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That’s Natural! Volume 5, Issue 4 July/August 2008

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Vision Statement We believe that every human being has a right to health, education, the arts, and to be a part of the local economy. We believe that entities and products that encourage this should be promoted. We believe that educating the public about the inherent truths of our health, our education, our culture, and our economy is paramount to our rights as citizens.

The U. S. Farm Bill, It’s Not Just For Farmers Anymore By David A. Martin and Kimberly Schaub

The Farm Bill is not just a welfare program for farmers and ranchers; it affects the consumer as much as our neighbor farmer and rancher. Consumers must pay attention to this Bill to understand how an large portion of their taxes are contributing to the income and practices of the American farmer and because additional programs for conservation of vulnerable lands like wetlands, provision of food stamps, creation of additional nutritional programs, and provision of international food aid are all covered by this singular Bill. The Bill has both excellent programs and some raising controversy, and it’s important to know how it affects farmers, ranchers and taxpayers as well as our soil, water and personal health. For better or for worse, this taxpayer funded Bill, with it’s 25 billion dollars in farm subsidies will soon go into effect. Consumers paying attention to this Bill will notice some changes in funding. The Food Stamp program will be renamed and updated to an electronic system using up $3 billion per year, and $1 billion will be spent on the Food for Peace program. The Bill also has very positive elements. Some money has been allotted for the support of

a new generation of farmers and ranchers, and assistance is being offered to farmers and ranchers transitioning to organic production. Sustainable Agriculture Research and Extension Resources have also been given a little more money to provide resources and funding for our farmers and ranchers. But it is not the new funding for progressive programs which draws the most attention to this Bill, but it’s perpetuation of the controversial status quo. For this, the current proposed U.S. Farm Bill has become known by many as a bloated Bill full of tax dollar spending which does not address the Bills originating issues and referred to by some as a failure of leadership. The U.S. Farm Bill was created in the 1930’s during the Great Depression and intended to be a consumer and tax-payer friendly means to alleviate the poverty of struggling family farmers by increasing their income to make up for low crop prices. The extremely low prices for crops was hurting the American economy enormously and seen as an emergency situation because at the time of the Bills’ inception, 25 percent of Americans were farmers. (Continued Page 7)

We believe in hope, change, and the power of a free market economy. We believe in the power of a consumer. And we believe all of THAT is very NATURAL!

Historic Arkansas Riverwalk of Pueblo (HARP)

Putting the Power in the Consumer’s Hands - That’s Natural!

Arts & Culture

Farmer’s Market Festival & 3rd Annual Main Event This summer, Thursday’s at Gateway Park on the Riverwalk will be a great place to get your weekend started! Yes, there will be a Farmer’s Market featuring the freshest seasonal produce from local farmers. As a special bonus, the Pueblo Performing Arts Guild and Visual Artists will team up to create a weekly festival of sights and sounds to accompany these delightful summer evenings on the Riverwalk. Adding to the festivities, during each Farmer’s Market, Pueblo Toyota will be giving away a “Pueblo

Performing Arts Guild Evening Out” to two lucky attendees of the event. The Farmer’s Market Festival will begin July 10 and will take place every Thursday, from 4-8pm, through September 18. The 3rd Annual Main Event will kick off the Farmer’s Market Festival on July 10th at 4pm with a parade featuring the Pueblo Pride City Marching Band. The parade will begin at the Sangre de Cristo Arts Center and then proceed through downtown to Gateway Park on the Riverwalk. At Gateway Park,

regional farmers will be standing by with a wide variety of delicious local produce, while Pueblo Visual Artists will have a diverse offering of art from their studios. To cap off this lively festival, The Main Event performers will be singing, dancing, and acting on the Gateway Park stage. Each Thursday will feature different productions by a broad ensemble of performing artists. For a full schedule of activities, please visit For Small Businesses

