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Scapin Cast (in order of appearance) Octave Billy Irwin ’06 Sylvestre Coulter Woolf ’06 Scapin Belle Bueti ’06 Hyacinth Caitlin Wyman ’06 Argante Emmo Gates ’08 Geronte Nick Brownell ’06 Leander Alex Kaneko ’08 Zerbinette Isabel White ’06 Nerine Olivea Callender-Scott ’07 George, at the keyboard Mark Wolcott ’07 Messengers/Gendarmes/Porters Anna Reeser ’07 and Elizabeth Woolf-Willis ’07 Crew Director Assistant Director/ Understudy Head Techie Stage Manager

Sandy Jensen Leslie Sligh ’07 Peter Thom ’06 Kaggie Orrick ’06

by Christopher J. Land


prawled among the cold boulders of the Outdoor Theatre, waiting for the curtain to lift on Thacher’s fall play, we in the audience couldn’t have been blamed for siding with Moliere’s father, who had fondly hoped that his son would take over the family business and become an upholsterer. By the time the final curtain dropped, however, we had ample evidence that fathers don’t always know best, and that sons who subvert paternal authority can sure make us laugh (and help us forget, among other things, our uncomfortable seating).

The fall production of Moliere’s Scapin made the most of the rich comedic talents of this year’s crop of Thacher Masquers, bringing down the house of rock three nights running: November 10, 11, and 13. Based on a farce by Terence, Scapin is the hilariously convoluted story of two Neapolitan sons who insist on marrying as they will and not as their fathers wish. After numerous (and humorous) twists and turns, the young lovers get their way and the fathers are appeased, all thanks to that clever rascal of a servant, Scapin. Unupholstered as the Outdoor Theatre is, you can’t really tell the aisles from the seats, but I’m pretty sure we were rolling in them. e

Fall 2005 / Winter 2006 

Fall 2005 - Winter 2006  
Fall 2005 - Winter 2006