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October 2010 No. 18

An Insider’s Guide to the Riviera

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“The times, they are a changing!” Bob Dylan

Indeed they are, and holiday apartments are fast becoming the most popular form of accommodation! Go Nice is the city’s largest and most experienced specialist holiday rental agency. We offer quality apartments at value for money, with professional and conscientious service. Come by our office at 11bis rue Congres, or consult our website for a full listing of our properties.

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Editor’s Welcome

Can you believe it is October already? Whoa,

where did this year go? We are now heading into that transition month, where the days get shorter, the temperature becomes cooler, and the hours spent on the beach are fewer and far between. But we are living on or visiting the French Riviera, and there are always fun times to be had. So what’s in store for us this month?

It is, of course, the month of Halloween, so we head underground for an eerie tour of the caves near Grasse. We also check out the Riviera’s most famous castles. If you need some costume ideas for the 31st, then check out our favourite Halloween pictures in Through the Lens. There are some killer parties in Nice every Hallow’s Eve, so make sure you visit the bars in our Pub Guide for a fantastically freaky night of fun! I take a look at French President Nicolas Sarkozy’s controversial immigration and security measures in this month’s feature article. It is certainly an issue that we should all be concerned about, when you look at all the facts. Meanwhile, we offer some tips on how to beat the blues, if you are having a little trouble adjusting to autumn this month. Also, why not try a bit of Feng Shui to help boost your mood!

THE TEAM Introducing the dedicated group of people that bring you That’s Nice magazine every month... Cassandra Tanti Editor Journalist

Lucy Pye Sales Manager Assistant Editor

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Nico Timmermans Cinema Releases

Tania Tanti Recipes from the Riviera

Tris Kayo Essential Guide

Linda Pickering Book Reviews

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Gemma Zincke Music News

If it’s a party you are after, then you must read our Essential Guide, back from a short break, listing all the must-see concerts of the month. We also highlight the best gay parties in Fusion, and put the spotlight on transformist entertainer Koka.

Maik Kanyanga Fashion Photographer

Régis Bertola Digital Artist

Our fashion page takes us to Cannes, as stylist and designer Michele Corty hits the stores of the Riviera’s most exclusive shopping spots.

Sarah Bartlett Horoscopes

There’s a delicious three-course menu that I have personally tested (as always) and highly recommend. You’ll be surprised how delicious that cauliflower puree is, trust me! Match the dishes with professionally chosen wines for a true French experience. On the subject of food, we also have two fantastic restaurant reviews – Caffé dell’ Arte on the Cours Saleya and a great new wine bar called Vinomania. We also discover the next generation of ‘fast-food’!

Plus, we have plenty to entertain you with our games page, live sports and music guides, book reviews and art exhibitions. I don’t know how we manage to fit it all in! Finally, a big thanks to Liza for being this month’s cover model. She was great to work with and makes the perfect Halloween fairy! That’s all from me for this month. Don’t forget to support this year’s Poppy Appeal and keep an eye out for the guys from The Royal British Legion. I hope you have a wonderful October. See you next month!

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Blue Whales Pub/Bar

Open until 4am - Happy Hour 6pm-12am - Live Music til late - Pool table

halloween Party Have a frighteningly fun time this Hallow’s Eve!

Go where the locals go ... Blue Whales. Find us on the map: 1 rue Mascoinat, Vieux Nice

Check Irish Point Disco Pub




Fright Night

Mon: Ladies Night 50cent glass champagne - Tues: Happy Hour all night Wed: Mexican Night 2€ Shots 5€ Pina Coladas 4€ Coronas Thurs: Happy Hour all night - Sun: Cocktail & Limbo Night Wifi

Live Sports

Live Music

2 rue Desboutin, Nice

Disco Cave



October 2010





Riviera Pub Crawl



Riviera Comedy Club Antibes

Comedy Club Cannes


5 Riviera



Comedy Club Nice, New Venue!


















Riviera Comedy Club Monaco

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Riviera Pub Crawl




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feature articles Head underground & discover the eerie caves near Grasse ........................ 6 Visit the magical castles on the French Riviera ........................................... 7 Editorial: Is Sarkozy leading Europe down a path of no return? .................. 8 RIVIERA EVENTS You don’t want to miss a thing this month on the Riviera .......................... 9 restaurant guide & reviews 3 new restaurant reviews plus our top dining recommendations .................... 10 Fashion Fashion in the exclusive city of Cannes ........................................................ 12 MAPS 3 detailed maps of the city .......................................................................... 14 LIFESTYLE & Health Tips on how to beat the blues, Feng Shui, & the Heart Attack Grill ............. 16 Recipes from the Riviera & WINE RECOMMENDATIONS A delicious 3-course meal matched with selected regional wines ............... 17 FUSION Listing this month’s best party dates, & entertainer Koka comes under the Fusion spotlight ........................................................................................... 18 art & culture and book reviews Highlighting 3 local exhibitions and some great October reads .................. 19 PUB GUIDE A selection of the best bars in Nice ............................................................. 20 Cinema Releases What’s hitting the big screen in France this month? .................................... 22 Music News New releases, the best horror themes & Medi & the Medicine Show .......... 23 Live Sports & Live music guide A list of this month’s main televised sports & live music gig guide .............. 24 Games Take some time out with our quiz, sudoku & spot the difference ................ 25 HOROSCOPES What do the stars hold for you in October? ............................................. 26

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Caves are a magical window into prehistoric times. A tour of these eerie geological phenomenons reveal intricate shapes and formations dating back hundreds of thousands of years. It’s also a great way to spook yourself this month of Halloween! If you are going cave exploring, it is important to know a little about caves. The ones that we visited, just outside of Grasse, are called solutional caves, and they are the most common. They form in rock that is soluble, like limestone, which is dissolved by natural acid in groundwater and rainwater that seeps through faults and joints in the earth. Over thousands of years, these cracks expand to become caves. And those stalagmites (from the floor) and stalactites (from the ceiling) that you often see are made of calcium carbonate, and produced through slow precipitation. Throughout history, primitive people have used caves for shelter, burial or as religious sites. Because of their protection from exposed climate, caves are ultimately an archaeological treasure trove. There are a number of caves in the southwest of France that contain prehistoric paintings and fossils. Unfortunately, the ones we explored do not. However, if you’re up for some eerie fun underground, then these caves are well worth a visit.

Les Grottes de St. Cezaire The caves of St. Cezaire are situated in a picturesque park just outside of Grasse. Like a scene out of Alice in Wonderland, you enter the caves through a doorway situated within the gift shop/kiosk! With guide close at hand, you are lead into a cavern of intriguing shapes and colours. This cave is famous for its number of formations, including draperies, stalagmites, stalactites and straws. It is also known for its exquisite red colour. Eric, the guide, gives a wonderful, animated commentary in both French and English. Léon Dozol, who was digging his field to plant a vine, discovered the cave in 1980. For years, he dumped rocks and dirt into the pit, and then one day decided to explore it. Joined by a group of men, Dozol first had to remove all the debris he had thrown in! Then he discovered the cave, which was much bigger than they expected. It was named Dozol cave thereafter. Tour takes about 40 minutes.


la grotte de baume obscure


Baume Obscure is not a single cave, but a series of nine different caves, all belonging to the same cave system. The tour takes you 1200 metres into the earth, and along a 700-metre trail. This tour is sure to get your hairs standing on-end, as not only is the cave a cool 12°C, it is also unguided! Armed with a very large torch, you are left to wander through the caves at your own free will, with a sound and light show to guide you. It does get a little confusing at times, but that just ads to the fun. Scary, gothic music signals the pace of the tour, and odd little fairies have been strangely deposited throughout the caves. The pièce de résistance is the enchanting fluorescent-green pool chamber. It is just like something out of a Disney movie. The oldest known part of the cave, Grotte de Cyprés, was first explored in 1895 by Guébhard, and most of the other caves are located around this one. Work began on the caves in 1958 and it was open to the public soon after. It was closed for a short period due to damage, before exploration resumed in 1985. Four cavers had the arduous task of removing debris and connecting various caves. It took ten years to turn Baume Obscure into a show cave – at the time the Alpes Maritimes’ second only of its kind.

