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Thanos Pappas / Portfolio 2018

Thanos Pappas / Portfolio 2018 / Summary

I was born in 12/10/1990 in Athens, Greece and mostly grew up in Kalamata. Since I was a child, my hobbies included cars, music, photography, cinema, design and running. In 2013 I graduated from the Department of Product and System Design and Engineering in Syros (University of the Aegean) and in 2015, I completed my 15 month long alternative service in the General Hospital of Pyrgos as a conscientious objector. In 2017 and after living in Kalamata, Athens and Thessaloniki for a short period of time, mostly working remotely from home, me and my wife decided to migrate to Melbourne, Australia. In my career, I have worked in a variety of job positions including: -

vehicle design (research, concept design) product design (sketching, concept design, CAD, design for production) graphic design (web, branding, packaging, layout) writing (stories, interviews, reviews, press releases, translations) administrative staff (procurement, customer service) musician (keyboards, vocals, music composing)

Thanos Pappas / Portfolio 2018 / Work Experience Set Corporate Design (graphic design firm) Freelance Graphic Designer (2010 – present) (automotive website) Founder (2018 – present)

Roe Design Studio (vehicle design firm) Freelance Vehicle Designer (2010 – 2017)

NEOS KOSMOS (newspaper) Writer / Graphic Designer (2017 - present)

General Hospital of Pyrgos (hospital) Administrative Staff / Procurement (2014 - 2015)

Bayly Group (product design firm) Freelance Graphic and Product Designer (2017 - 2018)

BILDO (toy company) Product Design / Graphic Design / Packaging (2014 - 2015)

TV Plus (satellite TV broadcaster) Customer Service / Programming (2017 - 2018) (car website) / Ασφαλώς Επι Τροχών (TV show) Editor in Chief (2015 – 2017)

Fetameriganoi (band) Keyboardist, Vocalist, Composer (2003 - present)

Thanos Pappas / Portfolio 2018 / Design Process I am a Design Engineer with a systemic and holistic approach to problem solving. My ultimate goal is to contribute in the design of a better future for humanity, and especially the people that need it the most, by improving their way of life with useful products and systems The design process I follow during various projects, always starts with research and analysis of the Context and Users, so I can truly understand the problem and all of it’s parameters, which is, in my opinion, the most challenging and important part of our work. After that comes the final brief description and the guidelines which leads to ideation sketches. Careful evaluation of the emerged solutions is followed by synthesis and concept design which will again be re-evaluated and presented to the client as viable solution proposals, to his/her design problem. Finally, by choosing the most suitable concept, thus keeping the best parts of the dismissed proposals, we reach the final design proposal which will be detailed and improved until it reaches a production-ready status.

Thanos Pappas / Portfolio 2018 / Vehicle Design Projects Exarsis Transportation Design was created in 2010 by Konstantinos Malandrinos and Thanos Pappas, providing complete design services ranging from research, to concept design and the creation of full scale models. Among the projects of the team there was Project D3 (2012), an electric city car for disabled drivers in a wheelchair, as well as the complete business plan BELO (2014) for the Development, Production and Management of shared vehicles. In 2016, the team was reformed and renamed in Roe Design Studio. Furthermore, in 2013, my thesis project was a 6 month study for the design of a Light Commercial Vehicle and in 2014 I was awarded by Fiat for the design study Aiuto - a city car for drivers with different kinds of disabilities.

Project D3

Thanos Pappas / Portfolio 2018 / Vehicle Design Ideation Sketches

Thanos Pappas / Portfolio 2018 / Corporate Design Projects Set (Search – Envision – Transmit) Corporate Design, is a team of designers and developers who undertake the design of corporate identity for small business. The team was created in 2013 from Thanos Pappas (design engineer), Eirini Tzavara (designer) and Dimitris Soumis (developer). We offer services such as logo design, packaging, graphic design, web design, photography, online promotion etc.

Thanos Pappas / Portfolio 2018 / Toy Design and Packaging

Thanos Pappas / Portfolio 2018 / Product Design Projects

Thanos Pappas / Portfolio 2018 / Photography

Thanos Pappas / Portfolio 2018 / Automotive Photography

Thanos Pappas / Portfolio 2018 / Automotive Editor / From May 2015 to February 2017, I worked for the automotive news website, courtesy of Haris Theofrastou who is one of the most renown automotive journalists in Greece.

I was responsible for the complete re-design of the website and as the editor in chief I wrote daily articles on automotive news, features and reviews, while contributing as an automotive photographer. In 2016, I also served as the editor in chief for 12 episodes of the automotive TV show «Ασφαλώς Επι Τροχών» that aired on Greek National Television.

Thanos Pappas / Portfolio 2018 / Founder / Hot Hatch In May 2018, together with my wife and one of my close friends, we launched, a website dedicated to hot hatchbacks and their owners. Our page includes a Full List of all the hot hatches in history, where the user can compare and explore more than 375 cars in their individual pages. The cars can also be categorized based on their Brand, or the Decades in which they were available in the market. Furthermore, using the compare tool, the user can create a custom comparison. For people who own a hot hatchback, there is the Owners Place where owners can have their personal page with pictures of their car and information regarding their ownership experience. Pages are categorized based on each owner’s location (city and country). There is also hot hatch Forum, where we discuss about cars, modifications, driving experiences etc. Finally the News and Reviews section keeps the user updated on what is happening in the hot hatch world.

Thanos Pappas / Portfolio 2018 / Thanks for your time!

Portfolio thanos pappas 2018  
Portfolio thanos pappas 2018