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A visual survey of the intimate relationship between the world’s best photographers and the exciting and multifaceted sport of cycling. Guy Andrews is the founder and former editor of highly respected Rouleur magazine. He is the author of several books, including The Custom Road Bike and Bike Mechanic.

c. 200 photographs 26.0 x 25.8cm 256pp ISBN 978 0 500 544570 April £32.00

Magnum Cycling Guy Andrews


It’s no surprise that some of the world’s finest photographers have worked in and around a bicycle race at some point in their careers. Cycling provides the perfect subject for reportage, social documentary and street photography because it happens in real time and real life. It isn’t a traditional stadium or circuit sport: the action happens on the street outside your house, in city centres where people live or in the mountains where people go to escape. The accessibility of cycling and photography means they share interesting parallels, culturally and historically. The Magnum archive contains work that is exceptional on both counts. This book is grouped into thematic chapters, each featuring one ‘story’ of an iconic moment, event or scene: the Tour de France, track racing in the velodrome, winter training and the revelry of the fans and crowds. Images are by a variety of iconic photographers, including Henri CartierBresson, Robert Capa, Guy Le Querrec and Harry Gruyaert. This publication is a celebration of the great artists who have captured those most fugitive of moments in cycling: the personalities, emotions and human endurance.

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Thames & Hudson Spring 2016 Catalogue  
Thames & Hudson Spring 2016 Catalogue