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Who will represent for young Canada in the Winter Olympics of 2010?


Accessories to keep you warm all season long!

Introducing Kim Davis: Kim shows off her new look & opens up like never before

HIV/Aids: Mind the myths and get down to the facts!

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6 The making of the cover 9 Be True, Be real, Be you! 11 Beauty looks anyone can achieve 15 Winter accessories you can’t go without 18 Alter Ego 37 Men’s fashion must-haves 41 Dark Knites features 27 Up close and personal with Kim Davis 31 Getting the facts on HIV/Aids 33 A look at our young Olympians for 2010 35 Body by Chosen, improve your health this year!


11 3 | POLYSH | WINTER 2010


Life is relationships; the rest is just details.

- Gary Smalley

When the team and I were thinking of who to feature on the cover of our third issue, we thought, it has to be someone with a story, one that no one’s heard before. We wanted to feature someone who is well known in the city, but still down to earth; a real person with real comments on life and love that many can relate to. When we thought of Kim Davis, I thought about the lengthy PR process we would have to go through and prepared myself for it. One night, my friend encouraged me to accompany him to an event, even though I had given him every excuse why I couldn’t make it. Interestingly enough I ran into Kim, pitched the idea to her and she obliged. That night taught me two things: Everything happens for a reason and always look your best. In her book, Audition, Barbara Walters refers to her life as being a series of auditions. Whether she was being interviewed for a new television role or business venture, she had to act the part. This proves to be true daily because, as I learned, you never know who you’ll meet on the subway, what CEOs son you’ll sit next to in class or who will watch you make a fool of yourself while intoxicated. You don’t have to look like you’re going to a gala everyday but be presentable at all times because you never know where fate or chance will lead you. No matter who you meet, people will always remember one, what you looked like and two, the way you treated them. This year I encourage you to go the extra mile, go to that event no matter how tired you are. Buy that essential garment your wardrobe is missing and play the role to get the part you want! Sincerely, Courtney Roberts Editor-in-Chief I want to hear your interesting stories! Email me at



contributors Myles Sexton

Myles found his passion within the fashion industry at 16. Working as a makeup artist, model, and photographer, he strives to accomplish his editorial dreams. Recently he traveled to Toronto, as one of four main makeup artists at Toronto’s International Film Festival. “The fashion industry is always changing, that’s why I can never get enough,” he says. Sexton created all of the looks for our beauty spread which were shot by Brent McCombs in Nova Scotia.

Mahalia Crichlow

Mahalia is the author of our special feature on health and wellness, “Be True”. She gives tips on living your dreams and accomplishing goals in 2010. Mahalia is a certified Reiki practitioner and holds the designation of Okuden-advanced healing. She studies the modern Reiki system introduced by Hiroshi Doi. Her passion to share this natural healing system was borne out of her personal work and the realization that this energy healing technique could relieve body, mind and emotional imbalances. In addition, Mahalia does life affirming coaching; a welcome and complimentary addition to the goals of the practice of Reiki.

Jimmy Fu

Jimmy Fu is a fashion and commercial photographer who lives and works in both Shanghai and Toronto. His unique vision combines Eastern and Western cultures. He shot our fall 09’ cover and was the visionary behind this issue’s men’s spread: Dark Knight!

5 | POLYSH | WINTER 2010

Behind the scenes of the Cover Shoot:

Kim Davis It’s early on a Saturday morning in November, the team is geared up and ready to go. Kim arrives on time in track pants and pink Nike Shox, ready to get Glam. Hairstylist Krystle Chari revs up Kim’s look with sexy, straight lengths and make-up artist Elle takes Kim to the dark side with shocking, playful eyes. Shot in the city’s west end, fashion photographer, Tony DiLorenzo, captures Kim’s essence. “We really wanted to portray Kim like no one’s ever seen her” says Creative Director, Nathan G. “The look is trendy but sexy, and it works for her!” Read Kim’s story on page




Bookw Revie By: Courtney Roberts

Seventeen years old, three sexual partners, and zero pleasant experiences or relationships to justify any of them. I realized that if this was getting Laid, maybe I should try standing up instead. -excerpt from Laid.

