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Run For Their Lives 2013 P R O J E C T P R O P O S A L

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Organized by the Rotaract Club of Colombo Uptown RI District 3220 Sri Lanka & Maldives

Winner of the Most Outstanding Rotaract Project for District 3220 2010-11 Winner of the Best PR Effort District 3220 2010-11

INTRODUCTION Who are we? and what is it about? The Rotaract Club of Colombo Uptown Revived in 2010, the Rotaract Club of Colombo Uptown has always been driven to serve the community beyond its potential. Consisting of a diverse member base, the club holds a variety of signature projects and events annually covering professional development, international understanding and especially community service. Extremely noteworthy projects include Run for their Lives 2010, 2011 and 2012, the Inter-Rotaract Basketball Tournament, Project SMART and the Gangodawila Girl’s Orphanage Project which included painting and continuous teaching. The Rotaract Club of Colombo Uptown is on an incredible journey to transform community service into a widely accepted activity that knows no faces, generations, styles or ages and is destined to operate in perpetuity creating smiles, making moments and saving lives with every project it undertakes. It is truly an embodiment of the caring Sri Lankan spirit.

Rotaract Club of Colombo Uptown 2012/2013

Run for their Lives (RFTL) Now in its fourth year, “Run for their Lives” was inaugurated in 2010 as an annual charity run in aid of those suffering from cancer. The concept was based on various charity runs held throughout the world. A relatively new concept in Sri Lanka, the main objective of RFTL is to encourage people to contribute to charity while they have an enjoyable time. 2010 Edition Over 250 runners participated at the year of inception, and to promote the run we received support from - several celebrities such as Mahela Jayawardane, Angelo Mathews, Koluu, Nehara Peiris, Sunil Perera, Daya Tennekoon and Rookantha Gunathilaka who endorsed the event. The Ambassador of Netherlands, H.E Mrs Leoni Cuelenaere, the Deputy British High Commissioner in Sri Lanka, Mr. Mark Gooding and the Deputy Ambassador of Norway Mr. John Boradhault, at that time, graced the occasion as well by participating in the run themselves. Contribution 2010: Rs. 399,540 2011 Edition RFTL for the first time included a fun fair, which increased the public satisfaction of the event. Participants had the opportunity to engage in fun activities after the run, while being able to contribute to charity. Contribution 2011: Rs. 1,006,857 2012 Edition RFTL 2012 was a much anticipated event. With over 100 runners registering per day during the last few days, the total final number of runners was 1628, far exceeding the prediction of 1000 runners.

Previous Project Posters

Logo of RFTL 2012

Gathering at RFTL 2012

The event promotion took a different stance in 2012 with increased publicity through social media and the launch of the event website. An online registration method increased the registrations by a record number. The event also included a professionally made music video disseminating the message of RFTL. Contribution: Rs. 1,331,880 Within its short history of three years RFTL has contributed medicine worth Rs. 2,738,277 to the National Cancer Institute of Maharagama. Page 2 of 9

RUN FOR THEIR LIVES 2013 What is in Store? and how will it unfold? With expectations exceeding in 2012, we have a greater challenge to ensure the success of Run For Their Lives 2013. The event has grown to be a major public attraction. Therefore interesting elements would be added to make this edition a truly remarkable one. The event is scheduled to be on the second Sunday of December (8th December 2013) from 8 a.m. onwards at the Independence Square.

Surplus 2000000 1500000 1000000 500000 0 2010



2013 F


2000 1500 1000 500 0 2010



2013 F

Increase in Targets In 2013, the committee hopes to build up from the 2012 edition and increase the number of runners to 2000 and the surplus to Rs. 1.67million. More focus would be on attracting corporate sponsors, which we hope would lead to significant contribution. Entertainment In to order to attract different age groups and make the event more interesting in 2013 RFTL plans to feature an - exciting route for the runners. The concept is to include many entertainment activities along the 5km route. This will raise additional funds for the project as well as provide the runners entertainment. A summary of the demography of the 2012 edition is as shown below.  Age 17 & below = 14.3%  Age 18 to 21 = 43.5%  Age 22 to 35 = 35.4% 17 & below  Age 36 upwards = 6.8% 18 - 21 22 - 35 35 upwards

Variety of attires at RFTL 2012

Building up from 2012, the participants would be encouraged to arrive for the event dressed in different costumes. The committee hopes to award a prize for the best costume.

