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5 Reasons Why the E-Cigarettes Are Taking Off in the UK At first, it was just a fad. Then it seemed to catch on. Now, it's all the rage. The E Cigarette has gone from a small subculture in the UK to one of the most popular products on the market. Why has this little device hit such mass appeal? These are five of the big reasons. Reason #1: It's Polite When you blow out a puff of cigarette smoke, everyone around you is annoyed. When you exhale vapor, it has no scent. In some cases, it has a mild fruity flavor. It's very socially acceptable. Reason #2: It's Cheap Cigarettes are incredibly expensive. E-cigarettes only require you to buy cartridges to refill, which are far less expensive than buying cigarette packs. Switching to e-cigs can easily save you 50% on your cigarette expenses. Reason #3: They Look Cool Taking out a traditional cigarette doesn't say anything about you. It doesn't stand out. When you whip out an e-cig however, people take notice. It looks sleek, unique and interesting. It's not just a cigarette, but a fashion statement. Reason #4: Easy to Carry Lugging around a pack or two of cigarettes takes up a lot of pocket space. It create a bulge in your suit, or hogs space in your purse. Carrying an e-cig on the other hand is extremely simple. It's as light as a pencil and takes up about as much space. Reason #5: It Helps You Quit Regular cigarettes are designed to get you more and more addicted. E-cigarettes on the other hand are designed to help you quit smoking. You can gradually taper down the nicotine content in the cigarettes, all while smoking as often as you'd like. It's satisfying and healthy. These are just some of the many reasons this sensation has taken off in the UK. Are you ready to try it for yourself?

5 Reasons Why the E-Cigarettes Are Taking Off in the UK