7 | POLYSH | WINTER 2010

Today, we are more preoccupied with sex than ever before. Sex sells on the big screen and little screen and novels with steamy, sexy plots easily become bestsellers. There’s something about sex that gets us going, but what happens when that one “hook-up” falls down, or when that one night stand leads to an unwanted STD or pregnancy? Author, Shannon T. Boodram compiles these scenarios and many more in her debut novel, Laid: Young People’s Experiences with Sex in an Easy-Access Culture. She presents a collection of essays, poems, stories, and personal writings about sex by young adults. The book reveals detailed encounters of those who have had great sex, bad sex, unwanted sex and sex that left lifelong scars. Unlike other books that focus on the sexually active, Boodram carefully includes a chapter on abstinence and shares the rationale of those who choose to remain abstinent in a sex centered world. When I first picked up Laid, I thought it would be a page turner filled with wild and steamy sex scenes. As soon as I read the first page, I realized that this book would be far from my expectations. It indeed was a page turner, however the encounters shared were not all pleasurable nor did they end amicably. Probably one of the most enlightening and heart wrenching stories comes from a young woman who became HIV positive although she used protection. She shares how she broke the news to her supportive mother and also the steps she took to move forward after her diagnosis. Laid is definitely a book that provides insight and unparalleled advice in a digestible way. Laid is a breath of fresh air from the romance novel and the sex education textbook. With real experiences and heartfelt tales, at the end of this book, you’ll know everything you need to about getting “Laid”.

By: Kirsten Bramble

Melanie Fiona The Bridge Toronto’s own Melanie Fiona released her album, The Bridge, a while back. Since then her album has gone Gold and she has been nominated for a Grammy award. She produces a critically acclaimed album that proves to the world that Toronto is filled with talented artists. Her album has something for everyone as she touches on her

Caribbean roots in the songs “Ay yo” and “Sad Songs”. The soulful vibe of her album truly depicts her vocal abilities and many have compared her to female vocalists like Alicia Keys and Monica. Album favourites include “Johnny,” “It Kills Me” and “Monday Morning”. This album is definitely worth the purchase.

Alicia Keys The Element of Freedom Alicia Keys does not disappoint with yet again another classic album The Element of Freedom. This album depicts her growth as an artist and as a woman. Her ballads “Love is a Disease” and “Distance and Time” continue to echo the strength of her vocal and writing abilities. This album with its infamous production,

impressive vocals and uplifting lyrics will definitely be on repeat in your house or car. She remains true to her fan base as she capitalizes on the songs that everyone has grown to love her for. Album favourites include, “Sleeping With A Broken Heart”, “Unthinkable” and Swizz Beatz produced, “Almost There”.

Robin Thicke Sex Therapy: The Experience Sex Therapy: The Experience is a smash hit album. Robin Thicke proves himself to his fans and the industry. He again displays his individuality with his soulful voice and ability to sing in falsetto for a lengthy period of time. This album is a therapeutic session that heightens all senses and simulates all emotions invoked whether you’re enjoying sex or fantasizing about it. His perfect mix of up-tempo songs

and ballads provides something for everyone. For those who enjoy the public displays of affection, to those who like it rough and the hopeless romantics. As every song is a definite hit, album favorites include, “Shakin It For Daddy”, “Elevates”, “Sex Therapy”, “I Got U” and “2 Luv Birds”. Be sure to purchase Sex Therapy: The Experience edition, as this contains additional songs



By: Mahalia Crichlow

Be true, Be real, & Be healthy

In a society filled with standards, peer pressure and different principles, it is easy to assimilate thoughts and follow norms, which become the essence of mediocrity. I believe that this betrayal of self is a huge disservice. Earlier this year, just a few days before a major life event occurred, I had a disturbing dream. It was vivid, lucid and I was shook. I dreamt that I was driving on an open road, alone at night. I began to notice road kill on the road. There was so much of it scattered everywhere, I began to swerve and dodge the deceased animals as much as I could. Unfortunately it got to a point where I couldn’t continue on my journey because there was just too much. I eventually pulled over and sobbed uncontrollably, then I woke up! Yeah…. YIKES! So I called a trusted friend, who is

9 | POLYSH | WINTER 2010

also a dream interpreter and asked what she thought. She put the ball right back into my court and I had to figure out for myself. So I did some of my own research and found out something that really resonated with me. According to my findings, the road kill represented innocence, dreams and goals that were unfilled. From that, I gathered that I was going through life without following my heart’s desires. I was living for others and not for myself. The pile up in the road was a testament to all of the times when I silenced my intuition or dismissed a creative project as silly. Getting to the point that I couldn’t even continue on the road in my dream had me thinking that I would not be able to sustain this path, this lie. I had a lot of dreams inside of me but I was too busy doing what I believed was required to make a living. Instead I was slowing myself

down so much that I was unable to drive. “Hope deferred makes the heart sick, but when dreams come true, there is life and joy.” (Proverbs 13:12) I knew this first hand. In my case, not fulfilling my dreams made my heart sick. I had worked in an environment where I was not able to utilize my gifts or any sort of creativity for that matter and it was making me apathetic, almost zombie like. We often dull our intuition when we deny ourselves and choose to follow the crowd - or do what we believe is expected of us, which is quite dishonest. This dishonesty is what damages our spirit. I knew it was time to be true to myself. I made some changes, began pursuing the things that made me happy and that commitment has totally changed my life! Maybe I’m late, and everyone else feels great about their pursuits but I just had to share…

