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EntrEprEnEurship DEvElopmEnt through Existing CurriCula Thanikachalam Vedhathiri

EntrEprEnEurship DEvElopmEnt ?

CurrEnt status of thE stuDEnts • There is less focus on the real life experiences • The field problems are not included in the instructional planning • The students have not learned to estimate the cost of testing, analyses based on the real life problems • They are NOT aware of the estimating the total budget for a consultancy projects

CurriCulum anD its ComponEnts • • • • • • • •

Basic courses Core courses Applied courses Advanced courses Electives Laboratory works Workshop activities Project works

intEgration • Theory + Lab+ Field Problem+ Field Visit+ Testing+ Drawing inferences+ Solutions+ Costing+ Report Preparations

QuEstions? • • • • • • • •

Who is the client? What is the problem? Can I visit his workplace? Can I get the detailed problem faced by him? How can I analyze the problem? Field testing? Lab testing? Suggestions?

CasE-1: problEms of a faCtory whiCh has to proDuCE prECision ComponEnts

• Too much of vibrations • Only one machine can be operated at time • The production shop consists of many machines • Productivity is very much affected

maChinE founDation Forging machine

Factory with many machines in the same floor

CasE-1: DEsign of a founDation for forging maChinEs • • • • • • • • • •

Regional soil deposits Building projects Type of building A factory? Lot of vibrating machines? Forging Machines? Number of machines? Size, weight, layout, dynamic load factor? Problems? Vibrations? Resonance?

analysis • • • • • • • •

Site visit Drawings, specifications, details of machines Working characteristics- forces Vibrating characteristics- frequency Soil characteristics Soil properties Physical properties Dynamic properties

analysis of thE soil CharaCtEristiCs unDEr working ConDition • • • • • • • • •

In-situ testing Soil sampling Testing under static load Testing under dynamic load Bearing capacity Soil dynamic properties Foundation design Costing the field and lab testing Costing of the report preparation

problEms rElatED to soil mEChaniCs

Bridge Settlement

Building Failure

CasE-2: sEttlEmEnt of a multistory builDing • A ten story residential building started tilting towards one side • The walls gave cracks • Ultimately the building collapsed

tiltED builDing

CraCkED briDgE bEams ?

CasE-2 founDation for a multistory builDing • • • • • -

Details of the building Site visit Field testing Sub-soil collection Soil testing Bearing capacity Consolidation characteristics Possible settlement Report on the suggested foundation Costing the report

CasE-3: failurE of a briDgE on thE baCkwatEr • The bridge started settling while it is constructed • The sub-soil is a weak unconsolidated clay with silt • The bearing capacity of the subsoil is zero • Soft rock deposit is available at depth of 8-10 meters

CasE- 3: founDation for a briDgE on a baCkwatEr • • • • • • • • • • •

Type of bridge Type of load Site visit Type of river flow In situ testing Soil collection Testing for the properties Consolidation tests Bearing capacity Suggested foundation Costing the consultancy work

msmE – moDErn maChinEs

Impact of CNC machines on the productivity and quality

CasE -4: msmEs • This small enterprise lost the contract to supply the ancillary component to a public sector company • Cost of the products are very high • The quality is low • This enterprise could not supply the components as per the specification of the Client

CasE-4: msmEs • • • • • • • •

Selection of machines Quality of works Capacity Type of works Clients Total Quality Maintenance Training to the operators Safe work practices

proDuCts of msmEs An cill ary co mp on ent s

suggEstions for improving thE Existing CurriCula • • • • • • • • •

Evaluate the curricula Conduct goal- free evaluation Identify the weaknesses Develop appropriate Program Educational Objectives Prepare course outcomes Redesign the curricula and the courses Equip the labs Training the faculty Develop appropriate instructional design

introDuCE fiElD problEms in thE CurriCulum • Incorporate failures in the design, construction, production and maintenance • Reorient the focus on solving the field problems • Create confidence • Provide resources • Decentralize the administration towards field oriented activities • Establish a consultancy center • Create vision towards excellence • Conduct academic audit

Continuous proCEss improvEmEnt • Conduct Needs Analysis • Undertake Curriculum Planning • Get Feedback from the Alumni, Faculty, and Students • Prepare PEOs, and Realistic Course Outcomes • Design objective oriented flexible curriculum • Implement • Evaluate • Improve continuously


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