Travel to Grasse on the A8, turn left towards St . Jaques & follow the signs to St. Cezaire. The grottes are clearly marked. To reach Baume Obscure from here, follow the signs to Saint-Vallier. There are small backstreets and dirt roads, but you will reach the caves eventually!




Much of the Riviera’s rich history can be seen through its enchanting fortresses. Their imposing structure and stunning location transport you back to the time of Kings, war and survival. In parallel, many now house modern art museums and unique collections. Here are some of the Riviera’s favourite châteaux…

Château Grimaldi de Roquebrune-Cap-Martin Château Grimaldi de Roquebrune-Cap-Martin appears to be the oldest fortress in the Riviera, and contains what is believed to be the oldest dungeon in France. It is also one of the few castles that hasn’t been renovated or partly turned into a modern museum. The château was built in the 10th century by the Count of Ventimiglia, and sits gallantly above the small medieval village of Roquebrune-Cap-Martin. In 1355, the village fell under the control of the Grimaldi family and remained so for five centuries, during which time the castle’s military power was strengthened. The fortress withstood many sieges throughout history, and apart from a few royal visits, it was mainly occupied by soldiers. A tour of the castle includes the armoury, dining parlour, kitchen, archers’ room and prison – with eerie white silhouettes helping to set the scene. There are detailed storyboards throughout the castle, views over the red roofs of the village, and a spectacular panorama of the Riviera coast. The castle is open daily and costs 3.70€ for adults, children and students 1.60€.

Château de la Napoule The Château de la Napoule is one of the most impressive castles on the French Riviera, elegantly situated on the coast of La Napoule. The château was constructed in the 14th century by the Countess of Villeneuve. It was then destroyed and rebuilt no less than eight times, before it was transformed into a glass factory in the 19th century. By 1918, it had fallen into ruin, and was purchased by two Americans, Henry Clews Jr. and his wife Marie Elise Whelen Goelet. Henry, a former banker and sculptor, and his architecture-savvy wife restored and expanded the château, erecting two towers, a gatehouse, ramparts and sea view terraces. Henry also filled the château with his own fantastical, gargoyle-like sculptures. The gardens of the château are also famous. They were created by Marie and combine formal French design with romantic English flora. Various fountains and Henry’s sculptures are dotted throughout. In 1951, Marie created the La Napoule Art Foundation, to which she handed over control of the castle. The foundation remains a centre for nurturing and inspiring the talents of artists from all nations. The château is open from 10am – 6pm. Entry is free and guided tours are available.

Château-Musée Grimaldi

The Grimaldi’s built Château Grimaldi, commonly known as the Picasso Museum, in the early 1300’s, after the Counts of Provence gave them the city of Cagnes. A fortress was created, around which the medieval city of Haut de Cagnes now stands. It was sold during the French Revolution and underwent a major renovation. It was used then as a barracks and hospital, before falling into disrepair. It was eventually purchased by a doctor in 1873 and restored to its 1620’s glory. Baroque influences can be found in the grand banquet hall, arched galleries, the staircase and the elaborately painted ceiling. There is also a beautiful internal courtyard; a fresco representing the fall of Phaeton, created by Giulio Benso in 1620; and a very large and impressive fireplace. In the 1900’s, the Grimaldi boudoir was filled with a bizarre collection of portraits of Suzy Solidor (1900-85), a Parisian cabaret singer who spent the last 25 years of her life in Cagnes-sur-Mer. The château now houses the Mediterranean Museum of Modern Art and a Museum of Olives. Its tower also affords breathtaking views of the region. In October, the museum is open every day except Tuesday, 10-12pm & 2pm – 5pm. Adults 4€, under 18yrs free.

Château de Villeneuve-Loubet

Château de Villeneuve-Loubet is a beautiful medieval fortress, built in the 12th century by Romée de Villeneuve. It is how you would expect a medieval fortress to look - four circular towers grouped around a large courtyard, cobbled with river pebbles, and a medieval drawbridge. The château enjoyed its hour of glory in 1536 when King François I stayed there for the signing of the Truce of Nice with Emperor Charles Quint – a pact that put an end to the wars of Italy. The building, topped by a pentagonal prison cell, is surrounded by magnificent grounds studded with Mediterranean and tropical trees. It is now a private residence, but guided tours can be organised by appointment: 04 92 02 66 16.



SARKOZY’S LEGACY & THE HISTORY CLASSES OF TOMORROW President Nicolas Sarkozy’s unrelenting drive to deport Roma back to their home countries is attracting mounting criticism throughout the world. The European Commission is outraged at new revelations the deportations may be illegally targeted at the Roma, despite contrary claims from Paris. Meanwhile, the head of France’s domestic intelligence agency has warned the country has never faced a greater terrorist threat, after Senators voted to pass a ban on the burqa and the niqab in September. Sarkozy’s shameless attitude towards immigration and security may be helping to boost his popularity ratings, but is he setting a dangerous precedent for the rest of Europe? And exactly what legacy does the 23rd President of France expect to leave?

are criminals, according to Sarkozy (despite an apparent lack of arrests and convictions). Estimates put the number of Roma in France at 15,000 to 20,000, while there are believed to be 400,000 travelling people in total. They are free to reside within other EU Member States, on the following conditions: the resident should be a worker or self-employed and not become a burden on social assistance, and they must not be a threat to public security. Sarkozy’s justification for the deportations: the Roma are breaching their end of the deal. But the law also states that expulsions must be assessed on the personal conduct of the individual, and there is doubt as to whether France has assessed each of the 8,000 individual deportation cases so far this year.

While France has been steadily deporting Roma for over a year now, the issue came to a head in July, when Sarkozy publicly linked Roma to crime, calling the camps in which some of them live sources of trafficking, exploitation of children and prostitution. He vowed to dismantle 300 camps and send its inhabitants back to Romania and Bulgaria within three months. Two days later, a poll showed his popularity had jumped by two points. In August, the European Commission gave a somewhat veiled criticism, acknowledging France’s right to ignore their plea to stop the deportations immediately. Despite anger from The Vatican, the European Union authorities, the UN, Human Rights Groups and even some members of the president’s own UMP party, Sarkozy vowed to follow through to the end.

Meanwhile, France is party to the European Convention on Human Rights, which explicitly prohibits the expulsion of aliens en masse. Herein lies the second problem. Immigration Minister Eric Besson has maintained that the expulsions are not specifically aimed at the Roma and that they are being treated no differently to other EU migrants who do not meet France’s residency rules. But a leaked memo to the French media on September 12th suggests differently. The internal memo, signed by Michel Bart - the chief of staff for Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux – was circulated to police chiefs and reads: “300 camps or illegal settlements must be evacuated within three months; Roma camps are a priority. It is down to the préfect in each department to begin a systematic dismantling of the illegal camps, particularly those of the Roma.” Besson says he has never seen the memo and insists he was acting on the basis of another document that does not target the Roma gypsies en masse. But the order has changed the rules of the game. European Justice Commissioner Viviane Reding immediately announced an investigation into whether France is breaking European law, while other human rights groups have also signalled legal action. Sophie In’t Veld, ALDE deputy chair of the civil liberties committee, said “If the EU institutions are not able to react to such a violation of our law and of our principles by one of the founding member states then our credibility itself is at stake.”

