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Kingston News Bulletin Volume 5, Issue 2, February 2014 Who to Contact? General enquiries For all membership enquiries, life cycle events, diary bookings, general enquiries:

Love of Music The poet Berthold Auerbach said “Music is a universal language, and needs not be translated. With it soul speaks to soul.” At KLS, music plays an important part in the community—listening to and apprecia ng it, and par cipa ng in crea ng it.

Helen in the office on 020 8398 7400 (Mon and Thu 9 ‐ 2.30; Fri 1 ‐ 3.30) or leave a message on the ansaphone or email Bereavement Phone the Rabbi in the office or on 07738 820660. If there is no reply please call Mary Simmons on 01372 721083 or 07501 157583. If neither are available, contact Mar n Broad and Son (Funeral Directors) on 020 8445 2797. Note: The Rabbi’s day off is Monday but she can be reached in an emergency on her mobile.

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Last month, some of KLS’s talented youth musicians, under the leadership of our Director of Music, Rebekka Wedell, performed at the Shabbat service for the first of what will hopefully be many occasions. On Valen ne’s Day this month, Rebekka will be leading the choir for a special Friday night service featuring Jewish love songs. Par cipa on is strongly encouraged—there’s a chance to learn the songs in a pre‐service warm‐up session. And then there’s our monthly Shabbat Island Discs, now in its fi h month, which has been a huge hit. It shares with the BBC radio programme the fascina on of hearing some of the music which other people have enjoyed and why. Even just focusing on Jewish music there is an immense variety of styles, revivals of ancient tradi ons and modern interpreta ons as I found while researched possibili es for my own s nt as a castaway. Inside KNB you can catch up on what guests have chosen to date. Modern Yiddish founder Mokher Sefarim Mendele wrote “When does a Jew sing? When he’s hungry.” Which means pre y much all the me.

KNB Editor: Email:

Craig Simmons

KLS is a constituent of



WORD FROM THE CHAIR Moving, Miami, Museum and Movies


your legs off the ground and hold them at right angles.) It was also a bit weird. One of the top athletes worked out with his pet python draped over one of the pieces of Moving out of the darkness equipment. But did I see glamorous women? Not really, apart from my The first Saturday morning service own party. That might have been of 2014 was, for me, about moving because our hotel was next to the out of the darkness. Living in the most popular gay bar in the area. here and now, ge ng out, mee ng We wanted to see a basketball people and resis ng the his is my 37th Word from the Chair. My words are Moving, Miami, Museum and Movies. (The four “Ms”.)

tempta on to let the awful weather lead to isola on. I liked one of the quotes (by Carl Jung) which Rabbi Charley gave to make us think about the Torah por on: “The sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being.”

by men who are nearly 7 feet tall. Lots of atmosphere, snack food op ons and branding. I was impressed with one of the leading restaurants in Miami. It had 450 seats, was not cheap and turned over the tables up to three mes per night. It had its own car park and valet parking. The irony was that it had been established for 100 years exactly and was owned and managed by a Jewish family. And the name? Joe’s Stone Crab Restaurant. Sounds a bit like kosher pork?


We went to the Jewish Museum of Florida and were very impressed. It tells the story of 250 Jewish Museum of Florida—Miami Beach years of Jewish history, Photo: Alexf Reproduced under Crea ve Commons licence art and culture in Florida. Miami South Beach The museum itself I was were lucky enough to spend a game. I didn’t realise that the local consists of two well restored art Miami team – “Miami Heat” – were deco former synagogues. There are week there with two of my three children and one partner. My other the leading team in the world. The over 80 stained glass windows, a daughter was in Texas, seeing her stadium was packed. It had very big copper dome, a marble bimah and screens, good seats and lots of new husband and his family. original bronze sconces and technology. The spectators were chandeliers. We were fortunate to have encouraged to “make noise” It also had an exhibi on of graphic wonderful weather. I had been told whenever the opposi on had to there would be lots of glamorous take a penalty. But they were very art by some twenty leading female women rollerblading around, but I clear on behaviour. Not more than ar sts and writers that was humorous and thought provoking. hadn’t realised just how spor ng it two drinks per person (ID was. Open air gyms on the beach required). No bad behaviour. They and people doing flags – one of the illustrated what this meant and most difficult bodyweight exercises. even included a rap to explain it. con nued on page 3  You don’t see many sports played (You hold onto a ver cal pole, li