It is 2010 & if you are not living your dream now, it is time to do the following: Listen to your soul’s urgings. — What does your soul say? Tune in now. It’s easy, meditating and spending time in nature can make its messages clearer to you. Don’t be afraid of your heart’s desires. — Don’t dismiss what your heart has to say to you, it’s your built in GPS. Step out with courage into the things you are passionate about. — Fear not. I’ve been told that money stands for ‘My Own Natural Energetic Yield’, that means that it’s a by-product of me committing to work that makes me feel alive, energized! Release yourself from approval addiction and move forward boldly. — Critics will always be around, and those who can’t are wasting time talking about you when they could be working on themselves… sad but true. Renew your spirit and start to see it as your core self, the self that deserves nurturing and development regardless of the opinions of others. Expectations are self-inflicted by the fear of rejection. We often do things to fit in or to be part of the group, not wanting to raise any eyebrows. When you release yourself from approval addiction, you’ll start operating from a higher sense of self and this will positively affect the opportunities and people you attract.

Make your kingdom come, on your own terms. I dare you! And wish you the best!

This year take control of your life!




This winter is all about looking effortlessly fresh. With simple looks that can be achieved on almost anyone here are four fun, flirty looks that can be worn from day to night.

& y a D ght Ni

Hair & Make-up: Myles Sexton Photography: Brent McCombs Models: Sisley He, Ivy Matheson, Flora Chacha, Sarah Khalif

Sisley: Metallic is in. Use a blend of silvers & greys to achieve a shocking Smokey eye. With nude lips & cheeks she is all ready to hit the town for an evening out with the girls. 11 | POLYSH | WINTER 2010

Ivy: A little goes a long way with a hi-definition, glossy pink lip & a hint of blush.



Flora: Using earthy tones like gold & Copper on the eyes &

Cheeks will enhance features. Add some hi-light liner in the creases of the eyes for an easy day to night look that says: WOW 13 | POLYSH | WINTER 2010

Sarah: Go from natural to glam with a nice, deep, red lip that

brings everything together. For subtlety, opt for a nude peach or flesh tones. POLYSHMAG.COM | 14


By: Stephanie Schmidt

Out with the Cold, in with the Cute Keep Warm with the season’s hottest accessories Weather you’re caught in a snow ball fight or you’re headed to the office, we have got you covered from head to toe.

Boots Keep your toes toasty Clockwise from top left: Zippered bootie $160, Aldo. Minnetonka Sherling slippers $98, Holt Renfrew. Suede Boot $179, Nine West. Salvatore Ferragamo $1,920, Davids. Waterproof boot $170 Aldo. Christian Louboutin $1485, Davids. Suede boot Christian Louboutin $1395, Davids. Wedge boot $129, Nine West. Tall boot $100, Aldo. Thigh high boot $260, Aldo. Uggs Australia $250, Browns.

15 | POLYSH | WINTER 2010

Gloves Avoid frost bite with these little helpers

from top left: Black long leather gloves with zipper $48; red leather gloves $34; teal leather gloves $34; mittens $20; burgundy leather & faux fur gloves $38, all from urban outfitters. Gucci gloves $340, Holt Renfrew. Burberry gloves $275, www.bloomingdales. com. Jessica gloves $40, Sears. Uggs gloves $145,

Scarves Wrap up with cashmere

from top left: Burberry scarf $295, Holt Renfrew stores. Gucci scarf $275, Gucci Toronto. H&M scarf $35, Select H&M stores. Urban Outfitters scarf $24, Urban Outfitters scarf $48,



Hats Hide your hair from old man winter From top left: Burberry earmuffs, $150, Yorkdale. Forever 21 hat $7.80, Gucci hat $215, Gucci Toronto. H&M hat $12, Forever21 Gingham trooper cap $15.80, Sears hat and mitten set $15, Eaton Centre.

17 | POLYSH | WINTER 2010

AlterEgo Photography: Carla DaSilva, Styling: Youlanda Jackson Hair: Carlos Spellbound, Make-up: Andrea Kertesz, Model: Rebecca

Good Girl Purple suede/ sequined dress, Winners Open-toe Sling back heel, Winners Acrylic wood grain, crystal ring, Swarovski bad Girl Black suede/ sequined jacket, Winners Black leather pants, Laundry Black lace bustier, Vintage Black and silver studded bangle and bracelet, Stylist’s own



Good Girl Grey/charcoal dress and Pumps, both from Winners. Rope chain, Parasuco. Gold and diamond rose ring, The Bay. Bad Girl Grey/charcoal strapless dress and Grey fur boots, both from Winners. Multicolored gem necklace, Designs by Naomi. Turquoise acrylic bangle, Stylist’s own. 19 | POLYSH | WINTER 2010

Good Girl Red cocktail dress and Nude Pumps, both from Winners. Tutu headpiece, Stylist’s own. Loose set bangles, Stylist’s own. Acrylic crystal ring, Swarovski. bad Girl Silver cocktail dress, Winners. Blue peep-toe pumps, Aldo. Blue tights, Stylist’s own. Black/silver chandelier earrings, Acrylic Black necklace, diamond and onyx star ring, Designs by Naomi. Silver and pink crystal ring, Winners.



