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3rd September 2012

Dear Parents and Carers I wish to welcome you to the new school year at Thamesview School as the new Headteacher. I am very excited about meeting the challenges that will face Thamesview School in the coming years and am looking forward to working in partnership with all parents and carers in building on the successes achieved by all Thamesview’s staff in continually improving results and in achieving an impressive Ofsted report in 2011. Thamesview is a good school with outstanding features. Our key challenge now is in moving the school towards providing an outstanding provision for the local community and a happy and engaging environment for all our students. Having met all Thamesview’s staff and governors during the previous two terms I feel privileged to lead this dedicated team and will strive to maintain and improve the strong relationships between staff and parents/carers. I have also had the opportunity to meet several parents/carers on an informal basis and am looking forward to meeting many more in the coming terms. I believe that a strong partnership between staff and parents/carers is vital in ensuring students feel supported in working hard and achieving their best. Welcome to new students I extend a warm welcome to all new Year 7 students starting at Thamesview in the new school year. Beginning secondary school is an exciting and daunting experience and our Community structure, vertical tutor groups (a mixture of students from all years within the school in each tutor group) and strong support teams will ensure that all Year 7s settle in to school life quickly and smoothly. New Staff I am delighted to welcome the following staff joining Thamesview in September and wish them every success in working with our students. Jessica Bushnell (Maths Teacher); Rebecca Foster (English Teacher); Nazish Hameed (Learning Support Assistant); Sharon Morley (Learning Support Assistant); Kelly White (Learning Support Assistant); Grace Wilkins (Learning Support Assistant).

Examination Results 2011-12 Through the hard work of all the staff and students at Thamesview, 2011-12 GCSE results increased again last year. 89% of students achieved 5A*-C grades in GCSE or equivalent qualifications, an increase from 83% in 2011. 39% of students achieved 5A*-C GCSE grades including English and mathematics. This was an increase from 36% in 2011. Attendance and Punctuality The vast majority of students enjoy coming to school and understand the importance of their own education. This is shown through the positive attendance figures for 2011-12. I wish to stress the importance of good attendance and ask that parents/carers ensure that their children are absent from school only when absolutely necessary. This can be achieved by making sure that routine medical appointments are made outside of school time and that term time holidays are not requested. Every lesson counts in your child’s education and together we can ensure that all students make the most of their education. Uniform The way in which a uniform is worn often indicates a student’s readiness to learn and their own pride in the school community. I ask that all parents/carers support the correct wearing of the Thamesview uniform and emphasise the importance of the uniform to their children. I have attached a copy of the uniform policy with this letter. Equipment Correct equipment is also very important. Students without the correct school equipment often experience interruptions in their learning, particularly at the very start of lessons. Please support your child in bringing the correct equipment to school on a daily basis. If any parents/carers experience difficulties in providing correct uniform or equipment for their child please contact the Community Progress Manager. I encourage parents/carers to regularly check the school website for information on forthcoming events, details of Parents' Evenings on the school calendar and to read the School Newsletter - Thames Views, which provides a wealth of information as well as details of student achievements and activities. I look forward to working with you in ensuring your child has a happy and successful future at Thamesview School. Yours sincerely

Harry Ingham Headteacher

School Uniform We place great emphasis on school uniform as we believe it helps in the promotion of high standards and gives students a sense of belonging to the school. Students chose the new design in recent years, so we know it is the preferred option. We expect all students to wear correct uniform at all times and ask for your support in this. All items of uniform should be clearly named. For general school:  Sensible outdoor coat (not sweatshirt, hoodie or denim jacket)  Maroon blazer with school badge  Plain black tailored trousers (no jeans) or black knee length skirt  Plain white school shirt with collar (boys)  School tie in community colour (boys)  Open neck revere collar blouse in community colour (girls)  Plain black V-necked knitted sweater with long or short sleeves or waist length cardigan (optional)  Sensible plain black shoes (no trainers, Ugg boots or open toe sandals)  Plain black ankle length socks or tights  All inappropriate items may be confiscated. The above uniform is worn by all students. It is sensible, inexpensive, easy to care for and avoids many problems. Uniform can be bought from any branch of Longfield Wools, Bobby’s, The Sewing Shop in Echo Square or one of the department stores in town. Community coloured PE tops can also be purchased from For P.E:  One “Thamesview” community design T-shirt (created by a student in 2009)  Plain black shorts  One pair trainers  One plain black sweatshirt with Thamesview logo (optional—not hooded)  One pair football boots  Black football socks  One pair shin pads  One plain black tracksuit bottoms (optional) Please Note: Students are permitted to wear one pair of stud ear-rings - no hoops and no other facial piercings are permitted.

Headteachers Letter September 2012  

Headteachers Letter

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