Update on High Holyday Donations


n behalf of Council and all providing advice and ac vity the chari es we collected for groups during the High Holyday Appeal  Tzedek who work with Bri sh this year, I would like to say A BIG children and young people to THANK YOU to everyone in the help them understand about congrega on (and their friends life in developing countries and who were visi ng) who made a also work directly with dona on. communi es in India and Africa to improve the quality of their This year we collected a staggering life £16,833 – even more than last year and a truly generous sum for  the Parents Circle—Families a small community like ours. Forum (PCFF) which promotes reconcilia on between Our chari es this year were Pales nians and Israelis  the local branch of the  and of course KLS to help us Alzheimer’s Society, who con nue to be the warm and support many local families by


I liked

con nued from page 2

 This

reply to the ques on as to what Mandela’s ul mate legacy will be.

“Perspec ve. A whole load of perspec ve.” I hadn’t realised that there had been a lot of an ‐Semi sm. As  The ages of man recently as the early 1950s, a hotel “It starts gaga, then goes lager, adver sed “Always a view, never a saga, aga and back to gaga.” Jew.” There is also the classic story of the Jewish architect  “You can’t catch a fish if your commissioned to design an art rod isn’t in the water.” deco style building. The owner  “We should be careful to get didn’t know he was Jewish and out of the experience only the told him to avoid the vulgar garish wisdom that is in it.” “Jewish style.” The architect Mark Twain designed sconces that included menorahs in the design. The These new words in the Oxford owner never realised. Directory:

Movies On the plane back I saw the Brad Pi film “World War Z”. I liked it. The Z stands for Zombie. There were several scenes set in Israel.

 Selfie – taking a photo of


happy community which we like to think we are! Having chosen some small chari es this year like Tzedek and the PCFF, we know that our dona on will have a significant impact, enabling them to con nue providing their vital work, and we are excited to be able to make these dona ons. Watch this space for news on one of them coming along to KLS to share more about their work with us... Judith Osorio

 Twerking – a sexy dance with

lots of hip movement (Think Miley Cyrus)

And finally I am struck by the gaps in wealth in Elmbridge. KLS is, in spite of its name, located in the Borough of Elmbridge. It and Kingston and parts of Surrey have pockets of extreme wealth and pockets of extreme poverty. I was reminded of this when hearing about a young couple discussing their new yacht. They told the salesman they were pleased that the new design had a hatch so “you couldn’t see the servants from the lounge.” The opposite extreme is that we have an increasing number of food banks in Surrey and a big demand for pay day loans, in spite of the massive interest rates.

 Binge watch – viewing mul ple

episodes of a TV show in rapid succession

Mike Barnato



A Message from Rabbi Charley


ear everyone, happy 'secular' new year! A couple of very important announcements. Firstly, a big thank you to Rabbi Danny Rich who covered my annual leave and allowed me to spend a few precious weeks with my family. I asked him to focus on pastoral care and I know he made a special effort to get round to many of you. So thank you to him and thank you to so many of you for le ng me know how important that was for you.

New Beitenu Administrator

which Ben Baginsky fulfilled and means that the structure for Beitenu will change slightly. I will remain as Principal and hold on to all curriculum development and implementa on. Parents are also welcome to come and see me should they need. Ka a Ray, our council member with responsibility for Educa on, will oversee the day to day running of Beitenu and welcome new families and children. Please feel free to chat to her about anything which concerns (or of course pleases) you.

Tomer Cohen will step into a new role as the Administrator, In other news we have recently ensuring that the administra on of appointed a new administrator for the school happens efficiently, the Religion School, Beitenu. This upda ng the records and keeping is a different role from the one in touch with parents and staff to

make sure everyone knows what is going on. He will also manage rotas, assemblies and all resources. Finally he will take over Carolynne Farrer's class, who leaves us a er many years of dedicated teaching. She will be sorely missed, but we are excited to welcome Tomer onto the staff. If you have any ques ons about any of the new running of Beitenu please do not hesitate to contact me. All the best, Charley

Shabbat Island Discs


ur “Shabbat Island Discs” services on the fourth Friday evening of the month are proving popular, with record a endances at the first four in the series (sorry about the pun). The idea is based on the BBC radio programme Desert Island Discs, where a guest chooses their favourite pieces of music and explains what they have meant in their life. We have a mixture of outside guests and “celebri es” from within KLS. If you would like to volunteer as a castaway and select the music either recorded or for the choir to

sing, contact Sandra Webber at There are spaces from July onwards. You can even accompany the choir if you play an instrument. The choir do their best to learn a new tune or two for the occasion. They excelled in January when Sandra tracked down the singer and then the composer of one of Craig’s choices (iden fied on a YouTube clip), got him to email the sheet music for the choir to learn, accompanied by Liz on the piano, all in the space of a week.

