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Jamie Smith and Megan Payne (both ably assisted by Karen Smith and James Paul), represented Thamesview and thirteen other Gravesham students in the Kent Championships at Pent Valley, Folkestone on Saturday 17th March 2012. Competing against teams from Swale, Canterbury, Maidstone and Folkestone our team were emphatically clear winners. Well done to all the competitors in what proved to be a brilliant occasion. Jamie Smith, Year 9 Competitor

I am pleased to announce that TVAS (Drama Club) submitted an entry to the Kent County Drama Competition and won their region, beating all schools from Gravesend, Dartford and Swanley & District. The group then competed against five other finalists at the grand final which was held at The Stag Theatre in Sevenoaks in the middle of March. Last year a group of Year 9 students made it to the final, but unfortunately lost out on the night. This year we had students from Year 8 and Year 7 representing Thamesview against older students from various schools. I am pleased to announce that they should be really pleased with their achievement and have once again proved the outstanding talent that we have in this school as they came 2nd overall. They have been brilliant and are flying the Thamesview flag in Kent. The students won a £400 cheque for the drama department, a lovely large glass award, which now sits proudly in our prominent trophy case, and each actor won £25 each and a whole range of other prizes. Congratulations all! Paul Ferguson, Learning Facilitator for Drama

Right on Target


Special points of interest:Kent Youth Service Library Corner B & E Events Student Poetry

Competition Win £15 for I-Tunes See Page 8 Enrichment. Don‘t miss out.

Archery has hit the target for students. Two beginners‘ courses have taken place so far and a third has just started. The Club is after school on most Wednesdays in the sports hall, using Recurve trainer bows, genuine arrows, and straw targets, and there is a white archery net to stop the arrows from damaging walls if they miss the target (hopefully no misses by the end of the course!) All students who have taken part so far have thoroughly enjoyed themselves and most have asked to be put on the waiting list for a second turn later in the year. Mrs Moor‘s son, Iain (17), joined the second group to demonstrate his advanced skills and more complicated bow. Groups can be up to 10 students per course. Anyone who wants to join should contact Mrs Moor in PD for a form to be signed by parents/carers. As you can see from the photos, archers have a fun time, even though we have to be very safety conscious. Why not give it a

Maths Pizza Competition

The Winning Students: Tonicha Gilbert (Yr 8) Olivia Devaney (Yr 8) Stanley Clarke(Yr 8) Luke Bainbridge(Yr 10) Kayliegh Hill(Yr 8) Jessica Knowles (Yr 8) Cerys Knowles (Yr 9) Gaby Hutchinson (Yr 8) Zaynab Bankole (Yr 8) Tanya Hills (Yr 7)

Congratulations are in order for 10B1, who were rewarded with an afternoon of takeaway pizza, having won a competition across the Year 10 maths groups. As part of the build-up before their GCSE Unit 1 exam all of the groups were given an assessment, a list of topics and 2 weeks to revise. Lessons focused on exam technique and revision sessions were run at lunch times and after school. With the pizza prize for the best class improvement on the next assessment, the benefits of revision were clear. Nearly all the students involved managed to improve on their starting mark, with the winning group improving on average by 5 marks. Hopefully the added motivation will prove valuable when the results of the Unit 1 exam are released on the 19 th April. Good luck to all! Mr A Manktelow, Maths Teacher

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Who Am I? I am me, I am like the advice that I give, Cryptic, mysterious, Though I like reading, I like writing, I like school in particular. Not many people like me. Those friends I do have, I value and they, I am sure, Must value me too. They are like gold and silver pennies, Shining brightly all around, The new friends are silver, as silver as the moon, Because as I gain new friends, They will be turned from silver friends, into golden ones. My old friends are golden, Even though any friend is worth more; Golden like the sun. There is magic in this world, that no-one can see, Unless you value those around you. That magic comes in many forms; Friendship, love and even hate. Value everything as it is, and you will see the magic, true. What it is, is up to you. That is my advice to you. I am me, And I give advice to those around me, Though, that advice comes in many forms. That is me. By Kathleen Jones, Year 10EPGF

