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Look at this picture. Speak with your partner: Where was this picture taken? Who’s the main character? What are the rest of the people doing? Where are they going?...

Watch this video from the London 2012 Olympics and answer the questions: 1. How many  participants  were  there  in  the  competitions?  ☐ 70        ☐  75        ☐  100      ☐  105   2. Name  2  monuments  in  London  which  the  marathon  included  in  its  itinerary:  


1. ___________          2.  ___________   3. How  were  the  weather  conditions  on  the  day  of  the  competition?   4. What  were  the  nationalities  of  the  first  3  runners?   1.  ___________          2.  ___________  3.  ___________   5. Who  won  the  gold  medal?  

The following is an interview between Stephen Kiprotich and a British reporter: REPORTER: "Congratulations on winning the marathon. How long have you been preparing for this race?" RUNNER: "Thank you. About five years, running twelve miles, three times a week." REPORTER: "Why do you like to run?" RUNNER: "I haven't always been a runner. I started running when my doctor told me I was over-weight and needed to improve my over-all health. At first, it was hard to go a few miles, but now, I'm in better shape and I love it. I can't wait to get out in the morning and run." REPORTER: "What is your favorite part of a marathon?" RUNNER: "You might expect me to answer 'crossing the finish line', but actually it's when I get to the 20-mile point of the race. I think I can't go on, and then I do! That's my most challenging moment. It's "mind over matter"." REPORTER: "Are you planning to run more marathons in the near future?" RUNNER: "Yes, I am looking forward to running one in Seattle next month." REPORTER: "Can you give me some advice about getting in shape?" RUNNER: "Well . . . I guess I would tell you to keep moving. Eat healthy food and keep moving." REPORTER: "Wonderful! Thank you for talking to us today and please thank your coach as well. Get some rest!" RUNNER: "Thank you. I'm honored to be here on your show." challenging – difficult in shape – good health "mind over matter" – the mind is more powerful than the body

After reading the transcript of the original interview, read this report of what the reporter and the athlete said. Select the answer that best completes the sentence. Pay attention to verb forms, pronouns and adverbs. 1.  The  reporter  asked  ________   a.  how  long  is  it  he  prepare  for  race.             b.  he  prepare  how  long  for  the  race.             c.  how  long  did  he  prepare  for  the  race.       d.  how  long  he  had  been  preparing  for  the   race.         2.  The  runner  replied  that  ____________   a.  I  have  been  running  for  about  five  years.             b.  I  was  running  for  about  five  years             c.  he  had  been  running  for  about  five  years             d.  he  is  running  for  about  five  years.     3.  Next,  the  reporter  asked  him  __________   a.  why  he  likes  to  run.             b.  why  does  he  like  to  run.             c.  why  he  liked  to  run.     d.  why  do  you  like  to  run.                 4.  The  runner  said  ____________     a.    that  he  is  needing  to  improve  his  overall   health.             b.  that  he  needed  to  improve  his  overall   health.           c.    that  I  have  needed  to  improve  my  overall   health.             d.  I  needed  to  improve  my  overall  health.       5.  He  added    that  __________  to  get  out  in   the  morning  and  run.   a.  I  can't  wait             b.  I  couldn't  wait             c.  he  can't  wait             d.  he  couldn't  wait       6.  Next,  the  reporter  asked  him  _________   a.  what  is  your  favorite  part  of  a  marathon.             b.  what  his  favorite  part  of  a  marathon  is.             c.  what  is  his  favorite  part  of  a  marathon.             d.  what  is  it  his  favorite  part  of  a  marathon.                    

7.  The  marathoner  replied  ______________to   the  20-­‐mile  mark  in  the  marathon  race.     a.  that  it  is  when  he  gets             b.  that  it  is  when  I  get             c.  that  it  is  when  he  got             d.  when  he  gets       8.  The  reporter  inquired  ____________more   marathons  in  the  near  future.   a.  whether  he  was  going  to  run             b.  that  are  you  going  to  run             c.  whether    are  you  going  to  run             d.  you  going  to  run     9.  The  athlete  answered______________     a.  that  he  was  looking  forward  to  running  one   in  Seattle  in  the  coming  month.          b.  that  he  is   looking  forward  to  running  one  in  Seattle   next  month.             c.  that  he  looks  forward  to  running  one  in   Seattle  next  month.             d.  if  he  was  looking  forward  to  running  one  in   Seattle  next  month.       10.  The  reporter  asked  ___________  about   getting  back  in  shape.     a.  could  he  give  him  some  advice       b.  whether  you  could  give  me  some  advice             c.  that  he  could  give  him  some  advice             d.  whether  he  could  give  him  some  advice       11.  The  athlete  advised  ______________   a.  that  he  eat  healthy  food  and  keep  moving.             b.  that  he  eats  healthy  food  and  keeps   moving.             c.  that  he  is  eating  healthy  food  and  keeping   moving.             d.  that  healthy  food  he  should  eat  and   moving  he  should  keep.       12.  The  reporter  thanked  him  and  _________   his  coach  as  well.     a.  told  him  thank             b.  told  him  that  he  thank             c.  told  to  him  to  thank             d.  told  him  to  thank    

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