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Remember the Stars A writing Portfolio by Dani Francis AP English 6/6/11 Rosenbaum

Chapter 1: My History as a Writer Chapter 2: Sample of Journal Writings Chapter 3: Sample of A.p Essays Chapter 4: Sample of Formal Essay/Speech Chapter 5: Creative response Chapter 6: My Choice Chapter 7: Conclusion

Hello, my name is Dani Francis and yes, surprisingly I do have a history as a writer. I fell in love with writing in the sixth grade. My teacher would encourage everyone to express ourselves through poetry and free writing. I actually received an award in eighth grade toward the FCAT writing because I obtained a six. Cool I know! I actually do write outside of school. I’m currently going through writers block on a script I’m working on for a show called “A show about a Show”. It’s based on the events that happen when you’re doing a play at Highlands Little Theater, or anywhere else. Hopefully It will be finished at the end of this year. I also write short scripts in my room for my YouTube channels that I later film. I receive a lot of feedback from my videos that encourages me to make more. I one day would like to write a featured film. I really enjoy watching Indie movies and I would so love to write one. That would really make my entire life. I think that taking this AP class has helped me in the tiniest bit where I realize that some of my writing has to be complex. I cannot always just have everything seen in plain sight, there needs to be a mask and that is what makes some writings capturing. Hopefully you’ll see my name under “Written By” in some big movie that everyone has to see because the storyline is amazing and it was written in the most beautiful form. Yeah, I’m a dreamer. Sometimes though, I do think that AP did not help me. I used to be eager to write but now I feel as if every writing I do is just analyzing something and to be honest, I don’t care. I just want to express myself through pen/pencil and paper. I want to read how other people really feel about life. I want to come across hilarious literature and dramatic pieces that will move my soul and encourage me to write like I used to. Bottom line is, Writing is pretty cool, especially if you have a lot to say. All you need is some form of inspiration and you’re on your way. Simple as that.

I realized I had left my coat behind the seat at the table where we were sitting, so I told him to wait in the car while I re-entered the very fragile diner. I opened the door and to my surprise, a new customer had taken my seat. It has always been awkward for me to talk to random strangers, but that coat was a five- hundred dollar Emanuel Ungaro exclusive. I confidently approached a pale woman with fringed red hair indulging in pastry. "Excuse me ma'am, I seem to have left my coat behind this seat". She dropped her fork and frantically began to fix her locks. "I am such a mess, please don't look at me, please, ok fine, you can look at me". What a nut case, I thought. Perhaps in her early twenties, and here she is, eating some kind of large cake wearing an oddly patterned dress. Before I could speak, she began to sob excessively. "I can't believe he left me, as If three years means nothing to a woman, maybe not to a man, apparently not to a man". I cringed as I realized getting my coat back was not going to be so easy. She continued to unload in her rather hoarse voice for such a petite woman, her blue eyes became a blur due to an overload on tears. It had been six minutes since I left Chris waiting and I knew he was in a hurry. "Ma'am, I am so sorry about your break up, but over eating cake will not attract a new fellow". She looked at me and smirked, i bent down and picked up my dust coat as she calmly said "your right, would you like some"?

Have you ever kept a promise? What was it? Was it to clean your room before you left the house? Maybe it was to walk the dog before sun down? Perhaps it was to be a good student while the substitute was here? I guess in order to answer this question, I should ask another question. What is marriage? To some people, marriage is a big hunk of diamond glued onto metal. It gently glides over your finger and catches everyone's eye. Marriage is a big white dress worn in an elegant church filled with caring and some, jealous people glaring as marriage strolls down the alter. Is that marriage? I beg to differ towards everything I just stated. Marriage does not need to come in a tiny box, it doesn't need a limousine not even a kiss to seal the deal. Marriage consists of only our pinky's intertwining because it is a promise. A series of promises I should say. Promise to love, to have and to hold. Promising to understand or at least try. Promising to compromise and to illuminate with love and trust, forever. Those promises is what marriage truly means. I promise to keep this promise, and to promise this promise to someone dearly. Promise.

