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The Way K i n g s f o r d S m i t h A v e , M i d d l e t o n G r a n g e N S W 2 1 7 1 T e l e p h o n e : 9 6 0 8 0 0 3 3 F a c s i m i l e : 9 6 0 8 0 0 4 4 E m a i l : a d m i n @ t h a c . n s w . e d u . a u O f f i c e H o u r s : M o n d a y – F r i d a y 7 : 3 0 a m - 4 : 0 0 p m June 2nd, 2010 Volume 12, Issue 5

The Excitement of Learning Our students continue to be very involved in activities both in and outside the classroom. Just last week our Junior and Senior Cross Country runners competed at NASSA. Our Year 9 students went to camp with over a quarter of students involved in Dukes. NAPLAN tests have been held and we are in the middle of the reporting season for Semester 1.

lessons were learnt. I saw one of our young runners Lachlan Pollock (Year 4) knocked over at the robust start of the event and running last into the first bend as a result. Yet with a new problem before him he set about to overcome the questions, and proceeded to work his way back into the competition and guaranteeing progression to the CIS level. A lesson was learnt by Lachlan and the The most exciting aspect of learning is spectators who understood that we the discovery we make after we have benefit from a patient, determined engaged with the problem. approach to problem solving; from Sometimes when we don’t quite get encouragement and assistance. there or we find we need assistance to When the questions are not clear our find the answer, there is a real skill levels are not as strong. understanding of our inner strength and courage. No more is this seen The story is not so much to single out than in the area of outdoor education. one student, but to praise the sterling Do you remember the learning efforts of many here at Thomas experience of overnight camping, of Hassall. Just like Lachlan in so many crossing a flowing river. Photos of our endeavours are worthy of mention and Year 9 group show faces full of merit. strength and optimism. These young More than this the lesson is that people have tested their skills. successful learning brings the Last week I watched our young Cross unexpected and positive outcomes as Country athletes competing against we enter and engage with new the NASSA schools in the events to questions. We learn more about determine which runners proceed to ourselves and more about the world the next level of competition. Schools around us. such as Illawarra Grammar School, St The extra programs are so important Luke’s Grammar and Macarthur and we continue to grow in the area of Anglican have long histories and the competition is strong. Yet important

creative arts and outdoor education across the College. You will know of the great sadness throughout the College community at the passing of one of our parents Mr Shane Viglione with 6 children at the College from Year 2 to Year 12 Shane’s passing has impacted friendship groups across every year. Our Year 12 students stood as one at the funeral service in support of Ethan and the family. Please continue to pray for Amanda and the children. I will shortly write and post a letter to every family with details of our 10 year events in line with the building program. Thank you for your continued support of the College.

Ross Whelan Principal

Let me encourage you with these words from the Bible If anyone is in Christ he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come! All this is from God, who reconciled us to himself through Christ... 2 Corinthians 5-17 & 18a

Page 2 Introducing ... Miss Rose Sedra Rose is our first Intern Psychologist at the College. She joined the College at the end of term 1 and will be with us until the end of this year. As an Intern Psychologist she is provisionally registered with the NSW Psychologist Board of Registration and bound by the same ethical code as a registered psychologist. She works under the supervision of Mrs J. Petersen, the College Counsellor. She is involved in all aspects of psychology at the College, which includes administrative tasks, psychometric assessment, counselling, reporting findings to parents and supporting teachers as necessary. She hopes to find a career in community psychology, and eventually go abroad to do some more long term mission work. We are fortunate to have her with us and the experience is enhanced because she was a foundation student at the College. Please make her feel welcome. Jacoline Petersen College Counsellor

Casula Powerhouse “On the eve of the World Cup, see new musical comedy Every Single Saturday at Casula Powerhouse. Every Single Saturday is a celebration of those children’s sport seen not through their eyes but through those of their enthusiastic— sometimes hysterical—parents on the sidelines. It’s thrilling, almost painfully familiar and completely hilarious! What parents are saying: “I recognised every single one of those characters from soccer!” - Helen Herz, longtime soccer mum. It’s set to score a goal with theatre and sports fans everywhere. Performances are on 2pm & 8pm Saturday 12 June. Bookings can be made by calling 9824 1121 or at — Click on the Casula Powerhouse link”

From the Heads of


Examinations are completed and the teachers are now busy marking and writing reports. We are continually looking at improving this process and making adjustments along the way. One of the goals this year is to mail reports home prior to the teacher/ student-parent interviews. This will enable parents to read through the report prior to the interview. I am hoping that this change does not discourage parents from seeking and attending interviews. The level of parent participation on these nights has increased over the past few years, a very pleasing trend.

Year 9 Pastoral Care teachers who took time out to assist with the camp.

I saw many students facing personal fears and overcoming them; others demonstrated great leadership qualities and were key people in encouraging their group members to keep going when things were tough. The camp finished with a record number of students wanting to continue with the Duke of Edinburgh Awards Program. Well done, Year 9! A special thank you must go to Mrs Spannenberg, Mr Ward and the team of

God Bless

Year 10, post exams, have returned from a week of work experience. Students went off to all sorts of different job places and had a wide variety of different opportunities. Overall, there has been some very positive feedback coming in from the different students involved in the programme.