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Search for Sponsorships Press Conference Launch of Logo and Website Promotional Campaigns via Social Media Presentations at Institutes Registration of Runners Event - 8.12.2013 Finalization of Accounts Donation of Medicine

Planned schedule for Run For Their Lives 2013

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PUBLICITY Getting the message across Various channels will be used to publicize the event in order to attract more runners and funds. This would also benefit the Corporate Sponsors. PRE - EVENT PUBLICITY Newspapers, Magazines and Online Articles Articles will be featured in popular newspapers, magazines and online news websites carrying details of the events in the months leading to the event, which will mention the sponsors and co-sponsors. RFTL 2012: The weeks on which articles were published witnessed a significant boost in registrations Presentations at Educational Institutions and Corporations Informative presentations outlining all necessary and important details of RFTL 2013 will be carried out at major educational institutions and top corporations which will mention sponsors and co-sponsors aiding the event. RFTL 2012: Presentations were held at eight such institutes with an overall spot registration of over 500 runners from those institutes Physical Advertising Media (Banners/Posters) Official promotional posters for the RFTL 2013 carrying sponsor and co-sponsor logos will be on display at restaurants, gyms, educational institutes and other business outlets. RFTL 2012: Project poster was displayed at over 30 venues

Poster of RFTL 2012

A Contribution at RFTL 2012

Electronic Media: TV -and Radio Coverage Advertisements on TV channels and radio announcements will be played in the months prior to the event to spread awareness among the general public and these will feature the sponsors of the event. RFTL 2012: TV talk shows and radio primetime shows featured the committee and were positively received by the viewers and listeners Web and Social Media Coverage RFTL 2013 will be publicized on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and on websites such as These pages will be constantly updated to ensure that developments are sent across to the public. The sites would include links and pictures to advertising media of the event. RFTL 2012: Facebook fan page comprised of more than 4,200 likes and the number of users reached more than 58,000.

Giant Screen at RFTL 2012

EVENT PUBLICITY Shout-outs Special mentions will be made of sponsors and co-sponsors headlining the event whenever announcements or shout-outs are made, during the event. Projection Screens Large projection screen featured at the event will frequently display advertisements and other information of the sponsors and co-sponsors.

Sponsors Visible on T-Shirts

Promotional Booths and Fun Fair Banners Promotional and other booths will carry sponsor and co-sponsor banners carefully positioned in order to ensure extremely high visibility. T-Shirts and Other Merchandise T-shirts and other merchandise (Caps, Hand bands etc.) handed out to every participant will comprise of the logos of Main Sponsors, Co-sponsors and T-shirt Sponsor in a large and attractive format bound to catch the eye of any onlooker. Page 4 of 9

FINANCES What will be expected? Income


Corporate Sponsorship (Refer Note 1 – Page 6 for benefits) Main Sponsor (Rs. 450,000 each) 1 Co – Sponsor (Rs. 200,000 each) 1 Corporate Banners (Rs. 10,000 each) 10 Subtotal

Sponsorship LKR 450,000 200,000 100,000 750,000

Expenditure LKR

Income/(Expense) LKR


450,000 200,000 100,000 750,000

Sponsorships of Required Material (Refer Note 2 – Page 6 for benefits)** 600,000 T-Shirt Sponsor 2000 Runners 200,000 CAP Sponsor 2000 Runners 300,000 Refreshments 2000 Runners 100,000 Water 2000 Runners 80,000 Portable Toilets 40,000 Marquees, Tables and Chairs 60,000 Multimedia Equipment Hiring Charges 35,000 Certificate Sponsor 2000 Runners 25,000 Printing and Stationary 1,440,000 Subtotal

(600,000) (200,000) (300,000) (100,000) (80,000) (40,000) (60,000) (35,000) (25,000) (1,440,000)




(30,000) (20,000) (34,000) (40,000) (124,000)

(30,000) (20,000) (34,000) (40,000) (124,000)

Contingency 40% of Material Expenses * Indirect Expenses Transport and Logistics Generator and Fuel Expenses Web Hosting, Domain and Payment Gateway Charges Miscellaneous Expenses Subtotal



