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T HAT ’ S N ATURAL ! V OLUME 4, I SSUE 6 “Liberty means responsibility. That is why most men dread it.” George Bernard Shaw (1856 - 1950)


S TRATEGIES FOR C ONSERVING F UEL IN S OUTHERN C OLORADO It seems that drivers everywhere are talking about the increasing cost of gas and diesel fuel. Ideas on how to reduce this expense are everywhere and conservation isn’t just driving less or not at all, there are other strategies. Here are my favorite ten: 1. Adjust your driving habits:avoid jack rabbit starts, accelerate slowly and maintain a steady speed. Slow down gradually when you come to a red light, if you can do this and not stop completely before the light switches to green, this can also help to conserve fuel. 2. Every car has a highway cruising speed (usually around 60 mph)- use cruise control. By slowing down, you may see significant savings.

3. Keep you tires properly inflated and be sure your wheels are balanced and aligned. 4. Keep your vehicle’s engine running well: change the oil and oil filter when recommended and change the air filter every other time. 5. Use the air conditioner only when needed. It takes more fuel to run the AC, but use it on the highway as opposed to open windows which create drag and cut fuel efficiency. “Conserving Fuel” Continued Page 7 Contributing Author:

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Robert Johnson

Performing Arts Highlights for the Months of July & August The Main Event Street Gala on August 11, 2007 See Page 3 for Details!!!

National Little Britches Rodeo Finals July 15th—July 21st See Page 2 for Details!!!

Festival Fridays Fridays in July & August See Page 2 for Details!!!



LOOK at what’s Happening in Southern Colorado!

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The Arts & Music


National Little Britches Rodeo Finals—This is a great event in Pueblo, Colorado July 16th—21st. The Pueblo Performing Arts Guild has four great performances at the Pepsi Stage from: Dream Dancers, Grupo de Folklorico, Aymoray School of Dance, and Dance Unlimited. Check out the Calendar at

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That’s Natural! P.O. Box 1476 Pueblo, CO 81002-1476 E-mail: Website:

Festival Fridays—FINALLY!!! It’s back, the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center has several GREAT bands lined up throughout July and August—check out the Calendar at for more information!

Environment Action Pueblo Recycles: If you want to see our efforts with recycling in Pueblo continue, we need your help! Volunteers are desperately needed on July 21st for our next plastic recycling event. This is an opportunity to ‘walk your talk’! Making a difference anywhere requires hard work and devotion, but a handful of earth-friendly citizens can’t do it alone! Please call me at 719-562-0205 to volunteer.

Health Action Please Recycle this Publication!

* 2,000-2,500 Circulated to over 70 locations in Southern Colorado Publisher: Tisha T. Casida E-mail: Phone: 719-210-8273 or 719-930-1834 Copyright © Christina Mascarenas

Juice Plus: Healthy Happy Kids Presentation: Thursday—July 19 and August 16 at 7:00 PM. - Wellness Presentations: Thursday- July 5 and August 2 at 7:00 PM. Contact Dr. Donna J. Hinders at 719-544-0649 for more information! Pueblo Chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation: "Optimal health through nutrient dense foods." Learn were to obtain locally grown organic vegetables, grass-fed meats, free range pastured eggs and chickens, raw dairy and how to PREPARE them for optimal health. Contact the Pueblo Chapter of the Weston Price Foundation for more information." If you would like to list your function/event, please contact us at….



Mark Your August Calendars!!! The Main Event—an exhilarating gathering of local performers, entertainers, and businesses will be held downtown—on Main Street (Between 1st and 3rd Street) on Saturday - August 11, 2007. There will be dancers, singers, musicians, magicians, and MORE! Delectable treats will be available from Solar Roast Coffee, Shamrock Brewing Company, Café Zajj, and MORE!!! The event is FREE to the public and put on by the Pueblo Performing Arts Guild (PPAG). Visit or call 719-242-6652 for more information!!

