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Heilpilze What is polyporus? Polyporus refers to a genus of fungi that is it is found in polyporacease family. Normally, it is a genus used for production of the single cell proteins, sources of the mixed protein that is extracted from mixed culturss, of yeasts, algae, micro organism or fungi. These components are Normally used as substitute for the protein rich meals in pet and human feeds. Let us now discuss about some of the widespreadly used polyporus varieties in the field of medicine. Polyporus varieties # Polyporus squamous Also known as pheasant's back or Dryad's saddle mushroom, polyporus squamous refers to a basidiomycete bracket fungus. This medicinal product has got a widespread distribution all over the world. Europe, North America, Australia, Asia are some of the most widespread places that this product is found. Polyporus squamous Uses While this polyporus squamous is certainly not a poisonus plant, it is not commonly recognized as an ideal or edible medicinal mushroom unless the specimen are tender and very young. Cookery books that deal with preparation Normally advocate that you gather them while young , slice them into very small pieces and then grilling them in a low heat for them to offer efficient results in the body. Some alliances use this food items in the treatment of various illnesses such as stomach upset. #Polyporus alveolaries Also known as hexagonal pored polypore, polyporus alveolaries is a fungus or varieties found in the genus polyporus. It Normally cause white rots of dead hardwoods. Thus if you wind to easily find this crucial medicinal items, you can look for them on sticks or the decaying logs. The distinguishing feature of this medicinal product is its orange to yellowish scaly cap, and the diamond or hexagonal shaped pores. Europe, Australia, Asia and North America are some of the places that you can easily find this plants. This plant material is very crucial as a medicinal product since it inhibits the growth of various varieties such as physalospora piricola, Mycosphaerella arachidicola, oxysporum that are very important for the growth and development of a person. What is Maitake? Maitake refers to an edible mushroom that comes from varieties known as Grifola frondosa. The

Maitake D-fraction in one of the many extracts coming from this large mushroom. This mushroom type is Extensively spread in mountain tops of the northeastern Japan and some parts of Asia. benefits of Maitake in the society Some of the benefits that you can easily leap from this mushroom type include; *You can eat it as food and provide your body with protein which is a very important component in the body. *Maitake mushroom is an efficient and reliable medicinal product that you can use to treat various deadly illnesses such as cancer. *You can sue this mushroom type in boosting your immune system. What is ?Heilpilze Heilpilze is a mushroom type that if you use it efficiently and effectively you can leap very many benefits. It is an ideal items that cannily be used as a medicinal product but also as food. Cancer is one of the many illnesses that this mushroom type can offer a solution to. Heilpilze


used for production of the single cell proteins, sources of the mixed protein that is extracted from

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