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Residual Income Formula: Why Typical Affiliate Marketing Is Like First Time Sex

Going Back to College Was the Hugest Rip-Off Mistake I’ve Ever Made! Yes, it’s true. But hey, the school told me it would all pay off for me right? Would they actually lie to me? A college? Oh, and would they actually tell me not to bother having all of my schooling paid for by EI benefits, which I qualified for, and instead tell me to take out student loans because dealing with EI was too much of a pain in the ass? Hell yes they would! I found out later, it was only so THEY could get their money faster, but f*ck the guy that has to go 24k in debt when he could be having all of this paid for him…who cares right? So where was I 4 years later? $24, 000 in debt with student loans! But no problem, I was certified up the “yin-yang” ready to get that promised “high paying” job. Oh, I was ready alright…ready to find out that getting a job in the IT sector that I was trained in was next to impossible. Ready to learn that just about all of those jobs these days are outsourced to India where they can pay the workers next to nothing! Is there just a little bit of a problem with North Americans being screwed completely over these days or something. Hmm, yep I think so….

Jeez, that computer tech job at Staples paying me minimum wage sure looks pretty sweet though doesn’t it? Man, it only took me 4 years of college to end up making less than my 16 year old daughter…BONUS! Does this sound familiar? Well, if it does my friend, I feel for you, because that’s exactly what happened with me. The truth of the matter is that if I’d had put all that time I’d spent in college into learning “how-to”, and starting my own home based business, I would have hit 6 figures per year ages ago. More than that, I could have been earning passive recurring monthly income far sooner too. Yes, today I really regret my choice of going back to college. It was all such a big waste of time looking back on it. However, I wasn’t going to go down without a fight, and because of it, today I do actually own and operate my own home base business. Wow, if only I’d known back then, what I do now. The fact is, with the current economy it’s doubtful it will ever turn around enough to make any type of dent in your life if you’re facing the same situation. Turn that leaf over now and begin to take control of your own financial future. We have the most incredible opportunity available to us in the history of mankind at our finger tips, if you’re just willing to take the plunge. Man, and it’s so worth it! I just wish I wouldn’t have spent those 4 years I wasted in college before I got started. Oh well…hindsight right…but don’t make the same mistake I did. Or, if you did, but are ready to begin to take control of your life and your financial future again…then click below to get started.

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If you don’t have a good “residual income formula” incorporated into your online business you might be thinking that typical affiliate marketing is kinda like first time sex. What the hell happened? The sales page of the course you invested in told you that you would be making money while you sleep for months to come barely any work at all. You did everything that the course showed you, and in two weeks time, “Yes! I made a sale!” You’re thinking to yourself, “Man, from this point on, my life is changing! I’ve figured out the secret. I can’t wait until sales are rolling daily…I’m set. The next thing you know, 3 weeks have passed, and not a chirp can be heard? Oh, and that one sale? Maybe it was just luck you’re thinking. Damn it…here I go again! Well, if you’ve ever experienced this yourself, you’re not alone, and I do have a good chunk of the solution for you. And it’s probably not what you think…

Without A Residual Income Formula Set Up… Maybe Get Used To It? Perhaps getting used to it, is a little harsh, but the truth of the matter is that most people getting into affiliate marketing often experience that very same thing. Landing your first sale online can almost be just like the the first time you had sex in high school. It felt amazing, but it didn’t last long! All kidding aside…as cool and profitable as regular affiliate marketing can be for some people, it can often come with a couple of serious flaws.

One Off Sales Kinda Suck… One of the biggest flaws with regular affiliate marketing is that there simply isn’t a residual income formula set up with them at all. Most products that are available for affiliate marketers to promote are what’s known as “one off” sales. Meaning that once you make a sale, you are paid ONLY for that one sale, and that’s the end of it. Practically all products that you’ll find on Amazon to promote are like this. There are thousands of products and affiliate marketing programs on the net, but the majority of them are set up this way. Yes, there are exceptions which I’ll mention in a minute, however for the majority, this is the type of payment structure you can expect.

