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“Bill Nigh reports from Oregon that four of his and Polly’s eight Welsh Terriers are champs, and points are being accumulated so that they can compete in national competitions such as Westminster, if they should decide to travel that far. “Guys—it’s fun to talk with you, but hard to reach you. We don’t want all the 411 to be about the few classmates I get to see. You can help make this effort worthwhile to all by giving me news—not necessarily earthshaking stuff, just stuff. I always close with a reminder of our 55th early in June 2008—exact date TBA. It’s in my calendar; I hope it’s in yours as well.”


1969 Michael Peletz was awarded a fellowship to spend the 2005-06 academic year pursuing research at The Institute for Advanced Study, in Princeton. He is completing work on a new, interdisciplinary book focusing on gender pluralism in Southeast Asia since early modern times. After his year at Princeton, he will be joining Emory University as Professor of Anthropology. His sons are Zach and Alexander (21 and 16 respectively). He would enjoy hearing from his classmates!

1970  Rod Turner

David Behnke is happily retired in Cincinnati. Grandchild #7 was due in February. He sends his best to all Thacher folks.

1963 In September 2005, Lorance (Larry) Lisle retired as Master Planner of Fort Belvoir, VA, and then in December 2005, he became treasurer of the Collingwood Foundation in Alexandria, VA. Collingwood Foundation owns and operates Collingwood Library and Museum on Americanism and is the home of National Sojourners, Inc., a Masonic organization of present and former military officers.

continues to enjoy his work at St. John’s Health Center in Santa Monica; he focuses on histopathologic diagnosis of cancer and moderates the Tumor Board discussions of cancer treatment options. He and Michele log many miles driving to Ojai to watch Kathryn (sophomore) and Anne (freshman) in various athletic and equine pursuits at Thacher.

1971  Kimberleigh and

Paul Gavin with their dogs Claude and Chloe (both 7).

Kristian Meisling is living in Houston with his wife Ginger von Wening, working for BP America Production Company, and exploring for gas onshore US and Canada. Their daughter Sarah is working on a doctorate in Psychology at UC San Diego. Ginger and Kristian have a jazz trio (flute, guitar, percussion) in which he plays the steel guitar and dobro. They’ve had lots of gigs in local country honky-tonks this past year, but they’ll take out time to attend reunion this June.

1973 The Tatla Lake ranch in British Columbia where Walt Foster, Jr., and his family live and work is featured prominently in a new IMAX movie coming out this summer: www.ridewithcowboys. com.

1974  Denise and Ben Carter’s children at Benden Farms: Brian CdeP 2005 and Kendra ’09

1965 Carter Beise and his family are living in Wilson, WY, although they recently purchased a small house in Santa Barbara when the weather gets too cold! They hope you’ll look them up when in the area!  Joni and Ted

Rhodes and their kids Jesse and Rachel ran the rapids economy style in the Grand Canyon.



 Now that both kids are

 Carol and Ned Cahill celebrated their Sil-

ver Wedding Anniversary along the Loire River Valley in a chateau with its own gourmet chef. They navigated from the Normandy coast to the countryside along the rivers of France all the way down to Marseilles. From there, they flew to the island of Corsica to hike and try local cuisine. Congratulations on 25 happy years! They also enjoyed a trip to China in June with 17 family members, a treat from Carol’s mother. Pictured here on their China trip are Kevin, Ed, Carol, Ned, Kim, Matt, and Chris.

at Thacher—Redgie ’07 and Casey ’09—Susie and Kittredge Collins are on campus more frequently.

1967  Toni and Bob

Hopkins with their children Whitney and Emmett CdeP 2001.


 Thanksgiving at Lake Nacimento? It sounds

 Laura and Ned Banning

don Santa hats for their ­annual photo. The exciting news for Ryan Wood is the birth of his daughter, Kylie (now 2.5), and the publication of his first hardback book, Majic Eyes Only: Earth’s Encounters With Extraterrestrial Technology ( His day job is as president of an energy conservation firm specializing in sales to big box retail energy managers. “It’s hard to imagine as a student at Thacher the twists and turns of life,” Ryan reflects, “from degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science at Cal Poly, to marketing jobs at Intel, to computer sales at Digital Equipment, to engineering management at Toshiba, to Silicon Valley start-ups, to energy management in Colorado. It’s all fun!”

pretty cold, but Newlin Hastings still water s­ kied.

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