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Welcome to  Kavas  Yachting  –  2013  Season One  more  yachting  season  has  come  to  an  end.  This  season’s   success  has  been  the  outcome  of  a  fruitful  cooperation  with  you;   our  existing  esteemed  vacationers  and  the  future  ones. About  us:  Kavas  Yachting  is  one  of  the  leading  companies  in  the   Greece  Boat  yachting  industry  with  28  years  of  experience.  Our   company  owns  more  than  50  yachts  (monohulls  &  catamarans)   ranging  from  30  to  61  feet  and  we  are,  also,  responsible  for  the   maintenance  of  more  than  50  yachts  for  charter  –  all  of  which  are   in  perfect  condition.  More  information  on  who  we  are  can  be  found   here. More  than  1.900.000  Euros  were  invested  in  the  2011  and  2012   seasons  in  new  yachts  such  as  the  Lagoon  450,  the  Jeanneau  53,  the   Oceanis  50,  the  Oceanis  37,  four  Oceanis  45  and  the  Sun  Odyssey   379.  That’s  not  all!  We  are  proud  to  announce  our  2013  purchase  of   a  brand  new  Lagoon  52  Catamaran  –  a  new  model  from  the  Lagoon   yacht  builders  –  which  will  be  available  from  our  base  in  Athens.   You  will,  soon,  be  informed  on  further  yacht  purchases  as  soon  as   these  are  finalized. Moreover,  we  keep  investing  on  the  existing  yachts  we  own  by   installing  solar  panels  in  20  of  our  yachts  and  bow-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐-­‐thrusters   in  the  brand  new  Oceanis  45.  We  would  like  to  remind  you  that  our   company,  also,  specializes  in  Crane  and  Shipyard  Services. The  living  proof  of  our  love  for  sailing  are  Kavas  Racing  Team  –   Alex  and  George  Kavas  –  who  have  achieved  the  gold  medal  for  the   420  European  Championship  2011  and  for  the  420  World   Championship  2012  just  to  name  a  few. We  are  pleased  to  inform  you  that  our  New  Price  List  for  2013  is   now  out.  Do  not  forget  to  check  our  Booking  Plan  –  Live  yachting   charter  availabilities. Here  in  Kavas  Yachting  we  assure  you  that  customer  service  comes   in  first  place  and  we  want  to  make  sure  that  you  will  enjoy  an  

unforgettable holiday  experience!  Our  main  charter  advisors   (Gregory  Prinos  and  Luciana  Alafragis)  are  available  to  help  you  on   any  queries  regarding  the  best  offers  that  suits  your  sailing  needs. Do  not  forget  to  like  us  on  facebook  and  gain  extra  benefits  and   discount!.!.!  

Yacht Charters in Greece  

Live your sailing experience in Greece with Kavas Yachting. Visit our website and book your next charter sailing holidays with us.

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