France is certainly not the first country to indulge in apparent anti-Roma prejudice. For centuries, the Roma have been subject to ethnic cleansing, abduction of their children and forced labor. In England, there were hangings and expulsions, in Moravia and Bohemia severing of ears of women. In World War II they were marked for extermination and sentenced to concentration camps or killed on sight. After 1945, in the Czech Republic, Romani women were sterilised as part of a state policy to reduce their population until as late as 2001. It has been reported that in the past two years, Germany, Britain, Sweden, Italy, Denmark and Belgium have also taken action against the Roma or stated an intention to do so. Why? Because the Roma, or gypsies, are not like the rest of us. They have forever been a nomadic people, often living in makeshift communities, with high levels of unemployment and very low levels of social integration. We see them as beggars here on the streets of Nice, while in Paris residents complain of having to live next to Roma camps, saying its inhabitants are unhygienic, living in squalor and abusing the environment. One woman told the media, “Anyone who thinks they should stay can have them living nearby as we have for the last four years. They throw everything into the river, bottles, car oil, tyres, excrement.” Moreover, they


Regardless of our opinions towards how the Gypsies live, there is a reason why the European Commission and the Convention on Human Rights were created. And France, as an EU founder member, proud of its historic legacy as the home of human rights, has a duty to do the right thing. But what is the right course of action? Will deporting them back to their home countries, with 300€ in their hands, stop them from returning and continuing the cycle? The logical answer, is no. Will France’s actions set a precedent for other EU Member States? Indications suggest, yes. Italy has resumed dismantling its Roma camps and other EU Member States are watching closely. Can you imagine if these deportations were aimed at ‘Jews’ or ‘Muslims’?

A more productive, humane course of action would be to support international strategies to integrate the Roma into society. A conference in the Romanian capital Bucharest this month will discuss aid initiatives for the Roma, and encourage EU member states like Romania and Bulgaria to benefit from financial support. In addition, we are right in the middle of ‘The Decade of Roma Inclusion’, an unprecedented political commitment by European governments to improve the socio-economic status and social inclusion of Roma, allocating resources to improve employment, education, health and housing. Twelve countries are involved - Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Macedonia, Montenegro, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia and Spain. Now to Sarkozy’s next legacy – possibly the first President in the world to ban the burqa. On the same day that controversial ‘Roma’ memo was leaked to the media, French Senators passed a bill to ban the burqa and the niqab. It declares that “no-one can, in the public space, wear clothing intended to hide the face,” and will come into effect in around six months if approved by constitutional judges. A woman who chooses to defy the ban will receive a fine of 150€ or a course of citizenship lessons. Again, regardless of our opinions, we must ask – is France setting a dangerous precedent for the rest of Europe? Movements to ban the garment have now gained ground across Europe, with polls in Italy, Spain, Germany and Britain indicating widespread support. A ban was passed by Belgian’s lower house in April, but was dissolved before a final vote. Spain currently prohibits full-face veils in public buildings and is considering a national ban, while Italy is pushing to follow France. Personally, I am not a fan of religions that treat women less than men (that is, most of them), however I do think that all this law will do is sentence the 5,000 or so Muslim women in France who wear the burqa, to house arrest. It also gives fuel to Muslim extremism. A terror attack on France is now ‘imminent’ according to Interior Minister Brice Hortefeux, who said on September 20th that intelligence suggests France is at immediate risk of a major terror attack by Islamist radicals, possibly on its transport system. Ultimately, France’s policies directly involve just 20,000 people (5,000 Muslim women and 15,000 Roma). Yet the implications are enormous and long-lasting. Sarkozy, in his efforts to protect the country’s citizens and ‘free’ the women of Islam, may be leading Europe down a path of no return. It makes you wonder how his era of reign will be studied in the history classes of the tomorrow. Cassandra Tanti


October 2010

Magic abounds this month in Monaco & Cannes; International figure skating artists hit the ice in Nice; Grasse presents a furry bio show; Patron Saints are celebrated; & rally cars rev up in Antibes. It’s an action packed October!

3rd October

10th October

21st – 24th October

Autumn Fair

Saint Réparate Festival

An annual Autumn fair with local produce, arts, crafts and entertainment. Free.

Parades, church services and celebrations of Nice’s Patron Saint Réparate.

19th annual Festival of Science



3rd October

13th – 17th October

Fête de la Sainte Fleur

City of Nice International Figure Skating Cup


Parades in the old town of Nice and a service at the Sainte-Réparte cathedral in Place Rossetti.

7th – 10th October

Monte-Carlo Magic Stars Monaco

A magic spectacular, featuring internationally renowned artists and new talents. Thursday 7th & Friday 8th – 9pm shows; Saturday 9th & Sunday 10th – 3pm shows. Tickets: 47€ adults, 24€ Under 21. Gala evening Saturday 9th.


The 15th annual Figure Skating and Ice Dancing competition, including some of the finest skaters from 30 nations. Palais des Sports Jean Bouin.

Nice and surrounding viillages. 22nd- 24th October

Farmyard Animals Grasse

The 14th International Farmyard Animals Show presents a variety of pure bred farm animals, raised organically by amateur breeders. There are also local produce stands and information on breeding equipment.Tickets: 5€ adult, free for children under 12.

23rd October

Cannes Magic Festival Cannes

The Cannes Magic Festival presents a line-up of renowned artists for moments of suspense and enchantment. A show rich in illusions, where the audience is swept along on a journey of discovery of the paranormal, mentalism and telepathy. Tickets: 20-28€. Palais des Festivals et des Congres.

23rd October

Don Giovanni

14th – 17th October

45th Antibes-Côte d’Azur Rally Race Antibes

7th, 10th, 13th, 16th October

Opera - Dialogues of the Carmelites Nice

This is the first presentation of the production in France.

9th – 17th October

European drivers stop in Antibes to take part in the French event of the 2010 European Rally Championships. Featuring a national rally and an historic rally.

15th – 22nd October

Oktoberfest Monaco

For the fourth year running, Café de Paris in Monaco hosts its own version of Germany’s Oktoberfest.

International Fair of Monaco

16th – 17th October

A series of exhibitions celebrating art and traditions from difference cultures across the world. Espace Fontvielle.

A trade show bringing together around 60 wine producers, artists and food professionals. Includes wine tasting and art exhibition. Entry 3€, includes souvenir wine tasting glass.


Wine & Arts Festival Théoule-sur-Mer


An opera in two acts by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, based on a libretto by Lorenzo de Ponte inspired by the myth of Don Joan. Tickets: 2575€. Nice Acropolis.

23rd October – 3rd November

Halloween Animations Nice

Park Phoenix.

28th October

Michel Leeb Hilarmonic Show Nice

Half-concert, half-show – a satirical concert where great music and comedy combine. Featuring the classics by Strauss, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky. Tickets: 35-41€. Nice Acropolis.

31st October – 1st November

Mushroom Exhibition Nice

Parc Phoenix. 9

Food Guide

& Reviews

Caffé dell’ Arte

Eric Lemen

Caffé dell’ Arte is a standout restaurant on the Cours Saleya, not only for its flaming orange lamps and medieval-style table settings, but also for its food and ambiance. You’ll be surprised how much variety this cosy restaurant/bar manages to provide, from a coin-conscience lunch and 4pm apéro, to an indulgent night out with friends. Caffé dell’ Arte has an artistic charm that is first recognized in the décor – large, highback metal chairs for an intimate, archaic ambiance; twisted wrought iron table lamps entwined with amber paper mimicking flaming lamps; and an attic dining room filled with impressive works by local artists, complete with a ‘secret’ room. The large terrace that extends onto the Cours Saleya is also a bonus. That artistic flair then extends to the menu, which can be described as a combination of traditional French and new-world cuisine. The chefs dish up an impressive number of different flavours, including linguini with foie gras and mushrooms, duck skewers and chestnut soup. For the less daring, there are a large variety of perfected classics, like pasta cabonara, grilled beef and chicken skewers. Seafood appears to be their passion, and from I have tasted, their forte. Sea bream, scallops and salmon abound, all prepared with fresh herbs, spices and delectable sauces. There is also an abundance of mussels, served in a variety of interesting ways, including Indian and Mexican! The price for meat and seafood is above average (about 20-30€), but I am a strong believer in you get what you pay for. However, there are value-for-money pastas, bruschettas and salads - all around 12€. If you are on a budget, then I recommend the lunch menu. For just 10€ you receive a glass of wine, a delicious plat du jour and a coffee. For the health conscience, there’s an ‘equilibrium’ menu with a glass of mineral water, plat du jour and green tea. Lunch à la carte dishes also average around 10€. You just can’t beat midday dining as a fun and cheap way to experience quality restaurants. It’s also possible to drop in to Caffé dell’ Arte for a drink or snack. They offer happy hour drinks and taste plates for just 4.10€. Caffé dell’ Arte is always filled with locals, and offers some great deals at any time of the day. But if you are looking to splurge a little while dining amongst the eclectic ambiance of the Cours Saleya, then this restaurant is hard to pass by. Caffé dell’ Arte is on 6 Cours Saleya, and is open Wednesday to Sunday, from 8am to 2.30am.

