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Mrs. Moffitt and her daughter Liz Herr peruse student creations on display in The Thacher Commons

liard balls, view the more formal Thacher Room, and purchase Thacher gear in the Student Store. Under the oaks, wrapped in blankets, families heard musicians and choral groups perform and were enticed to return to campus for the Masquers’ presentation of Moliere’s comedy Scapin in November.

Thacher’s Chamber Singers lend their voices to Sunday’s ecumenical service at the Outdoor Chapel

life, to know that high school is important for what it does for us, but it is also significant in and of itself, and it is to be enjoyed.” Mini-classes followed and then it was on to athletic matches at venues across campus. Finally, families enjoyed the traditional Mulligans’ Open House that featured jack-oHighlights of Saturday included an Assemlantern carving in anticipably where Head of School Michael Mulligan tion of Halloween. shared his thoughts on the challenges and joys of nurturing teenagers into adulthood unscathed. He spoke of how this weekend’s To begin Sunday’s Chapel Service, the Chamber varied offerings give a glimpse of the heady Singers sang a cappella “Tallis’s Canon;” scat- Throngs of sideline supporters cheer the Toads mix of “thoughtful challenges and intelligent tered about the circumference of the Outdoor to a 66-26 victory over LA Lutheran risks” that social biologists and brain research- Memorial Chapel, each singer gradually joined ers say adolescents need: “Think climbing, to harmonize this eight-bar canon tune written dance, sports, horses, public speaking, acting, by Thomas Tallis in the 16th century. In a messinging, Senior Exhibitions, foreign language sage entitled “spirituality acquisition, higher mathematical thinking, and at Thacher,” Will Wyman so forth.” It’s no coincidence that, before the CdeP 1978 contrasted his weekend was over, Thacher families had sam- Thacher days with those pled quite a lot of the above. As Mr. Mulligan of his daughter’s, Caitlin summed it up, “We are fortunate to be together ’06. Riders saddled up to here, to share this time together, to celebrate demonstrate their newly attained equine skills set to music as diverse as their riding styles at the Gymkhana Field. The six-student Teamsters along with faculty-member Jake Jacobsen—who typically attend to feeding and other chores for the Horse Department—circled the field in their specially-made wagon hauled by matched Percherons, Pancho and Pedro.

The Thacher Dancers participated in Friday evening’s Sampler

The last essential ingredients that made this weekend complete were the smiles and hugs shared by students and their families. e Liz Hamp ’09 rides in Sunday’s horse demo Fall 2005 / Winter 2006 

Fall 2005 - Winter 2006  
Fall 2005 - Winter 2006