Good Girl Black lace dress, Winners. Silver earrings and diamond and onyx star ring, Designs by Naomi. bad Girl Black basket weave hooded coat, Linda Lundström, Stylist’s own. Black pencil skirt, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair. Booties, Winners. Silver and leather barrel chain necklace and bracelet, Designs by Naomi.

21 | POLYSH | WINTER 2010

Good Girl Black leather jacket, Parasuco. Denim ripped jeans, Vanishing Elephant. Red pumps, Vivienne Westwood, Specchio. Necklace, Holt Renfrew. Gold rope chain necklace worn as bracelet, Stylist’s own. bad Girl Black and gold military jacket, Parasuco. Black ripped jeans, Ksubi. Booties, Winners. Earrings, Stylist’s own. POLYSHMAG.COM | 22


Good Girl Black Valentino capped sleeve jacket, Winners. Black sequined skirt, Stylist’s own. Black patent leather opentoe sling back, Stuart Weitzman, Holt Renfrew. Silver cuff bracelet, Stylist’s own. bad Girl Black/silver foil graphic jacket, Stylist’s own. Black sequined panties, La Senza. Black thigh high leather boots, Stuart Weitzman, Specchio. Bracelet/ earrings, Stylist’s own. 23 | POLYSH | WINTER 2010

Good Girl Purple dress, Parasuco. Silver-jeweled headband, Aldo. Silver and diamond necklace, Parasuco. Acrylic ring, Winners. Bad Girl Black dress, Parasuco. Black and silver crystal horn necklace, Designs by Naomi. Snake necklace, Stylist’s Own. Black necklace, diamond and onyx star ring, Designs by Naomi. Gun metal mesh cuff, Stylist’s own.



25 | POLYSH | WINTER 2010

Live. Love. Learn. By: Courtney Roberts

Getting up close &personal


Kim Davis Photography: Tony DiLorenzo Make-up: Elle Hair: Krystle Chari Styling: Youlanda Jackson Photo editing:

At 27, Kim Davis has gone through more than some will in an entire lifetime. Three years ago, we fell in love with her voice the first time she was featured as a solo artist on the radio. Her song, Hush, with reggae artist Sizzla, put her on the map in North America. Today we fall in love with her presence as she talks music, pain, triumph and of course –her debut album. November.12th, 2009, the team and I meet with Kim for a fitting before our cover shoot. She greets us in her signature way, with an upbeat, “Hello!” and a firm handshake. Dressed casually in a t-shirt and slim-fit pants, Kim is prepared and excited for one of many meetings penciled into her busy schedule.

She walks around freely, lending her body as a mannequin to be pulled, twisted and hoisted in different directions. [Laughing] “I’m comfortable,” she says. “Just tell me where to go,” and our Fashion Director, Youlanda Jackson does just that. As she walks back and forth and changes from outfit to outfit, Kim takes us through her daily routine which starts with her waking up at 6:30am to get her two kids ready for school. “Once the kids are gone, I go to the gym for about an hour and then it’s off to the studio for a long recording/ writing session,” she says. “I also spend a lot of time on my computer and finalizing contracts since I own my own label.” On most days, she’s

busy doing interviews and having meetings before the kids come home; that’s when the real fun begins.


For Kim, music has always been an integral part of her life. “My father played the guitar and my grandmother was a jazz singer,” she beams. This would explain her musical talent and ability to blend many genres to create her own. “I love folk, I love hip-hop, I love R&B, so I think all of those things definitely factor into the music that I make: Music without limits,” she says. “I don’t want to be in a box. I’m a writer too so I write whatever style people are looking for.” Her South African heritage has caused her to be more culturally




and socially aware. Having faced discrimination in her native country prompted her to promote diversity within herself and her music. “Doing the Reggae was easy, because being from Toronto, I feel everybody has a bit of West Indian in them. Really, it’s just R&B over a different type of rhythm.” Though she has reached a point of notoriety in Canada, it wasn’t easy for Kim to establish herself as an artist. For a long time she was a background singer until she was approached by a producer in New York who asked if she was interested in starting a solo career. But after signing unsuccessful contracts and not getting anywhere under someone else, she decided to take her career into her own hands. Last year, she released her mixtape titled, Live. Love.Learn, which has been blowing up airwaves ever since and is now available on iTunes. Songs like, Sometimes and, Show Me the Way, continue to promote Kim as an artist with remarkable vocals and relatable lyrics. She was named the #1 unsigned R&B artist on MySpace Canada and continues to make tremendous strides in a country where only the toughest survive.