Line‐up for the coming months 28 February: Daniel Cainer—a star of the Edinburgh fringe, who also went to school in our synagogue building 28 March: Rabbi Janet Darley— rabbi for South London Liberal Synagogue and KLS representa ve on the Board of Depu es 25 April: our music director Rebekka Wedell 23 May: Sam Cohen—former LJY Netzer movement worker

27 June: Rabbi Pete Tobias—rabbi for The Liberal Synagogue Elstree con nued on page 5  and broadcaster on BBC Radio 2



SHABBAT ISLAND DISCS con nued from page 4

Music chosen so far Paul Levene Former KLS Chair and music connoisseur Bendigamos, a Sephardi a er meal blessing sung in Spanish by Lisa Hirsch Cantor Emile Ziahan of the Sephardi Synagogue in Ashkelon, Israel, singing a liturgical piece in the Morrocan style

Ahavat Olam (arr. Sol Zim) V’shamru (arr. Goldstein)

These first two pieces were played Shalom Rav (arr. Ben Steinberg) from a CD that was recorded from Adon Olam (arr. Charles Osborne) a talk Paul gave to a local recorded (all sung by Gershon with the KLS music society. choir) Abbodah (worship) by Ernest Gabriel Webber Bloch, wri en for a very young Yehudi Menuhin Final year student at Sussex University and Headteacher of Yism'chu sung by Yitzchak Meir Brighton & Hove Progressive Helfgot with Itzhak Perlman on Synagogue violin (from the album Eternal Echoes: Songs and Dances for the Instant Concert by Harold Walters Soul) The Daleks by Murray Gold

poetry of the philosopher and social ac vist Rabbi Abraham Heschel) Lev Tahor (Psalm 51:12‐13 set to music by Simchah Soloveitchik arranged and performed by Sappir, a group formed by Rabbis Danny Bergson and Mitchell Goodman, from the album Echoes)

Hariyu by Rina Epstein The Va can Rag by Tom Lehrer Hashikvenu by Dan Nichols

Adon Olam—salsa arrangement by Cantor Gastón Bogomolni from the album Ta'am La no: The La n American Shabbat

Gabriel also played clarinet on V’shamru (arr. Debbie Friedman) and Adon Olam (tradi onal Yiddish Vaychulu (arr. Meir Finkelstein) folk tune Ale Brider). sung by the KLS choir

Cantor Gershon Silins Cantor for the Liberal Judaism Rabbinic Team

Craig Simmons KNB editor and KLS Council member

Mary Simmons KLS Funeral Secretary

My Song by Basya Schechter (from The Representa on of Chaos — Shalom Aleichem (arrangement by the album Songs of Wonder— Prelude to The Crea on by Joseph Michael Isaacson) Haydn musical se ngs for early Yiddish



Upcoming Events in February A selec on of ac vi es are highlighted in this sec on. For a full lis ng see the calendar on the back page. Dates and mes are correct at date of publica on. Check the weekly What’s On @KLS email for updates.

Wednesdays starting 5 Feb

Evening Institute: Hidden Gems of the Siddur

7.30 pm

An introduction to Jewish prayer with Adam Frankenberg Even more than the Chumash (Torah), the Siddur is the most ubiquitous of Jewish Books. Everywhere Jews have gone they have taken their prayers, liturgies and Siddurim with them. Unlike the Bible, Jews everywhere and everywhen have been able to add their own materials to Siddur. Unlike the Talmud and law codes, which were for the intellectual elite, the Liturgy and Siddur were wri en for and by many different Jews and were open to all. Wri en and complied over many hundreds of years, the Siddur is full of poetry and prose, theology and history, as well as comfort and challenge. And yet despite all that, un l recently the Siddur and Liturgy in general were not given the credit they are due. In these sessions we will look at the structure of liturgy, its history, spending some me looking at some of the hidden gems of the daily and Shabbat services. We will also devote a session to looking at the contribu on of progressive Judaism to the Siddur. There will be 5 sessions from 5 February to 5 March, each las ng 1½ hours.