Dear Parents, Carers, Staff, Governors, Students and Friends, I had to write this immediately after returning home from the recent Elton Estate performance, because I wanted to convey how absolutely brilliant it was as a school show. I, like a number of other audience members, was moved to tears, when the unexpected happened at the end; not only were the songs brilliantly sung, but the acting was enthralling so that you really were lost in their roles. An excellent script written by My Ferguson, and beautifully choreographed by Mrs Beaumont. Mrs Chester facilitated the simple but effective set design and Miss Cormack directed our two talented Year 11 students, Dominic and Charlie, who played throughout. I shall never listen to Elton John in the same light again without remembering the best school show I have had the pleasure to watch. Happy memories and sheer brilliance—my congratulations to all who took part; front and back of house! Year 11 are into their penultimate month with us before they enter into their This year Fairtrade fortnight ran from 27th February to final exams. I think the message has well 9th March. The idea behind Fairtrade Fortnight is to and truly hit home with most of them that highlight the principles and products of Fairtrade and the it is ‗now or never‘ to make a difference positive impact buying Fairtrade products has on with their GCSEs. Many attend additional developing countries. revision classes at school and put in the The Business and Enterprise department supplied additional hours at home. I cannot stress Fairtrade chocolate, bananas as well as tea and enough how important it is for students coffee in the staff room, and invited members of staff to to make time at home for revision if they share a brew and some chocolate to celebrate the really are going to reach their potential. If Fairtrade Fortnight. Staff were also asked to you need guidance as to what you can do complete a ‘pledge‘ card agreeing to swap as a parent at home for your child, please their usual brand for a Fairtrade one in the contact our Aimhigher Team who will future. How about you, parents? provide resources and support for you. Nerys Sandy Well you will all know by now that I Business and Enterprise Administrator have reached the sad decision to leave Thamesview; it was a very difficult

Fairtrade Fortnight

So Cool to Sew This term saw the beginning of a new after-school club at Thamesview: The Sewing Club. Run by Mrs Smith, an experienced seamstress, the students had the opportunity to make a shoulder bag. We had some brilliant first attempts in a wide variety of chic designs and colours. Students have learnt skills like how to use a sewing machine, measure and cut fabric as well as the all important ironing of seams during the making process. Next term the students will be selecting a more difficult pattern and are being encouraged to go bolder with their choice of design and fabric. Nerys Sandy Business and Enterprise Administrator

Mock Interview Day On Friday 27th January we held our annual Mock Interview Day for Year 10 students. We had interviewers come into school from local businesses including KCC, Gravesham Council and Jaxx Hair Salon to name a few. Each employer was asked to nominate their top student on the day and the ‗top ten‘ all received a certificate and gift voucher, as well as valuable feedback forms from the employers. The overall winner was Lee Pinder who also received a Sony Camera.

decision, but I believe that the timing is right for me professionally in my career, but more importantly it is a good time for Thamesview as it is very secure in its results and staffing, in order to benefit from new leadership. The prospective Headteacher applicants are already requesting the documentation to apply and many of them are booking visits to the school before the application deadline set for 12th April. There has been significant interest from a really high calibre of candidate. The Interview dates are set for April 26th and 27th, where the Governing Body Panel will select the future Headteacher for Thamesview with input from many students and staff. Some parents are also being included in the process to ensure that you have the right person to continue to lead Thamesview to even greater successes in the future. Meanwhile, for me and the rest of the school, it is business as usual, and still working very hard to ensure your children are reaching their potential, whether in Year 7 or any other year. Finally, from me this term, I would like to wish you a very happy holiday. I hope the sunshine beams brightly whether you may find yourself in your garden or off to somewhere more exotic. Please check the Term Calendar on page 11 so that we see everyone back on Monday 16th April by 8.35am and in full school uniform. Best wishes, Rhiannon Hughes Headteacher The top ten (pictured below) were: Katherine Bagshaw, Kieran Treleaven, Alfie Chambers, Jamie Gilber, Liam Carter, Kelly Austin, Jason Haigh, Michael Bruford, Lee Pinder and Jordan Stoneham. From the employers‘ feedback we can tell the standard was extremely high this year where all students presented themselves in a very professional manner and the employers were particularly impressed with the standard of business dress worn. Well done to all students for making this day such a success. Nerys Sandy Business and Enterprise Administrator

