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How To Network Market In The New Age – PT 1

Going Back to College Was the Hugest Rip-Off Mistake I’ve Ever Made! Yes, it’s true. But hey, the school told me it would all pay off for me right? Would they actually lie to me? A college? Oh, and would they actually tell me not to bother having all of my schooling paid for by EI benefits, which I qualified for, and instead tell me to take out student loans because dealing with EI was too much of a pain in the ass? Hell yes they would! I found out later, it was only so THEY could get their money faster, but f*ck the guy that has to go 24k in debt when he could be having all of this paid for him…who cares right? So where was I 4 years later? $24, 000 in debt with student loans! But no problem, I was certified up the “yin-yang” ready to get that promised “high paying” job. Oh, I was ready alright…ready to find out that getting a job in the IT sector that I was trained in was next to impossible. Ready to learn that just about all of those jobs these days are outsourced to India where they can pay the workers next to nothing! Is there just a little bit of a problem with North Americans being screwed completely over these days or something. Hmm, yep I think so…. Jeez, that computer tech job at Staples paying me minimum wage sure looks pretty sweet though doesn’t it? Man, it only took me 4 years of college to end up making less than my 16 year old daughter…BONUS!

Does this sound familiar? Well, if it does my friend, I feel for you, because that’s exactly what happened with me. The truth of the matter is that if I’d had put all that time I’d spent in college into learning “how-to”, and starting my own home based business, I would have hit 6 figures per year ages ago. More than that, I could have been earning passive recurring monthly income far sooner too. Yes, today I really regret my choice of going back to college. It was all such a big waste of time looking back on it. However, I wasn’t going to go down without a fight, and because of it, today I do actually own and operate my own home base business. Wow, if only I’d known back then, what I do now. The fact is, with the current economy it’s doubtful it will ever turn around enough to make any type of dent in your life if you’re facing the same situation. Turn that leaf over now and begin to take control of your own financial future. We have the most incredible opportunity available to us in the history of mankind at our finger tips, if you’re just willing to take the plunge. Man, and it’s so worth it! I just wish I wouldn’t have spent those 4 years I wasted in college before I got started. Oh well…hindsight right…but don’t make the same mistake I did. Or, if you did, but are ready to begin to take control of your life and your financial future again…then click below to get started.

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If you had a bad experience in the past with learning how to network market, then for some reading this, you just might be pleasantly surprised at how much it has changed through the years.

Watch You Tube Video Here... With the internet and online network marketing, gone are the days of long drives to show “the plan”, renting hotel presentation rooms, or chasing down all of your personal friends until you have “no friends left”. This is also commonly known as NFL (No Friends Left) syndrome. I’ll never forget my first experience with network marketing. My first introduction into the world of network marketing came with Amway. Sure, I had heard of Amway, but I had never heard the term network marketing before that time. I believe it was around 1998 when I’d first come across it. It was all completely new to me. Like many people being introduced to it, I was looking for something. I wasn’t really sure what I was looking for, but, I certainly did know that I needed much more stability in the financial future of my life. I mean, let’s face it. In this day and age, job security is nothing short of a far fetched myth. Also, probably just like you, the first time I really grasped the concept of residual income, and once all of the circles drawn on the sheet of paper began making sense to me, I got extremely excited about having a network marketing business! Hello Hell!.. And Then Some… On that note, let me just say that my first experience in this industry was nothing short of complete hell! LOL… I think I might have gotten more satisfaction by taking a rusty nail and grabbing a mallet to drive it straight through the pupil in my right eye. To say that it was a horrifying experience, is putting it very mildly.

To say that it was a horrifying experience, is putting it very mildly. Showing the plan was hard! That wasn’t me at all. I had pretty much zero experience in sales, let alone any experience in trying to convince a prospect that I had an opportunity, that they just had to grab hold of. Also, in hindsight, I’d never realized just how many people in the offline world had been approached by hopeful Amway distributors. After all, that company has been around since 1959. Again though, I knew of their products, but didn’t realize they were a network marketing company or anything like that until much later. My friends? Wow, I’m sure they thought I’d lost my marbles, though I was able to sponsor one of their wives into the Amway business. She did love the products. Actually, Amway does indeed have some great products, but the whole stigma around the company name back then, was a pretty big hurdle to overcome. Needless to say, my experience with Amway and trying to Learn How to Network Market offline was very short lived. I believe I only lasted in it for about 9 or 10 months or so, back in those days. One thing from that whole experience had always stuck with me though… I remember getting the monthly Amagram magazine sent to the apartment that my girlfriend and I shared at the time. Each month, I would open it up and go read the stories of people who had in fact made Amway work for them. These stories completely inspired me! I’ve always been fascinated and encouraged by stories where people have had to overcome incredible odds and adversity, all leading to triumphing in the end by attaining what they had set out to do. After reading some of these inspiring stories of people who had reached statuses like Executive Diamond I’d find myself thinking, “Wow Dav, can you just imagine what this couple went through to get there? Especially with the Amway business….holy crap!” Thankfully, now that we have the internet, things have changed big time in the network marketing world.

How To Network Market-The New Ways Of Getting A Grasp Of It The internet has definitely changed the way that network marketing is approached, and for some it’s definitely been a complete Godsend. The fact is, that many people have got so proficient at utilizing the internet to build their businesses, that they are now the ones being chased by people asking them how they can get involved with them in business. It’s a whole new ball game, and a very welcome one at that. Enter the world of Attraction Marketing… First- What Is Attraction Marketing At Its Core, And What It Is NOT? One of the areas that some people get mixed up and confused about it with attraction marketing is that they don’t always quite understand that is isn’t about all of the moving parts. It’s not about the webinars, ebooks, lead capture pages, customized branded marketing funnels, or any of that stuff. Yes, yes, of course, these things are important, and if put together properly, they will help you to increase profits in your business. However, those are simply the tools necessary to build your business. We all need them, and without them, learning how to network market, and building your business certainly wouldn’t run very smoothly…but what’s the real core of attraction marketing? What Attraction Marketing Actually Is! One of the very first things I learned from attraction marketing expert Ann Sieg is a very simple two word formula. The simple formula is: “Teaching Sells” When you think about it, “What is it that people who are finding great success and attracting people to them with online network marketing doing?” Well, the obvious answer is that they are sharing helpful knowledge, and teaching people about how to get better results….whatever the subject might be!

Hey, it’s not just people who teach attraction marketing, or how to build a home based business, that this is working for either. It works for people who are teaching people how to live healthier or getting into better shape. Do you think that the biggest people in the Beachbody business actually got there by only pimping the business opportunity? Hell no! They first began by inspiring people and sharing their knowledge of how P90X helped them to acquire the nice ripped and toned body they have now come to enjoy through working at it. They did this by teaching and showing people the exercises and diet habits that worked best for them through YouTube videos, free reports, blog posts, articles etc. It works in practically all situations where people share information and knowledge that actually helps people on the receiving end of it. So at its very “root core” attraction marketing is the understanding that in order to get attention, and to stand out from the crowd, you absolutely must take on the role of becoming a “trusted adviser” for people. How To Network Market In The New Age – Part 2 In the next installment in this series, we’ll get more into the nuts and bolts, recommendations, and even more when it comes to how to network market in this new empathy driven economy. It’s here: How To Network Market In The New Age – Part 2.

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How To Network Market In The New Age - Part 1