Next time you can’t face the idea of cooking and don’t feel social 3 rue Nice enough to eat out, ditch the takeaway pizza and Dalpozzo, go gourmet! Chef Domicile Eric Lemen has brought ‘take-out’ to a whole new level with his delightful, affordable little creations. The selection is remarkable, and his boutique is like a lolly store, for adults! Donning his chef’s attire, Eric Lemen personally serves you his entrée size delights from behind the counter at rue Meyerbeer. Each day, he presents a selection of the 100 dishes on offer. They include skewers, hot mousse, filled filo pastries, gaspacho, cocottes (little stew pots), breads, salads, tartares (diced raw meets/fish), mini tarts, sorbets, and verrines (different ingredients layered in a glass). In addition, there are an equally impressive number of desserts. I tried the smoked duck tartare – a delightful gourmet version of potato salad; light and crispy filo baskets filled with chunks of salmon on a bed of creamy potato mash; lobster and lemongrass samossa; rabbit stew with olive tapenade and cherry tomatoes; and baby langoustine and asparagus atop a lentil cake. Each dish was alive with fresh flavours and the presentation was exceptional. At an average of 2.50€ per dish, this is also very affordable gourmet cuisine. If you want to throw a superior dinner party, you can even buy the little serving dishes at small price. Eric doesn’t speak English, so certain knowledge of French cuisine is helpful. But you can also just go for what looks good! If you’d prefer the dishes delivered to your home, you can order online at an added cost. There’s also plat du jours available for just 7.80€. While I normally review restaurants in this section, it is a delight to recommend restaurant-quality food available for take-away. And, given the very limited selection of healthy and affordable take-away options in Nice, this is one fast food that is easy to justify. Eric Lemen is open Monday to Saturday, 9.30am - 1pm, & 4pm - 8pm. 19 rue Meyerbeer, 04 93 82 53 90.

Pizza al Taglio Present this ad to receive a FREE slice of pizza with any pizza purchase! 10

rue Louis Gassin - opp. Saleay Post Office

We Recommend l’Univers - Michelin Star - 54 bld Jean Jeurés 04 93 62 32 Le Locale - Italian resto & deli - 4 rue Rusca Nice Port 04 93 14 08 29 Cave de l’Origine - Wine Bar - 3 rue Dalpozzo - 04 83 50 09 60 Rossetisserie - Roast meats - 8 rue Mascoinat 04 93 76 18 80 Mangez Moi - Garden Restaurant - 9 rue Blacas 04 93 87 54 71 Zen - Japanese - 27 rue d’Angleterre 04 93 82 41 20 Café del Mare - Asian, French & Med. - Beaulieu sur Mer Port 04 93 54 65 34 11e Art - Contemporary -11 rue Meyerbeer- 04 93 87 57 15


A bold and enticing new restaurant has just opened up in Nice, challenging the concept that good wine can only be served from a bottle. To convince the sceptics, it matches great French wines - from a box - with a variety of quality dishes. Even if you aren’t into French wines, this restaurant is worthy of attention. But there’s no doubt, wine lovers will be in their element. Vinomania is a small (but quickly growing) French franchise, founded on the belief that French people would rather not have wine at all, than open a bottle and not finish it. So, they decided to market the ’Bag in a Box’, and in their words “modernize this cubic container by filling it with quality French wines from châteaux and domaines with A.O.C accreditation, most of them small producers.” Around sixty wines are available in the restaurant or for retail sale. But what is great wine without great food? Alas, Vinomania also has an impressive cuisine that, like its wine, is designed to get the tastebuds dancing. In fact, they propose my favourite kind of cuisine – tappas style plates with a variety of different tastes and textures. The ‘Assiettes Gourmandes’ are accompanied by three glasses of different wines, specifically chosen to match the varying flavours on each plate. It’s always fun to trust the professionals. The plate options are oh so tempting – we tried the traditional charcuterie plate, piled high with delectable south-west hams and accompanied with the most creamy, flavoursome cheeses; and the delightful L’ardoise Vénitienne - a selection of rice filled baby red peppers, salmon terrine and salmon filled ravioli presented with a creamy tomato tapenade sauce. Other plates combine prawns, scallops, foie gras or fish delivered with vegetable skewers, caviars and confits. At an average of 15€ per plate, including the 3 wines, these plates are hard to pass by. Nonetheless, they also offer smaller plates following a similar seafood or Mediterranean theme. There’s also salads, carpaccios and pastas – all priced under 10€.

19 ave Maréchal Joffre

So, why would you choose to drink wine out of a box and not a bottle? The answer is, in fact, purely scientific. This kind of packaging ensures the flavours of the wine are unaffected by oxidation, caused by exposure to light and air, meaning the wine can be drunk several months after opening. All the wines for retail sale are available for tasting, but I think the best way to put their theory to the test, is to match it with their food. The atmosphere at Vinomania is fresh and modern, the service is excellent, and it is but a skip and a hop from the bustling zone pietonne.

Cave Wilson - Wine Bar -16 rue Gubernatis - 04 93 85 33 10 Darlington - Modern Bistro - 11 rue Dellile - 04 93 87 92 32 Les Jardins du Capitole - French/World Cuisine - 52 Promenade des Anglais 04 93 44 78 81 Le Choucas - Fondu - 3 rue Place Vielle 04 93 62 13 44 Chez Juliette - French -1 rue Rosetti - 04 93926847 Le Pain à Table - Bakery Restaurant -1 rue St. François de Paul 04 93 62 94 32 Delhi Darbar - Indian -14 ru Abbaye 04 93 01 45 68 Bellota House - Spanish & Tapas -19 rue de la Prefecture 04 93 68 61 83 Le Virginie - Seafood - Place August Blanqui 0493551007 Snug - Gastro Pub - Corner rue Droite & rue Rossetti Giuseppe & Peppimo - Café/Restaurant - Place Garibaldi La Pierre Bise - Pierrade Restaurant - 5 rue Barillerie 0493 53 44 94 Le Tire Bouchon - French - rue de la Prefecture 04 93 92 63 64 La Chaumiere - A-list Restaurant - 384 bld de L’Observatoire 04 93 01 77 68 By Sushi - Japanese - 4 rue Bosio 04 93 80 03 34 Adonis - Lebanese -12 rue Saint Francois de Paule 04 93 62 35 02 Le Bistro du Fromager - Fondu - 29 rue Benoit Bunico 04 93 13 07 83 Frog - Modern French - 65 rue Milton Robbins 04 93 85 85 65 Café Borghese - Modern French - 9 rue Fodere 04 92 04 83 83 Gloss - World Food -16 rue Delile 04 93 81 71 87 Papayou - Modern French - 35 rue de la Prefecture 04 93 80 15 97 L’Ybane - Lebanese - 1 rue de la Liberté 04 93 16 26 26

To read the reviews, visit: Editor’s Note: Our restaurant reviews are not paid for. The restaurants do not know they are being reviewed so we can give an honest assessment without bias. I hope you enjoy my recommendations as much as I enjoy discovering them! Cassandra Tanti



Art & culture

FRANCISCAN MUSEUM, CHURCH AND MONASTERY OF CIMIEZ Open 10am to 12pm and 3pm to 6pm/closed Sundays MATISSE MUSEUM 164 Avenue des Arènes de Cimiez Open 10am to 6pm, closed on Tuesdays

Exhibition Giacometti & Maeght, 1946 – 1966 Fondation Maeght - St-Paul de Vence


This exhibition brings together the artist’s best known masterpieces, including the bronzes: ‘Walking Man’, ‘Dog’, & ‘Cat’. His rarer paintings will also have an important place in the exhibition, in particular the portraits of Aimé and Marguerite Maeght. The rest of the exhibition will be made up of more than 80 drawings, extremely rare ‘plâtres peints’, etchings and letters.