I-25 S PEEDWAY —W HAT A RUSH!!! As the sky darkened from a bright blue to a dark teal, I witnessed an amazing phenomena 4 miles north of Pueblo, Colorado. The crowd was a diverse mix of young and old, tall and short, smiling and quite serious. The event was all held on a quarter-mile track, paved, with concrete walls surrounding such. As the Sportsman Class car circled the track, with an American Flag trailing out the window, and the Star Spangled Banner playing over the loudspeakers, one could just feel the excitement, the nervousness, and the anticipation.

What I witnessed last Saturday evening at I-25 Speedway was a whole lot more than racing. Although it was rather exhilarating to see these cars travel around the track at of speeds up to a hundred miles per hour (pretty fast for the size of this track), and although it was utterly mind-boggling at the guts of the Figure-8 race-car drivers, it may have been even more enlivening to see the mass participation of small businesses and local consumers. Nearly every race-car (out of the seven classes) had the sponsorship of local businesses all over the State

of Colorado. Approximately 3,000 people of all ages, gathered here on this evening to watch these men and women race around this circle track. Businesses of all industries supported these racers (like Cortese Cattle Company and Wholesome Milk Products for Street-Stock #33 - Gary Cortese). And in that three hours of extremely loud and fast adventure, I felt our community at its best—in this wonderfully local and delightfully original American past-time. Contributing Author: Tisha Casida



H OLISTIC S KIN C ARE Summer is upon us and with the season comes an increase in outdoor activities and sun exposure. Currently, over 1 million new cases of skin cancer occur in the United States each year. Skin cancers occur three times more commonly than breast and lung cancers combined. Colorado’s high altitude and outdoor lifestyle make these facts even more disturbing. Most sun exposure, and eventual damage, occurs before the age of 18. Ninety percent of the visible signs of aging are caused by sun exposure.Though a suntan is considered glamorous and healthy, it is actually the first indication of sun damage. A healthy tan today eventually leads

to premature lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness and elasticity, uneven pigmentation of the skin such as age spots, and possibly skin cancer. Sun protection products are widely available. Look for products that offer broad spectrum protection. These protect the skin from UV-A rays, the rays that break down collagen and elastin and cause premature aging of the skin, and UVB rays, the rays that burn the skin. Look for products that offer an SPF of 15 or higher; products with an SPF higher than 30 often have high levels of chemicals that can cause a chemical burn in individuals with sensitive skin.

Jennifer Aguilar is an Independent Consultant with Arbonne International. She can be reached at 406-1478 and at Please check out www.NaturalSwissBeauties for more information.

I am pleased to offer botanically based sun care products that are appropriate for the most sensitive skin. Please visit my website for skin care products and my "Safe Swiss Suntan."

Attention Golfers usually do not clean clubs very well. American Wiping Rags, Inc. has the answer! Try AWR’s Microfiber Golf Towel.

Shelley, AKA “The Rag Lady” It's time to dust off the golf bag and clean the clubs. Titanium clubs cost a lot of money and you do not want to clean them with just any ordinary golf towel. Regular golf towels can scratch and

“Only the educated are free.” Epictetus (55 AD -135 AD), Discourses

They are durable and soft and have superior cleaning and drying ability. The microfiber golf towel has a waffle pattern with millions of fibers to attract the dirt, mud, and grass marks on the clubs. The Microfiber Golf Towels will really put the shine on your clubs and balls. Furthermore, it can also safely clean your eye glasses or wipe the sweat from your brow.

Chose from three colors: light blue, light green, and tan, and then clip your new Microfiber Golf Towel to your bag. When it’s dirty, just toss the Microfiber Golf Towel in the washing machine in hot water with regular detergent (do not use bleach or fabric softener) and air or machine dry. It will last for years! Mention That's Natural and receive 10 % off on your first order. Contact Shelley the Rag Lady at 719-671-7604 or email her at and don’t forget to ask about receiving The Rag Lady News. Check out the rest of their disposable cotton rags and microfiber cleaning products at



CATTLE SAVING THE LAND "We desperately need cattle on the land." Wow- what a shocking statement. Would you be surprised to learn a conservationist uttered these words? Allan Savory of Holistic Management International is responsible for this quote.

large, herding animals, concentrated and moving as they naturally do in the presence of pack-hunting predators, are vital to maintaining the health of the lands we thought they destroyed."

