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Arch 101 Midterm Project

Thanh Huynh

Intro ●

Purpose – Make a sculpture that represented myself and make it evolve throughout the semester. I've completed 11 iterations and a handful of drawings with charcoal.

Iteration #1 â—?

What I tried to do was to make something simple and shy, so I created a box. Boxes are a basic simple structure that are enclosed(shy). I created the box using straw cardboard and tape.

Failures - The problems that I have encountered in this iteration was getting the tape to hold the shape of the box. Successes – the box held through even after being dropped a few times.

Iteration #2 â—?

For this iteration, I created the same box but made it a bit different by bending one of its points inward, and trying to make it a bit more asymetrical.

Failures – This iteration, like the last, was too symmetrical and still had a base. Successes – I started to become a little bit more asymmetrical.

Iteration #3 â—?

For this iteration, I just went all out asymmetrical with no base. This iteration was to show that I want to get out of being too shy, and really get out there like an explosion.

Failures – Needed more materials and the tape was falling off Successes – Made it very asymmetrical and without a base.

Iteration #4 â—?

For this iteration, I basically did the same thing as iteration #3 except I changed the shape of the cardboard and put in a new element (wood sticks).

Failures – This iteration was not done very carefully and the sticks and straws were just a complete mess in which I did not add any pattern to them. Successes – Still asymmetrical.

Iteration #5 â—?

For iteration #5, I have the same structural cardboard but I have created a pattern that people can recognize with the straws.

Failures – sense of only one direction where all the sticks jetted out from the sculpture. Successes – the recognizable pattern created by the straws.

Iteration #6 â—?

Iteration #6 was made like #5, except the shapes of the cardboard were different and the sticks make a right angle on the back of this sculpture.

Failures – this iteration looked too similar to the last sculpture. Successes – the pattern remains and the sculpture is still asymmetrical.

Iteration #7 â—?

In this iteration I've created more patterns on the tips of my sculpture and cut out different shapes for the cardboard frame.

Failures – I did not like one of the patterns on one of sides of the sculpture because it was too messy. Successes – the sculpture had many different directions and many patterns.

Iteration #8 â—?

Iteration #8 really made me feel good about my sculptures evolution, mainly because of the square pattern that I created.

Failures – lost some patterns on the bottom of my sculpture. Successes – pattern improved with the pattern of sticks placed on the square part of my sculpture.

Iteration #9 â—?

This iteration was pretty much the same as the last one except the last stick on the curved pattern is bent a bit more downward to show more curve.

Failures – this iteration was pretty much the same as the last one. Successes – more of a wave and curve with more wooden sticks.

Iteration #10 â—?

Iteration #10 was suppose to be iteration #9 but in frame form. I took out two sticks in the curve to make it a bit less compressive on the inside of the frame.

● ●

Failures – bottom of the sculpture was symmetrical Successes – the framework was clean with no more tape and having the the sculpture turn into a frame let the wooden sticks stand out on the inside of the frame.

Iteration #11 â—?

For this iteration I was going to make a section of iteration #10 using negative space.

Failures – I did not follow the sectioning rules because of the cardboard that sticks out showing the pattern. Successes – the little pieces of cardboard shows what a section should be.

Charcoal drawings All of the charcoal drawings completed at home basically made me get a feel for charcoal and how to draw with them but the gesture drawings made me get into more depth on how to use them.

Charcoal Drawings continued

The gesture drawings were suppose to improve every time I drew the same thing over and over again but this did not happen because the time limit made me try to complete it without taking care of it.

Midterm Project ARCH 101  

Arch 101 midterm project