I worry about myself, all the time. I wonder why I am the way I am. I am nothing like my brothers and sisters, and far from my parents. I'm just the odd who in my opinion, looks different; talks different, and has a different view on life. I was raised with my family the in the same manner, but somehow, I am different. I don't want to go into the field of science like my sisters. I want to be a Filmier. Sometimes I do worry about that because the entertainment industry is not the easiest industry to be involved with. I cant just go to college, but a college that offers what I want, what I need. That stresses me out. One day my guidance counselor is going to ask, "so what do you want to be", and I'm going to say "a film major". I can already hear the awkward silence. I worry about that day through out my life. I also worry about my skill. Do I really have what it takes to do this? Am I pretty enough, am I smart enough, should I be filming now, should I be acting now, maybe writing a script, going over monologues? What should I be doing? Sometimes I worry if I'm not doing what I am supposed to be doing.

I once met a girl in the mirror Surprisingly she resembled me in many ways The only difference was she had no words Everything I said she repeated. I stood at the mirror for three hours hoping she would say what was on her mind but she never did. Later on that day I lived my sad life A sad life Its a sad life Should I say more? I can, but not the girl in the mirror. So later on I pulled up a seat and spoke to her so she could listen. I am a nobody I have no friendship that will last forever My loved ones are blinded by my absence I lack in the area of expressing my feelings I am anti-social I want to be prefect, or at least close. I was a fool I have lost all the care in the world about everyone I am a fool because everyone in the world does not care A little girl I am with no sense I have no motivation in life to continue Just hopes and flashy clothes. I told him how I felt, and he gave no response I want to be more, I want to live. Feel real pain, not this, this is not real. I want love, to hold it, I want to hold it. I want to be happy, I want to speak. And that is when I realized, the girl in the mirror was me. She was, inside me, she was my heart crying. And now there she sat, with tears running down her face, as the words left her lips "SPEAK"

Frederick Douglass, a man born into slavery shares a passage from his autobiography. He shares his emotions towards being a slave, but changes his stylistic elements in the third paragraph with a more angry, straight forward tone. His emotions become "real", and not hidden behind his slave owner. Frederick begins this passage admitting his defeat to his slave owner. Frederick quotes that "I was broken in body, soul, and spirit". His style is melancholy and suggests failure. He explains how he is not the same person that he was, but has lost "the cheerful spark that lingered about my eye" and was "formed into a brute!" In the second paragraph he shares his time by the bay, watching sails drift a far while he stays in the same position, the position of being a slave. Both paragraphs are interpreted to be hopeless and undeviating, as of Douglass has given up on life. In the third paragraph, Douglass' style, tone, and mood changes ever so drastically. He begins to use personification among the sails as being free to roam among water while he is tied to a chain. Douglass uses exclamation marks and asks many questions that are later towards God. he calls the sails "freedom's swift-winged angels" while he is confined in bands of iron as a slave that has no freedom to his name. Douglass begins to question God towards why he is not free like the sails and was instead made a man. He implies that his only option for freedom is death as he quotes, "God deliver me, let me be free!" In the third paragraph, Frederick Douglass builds up emotion to intensify his actions. He writes as if his motivations are realistic and will be deemed. Yet, in the ending paragraph, his style changes back to the first and second. he comes back to reality, realizing that his goals of being free and accomplishing his dreams may not be fulfilled at all. Fredrick's third paragraph was written to be a climax with motivation, bravery, anticipation and string dreams. He begins to question his life and surroundings with force, but eventually understands his position as a

A twenty-four hour consumer detox may seem like an unfamiliar action. In Canada, a day on which people are urged to purchase no goods was organized in 1992. As for me, I draw against this "national day". I value money with what it can offer. The money that I make, or whom any other working person makes generally belongs to them. It is my decision how and when I want to spend my own hard earned money. Through out the world, people are different and may agree with me. Not everyone feels the same way about "Buy nothing Day". Money is a valuable item and who ever posses it, should be able to use whenever they feel. I can see why this day may seem logical. Yes, money that is saved can later be used on more important necessary items. What many do not understand is that money has a certain way of traveling. Money may seem like it is only being spent on what it buys, but may actually be received to the government to help fund schools and hospitals. This "Buy nothing Day" blocks the awareness of improving our world. It may seem like this day only effects Canada, but money is distributed through out the world in various countries and continents such as Africa, Haiti that are considered "poor areas". Having this day does mean less food consumption, less stress and more savings, but think about the businesses that are not making money. The businesses that have short drawbacks because their goods are not being purchased leading to under paid workers. There would be more products than what is demanded that would later on me disposed of. Businesses would then have to pay for the supplies being used that were not sold. Even though more ownership rights are possessed by people who are not purchasing goods, businesses will decline and can become non existent within seconds. I believe that purchasing goods is an orderly stable way our world functions. It is different to say purchase your goods wisely, but to neglect goods all at once is what I am against.