Cattle have been unfairly demonized in recent years as destroyers of land and emitters of greenhouse gases. Housing animals in a feedlot, where they are fed corn (an unsuitable feed for cattle), thus creating a toxic manure situation is an environmental nightmare. Cattle belong to the land- grazing animals should not be kept in a feedlot.

He continues, "In any environment, overgrazing and damage from trampling bear little relationship to the number of animals, but rather to the amount of time plants and soils are exposed to the animals." So, it is the continuous grazing, in absence of predators that destroys rangeland. Intensively managed rotational grazing, which mimics herd-predator interaction (shortening grazing time on each pasture), according to Savory, is the key.

We live in a dry environment in much of Colorado: dead vegetation breaks down so slowly and precipitation falls erratically throughout the year that even allowing land to rest, which means no animals and no farming will not effectively cycle nutrients, as "rest" does in a humid environment. Savory offers, "In brittle environments, relatively high numbers of

Savory has restored thousands of acres in Zimbabwe (a dry climate) guided by these principles. Savory calculates that increasing the organic matter in the soil by 1 percent on the lands under current Holistic Management (employing their animal management principles) worldwide will effectively remove 2.4 gigatons of CO2.


Here's how it works: when cattle shear the top of a grass plant, the plant sheds as much root mass as it has lost in leaf mass. When these roots die, the soil's resident population of bacteria, fungi, and earthworms break this matter down into rich humus. These decaying roots, according to grazier Joel Salatin, are the biggest source of new soil organic matter. Additionally, the cattle's hoof prints provide water collection depressions and manure and urine provide rich nutrients to fertilize re-growth. Please visit to see the truth of Savory's notion that we desperately need cattle on the land. At Larga Vista Ranch, we are dedicated to the HMI principles to manage our land from which we produce grass-fed beef, pastured-pork, and raw milk. Contributing Authors Doug & Kim Wiley


•With raw milk, teeth are less likely to decay. (Lancet, p 1142, May 8, 1937) •Raw milk promotes growth and calcium absorption. (Ohio Ag. Experimental Station Bulletin 518, p 8, Jan 1933) •Raw cream prevents joint stiffness. (Annual Review of Biochemistry, 18:435,1944) •Pathological organisms do not grow in raw milk but proliferate in pasteurized milk. (The Drug and Cosmetic Industry, 43 (1):109, July 1938) •Pasteurization destroys vitamin A, B complex, vitamin C, enzymes, and whey proteins. (See abstracts at •After 3 generations on pasteurized milk, cats developed numerous health problems and pathologies of behavior. At four generations, all reproduction ceased. (Pottenger's Cats, 1983, Price-Pottenger Nutrition Foundation)

Let Your Food Heal You! Raw milk is a living food and has been found to be healing. For centuries traditional cultures have eaten raw and cultured raw milk products from cows, sheep, goat, camel, yak, buffalo, and reindeer. Weston A. Price, DDS, studied many of these traditional cultures and found them to be vibrantly healthy with perfect teeth. Raw milk is available in the Pueblo area.

Call Larga Vista Ranch today! 719-947-0982 •

COW SHARES ARE AVAILABLE!!! Raw milk is offered in the Pueblo area.

Call Larga Vista Ranch at 719-947-0982 to find out more!





Conserving Fuel Continued

Summer is Heating Up!