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It was the first birthday of NASA our Nurture and Support Area in March! NASA is an area located in Discovery, but for all the students in all Communities, where students can speak to one of the four Learning Mentors (one for each Community). The area is always buzzing with students throughout the day; some taking part in group work, others meeting for breaktime club, Year 11 students using the area to revise for exams, Friendship Groups, ASD Support Groups, Anger Management groups, Art Therapy and much, much more! Learning Mentors also work closely with primary schools during transition from Year 6 to Year 7 for the more vulnerable students coming into Thamesview, to ensure that all students settle well and are happy. Any student that is worried, upset ‘NASA is a place where or anxious and would like to speak you can get away from with a Learning Mentor for any everything and feel calm’. reason can come to NASA knowing that there is always support. Our Jaydine Year 8 school Counsellor, Sally Kemp is also based in NASA and scattered around this page are some comments from students in different year groups who come to the area. We are all proud of NASA and would like to welcome any student, from any year group, to come and speak with the Learning ‘Everyone in Mentor for your Community if NASA is friendly anything is troubling you. and understands Miss T Weedon your problems’. Learning Mentor for Discovery Bianca Year 8

‘NASA helps me as everyone never underestimates you, they are kind and helpful’. Rebecca Year 8

‘NASA helps because it is a place where everyone is friends’. Connor Year 7

Watch This Space! Extended Learning A big thank you to everyone who collected the Morrisons Vouchers! They have been put to good use as we now have a good selection of gardening equipment. Watch the area by the greenhouse and HOPEFULLY you will soon be able to see vegetables and flowers growing with the help of willing students! Thank you once again to all of you who helped to bring in the vouchers to school. Mrs E Piper Learning Mentor for Enterprise

Are you getting worried or stressed about completing your Extended Learning? Did you know that every lunchtime (apart from Friday‘s) in C12 a Learning Mentor is there to help you? If you are struggling or do not have internet access at home come along! Miss T Weedon

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Pa g e 4

This term, Endeavour students have been set a series of Literacy tasks which encourages progression within their ability. I am very pleased to say that many students are demonstrating their literacy skills with confidence and requesting the higher levels. Very well done! Congratulations to the Endeavour students that have taken part in the Readathon. Remember to collect your sponsorship money as every penny contributes to a fantastic charity. Laura Skipsey Learning Stage Leader

We have recently received information on the progress of our Year 11 students in their recent Maths and English exams. We are extremely proud of the following students for achieving C grades in Maths or English Chay Bellingham, Ryan Chahal, Dillan Colleer, David Cox, Maha Forster, Charlotte Glynn, Arry Harwood, Megan Limbert, Elliott Liquorish, Harry Merrison, and Jason Rawlins. Amy Morriss achieved an A grade for English and a C grade for her Maths. Francis Meakins achieved a B grade for English and a C grade for Maths.

Congratulations to all; fantastic achievements! We are extremely proud of the following Endeavour students who took part in a Drama competition. They competed against other schools within Kent and I am proud to say that this group came second! Cerys Knowles Jessica Knowles Stanley Clarke Zaynab Bankole Luke Bainbridge Tonicha Gilbert

In recognition of students who have gone out of their way to be helpful, kind and considerate: Esther Adeyemo Thomas Bateman George Howlett Lauren Yates Kieran Stoneham Billie-Joe Gibbons Jordan Stoneham Lia Mercer Lucy McFarlane Lee Rawlins

Top Achievo Earners in Endeavour KS 3: Kieran Stoneham (171) KS4: Alexi Leech (118)

Lauren Yates: 142 Laura Hobson: 113 Toni Law: 102 Harriet Harrison: 94

Jade Hooper: 138 George Irving: 106 Stephanie Tunnicliffe: 95 Zack Carroll: 93

This term students have had the opportunity of cashing in their Achievo‘s for some prizes. This has proved to be a very popular venture. Mrs Gordon

Term 4 has been another busy term for the students in Endeavour. Students have made good progress academically during term 3. During PSHE students have been studying Healthy Living in Year 7; Year 8—Diversity. As part of the year 9 option choices they have been playing the online Real Game. With less than 30 days until Year 11 exams begin students must be spending the Easter holidays revising. On Fronter students can access SAM learning resources as well as all Maths resources. Endeavour students have continued to shine and make us proud. We have had some fantastic results in the recent Maths and English exams. The acting and drama talents of some of our students were recognised at a Kent competition where the students came second in the competition and won some vouchers for themselves and some money for the drama department. It is not only students in Endeavour that are excelling themselves but our staff as well. Mrs Turner has been selected as a member of the Kent Archery Team. We are very proud of her and ask, ―Could the Olympic Games be calling?‖ Miss Arndt Head of Endeavour Learning Community

The following students have had 100% attendance since the beginning of September Esther Adeymo Luke Bainbridge Zaynab Bankole Simon Bardo Dillan Colleer Danny Coyne Bethany Daines Ehizogie Ebosele Billie-Joe Gibbins Louisa Haigh Graham Hill Sarah Hutchins Eleanor Lawry-Johns Courtney Percival Abbie Richardson Jodie Spinks Lauren Yates Jordan Stoneham Kieran Stoneham