Every Thursday

7.30 pm

Fri 7 6.30 pm

8 pm

Krav Maga

Weekly 1½ hour classes in Krav Maga (Israeli self defence) at KLS. Great for confidence, exercise, stress, fitness and self defence. You don’t have to be fit. Your fitness will improve. Geared to mixed ages and beginners. £10 per session direct to the external trainer. First trial session—no charge.

Making Purim masks Chavurah Supper Shabbat Chavurah supper with an exci ng learning experience. This month, we will be making masks in readiness for masquerading at Purim which this years starts in the evening of March 15. The Chavurah is followed by a service at 8 pm. Come for both halves or just for one! If you are coming to the Chavurah, please bring a vegetarian/fish plated meal.


Sat 8

10 am


KLS Book Group The Book Group will be discussing “The Marrying of Chani Kaufman” by Eve Harris. The book, long‐listed for the Man Booker Prize in 2013, interweaves the stories of several figures struggling with the demands of their community and of their religion. The tle character, Chani, is about to be married off to a boy she hardly knows, and whose family does not consider her good enough. It draws on the author’s experience as an English literature teacher at an ultra‐Orthodox girls’ school and in par cular, of the “feis er” girls. She almost got fired when she tried to explain William Blake’s poem “London.” The problem was that it included the word “harlot. Gerald Jacobs in the Jewish Chronicle described it as “well‐wri en, unapologe c, unvarnished and undisguised.” What do you think? For further informa on on the Book Group contact Sara Alston on 01784 460745 (a er 6pm) or at saraalston@b

Sat 8

6.30 pm

KLS SUPER SUPPER TABLE QUIZ At KLS SATURDAY 8 FEBRUARY 2014 at 6.30pm for a prompt 7pm start Tickets: £10 Make up your own table of 8 or simply come along and we will allocate seats Bagel Supper, desserts, nosh and soft drinks provided (bring your own wine if you wish) For tickets please contact Norman and Jill on 020 8399 8301 or the KLS Office 020 8398 7400


Fri 14 Learn songs

7.15 Service

8 pm


Special Friday Night Service — Valentine Shabbat Come and celebrate Valen ne’s Day with the KLS Choir led by Rebekka Wedell with a selec on of Jewish love songs both religious and secular, in a warm and lighthearted atmosphere, and a special Kiddush. Everyone is invited to a Pre‐service 'Taster' singing workshop at 7.15 pm as a warm‐up to the service! In prepara on, join the second of two rehearsals at KLS on Tuesday 11 February from 8 l 10 pm to prepare the special Valen ne programme of songs. Open to all. More info from Rebekka at

Wed 26 Stan Moss will answer the ques on 2 pm

What is a good Jewish boy doing working in the middle of Africa? This will be a talk about his work for the Bri sh Council. For info or if you would like to come but need a li contact Stan Moss (020 8549 4384).

Future events On Wednesday 23 April Nick Osorio will give a talk en tled “London Wetland Centre: a Volunteers view “ in which he will skim through its history, how it is managed and what can be seen there. Other events in the pipeline include a tea party and a talk by the ever‐popular Helen Moss.

Fri 28

8 pm

Daniel Cainer’s Shabbat Island Discs KLS is delighted to welcome back songwriter and performer Daniel Cainer to reveal his choice of music as part of our regular Shabbat Island Discs feature which takes place on the fourth Friday night of each month. Both members and guests can take a turn at choosing the music. If you’d like a chance, contact Sandra Webber at Need publicity for an event? Ar cle for publica on? Contact the KNB Editor Craig Simmons ‐ email or phone 01372 721083



Future events Hold the date

Pesach—Communal Seder

Saturday 15 March

Book early!

1970s party for Purim Look out for details at the synagogue, in the weekly What’s on @ KLS email and next month’s KNB

Look out for the booking forms for the synagogue seder, this year on Tuesday 15 April. It is very popular so if you coming please get your forms in early. Sandra Levene

Shabbat @ Home Hosts needed Shabbat @ Home returns in March at the Stones’ residence (address from KLS office) February’s is a special Valen ne service at KLS—see page 8. It happens on the second Friday of each month—a member invites us to welcome Shabbat at home with them with an informal and friendly service. If you would like to host one of these services, please contact Helen in The Office.

Events elsewhere Rainbow Jews: Exhibi on and film

Guest of Honour Rabbi Lionel Blue. Performance by Tav Rishon Choir.