Though working now takes up a major part of her day, it didn’t always. Music –something that has always been playing in the background of her life –moved to the forefront when she suffered a terrible loss. By 19 years old, Davis was married to her high school sweetheart. They had a loving relationship that was not approved of by many, but that didn’t matter. It was more than she could’ve asked for at the time. Unfortunately,

27 | POLYSH | WINTER 2010

as many young couples fall in love, they fell out of it. Her marriage came to an end in 2004. After their separation, Davis decided to take a break from the dating scene to focus on herself. She began seeing someone who was also in the industry. Although their relationship was blissful at first, it wasn’t long before it took a turn for the worst. She shares her story with us: “We were dating for about a year and the first six months were

“Love is not pain. So if you’re in a relationship where you’re hurting in any kind of way, you need to leave. Period.” absolutely amazing and then I started touring and he started to get controlling. You know how it goes when you’re in that situation. It’s so insane. It started with him trying to do it in a loving manner, you know, [him] being concerned and then that quickly turned into a little grab here, and a little push there and eventually it became full out abuse. Not only was it physical abuse, but emotional and mental as well.” Bittersweet ending On November 26, 2005, Kim found herself caught in the midst of a fight unlike any other; a fight that ended traumatically, but caused an epiphany for her. “My daughter told my ex-husband that she was scared

to come home because she had seen my boyfriend hit me. My ex-husband came over and the individual [her boyfriend] was there and they got into a huge altercation which ended with my ex-husband passing away. My boyfriend stabbed him to death and in the process stabbed me multiple times. That’s how it ended. He went to jail and he’ll be there for the next five years. It ended and if it didn’t end that way, it would’ve ended in my own death.” Today Kim tells her story as a stronger and more triumphant woman. She has learned from it and shares with us this advice: “Love is not pain. So if you’re in a relationship where you’re hurting in any kind of way, you need to leave. Period.”

to the game, Kim Davis is teaching us how to Live for tomorrow, Love today and Learn from yesterday’s mistakes!

Three things you need to know about Kim: Describe your personal style: KD: It’s really sad, but fancy Kim is skinny jeans, boot or heels, and a top. But regular Kim is track pants, t-shirt, running shoes, hair in a ponytail that’s probably wet because I just ran out of the shower.


Now Kim is happy. Happy about herself, her kids, her life and her self-titled debut album, scheduled for release later this year. She has learned from past relationships, fumbles within the industry and brings these experiences together to create a new sound and new image. Kim, who started her own independent record label, KimDavisMusic, co-produced most of the songs and was involved in every creative stage. “Because it’s my first album, I want people to really get to know me. Live.Love.Learn was an introduction to me. I was at a darker place when I wrote that mixtape because that was my therapy after the incident [aforementioned] so this album is a lot brighter and a lot happier.” Some of the producers on the album include Boi 1da, Paul Davis (her brother), D10, Norm Sabourin, August and many more. Though she may be somewhat new

“I’m at a very happy place right now. I feel free, strong and I know what I want and I think I know how to get there. So in terms of love, I am in love with life.”

You have several tattoos, what do they mean? KD: My tattoos are an extension of me or the things that I think are important. Some of them came at a monumental time in my life.” I have my cross, which symbolizes my religion on my leg. My parents’ names are on my feet, because they keep me grounded. On my back are flowers which were a memorial created when my exhusband died., I got this when I released my mixtape online. It means so much to me and goes deeper than the music. No sacrifice, no victory, which speaks for itself. I have my treble and my bass clef on my hands for my music and lastly, my daughter and my son’s names and birthdays are on my arm. Are you in love right now? KD: Yes. Very much so. With a lot of things: myself, my music, my man and my kids. I’m at a very happy place right now. I feel free, strong and I know what I want and I think I know how to get there. So in terms of love, I am in love with life. PM POLYSHMAG.COM | 28



By: Hailey King

Getting down the facts

Although HIV is something that everyone has heard of, people often become uneasy when talking or learning about it. Some may think it’s only rampant in underdeveloped countries, so they remain ignorant and/or refuse to get tested. So we’ve decided to give you a breakdown of the virus and some of the common misconceptions. HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) is a virus that attacks and causes the deterioration of the immune system, making it difficult to fight off infectious diseases. AIDS (Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome) is the infectious disease that kills millions and is believed to

derive from HIV. Early stages of HIV can occur immediately after infection and symptoms may resemble the flu or other common viral infections. A latent stage –often years –with no symptoms, occurs before the virus reaches the AIDS stage. More severe symptoms such as cancer and pneumonia could take years to develop. AIDS becomes much more characteristic in the latter stages of the disease where immune failure becomes almost total. As a result of the virus being slow and often silent, an individual can be HIV positive and not even know it. The Stats There are approximately 33 million people worldwide living with HIV: 22 million of them

