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Residence Life Journal March 2012 The expressed purpose of the residence life program here at Thaddeus Stevens College of Technology is to foster self-development, good citizenship, and democratic principles. These goals are accomplished through acquisition of decision-making skills on the part of the student and through the emulation and promotion of values inclusive of respect for fellow students, honesty and the involvement of students in the residence hall governing structure.

The residence life program also seeks to create an environment of understanding and appreciation for the values of students from diverse backgrounds. It is through the development of this kind of sensitivity that students grow personally, which impacts directly on other program purposes of citizenship and emulation of democratic principles set forth in the College’s mission and purpose.�

Volume 3, Issue 3

Spring—Like a newborn baby, this season brings with it the sweetness of new beginnings and endless possibilities.

The Purpose of the Residence Life Journal The purpose of the Residence Life Journal is to provide a newsletter that centers around the Residence Life Program. The journal is informative, educational, and strives to promote the overall mission of the college within a resident life setting and to the benefit of the campus community at large.

Residence Life Journal

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Wrestling Results 125lb. Matt Flynn, 152lb. Matt Flick, 184lb. Corey Seasock, 197lb. Sterling Goshea, and HeavyWeight...Daniel Ortiz are the five wrestlers who made it to Minnesota this year to compete in Nationals. Overall it was a great start for the New head coach—Dan Casillo. We certainly look forward to next season as the possibilities are endless. Go Bulldog Wrestlers!

Volume 3, Issue 3

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Basketball Results Our basketball team had a solid year. Going 13-7 overall and 12-4 in conference. The bulldogs lost in the semi-finals to the Community College of Philadelphia. Players Jebre Mouzon and Brian Taylor will be going to the All-Stars game in March. We wish them both good luck and we know that they will make us proud. Goo Bulldog Basketball Players!

Volume 3, Issue 3

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day

How is your bracket doing? Good luck as you try to predict which colleges will make it to the FINAL FOUR! Dr. Cooper feels the teams to watch are: Kentucky Michigan State UNC Baylor

Upcoming Events March 31

Spring Open House

April 9

Faculty/Staff Development - No Classes

April 17

Registration—Freshman—Fall Semester Sports Banquet

April 20

Deadline to Withdraw from Courses with out Penalty Student Picnic (tentative)

April 21

Alumni Banquet

May 1

Awards Banquet

May 9

Classes End

May 12

Commencement - 1:00 PM

Important Names and Numbers Campus Security: (717) 606 - 1564 Dr. Bob Cooper, Director of Residence Life: (717) 299 - 7564 Jihad Johnson—student intern

Office of Student Services: (717) 299 - 7752

Do you have some feed back? Dr. Bob Cooper at:

The Residence Life Journal 2012  

The March 2012 Residence Life Journal

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