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Pa g e 5

Another busy couple of terms have flown by, and Challenger students have again been showing how great they are, and why we are so proud of them. Year 11 students have received results from exam entries in core subjects (Maths, English and Science), and a large number of them have achieved C grade or better, or exceeded their target grade. This means that the college and sixth form applications are going through and I am sure places will be secured in the near future. Some outstanding results were seen and none better than Charlie Colliers A* in his maths module. We were also really proud of our Year 10 students who had mock interviews with local employers. Challenger had a number of students who were rated in the top ten interviews, and Lee Pinder (CZD) was voted as the best candidate that the employers had interviewed. Well done Lee! As we move towards the end of the academic year, and Year 11 leave us to start exams, we start to ask the Year 10 students who would be interested in being a senior student. A letter of application and an interview are used so that the community team can make a decision. If you are interested then speak to the current senior students, and find out what it is like, and the benefits that it bring to you. I look forward to the applications. We have also started to arrange the Challenger community day visit on the 19th July. Last year we walked to Shorne Country Park. This year we are going to visit Greenwich Park in London. There are a number of historic landmarks to visit there, and it also gives the opportunity for students to build relationships in the community. We are asking for a £5 contribution towards the travel cost to get there, but then the other areas in the park are free. I am looking forward to the up coming events and supporting the Year 11 students as they approach a really crucial time in their education. Mr M Hodges Head of Challenger Learning Community

Challenger students have been recognising and congratulating one another in our recent ‗Celebrating Success‘ assembly. Students were recognised in a number of categories. Here are just a few: Top five students for progress in each year group Highest progress in a subject over a term Students on or above target in every subject Recent Science, Maths and English GCSE results So many of our students demonstrated that they can meet and beat the targets they are set within their various subjects. This is a testament to their consistent hard work and effort. I know I am not alone when I say how proud that these achievements make me feel! A special mention does need to go to Charlie Collier (Y 10) who gained a fantastic A* grade in his module test for Maths. Well Done Charlie!

Topic: Superheroes Term four and five have seen KS3 Challenger students taking on the world as they have been busy creating their own superheroes. The project this term has included some of the following tasks:

Produce a poster showing some of the characteristics of a superhero Produce a graph showing the favourite superheroes of twenty people Create a puppet based on your new superhero design Create a t-shirt print presenting your favourite superhero Evaluate the special powers and weaknesses of your chosen Superheroes and Villains Once again it has been great to see students really getting creative in particular with making their own wooden spoon heroes and designing their own superhero t-shirts (some of which can be seen in the photographs included). As a result a number of our students have earned themselves ‗Challenger of the Week‘ and received five Achievos. Many of the creations can be seen displayed in the glass cabinet outside of the community office. Well done to those who always complete their tasks with such effort and dedication. Keep it up! Miss L Howe Challenger LSL

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Page 6

Happy Easter! It has been a very busy last two terms as the articles below will show; lots of individual success stories. There have also been some great team efforts too, including our winning girls‘ football team in the Community competition. Well done Enterprise. Clear eyes, full hearts, we can‘t lose!

Mr G Robinson, Head of Enterprise Learning Community

National Champion: I went to Sheffield to take part in a National Competition for life saving and came 1st. An example of the events that I did was ‗The Medley‘ where I had to swim 2 lengths of the pool, touch the wall, go under water 10m before coming up to tow the Mannequin the rest of the way. Overall it was a very good weekend and I can't wait to take part in the competition next year to defend my title. Written by Keeley Gibbins, Year 10

Snooker Loopy: In December, Jordan Butler and I competed in the Area Snooker Championship. This is a competition for young people under the age of 18 and it is held at the Miracles Youth Centre in Gravesend. During the competition we won all our games and were both very happy with our performance especially as we were playing against people who were a few years older than us. As a result of our outstanding performance, we were crowned Area Snooker Champions and were each awarded with a glass trophy. Written by Ben Sizer, Year 9

Senior Students; Reflections: Jessica Goldsmith: When I first became a Senior Student I was nervous and didn’t have a lot of confidence in speaking in front of groups of people. Now I enjoy it and have more confidence.

Amy Costas: I now find it much easier to present information to other students and members of staff. Overall I feel this role has given me the skills and abilities to help me in my future career.

Dominic Burgess:

I feel that being a Senior Student has increased my confidence.