The Solution: Creating And Working With A Residual Income Formula

While there many affiliate marketers out there that do make a fantastic living promoting one off sale products, there is a much smarter way. Seriously, that one sale that you made in the first two weeks with that course you may have purchased could have turned into 2,3,4,5,6 sales and up. In fact, if the product you had promoted had a residual income formula built into the pay structure, and the product or service had a very high “stick rate”, it just might have made you monthly sales for years to come.

The Residual Income Formula – The Much Smarter Path! One of the main reasons and goals that I created this blog was to set people on a much better and smarter path with their online marketing. Actually, it’s the mission of this entire blog. After having been a regular affiliate for many products over several years, it became clear that my focus had to switch to being centered around promoting recurring commission products that will pay residual monthly..and that could last for many years to come. The reason being, is that if the bottom ever falls out of your business, you will be faced some pretty dire consequences…and I guarantee you, you’re not going to like it!” You can even set up several residual income formulas in your business for added sustainability and security. It just plain makes incredibly “good sense”. This way, if something terribly bad happens in your business, such as losing all of your traffic all of a sudden, you can still have enough revenue coming into your business monthly, to give you a residual operating income while you re-build if necessary. After all, the residual income definition does mean that you are paid month to month, and this can really help you out when times might get tough in your business.

Powerful Residual Income Formula Models To Get You On A Better Path Monthly Memberships Or Recurring Services Charges There are many monthly membership sites out there that charge monthly and that will pay you on a monthly basis. Also, there are tons of places that provide services where they charge monthly. Some of these would include web hosting, auto-responder services, outsourcing services, and many more. The pay structure will vary, but there are some that pay pretty good. When you promote these types of sites it can get the residual income model formula working for you. However, when it comes to monthly training membership sites that pay you residual you’ll really want to make sure the site is of VERY high quality, and has a great reputation for taking care of it’s members.

There are some of these I’ve promoted in the past, and if the sites don’t take good care of their members then it doesn’t take very long and cancellations will begin to occur. Be sure to do your homework and make sure the highest of quality and integrity is in place, so that the “stick rate” is high, and you can get paid monthly for a long time to come. One such place like this is Wealthy Affiliate. It’s known as the #1 affiliate training site in the world, and they do indeed take extremely good care of their members. However, you do have to be a member to promote it.

The Hy-Brid Affiliate Residual Income Formula Model The hy-brid residual income formula model can be extremely powerful. You see, not only can you make monthly residual income from your own sales, but you can also make residual income from the people that you sign up. If they in turn, decide to promote the membership or service, you will also be paid a percentage monthly for their sales too.

others may go down further.

This model varies somewhat, depending on the program or service. Some sites will only pay on down to the second tier, while

The best types of services to promote from this breed of hy-brids are the ones that will pay you residual monthly income on each of the members sales that you signed up, unlimited width and indefinitely, and also down as far as 10 levels deep. A great example of this “residual income formula“ is Pure Leverage. Again, be sure the product or service is in high demand, and that the service is of great quality from a company with integrity. Making sure of this, can pay huge dividends for you down the road if you stick with it!

The Network Marketing Model Again, the network marketing model can be extremely powerful. It could be considered the “creme de la creme” of the residual income formulas.

While network marketing may have had a bit of a bad “rap” from time to time in the past, these days, it’s finally getting it’s rightful day in the sun. This is especially true since online network marketing has come into play. In this day and age, with so many corporate takeovers, and jobs depleting due to technology and many more reasons, network marketing has been gaining mass appeal. Many people are now just discovering how powerful network marketing really can be. Network marketing has been proven to be an effective and legitimate formula for residual for many years, but many people were ignorant to it for a long time. Mostly, by those that didn’t really take the time to understand it properly. Sure, there has been some bad companies out there, but once again, if you do your homework you can find many network marketing companies around that uphold the highest levels of integrity. In a later post, I’ll include some helpful tips for you on how to pick a great company to get involved with. Make no mistake about it though, network marketing is one of the most powerful residual income formulas available today on the entire planet.

Residual Income Formula Models Are The Smartest Path Available Doesn’t it just plain make a whole lot more sense to get involved with promoting products and services where you can get paid months, or even years, down the road from a single sale? If you’re going to take the time to work hard at affiliate marketing, or any other form of online marketing, your best bet is to always include some form of residual income formulas into the mix. Also, if you’re very smart, you should be making this the central focus of your online business goals.

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