Operational Surplus Income from Public Runners Registrations (Rs. 500 per runner) Contributions from runners (Est. at Rs. 1,000) Donations Stalls (Est. at Rs. 5,000 from each) Foreign Runs (Estimated Rs. 25,000 from each) Corporate Teams (Rs. 20,000 each) Social Media Campaign Contribution Subtotal

Net Surplus


2000 Runners 400 Runners 4 4 5 1

1,000,000 400,000 250,000 20,000 80,000 100,000 100,000 1,950,000


1,000,000 400,000 250,000 20,000 80,000 100,000 100,000 1,950,000


* As a result of not been able to find a material sponsor or expenditure has been incurred in excess of the sponsored amount, the committee will have to incur the cost regardless. Therefore a contingency has been allowed. **Arrangements can be made for material costs to be incurred by the Club and subsequently reimbursed by the relevant Sponsor or for the cost to be borne directly by the relevant Sponsor. Refer Annexure for Accounts of RFTL 2012 Page 5 of 9

CONTRIBUTE Where you can come in? 1. Corporate Sponsorships Tier Main Sponsor

Benefits  Sponsor will be given the exclusivity of being the main sponsor for the event in media writeups  Announcements as “Main Sponsor” and videos played during the event (Shout outs – 8, Video clips – 6)  Sponsor would get publicity via electronic (TV and radio), web and social media  Sponsor logo on official event t-shirts, banners & posters  Sponsor would be able to set-up a promotions booth at the event  An unlimited number of sponsor banners displayed at the venue. (Conditions apply on type of banner displayed)


 Sponsor will be mentioned in media write-ups as “Co-Sponsor”  Announcements as “Co-sponsor” and videos played during the event (Shout outs – 4, Video clips – 3)  Sponsor would get publicity via electronic (TV and radio), web and social media  Sponsor logo on official event t-shirts, banner & posters  Up to 10 sponsor banners displayed at the venue. (Conditions apply on type of banner displayed)

Social Media Campaign Sponsor Banners

 Sponsor will be given prominence on all social media campaigns leading to the event  Sponsor logo will be prominently featured in the profile picture changing campaign  A single banner will be displayed at the venue at the day of the event (Conditions apply on type of banner displayed)

Corporate Teams

 A team comprising of 10 employees are entitled to participate  Organisation is entitled to put up a banner at the venue at the day of the event  The employees could wear any clothing items carrying the organisation’s logo

2. Sponsorship of materials required for Run For Their Lives 2013 Item T-shirts Certificates Multimedia Equipment Marquees, tables and chairs Food Drinks/water Printing and stationary

A Highly Demanded T-Shirt

Benefit  The t-shirt sponsor is entitled to all the privileges given to a Main Sponsor  Sponsor logo will be prominently featured on all social media publicity campaigns  All of the above sponsors will be entitled to have their logo placed on the event main banner, posters, web and other promotional material via electronic media  The chance to place their organisation’s banner at the event  Announcements as “event sponsors” and videos played during the event (Shout outs – 2, Video Clips – 1)

Corporate Teams at RFTL 2012


Banners at the Event Page 6 of 9

MESSAGES Senior Consultant Oncologist National Cancer Institute, Maharagama Dr. Jayantha Balawardane It gives me great pleasure to send this message for the Run for Their Lives Charity Run 2013. I wish to congratulate the Rotaract Club of Colombo Uptown for the success in organising this very charitable event for the fourth consecutive year. Rotaract has indeed played a very significant role in organising service projects in Sri Lanka, and I wish to thank them for giving the much needed priority to the Health Sector, particularly, for the welfare of cancer patients. As some of you may know, doctors of the National Cancer Institute diagnose and treat about 12,000 new cancer patients each year. However, over the past year the treatment centres in Maharagama, Karapitiya, Jaffna, Batticaloa, Kandy, Kurunegala, Ratnapura and Badulla reported more than 25,000 new cases. Treatment at the Cancer Institute is free of charge in keeping with the welfare policy of the Government. The Ministry of Health allocates a very large sum of money each year to provide for the treatment of cancer patients and upkeep of the hospital with the latest medical facilities. Unfortunately, shortcomings and shortages are inevitable as the cost burden keeps escalating each year due to the high cost of new curative drugs and treatment schedules which are internationally accepted.