Organic Marketing By Patti Serrano

The New Wave of Marketing your Business - The Natural Way In all my years of working in the surfing industry we adopted some of the same laws of nature to do business. The ebb and flow of the tides and swells is a simple way of looking at the way you can create new business. The natural way to be out in the water surfing was to “share” or give up a wave knowing that the waves come in sets or 3 or 4 at a time. In each

set there was always a bigger one than the others. You could take the first or second wave of the set and have fun or you could share the set and wait for the “BIG ONE.” Such as it is in business today. People are sharing information on the internet through blogging and podcasting and becoming experts in their field. Through this sharing comes new business or the big one. Also, organic marketing can come from the natural, back to the basic way of meeting people and making friends. Meeting in smaller groups to get to know the

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person better helps the business relationship grow. Many large mega churches are forming smaller groups with this theory in mind. A small business can set a goal to get out to a small event once a week and watch their business grow though this tried and true method. Patti Serrano is the Founder of the Entrepreneur Club, a group of business owners that meet to network their businesses. Patti Serrano 719-214-3552

Sustainable Products & Services

Rising Spirit

Hypnosis Patricia M. Valdez, CH

719-671-7178 Call for appointment Tap Your Inner Wisdom

Another Reason to Use American Wiping Rags for your Home… I recently had a neighbor who had to have their 5-year old German Shepherd dog put down due to liver failure. The dog was completely healthy until a few weeks ago, so they had a necropsy done to see what the cause was. The liver levels were unbelievable, as if the dog had ingested poison of some kind! The dog is kept inside, and when he’s outside, someone’s with him, so the idea of him getting into something unknown was hard to believe. My neighbor started going through all the items in the house. When he got to the Swiffer Wetjet, he noticed, in very tiny print, a warning which stated ‘may be harmful to small children and animals.’ He called the company to ask what the contents of the cleaning agent are and was astounded to find out that antifreeze is one of the ingredients (actually he was told it’s a compound which is one molecule away from antifreeze). Therefore, just by the dog walking on the floor cleaned with the solution, then licking its own paws, it ingested enough of the solution to destroy its liver. Soon after his dog’s death, his housekeepers’ two cats also died of liver failure. They both used the Swiffer Wetjet for quick cleanups on their floors. Necropsies weren’t done on the cats, so they couldn’t file a lawsuit, but he asked that we spread the word to as many people as possible so they don’t lose their animals. This is equally harmful to babies and small children that play on the floor a lot and put their fingers in their mouths a lot.

American Wiping Rags offers products that clean WITHOUT all of these harsh and deadly chemicals. Check them out online at:, or contact Shelley, “The Rag Lady” at 719-671-7604 and

Stan McFall

Licensed Massage Therapist Sports Therapy Certified At Euphoria Salon


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Environment, Health, & Community

Agriculture’s Importance Impact on All of Us

I am What I Eat Eight years ago I started having health problems that I have researched and attributed to high levels of pesticide exposure. Point blank - that stuff is bad for the environment and bad for your body. In this issue you will find several excerpts on health and the link between your health and the soil that produces or raises your produce and meat. Consumer beware - we must educate ourselves as to what is best for us and our families, we have the power to choose with our dollar who and what we support. Publisher’s Pick Southern Colorado has one of the richest and deepest compilations of artists - both visual and performing. I have had the opportunity to meet and work with many of them - cheers to their continued work. Be sure to check out the Farmer’s Market Festival & 3rd Annual Main Event (front page), as well as the Art on South Main Co-op Gallery (bottom right). You will be pleasantly surprised at the art and entertainment you have right here in your own back yard! We Want MORE!!! More ideas, more places to distribute, more events on the calendar, more small business advertisers, more get the idea!!! Contact us at the places listed to the right - we look forward to hearing from you!

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Tisha T. Casida


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Dave Martin Clifton Casida

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What is in you, becomes you.

