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Ad Submission Form We are creating a hard-copy magazine to enable our community members to promote their products, services, and information, to those outside the community. The publication will also:

enable members to write and publish articles

draw awareness and interest by informing the public about our community

For community members, we are offering free ads (25 words plus contact info) for community members. Create your ad by filling out this contact info: Your name or business/organization: Phone: Email: Web address: Other: And writing your 25 word ad here:

Or filling out these two boxes: Products or services you provide (and prices) What is the unique reason why people would do business with you (business edge or USP) Please check any that may apply:

 I am interested in having an article in the paper. What topic would you write about? ___________________  I am interested in participating in the paper or TV station in other ways: Pls elaborate: _________________  I am interested in being a guest on Liquid Lunch (ThatChannel's flagship show hosted by Hugh and Sandra)  I am interested in creating a radio or TV commercial to air on  I need a web site or e-commerce solution

Form newspaper submission form