These types of opportunities give students another perspective of the world. It is not unusual for students to return to school with We would encourage all parents to continue a greater sense of purpose and maturity. Thank you to all the parents who assisted in to make these nights a priority as they do assist us with communicating important infor- finding work places or providing work places mation for all parties that in turn benefits the for students to come and learn. A special thanks to Mr Ward who, as our Coordinator education of your child. of Careers, is responsible for this proLast week Year 9 ventured out on a very gramme. bleak and wet day to the Yarramundi Campsite on the edge of Sydney. The wet weather Finally, I want to encourage you all that we are weekly lifting you and your families up in along with the various challenges that the students had to overcome took a little adjust- prayer before the Lord Jesus; asking his blessing and protection upon our community. ment. I am pleased to say that, for the most I want to thank Jesus for his protection and part, students not only coped very well but they really enjoyed the different experiences. blessing as we continue through the year. Having gone out on camps with different schools over the years it is refreshing to have Psalm 49:23 But giving thanks is a sacrifice that truly honors me. If you keep to my path, I such a positive group of students here at will reveal to you the salvation of God Thomas Hassall. There was very little complaining and most students really appreciated the opportunities that they were given.

The winter season is definitely upon us and as usual many of our students and staff have been hit with colds and flu. I would like to remind you that it is so important for students to stay home when they are ill. Schools are a place where many people are in close contact and illnesses spread quickly. This is particularly the case in the early years at school where children are still building up their immunity and play very closely together. I appreciate your co-operation in this matter. This week we have had some exciting news that Mr Raft and Miss Dwyer have announced their engagement, no date has been set for the wedding. We pray that God will bless them as they begin their life together. I am sure the wedding will be highly

Roger Young Head of Senior School

anticipated particularly as many of our girls would love to be flower girls at the wedding. Teachers are busy preparing student reports which will be sent home later in the term. You will be able to discuss your child’s progess with the class teacher at the Parent/ Teacher interviews which will be held on 5th August. More details about how to book interview times will be sent home closer to the date. Christine Bessant Head of Junior School

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Lucio: Captain of Brazil World Cup Team

Hoxton Park Anglican Kids’ Club

“I remember being at home in 1994 when Brazil won the World Cup. Even though it was far off, I imagined what it would be like to win the World Cup. In Brazil, everyone dreams of this. In 2002, I had the opportunity to be a World Cup winner and without a doubt, it was a special moment. It was a time when I could see the hand of God in every day. I believe that God has kept me on the Brazilian National Team and has kept me involved in great competitions. It was a very special moment! Once again, we had the opportunity to thank God for the whole world to see. Without a doubt my greatest football goal is to win one more title with the Brazilian National Team –the 2010 World Cup. People often have a wrong idea about the life of a footballer. “You are happy and joyful because you have money and you play for a big club, or for the National Team or because of good living conditions”. I think these are totally irrelevant and untrue. I believe that the fact I play for a great club, play on the National Team, the fact I have a wife and family who support me just shows me that I need God all the more because of the demands of the club, the National Team, and the attention I need to give to my wife and children.

This is where we need God the most, because He gives us great talents and opportunities, but with them come great responsibilities. I believe it is in these moments where we need God the most. I always tell people, including my wife and children, that we need to seek God first and He will take care of the rest. “…in order to be happy, you have to be right with God”. Today, if I only had football, fame, titles, but didn’t have my family and didn’t have God, I would not be happy. This is why I don’t believe what some people say. I believe that in order to be happy, you have to be right with God. You have to be searching after God and walking with Him, and of course, with your family”. Taken from The Ultimate Goal 2010 Interactive Pocket Guide

P r i n c i p a l ’ s Aw a r d s Carmichael

Kendall Page, Julian Algeri, Sophie Hunter, Stephie Ben, Taylor Page, Annabelle Luu, Nataly Boskoski, Anthea Agoratsios, Domenic Fusca


Sofia Castliglione, Ryan Micallef, Nikita Clavijo, Kate Milliken


Viniyha Vinod, Dejana Kaluderovic, Lukas Kaltsas, David Lim, Amber Sharma


Jasmin Aran, Matthew Mangiapane, Angelo Costantino, Claudia Maday, Matthew Lennox, Jasmin Teixeira, Amanda Smith, Rebekah Shiba

Page 4 Ye a r 1 2 Study Camp You will have read in the previous copy of The Way that we have begun a new initiative this year; a Year 12 Study Camp which will take place between the 27th of September and the 1st of October. This camp is being offered at a considerably reduced rate from others which are offered at this time and with the added advantage that teachers from our school will be present to offer assistance to students. An "Early Bird" special rate is available until the end of the term, ($335). Commencing next term, the full rate for attendance will be $370. I would encourage parents to take up this opportunity to assist their son or daughter in preparing for the HSC."