Year 11 Exam Success: Back in November 2011, a selection of Year 11 students took their English and Maths GCSEs early. Unfortunately their nerves had to hold out a little longer as the results were not due in until the beginning of January 2012. On the day of the results there were some anxious looking young people waiting to see what they had achieved. I am pleased to say that there were some good grades obtained by all of our students but notably some extra praise for some that achieved a C in both English and Maths. They were: Amy Costas Louis Evans Bob Flood Michael Seaney Harry Souten

Well done!

The Thamesview Actors Society (TVAS) has been working on a drama piece about the dangers of smoking. We have all worked on it and added bits to it by practicing every Thursday. We recorded it and sent it to a committee to judge. We then had to wait until finally Mr Ferguson got an email saying we had got through. We were all very happy. We now have to rehearse it to make it perfect because we will be performing it in front of an audience for the finals on 14th March 2012 at the Stag Theatre in Sevenoaks. Written by Gaby Hutchinson Year 8

Since this was written, TVAS came 2nd in the final.

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Dear Parents, Carers and Friends, Another two terms have passed; two terms in which there have been many successes in the classroom and outside. Many students took GCSE examinations for which they received results in January. Well done to all those who achieved the grades they were hoping for. Other examinations have taken place since for which we eagerly await the results. Our students in Year 11 especially are working hard to achieve the best possible results for themselves and the best results ever for Thamesview! Our students continue to excel in other areas of school life. Their attendance is consistently amongst the best in the school; they are receiving many, many Achievos for their exceptional effort and work; and, we continue to do well in Community competitions. Notable performances since I last wrote in the newsletter include our debate team (came first) and girls’ football team (came second). Well done to those students in particular, but to all who represent our community in the various competitions that take place throughout the year. As we fast approach the Easter holidays, I would like to wish everyone a safe and enjoyable time and look forward to seeing all the students back in school on the 16th April. Mr M. Sorby Head of Discovery Learning Community

Like much of the country, we are all looking forward to the 2012 Olympic Games being held in London. The Olympics is the theme of Extended Learning this term. Students have been exploring the history of the Olympic movement, the sports involved, finding out about the athletes who will represent Team GB and will go onto to plan their own Olympics. However, we have another reason to celebrate the 2012 Olympics. We had the opportunity to nominate a student to take part in the Olympic Torch Relay. They had to embody the Olympic values of respect, excellence, friendship, courage, determination, inspiration and equality. It was a tough decision but eventually it was decided that we would nominate Cameron Edmonds 7DBB. We are delighted to announce that the nomination was successful and Cameron will join 8000 other torch bearers carrying the Olympic Torch on its journey around Britain. Cameron will join the relay on Thursday 19th July in Broadstairs. This is a truly deserved honour and I‘m sure will be a fantastic memorable day.

Amber Edgar 7DAW regularly attends Miracles Youth Club. They have been involved in a youth exchange with a group in Finland. During the February holiday, Amber was given the opportunity to visit Finland. Here is what she had to say about that experience: ―In February I took part in the Finnish and English Youth Exchange Programme with my youth club Miracles. I went to Finland for a week and it was great fun. We learnt about Finnish culture, food and what life is like for young people. When I was there I went skiing, sledging, ice fishing, ice skating and I was the first to fall over in the snow. I cooked dinner every night and made sausage and noodle soup! If you get the chance to go to Finland you must go!‖


to our winning debate team: Connor Ward, Ben Lockwood, Amber Edgar, Jay Alexanda and Lewis Robbins— and to Alfie McElroy for completing the most 100% Accelerated Reader Quizzes last term.

S pr i ng T e r m 4

Pa g e 8

Clubs This Term Include: Boxercise, Yoga, Aerobics, Parkour A Staff member said….”I wasn’t really

Jack Tomkinson (our Head Boy and pictured below) is a relaxing, calming experience that Natasha and I and several others, including teachers, enjoy every Wednesday. YOU really should try it with your friends. You’ll have a right laugh!!!!

sure what to expect when I decided to try yoga and was pleasantly surprised. I found that I am stronger than I thought I was and enjoy the relaxation aspect of it.


would recommend yoga to anyone as a great way to end the working day! Hayley Evans (Data Manager)

Winner of last Term’s Wordsearch: Amber Webb who won the £15 I-tunes Voucher. Well done Amber!

Rebecca Sparks (Year 10 and pictured left) said…. Boxercise is a great way to keep fit. It is in school for FREE and it’s fun. The clubs run every Tuesday afternoon. You have a great trainer for every session. I’ve been going ever since it started….1 think it’s…GREAT ….. Don’t miss out!!!!