Health & Wellness

You Are What You Eat? By Kim Wiley

If we truly are what we eat then many Americans are corn and soy. Much of what is in our grocery store that parades as diversity and selection is really corn and soy additives dressed up. Add into the mix grain-fed meat (most buffalo and beef) and vegetable oil, and the corn and soy intake skyrockets. If you are unfamiliar with essential fatty acids and their proper ratio in the diet, large amounts of grain in the diet may seem insignificant. Further research reveals that large amounts of grain tips the essential fatty acid scale to the side of the Omega 6, which can pose some serious health risks. Most Americans consumption of Omega 6 and 3 fatty acids is typically in the dangerous ratio of 20:1. Most “grass- fed” buffalo and beef today are fattened on grain the last few weeks of their lives, resulting in meat & fat that has an omega6:3 ratio of 20:1 compared to a ratio of 4:1 with grassfattened (animals only fed grass) meat. According to Dr. Mary Enig of the Weston A. Price Foundation, “too much omega-6 in the diet creates an imbalance that can interfere with production of important prostaglandins [which] can result in increased tendency to form blood clots, inflammation, high blood pressure, irritation of the digestive tract, depressed immune function, sterility, cancer, and weight gain.”

An overabundance of omega-6 fats in today’s diet inhibits our body’s ability to utilize omega-3s, which causes the body to miss all the benefits of omega3’s namely their anti-inflammatory effects. Omega3s help strengthen the immune system and have helped arthritis sufferers reduce the amount of anti-inflammatory drugs needed. Dr.Enig also reminds us that omega 3 deficiencies are also associated with asthma, heart disease, and learning deficiencies. Incorporating meat and milk from strictly grass-fed (no grain fed at any time) yields the best omega6:3 ratio and is lower in total fat. Additionally, eggs that come from chickens living on pasture (actively growing green plants) yield a better omega6:3 ratio than typical store-bought eggs. Switching from grain oils such as soybean, corn, and canola to traditional fats and oils also help balance the omega 6:3 scale. Certified Nutritionist Jen Albritton recommends butter from grass-fed cows as well as coconut, olive, and palm oils. She states that not only are these oils less likely to be rancid and full of free radicals like most vegetable oils, but improve the body’s utilization of essential fatty acids. The anti-inflammatory properties of coconut and olive oil are just one important health benefit of these oils.

You should get your clothing altered because…

Clothing bought off the rack never fits anyone exactly right because it is mass manufactured.

To have a garment fit a body nicely, you would need to hire a tailor who makes custom apparel for you. But, this is expensive.

The most economical way to get the appearance you desire is to have retail clothing altered, and I do just that. If you have lost quite a bit of weight, congratulations, I can tell you if there will be distortion once the garment has been altered. I would invite you to instead to reward your hard work and go clothes shopping. Bring your new wardrobe to me, and I will customize it to your new body.

We also do Custom Embroidery. We do jobs as simple as putting a name on a garment, but we can also take a logo, digitize it, and apply it to clothing or hats. Contact us to see what we can do to meet your embroidery needs

Jan Riner, Alterationist Seams Sew Fine 719-251-5765 (Business) 719-547-2912 (Fax-Call first, please)

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SOLAR Solar Roast Coffee Established 2004

Most Eco-Friendly

Coffee In Denver Commentary by David Hartkop

This is one of those things that raises some questions... one of those things to just smile and go along with! This April, it turns out, Solar Roast Coffee was voted Best Eco-Friendly Coffee Shop in Denver! We will soon have the plaque to prove it. It is interesting to note that our shop is, in fact, located in Pueblo and not in Denver! That’s not to say that we wouldn’t mind also having coffee for sale in Denver... Do you live in Denver? Would your shop / office / store like some Solar Roast Coffee for your shelf? Thank you for your interest, City of Denver. We are interested in you as well! Find us in the 2008 “Denver Best-Of” online at www.westword. com/bestof. Anyone from Denver (or anywhere else) interested in selling solar roast coffee at their shop should contact Michael Hartkop at (719) 544-2008, or write to

ROASTTimes Carbon Neutral Coffee Roasting. June 2008

Days Program’ they started in the fall of 2007. For the Month of June, Solar Roast Coffee will donate to Pueblo’s Children’s Advocacy Center. For each pound of Solaris Blend coffee sold in their store, Solar Roast will give one dollar to the advocacy center. Buy great coffee, and also help support a wonderful organization working to make our community a better place!

