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(as of October 1, 2010 - subject to slight changes) Speaker/Panelists Session Description


Interiors and the Internet: Cristi Holcombe Unlocking the Secrets to Success in Your Blogging Capella Kincheloe and Social Media Efforts Erika Ward

Three successful designers will teach you Interiors/Shelter how to find your target audience, listen in on their conversations, and establish credibility among your readers. You will also learn how to communicate your brand, achieve focus regarding your content, “InterNetwork” with your readers, and learn the secrets to turning friends, fan, and followers into clients.

Why Can’t We Be Friends?: Fostering Great Relationships Between Design Bloggers & Traditional Media

This panel focuses on the opportunities Interiors/Shelter for bloggers and freelancers to co-exist in the evolving terrain of traditional and new media.

Oma Blaise Ford, Senior Deputy Editor, Better Homes & Gardens, Blogger Julie Holloway

So Fresh & So Clean: The Brian Patrick Flynn Editorial Approach To Design Blogging

Blogger Brian Patrick Flynn shares his Interiors/Shelter methodology as it relates to creating fresh and meaningful content and building stories.

Confessions of A Celebrity Annette Joseph Stylist: A Tour - Annette Joseph

This pre-conference session on Friday, Interiors/Shelter December 11 features stylist Annette Joseph and goes behind the scenes at some of her favorite sourcing haunts in Atlanta. This session will take place offsite and requires a ticket purchase for $25. Pre-registration by November 15 is required. Lunch and transportation will be provided.

High Heels and High Latoicha Givens Stakes: Designers, Advertisers and Bloggers, Oh My!

Hear how some of the industry's leading Style style bloggers successfully manage the relationship with advertisers and PR companies - without compromise.

Session Title Not Just Another Pretty Face: Finding Your Unique Voice and Your Personal Blogging Style

(as of October 1, 2010 - subject to slight changes) Speaker/Panelists Session Description Sondra Lewis Dawn Del Russo Kalyn Johnson Monica Barnett Franki Durbin

The Business of Style: Turning Your Blog into your Business

United Food Trends of America


In a sea of style blogs, it's important to Style stand out. Developing your personal blogging style will be the key to your success. Are you a blogger? Vlogger? Are you comical and witty? Is your niche "How-to"? Are you adored for your critiques and reviews (a la BagSnob) or do you tend to write only about those things you love? Regardless, you will only build a following if you can authentically express yourself. Our panel of seasoned bloggers discuss finding your true voice and following your passion.

Kelley Moore

Can you really make a living by style Style blogging? How? Can you leverage your professional expertise (personal stylist, wedding planner...) to build a business around your blogging passion? What about the advertiser route? Do advertisers really take advantage of style bloggers... or is it the other way around? What can you do to make your blog more attractive to advertisers? WIll this change the way your readers perceive you? What amount should you charge? The questions are daunting. Join us for this lively discussion on turning your passion into your purpose.

Agatha Achindu

This panel focuses on the phenomenon of Food & Beverage secret suppers, street food, local foodpreneurs and urban agriculture/food systems.

Nichelle Stephens The Four Coursemen

Session Title Mastering the Art of Recipe Writing

(as of October 1, 2010 - subject to slight changes) Speaker/Panelists Session Description Virginia Willis Allison Lewis

Edible Ethics

Jennifer Leal Jennifer Zyman

Digital Travel Content: Johnica Reed Blogging + Social Media Essentials


If your content sometimes relies on the Food & Beverage recipes whipped up in your (test) kitchen, this expert-led and hands-on session will feature tips, tricks and ideas for implementing creativity and yielding the best tastes when they are duplicated by your audience. Food & Beverage This session will focus on ethics and honesty when partnering with brands and companies. Your online life is an extension of your Travel/Leisure personality, knowledge, and talents -- a real-time portfolio. And if you know how to coordinate your blog with social media sites and digital networking, the possibilities are endless. Whether you're writing about local jaunts, weekend getaways or far-away destinations, social media is a great way to build a file of writing credits and establish a strong readership. This master class will show you how to create an impressive blog and interact with social media outlets to help position yourself as an expert in the travel and leisure space.

Session Title

From Zero to 60: Top Travel Bloggers Share How They Do It

(as of October 1, 2010 - subject to slight changes) Speaker/Panelists Session Description Johnica Reed & McLean Robbins


Whether you’re just starting your life as a Travel/Leisure travel blogger or already consider yourself a veteran, this seminar will offer new insight into how to take your blog to the next level. Learn the insider information on the travel industry, personal branding tips and techniques for expanding your reach.

