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Koh Lanta Sunrise Hill: A Tropical Enclave for the Savvy Investor




1- Koh Lanta at a glance

Situated in the southern Thailand province of Krabi on the Andaman Sea, part of an archipelago of 52 Islands and a protected National Marine Park, Koh Lanta is the 4th largest Island in Thailand. Thanks to its abundance of trees, forests and stunning sandy beaches, Koh Lanta is considered to be a tropical paradise.

Koh Lanta has everything a visitor needs to enjoy a perfect stay, from exciting tours and activities, to the best in beach going and top notch amenities and experiences, including amazing restaurants, bars and shops, to keep both short- and long-term visitors entertained and comfortable. Dive world class sites, ride horses, visit deserted islands, learn to cook authentic Thai cuisine – the list of activities to experience on Koh Lanta is endless.

It is only recently that Koh Lanta has started its serious path to develop from a sleepy enclave to a first-class tourist destination, and thanks to its relative vicinity to Krabi International Airport, Koh Lanta is today one of Thailand’s fastest growing tourist and vacation home destinations. In recent years infrastructure has been updated continuously, a first bridge has been built, and permission and funding have already been approved by Central Government for the start of the second permanent bridge linking the mainland to Ko Lanta Noi and Koh Lanta Yai, which will make the island completely accessible by road.

The local government is learning from the mistakes made in other Thai resort regions like Phuket, Koh Samui and Pattaya, dedicated to mass-tourism, and it is committed to making of Koh Lanta the perfect idyll, one that is lately attracting the interest of foreign retired people who want to make of the island their retirement home away from home.

2- Benefit of buying off planSunrise Hill Villas is an enclosed development of bespoke, stylish

and practical tropical villas on the way to Koh Lanta east coast and set amongst quiet and natural settings. Here, the views across rubber and palm plantations on the sunrise coast, on the straight and on a few limestone islands are impressive to say the least. A few lucky owners have already purchased some of the plots and had big- and middle-sized houses built on them, which are fully functioning at present. The developer have decided it is now time to release a few private and independent land-and-house plots still available to be purchased off-plan. They have a variety of plots with sea view or mountain view that range from 230 to 800 sqm in size to choose from.

The benefits of buying off-plan from an established developer who has already completed a few villas are obvious:

• buyers have the chance to inspect the existing show-properties in order to evaluate the building and finishing quality;

• the complex has already most of the infrastructure in place (electricity, water drainage and a central private road);

• last but not least, buyers will have the benefit to tailor-made their holiday or retirement home from day one. This truly is a turn-key way to build the house you want: the developer has extensive experience in construction in Thailand and will guide buyers through the whole process, offering helpful advice to ensure they are completely satisfied. Buyers will work with their expert architects to design their ideal property, and to make the best from the chosen plot, their lifestyle needs and the tropical surroundings.

The developer also offers additional options available such as private swimming pools, landscape gardening, garden terracing/ decking or anything else the buyer can think of.

3- Rent via Air B&B when the owner is not presentSunrise Hill Villas developers have designed a rental plan avail-

able to all property owners in the complex. Owners will have the opportunity to take advantage of a dedicated management of their villas. Services will range from:

• basic maintenance to allow owners to always find their villas in perfect order when they decide to come and enjoy it;

• more dedicated services directed to owners who will chose to retire at the complex, including medical services support, taxi, shopping and transfer services;

• a rental management which will dedicate to renting the villas when the owners are not staying. The internal rental management will use platforms like Air B&B to make the best of the Koh Lanta season potential, ensuring owners receive a regular income from their property in the complex.

4- Benefit of buying inside a development

Several retirees make the decision to buy a pot of private land and to employ a local constructor to build their villas. We have no intentions of saying that this is the wrong way to go: we know a lot of foreigners who have gone down this path and are perfectly

happy with the villa they own (and an equal number of foreigners who are not, but this is another story, and it often depends on a few reasons that I will not discuss here…).

The benefits of buying inside a development are a few and worth talking about.

• First there is the question of socializing: most of us do not like being too far from other human beings, and we consider neighbors as an important feature in our choice of choosing a place to live. Sunrise Hill Villas is a small private community of retired or semi-retired individuals who wish to live in a natural environment and with a nice neighborhood. Sunrise Hill Villas developer are very selective when it comes to people who enquire about the project. The present owners are all retired professionals in different sectors who enjoy each other’s company in the project and outside.

• Another great advantage is the infrastructure: Sunrise Hill Villas has a very convenient common road sided by a pedestrian pavement, and will be separated from the main government road by a main gate, which will ensure privacy and independence. Outside visitors will need to ring an intercom to gain entrance to the main gate.