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Discover a Different Thailand rent a Thai Holiday Villa How to find & book Thai vacation villas for rent (and avoid the seven deadly sins!)

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Envy First time visitors to Thailand often bump into frequent visitors enjoying their very own Thailand holiday villa. They have it all: a private swimming pool, a cook rustling up sumptuous local delicacies and teaching them how to prepare Thai food, the luxury of space in an entire holiday home that easily outshines the typical Thai hotel or resort room, and a sense of belonging and integration that comes from living in one’s own holiday accommodation, instead of being a simple key number to the staff. And to boot, they are paying the same – or even less – than you! It’s a little like passengers in the plane on the flight over to Thailand. Only the naïve believe that only three rates have been charged to passengers (for First, Business and Economy class), and everyone jealously sneaks a glimpse of the larger cabin in front with all the extra space, service, amenities and comforts. You can be certain that some of the passengers in Economy Class have paid more for their ticket that at least one passenger in Business Class, and equally sure that someone in First Class is flying for free! So if you are planning an upcoming holiday in Thailand and are keen to experience renting your own holiday villa, take a look at our suggestions below. We look at how to find and book a Thailand holiday house, how to book Thailand flights at a fraction of the normal cost, and what to expect from a holiday in the various geographical regions of the kingdom.

Number of Nights in Thailand The length of your vacation in Thailand, together with the type of holiday you are looking for, will help to dictate whether you will plan to spend most of your time at a single property, or whether you plan to experience different regions and experiences at two or more destinations. We would suggest a minimum of four or five nights per property, and enriching your stay to the extent possible by combining stays at two different properties should you have more time: this will allow you to immerse yourself more deeply in the local ways of life and to enjoy totally different aspects of the kingdom – blending, for example, a Thai beach holiday with a stay in the rural North or Northeast (known locally as Isan)

Choosing a Thailand Holiday Villa A quick search for holiday villas for rent on your favourite search engine will turn up many results. Many of these will be from international listing sites that detail villas across the globe, whilst some will lead directly to the villa owner’s individual website.

Private Thai Villa Websites Our recommendation is to review the private websites of the villas in question. Not only should you be assured the best rate, but the website itself will reflect the attention to details of the holiday villa owner, and should list a direct email and telephone number so that you can enter into direct communication with the landlord.

The private swimming pool at Gecko Villa

Examples of unusual Thailand holiday villas, rated highly on Tripadvisor and with an extensive history of welcoming back holidaymakers year after year, are Gecko Villa and Green Gecko in the rural Northeast of the country, in the rice-farming province of Udon Thani. Each sits on extensive private grounds, offers a very private swimming pool (Sloth!) and proposes a holiday off the beaten tourist path, where you are encouraged to engage yourself in the local ways of life. For those who love the freshness and zingy tang of Thai food – and who perhaps can admit to a healthy portion of Gluttony - do take a look at Gecko Villa’s blog for some excellent and deceptively simple Thai recipes, and interesting Northeast Thailand travel tips.

The very private swimming pool at Green Gecko

Another direct website for longer villa stays is that of Rice Paddy Villa, a stunning Thai pool villa blending the antique and colonial with all modern conveniences among the rice fields.

The master bedroom, antique doors & private pool at Rice Paddy Villa

Villa Rental Sites Dealing Solely with Thailand Properties Next, locate listing sites that are specifically targeted to Thailand (rather than sites that include Thai villas amongst holiday properties around the world). The chances are that the villas listed will have been visited and reviewed by the locals, ensuring that the house is in good condition and is offered for rent at a competitive rate. Thailand Holiday House, for example, is a Bangkok based company that offers Thai villas, houses and apartments for rent across Thailand with a focus on the weather seasons, and sorts the properties on offer by geographical location, with an introduction to the local foods of the area and, importantly, details of the weather throughout the year in the specific locales. Here, local knowledge comes to the forefront, helpfully suggesting the best periods to visit each region, as it is not generally known out of Thailand that the South of the country has two separate climate zones on the East and West coasts of the Southern Thai peninsula. Get the location or the months wrong, and your sun drenched holiday may turn into a monsoon!