ASIAN ARTS MUSEUM 405, Promenade des Anglais Arénas

La Carte d’après Nature

MUSEUM OF ART AND HISTORY (Palais Masséna) 35 Promenade des Anglais

The Villa Paloma features the work of a selection of contemporary artists: Martin Boyce, Tacita Dean and Rodney Graham, as well as the surrealist René Magritte - from whose art revue the exhibition takes its name - Italian photographer Luigi Ghirri. The works have been specially selected by the noted German photographer Thomas Demand, exploring the theme of art and territory.


Musée International d’Art Naïf Anatole Jakovsky The beautiful pink Château Sainte-Hélène houses a collection of naïve art, bequeathed to the city by M Jakovsky. There are over 600 paintings, drawings and sculptures tracing the history of this artistic movement from the 18th century to the present day.



Monaco New National Museum

MUSEUM OF CONTEMPORARY AND MODERN ART (MAMAC) Promenade des Arts Open from 10am to 6pm/closed Mondays FINE ARTS MUSEUM 33, Avenue des Baumettes Open 10am to 6pm/closed Mondays VILLA ARSON 20, Avenue Stephen Liégeard, Closed Tuesdays

First on the list this month is the NEW John le Carré Our Kind of Traitor, which fans have been eagerly awaiting. Another highly anticipated book is The Making of the Empire Strikes Back, whose publication date was postponed several times. But I can confirm that it is out and is a very lavish affair to boot. And, of course, the end of October is Halloween, so this month’s reads include creepy crawlies, frogs and toads, pumpkins with lights and ghosts in the night. ...Linda

30 rue Lamartine, Nice Tel: 04 93 80 02 66

Our Kind of Traitor by John le Carré After the Cold War, le Carré turns his pen to modern-day Britain - a compelling tale of deceit. One of le Carré’s strengths as an author is his mastery of dialogue, another is his vivid characters, and in this novel - arguably his best - he has reached the apogee of his art. A story about love, honour and betrayal, it is also an attack on those who rule Britain: the corruption and greed of the government, the press and, in particular, the city where money is transferred back and forth for the benefit of a greedy few. Money has no smell, it also has no morals. Another fascinating aspect is the Kremlin’s campaign to control Russia’s organized crime.

The Making of The Empire Strikes Back : The Definitive Story Behind the Film by J.W. Rinzler This full colour exclusive extravaganza with over a thousand images has got to be the ultimate, the definitive collectors item for fans of Star Wars. J.W. Rinzler has access to the Lucasfilm archives, and opens up their unique treasure trove of never-before-published photos, design sketches, paintings, production notes, interviews, anecdotes, and scripts. He takes us through the whole production process, reliving behind-the-scenes events and stories, giving a whole new dimension to this cult film. A must for fans and cinephiles.

Maisy’s Halloween by Lucy Cousins & Trixie the Halloween Fairy by Daisy Meadows Enjoy Maisy’s Halloween spooky stickers, or join Trixie the Halloween Fairy and help save Halloween from mean Jack Frost and the naughty goblins! Have a party with Halloween Fun and Food which is packed with spooky step-by-step projects for all the family to make and enjoy, including scary masks, ghoulish decorations and recipes for a chilly Halloween night - everything you need to make Halloween parties a howling success.


Maps of Nice

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la Bu ff a

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o y a le

R ue Da

R ue de

Me ye r

be e r



Les Jardins du Capitole

Bains Douches





Unique Pieces

Clothes, Shoes & Accessories

Designer Brands

41 RUE DE FRANCE, NICE Tel: 06 88 54 22 20 14




Place Massena

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rue de la

Ba ri lle ri




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Cave Bianchi


Rue Va n Lo o

R ue De sb

o u ti n



Lifestyle & Health By Health Reporter Cassandra Tanti

Beat the Blues

Feeling a little down now the sun isn’t shining as much and the thermometer’s dropping? Then try a few of these little pick-me-ups to get you back in a good mood.

Buy something blue

Blue is naturally relaxing, so wear something blue, buy a blue painting or stare at a clear sky.

Put on your favourite music

Listening to your favourite song or album will instantly energize, motivate and relax you.

Buy a puppy

Skin-on-skin (or fur) is a natural upper, so if you can’t buy a dog or cat, make a coffee date with a friend who has one!

Smell something

Nice smells, like freshly mowed grass or a tub of popcorn, can up your mood instantly, as the areas of the brain that process smell and emotion are directly linked.

Clean your apartment or desk

If you see a messy room or office, you naturally feel uneasy. While the act of cleaning may not make you feel particularly happy, the end result will - visual confusion and clutter can make us feel overwhelmed and grumpy!

Call a friend

Don’t email or text, pick up the phone and call your friend! Have a laugh about something and get those endorphins flowing.

Go with the flow

Regardless of whether you have already showered for the day, soak in a warm bath or stand under the shower – it is a well-known fact that water is calming.

The entrance to a home is the soul of where you live. Accord-

ing to Feng Shui, it makes or breaks the living conditions inside. So, if you have a small entrance use mirrors to create a sense of space, and make sure the area is well lit. To encourage positive energy, place fresh flowers and plants here, and your favourite pictures.

Make a date

If your bathroom or toilet is in view of your front door, make sure these areas remain closed.

Write a list

your energy. Your bed head should always be against a solid wall. A solid wall means you will have a deeper sleep.

Lock in a lunch or dinner with friends or your partner a few days ahead of the present. It will give you something to look forward to. Maybe try one of our restaurant recommendations in That’s Nice magazine! If you are feeling overwhelmed, break down your goals into small manageable tasks. We feel happy when we achieve even minor accomplishments. Cross it off the list and reward yourself.

Get moving

Avoid putting your bed head against a window, as this will drain

Remove any mirrors that reflect the bed. Mirrors drain energy and can be harmful to your relationship.

Do not place furniture underneath a ceiling beam, it causes chi to be pressured thereby putting pressure on your life.

You don’t have to go for a 10km run, but even a simple 30-minute walk will help you relax and feel good about yourself.

Place a lot of green plants in your living rooms, plants bring a

Even if someone did something nice for you months ago, you can still return the favour and feel good about yourself now. Bake a cake, take them to lunch or catch up over a glass of wine.

There should be no television set in your bedroom. Furniture in the living room should be arranged in a way that

Return a favour

Watch a comedy

Laughter is the best medicine, so put on your favourite comedy, perhaps invite around some friends, and work that diaphragm! If you need a quick fix and don’t have a funny DVD on hand, checkout the stand-up comedy on YouTube!


If you don’t already know about quinoa, then it’s time to reap the benefits of this small seed. This nutritional powerhouse is packed full of vitamins and minerals, and also has more fibre and protein than most grains. It keeps your blood sugar levels stable, helping you feel full for longer, so it is perfect for people wanting to lose weight. It is also great for vegetarians, providing all eight of the essential amino acids that our bodies need to repair themselves. Use it as an alternative to other carbs such as white rice and pasta! 16

Feng Shui Makeover

The principle behind Feng Shui (meaning wind and water) is the constant flow of energy and nature, both positive and negative. Much of Feng Shui in the home is common sense - what feels right when you walk into a room. There are also specific ‘don’ts’ in Feng Shui, so here are some of the easiest, practical principles to apply to your house or apartment:

lot of yang energy and flowing chi to your living space.

encourages conversation, and it should all face the door. Don’t put chairs in front of a fireplace. Trust your instincts when using Feng Shui in your home or apartment and, according to the experts, you’ll create a space that encourages friendship, success and happiness in every area of your life!