S olar Roast Mobile Not since the Telluride film festival

of 2007 has Solar Roast been on the town in such a mobile way! It was the middle of last summer when Solar Roast owner Michael Hartkop purchased the small yellow coffee cart on wheels that has come to be known as the Bumblebee. The cart needed some real work and refurbishing in order to get it ready for the festival. “It was a big deal to have everyunny Days in June thing ready to go! Telluride was our Solar Roast Coffee supports a dif- first big event in Colorado, and we ferent charitable organization each wanted to be there in style” said Mimonth. It’s part of their ‘Sunny chael, over a steaming cup of morning coffee.

Solar Roast coffee was warmly received by film-goers as well as several of the festivals more prominent movie stars. “Over the course of the weekend, we served Sean Penn, Ellen Page (star of Juno) and Peter Sellers!” Michael Recalled of his coffee-cart experience. Now the cart is back for the summer. With some refinements and added features, the Solar Roast Bumblebee will be out and about for Pueblo events of 2008. The cart is outfitted with an espresso machine and miniature full coffee service kitchen so customers can expect the same excellent Solar Roast espresso drinks, smoothies, and teas as they have come to enjoy at their full shop on 3rd and Main. For more information about summer events, visit the Solar Roast Coffee website at


Did you know?

Solar hot-water heaters are commercially available and often the most economical type of solar power to install in your home. Look online for a solar installer in your area you to find out more! Visit Solar Roast Coffee Online at 6 Lorem That’sSitNatural! MonthJuly-August 00, 0000 2008

The Senates new Farm Bill, however, seems to have goals other than helping struggling family farmers in mind. Once again the Senate has failed to reform a bloated Bill in great need of updating. When created, farm subsidies were called by then Secretary of Agriculture Henry Wallace “a temporary solution to deal with an emergency.” ¹ Lawmakers should examine this Bill in light of the 21st Century realities of booming farm economies and the fact that farmers comprise only 1 percent of the American population with average incomes well above average. The currently proposed U.S. Farm Bill subsidizes millionaire farmers growing extremely profitable crops, increases the budget deficit and reduces the amount of tax dollars available for education, health care, social security and renewable energy research, promotes overproduction, discourages crop rotation, violates trade agreements, artificially undercuts farmers in poor and emerging countries, and contributes to unhealthy diets and obesity. Critics like Daniel Imhoff, author of Food Fight, assert that the funding usually goes to ”high-value” crops like corn, soybeans and cottonseed, but money may not be offered as much to farmers growing “specialty” crops, such as vegetables and fruit. The majority of subsidies go to farmers growing specific crops, corn, wheat, rice, cotton, soy and now chickpeas and lentils. Subsequently, the subsidies don’t encourage farmers to be responsible with their resources; rather they are encouraged to farm lands that may not be best used for agriculture, growing nonnative products, and discourages crop rotation and encourages the environmentally damaging practice of mono-cropping which

necessitates the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides and contributes to erosion and the pollution of local watersheds and other natural resources. Additionally, the subsidies don’t encourage farmers to be responsible with their resources; rather they are encouraged to farm lands that may not be best used for agriculture, growing nonnative products and possibly taxing on natural resources and water. The continued overproduction of these specific crops encourages their repetitive use in a variety of forms in processed foods leading to the adoption by Americans of a poor diet which has been attributed to the increase in obesity and diabetes. At a time when crop prices are soaring American farmers are reporting record incomes. According to information provided by the USDA, an average agribusiness farmers household income is just over $89,000. With this being well above the national average the original justification for the subsidies, being farmers in poverty, should be considered obsolete.² America can not afford to be short sighted anymore. There is a large popular awareness of the damaging effect our methods of farming in the last half a century have had upon our soils fertility, our watershed and waterways ability to sustain healthy and abundant life as well as the rise in diabetes and obesity. Nor can we afford to squander the true wealth and prosperity we create everyday in our daily lives by allowing those we represent to misspend our taxes and misuse its’ citizenries trust. Subsidizing farmers for already profitable crops, not to (Continued Page 11)

Month 00, 0000 Sit 7 July-August 2008 That’s Lorem Natural!