are in Sub-Saharan Africa, approximately 1.1 million in the United States and an estimated 58,000 in Canada. According to the AIDS Committee of Toronto (ACT), in Canada, 39.6% of those infected are men sleeping with men, 28% are women, 17% are injection drug users, and 8.3% are from countries with high rates of HIV infection. It is also noted in the Public Health Agency of Canada’s 2008 report, 2,623 new cases of HIV infections occurred in 2008 increasing from 2,452 in 2007. Among those cases, 44.6% were Caucasian, 29.4% Aboriginal, 14.5% were African and 5% Asian. Researchers had hoped to find a cure for the deadly virus by now, but its ability to change strains makes it difficult to treat.

For information on a POC testing site nearest you, call the AIDS Hotline at: 1-800-668-2437 | Toronto: 416-392-2437 For general information call: INFOline Tel: 1-866-532-3161 | (Toll-free in Ontario only) | TTY 1-800-387-5559 | Hours of operation: 8:30am - 5:00pm |

31 | POLYSH | WINTER 2010

What you think you know It is not yet known exactly where HIV/ AIDS originated or when the first transfer occurred, but scientists are desperately trying to solve the mystery. They believe that in order to find a cure for the disease, they need to know where and how it came about. As a result of its unknown origin, a few myths and misconceptions have evolved over the years. Here are some of those myths: 1. HIV/AIDS is a homosexual disease and I’m straight so I have nothing to worry about. HIV/ AIDS doesn’t discriminate against gender, age, sexual orientation or ethnicity. As long as you are practicing unsafe sex or sharing needles, you put yourself and others at risk of infection. 2. I can get infected by being around someone who’s HIV positive. HIV is transferred through infected blood, semen, vaginal fluid, pregnancy/ giving birth or a mother’s breast milk. It cannot be transmitted through touch, sweat or saliva. You also cannot get infected by hugging, kissing or shaking hands with someone who is HIV positive. 3. People who have HIV/AIDS look sick so I’ll be able to tell if my partner is infected. HIV is a lentivirus, which means it is a slow virus that attacks the immune system. It could take a person years after infection to show any effects or symptoms. The only way to be sure that you

or your partner are not infected, is to get tested. 4. I can’t get HIV from oral sex. You can get HIV from having oral sex with someone who is infected. HIV is spread through semen and vaginal fluid of an infected person so always use a latex barrier. 5. I’m not promiscuous; I’m in a monogamous relationship so I don’t need to worry about HIV/AIDS. Just because you are not cheating doesn’t mean your partner isn’t. Always practice safe sex and get tested regularly. 6. Both my partner and I are HIV positive, so we don’t need to practice safe sex. Even though both you and your partner are infected, you still need to use protection during intercourse. This will help protect you or your partner from becoming infected with other strains of HIV. 7. There is a cure for HIV because celebrities have been living with HIV for a long time and haven’t developed AIDS. When the HIV medication is taken properly, it can reduce the virus in a person’s blood but the virus is still in the infected person’s system. That is why it is so important to practice safe sex at all times to avoid infecting someone else with the virus. 8. In regions of Africa and Asia, it is believed that if you sleep with a virgin, it will cure AIDS. This is not true. This will only infect the person. To date, no cure for AIDS has been found.

HIV/AIDS doesn’t discriminate against sexual orientation, gender, age or ethnicity. Almost thirty years after its first diagnosis, the virus continues to infect and kill millions of people worldwide. There are many theories and debates as to its origin from colonialism to a governmental experiment gone wrong. However, one thing is for certain, this fatal, infectious disease may not be curable but it certainly is preventable. Do yourself (and your partner) a favour and get tested immediately, even if you think you have nothing to worry about. Getting Tested There are many resources and centres where you can get tested and receive counselling whether you are diagnosed positive or negative. Standard HIV testing is usually done by taking a blood sample and sending it to the public health lab. It can take up to two weeks to get the results, and in most cases, you must return to your doctor’s office or the clinic to receive the results. Point of care (POC) testing is done by pricking your finger and testing your blood while you wait. It is available for free at 60 sites across Ontario. PM



Vancouver 2010, EH? By: Kirthiga R.