Did you know?

There is a restaurant in Arizona, United States, doing its bit to help the country’s soaring obesity rates. The Heart Attack Grill is serving up tasty delights like the Quadruple Bypass Burger, including four beef patties and 8 slices of cheese, estimated by some to be worth 8,000 calories. You can order a side of Flatliner Fries, and finish it off with a packet of nofilter cigarettes for good measure. And just to ensure they’re getting the right kind of people ‘through the door’, patrons weighing over 350 pounds (159kg) eat for free!

Recipe’s from the Riviera

By Chef Tania Tanti

Roasted Pumpkin Bruschettas with Smoked Ham Serves 4 1 baguette, sliced diagonally 150g butternut pumpkin, peeled, deseeded and chopped Olive oil Salt and pepper 100g smoked parma ham (jambon cru fumé), sliced thinly Freshly shaved parmesan cheese

Heat the oven to 180°C. Scatter the chopped pumpkin on a baking tray, drizzle with olive oil, season with salt and pepper and cook for 20-30 minutes or until tender. In the last ten minutes of cooking, cut the bread into 1cm thick slices and put in the oven. Fry the parma ham in a pan until crisp. To assemble, spoon the pumpkin on to the toasts, sprinkle with parma ham, top with parmesan shavings and drizzle with olive oil.

Bandol Rosé Mas de la Rouvière 2008 – 21€ Arguably, the best rosés come from Bandol! This is a well-structured, light rosé and matches the Mediterranean flavours of the entrée perfectly.

Pan Fried Sea Bass with Cauliflower Puree & Wild Mushrooms Serves 4 ½ an onion, finely diced ½ cup white wine 2 cloves crushed garlic 300g cauliflower florets 500g wild mushrooms 4 filets of sea bass 350ml cream Salt & pepper Butter Olive oil

Over a medium heat, add a knob of butter and a tablespoon of olive oil to a pan, heat and add the onion. When the onion is half cooked, add the garlic and cook slowly, being careful not to brown. When the onion is transparent, add the cauliflower and white wine and reduce until the wine has evaporated. Add the cream, and reduce by half. Season with salt and pepper. Place the mixture in a food processor or blend with a hand mixer, until you form a puree. Set aside. In a hot pan, sauté the mushrooms in butter and oil, salt and pepper for about 2 minutes. Finally, add butter & oil to a hot pan and fry the fish, skin side first. Cook for approximately 3 minutes each side, depending on width of the fish. To assemble, place a dollop of puree on the plate, place the fish beside it and scatter the dish with the mushrooms.

Côtes de Provence Blanc 2009 Terre du Mistral de la montagne Sainte Victoire – 15€

This fruity, dry white wine is a wonderful accompaniment to the fish and mushroom features of this dish.

Toffee Figs with Mascarpone Cream Serves 4 4 figs 1 cup caster sugar 250g mascarpone 2 tbs icing sugar 2 tsp vanilla essence 200ml whipped cream

Cut the figs into quarters, but don’t cut all the way through. Place the caster sugar and 2 tablespoons of water into a small saucepan and cook over a high heat, stirring until the syrup is lightly golden. Instantly submerge the base of the pan into a sink full of cold water to stop the toffee from cooking further. Quickly pour the toffee over the figs. Mix together the mascarpone, icing sugar and vanilla essence in a bowl, then gently fold in the cream. To serve, place a dollop of mascarpone cream onto each plate and top with a toffee fig.

Champagne Delamotte 1999 – 43€ A light-bodied and subtle champagne, blending baked apple and smoke flavours with a butterscotch candy finish. A superb vintage and a perfect, dry champagne to match this dessert.

CAVE BIANCHI Free wine tasting!*

Let the professionals at Nice’s oldest wine cave tell you the stories behind the wine!

“We’ll offer you the wine if you promise to finish your glass!”

7, rue Raoul Bosio, 06300 NICE. Tel. 04 93 85 65 79 *Mention That’s Nice magazine to enjoy your free wine tasting. Every day from 6.30pm.


FUSION In the Spotlight


Koka is one of the most recognisable and entertaining performers in the French Riviera. Not to be confused with a transvestite or drag queen, Koka prefers the term ‘transformist’, and transform he does! Coming from a career in television and dance, Koka’s initial performance as a woman was an imitation of Grace Jones – certainly a challenge for a first time artist. For those who are too young to know, Grace Jones was a famous Jamaican-American singer, model, actress and ultimately, gay icon of the 80’s, famous for her transgender appearance and outlandish costumes. Betty Boop, Marilyn Monroe and Tina Turner are now among Koka’s favourite immitations, and there appears to be no costume he won’t try. “I never used to be this big,” he laughs, “I actually don’t remember when it happened!”

Gay Friendly Listings Nice BARS Le Crazy 21 rue Droite Glam 6 rue Emmanuel La Civette 1 Cours Saleya Le Smarties 6 rue Defly Le Fard 25 Promenade des Anglais Le Klub 6 rue Halévy

RESTAURANTS La Pierre Bise 5 rue Barillerie Les Jardins du Capitole 52 Prom. des Anglaise Les Maori 15 rue Massena

As anyone who has seen Koka knows, his performances are more than just immitations. He loves to humour up the show with dialogue and crowd interaction, throwing in witty takes on the latest news or celebrity headlines. He performs as he lives – full of passion, humour and dreams. “If you don’t realise your dreams, you don’t move,” says Koka, “It is very important to dream.”


So, was it difficult to create a successful career as a transformist? Not at all, says Koka, “I love my job, not everybody can say that”. It is behind his make-up and characters, that Koka shines. For that reason, he will never perform on stage as a man. “I am very timid,” he says, “if I don’t have make-up on, it is not possible for me to perform”. But that’s where the transformation ends; don’t expect to see him out of hours in his extravagant stage attire. As soon as the show is over, he likes to shed the costume and make-up, and return to his everyday, male self.


Koka now stages ‘Le Grande Folie Show’ with his co-performers. You can also catch him at Rainbow Power, Le Crazy, Le Fard and Canne’s Disco 7. * picture courtesy

October Play Dates

Just One More - House Party Saturday 2nd

Araud Rollin Aka DJ 313 Saturday 2nd

Music Hits

Azur 4 quai Papacino Bains Douches 7 rue Gubernatis Du Château 17 rue Ponchettes

HAIR DRESSER Impact Coiffeure 39 rue Droite & 8 rue Francis Gallo

HOTELS Connexion 65 rue de la Buffa

High, 47/45 Promenade des Anglais Nice Friday 1st

Le Klub, 6 rue Halevy Nice Friday 1st

Vog 2 rue Mascoînat Urban System 1 rue Françis Gallo Way-In 4 rue de la Loge Un Monde à Part 12 rue Alexandre Mari

Stone Bridge, Swedish DJ

Glam, 6 rue Eugène Nice

Rainbow Power, God Save the Queen

Top 50, DJ Lady Power

Joachim Garraud Space Invaders Party

Bears de Nice, guest DJ’s

Sunday 3rd Friday 8th

Saturday 9th

Tanja La Croix

Friday 1st

Saturday 2nd

Every Sunday

Karaoke & Dance

Sunday 31st



Les Jardins du Capitole

7 rue Gubernatis, Nice Tel: 04 93 80 28 26 18

Men only

Place Massena Sun bus Station, Félix Faure

Open every day 7.30am - 12pm 52 Promenade des Anglais, Nice Tel: 04 93 44 78 81

WHAT’S UP PARTY PEOPLE? After a short and well deserved break I am back with a packed-out October! It’s all about Le Théâtre Lino Ventura this month, so check the website for more details: We have a great looking winter season ahead, with plenty of gigs, parties and club nights. So on with the guide......


