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MASSAGE THERAPY: A WAY TO LEAD A STRESS-FREE LIFE! ‘Massage’ is a technique which helps to live fit and stress-free life with healthy body and mind. Massage therapy is used over a long time in different cultures all around the world. People of present age use different types of massage therapies to relax themselves. It is originated in the countries named as China, Japan, India and a few of Arabic countries. In these Honolulu massage therapies, professionals press, manipulate the muscles and spineless tissues of the body in a well-mannered way by using their feet, fingers, forearms etc. Different types of massages included under Honolulu Massage Therapy are:Swedish Massage: - This massage is designed to purify the body by comforting the nerves to affect the nervous system. It is a kind of full body massage from head to toe allowing your body to relax and unwind. Hot Stone Massage: - Hot stones are used in this type of massage. Mostly a volcanic rock is used that absorbs the heat and retain as well. Slow and strong heat is used to relax the muscles of the body. Lomi Lomi Massage: - It is a traditional massage therapy which covers a wide area of the body to perk up the working of muscles along with encouraging the continuous flow of love as well as harmony. It is also very helpful in washing harmful patterns, thoughts, memories and behaviors away from the cells of the body to make a way for more valuable and positive thoughts. Couple Massage: - It is a pleasant way to relax two people together in a peaceful atmosphere. It includes various facilities for couple like steam showers, pedicure etc. It is an attractive way to bring two people together. Chair Massage: - This is short time and quick massage where a person feels fresh in small period of time. It is a fast and active technique used to release tension by focusing on neck, shoulders, arms and hands etc. Combination Massage: - It is a combination of all types of massages in a single package. It helps in reducing stress by providing a calm environment. It is of the most popular Honolulu massage therapies preferred by masses. Deep Tissue Massage: - It is mainly helpful for people suffering from joint pains, back problem and muscle pain. It is truly helpful for the deeper muscles which are difficult to reach by simple massage.

Sports Massage: - It is an active type of massage generally used by sports person. It is a form of stretching where muscle fibers are allowed to elongate to increase their work capability in a faster and effective routine. Thai Massage: - It is originated in Eastern part of the world for curing pain. Massage mat is used in this type of massage and traditional garments are provided to the clients so that they can relax in a better manner. As Honolulu Massage Therapy involves different type of practices, so, an individual can have a variety of choices and benefits at the same place. It helps in managing anxiety and depression. The person feels relief from pain and tension after heavy workload in a short span of time. Massage has confirmed to be an efficient tool for controlling stress, which transforms into reduced anxiety and improved sleep quality. People should try to take massage at least once in a month to improve the smooth functioning of the body.

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