Party Performance, film and schmaltz disco. London NW3 6ET. 7pm Saturday 15 February. £10/£5 concessions

Exhibi on open Monday to Friday 10am—8pm throughout LGBT History LSE, Houghton Street WC2A 2AE Celebra on Rainbow‐themed Shabbat Month (March 2014). event. London W1T 4BE. 7.30pm You are cordially invited to an event Other events: Friday 28 February. Minimum marking the launch of Britain’s first dona on £5 ever oral history archive of the Jewish LGBTQ Historical Soho Tours— LGBT community. Hosted by LJ’s (and walking tours at 2 pm every Sunday 2 More informa on: 020 7849 5342 or to 23 February. £10/£5 concessions KLS’s) very own Rabbi Danny Rich. Thursday 6 February 6.30—9pm

Hebrew in a Weekend Learn to read or Improve your Hebrew in a Weekend at Northwood and Pinner Liberal Synagogue Friday 28 February Saturday 1 March Sunday 2 March For more informa on please contact John Sabel at or 01923 822592

Klezmer Concert at Richmond Synagogue Thursday 13 February 7.30pm Richmond welcomes the return of Klezmer superstars from Brighton: Merlin Shepherd, foremost klezmer clarine st in Europe and Polina Shepherd, virtuoso pianist, singer and acclaimed Yiddish choir leader alongside, visi ng from the USA, Lorin

Sklamberg, vocalist and accordionist of the renowned Klezma cs band. Tickets, including refreshments: £16 at the door, £14 in advance by cheque to Richmond Synagogue, Lichfield Gardens, TW9 1AP or phone 020 8940 3526.



ALL OUR YESTERDAYS Two tribes Howard Webber con nues his Retro‐Perspec ve look at past KLS happenings as reported in Kingston News. This month: October and November 1975


hidden theme of these archive excava ons has been the discovery that KLS in the 1970s was split between two camps – the Young Marrieds and the Women’s Society. If the simmering tensions between them put you in mind of compe ng Mafia families, or the Montagues and Capulets, that’s your affair. Last month, I reported that in the summer of 1975 the stakes were raised, when the Young Marrieds’ garden party included a shoo ng compe on, and their next mee ng was held at the Twickenham Rifle Club.

Ceasefire But there was a change of heart as autumn drew on – maybe peacekeepers (or the High Holydays) had been at work. For the October 1975 Kingston News reported that a joint mee ng was in prospect. But nothing was le to chance: in order to avoid unfortunate accidents, and to have trained help on hand, the mee ng was held in the safe and neutral surroundings of the Teddington St John Ambulance HQ – and was billed as a lecture and demonstra on on First Aid in the home. A likely story.

Making a name In less controversial news, the October Special General Mee ng,

trailed last month, did vote to change our name to Kingston Liberal Synagogue – which led our Chairman, David Dombey, to quote Proverbs 22:1 (‘A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches…’), and Student Rabbi Larry Tabick to warn against our emula ng the builders of the Tower of Babel (whose mo ve was to ‘make a name for ourselves’ – Genesis 11:4). Sourced quota ons from the Bible: whatever next….

helping out (who knows what hearing devices may be buried deep in our walls?).

Mysterious Finally, two mysteries, both from the October 1975 KN, on which I should welcome enlightenment. The first was from Pam F‐J’s ‘C‐H‐A‐ T‐T‐E‐R’ column: ‘CHATTER learns that HARRRY BLOOM read the Ha orah at a service very early in the Congrega on’s history. Sorry, Harry, it was you, and not DAVID DOMBEY who struck the first blow for men’s lib’. What? The second returns us to the murky world of the KGB Youth Club: the Case of the Disappearing Clubhouse. In the October KN, Blanche Bond reported that ‘Council has very kindly allocated to us [we know who ‘us’ was…] our very own club premises – a suite of rooms which is en rely separate from the Synagogue buildings, but is in the grounds’. It is not surprising that Council wanted it off the Synagogue premises. But did the clubhouse ever happen? Is anyone around to tell the tale? Did the KGB Youth Club manage to erase the historical record?

Then the difficult work began, in me and money: Nick Osorio organising labour gangs (and ringing every member of the congrega on to enlist their help), more than £500 from the Yom Kippur appeal (£500 was £500 in those days…), £200 from the 100 Club, a Women’s Society Jumble and Nearly New Sale (by all accounts, an epic and scary event), Please let me know if you can cast and even the KGB Youth Club light on either mystery.