Human Posture

By Clifton Casida When the average person hears the word posture, it is easy to think of the traditional upper back, head and shoulder position. Posture is actually

the str uctural ef f iciency to overc ome ever y day forc es such as gravit y. It is the alignment and function of A LL c omponents of our bones, muscle, and ner ves at A NY given moment in time. Poor posture and repetitive movements create an environment inside our body that creates dysfunction. The human body that we all live in, sees this dysfunction as an injur y! The body treats such by the repair proc ess. This proc ess is known as the cumulative injur y cycle. The injur y c an happen from things like improper exercise or movement to not exercising at all.

Visit That’s Natural’s Website..

Pat ter n over load is just one example of stresses plac ed on the body. It is the same movement, over and over again. It is huge in our c ommunities. Here is another sc ar y par t; pat ter n over load is sit ting when done for hours! Lear n how to beat this c olossal problem. Contact:

Clif ton Casida, Personal Trainer

719 -252- 4 477 or clif

The Creation of Health: A Dose of Reality...How Safe & Effective Are Your Supplements??? By Dr. Donna J. Hinders

Even if one eats a pristine diet, it’s difficult to get all your recommended nutrients;, supplementation with whole food nutritional support is necessary to protect and preserve our health. But, how can one know if the supplements one chooses are high quality, safe, and effective? A widely held but mistaken notion is “ a product on the market is safe, effective, and has a truthful label.” A study conducted by Consumer Labs in 2004*, analyzed randomly chosen multi-vitamins to see if they contained what they claimed. Nearly half the brands failed, including two prenatal vitamins. Two contained LEAD--one of those was a children’s product—L’il Critters Gummy Vites!! JuicePLUS was one of those which passed: contained what was on the label, without contaminants. (JuicePLUS, however, is not a multi-vitamin—it is whole food, and therefore much more complete than a multi.) You simply cannot tell what you are buying from reading a pretty label. In my practice I use products from respected companies like Metagenics and JuicePLUS--who have stood the test of time, who go above and beyond to insure quality, and who support their products with clinical research. The restoration and preservation of health depends on the quality of food, water, thoughts, and supplements you take in. Choose wisely! *Get the rest of the story at Dr. Donna J Hinders has been practicing integrated natural health care for 24 years. She is a licensed chiropractor and acupuncturist, with a focus on restoring health through functional medicine and the principles of Nature. 719-583-8258; 88 Lorem That’sSit Natural! MonthJuly-August 00, 0000 2008

That’s Natural!

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Plastics may be dangerous, (Plastics ARE dangerous) - and they are everywhere, including our world’s oceans. This video series is quite eye-opening, watch and learn - and then let’s fix this!!!

The Living Beauty Detox Program

This short book by Ann Louise Gittleman, Ph.D., is a great compilation of diets and ways to detox, aimed towards women, and focusing on the seasons of the year.

World Changing - A User’s Guide to the 21st Century

Wow! This is a fantastic compilation of new insights and solutions towards growing our world and community in a very sustainable (optimal) fashion. (Edited by Alex Steffen, Forward by Al Gore)

For Sale: Men’s Red

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Knowing to Cook Will Improve Your Health By Kristine the Baking Queen

If you knew that good nutrition (i.e. food) would impact your longevity, would you change the way you eat? Our lives are so hectic and finding time for our priorities becomes a daily challenge. We sacrifice exercise, quality family time and home meals for things that we think will improve our lives. We all need to decide what is most important for our personal development and that of our family and learn to say no to others. One priority to adopt is improved whole food in our diet. Whole food is real food that is good for your body. Without it, your health will eventually And the Environment...