Donation of Medicine RFTL 2011

Donation of Medicine RFTL 2012

In 2012 the charity run generated a donation of medication worth Rs. 1.4 million, which has helped the cancer patients very much. I wish the Rotaract Club of Colombo Uptown success and hope it would continue to make such an impact every year by taking this project from strength to strength. Therefore, I make a humble appeal to all organisations, philanthropists and all kind-hearted groups and individuals to rally around the Rotaract Club of Colombo Uptown and support this worthy cause. Project Chairpersons Rtr. Narendra Senaratne, Rtr. Thilina De Silva We strongly believe there is never a particular time to start doing charity. We have to help our community whenever we can to our fullest ability. We, the members of the Rotaract Club of Colombo Uptown, try our level best to serve the needy. Run For Their Lives is one of such project we carry out every year. The event is slightly different in nature to the other projects that we carry out due to the following objective: We want to ensure that the participants feel they are a huge part of this cause so that they can inspire the rest of the community to help out as well. The event is an opportunity for the entire community to show that we all care. Cancer will keep affecting many individuals and indirectly the loved ones of those patients. The 20 odd members of our club cannot make a significant impact on those lives on our own. We need the entire community to join hands and your organisation being a part of that community can contribute immensely to this cause. So please take a moment to go through how you can help out and if you are interested our team is willing to meet up anytime to clarify your doubts. We believe with your support we all can make a significant difference. Page 7 of 9

CONTACT US Let’s keep in touch

For information on the Run For Their Lives, Contact us on Rtr. Narendra Senaratne – Joint Project Chairperson RFTL 2013 0777 554 489 Rtr. Thilina De Silva – Joint Project Chairperson RFTL 2013 0777 451 505 Rtr. Stefan Jaro – Project Secretary RFTL 2013 0774 972 521 Rtr. Trisha Pieris – Project Treasurer RFTL 2013 0774 142 161


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BUDGET 2013 Income/ Expense



Income/ Expense

Corporate Sponsorships Main Sponsor Co-Sponsor Banners

200,000 50,000


200,000 50,000

450,000 200,000 100,000


450,000 200,000 100,000








Sponsorships of Materials T-shirts Caps Refreshments Water Portable Toilets Marquee, Tables and Chairs Multimedia Equipment Certificates Printing and Stationary

250,000 30,000 25,000 -

(322,700) (170,000) (34,975) (58,000) (28,000) (15,962)

(322,700) 80,000 (4,975) (58,000) (3,000) (15,962)

600,000 200,000 300,000 100,000 80,000 40,000 60,000 35,000 25,000

(600,000) (200,000) (300,000) (100,000) (80,000) (40,000) (60,000) (35,000) (25,000)

Subtotal 305,000 Contingency 40% of the Budgeted Material Exp.


(324,637) -



Indirect Expenditure Miscellaneous Expenses Music Video Expenses Web Hosting Other Exp. Transport and Logistics Exp. Generator and Fuel Exp.


(35,537) (39,834) (33,260) (2,150) -

(40,000) (34,000) (30,000) (20,000)




Operational Surplus/Deficit



Runners Income from Public Early Registrations Early Registrations - Groups Spot Registrations Spot Registrations - Group Online Registrations Corporate Teams Subtotal Foreign Runs Donations Online Donations Donation Till Facebook Profile Picture Campaign Whats Up Colombo Campaign Stalls Game Stalls

Reg. fee


Total Receipts


Reg. fee


Total Receipts

1,106 14 157 107 251 39

553,000 7,000 47,100 32,100 125,500 79,500

108,300 46,100 29,800 9,000 -

661,300 7,000 93,200 61,900 134,500 79,500

2,000 50

1,000,000 100,000

400,000 -

1,400,000 100,000




1,037,400 84,840 156,380 57,500 75,100 75,000 6,000 15,000 2,380




1,500,000 80,000 100,000 75,000 75,000 100,000 20,000 -




Net Surplus/Deficit





Balance Opening balance

(7,669) 216,598


Closing balance



Purchase of Medicine

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Rftl 2013 project proposal  
Rftl 2013 project proposal  

Now in its fourth year, “Run for their Lives” was inaugurated in 2010 as an annual charity run in aid of those suffering from cancer. The c...