Regan Lauscher Age: 29 (February 21, 1980) Birthplace: Red Deer, AB Sport: Luge

The best in winter sport will come out to shine on Canadian soil — or ice — next month during the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics. With several young competitors, Canadians should know the athletes representing them. They need our support to rock the Olympics and let the world know why Canada won’t just be hosting the winter games—we will shine in them. They’re being held here for a reason. 33 | POLYSH | WINTER 2010

This Red Deer native began competing in the Luge in 1999. Since winning her first Canadian championship in Calgary, in October 2000, it is obvious that Lauscher has developed as an athlete. She made her Olympic debut at the 2002 Winter Games in Salt Lake City, finishing 12th and marking the best Olympic result for a Canadian in the Women’s Singles since Marie Claude Doyon in 1988. On December 4, 2004, she made luge history by becoming the first Canadian athlete to win a silver medal in the World Cup at Lake Placid, New York. Shortly after, she competed in the Suzuki Challenge Cup in Igls, against 12 of the top sliders in the world, and earned a bronze medal. Lauscher spent the 2008-2009 season recovering from shoulder surgery and prepping herself for this year’s competitions.

Muncef Ouardi Age: 23 (April 17, 1986) Birthplace: Montreal, QC Sport: Long Track Speed Skating Competing in 500m and 1000m long track events, Ouardi has had an impressive track record of Canadian championships, finishing 4th in the 500m single distances and 8th in the 1000m single distances in 2009. In the World Cup competition of 2008-2009, Ouardi finished 21st in the 500m and 27th overall in the 1000m. A great achievement for Ouardi was his finish in the 500m sprint at the World Single Distance Championships of 2008-2009 in Richmond, BC, where he placed 14th. While continuing to perfect his skills, Ouardi will compete with the finest in Vancouver and strive to keep his track record going.

Kimiko Zakreski Age: 26 (December 31, 1983) Birthplace: Calgary, AB Sport: Snowboard Since the first few wipe-outs on her snowboard in 1997, Kimiko Zareski has a remarkable line-up of achievements placed beside her name and event, the Parallel Giant Slalom. A member of the Canadian National World Cup team, Zakreski secured three Top 10 World Cup finishes in the parallel slalom since 2007 and earned a silver medal in Italy in 2008. When she isn’t wakeboarding or playing with her dog, Zakreski reflects on her many career highlights, which include qualifying first in the Sungwoo Korea World Cup and finishing in the Top 16 overall on the World Cup circuit in 2007.

Shelley-Ann Brown Age: 29 (March 15, 1980) Hometown: Pickering, ON Sport: Bobsleigh Since competing on the Canadian Bobsleigh National Team in Team in 2006, Shelley-Ann Brown had a remarkable run in her 2008-2009 season, when she became brakeman for pilot Kaillie Humphries, also racing alongside Helena Upperton and Amanda Stepenko. With three podium finishes – one gold and two silvers – Brown also held the start record with Humphries on the Lake Placid track in New York, during the 2007-2008 season. Shelley-Ann also competed in six World Cup events, finishing in the Top 10 in all six races.

Patrick Chan Age: 19 (December 31, 1990) Birthplace: Ottawa, ON Sport: Figure Skating At 19, this young Toronto native has been figure skating since the age of five and has won three consecutive national titles from 2003 to 2005, on three different levels (pre-novice, novice and junior). In 2006, Chan placed top three at the World Figure Skating Championships, becoming the first Canadian men’s figure skater to do so since 1984. Chan has come a long way since then, currently the ISU Four Continents Champion, the World Silver Medalist and the reigning Canadian Men’s Champion. With his extended list of achievements and medals, Chan knows when he’s got to put away the video games and sharpen his skates. PM POLYSHMAG.COM | 34

getting and Staying fit this year

Body By chosen


35 | POLYSH | WINTER 2010


from ps P Train ersonal er, Dw Delve ayne s

Dwayne’s fresh approach to personal training incorporates, kick boxing and self-defense techniques to produce the optimum workout for both the body and mind. His proven methodology has helped his clients see measurable results in weight loss, decreased body fat, increased strength and muscle as well as increased flexibility and levels of energy.

PM: How long have you been in the personal training business?

DD: I have been a personal trainer for a year now. Training small groups

and doing one on one sessions.

PM: I noticed you train people at their office, how does that work?

DD: I can train anywhere, I bring all of my equipment with me. All my client needs is an extra, open space. PM: Why is staying fit so important? DD: Staying fit helps maintain higher energy levels, builds resistance towards various ailments and relieves stress and anxiety. But, to me the most important thing is mobility as you age. Every decade

g fit helps maintain higher “ Stayin energy levels, builds resistance

towards various ailments and relieves stress and anxiety. But, to me the most important thing is mobility as you age.

your metabolism slows down, so maintaining a reasonable body weight especially when your older is very important.

PM: Going into how the New Year, many people make resolutions to start working out, however don’t follow through. How does someone who has never exercised before get started? DD: You should prepare yourself mentally before you start your workout schedule. Create short and long term goals, in regards to how you want to look and how much you

want to lose. It is important to focus on meeting these goals. 