Spring Term Cooking Challenge

TERM 6 CHALLENGES INCLUDE: Voc Block Challenge Cooking Challenge Spelling Challenge Prom Challenge (Hair & Make up)

Photography Club For all students interested in photography there will be a new club starting after Easter in the art department. Digital photography Photo editing Photo manipulation

When – every Thursday, 3pm - 4pm Places are limited to 10, so please collect an application form from Mrs Chester; places issued on a first come, first served basis.

Lunchtime Clubs Include Trampolining & Basketball

SUDOKU Enter the numbers 1-9 in each small square; each number can only appear once in a row, column or box. The six yellow squares give you a number, write these number‘s on a piece of paper with your Name & Form and give to: Mr P Robinson (by 27th April)




7 1











3 3





2 4

1 8



5 7

Never miss an opportunity to represent your Community!


S pr i ng T e r m 4

Pa g e 9

What a busy couple of terms! I would like to congratulate the following students for all their hard work during Terms 4 and 5. Zachary Meade, Caitlin Turner, Hannah Collins, Amiee Goddard, Stephanie Tunnicliffe, Kelsey-Lee Relf, Kayleigh Homden, Mary-Ann Owen, Megan Williamson and Lewis Foreman are all members of the Thamesview MyVoice team that is part of a nationwide initiative by the Reading Agency. These students give up many of their lunch times to plan and organise events to promote reading and the library. Term 4 saw two fantastic Alice in Wonderland themed events. There was an Alice in Wonderland themed murder in the library community challenge that had five students from each community searching for clues in the form of QR codes. Each clue eliminated a suspect, scene or weapon from their list. Although no community was able to solve it completely, Challenger and Endeavour were able to get two of the three clues. Well done! The second event took place at Gravesend Library. In costumes, the MyVoice team read Alice in Wonderland to an audience of small children. For more pictures and clips please visit: Term 5 was just as hectic with the Community Challenge Read-a-thon and the library‘s patron, Tony Lee, visiting us again. Congratulations to all communities for all your hard work. The top fundraising community was Challenger, followed by Endeavour, Discovery and Enterprise. In total we raised £319 for seriously ill children. The top three forms were CPF, EvJCo and EPSL. On behalf of the Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity and CLIC Sargent for Children with Cancer, thank you. Author, Tony Lee, pictured above with our champion readers.

All year 7s are involved in a reading program called Accelerated Reader (AR). They have been given a challenge to read 20 MILLION words by the end of Term 6. They have read over 15 million already! So everyone please encourage the Year 7s on this challenge. Fantastic work so far!

Billy Mancini

Jake Cant

I want to acknowledge once again the hard work that the Y7s have put into their reading these past two terms. Big congratulations go out to the following students: Alfie McElroy achieved 13 x 100% results on his Accelerated Reader Quizzes. This is more than any other Year 7 student during our Term 4 Lauren Yates read more than 1 million words in one term. This is more than any other Year 7 student during Term 4.

Last term you brought in 210 Box Tops for Books tokens, resulting in £50 worth of free books! So please continue bringing them in because it is great to get something for nothing!

Most 100% Quizzes in their Learning Community during term 4.

Ryan Bailey

Alfie McElroy

Lucy McFarlane

Billy Cheeseman

And remember Thamesview……… keeeeeeeeeeeeeep reading! Mrs. Fox, Librian

S pr i ng T e r m 4

Pa g e 10

Community Youth Tutor – Penny Stotesbury 01474 566552 ext 8081249 Mobile 07920 526546

Duke of Edinburgh News The young people have done themselves proud 19 young people raised over £1,000 for MacMillan Cancer Support and Cherished Memories. Since September 2011, 19 young people have been planning and organising two charity events for their Volunteering Section of the Duke of Edinburgh‘s Award. Firstly a non- uniform day was organised and run within school and then in the February half term they ran a Charity Event at Cascades Leisure Centre. Throughout this event they liaised with agencies, local organisations; two charities; KCC Youth Workers; Cascades Leisure Centre; NWK College and many other businesses; and companies to gain support with putting on a Charity event to raise monies for their chosen charities. The group ran and organised a range of sporting activities; Information and advice and Health and Beauty sessions, including Yoga and Indian head massage they also ran a face painting stall ; treasure hunt, name the bear and guess the number of sweets in the jar competitions along with a raffle.