February Yahrtzeits We Remember Them.

KIT News

Mazel Tov!


Judy and Ron Thwaites on the birth of a granddaughter, Orli Suzanne, on 24 December, a daughter for Stephanie and Yair Daren;

Max Sussman, father of Sybil Hickman and Eric Hickman, husband of Sybil Hickman

Maria Rollin on being awarded an MBE in the New Year’s Honours List for services to anaesthesia.

Lisa Abramsohn, mother of Judy Parish and grandmother of Nicholas and Johnathan Parish and Sara Pollins

New home

Sybil Mackson, mother of Lisa Walmsley

We wish Angela and Paul Druckman every happiness in their new home.


14/15 Vera Caine, wife of Isadore Caine Shirley Browne, sister of Leila Dein and mother of Karen Browne

It is with sadness that we report the death of Rob McMillen. We extend our sympathy to his wife, Irene, and his sons, Paul and Adrian, and their families; We extend our sympathy to Steve Rogers, Rabbi Charley, Josh, Ellie and Cassia on the death of Steve’s mother. Unfortunately several members have been or are in hospital and together with those struggling at home with illness we wish them all a steady return to be er health. If any members are able to help by giving li s to members who need transport, even if only on an occasional basis, please let me know. Jenny Osorio 020 8977 4640

David Abrahams, father of Rose Hyams 21/22 Max Feldman, father of Karen Burgess and father in law of Ken Burgess Betty and Aubrey Cooper, parents of Anita Revis and Rodney Cooper Gloria Ward, mother of Jane Watts 28/1 March Eva Rose, mother of Gerald Rose Hyman Aarons, father of Andrew Aarons Gladys Lazarus, mother of John Lazarus Lewis Emanuel, husband of Julia and father of Gary and Sara Emanuel Walter Merkel, husband of Julia Jacobs and father of David Merkel

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KNB (Kingston News Bulle n)

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by the Monday before the weekly for the March edi on bulle n by 15 February

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In order to deliver your newsle ers on me these dates have to be rigid. Please respect your editors’ deadlines ‐ thank you!






SAT 1 Please bring a 9.45am Beiteinu veggie/fish meal 11.15am Service 4 5 6 7 8 7.30pm 6.30pm Chavurah Supper— 9.45am Beiteinu 8pm Council mee ng 7.30pm Evening Ins tute Krav Maga making Purim masks 10am Book Club 8pm Service 11.30am Family Service 6.30pm Super Don't forget to book your places Supper Table Quiz 11 12 13 14 15 7.30pm 7.15pm Pre‐service 8pm Choir rehearsal 7.30pm Beiteinu half term Evening Ins tute Krav Maga song learning 8pm Table tennis 11.15am Service 8pm Choral Shabbat at KLS ‐ Valen ne love songs

Feb 2014











19 20 21 7.30pm 7.30pm 8pm Shabbat service Evening Ins tute Krav Maga


24 1.30pm Business Network


26 27 28 8pm Choral Shabbat and 2pm Doroteinu 7.30pm Krav Maga Daniel Cainer’s Shabbat 7.30pm Island Discs Evening Ins tute

22 Beiteinu half term 11.15am Service

Dates and mes are correct at date of publica on. Check the weekly What’s Happening @ KLS email for updates SUN




Mar 2014




1 9.45am Beiteinu 11.15am Service 6 7 8 7.30pm 6.30pm Chavurah Supper— 9.45am Beiteinu Krav Maga L’chaim—plan ng and 10am Book Club biblical gardens 11.30am Family Service 8pm Service 12.30pm He‐Brew Café 1pm Youth Club 13 14 15 Erev Purim 7.30pm 8pm Shabbat @ home at 9.45am Beiteinu Krav Maga Stone Family (address from 11.15am Service KLS Office) Evening: 1970s Purim party



4 8pm Council mee ng

5 7.30pm Evening Ins tute



11 8pm Choir rehearsal 8pm Table tennis


16 Purim




20 21 7.30pm 8pm Shabbat service Krav Maga



25 8pm Choir rehearsal


27 28 29 8pm Choral Shabbat and 7.30pm 9.45am Beiteinu Krav Maga Shabbat Island Discs—Janet 11.15am Service Darley



ALSO: Bridge — every Thursday at 6.45pm

22 9.45am Beiteinu 11.15am Service

Kingston News Bulletin February 2014  
Kingston News Bulletin February 2014