6. Lighten the load: lean out the trunk, backseat, or truck bed. Extra weight affects fuel usage.

A Home Energy Tune-uP Inspection can help you

7. Walk or ride a bicycle when possible. Your body will appreciate the exercise. 8. Plan your trips to combine errands. Park in the center of your shopping area and walk to the store. Avoid circling the parking lot looking for the best space. 9. Car pool or take the bus. 10. Avoid drive-thru windows with long lines. Park and go inside the business.

cut your energy bill by 15 to 20%

Learn more about the Home Energy Tune-uP & other inspection services at

There are few who won’t admit that higher fuel prices are here to stay. The prospect of this, when coupled with the mounting evidence in support of global warming, should be enough reason for all of us to do everything we can to conserve.

Robert W. Johnson


Certified & Insured Reliable accepts

VISA & Mastercard

Robert Johnson is a home inspector with Reliable Home Inspections. His company offers the Home Energy Tune-uP from CMC Energy Services. For more information go to or

We are growing! In August we are adding LeighAnn Trujillo licensed esthetician and Diana Walls Certified Massage Therapist! We will now be able to offer you a whole new line of skin care therapies, with more of us to serve you! Stop by and pick up LeighAnns new menu and register to win a free pumpkin peel and a free eyelash extension!!

R ECYCLING U PDATE Here is an update with some awesome facts on Pueblo Recycles joint effort with Pueblo City-County Health Environmental Coordinators and our plastics recycling project. It all began last November on America Recycles Day, and since then, we have hosted bi-monthly events to collect plastics number 1 and 2. Keep in mind, these containers need to be cap-less, rinsed and sorted. That first day in November, we collected 1,220 pounds, at our last event in May; we weighed in at 3,800 pounds. There is no better way to sum it all up but Hurrah! Let’s remember though that this is only the beginning! It takes collective endeavor to create permanent change.

See HOW to HELP on Page 2!

Contributing Author: Jo Scher

Colorado Ave Day Spa & Wellness Center 315 Colorado Ave Pueblo, CO 81004 719-544-7900



N AT URAL H ORSEMANSHIP My passion is to teach people how to communicate effectively with their horse by using natural horsemanship techniques. Yesterday one of my natural horsemanship students came to the barn and told me that after 5 years of living in a rented house, she finally called her landlord to replace the broken blinds in her living room. She said: “Petra, I learned from what you taught me about my horse. I need to expect more to get more. I really thought I did not deserve new blinds.” Learning how to communicate effectively with a horse has taught me to be more self

confident, more assertive and more willing to look at and accept other people’s views. Natural Horsemanship really is all about working, training and riding with “the horse in mind”. In order to build a relationship based on trust, confidence and respect, we need to trust, be confident and respect the horse’s dignity and spirit. This concept translates to our everyday life. When you become a natural horse-(wo)man, you and your horse’s life will change for the better.Stay tuned for more about Natural Horsemanship in the next issue of “That’s Natural” or visit my website! Mention “That’s Natural” and get two lessons for the price of one!

Reflexology: An Ancient Healing Art Reflexology is an ancient natural healing art in which pressure is applied to specific areas of the skin, mainly the hands and feet. It can be traced back as far as 2300 BC in the physician’s tombs of the Egyptian pyramids and was also used in China, India, Japan and by Native American tribes. Based on the principle that there are reflexes in the feet that correspond to every gland, organ and area of the body, reflexology is a non-invasive, natural therapy that induces a deep relaxed state. Through application of pressure to these reflexes, tension is relieved, circulation improved and your body’s natural

healing capacity promoted. For all stages of life, this healing therapy aims to help your body to maintain health, enhance your quality of life, meet specific health needs, and relieve stress in a very pleasant way. Conditions reflexology can help include, but are not limited to: Tension & stress, back/ neck/shoulder pain, headache, migraines, PMS, colds, flu, allergies, asthma, sinuses problems, hayfever, diabetes Reflexology aids to detox, balance and reenergize the body. As a practitioner at the Golden Flower Health Clinic, 251 S. Santa Fe, Pueblo, since 2001, Wendie Stauffer has over 25 years

experience in environments of healing. She may be reached by calling 542-9210 to schedule an appointment. When with a client, she relies on voice mail, so please leave a message and she will return your call.