The young people were also supported by the Right Honourable Mayor of Gravesham and Pepper Pig. Overall there were over 100 people who attended and took part in the activities on offer with 62 raffle prizes available to win and 16 organisations attending. I am sure that you will appreciate all the hard work and commitment that these young people put in to make this day be so successful. WELL DONE TO ALL THAT TOOK PART Many thanks for every one that supported this event especially Cascades Leisure Centre for allowing us to use their venue for free; Howard Hunt Group for printing all the leaflets for free and all the companies and organisations that supported them with either raffle prizes, volunteering hours or giving of their time.

Graffiti Design Team at Cyclopark Over the February half term 10 young people aged 12-18 years old worked with Graffiti artist from Writers Bench to plan and design sporting themed tunnels for the opening of Europe‘s largest Cycle Park, Cyclopark. The group created designs, learnt how to apply spray paint safely and also learnt about the legal implication and history of graffiti. The group were supported by KCC Community Youth Tutor, Penny Stotesbury; Groundwork and Community Liason Officer, Tay Arnold. In freezing conditions, Thamesview Vocational Centre supported this holiday activity and prepared the walls ready for the graffiti designs to be applied. What a transformation !! Closing Date: 13th April 2012

We invite you to nominate a young person or group who fit into one or more of the categories of Arts, Music, Sports, Good Friends and Carers, Bravery, Volunteering and Service to the Community, Citizenship and Environment and Personal Development. We are not just looking for high fliers — we are You can nominate by going on to looking for real triers! If you know of a young person between 11-18 years who deserves recognition for For full terms and conditions of their efforts. the Try Angle Awards, please go to PLEASE NOMINATE NOW!

S pr i ng T e r m 4

Pa g e 11

Key Events: Friday 30th March - Last day of Term 4 Monday 16th April - Start of Term 5 Thursday 26th April - Year 7 Parents‘ Evening Thursday 3rd May (Date changed from 10th May) Parent‘s Forum 7.00pm Monday 7th May - Bank Holiday (no school) Thursday 24th May - Year 8 Parents‘ Evening Friday 1st June - Last day of Term 5 Monday 11th June - First day of Term 6

Diary Dates


Staff Development Days:


Monday 20th February to Friday 30th March


Monday 16th April to Friday 1st June


Monday 11th June to Friday 20th July

Friday 29th June 2012

Bank holidays: Monday 7th May Please note that the school will be closed on these days for students.

A Governor’s View Hello to all students, families, staff and fellow governors Way back in 2003 I was approached by a colleague at Kent County Council to ask if I would consider being a school governor. He had a particular school in mind that was experiencing difficulties and was struggling to find anyone willing to give their time to what he thought was a ‗worthy cause‘. The school was Thamesview but it was a very different school to the one that we all know today. In 2003 the school was in special measures. A new Headteacher had not long joined the staff and was committed to turning the fortunes of the school around. It was a challenge that the whole staff, leadership team and governors rose to and, now in 2012, I am proud to be part of the successful, thriving community we are now familiar with. It is not just about the fantastic new building. It is about the staff and pupils and the commitment and effort to improve that they have shown over the past few years. I attended a full Governing Body earlier this week and was greatly impressed by the senior leadership teams‘ professionalism and their commitment to ensure that all pupils in the school will be supported to achieve their potential, and, wherever possible exceed expectations. It now feels like we have a supportive academic community that is thriving, with everyone pulling in the same direction, working towards a common goal: ‗Believe, Achieve, Succeed‘ We are just coming into a very busy time of year and I would like to take this opportunity to wish all students working towards examinations good luck. When I have been into school and had an opportunity to see students in lessons I have been encouraged to see them focused, on task and enjoying the new building. For someone who has only known a traditional school structure and layout this is particularly pleasing and is testament to the thought and planning that went into ensuring that the new environment was one that would support. our students learning and development. For those of you in Year 11 who will leave the school in the summer I hope that you have enjoyed your time at Thamesview and that the experience will stand you in good stead for the future. Finally, I could not write this article without referring to the news that, as you will all be aware, Miss Hughes will be leaving us in July. I was personally involved in recruiting her in 2006 – one of the best things I have been part of during my time as a Governor. I would like to personally offer her my thanks and best wishes for the future. The school has been lucky to have her as Headteacher. Her vision and commitment has been crucial to the success Thamesview now enjoys. Together with her senior leadership team and staff we are now very much a school of choice for many young people. As Governors we now have the task to look for a worthy replacement. We will work hard to make sure that the next Headteacher of Thamesview will continue the progress we have made over recent years. Wishing you all a Happy Easter. Mrs D Braddon


An upset mother of one of our Year 9 students has been into school to share her concerns, as she has found that her son has had two tattoos done on his shoulders without her knowledge. The tattoos have been done on the Dickens Estate. The worried parent is concerned that other students may be considering the same thing. Her biggest fear is whether clean needles were used, as this is not a registered tattoo artist. She has reported the named person to the Police, but felt that parents should be made aware. She will be going through her GP to see if tests can be done to make sure her son has not been infected with anything.

