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OGN WINTER 2014 Season Preview: Najin Black Sword

Although Sword had an incredibly disappointing OGN Summer without even qualifying for the bracket stage, they came ready to play at the S3 World Championships knocking out Gambit Gaming from the quarterfinals and was the only team that went to the World Championships to take 2 games off of SK Telecom T1 at the semifinals of the World Championships finishing in the Top 4. Even though they lost to the newly revamped CJ Entus Blaze roster in the quarterfinals of the KR WCG Qualifiers, this veteran team is definitely one not be to be taken lightly.



R Expression has proven his strength in the top lane frequently beating his opponent in the 1v1 matchup and being able to take care of himself even with enemy jungle pressure without having to depend on Watch to constantly come save his lane. Watch is known for his incredibly aggressive early game constantly ganking and moving around the map looking for opportunities to snowball his lanes. We still have yet to see whether Sword will use Nagne or SSONG more often, but with the decline of Nagne’s premier assassins, it is possible to see SSONG make a comeback to the mid lane, but only time will tell. PraY and Cain has always been a formidable duo lane for anyone who faces them. Overall as a team, Najin Black Sword has incredible talent across the board, but ever since the departure of MaKNooN, the team still was never really the same as they were back in OGN Winter 2012-2013 where they surged their way to win the overall championship over Azubu Frost 3-0. The team as of right now still lacks a leader to call the shots and their picks and bans are still a problem which was apparent when they played against CJ Blaze in the KR WCG Qualifiers. Only time will tell to see whether the sword will be unsheathed or broken once again.