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WP Signal Tracker Review Mark Thompson will launch WP Signal Tracker on May 23rd at 11AM EST. Make sure that you already read our Honest Review for it before you buy ! WP Signal Tracker Review – The Overview

Product Name: WP Signal Tracker Creator: Mark Thompson Focus on: SEO & Traffic Launch Date: May 23, 2013 Launch Time: 11 AM (EST) Bonus Page: Yes – Clicking here to receive huge bonus worth over $2000 Price: $17 – $37

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Do you know Mark Thompson? He is a famous Internet Marketer. He’s obtained plenty of activities inside numerous Internet Marketing strategies like affiliate marketing, PLR product developing, software generating and WP plugin creating. He’s introduced several prosperous website marketing providers online classes, include “Long Tail Pro, WP4FB 2.0, BonusPress, IntelliTheme, List Eruption 2.0″ And now is WP Signal Tracker.

And the newest, most impressive ever is WP Signal Tracker, a product finally to be launched soon after a year coworking with his partners (Eric Nelson) to optimize its features. Once the tracker goes live, I estimate that you will be more than satisfied with the accurate information the dashboard delivers

Mustread before purchasing WP signal tracker For years, Marketers have been jockeying for page #1 rankings, focused solely on backlinks.Looking back, how come these social network sites have become so popular in the past few years, instead of websites? You might not know, times have changed. The evolution of SEO is taking place with the central stage being content engagement and social sharing.That’s why an increasing number of social networking sites has launched to response to the growing demand of connection through different social networks. More than any other channel, people today use social media as the most instant, friendly and effective way to share content to their friends and family. What can we do to take advantage of this fact?

WP Signal Tracker Review Guess that …The future of SEO has EVOLVED and making a major shift towards CONTENT and SOCIAL SHARING. Google and other search engines have realized that people LOVE to share content via social media.…and that measuring engagement, social sharing and social signal diversity is a better indication of what is quality content and worth of high organic rankings.

- Share buttons (like, recommend, tweet, bookmark, etc.) - Connect buttons (Like a Facebook page, Follow on Twitter, Follow on LinkedIn, etc.) - Social commenting Which means that Social Signal monitoring is the NEW backlink monitoring for SEO. It’s CRAZY ? NO it’s RIGHT. By capture trends of people’re using social networks. Mark Thompson created WP Signal Tracker

What is the WP Signal Tracker ?

WP Signal Tracker is a social signal monitoring dashboard that will allow you to easily monitor social signal/sharing across your client and/or the most popular sharing sites like…

• • • • • • •

Facebook Twitter StumbleUpon Pinterest Google+ Delicious LinkedIn

Finally it can help you to correlate social sharing with TRAFFIC, RANKINGS, and REVENUE!

Why must choose WP Signal Tracker Instead of sitting there and marveling at the boom of Social Networks, you can be its master. Enter the game. If you need a weapon, WP signal tracker is the answer. Why? Because only when you have indication of measuring engagement, social sharing and social signal diversity can you grasp a comprehensive picture of the quality level of content and organic rankings. It’s hard to believe but Social Signal monitoring is the NEW backlink monitoring for SEO. While Social Analytics is more important than ever, as an online marketer with 4 years of experience, I strongly recommend WP Signal Tracker as the most friendly

dashboard and easiest way to beat your competitors by closely monitoring your social sharing effectiveness.

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OTO#2: Signal Masterclass A video training series where Mark teaches a little secret he’s held for years that allows him to boost social sharing/signals for ANY website/page that delivers a guaranteed, thousands of unique visitors in a 24 hour period. Also included Mark will share some secrete resources you can utilize to help boost your social sharing with Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, StumbleUpon, Delicious, Digg and MORE.

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