Solar Car Challenge Year 10 Electronics students recently undertook a module through Industrial Technology that focused on environmental energy sustainability. They examined various renewable energy sources and were then assigned a design brief to design and construct a car that would have the best speed and endurance utilising voltaic cells.

Mr Moynan TAS Teacher

Throughout this process students discovered knowledge and skills including voltaic cell structures and operation. Students also gained further insights into collaborative design, aerodynamics, physics and environmental appreciation. Students are now collaboratively researching, designing and constructing robots in their second challenge, to design from scratch a ‘robotic arm’ that will be able to pick up an egg and place it into a pan without breaking. The robotic arms will be fully programmable utilising a pix-axe chip and a computer. Stay tuned for how the electronics students get on with their ‘Robotic Challenge’ and

Further enquiries should be directed to Mr Seccombe, the English Coordinator and Camp Director.

Year 9 Camp Year 9 enjoyed a challenging and rewarding camp for three days in the last week of May. They experienced many different skill activities run by the staff at Camp Yarramundi. The giant swing, high ropes course and Alpine rescue activity were very popular. Although there was some wet weather it did nothing to dampen enthusiasm which actually increased steadily right until the sad moment when it was time to say goodbye. Twent-four Bronze Dukes students were trained in navigation and bushcraft as part of the camp and participated in a fantastic Preliminary expedition which included spectacular views and icy river crossings amidst dense bush. Map and compass skills improved rapidly during this trip, as did the standard of group teamwork. Thanks to all the staff who gave up their time to make the camp possible. Thanks to Mrs Spannenberg who did much of the organisation for the Camp. Mr J Ward Dukes Coordinator

whether the eggs are manoeuvred sunny side up or scrambled.

Solar Car Designed Using Solidworks

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Year 8 Make Waves Year 8 are presently exploring various ways of depicting water. The long runners shown were a group task making waves from transparent, opaque, brown paper with watercolour, acrylic, Indian Ink and collage applied. Congratulations to Year 8 for such vibrant and expressive work!!! Mrs O’Mara






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F I FA Wo r l d C u p c o m e s t o T h o m a s H a s s a l l

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Junior School Sport

Photo Gallery

2010 Junior NASSA Cross Country

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Senior School Sport

NASSA Cross Country Well done to those students who participated in the NASSA Cross Country on Monday. It was a fantastic day with sunny weather! The students participated very well showing courage, determination and drive! Samuel Boyle (year 12) was coming second most of the way, however, had enough in store for a sprint finish for the last 100m right in front of the Thomas Hassall Cheerers! Well done Samuel for coming 1st! Mili Popovic also landed on the podium in 3rd place! Well done to the whole team! Thomas Hassall came in 5th place in both the junior and intermediate divisions and 6th place in seniors – Our best result ever! \

Dates for the Diary: Please be aware of the up-coming sporting events for this term. Watch this space (and daily notices) for any trials to the upcoming sporting events that are to be held this term. Sporting events to be held this term are:

NASSA Soccer Gala Day: Monday, 7th June Thomas Hassall Anglican College’s Athletics Carnival: Monday, 21st June

Sport for 2010 is very busy and it is exciting! And amongst all these exciting sport happenings at College, we have the Twenty/20 World Cup and Soccer World Cup to also keep us entertained! Rebecca Clisdell

7-12 Sport Co-ordinator

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CALENDAR Monday 7th June

Tuesday 8th June

NASSA Senior Soccer Gala Day

Monday 14th June

Tuesday 15th June

Wednesday 9th June

Thursday 10th June

Friday 11th June

UNSW Science Comp

Yr 9 Commerce Excursion;

AICES Open Tennis;

Yr 11 Advanced English Drama Incursion

Yr 11 B/Studies Excursion;

MISA Yr 7 Debate

Yr 9 & 11 Drug & Alcohol Forum

Wednesday 16th June

Thursday 17th June Yr 10 & 11 Parent Teacher Evening & Yr 10 Subject Selections

Public Holiday

CIS Junior & Senior Cross Country

TRU BLUE SMASH REPAIRS Professional panel beating

T 02 9822 5888

and spray painting F 02 9822 8949 Processing claims and M 0418 236 003 accessing services for claims Fleet repairs (pre-lease or sales) Courtesy cars Lifetime guarantee with DUPONT paints 60 Heathcote Road Moorebank NSW 2170

Saturday 12th June

Sunday 13th June

Friday 18th June

Saturday 19th June

Sunday 20th June

Yr 9 History Excursion

Senior J Camp

Senior J Camp

Senior J Camp Yr 10 & 11 Cybersafey Program

BLUNDEN & MONTGOMERY Solicitors Attorneys & Notary Public

STEVEN M SCOTT Solicitor & Notary Public Suites 2 & 4, Level 1 85,87 Moore Street Liverpool NSW 2170

Tel: 9602 1311 Fax: 9821 4307

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