Scientist Edward O Wilson noted from his book “The Future of Life” two passages regarding environmentalism. Both attitudes are opposing though he uses different writing styles to make his point, but also very similar satire. When writing both passages, one trait that Wilson stuck with was name calling. His usage of derogatory language expresses his opposing attitude about environmentalism. In the first passage, Wilson writes that “Depending on how many angry we are, we call them greens environs, environmental extremists, or environmental wackos”. The underlined word “wackos” is used multiple times through out the passage as a way to make his point without being too blunt. In the second paragraph, Wilson’s use of language is very similar. His name calling though is more of a sarcastic manner but is substituted for the same use in the first passage. Wilson calls the “critics” anti environmentalists and brown lashers. Wilson even refers to this group as “sage bush rebels”. His attitude is not positive and he is straight to the point. In the end, because of this childish attitude, both passages accomplishes nothing. With the use of name calling considered to be immature, both passages seem likely to stir up trouble. When writing these two passages, Wilson does have some differences. While the first passage is more reserved and open for comments of the opposing side, the other passage does not leave room for environmentalists to be seen in an acceptable light. Wilson states that “Their aim is to expand government, especially the federal government. They want environmental laws and regulatory surveillance…” That sentence clearly shows a soft spot in Wilson in witch he clearly understands what Environmentalists want. In Wilsons second passage his argument is stronger excluding any other right way. Both passages support the same opposing sides with different usage of satire. Both accomplish nothing in the end due to immature name calling and statements.

Two days ago it was about seventy-five degrees outside. The sun was shining, cool breeze was blowing and the sprinklers were on creating an enjoyable mist. All was “dandy” except when my younger brother mentioned he was bored and that there was nothing to do. As if in the past, there was no excitement to match technology. My preference would very much be to live in the past where the sun caught my eye and the grass left stains on denim. Children that lived in the past had more of an imagination. To run outside and roam their town, making up hand games and taking trails leading to memorable adventures. Unlike today when my brother’s idea of having a good time is beating the dreadful level eight in Smash Brothers. Children of the past did not have the same security as kids do today. It was not always safe to revert from their home. Not always were there cameras to watch their every move for safety reasons only. I understand that. Yet, these cameras are in no good use since children today are locked up in their bedrooms watching “Chowder” marathons. Even television back then gave children the sense for exploration. Cartoons such as “Fat Albert” inspired children to go outside, be active and find their own adventures, compared to cartoons that will easily blast your imagination on screen, for your comfort. Children today are couch potatoes. They are over weight and could use a tan. Children are easily bored and are not able to have fun child hood memories. Children in the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s rode bikes outside in the summer, creating their own way of cool breeze as the wind flowed through hairs. Today, children are lacking the imagination that instead of creating, they are settling for a screen preview. The past is where I belong and where a kid was really a kid, not an anti-social, technology hugging burden. It’s clear as daylight that children need to explore and run free, because time flies and summers are short.

“Because when I listen to music, I feel like it was listening to me Because it feels what I feel�.

On November 4th, 2008, a new president was elected. A president that did not have pale skin, he did not have blue eyes, blonde hair or a strong southern accent. He was different. Citizens of America were torn due to one simple reason, change. Why are you afraid of change? It is a question that can not have just one single answer. According to Catherine Pratt, as mentioned in her article "Life Change"," You don’t have a crystal ball to predict the future so you can’t tell for sure what the consequences of your actions will be." As a society, we have the imagination to dream up the most terrible outcome that can happen when we make changes in our lives. If we are capable of that, we too have the skill to imagine the best. So as people we are afraid of change due to unknown fear, doubt of ourselves, forgetting our options, and not wanting to let go. As a teenager, I have created my very own comfort zone. I am sure that we all have. Even though I have changed through out the years, I've changed with in my comfort zone. According to Catherine Pratt, as mentioned in her article "Life Change"," If you want to achieve great things or even just achieve inner peace, sometimes you have to step out of your comfort zone and try something totally new". Can that be made any more simple? In the Article " Are You Afraid of Change", It was mentioned "Many people thrive on messy lives and feel more comfortable with chaos than with peace and order, because that is the only way they know". Is that true? Your life does not have to be a routine, I repeat, it does not have to be a routine. I am not saying that everyone is unhappy with their lives and should make immediate changes, I am saying sometimes were afraid and we shouldn't be. Not every change we make in our lifetime will be for the best, but as for advice from the article "Are You Afraid of Change", "Pick one thing, and step out boldly with a brave face and you’ll be delighted with the subtle difference that occurs". Today I encourage everyone to reach high for what they truly want, for what they think is right, what they feel is honorable, I encourage everyone to reach for a change.