Niche Villa Rental Sites Finally, niche market sites can be visited should you have specific requirements – a golfing holiday in Thailand, Thai villas catering to weddings and honeymooners, to the gay and lesbian market (Pride not Lust), and so forth.

Thai Holiday Destinations Northeast Thailand Known locally as Isan, the Northeastern Plains are home to several large cities. The Northeast of Thailand is the least travelled region of the kingdom, yet offers adventurous spirits a unique opportunity to go local and leave the tourist crowds behind. Get out of the major conurbations into the little rural villages to encounter the true spirit and genuine welcome of the Isan folk, as well as a unique, spicy cuisine, and breathtaking historical remains. Enjoy a genuinely different kind of holiday! Destinations in the Northeast of Thailand include Udon Thani, Nong Khai, Ubon Ratchathani and Nakorn Ratchasima (Khorat). The North The hilly North of Thailand is home to major cities such as Chiang Mai, as well as smaller towns including Chiang Rai, Mae Sot, Tak, Nan, and Phrae. Cities such as Chiang Mai are focused on the tourism trade, with hill tribe visits, trekking, nature tours, and all manner of restaurants, whilst those venturing out into the countryside beyond the North’s smaller towns will find some beautiful natural scenery and a traditional way of life. Central Thailand Beyond the Thai capital Bangkok lie the beach resorts of Hua Hin and Pattaya, as well as the historical town of Ayuthaya. Southern Thailand The South of Thailand is renowned for its beaches and tropical islands, marine parks, golfing, fishing, diving and numerous outdoor sports. On the West coast lie Phuket and Krabi, whilst on the East coast are the Thai holiday islands of Koh Samui and Koh Phangan.

A map of Thailand showing major Thai cities

Flights to Thailand and Domestic Thai flights Sites such as allow you to search for, and book, international flights online. They offer the choice of all classes and numerous airlines, with prices generally reflecting non-stop vs. multi-leg flights, and the cabin class chosen. These sites can also throw out some interesting routing options that may encourage you to add one more destination to your holiday at little or no extra cost. For domestic flights within Thailand, you can choose the Star Alliance affiliated national carrier, Thai Airways, or book online with one of the Thai budget airlines, Air Asia, Nok Air, and Orient Thai. If you book ahead, airlines such as Air Asia offer tickets that are cheaper than the standard coach or bus fares between destinations.

Vacation Rental Scams – Greed Finally, a word of caution. If you find a holiday villa for rent at an unbelievably good rate, and are asked to pay in full in advance, beware! Whilst the vacation rental scam (involving adverts for villas that do not exist) is more prevalent in Europe, it always pays to make sure that you are in direct contact with the villa owner, and that you book through a reputable site with full address, telephone number etc. Checking out the properties listed on third party review sites such as Tripadvisor or Flipkey will also reassure you that the offer is genuine‌and avoid any long-lasting Wrath.

Summary Your next Thailand holiday can be a unique and different one where you indulge in your own Thai holiday villa for rent. Enjoy excellent Thai food, superior facilities, a private swimming pool, and authentic discoveries. Whether travelling to Thailand as a couple, as honeymooners, as a family or as a group of friends, vacation rentals exist in all categories and a little browsing will turn up the perfect Thai holiday property for you. Take control of your next Thai holiday and discover a whole new side to the kingdom!

Rent a Thailand Holiday Villa for your next Vacation  

How to choose and book a private pool villa holiday in Thailand, with recommended properties and vacation rental sites in Thailand.

Rent a Thailand Holiday Villa for your next Vacation  

How to choose and book a private pool villa holiday in Thailand, with recommended properties and vacation rental sites in Thailand.