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The first-ever comprehensive history of international animation. Maureen Furniss, PhD, is the program director of Experimental Animation at California Institute of the Arts (CalArts). She is the founding editor of Animation Journal (1992–present) and author of several books on the subject. Furniss received the Variety Creative Impact in Animation Education Award 2016, and also won the Animafest Zagreb 2017 Award for Outstanding Contribution to Animation Studies.

460 illustrations 27.6 x 21.5 cm 464pp paperback ISBN 978 0 500 252178 January £35.00

Animation: The Global History Maureen Furniss


This book provides an essential foundation for the study of animation in its many forms. Maureen Furniss surveys the cultural, political and economic context of how this dynamic industry evolved, emphasizing both artistic and technical achievements from around the world. She introduces readers to industrial productions and arts-based practices related to drawn and painted animation, stop-motion and computer-generated imagery; major studios within the USA and Japan; and animation produced throughout Eastern and Western Europe, the UK, Australia, Latin America, South Africa and elsewhere. The films run the gamut of the major studios – Disney, Fleischer, Warner Bros., Pixar and more – as well as all types of animated production, including: World War II propaganda; short films; experimental and abstract animation; animation on television, in video games and in the art world. The analysis of these works is placed within historical contexts that help readers understand the ‘big picture’ that has influenced the development of animation down the years. To help with the presentation of material and to assist the reader’s understanding, the book’s content is presented in a six-part structure. Each part begins with a timeline that places in historical context the major turning-points in animation. Global Storylines provide an overview of the content in each chapter, and a glossary in the back of the book defines animation-specific terminology.

‘This erudite, marvellous resource gives us the one-volume overview of the field that we have been waiting for’ Dr Kirsten Moana Thompson, Victoria University, New Zealand

‘Animation: The Global History is an important guide to this medium, and highlights the need to complement the “old” with the “new” to enable the story of animation to continue’ Jane Batkin, University of Lincoln, UK

‘Easily one of the best books I have read. If you are involved in the animation industry or educating future animators, this book is a must read and I highly recommend it for your bookshelf and/or classroom’ André Thomas, Texas A&M University

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