The Richness of the Niche Samantha Murphy, The Highway Girl

Whatever it is—cruising, the culinary Travel/Leisure traditions of Italy, backpacking—you’re passionate about it. But how do you keep the content fresh when you’re only covering one subject, and sometimes a narrowly focused subject at that? Learn how to master your niche from Samantha Murphy; a musician and lifelong traveler who merged her passions to create The Highway Girl, a site that helps travelers discover great music, venues and unique products.

Blogging & PR: Making the Connection

Some travel bloggers depend on Travel/Leisure publicists for access to travel information and experiences to write about, and value their news tips. Other bloggers dismiss publicists and marketers as time-wasting spammers. In this panel, we'll explore some of the win-win ways that travel bloggers, publicists, and marketers can work together.

Marian Anderson, Moderator

Session Title

(as of October 1, 2010 - subject to slight changes) Speaker/Panelists Session Description


Measure Twice, Cut Once: Lesley Graham Building A Business For Your Craft Blog

Creative Arts Interested in leveraging your blog as a portal to sell your wares? Learn how these bloggers produce, market and sell their work utilizing social media as a tool.

Wedding Belles: The Business of Bridal In Social Media

Melanie Carter

Creative Arts *cue the music* Here come the bridal blogs. From wedding planners to bridal research portals to stationers, this portal will discuss their successes and challenges with a focus on building a strong community through social media.

A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words: Photography & Social Media

Blayne Beacham

Emily Newman

In this interactive session, learn how photographer and blogger Blayne Beacham has used her social media expertise to secure relationships with galleries and freelance opportunities.

Creative Arts

Jack/Jill Of All Trades: Ginny Branch Stelling Creative ADD much? Sure you can knit, Creative Arts How To Narrow Your DIY sketch masterpieces and build killer Focus birdhouses but you’re feeling a little all over the place these days. This session will highlight the value of enjoying your passion through the true arts of prioritization, time management and balance. Social Media 101: A Beginner’s Bootcamp

Lauren Thomas of Be Wonder where you should begin? Lauren General Everywhere , a social will cover the mechanics of blog media consultancy platforms, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and the like. You’ll be equipped to start/enhance your own lifestyle social media efforts.

Session Title

(as of October 1, 2010 - subject to slight changes) Speaker/Panelists Session Description


But Blogging IS A Job!: The Blog Rollers: Helping Your Family and Christie Crowder & Friends Get It Lorraine Robertson

Tired of getting rolled eyes when you allude to your work in the blogosphere? Christie and Lorraine discuss how they built a convincing case for their loved ones and teach you how to grapple with the naysayers.


Productive Partnerships: Marsha Middleton How To Position Yourself To Work With PR Jessica Smith Agencies & Brands

Ever wondered how to get involved with General brands strategically? Want to be invited to participate in blogger campaigns and provide reviews. This panel of public relations professionals will tell you what they are looking for on their clients’ behalf and tips that you need to stand out amongst the masses.

Work/Life Balance For Christine Eisner Social Media Enthusiasts and Professionals

Let’s be honest: engaging in social media General can be overwhelming AND (dare we say) addictive. Lifestyle strategist, Christine Eisner will equip attendees with practices, tips and tools to leading a more balanced life as a blogger.

Social Media Meanies: How To Deal Without Melting Down

Ginny Branch Stelling They hurl their insults behind anonymous General veils or seem to waddle in negativity via online threads: social media meanies. This panel will share their experiences and give tips on taking the high road.

Look, Feel & First Impressions: Building Your Creative Dream Team

Porsche Taylor Melanie Carter

General If your blog is your calling card, it’s important to ensure that it reflects your intent, theme, personality and/or style. This panel of creative professionals will touch on how to choose a great designer, pricing, which files you’ll need and how to coach your designer into your creative needs.

Session Title The STYLING Lab: Props & Photos

(as of October 1, 2010 - subject to slight changes) Speaker/Panelists Session Description Tami Hardeman Annette Joseph


The STYLING lab marries the expertise General, of two highly accomplished and sought- Food/Beverage, Interiors/Shelter after professionals who will help you maximize your camera and props/subjects. Bring your cameras and your questions!

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