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Rudy’s Bar-B-Q: The Best Barbeque You’ll Ever Taste If you’re in the mood for some amazingly tasty food and want to enjoy the smoky goodness of great barbeque, then Rudy’s is definitely the place to head to. With a great history of serving up some of the most delicious bar-b-que in the Southwest, their proprietary dry spice blend along with oak fired pits, top quality meat and patience, Rudy’s has become one of the top rated BBQ restaurants in America. Rudy’s Serves up a Barbeque like No Other Leon Springs is a small community located north of San Antonio and home to the first Rudy’s Bar-B-Q restaurant. It was first opened in 1989 as an expansion of a business that consisted of a one-stop gas station, garage and grocery store that was founded in the 1800s. Ever since then, the amazingly tasty food this restaurant serves up has gained widespread fame and has led to the opening of Rudy’s Bar-BQ restaurants all over the Southwest. The secret to the restaurants’ success and their mouthwatering barbeque lies in the technique as much as the ingredients. Using only top quality ingredients and a proprietary dry spice rub to give the meat that certain oomph it needs to take it from great to out-of-this-world is a great start. But then the meat is slowly cooked in pits that are 100% wood fired until the meat is so tender all you have to do is look at it for it to fall off the bone. Infused with the smokiness of oak, the only wood used at Rudy’s since it burns slower than the mesquite most other restaurants use, there are few things that can match the exquisite taste of Rudy’s juicy, tender, perfectly seasoned ribs. However, that’s not all because Rudy’s has another little secret that turns a plate of amazing barbeque into a party for your taste buds and that’s their amazing barbecue sauce, known as Rudy’s Bar-B-Q Sause, considered the best in Texas. From sausage and pork loin to turkey and chicken, Rudy’s has something to please every palate. One taste of their famous barbeque plate, slathered in Rudy’s famous Bar-B-Q “Sause” and you’ll be in heaven. Don’t Miss Out on Rudy’s Bar-B-Q: Order Online It would be great if we could all live next door to a Rudy’s Bar-B-Q restaurant but, unfortunately, we’re not all quite that lucky. The good news is that Rudy’s has an online store where you can order everything from their smoked meats to their great dry rub and amazing “Sause”, no matter where you are in the US. In fact, Rudy’s even ships some of their products overseas, but sadly not their smoked meats. However, you can still recreate a little of the Rudy’s magic with their dry spice run and Bar-B-Q “Sause”, even if you live in another country. Rudy’s Bar-B-Q isn’t just a restaurant, it’s an entire experience for your palate and one you shouldn’t miss out on, even if it means ordering online. It might not be exactly the same as actually being in a restaurant but it’s still a great way to sample the amazing food that has made Rudy’s so famous.

Rudy’s Bar-B-Q