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Participants Evaluating VPs What do you think you VP should improve?

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LC’s current situation What should AIESEC Danang do in the future?

This is the summary of the Member Survey of AIESEC Danang taken in February 2012

Phan Hong Thao

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1 1. Participants:

There are 22/34 members participated in this Member Survey. Though the number is smaller but the quality of the answer are much better than the first time.

2. Evaluating VP


3 WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR LEADER SHOULD IMPROVE? EB team has read through your opinion and this is the big motivation for each outgoing and incoming VP to perform in the future! ER: ER members really love their VP and recognize his hardworking and passion in working. But they still think he can do better if he - Share more with members in the team - Believe more in member - Be more seriously with inactive members OGX: In OGX, most of the members are satisfied with their VP and love their cozy small family. However, before leaving AIESEC, VP Khanh could know that he could have done better about: - Accountability - Result Orientation - Innovation in dealing with bad result for the next time Moreover, OGX is the only team that many members raise concern about their incoming VP.

For Incoming VPOGX: - Being decisive - Give more ideas to discuss, not just receive other members' ideas - Trust members more and let them do the jobs in their own way PBOX: PBOX is the now in their stressful period, so they need their working place to be comfortable and up-to-date. That's why they hope their leader will : - Be more flexible - Create a fun atmosphere in team - Make the flow of information in team better - Trust members more TM: TM seems to be the most satisfied team as most of the members give their leader comments like “he's perfected in my eyes”, “TM's now a real family”. But there's still something short but important that his can improve (We can be sure that it will be true in the next term). - Create more activities to develop members

WHAT SHOULD THE LCP IMPROVE? There are a lot of compliments for me as “inspiring”, “good presentation”,... Thanks a lot and I believe the incoming LC will do better than that. And here is the things I (or my successor) should improve in the future:

 improve connection between the teams in the LC  focus more on Developing member and make full use of every members  let the incoming LCP interview their VP candidates  share more with the members



Demotivation after election:

The fact is that I was the one who spoke with the VP candidates the most. But please understand that the questionnaire is pre-written so that it can exploit the most information from the interviewee and so that interviewer can make decision well. And the one who selected the Vps was the LCPe, not me. So please stop “accusing” me for involving too much into this selection... Anyway, each VP was selected for a reason and currently they contributed a lot in EB meetings. Finally, get a life!! Save your energy for all the fight with the outer world, not within our family. Stay united!! 2.

Lack of professionalism

Some typical ideas: “- lack of professionalism (In LCM, spam so much, ) -> TM keep track members'behaviour in LCM and send personal emails to warm them if necessary.” - “members in this team don't know much about work of other teams -> when bonding, share stories about work difficulty.”

- “no reward for any super excellent memebers because of their achievement => TM keep track and give spiritual gifts to them.” “ Each team just focus on their function and our LC has weak linking between teams and members in working (weakly cooperating) ---> we can solve this problem by building our Culture, such as Bonding culture or mixed-team-working culture, or organizing some contest for groups which members are from different teams,... - Lacking of material and deeper information about AIESEC and our LC. If a member want to get information or knowledge abt AIESEC or our LC, they still can't access the resource and don't know how to find and get what they want. ----> we should build the library of information abt AIESEC and AIESEC Vietnam in general, AIESEC in Danang and our achivements in particular. It's also depend on COM&IM function but I hope that we can have a place for restoring all the data and significant information of us. - Low budgeting ---> make ER, OGX and ICX teams stronger and efficiently Finance managing.”


WHAT AIESEC DANANG SHOULD DO IN THE FUTURE? The most common ideas are : - Improve the cooperation between all the teams in AIESEC DN - Do something different and new for our own - Be more professional and discipline - Focus more on developing members, make use of every single member. - More LCM to update information and connect members in different teams - Create a unique culture, funny but replace small bondings by big bondings with well-organized team building activities, competition, picnic, etc

There are typcal and considerable ideas. It means we can't apply them right away, but we will take them into our strategy in the next terms: “ER is overloaded. So we can create a sale team in each function with an ER member being the coordinator Building good promotion channels, connect to other clubs, organizations. Update regularly information in our fan page”  A very good idea since we have spent quite a lot of money on bonding: “AIESEC should do some charity work. It

help our members have thoughts about life and live well as well as advertise our image. We also should have soft skill day to help members develop outside skills”  Build the Culture of Bonding to make it be the best way of motivation and sharing for our LC.  Take discipline with clearer, more serious regulations and unique policy to make member work effectively “Make parents understand what their children - AIESECers are doing” And there are very good ideas for TM, and we will definitely apply this as soon as we have VP Finance : “Finance punishment for people who is late. When member get punishment, VP will be punished as well. If VP has mistake, LCP will be punished as well. Launch TLP and R&R program at least once 3 months to promote and encourage working spirit of the whole LC.”





This is the report of the member survey taken by LCP of AIESEC Danang every 6 months.