Under the Tattooing of Minors Act 1969, it is a criminal offence to tattoo anyone under the age of 18 years even with parental permission. A reminder to Year 11 Parents that on the evening of the Prom, there will be a professional photographer at school to capture your family together. The cost of the picture is £10 and can be printed on the night for you to take home as a permanent cherished memory. We look forward to you joining us at school to send of the students on their Year 11 Prom. Don‘t forget your £10.

Just to inform you that there will be a thin Newsletter next Term, as we will be creating a final big bumper issue at the end of year in July!

Connexions This term Connexions Interviews for Year 10 students have started and all Year 10 students should have had their interview by the end of May. Letters are being sent home and parents are invited to attend. The interviews take place on Tuesdays and Fridays in Thamesview Library. We have two Connexions staff in school; Angharad Johnson (pictured) and Pam Childs. Appointments can be made outside school hours by contacting the Connexions office in Gravesend directly on 01474 579840. Any parent wanting to book an appointment can do so by contacting me. Nerys Sandy Business and Enterprise Administrator

S pr i ng T e r m 4

Pa g e 12

On Thursday 23rd and Friday 24th March 2012, Thamesview‘s Creative Arts department presented Elton Estate written specially by Mr Paul Ferguson. The play was about a community who live on an Estate; friendships and loyalty are the most important aspects of community life. Bennie has to decide between his friends, ‗The Jets‘, and his true love, ‗Nikita‘. Sadly the story ends in tragedy with ‗Nikita‘ accidently being killed by ‗Danny‘. This does however bring the community together as one. The whole play was based around Elton John‘s songs, all of which were sung by the students. Music was played by Charlie Collier and Dominic Burgess. All of the actors, singers and dancers were amazing. In particular, Alex Terry who played ‗Nikita‘, who was awarded the first ever Farish Star Award for Outstanding Performer, donated by Mr and Mrs Beaumont in memory of her Grandparents. The evening was magical with best performances yet from the students, fantastic scenery and inspiring costumes. Well done to all of the Creative Arts department for putting together such an enjoyable evening. Mrs Gordon With Special Thanks to our UCA Photographer: Dominika Ciemira She is a ‗Student Ambassador‘ from the University of Creative Arts. Fantastic pictures!

BTEC Students Shine! Talented Year 11 students have been exploring sculptural techniques using clay, card, plaster bandage and wire. Their work has been inspired by the work of the artists Henry Moore and the Cubists Pablo Picasso and George Braque. Music, dance and the human figure have provided the themes for their work. They have also developed their photography skills by producing exciting shots of their work. Mrs J Chester

On 23rd and 24th February and 1st & 2nd March, there was loads of wheelchair activity in the Heartspace and around the school grounds. The Whizz Kidz team had come to spend time with our disabled students, and to help them develop their wheelchair skills. Activities included games like wheelchair dodgeball (made more difficult for our sportier PD students by making them race backwards or doing wheelchair bunny-hops!), wheelchair football, Dragon's Cave, and Caterpillars (a student in a manual wheelchair getting pulled along by a student in a power wheelchair). More serious activities were: manoeuvring and reversing around slalom obstacles, reaching objects on the floor, negotiating closed doors, and going up/down kerbs. Trish from Whizz Kidz demonstrated how she gets into her car and then collapses and loads her wheelchair into the back seat, then two students both attempted to beat her time. Ashley Cripps and Lanre Sowami deserve special mention for going down a flight of stairs by bumping their wheelchairs down backwards, one step at a time, whilst holding on to the handrail - a technique they would only ever use if there was no other way of escaping a dangerous situation. The course was a great success, and we would like to thank Trish and Sue from Whizz Kidz for their fun activities, topics and enthusiasm on those four days. It was another example of educating the able-bodied students as well as the physically disabled, so that Thamesview continues to be a fully inclusive school. Mrs L Moor

2011-2012 Term 4  

Thamesview School - Newsletter for Term 4 2011/2012 academic year

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