I know Why the Caged Bird Sings I know why the caged bird sings I know why she’s born with wings To move from place to place More reasons to explain her face She sings for hope Ties it to a rope Throws it to danger To be caught by a stranger In the hands of a mother In the arms of another In a room with her lover Who loves like no other. Its rope gets tossed It’s shown and flossed Back to its “home” The bird is blown It meets a friend With a heart to lend Receives a letter

Explaining love can be better Throws the rope high To where Angels fly In the arms of her father To be hurt by his partner To bleed from the blades Blood in all different shades It sees red inside blue Yet still sings just for you Soon sings for another A son of a mother A love with no age A bird with no cage

Sebring's Heart and Soul Who would have guessed that a piece of Sebring's growing heart teaches science at Sebring High School? Jill Scott, a well educated and known woman who happens to be a well recognized contributor to Sebring itself was my selected "extraordinary person" to interview. "This is my eighth year teaching science" is quoted as Mrs. Scott continues to educate Students about our fragile environment. Mrs. Scott received her education at the University of Florida, and then Nova South Eastern University as a graduate in Ft Lauder-dale. Why science is what I asked, as many other interviewers would; " I love science, I love everything about it. Its very interesting, its never boring" is what she proudly responded. Mrs. Scott also shared with me that her first job was being a substitute teacher which was "ok", but having her own classroom is more convenient and valuable. " I love discovering new things myself, I love seeing kids discover new things, and I like spending my day with kids" is what Jill shares when asked what she gets out of being a science teacher. Sure enough, Jill Scott is a very loving women who respects her students and her job on a balanced level. Jill Scott also respects animals through out her daily life. Her love for animals varies from favoring turtles to frogs and she even contributes with the schools two year on going Sebring Wetland located behind our building, not to mention taking on many animals that are hurt or that people don't want. Even though being such a generous contributor, Mrs. Scott confesses that she thinks she could contribute more. "I could probably do a little more recycling projects and conservation the future". When not teaching at school, Mrs. Scott teaches educational classes for people who want to become teachers at South Florida Community College and works for an educational resource site. Her special talents include "just being me, mostly". At home, Mrs. Scott relaxes with her two young children and husband who brings more than enough joy everyday in her life. In her life today she states that she feels very happy and lucky to have everything that she needs.

Express yourself

So I never really liked reading. Till this day, I still do not like reading. I really wonder how I made it through this class because it is a lot of reading. I wonder how I will make it through A.P lit. I guess my story starts off in middle school where they bribed us. If we read we received this literacy card that allowed us privileges like going out to the movies, bowling, getting out of lunch early, stuff that makes kids go insane. It was kind of hard for me to be an over achiever in reading co0nsidering the fact that I absolutely hated it. I do have a great imagination, I just despise reading words off a paper. I would rather watch the movie. I know I should start reading more because it is very helpful so maybe I should just suck it up. I can probably just go to the library, sit down where no one can bother me and catch up on my Dr. Sues. Anyways the main reason that I wrote this was to be truthful with the irony of being madly in love with writing but antireading at the same time.

Jamie Trowkowski

Hopefully in my future I will be making a lot of money. I really like money a whole lot. Aside from attending college and all that amazing good stuff, I would love to be married in my late twenties. I already have someone in mind but that’s pretty strange to already consider who you want to marry when you my age so we can stop there. I also want to have children. My intentions is to have a son first and name him Gavin because I feel as if every little girl needs an older brother to always protect her. I would name my daughter Verona because I think that is just the most beautiful and unique name that a little girl can have. I would also love to travel to different places. I want to go to Colorado, Europe, California, Delaware, I want to go wherever I can afford. See that’s how the being filthy stinking rich part ties in. Being a successful person in life is a main goal too. I really don’t know what I want to be when I grow up. I think its really silly how everyone expects me to know what I want to do for the rest of my life at this age when I have not experienced much in my life to really know what moves me. I will always love filming and I think that is what I want to do with myself. I just love the entire idea of entertainment but it is not a sure fire career. So my plans for college is to go into health like everyone else does because I want to live the good life, not this life, this life is lame. Hopefully the next time you see me, ill be happy.

Music and love

Writing Portfolio  
Writing Portfolio  

Danielle Francis writing portfolio final for Mrs. Rosenbaum due Monday