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Thais França Architect PROJECTS 2014-2019

Thais França is an Architect and Designer.

Over the past 10 years, working with architecture, design, visual merchandising, and project management.

Her passion for innovation, creativity, art and people drives your work. These passions are explored in the creation of projects, combining strategic and results.

Thais has a lot of experience in the management of projects and people. Working with diverse and multicultural teams, always discovering your best versions.

Her philosophy of life is self-development, deep connections, and growth continues.

My journey During all these years of the professional journey, I enjoyed each experience, learning and challenge. I started my experience very young, with customer service and administrative services, my first job as at Saggi Brasil and over the years I grew up in the company and acquired significant skills, such as customer service, financial management, legislation, and account administration. During this period I developed resilience to deal with challenging situations, working there was a real school in my professional life.

When I was with 19 y, I decided to start at the university of architecture in São Paulo, I fell in love with the profession, I discovered that art, technique, and design was far beyond what I could imagine. In my first year in University, I got an intern job at the architectural firm Stac Arquitetos, I grew up as a person and a professional, I was responsible for each part of client's project and over the years I had been learning, developing, and applying all academic knowledge in the office, so my learning curve was very fast. Managing job, projects while I was still studying, was a period of great learning in my life.

After 5 years I graduated in Architecture and Urbanism, and I still worked at Stac, with great baggage, I learned a lot about types of projects, construction methods, and management of teams. Then, I became an architect in the office, I was responsible for the creation and design of small, medium and large projects, I gained experience in all stages of the project and in various segments, being residential, commercial, corporate, and retail architecture.

Despite my great experience during 7 years at Stac, I was looking for more challenges, I wanted to work with big teams and bigger projects, so I went to work for a retail and merchandising company, Preçolândia Comercial. During this period I developed a work model together with the marketing, supply chain, and sales teams, we created a work process that benefited everyone, with stages and goals, which allowed the creation of 7 stores in 1 year and 2 months. I managed and followed the construction of 7 stores, travelling around Brazil, a deep immersion in construction execution strategies, team management, problem-solving, and massive results.

In May 2019 I decided to take a break from my career and dedicate time to take care of my mental and physical health, I'm finishing my second sabbatical year and I want to return to the market, I really believe that daily learning is one of the greatest strengths, teaching and learning together is an of my values.

CV Self-Employed • Architect & Designer

Expertise in Restaurants, Bars, and Residential Projects, starting from the conception, feasibility study, adequacy of existing projects, creation and standardization for franchises, providing architectural design. Preçolândia Com. Ltda • Architect

Development of retail projects, I participated in the creation of stores in those cities, Vila Velha, Aracaju, Maceió, São Paulo, Salvador. Traveling through northeastern Brazil, monitoring, and managing projects and teams I achieved expressive and satisfactory results for the company's growth, delivering a spirit of leadership and a vision of work with a focus on maximum efficiency. Stac Arquitetos e Cons. Ltda • Architect

Creation and participation in more than 30 architectural projects, from design to the construction site, I developed a great partnership with founder architect Rogério Laporta, I was responsible for creating, designing, meeting with clients, hiring suppliers, and managing small, medium, and large constructions.

Over the years I have perfected my leadership and management profile, working with great professionals and qualified teams. AELA • Master Interface Design Faculdade Armando Álvaro Penteado • Visual Merchandisign Universidade Nove de Julho • BA Architecture & Urbanism

Development projects, Leadership, Management teams, Design Thinking, Agile methodology, Clear communication. Portuguese • Native language English • Full professional proficiency Spanish • Professional working proficiency German • Limited working proficiency.

Part 1 Stac Arquitetos e Construtores 2011-2018 About Stac Arquitetos,

Was founded in 2007 by the architect Rogério Laporta, from the beginning with a focus on residential architecture.

The studio works directly with legal, executive and construction projects, over the years also developed commercial projects, including stores, restaurants and offices. Instagram Stac

My journey with the team,

I started my partnership with Rogerio in 2011, it was my only and first internship in architecture, with little experience but a lot of thirst for learning, I developed my professional profile, from the beginning I could count on the patience, ethics and professionalism of all the people who worked with us these years with Stac combining the university period taught me a lot about architecture.

I had the privilege of participating in creation and construction in more than 30 architectural projects, from conception to the construction site, I was responsible for creating, designing, serving clients, hiring suppliers and managing small, medium and large constructions.

Over the years I improved my leadership and management profile, working with great professionals and qualified teams.

Ithaye House Ithaye House was a project that required level adjustments, as the terrain with 13 meters of slope was a challenge to connect the spaces in a harmonious and comfortable way.

Our customers brought the premise of open and integrated spaces, and a total separation of the social and private area, so we decided that the intermediate floor would be the entrance to the house, with the office with a large window to the street, with access to the floor. private and for the social floor, ensuring the total separation of spaces.

Site: Alphaville - São Paulo/Brazil

Project type: Residential

Year: 2014/2015

355,50 m2

2. VC House Designing this house was a process of a lot of collaboration and teamwork. The client asked us for a house to receive friends and celebrate life, so we started from the premise of dividing the project into three levels.

The basement has a garage, service and support area and a large 100% soundproof music studio developed by sound engineer Luiggi Granieri, one of the greatest specialists in acoustic projects in Brazil.

The ground floor with all the social area, a large living room and a connection to the pool and grill. The private floor consists of 4 suites fully equipped and prepared to receive visits from friends and family.

We also developed the garden project for the large green area surrounding the house, a project that we worked on end-to-end ensuring that all the client's wishes and demands were met with excellence.

Site: Alphaville - São Paulo/Brazil

Project type: Residential

Year: 2015/2017

380,50 m2

3. Bones Restaurant With an extreme renovation, we transformed an old printing company into a large bar and restaurant, a complete retrofit, with new installations and the construction of an external kitchen inside a container, the project was developed and built in 6 months.

We develop all projects, architecture, interiors, garden and industrial installations. The result was a space with large capacity, the bar and lounge area very cozy, Bones has been a success since its opening.


Site: Tamboré - São Paulo/Brazil

Project type: Restaurant

Year: 2017/2018

580 m2

Part 2 Preçolandia Comercial 2018-2019

About Preçolandia:

Preçolandia is a chain of stores with a long history in the market, operating for over 40 years in retail, built through service and respect for all its consumers. Their mission is to offer products for the home, in inspiring stores, valuing the wishes of customers of all styles and possibilities, with variety and differentiated conditions, encouraging interaction to have your best home every day. They are the most complete store chain in products for your home, offering a huge variety of Home Utilities, Appliances, Bed, Table & Bath and Gifts.

My journey with the team,

Architecture & Engineering Team

Sao Paulo, 2018.

When I assumed the position of architect at Precolandia, I had the mission to design and build the next stores of the Brazilian retail giant.

From day one I had the role of architect and manager, with a focus on integrating the marketing, commercial and supply chain areas. A fantastic challenge for my career, it was at this point that I discovered my facility and ability to lead people, teams and projects, in a few months I implemented a model of organisation and work processes to reach the goal of building the stores in record time. With these processes and integrations, we implemented 7 stores in these cities, Vila Velha, Aracaju, Maceió, Recife, São Paulo (2 stores), Salvador.

It was one of the most challenging and satisfying periods in my career, I've been traveling through the Northeast of Brazil, visiting beautiful cities, we achieved expressive and satisfactory results, and I'm sure I left a great process in place, which makes me very grateful, I was able to contribute to the company's growth, delivering leadership spirit and work vision with a focus on maximum efficiency.

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