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Youth Opportunity Portal



Youth Opportunity Portal is being refreshed! Why, you may ask? IMPROVED CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE


Ensure an attractive, easy-to-understand process for every youth that goes on YOP.

By having a simple flow, we intend to have more youth that sign up actually apply for an opportunity.



With the launch of blue book in 2016, the platform has been designed to align with all branding, especially product-specific.

The YOP will include product-specific information to ensure youth have the right understanding of products before applying.

Setting Expectations This guide will cover the changes that were made in the Youth Opportunity Portal. These changes will require action from the network in order to properly implement the new system when it is launched. Most importantly, you must update all your current opportunities to make the change possible. If you do not complete this, unfortunately your entity is at risk of not having any of your current opportunities shown on YOP 3.0. Changes in the new fields will display in the new version.

Table of Contents • • • • • • •

Introduction Setting Expectations Timeline Opportunity Structure Fees EP Application Standards and Satisfaction

MCs are going to be held accountable to opportunities created now and in the future. An auditing team will be reviewing all opportunities, and if they are not fitting the guidelines as below, they will be not be shown.

DISCLAIMER The following images of YOP are not the absolute final format/wording and is subject to change by the time YOP 3.0 is officially launched.


YOP 3.0 GUIDE #1 Launched January 24, 2017 Tuesday


DEADLINE FOR UPDATING OPPORTUNITIES February 6, 2017 Monday 11:59 am GMT+1

OPPORTUNITY STRUCTURE WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: We revised every field for both EPs and Opportunities with 3 goals: • Reducing the number of fields the user needs to complete • Increasing the clarity of what the opportunity provides • Having fields that can be displayed in a better way In order to standardise the process, no links are allowed unless specified.


Review the new opportunity fields and ensure every LC is aware Set deadline within entity for updating opportunities


• Update opportunities by deadline

Opportunities | General informa,on

Start and End Date: Instead of having a range, it is mandatory to have a specific start and end date to avoid being ambiguous.

Opportunities | Descrip,on

Role Description: The description is an overview of the opportunity in 500 characters and should be readable in 30 seconds.

Main Activities: The opportunity should be clear in terms of what activities the EP will be required to do. The format is short single lines with a minimum of 5 activities expected of the EP.

Opportunities | SpeciďŹ cs Preferred Nationality: These are nationalities preferred for the opportunity.

Required Nationality: These are nationalities absolutely required for the opportunity due to visa and/or other legal matters. People not within these nationalities cannot apply.

Weekend Work: In the scenario that an EP is expected to work weekends, mark this box. “Weekend� as defined can vary in different cultures and countries.

Opportunities | SpeciďŹ cs

Location: Put the Google maps address of where the opportunity will take place. It will be reflected in a map on YOP.


only: Salary: This is to provide clarity on how much the EP would receive.

Opportunities | Qualities




Opportunities | Addi,onal informa,on Selection/Interview Process: Describe the timeline of the selection process and when the EP should receive an answer.

Health Insurance Option: Does your entity recommend certain health insurance or do you have a partner for this? Input here the process and links for an EP to get information.

Visas: Visa Type: What kind of general visa should an applicant have? Visa Duration: What is the visa duration required? Visa Link: Add a link for an EP to get further information.

Opportunities | Logis,cs

Food Covered: Select how many meals will be covered or if none at all.

Daily Transportation: Will daily transportation be covered? Select one way trip, return trip or not covered at all.

Accommodation: Is it provided or not? Will it be covered or not (EP is required to pay)?

OPPORTUNITY STRUCTURE WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Old Fields Minimum duration and Maximum duration

The following are the fields we removed from the current opportunity structure with reasons attached.

Reason for Removal The duration should be fixed and the same between start date and end date

Supervisor name and role

Prevent applicants from contacting and reaching supervisors online.

Expected Results

The new format should explain in activities what the EP will be doing.


Not used

Vacation policy

Not a standard in opportunity portals (like LinkedIn)

Internet Access

Not clear and not very relevant

Issues Work Fields Extra Information

Has been replaced by SDGs and only for GV Similar to backgrounds Generally used to write things not related to the opportunity

Development Spaces and Required Preparation

Replaced by globally defined content about leadership development and S&S per product (which is meant to be the same for the whole organisation)

Departure info

It is an S&S, then a must. Departure info is given when the opportunity is ending

Arrival reception

It is an S&S, then a must. Arrival is usually managed after approval.

AIESEC support

Replaced by globally defined content about leadership development and S&S

EP FEES WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: Each opportunity will now have FEES. This is the cost that any youth customer will have to pay the home entity if accepted for the opportunity they apply for. This fee is shown in the currency set by the entity of the country they are browsing from. This is a field only MCs can fill in on their committee page. Every MC must have a standard fee for each product in your own currency, as it will be shown for each opportunity opened in the entity. Even if your entity does not actively run each product, this is mandatory.

TO DO: • • •



Ensure fee is selected and communicated inside network Input fee for every product on EXPA

• Ensure fees are clear for youth

EP APPLICATION WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: The application process for an EP has been simplified to improve the customer experience.





EP APPLICATION WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: The application will differ depending on the product an EP selects. In order to apply for certain products, read the following conditions: No CV needed No need to fill professional experience

CV must be uploaded Professional experience must be completed


Ensure EP application flow is clear for EP managers

LC • Click through the process to understand it clearly & to support EPs

EP PROFILE PAGE WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: The way an EP views their profile has been updated. Here also is where they can edit it.

EP APPLICATION PAGE WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: For each application, they can track the progress, payment, complete LDA/NPS/SnS (more on that next).

STANDARDS AND SATISFACTION WHAT YOU NEED TO KNOW: EPs will now be required to track if they received all the Standards and Satisfaction. This is found in the Application page (above).

Did you get the documents required to get your visa or work permit?

Was the pick up arrangement communicated before arrival and fulfilled?

Were you explained the legal procedure on how to leave the country?

TO DO: MC • Communicate potential changes in MoS

LC • Ensure all EPs are aware of SnS • Deliver SnS !

Deadline to update Opportunities: February 6, 2017 Monday 11:59 am GMT+1

Yop 3 0 guide #1  
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