The Frustrated Recycler By Tisha Casida

You see their faces - worn and tired. Their body weary from traveling across town, their eyes glazed from hours of sorting, storing, and contouring - these recyclables into their vehicles - now glazed with various liquids, the mounds of cardboard protruding from every angle of the windows. And then they stop. They search. And they throw their hands up in despair as they realize that the cardboard-recycling container is now gone. Broken-hearted, but still full of will, they unload the cardboard, so that they can unload their glass, and then re-load their cardboard back to search for the recycle bin. So pulls up another caring soul into the parking lot. This is the frustrated recycler. Why is it so hard to recycle? I am an avid do-er of trying to make change, and I have become so frustrated by trying to save and then haul my various recyclables across town to several different locations. The Pueblo City-County Health Department has done a great job of making information available where to recycle. And Pueblo Recycles has done a great job of educating the public. (Cont. Pg. 12)

10 Lorem That’sSitNatural! 10 MonthJuly-August 00, 0000 2008

suffer. Our hearts, glands, bones and muscles will be less than their potential if not nourished with natural and wholesome food. Cooking classes can help you develop some food options that help you rely less and less on a processed food and high fat, fast food diet. Believe that you are what you eat. Believe that you can take control of your health in a natural and cost effective manner. Learn to feed yourself and your family.

Kitchen Wisdom by Kris


“Courage is not the absence of fear, but rather the judgement that something else is more important than fear.” - Ambrose Redmoon

Agriculture is can help

mention paying farmers for crops they haven’t grown in years would seem to be universally offensive to taxpayers struggling to make ends meet and put food on the table. Not only does this bill unnecessarily cost tax payers and consumers billions of dollars annually, but it harms the environment which will incur its’ own costs in the future in the form of decimated soil fertility, polluted streams and rivers, destruction of wildlife habitat, and increased spending and costs of health care to name a few. Because of a clerical error the U.S. Farm Bill is being reworked for re-presentation to the president in it’s whole form. This is a great opportunity for the Senate to add a dash of justice, integrity, and common sense to the bill. The subsidies should be based on farmers incomes, crop prices and a standard of need not found in the bills present version. Perhaps they should reduce or eliminate subsidies for crops with record and soaring prices. Perhaps they should adopt the Presidents suggestion of limiting farm subsidies to those farmers earning less than $200, 000 annually which would still seem to be a very generous proposal to the average American citizen making ends meet with their average American income. The bill currently makes farmers earning up to 2.5 million eligible for help with their income. Perhaps they should close the well known loopholes, being taken advantage of by unscrupulous farmers, which allow them to collect millions in annual subsidies, remember these are tax dollars, for crops they


don’t even grow. Any or all of these proposed measures would reduce the budget deficit and greatly reduce the tax burden on the American citizen in a fragile economy at a time where there is great need for funding in the areas of education, resource conservation, nutrition and health care, social security and renewable energy research. For more information on farm subsidies.... See Brian M. Riedl, “How Farm Subsidies Harm Taxpayers and Consumers, and Farmers, Too,” Heritage Foundation Backgrounder N0. 2043, June 20, 2007, at Agriculture/bg2043.cfm, and Daniel Imhof’s new book, Food Fight. 1. Henry Wallace, cited in Oxfam America, “Fairness in the Fields: A Vision for the 2007 Farm Bill,” at http://www.oxfamamerica. org/resources/files/OA-Fairness_in_the_Fields.pdf (may 7, 2008) 2. For USDA farm income data, see U.S. Department of Agriculture, Economic Research Service, “Farm Income and Costs,” at (May 7, 2008), and “2008 Farm Income Forecast,” at http://www. (May 7, 2008).

NAF Never Alone Foundation, Inc. 719-647-1300

If you or a loved one needs our help or if you’d like to donate to NAF please call us at