Pub Guide

Authentic Irish Bar/Restaurant Vieux Nice & Nice Port

Vieux Nice 2 rue Saint François de Paule Tel: +33 (0)4 93 80 23 87

Nice Port 5 Quai de Deux Emmanuel Tel: +33 (0)4 92 27 07 88

Pub Quiz - Mon @ 8pm - Vieux Nice - Thurs @ 8pm - Nice Port Food served all day, Wifi, Terrace Happy hour 5pm-8pm NEW: Riviera Comedy Club @ the Port 6th Oct Live music most nights Jazz Sundays, Karaoke Fridays - Nice Port

International Bar & Restaurant

15 rue de la Prefecture, Nice

Blue Whales


Food served non-stop 12pm-11pm Live international bands from 10.30pm DJ until close - 2am Terrace, Wifi, Thursday Ladies Night Happy hour 5pm-8pm Daily specials, Big Screen TV’S & Projector Tel: +33 (0)4 93 13 46 99

Late Night Music Bar Happy Hour 6.30pm-12am Pool table Big screen TV’s Live Music every night till late Open until 4.30am

1 rue Mascoinat, Vieux Nice

Check Point Irish Disco Pub

2 rue Desboutin, Nice open 4pm - 2.30am

Irish Disco Pub Monday: Ladies Night Tues & Thurs: Happy Hour all night Wednesday: 2euro shots Sunday: Cocktail night Happy Hour: 4pm-9pm Live music every Tues, Thur, Fri & Sat DJ, Wifi, Live sports

American Bar/Restaurant Live music Open-Air Cocktail Bar Terrace Open 7/7, service non-stop Wifi 8, place Charles Felix 06300 Nice Tel: +33 (0)4 93 80 00 50

Gastro Pub

Open everyday 12pm-12.30am Kitchen open until 11pm 4.50euro pints all day Happy Hour 8pm-10pm Fresh menus changed daily Corner of 22 rue Droite & 5 rue Rossetti Tel: 04 93 80 43 22 20

Cocktail Bar Every Tues & Sat - Salsa Every Wed, Thurs & Fri - Live Music Large Terrace Wifi Cheap Drinks 4 ave des Phochéens Tel: +33 (0)4 93 85 03 14

Our favourite Halloween pictures taken at our favourite Halloween party bars!

Riviera Pub Crawls

Every Friday!

- Discounted drinks all night - Free shots all night - Meet fellow party people Meeting place: - 6 Great Bars Ma Nolan’s, - 1 Huge Party Vieux Nice - only 10€ @ 9pm


Cinema Releases The Social Network

Adapted from Ben Mezrich’s 2009 book The Accidental Billionaires, ‘The Social Network’ is about the tumultuous early years of Facebook and its founder Mark Zuckerberg. Directed by David Fincher and starring an ensemble cast – Jesse Eisenberg, Justin Timberlake, Brenday Song, Rooney Mara, Armie Hammer – the film follows the Harvard undergrad and computer programming genius from his dorm room to the court room. A mere six years and 500 million friends later, Mark Zuckerberg is the youngest billionaire in history. Neither Mark Zuckerberg nor the Facebook staff were involved in the making of the film. One of the co-founders, however, was a consultant for Mezrich’s book. Not particularly impressed with the movie, Zuckerberg told Oprah Winfrey that he was more hardworking than the on-screen portrayal. The film has already received rave reviews by critics.

The Social Network: Directed by David Fincher Release date: October 13

You will meet a tall dark stranger You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger is a Woody Allen film following the lives of a pair of married couples, Alfie (Anthony Hopkins) and Helena (Gemma Jones), and their daughter Sally (Naomi Watts) and husband Roy (Josh Brolin). The Spanish/American comedy drama shows the passions, ambitions and anxieties that ultimately lead them into trouble. This is a classic Woody Allen film. Release date: October 6

Surrounded by a small number of minions, super villain Gru (voiced by Steve Carell), is planning the biggest heist in history – he is going to steal the moon. But he is about to meet his greatest challenge: three little orphan girls who see him as a potential dad. Written by Universal Pictures, delivered in 3D, and featuring the voices of Russel Brand, Jason Segel and Julie Andrews. Despicable Me was entirely animated in the Mac Guff studio in Paris.

Waking Sleeping Beauty


From the producer of The Lion King and Beauty and the Beast, comes the true story of the players and the passion that fuelled one of the greatest comebacks in entertainment history. This documentary recalls the history of Walt Disney Feature Animation from the making of The Fox and the Hound in 1980 to The Lion King in 1994, and how the animation studio regained its magic after a series of box-office flops. Only vintage footage is used, matched with new audio-only commentary and interviews.

Suspense thriller ‘The American’ stars George Clooney as assassin Jack, constantly on the move and always alone. After a job in Sweden ends badly, Jack swears his next job is his last. Holed up in a small medieval Italian town, constructing a weapon for a mysterious contact, Jack befriends the local priest and finds romance. It all seems free of danger, but is he just tempting fate?

Release date: October 27

Release date: October 27

Release date: October 6

Release date: October 6

Release date: October 6


John Lennon is born on October 9th in Liverpool


Live Music Guide BLAST

MA NOLAN’S NICE PORT Sat 02 ..... Sun 03 .... Sat 09 ..... Sun 10 .... Sat 16 ..... Sun 17..... Sun 19 .... Sat 23 ..... Sun 24 .... Sat 30 ..... Sun 31 ....

BLUE WHALES 01-02 ...... Happy Hour Sun 03 .... Millionaire Mon 04 ... Whiskey Finger Tue 05 .... Aquarella 06-07 ...... Karma 08-09 ...... Bronson V 12 Sun 10 .... Millionaire Mon 11 ... Whiskey Finger Tue 12 .... Aquarella 13-16 ...... F Machine Sun 17 .... Millionaire Mon 18 ... Whiskey Finger Tue 19 .... Aquarella 20-23 ...... Cabine 13 Sun 24 .... Millionaire Mon 25 ... Whiskey Finger Tue 26 .... Aquarella 27-30 ...... Reset Sun 31 .... Millionaire

Fri 01 ..... Flow & Tonio Sat 02 ..... Hannah Fri 08 ...... Flow & Tonio Sat 09 ..... Kris Kross 15-16 ...... Flow & Tonio 17-18 ..... Christian 19-20 ...... Hannah 21-22 ...... Flow & Tonio Sat 23 ..... Kim Cao 24-25 ...... Laura 26-27 ...... Marc le Shark 28-29 ...... Flow & Tonio Sat 30 ..... Kim Cao Sun 31 .... Fahrenheit

Kyana N’goi Kyana Brigitte Dumas Kyana Brigitte Dumas Amaury Filliard Band Kyana Sandrine Destifanis Kyana Marjorie Martinez

MA NOLAN’S VIEUX NICE Every Fri - Sun ... Kevin Joseph O’Hara


WAYNE’S 01- 03 ..... 04-10 ...... 11-17 ...... 18-24 ...... 25-31 ......

