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AUGUST 31,1963

D.C. NEWS Cassie Logan

Behind the scenes of the life of a famous civil rights leader. Q:Hello Cassie and thank you for taking time in your busy life to talk to us today.

Q: Wow Ms. Logan I really liked the introduction into the speech Can you tell us more about your life?

Q:I heard that you sent a speech to the march is that true?


A: Yes that is true.

Q:Where did you grow up?

Q:Why didn’t you attend the march? A:I was in jail for protesting against segregation in schools even though segregation in schools was outlawed 9 years ago. Q:How did you get out of jail? A:The police released me right when the march ended because they just wanted to “torture” me. Q:Who read the speech? A:Dr. Martin Luther King JR Q:How did you get him to read it? A:I got him to read it because he is a good friend of mine. Me and him have done many things together. We organized the Montgomery bus boycott and we have also organized marches like the march on washington. Q:Which speech was it? A:It was the introduction into the I have a dream speech

Police Records Police Brutality in Mississippi Yesterday in Montgomery, Alabama multiple african americans were brutally beaten by cops because they used a “White” water fountain at a park. “This is a perfect example of why the March on Washington happened.” One person said. This event is really showing that even though this is against the law it doesn’t matter to many policemen in the south they will keep on racially profiling african americans. Man Arrested For Attempted Murder Yesterday in Little Rock, Arkansas a white man was arrested for attempting to kill an african american man for walking into his store and trying to buy a luxury good. It was confirmed that the attempted murderer was in the Klu Klux Klan.

A:I grew up in Spokane County Mississippi where segregation was very relevant I lost many friends because of the stupid Jim Crow Laws. I started protesting these laws when I got out of college about 8 years ago and since then I have been arrested 27 times. Just because of racist cops! Q:How did you meet Dr. Martin L. King? A:I met him during a protest in Little Rock. He was a very nice man and he had as much determination as me. He is a man who wants his rights, badly. Q:Do you think that the March on Washington is a success? Also, how will this effect the rate of african americans getting their rights. A:I think that the March on Washington was the most successful peaceful protest in American history and I think because of this african americans will have their rights before the end of the decade.

Cassie Logan March On Washington  

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