What Are We? Never Alone Foundation (NAF) is a non-profit organization established to help those living in the southern Colorado area suffering from the debilitating symptoms of Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). Who Do We Help? Never Alone Foundation’s emphasis is on helping children, young adults and their families cope with the medical, financial and emotional distress caused by Ulcerative Colitis and Crohn’s Disease. We also have support for adults. How Do We Support Medically? The medical support will include but not be limited to: helping with physician networking, discussing treatment options and aiding in nutritional education. We will work closely with the Rocky Mountain Chapter of the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation of America (CCFA) utilizing their resources. It must be emphasized that NAF was not established to take the place of the medical profession. How Do We Support Financially? Financially, Never Alone Foundation hopes to help pay for doctor visits, hospital stays, prescription medications, transportation needs, provide scholarship money for the National Crohn’s/Colitis Camp and college aid as directed by the executive board. How Do We Support Emotionally? The emotional support will come from others who struggle with the demands of both diseases. Our organization has in its membership those already suffering from IBD and their family members. We hope to offer a shoulder on which to lean or an ear with which to hear through the ups and downs of these diseases. This will allow experiences to be shared and give patients and their families the comfort of knowing they are not alone. Final Word! Through fundraising events, donations and membership drives, we want to raise awareness of IBD and its footprint in southeastern Colorado, especially among our younger community. Southern Colorado struggles with limited resources and the goal of this organization is toimprove the quality of life for all associated with IBD!

Check out our website at

“We wish NAF was around when our child was first diagnosed with IBD”

“The Never Alone Foundation was established so no one with IBD in our area would ever have to feel alone.”

July-August 2008 That’s Lorem Natural! 11 Month 00, 0000 Sit 11

Colorado Ave Day Spa & Wellness Center 315 Colorado Avenue Pueblo, CO 81004 719-544-7900 Name our new spa Goddess statue and win an antioxidant blueberry facial! We want to say thank you to all of our loyal clients and friends for directly contributing to our success. You’re awesome! We would not be here without you! Thank you too neighbors and fellow citizens of Pueblo in helping make Pueblo a beautiful, healthy place to live.


As our way of saying thank you, we are proud to offer you our antioxidant blueberry facial at the sale price of $42.00, on special through the month of August.

The Frustrated Recycler Continued......

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Come help us Celebrate summer! We have a new look and a new therapist to celebrate! We have added Judy Hanson to our permanent staff as she has proved herself to be an excellent therapist and she is an asset to us all. Judy brings with her a wealth of knowledge and experience and her clients tell us her professionalism and talent goes beyond what’s expected.

However, amount of Stop by and help us name AD the NUMBER: . . time, . . . . research, . . . . . . .planning, . . . . . . .and . . .will-power . . . . . . . .it. takes . . . . 2069328 to actually accomplish.this, in a our new spa goddess statue ADVERTISER: . . . .is.a. stretch . . . . . for . . .us. .as. .human . . . . . beings . . . . .living ADVANCED SKIN Western society. Here’s SALES REP: . . . to . . changing . . . . . . . that. . . . . .WE . . .need . . . .to. .get . . more . . . . involved . . . . . . . .and 67CM enter to win a cool RUN DATE:and . . .implementation . . . . . . . . . . . of . .programs . . . . . . .that . . . could . . . . .change . . SUN., with the planning this. JUNE 08 blueberry facial. SECTION: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . PC Do you want to help? TYPIST: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5AC TECH: . . . . to: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . HA† SendGRAPHIC your interest and. .ideas DATE & TIME COMPLETED: . . . (PROOF OUT) 060208 @ 11:41 AM 2nd PROOF E-MAILED - 060308 @ 3:40 PM / HA†

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Lindner Chevrolet has Your New Vehicle...

2005 Honda Civic - White 31,000 miles EX Coupe Sunroof Special Edition Automatic transmission


2000 Corvette - Yellow Leather Dual roofs 6 speed manual transmission 44,000 miles


2007 Pontiac G6 Convertible Coupe - Wine GT sport package Automatic Transmission Leather 15,000 miles


2006 Cadillac CTS 3.6 liter V-6 Sunroof Leather Automatic Transmission 22,000 miles


We usually have an additional 110 to 120 pre-owned vehicles in stock!!! See at: Reach Travis Lindner at: 719-275-2386 or at

Travis Lindner is a dealer. All prices are negotiable. Customer responsible for all applicable taxes and a $249 doc fee

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A Dinner Winner from Country Roots Farm & Thrive Lifestyels Spinach is a great source for iron, calcium, chlorophyll, beta carotene, vitamin c, sodium and potassium. Even though it doesn’t have exceptionally high amounts of iron, it is an excellent choice for any meal, especially for those who eat less meat and dairy products. Pinto beans provide high amounts of dietary fiber, molybdenum, folic acid, and manganese. These creamy reddish beans can help protect your heart, balance sodium with

potassium, and stabilize your blood sugar. When eaten with corn tortillas, pinto beans provide all of the essential protein your body needs, so skipping the meat in this dinner is no problem! The combination of the slightly sweet pinto bean with the crisp, bright green spinach, scooped up with a fresh corn tortilla is sure to be a dinner winner!