1, 2, 15, 16 ...... 222 3, 10, 17 .......... Tony 6, 9, 13, 20, 23, 27, 30 ........ Spacecats

Breathe Bad Cats Breathe Sweet Black Angels Breathe

LE SANSAS Every Thur .... David da Costa Fri ...... Didier

Live Sports TENNIS 4th Oct 10th Oct 11th Oct 18th Oct 24th Oct 25th Oct 31st Oct

Rakuten Japan Open, Tokyo China Open, Beijing Shanghai Masters 1000 HP Open, Osaka Generali Ladies Linz Kremlin Cup, Moscow Stockholm Open Luxembourg Open St. Petersburg Open Grand Prix de Tennis de Lyon Sony Ericsson Camps, Doha 2010 Bank Austria Tennis Trophy, Vienna Valencia Open 500

FOOTBALL 3rd Oct 8th Oct 16th Oct 17th Oct 31st Oct

Manchester City v Newcastle Inter Milan v Juventus Czech Republic v Scotland Germany v Turkey Aston Villa v Chelsea Everton v Liverpool Bolton v Liverpool

NASCAR 3rd Oct Kansas 16th Oct Charlotte 24th Oct Martinsville 31st Oct Talladega

GOLF 1st Oct 7th Oct 14th Oct 21st Oct 28th Oct

The Ryder Cup Alfred Dunhill Links Champ. Open Portugal Masters Justin Timberlake Shriners Hospitals for Children Open Castello Masters Andalucia Masters

MOTOGP 3rd Oct 10th Oct 17th Oct 31st Oct

FORMULA 1 10th Oct 24th Oct

RUGBY LEAGUE 16th Oct New Zealand Maori v England 30th Oct New Zealand v Papua New Guinea 31st Oct Australia v England 24

Japan Malaysia Australia Portugal

Japanese Grand Prix South Korean Grand Prix


Polish Grand Prix



Games Halloween Quiz

1. What do you call a phobia of Halloween – Samhainophobia, Halloweenaphobia or Triskophobia? 2. Which Halloween custom first began as a way to find out who would marry first? 3. What does the Old English word ‘hallow’ mean? 4. Which famous young American actor passed away on Halloween in 1993? 5. What is the name given to a group of witches? 6. Who first celebrated Halloween – the Romans, Christians or the Druids? 7. Halloween falls on the night before which day? 8. In which century did people start to hold parties on Halloween – 18th, 19th or 21st? 9. True or false: only one species of bat out of 950 drink blood? 10. True or false: a haunting is a kind of ‘recording’ of a past event on an environment, such as a house or building? 11. One Halloween custom in the U.S involves collecting money for which organisation?


Every row, column & square must contain the numbers 1 to 9. You may not duplicate numbers in any of these configerations.



9 3 1

12. Jack-o’-lanterns were first carved out of which vegetable – watermelons, turnips or potatoes? 13. Which country celebrates “the day of the dead” instead of Halloween, which includes the tradition of passing a live person in a coffin through the streets? 14. In which two continents might you find vampire bats? 15. What are young virgins said to see if they light a candle and look in the mirror on Halloween – a dead relative, their future self or their future husband? 16. Spiders have 8 legs, but many also have 8 what? 17. The ‘corpse flower’ gets its name from what? 18. Is the pumpkin a fruit or vegetable? 19. Trick or treating began with the practice of giving what kind of cake? 20. Which classic horror movie from the 70’s was presented as being a true story on the ambush and murder of a group of friends by a family of cannibals?

Can you find all of the words related to Halloween in the box? They may be horizontal, vertical or diagonal, forwards or backwards.







2 1 5



6 2

7 4

2 9

3 6



5 2


9 3 7



Spot the difference! Can you find the 6 mistakes in the second picture?

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It’s time to ask yourself what you want to accomplish in a current or new relationship. Joni Mitchell sang, “It’s love’s illusions I recall, I really don’t know love at all.” With the tense influence of Jupiter and Uranus this month, you start to agree with this sentiment. It will also trigger a realisation that you are going to finally ‘know love’ because you’re beginning to accept your lovers as they really are. And that’s means first of all, honest self-acceptance about who you are too.


Allow yourself the freedom to dream. Allow yourself the freedom to desire, to want, to need, to have purpose and intentions. We go around saying, ‘oh, you mustn’t want more, you mustn’t dream, you must just get on with it’. But if we have dreams and desires and needs, then why not experience those things emedded in our consciousness? You’ve got 31 days of intellectual wizardry and logical interaction with others to get things straight. Then, the freedom to dream becomes the freedom to act out that dream too.


With the brain of a calculator, you could, like Napoleon’s mistress, change the course of history. I know you’d rather consult your colleagues on principal, but there is something about you this month which is firing on it’s own cylinders rather than everyone else’s. Your instincts are spot on, so any strategic planning will get you results, as will your shrewd understanding of the power games being played. Just make sure you know where you stand in all this.

CANCER No-one likes to lose out. But what is being taken away from you this month is the pressure of financial worry. At last it feels like you’ve reached that point of gain instead of pain. It’s a bit like writing a book to a deadline- you get to a point where you feel on top of it, you suddenly realise you’re going to finish the manuscript in time, the spirit lifts, and the words flow faster. Just don’t overdo the spending now you’ve got a sense of abundance coming your way.

LEO This month, you’re reconnecting that need to feel obsessively passionate, intense and a little wicked. And through those you love, you will find that you have a greater desire or intention to act for the good of yourself, not just because you’re conditioned by the family package or what people think relationships should conform to. In fact, you finally feel in control of your life. You have definition, you’re not just somebody’s accessory left dangling in limbo like a puppet.


How many times a week do you wish time wasn’t moving so fast? How many times a day do you wish your life was more exotic, inspiring or fulfilling? Probably millions, especially this month as the planets continue to remind you to dare to be yourself. All it takes is courage, don’t give up now on those dreams. They can come true if you believe in yourself. By the end of the month, you realise that work not only gives structure to our lives, but you can see it as an opportunity, rather than a curse.

October 2010

When you need a pal to help you out they’re never there; when you want peace and quiet, the phone never stops ringing. The law of averages pretty much decrees that you can’t win. But this month all falls into place. Your private, quiet moments are delightful, and the social scene is welcoming when you need it. Make the most of this organised energy to get in touch with one old pal too who might be useful to you in the future.

SCORPIO It’s not only fools who part with their money and then regret it, it’s very wise people too. But this month you’re pretty sure how to keep the books balanced and know there’s method rather than madness in worshipping the colour black. Mind you it’s all the other members of your clan out there who seem to be in an eternal muddle. If they’re not borrowing to pay off credit cards, they’re lending too freely. A windfall or stroke of financial luck on the 12th could turn into a very lucrative deal by the 29th. Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but don’t forget the story about the Trojan horse either.


Love - could this actually be IT? And if it is IT, does that means there is nothing else to long for, to wonder at, to weigh up, to infatuate about? This thing about coming down to earth is fine on one level. But it’s not a very Sagittarian one. This month, it could seem that illusions are falling away all around you. Yet Venus and the sun bring back romance after the 13th, and sizzling new admirers line up for dates and missives too.

CAPRICORN Mars is giving you the energy and initiative to take on bigger responsibilities and leap into action. But the testing influence of Saturn is now asking you to focus on long-term aspirations. Of course, there’s still the perspiration to contend with, because no-one loves a challenging profession or career as much as you do. With the empowering influence of the sun, you have the gifts of persuasion, belief and unquestionable knack to make ‘achievement’ your middle name.

AQUARIUS There was a time when you didn’t really worry too much if you had lots or had little. But right now the exaggerated influence of the planets is blowing monetary matters all out of proportion. You want to spend every penny on luxury items or must-have outfits that don’t fit. What’s gone wrong? The flow is not at all balanced and that feels mighty uncomfortable. Mid month, it’s time to line up all those pairs of shoes, add up the figures and see where you went wrong.


Sometimes we think we have mastered something in ourselves, only to find we have actually suppressed it. Most people believe at some point they have ‘mastered’ their neediness or vulnerability, but realise eventually they’ve just squished it into the psychological basement. It’s a bit like those glow in the dark stickers. It suddenly lights up a part of yourself you really believed you’d come to terms with. So this month, surrender your willful self to your compassionate one.

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October 2010  

That's Nice is your must-have entertainment/lifestyle magazine for the French Riviera! Fun, fresh and new every month, you can pick up a f...

October 2010  

That's Nice is your must-have entertainment/lifestyle magazine for the French Riviera! Fun, fresh and new every month, you can pick up a f...