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4. INDUSTRY AROUND THE WORLD COUNTRIES IN TERMS OF LEVEL OF INDUSTRIALISATION - The world’s countris can be divided into three categories in terms of level of industrialisation: 1. Industrialised countries - They began developing their industrial ativiies during the First and Second Indusrial Revolutions. - They account for 62% of all wealth generated by production activities. - They focus on technology and in high quality products - Examples: The United States, Japan and Germany 2. Newly industrialised coutries - In recent decades, these countries have begun to develop heavy industry and traditional light industry (clothing, toy industry, shoemaking) - They pay heir large labou force very low salaries. - They have managed to move to the top of the global positions for industrial activity and are beginning to lead technology sectors ( aerospace, aeronautics, consumer electronics and biotechnology)

4. INDUSTRY AROUND THE WORLD 3. Industrialising contries - They have the lowest capacity for industrial production. - They have gone fro an agrarian economy to a service economy without developing their industry first. - The increase in the number of people moving to cities has created the necessity for consumer goods industries (construction materials, food and clothing)





United States - This is the world’s most industrialised country. - It has an abundance of raw materials and capital. - High level of technological development and skilled labour force. - Industries: iron and steel, textiles, agri-business, chemicals and new technology Japan - Limited raw materials and energy resources. - It is a leading industrial power due to highly skilled labour force and high level of technological development. - Industries: electronics, steel, ships, and motor vehicles. European Union - This is one of the most industrialised region in the world. - This is concentrated in Germany, north-east France, the United Kingdom and northern Italy, regions have an efficient transport network and skiled labour. China - This is called the world’s factory. - This is now competing to become the leading industrial power on the planet. - Industrial development based on abundant cheap labour. - Their industries are evolving towards higher-value products and more skilled workers

Industry around the world  
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