C OMMUNITY S UPPORTED A GRICULT URE (CSA) Everything we buy in grocery stores today is shipped in from somewhere else. If you’re one of the lucky shoppers, you might live within 100 miles of the origin of some of your groceries. Others, like those in land-locked or low-agriculture states, probably receive groceries that have traveled hundreds or even thousands of miles before being unloaded, stocked, shelved, and sold. The pleasures of enjoying Mediterranean feta cheese, snacking on bananas in the winter, and chewing cherries in the fall are all provided by modern food storage, preservation, and shipment. The food in your refrigerator is probably several weeks old by the time you buy it, because it was picked while still a little green, shipped to a processing plant,

sorted by appearance, sprayed with a preservative to slow ripening, labeled, packaged and shipped to a warehouse. Another truck probably gathered up food for your local grocer’s order and drove a few hundred miles, dropped it off at your grocery store, and placed it in storage until it was needed. Your fruit or vegetable is not too much fresher than the frozen, sliced version sitting a few aisles down. Fresh food isn’t as fresh as we once knew it. In light of this, I have done some research that has lead me to various conclusions about our modern-day food supply that I will be sharing with you in the next issues of That’s Natural! In addition to these conclusions, I have been

on an avid search for solutions to the problems that we are finding. This issue’s suggestion for Livelihood Improvement—go to a local Farmer’s Market, or joining a CSA Program. There is one in Pueblo - Country Roots Farm. Check them out at, or Call them at: 719-948-2206

Contributing Author: Kimberly Schuab Check out the ENTIRE story at: www.BackToTheSource.Biz “That’s Natural! Publication”



Agastache (Hummingbird Mint) Agastache, pronounced "a gas ta key" or Hummingbird Mint, is a plant group essential in the xeriscape garden. Native to the southwestern US and Mexico, most varieties are hardy and drought tolerant. As the plant matures, it becomes a hummingbird magnet and also attracts the Hawk Moth or Hummingbird Moth. The fragrances of flowers and foliage range from bubble gum to mint to root beer, depending on the variety. One can’t help but snip a few leaves while in the garden and breath in the sweet smell. When spring and summer blooms have faded, the gardener can depend on Hummingbird Mint to provide the garden with much needed color and fragrance. Combine with Russian Sage and Pitcher’s Sage (salvia

With all of the harsh chemicals in the air and the products we use each day, we subject our skin to so much damage. If you’ve heard about the negative effects that our sun, water, lotions, soaps and detergents have on our skin, then you know how important it is for us to try and keep our skin moisturized as well as we can.That’s why I’m truly passionate about Lemongrass Spa Products, hand made right here in Colorado. All of the ingredients are of the highest grade oils (almond, jojoba, olive, and apricot kernel), butters (shea, cocoa and mango butters)

pitcheri) for beautiful color combinations.

amounts of water. Varieties to try for your dry garden are ag. rupestris, which has a pale orange flower, ag. cana, with a fuchsia-pink flower, and ag. aurantiaca, sporting a darker orange bloom. The dry-land varieties can be found at Perennial Favorites in Rye or Brady’s Garden Center in Canon City. The box stores in town will normally have the higher water varieties later in the summer.

Growing agastache is simple. Lean, well-drained soil and full sun are basic requirements. Water deeply and infrequently but only if no rain has fallen for several weeks. If your soil is heavy clay, amend with a good organic compost. I suggest Eko (Eko is a Colorado company formulated for Colorado soils, accept no substitutes) or your own “home grown” brand, to insure your plants aren’t standing in water. These beauties will not tolerate “wet feet”.

A member of the mint family, all varieties make a wonderful tea. Try them with green sun tea while sitting on your porch enjoying your garden.

If you have regular irrigation, try “Blue Fortune”, “Black Adder”, or “Korean Mint” as these varieties require higher

botanicals (peppermint, spearmint, sage, calendula) and essential oils (lemongrass, lavender, spearmint) to create healing body treatment. Why choose hand-made spa products? Because they are delivered to you right after they have been made to provide you with the best quality possible. No harsh chemicals, parabens, alcohol, petroleum or mineral oil are added to any of our products. Animal byproducts and animal testing are out of the question.

