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24 Typefaces & Letterforms Project Overview

Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator

Created By: Thandiwe Created By: Thandiwe Tembo Tembo

Applications Used

After examining the different letters and symbols within a typeface, two were chosen to be combined in such a way that the new letterform could be placed seamlessly into the font family. Each section of the book displays the progression of the letter form from the two separate letters or symbols into the combined one. Next book plates were created for each typeface, each unique in some element but still able to form a cohesive family. Lastly the designer biographies were created and adjusted with the appropriate size and letting and the cover of the book was created.

24 Typafaces & Letterforms 24 Typafaces & Letterforms


The 24 Typeface and Letterforms book is a collection of 24 letterforms created by combining two letters or symbols to create a new letterform out of twenty-four of the original serif and sans serif typefaces complete with type designer biographies and book plates unique to each typeface used.

Typefaces & Letterforms Typefaces & Letterforms

Vectorized Drawings Project Overview

Create a portrait or image simply using the pen tool in Adobe Illustrator, capturing the highlights, lowlights, and neutral areas of the image.


The original image on the very bottom layer and the image is subdivided into different section. Then starting with the largest area as a base, the various highlight, lowlight, and neutral areas are drawn on top with each single vector form of color being placed in its own sublayer of the larger image section layer and the colors being acquired from the original image itself.

Applications Used

Adobe Illustrator

Quote Poster Series

Project Overview

Create three variations of a poster using a maximum 3 colors that would be able to be manually printed using a printing press.


After choosing a quote and color pallet, the grids and guides were set to give the same set of boundaries to create a poster series that complemented each other.

Applications Used

Adobe InDesign


About Me & Resume I never start out with a hard vision of what my work will look like in the end. I believe it’s unrealistic, like being able to see into the future. I brainstorm. I make a mood board. And from there, its trial and error. My work is fueled by modern influences, people who haven’t “made it” in the traditional sense but still continue create because they love it. My work is for anyone who want to absorb what I create. Its minimalistic yet detailed with retro and modern influences. Its dynamic, asymmetrical and angular, vibrant and full of contrast. My work is everything I try to be, just a lot more put together.

“Art is a state of madness…. Art is an addiction” Call Me Zelda by Erika Robuck



Col. Zadok Magruder High School Rockville, Maryland 2013 to 2017

Microsoft Office

Honor Roll Principles Scholar Northeastern University Boston, Massachusetts 2017 to 2022 Bachelors of Science: Computer Science and Design Minor: Criminal Justice

Photography Adobe Photoshop Adobe InDesign Adobe Illustrator Adobe Lightroom Adobe XD Python HTML

2018 Portfolio  
2018 Portfolio