PM: What are simple things people can do at home to stay fit? DD: To stay fit at home you can do jumping jacks, lunges, squats, sit ups, and push ups.

PM: Can you give us three exercises that will work our abs, biceps and glutes that we can do at home?

DD: There are several exercises

ups and leg raises. For the glutes, squats and lunges and for biceps: arm curls. It is important to research how to do these exercises properly for maximum benefits and your own safety.

PM: What foods do you recommend be incorporated into a healthy diet? DD: Oatmeal for breakfast, salads for lunch, Veggies for dinner. I recommend almonds, fruits or protein shakes for snacks. PM

you can do at home to work your abs, glutes and biceps. For abs: Sit POLYSHMAG.COM | 36


Cool Coats This winter is all about looking trendy while staying warm. The puffer coat is great for completing everyday winter tasks and taking you to various events. It’s a great casual, yet stylish coat that will add swag to any ensemble. Check out our favourites!




from left: 1 | Grey puffer CALVIN KLEIN $103.99, 2 | Navy/Grey puffer ARMANI EXCHANGE $172, 3 | Red puffer MONCLER $239.99,

37 | POLYSH | WINTER 2010







from top left: 4 | Grey puffer CALVIN KLEIN $103.99, 5 | Black hooded puffer D&G $1,143, 6 | tartan Puffer MONCLER $ 1,575, 7 | Green Plaid Puffer $103.00, 8 | Leather Cognac Hooded Puffer $512, 9 | Purple Hooded Puffer MONCLER $1,112, POLYSHMAG.COM | 38


Top Trend: The military jacket

Forward March! Right into the winter with one of the

seasons hottest inspirations seen from designers all over. Military themed clothing is huge for this winter 09/10, from various winter coats, to blazers, & boots.











from top left: 1 | Ann Demeulemeester 2 | D&G 3 | Dunhill 4 | Emporio Armani 5 | Emporio Armani 6 | Emporio Armani 7 | Ermenegildo Zegna 8 | Gareth Pugh 9 | Gianfranco Ferre 10 | Moncler 39 | POLYSH | WINTER 2010











from top left: 11 | Robert Geller 12 | Thom Browne 13 | Thom Brownel 14 | Tommy Hilfiger 15 | Trussardi 1911 16 | Versace 17 | y-3 18 | y-3 19 | Z Zegna 20 | Z Zegna POLYSHMAG.COM | 40


Photography: Jimmy Fu Styling: Youlanda Jackson & Nathan G Make-up: Vanessa of Opulence Models: Aaron & Sebastien

41 | POLYSH | WINTER 2010

Aaron: Blazer, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Pants, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Scarf, Stylist’s own Dress shoes, Kenneth Cole Jewelry, Model’s own Sebastien: Trench, Cheap Monday White dress shirt, Parasuco Jason jeans, Parasuco Shoes, Converse Chuck Taylors POLYSHMAG.COM | 42


43 | POLYSH | WINTER 2010

Aaron: Bubble coat, Parasuco White v-neck, Parasuco Acid wash jeans, Ksubi Black booties, Winners Black toque, Old Navy Sebastien: Cargo jacket, Parasuco Jason jeans, Parasuco Cardigan, Kostym Boots, Winners Belt, Parasuco POLYSHMAG.COM | 44


Aaron: Suit, Winners Tuxedo white dress shirt, C2 Apparel Booties, Winners Sebastien: Mandarin collar suit, Winners Polka dot shirt, Vanishing Elephant C2 Pants, Winners 45 | POLYSH | WINTER 2010

Aaron: Blazer, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Pants, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Scarf, Stylist’s own Dress shoes, Kenneth Cole Jewelry, Model’s own POLYSHMAG.COM | 46


47 | POLYSH | WINTER 2010

Aaron: Wool Coat, Parasuco Shirt, Parasuco Dress pants, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Sebastien: Dress coat, Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Dress shirt, Vanishing Elephant Dress pants, Cheap Monday POLYSHMAG.COM | 48

Stocklist Aldo C2 Apparel Cheap Monday (Kostym) Designs by Naomi Fifth Avenue Shoe Repair Holt Renfrew Imperial Leather Kensie Ksubi Le Senza Linda Lundström Old Navy Parasuco Rita Benzacar Sales Ltd Specchio The Bay Vanishing Elephant Winners

Live.Love.Learn ON KIM: Dress Winners Necklace Lia Sophia Silver strand necklace Stylist’s own Zippered bracelet Winners Small ring Lia Sophia Large black and gold ring H&M Black Motorcycle Jacket Imperial White dress Kensie Black Strappy shoes Winners Ring Lia Sophia Denim Jacket Cheap Monday Bustier Stylist’s own Tulle Skirt Ksubi Tights Winners Shoes Winners All Jewelry Lia Sophia POLYSHMAG.COM | 50

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