Happy Gardening!

Contributing Author: Donna Demeter

Lemongrass Spa Products! Lemongrass brings the spa home to you, without the day spa price tag! We offer handmade skin treatments, lotions, bath crystals and many other products that feel and smell absolutely fantastic (try our Grapefruit Lily)! If you’re interested in having a spa party at home, give me a call! Invite all your friends and have a girl’s night out! Or if you want to try some of our products, go to my website at and shop around. You’ll love what it does for your skin!

If you enjoy the luxuries of a day spa, you will love the skin treatments offered by

Denise Laine-Coughlin, Senior Sales Consultant 719-251-5414

This House Rocks—Literally!!! With Xeriscaping — You Can’t Go Wrong!

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P AGE 10


Change your thoughts and Anissa Editor Extraordinaire

Bruce Graphic Design & WebMasta

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you change your world. Norman Vincent Peale

(1898 - 1993) Clifton Distribution & Sales

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Daryl Mountain Man

WHAT’S SO GREAT ABOUT A 529 COLLEGE SAVINGS PLAN? 1st – Exceptional Tax Breaks! Contributions are not deductible on your federal tax return, but can be deducted on your state tax return. Your investment growstax-deferred, and deducted funds used pay for college costs come out free of federal income tax. 2nd – The donor controls the account. The named beneficiary has no access to the fund. If your beneficiary decides not to pursue a higher education, you can change beneficiaries or use the money yourself. In that case, the accumulated funds would be subject to taxes and penalties. 3rd - There are no income limits to contribute to a 529 Plan. You can contribute up to $12,000 ($24,000 for married couples) each year without gift-tax consequences.

James C. Brumage, CLU®, ChFC®

Finally – With what the cost of higher education is today, it certainly makes sense to save for this expense on a regular basis. Any amount that you accumulate over the years will be of great benefit to your loved ones in the future.

Registered Representative, New England Securities 7350 Campus Dr., Colorado Springs, CO 80920/ 113 N. Santa Fe Ave., Florence, CO 81226

Please call if you would like further information on how a 529 Plan works and how it can be of benefit to you!

(719) 784-2310

We are Changing the World in Southern Colorado Coming Soon…….. That’s Natural! Is your Sustainability News Network! We have PRINT, we are ONLINE, and we are almost ready to begin PODCASTING! Stay tuned and if YOU want to get involved, contact us at: OR



P AGE 11

Where YOU Can FIND That’s Natural! Pueblo County

Fremont County The Pour House…….202 W Main St. - Florence Coyote Den Coffee House - 675 State Hwy 115—Penrose - US 50 & Justice Center Road—Canon City Javernick Farm Market …………...……………… …………………………..2815 E Main St. Canon City Desert Reef Hot Spring (Florence)..719-784-6134 Main Street Grille……..132 W Main St. - Florence Pizza Madness………...509 Main St.—Canon City Mother Nature Health Food Store…………………....915 Main St.— Canon City

Education Mountain Montessori School...6145 Boulder Ave. - Rye CSU-Pueblo (Various Locations on Campus) …………………….………...….2200 Bonforte Blvd.—81001

Business To Business Welcome to the Community Packets (Pueblo West) Sound Energy……………….1919 W. US Hwy 50 - 81008 Pueblo Bearing Service………..420 N. Elizabeth - 81003 Re-Tire……………….………....331 N. Grand Ave. - 81003 Shelley McPherson—AKA The Rag Lady (Events/Locations in Colorado)……………...719-671-7604 Mutual of Omaha, David Shepson………..719-545-3569 Living in the Light …..... ……...133 S. Union Ave. 81003 Market Day Gourmet…………………...…...719-250-3664 The Hobby Shop…………………...3001 Hart Rd.—81008 Independent Records ………….....420 W 4th St.—81003 American Pastimes ………....…1015 W. 29th St. - 81008 Treasure Island Liquor…………..1210 S. Prairie - 81005

