12.45pm Fulham v Arsenal 5.15pm Man City v West Ham 8pm UEFA Champions League group stakes

GOLF 24-27

Volvo Match Play

HORSE RACING Sat 05 Sat 12 Sat 26

Irish Champion Stakes, Leopardstown Betfred Sprint Cup, Haydock Ladbrokes St Leger, Doncaster Queen Elizabeth II Stakes, Ascot

RUGBY UNION Sat 05 Sat 12 Sat 19

Tri-Nations, Australia v South Africa, Brisbane Tri-Nations, New Zealand v South Africa Tri-Nations, New Zealand v Australia, Wellington

MOTORCYCLING Sun 06 Sun 13 Sun 20 Sun 27

World Superbikes, Germany San Marino MotoGP, Misano Hungarian MotoGP World Superbikes, Italy


TENNIS 01-13 18-20

Indycar Series , Belle Isle Raceway British Touring Car Championship Indycar Series, Twin Ring Motegi British Touring Car Championship

Sun 13 Sun 27

US Open Davis Cup semi-finals and play-offs

Italian GP, Monza Singapore GP

HAPPY HOURS Checkpoint 4-9pm Cafe Borghèse 5-9pm Wayne’s 5-9pm King’s 5-9pm Pompei 8-10pm Ma Nolan’s 5-9pm Blue Whales 6.30pm-12am Snug & Cellar 8-10pm Kookaburra All Day De Klomp 5.30-9.30pm Blast 8pm-10pm

SPYGLASS Pop/Rock covers & originals band Live Music


Private & corporate events Weddings Yachts

GAMES Test your Knowledge! 1) In which city did the SAS storm the Iranian Embassy in the 1980’s? 2) Which word goes before “In the USA” and “To run” in 2 Bruce Springsteen hits? 3 )What is the largest mammal in the world? 4) What is the Roman Numeral that represents the number 500? 5 )In the film “The Devil’s Advocate” who starred opposite Keanu Reeves? 6) There are 3 possible verdicts in Scottish law, guilty, not guilty and what? 7) What is the fastest creature on 2 legs? 8) What sort of animal is a ser val? 9) In which Middle Eastern country is the port of Acre? 10) Which mountains form a border bet ween France and Spain? 11) How many English Kings have been called “Henry”?

6 8 1

8 4 7 5 6 9 4 6 3 8 2 1 7 5

5 3

5 3 1 9 8 7 5 8 2 6 2


4 9 2

Answers to the Games Page 26

12) Under what name did boxer Mohammed Ali first win the World Heavyweight Championship? 13) On which island is the volcano Mt Etna? 14) In what year did America gain independence from England? 15) Who recently wrote his first letter home from prison stating “my spirit and my morale, they are high, thanks to the greatness of God”? 16) The name of which American actor is an anagram of ‘OLD WEST ACTION’? 17) What, starting with ‘C’ is an infection of the intestine caused by drinking dirty water? 18) In American Football, how many points are scored for a field goal? 19) What is the alternative name given to nitrous oxide? 20) What breed of dog is the tallest in the world?


Sudoku Every row, column and 3x3 square must contain the numbers 1 to 9. You may not duplicate numbers in any of these configurations.

Spot the difference!


Can you find the 7 mistakes in the second picture?


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The hotspot Internet C@fe Located in Old Nice near the Cours Saleya and The Promenades des Anglais

www.hotspotinternet café.com 1 rue de l’ancien Sénat, Vieux Nice. Tél: 06 28 07 52 50


Need it? Want it? Find it. Got it! Looking For

property manager or assistant, housekeeper, waitress, stewardess or tutor! I come with great experience, excellent manners and I can work in a team. Please contact me on signe.bajara@

Urgently need a new computer, no monitor necessary. A PC preferably with programs, or laptop. Email Does anybody have a good/city mountain bike to sell? Please email with offers.

Hoover for sale, 2 months old. Retail 300€, sell for 150€. Krups Black coffee grinder, 5 months old, 50€. Samsung fax machine, SF 370 black jet encore ink jet, 1 year old, 40€. Pick up only. Call Roanna on 06 27 57 23 50.

For Sale

Pine furniture for sale: double bed, antique desk, wardrobe, chest of draws etc. No reasonable offer refused. Phone Mark on 06 80 38 78 20.

Jobs Wanted Professional Stewardess with STCW seeking work. Skilled in silver service, housekeeping, laundering, hosting, flower arranging, table decoration, hairdressing. Please contact Charlotte on 06 18 81 07 78 or email

Play station 3 game X-Men Wolverine. Only used once. Email Sofa bed for sale. Wool fabric with solid wooden frame, 140cm x 70 cm. Must collect from Grasse St. Mathieu. Call Isabelle on 06 07 24 48 94.

Fluent English/Russian speaking female looking for a position as personal assistant, PR manager,

Jobs Offered Busy restaurant looking for dishwasher. Must have visa/passport and be highly motivated. Great opportunity in a great restaurant. Contact Tania on Looking for some part-time work? Are you enthusiastic, energetic and like to have fun? Why not become a pub-crawl leader! Contact Cassandra at thatsnicemagazine@

ESSENTIAL INFORMATION EMERGENCY NUMBERS General emergency 112 Riviera Medical (English) 04 93 26 12 70 24 HR PHARMACIES (Closed Sundays from 7pm) Pharmacie Massena, 7 rue Massena Pharmacie Riviera, 66 av Jean Medecin AIRPORT Nice-Cote d’Azur Airport Switchboard: 08 20 42 33 33 Lost & Found: 04 93 21 31 11 Nice Airport busses & shuttles 08 20 42 33 33 TAXI 04 93 13 78 78 MECHANICS/BREAKDOWN SERVICE Help Dépannage +33 04 93 89 80 89 Nice Dépannage +33 (0) 810 06 24 24

Spot the difference

QUIZ 1.Strawberry missing 1)London 2) Born 2. One straw is longer 3) Blue Whale 4) D 5) Al Pacino 6) Not proven 3.One yellow thing is 7) Ostrich 8) A wild cat missing 9) Israel 10) Pyrenees 4.There is one more Yacht 11) Eight 12) Cassius Clay 5.Right ear is more 13) Sicily 14) 1776 covered by his hair 15) Saddam Hussein 6.Black patch missing 16) Clint Eastwood on his shorts 17) Cholera 18) Three 19) Laughing Gas 7. Top of mountain 20) Irish Wolfhound missing on the right

MONEY EXCHANGE American Express, Airport Nice Change Méditerranée, 17 av Jean Medecin Cofima, 2 rue de France Travelex, 13av Thiers (opp. train station) PUBLIC UTILITIES France Telecom Domestic 1013, Business 1015 English service Mon-Fri 09h00 – 17h30 08 00 36 47 75

EDF (Electricity) 08 01 13 11 33 GDF (Gas) 08 10 09 36 63 Water: Info 08 01 14 71 47 Emergency 08 10 76 97 69 ENGLISH SPEAKING GP Dr Chawki Elias 89 Quai des Etats-Unis

04 93 80 67 82

ENGLISH SPEAKING DENTIST Dr Nicolas Colson 4, avenue de Verdun 04 93 87 86 69




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