Greens and Beans

Country Roots Farm’s Ryan and Betsy Morris and Thrive Lifestyles’ Kimberly Schaub - Serves 6 1 pound Pinto Beans 6 Scallions (Green Onions) 1 head green leafy vegetable, such as spinach, washed and trimmed Salt and Pepper 6 Corn Tortillas

1) Soak beans overnight. Drain soaking water and pour beans into a slow cooker. 2) Cover the beans with enough water to raise level 3-inches above the beans. 3) Set slow cooker on low until 1 hour before dinner. 4) When it’s almost finished, add salt and pepper to taste. 5) Place fresh green vegetables on plate, spoon beans over greens, and garnish with fresh chopped scallions. The heat will lightly wilt the green vegetables and bring out their natural sweetness. Serve with fresh bead/pitas/corn tortillas. *You can also mix up the flavors by adding different Southwestern seasonings for a nice change Calories 175, Fat Calories 12, 33.1 g Carbohydrates, 1.4 g Fat, 9.7 g Protein, 10 g Fiber, 228 mg Sodium

Resources:,,, – your local Community Supported Agriculture Farm, – Nutrition and Health that fit into your lifestyle

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Natural Connections Check this page for monthly events and meetings. Email Kimberly at to submit your gathering in our next edition.

July 8, 22 –Tuesdays - Toastmasters Public Speaking Class – 5:15 Wingate Hotel (Shelley, 671-7604) 10, 17, 24, 31 - Thursdays – Farm and Art Market – Gateway Park – Bring your family! 11, 18, 25 - Fridays – Entrepreneur Club and Public Speaking Class – 11:00 Perky Tea and Coffee – and various dates/locations – see advertisement (Patti, 214-3552) 15 – Kids Cooking by Kitchen Wisdom – 10:00 (Kristine, 251-8310) 16 – Pueblo Business Women’s Network – 11:30 Pueblo Country Club (Nancy, 547-8125) 17 – Whole Grain Cooking 101 by Kitchen Wisdom – 2 ½ hour class (Kristine, 251-8310) 29 – Pueblo Business Forum – 11:00 The 101 Bar (Tisha, 210-8273) Resuming in the Fall - Westin Price Foundation Pueblo Chapter – 4:00 Location Varies, please call (Kim, 947-0982; Nancy, 647-1293) Varies - Melaleuca Presentation – Diane Brown (671-8099)

August 7, 14, 21, 28 - Thursdays – Farm and Art Market – Gateway Park – Bring your family! 12, 26 –Tuesdays - Toastmasters Public Speaking Class – 5:15 Wingate Hotel (Shelley, 671-7604) 1, 8, 15, 22, 29 - Fridays – Entrepreneur Club and Public Speaking Class – 11:00 Perky Tea and Coffee – and various dates/locations – see advertisement (Patti, 214-3552) 20 – Pueblo Business Women’s Network – 11:30 Pueblo Country Club (Nancy, 547-8125) 26 – Pueblo Business Forum – 11:00 Aspen Heating (Tisha, 2108273) Resuming in the Fall - Westin Price Foundation Pueblo Chapter – 4:00 Location Varies, please call (Kim, 947-0982; Nancy, 647-1293) Varies - Melaleuca Presentation – Diane Brown (671-8099) Ongoing– Whole Grain and Slow Food – monthly classes by Kitchen Wisdom (Kristine, 251-8310)

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That's Natural Publication_July-August 2008  

Featuring sustainable products and services in Southern Colorado.

That's Natural Publication_July-August 2008  

Featuring sustainable products and services in Southern Colorado.