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Huerfano County La Veta Public Library…………………...310 S. Main Ryus Avenue Bakery…………………………. ……………………...…...129 W. Ryus Ave.— La Veta Mountain Harmony Natural Foods………………. ……………………….......321 W 7th St.— Walsenburg

More Distribution People & Places Food & Coffee Wireworks Coffeehouse………………..…...719-543-3000 HopScotch Bakery ………….….333 S. Union Ave - 81003 Little Caesar's Pizza (All Pueblo Locations) - K-Mart—3415 N. Elizabeth St. 81001 - 1175 S. Prairie Ave. 81005 - 1230 Bonforte Blvd. 81001 - 4104 Outlook Blvd. 81008 - 1801 Santa Fe Drive 81006 - 74 N. McCullouch 81007 Country Roots Farm………..………..….…...719-948-2206 Larga Vista Ranch……………..….………....719-947-0982 LaGrees……………………....27050 E US Hwy 50—81006 Solar Roast Coffee………….…....226 N. Main St.—81003 Peppers Plus……………….…..2115 Santa Fe Dr.—81006 TR’s Country Store…………..…..6154 Boulder Ave - Rye Rye Rendezvous………………..….....2115 Main St.—Rye

Fitness World Gym…………...…...4710 Eagleridge Circle - 81008 Bodies By T…………………………..304 W 4th St. 81003 PCC Fitness Center………….900 W Orman Ave. - 81004 Vance’s Bike Shop……………….1147 S. Prairie—81005 Ladies Workout Express…………....27050 E US Hwy 50 Physical Therapy Connections, PLLC dba Sports Performance and Rehab……….58 Glenroyal Dr. - 81005

Art Williams’ Studio…………………………..….719-545-7517 Summit Brick…………...………....601 E. 13th St.—81001

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THANK YOU for your hard work! From the That’s Natural! Team Wellness Colorado Avenue Day Spa & Wellness Center… …………………………………………..…..719-544-7900 Better Bodies & Associates………...….719-544-0168 Quiet World……………………….……....719-545-4381 Dr. Donna J. Hinders………..….……….719-544-0649 Denise, Lemongrass Spa Products……………... ……………………………………………...719- 251-5414 Dr. Kent Richard Hill (Chiropractic/Sport Science) …………………………………….….….....719-544-1500 Euphoria Salon…………....409 N. Grand Ave—81003 VB Massage……….………….......2124 Main St. - Rye Naturopathic Doctor— R. Wayne Davis …………………………..…….…….……... 719-248-4873 Alternative Touch—Massage Therapy…………. …………………………...……………...…..719-543-3031 Golden Flower Health Clinic…………...719-542-9210 Massage Therapy—Phyllis A. King…...719-320-8802 Evergreen Wellness Center………..…..719-404-4161 Aloha Wellness Center……………...…..719-250-1324

The Pueblos—A Good Neighbor Community …………………………….719-564-9420 Reliable Home Inspections—Robert Johnson ………………………...…..719-251-8841 Sustainable Building Concepts ………………… Melaleuca—The Wellness Company, Diane Brown ……………………….……..719-671-8099 The Blackout Beat Production Company ………………

Visit: for Up-To-Date SUSTAINABILITY News & Events The nutritional and health information in this newsletter are based on personal experiences and research by the author(s). The author(s) and editor do not offer medical advice or prescribe the use of diet as a form of treatment for sickness without the approval of a health professional. If you do use the information contained in this newsletter without the approval of a health professional, you are prescribing yourself, which is your constitutional right, but the author(s), editor, and publisher assume no responsibility.


103 S. Union, Suite 110 Delicious and HEALTHFUL beverages and snacks!!! Offering VEGETARAIN and ORGANIC food choices! Parking in the Back!!! Your Central Distribution Point for That’s Natural!

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That's Natural! July-August 2007  

A guide to sustainable products and services in Southern Colorado.

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